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Perspective before the

Before the activity, I was
a little bit lazy and
uninterested because I
think that I know much
about myself in terms of
knowing the communities
in the Philippines and
knowing how to interact
with them.
Before the activity, I
thought that the host
families would be so poor
and they would be
creepy. I thought that
they are illiterate and
they barely know how to
read and write.


Before the immersion, I

thought that the society
that I will be going to is a
society where squatters
are prevalent, and
trashes are found
everywhere. I imagined
that it will be a chaotic
place, where people are
shouting and children are
running everywhere.
Before the activity, I
thought that the
environment there would
replicate the scene of a
smoky mountain. I
thought that the place
would be full of garbage.





Perspective after the

After the activity, I found
out that I was wrong. I
just know a little about
myself. I realized that
there are other things
that I would discover if I
indulge myself in them.
Example of which is this
NSTP Activity.
After the activity, I figured
out that they were not
creepy at all. They were
one of the friendliest
family I have ever
encountered. They are so
hospitable, despite living
in an average condition.
Also, they know how to
read and write, despite
finishing only elementary
or high school.
After the activity, I was
completely wrong. My
imagination was the
complete opposite of the
reality. The society was
an organized society.
They live harmoniously.
They respect each others
rights. They have the
spirit of bayanihan
instilled in them.
After the activity, I
enjoyed the environment
there because the air was
fresher than the air I
experienced around Taft.
They have respective
trash bins for every area
thus, making their area a

My perspective with God

is still the same the
Almighty and my Loving
Before the activity,
poverty in the Philippines
for me was such a bad
phrase. I think of the
poverty in the Philippines
as a hopeless issue, an
issue which could hardly
be solved.


The issue of poverty

clean and somewhat

My perspective with God
is still the same the
Almighty and my Loving
After the activity, poverty
in the Philippines for me
was not a bad phrase
anymore, but a hopeful
phrase. Based from my
experience with my host
family, poverty in the
Philippines could still be
solved as long as we help
each other and we would
not be lazy in doing our
respective roles for the
development of our

How did the immersion experience affect the shift/no-shift in your

perspective/attitude towards community situation and understanding
Because of this immersion, I found out that I am so hyperbolic with some
things. I think of bad things as unsolvable and hopeless, just like poverty. Before, I
think poverty could not be solved anymore. But after the immersion, I figured out
that it could still be solved. With the innate diligence of the Filipinos and (hopefully)
uncorrupt government officials, I think the issue of poverty could still be solved. It
will not be an instantaneous process but definitely a long but worthwhile journey.
Also, because of this experience, I understand the community situation of an
average/below-average type of Filipino. They may not be the richest man in the
country, but their smiles despite their difficulties are what make them
overwhelming, unique and truly Filipino.
What is your appreciation of the immersion activity?
I truly appreciate what De La Salle University has given me for my NSTP.
Because of this immersion activity, I become more aware of what is happening in
my community. Sometimes, I only seclude myself with things I usually see on the
television. But because of this immersion activity, my insights about things had
changed and I became hopeful that this country could still be a progressive country
as long as we work together and we do it for the glory of God.