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Mel Clifford Basanal, IV-St.


The Detrimental Effects of Narcotics

To live without love for others is to live in aridity, to be self-serving and fruitless. To live without
understanding is to live without sense or purpose. To live without awareness is to live as the deaf, blind and
dumb in a world of vibrant light and sound. This quotation speaks the truth about people who have been
addicted to drugs; people who are tempted to taste the chemicals of the devils. This statement might sound
offensive for some, but this is the reality to be faced by all of us. And as early as possible, we must take
immediate actions in raising awareness, for drugs lose our love towards ourselves, our relationship towards our
family and our concern towards our community.
The first effect of narcotics, if illegally used, will always start within us. A person under the influence of
drugs may experience drowsiness or failure to sleep well. Because of this, he or she might lose his or her
appetite easily causing a rapid decrease of weight that can eventually lead to malnutrition. Furthermore, unable
to maintain personal cleanliness and physical care is also a detrimental effect of the abusive use of narcotics.

Not only that, drugs cans also induce serious health problems to the user including permanent mental illness,

the risks of communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS, and overdosing. These factors will eventually lead to
isolation which slows down the self-esteem of the user affecting his or her entire behavior and moral rectitude.
Thus, narcotics are criminals for they kill the love we have for ourselves.
Also, drugs can build bridges between us and our family. Because of isolation, we have lessened the
time we spent together with our families. Not only lessen, but somehow, we eradicate our sense of
belongingness to them. We also destroy the harmony within our family and in one way or another; we have
added the burden to our parents, disorganizing them and making them unhappy. 2If peace and love are the
oxygen of life, then the whole family is gasping for breath. We have wasted their time, efforts and sacrifices by
putting a shame on their part. Instead of being a junky, why not focus on education? Theres more to life than
misusing narcotics!
However, abusing narcotics has a domino effect. It will not only affect you and your family but the
community as well. Remember, family is the basic unit of the community and our moral behavior must
originate from our home. Occurrence of rampant incidents of crime, deterioration of peace and destabilization
of our economy; all of those are rooted from the lack of ethics that drugs have caused to us. If we instill that
sense of awareness and responsibility within us, surely, we cannot only save our lives but the entire society as
Hence, being loveless to our self, senseless to our family and careless to our environment are the three
mortifying effects of narcotics and the only way to address those things is self-awareness. Yes, it requires a


Mel Clifford Basanal, IV-St. Gabriel

strong will and good intentions for a drug user to quit. But still, the outcome of the development is satisfying
and can be life-altering.