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RTR - Record to Report
Financial Accounting
RTR_PDD001 - Create G/LTransactions
RTR_PDD002 - Create finance Master Data
RTR_PDD005 - Create FI-Only Invoices
RTR_PDD012 - Invoice Presentment (A/P)
RTR_PDD013 - Process Payments (A/P)
RTR_PDD014 - Manage Exceptions (A/P)
RTR_PDD015 - Perform Cash Application (A/R)
RTR_PDD016 - Clear Open Items (A/R)
Bank Accounting
RTR_PDD006 - Banking - Inbound Cash Transactions
RTR_PDD007 - Banking - Outbound Cash Transactions
Tax Accounting
Enterprise Management
RTR_PDD008 - Create Credit Master Data
RTR_PDD009 - Release Credit Hold
RTR_PDD010 - Perform Collections
RTR_PDD021 - Perform Finance Close
RTR_PDD022 - Perform Management Accounting Close
RTR_PDD023 - Perform Legal Consolidations
RTR_PDD024 - Perform Management Reporting
Asset Accounting
RTR_PDD011 - Manage Assets
Managment Accounting
RTR_PDD003 - Profit Center Accounting Master Data
RTR_PDD004 - Cost Center Accounting Master Data
RTR_PDD017 - Manage Capital Project Accounting
RTR_PDD018 - Manage Non-Capital Project Accounting
RTR_PDD019 - Perform Product Costing
Planning and Budgeting
RTR_PDD020 - Perform Budgeting and Planning
QTP - Quote to Pay
QTP_PDD001 Supplier & Spend Analytics
Procurement Operational
QTP_PDD002 Procurement Direct & FG Import
QTP_PDD003 Procurement Direct & FG Domestic
QTP_PDD004 Procurement Indirect Goods and Services
QTP_PDD005 Subcontracting
QTP_PDD006 Vendor Managed Inventory and Consignment
QTP_PDD007 Vendor Returns and Chargebacks
QTP_PDD008 Intra-Company Stock Movements
Transportation Operational
QTP_PDD009 Inbound Transportation Mgmt
QTP_PDD010 Outbound Transportation Mgmt
QTP_PDD011 Shipment Cost/Revenue Settlement

Global Trade Services Operational

QTP_PDD013 Import Declaration and Compliance
QTP_PDD014 Export Declaration and Compliance
QTP_PDD015 Special Trade Programs
WM - Warehouse Management
Goods Receipt
WM_PDD001 Goods Receipt against Purchase Order (FG)
WM_PDD002 Goods Receipt for Raw Materials Purchase
WM_PDD003 Goods Receipt against Production Orders
WM_PDD004 Goods Receipt by Transfer from Other Warehouses
WM_PDD005 Receipt against Customer Returns
Goods Issue
WM_PDD006 Goods Issue to Production Order (Raw Material)
WM_PDD007 Goods Issue to Sales Orders
WM_PDD008 Goods Issue to Transfer to Other Warehouses
Internal Warehouse Movement
WM_PDD009 Physical Inventory and Reconciliation
WM_PDD010 Internal WM Movements
WM_PDD011 Quality Inspection Processing
Other Movements
WM_PDD012 Value Added Service
WM_PDD013 Cross Docking
PTP - Plan to Produce
Product Data Management
PTP_PDD007 Engineering Change Management
Sales and Operations Planning
PTP_PDD009 Demand Planning and S&OP
Production Planning
PTP_PDD004 Production Planning MTS
PTP_PDD002 Production Planning MTO
Discrete and Repetitive Manufacturing
PTP_PDD005 Capacity Planning
PTP_PDD003 Manufacturing Execution MTS & MTO
PTP_PDD001 Inbound Repair
Inventory Management
PTP_PDD010 Goods Movements
PTP_PDD011 IM Stock Handling, Scrap & Blocked Stock, Devalue
PTP_PDD013 IM Physical Inventory/Cycle Counting
OTC - Order to Cash
Order Management
OTC_PDD004 Quotation
OTC_PDD005 Standard Order / MTO / International
OTC_PDD013 Cash and Carry
OTC_PDD014 Free of Charge
OTC_PDD015 Third Party / Direct Container
OTC_PDD016 Intercompany
OTC_PDD017 Credit Card Processing
OTC_PDD009 Rescheduling / Backorder Processing

OTC_PDD003 Scheduling Agreement / Contract

OTC_PDD002 Pricing
Customer Service

Billing / Credit / Debit Memo

Service Notification / Returns and Repairs

RTR - Record To Report
QTP - Quote To Pay
QTP_PDD016 Vendor Master
QTP_PDD017 Contractual Data
QTP_PDD018 Transportation Data
WM - Warehouse Management
PTP - Plan to Produce
PTP_PDD006 Manufacturing Master Data
PTP_PDD008 Material Master Data
PTP_PDD012 APO Master Data Maintenance
PTP_PDD014 Batch Management and Serialization
OTC - Order to Cash
OTC_PDD001 Customer Master Maintenace
OTC_PDD006 OTC Master Data
OTC_PDD008 New Product Introduction Process