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Web based open source free jyotish software

Om Gurave Namah
Dear Prafulla,
Here is a summary of all the free open source softwares available for Jyotish,

Description: Made by Ajit Krishnan, very similar to JHora in layout. Uses C#
(C-Sharp). I tried compiling and editing it a bit. It works good. You would need at
least express edition of C Sharp compiler to edit this software. You can download
it from
You would need to register the software for free to use it for long duration of
time. I was able to successfully compile the program with just view warning
Disadvantages: It's Microsoft specific!, You would need .NET and windows on
destination machines. But still I liked Ajit krishnan's work here.

Description: PHP is a web server scripting tool, runs on apache and wide range
of Web Servers. This port is very good for making web based Jyotish tools. This
would be my recomendation.
Disadvantage: The core swiss ephemeris is still a Windows DLL, so some


Description: Python, is like Perl, It can be both a stand alone scripting tool and
web based scripting tool like ASP and PHP. This would be I think Narayan Iyers
recommendation :). But the world Python (Sarpa) puts me off! :). The advantage
is that the Core swiss ephemeris is also ported so you need not depend on Swiss
Disadvantage: If you want to deploy it as web based tool, Then some web servers
provided by some vendors dont support Python!.


Description: Many would like this. And you can get many programmers to get
this done too. The Core swiss ephemeris is also ported I think. Check this out.
Personnaly I dont use Java much because of all the over heads.

Excel Based

Description: This is my contribution to the community, This is an excel sheet
based tool to help you with computations which may not be available in many
software programs. This is very easy to edit and work with if you know excel. If
you do not have microsoft Excel, Then you can download a free open office
version at .
Disadvantage: When you use the openoffice Excel to load it, It has some some
error appearing. If someone figures it out please inform me. These sheets are
basically for users who know how to do the jyotish computation manually and
also know to use excel.
I would still prefer a complete Perl Languange port of swiss ephemeris. Hopefully
I will get one soon.
Warm Regards
Sanjay P