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Essay for an Acceptance to a School

Similar to his/her fingerprints a person is also unique and different than anyone else.

There are many traits that identify an individual and his/her character. I have been told many

times, whether it is from a teacher or a parent that I should always be myself or, in a more formal

way, be what I want to be, not how others choose to see me. There have been countless

individuals who’ve defied the norms and created history because of their personal beliefs and not

what others thought. I believe in this philosophy of individuality and pursue the principle as

well. Though there are many, the two best examples are my hunger for education and faith in


A key element to an individual’s success is a good education. Many great leaders

and successful people, whether they are Aristotle or Barack Obama, have received excellent

education. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can

use to change the world.” I am very enthusiastic towards learning and try to keep myself well

informed either through reading books or surfing the internet. I have been fortunate in receiving

good education. However, upon entering high school I would like to receive great education. My

desire is to help make the world a better place and I can believe I can do that with a proper

education and my beliefs.

Religion is a powerful force that not only symbolizes one’s beliefs, but it is a way one is

identified as well. Jainism is a religion that is based on the individual’s actions and what that

individual must do to obtain good karma. The two major principles of Jainism are the beliefs of

Ahimsa (non-violence) and Anekantvad (vast perspectives). For example, I am a vegetarian and

do not eat any food that involves the suffering of living beings. Anekantvad has also been an

important factor in my life because it has taught me to be tolerant of other’s views. I try to

visualize being in someone else’s shoes before making decisions. Religion has played an
important role in shaping me and will be in important factor in shaping my future.

I consider myself as a seed growing into a tree. I believe that Bergen Academies

can nurture me into the full grown tree that I dream of being. Whether they be research

opportunities or advanced level courses Bergen Academies has a plethora of opportunities for me

to become successful. I would also like get involved by participating in sports and the many

different extra- curricular activities Bergen Academies has to offer. Additionally, the

environment at Bergen Academies can bring the best out of me because I would be surrounded

by students just like me. I would like to build upon the success that my brother received as a

result of attending the Academies. He found that Bergen Academies was the perfect platform for

shaping his future and I believe that it can be utilized as my stepping stone to success.