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2016 New Year Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Kataga Rasi (Cancer)

Wish you happy new year - KT Astrologer
Jupiter on your 2nd house until July 2016 is looking fortunate for you. But its 3rd house transit from
Aug 2016 can create setback on your life. Even though Rahu and Ketu transits are not looking so
great, you will see positive results since Jupiter is in conjunction with Ketu and aspecting Rahu, can
yield positive results until July 2016. But Saturn and Mars conjunction on your Poorva Punya Sthanam
can create problems on family environment and can create more emotional stress. Still you will
continue to move up on your career and finance. Overall this year is looking great until July 2016 and
then followed by severe testing period. Make sure to settle down very well by July 2016, so that can
help you to cross the miserable rest of the year.

Jupiter on your 2nd house will make sure to get your sound health back. While physical health
condition is looking good, Miserable Saturn and Mars can cause emotional stress. Even though you do
not have any problems, you will develop unwanted fear by thinking too much on what if things go
wrong or move against you. As long as you have good support from your friends and family members,
this emotional stress can go down. Otherwise you need to build up positive energies on your own with
the help of meditation and prayers.
You will have sound health and mentally be very energetic and active between May and July 2016. You
need to make sure to continue this positive momentum from Aug 2016 until end of this year. Since
Saturn is on your 5th house, it is capable of making you addicted to excessive drinking, gambling, etc,
which needs to be avoided for your good quality of life.

Family, Love and relationship

Last couple of months in 2015, would have been very good for you because of Mars and Jupiter was in
good position. But when you start this year, the positive energies will go down and soon recover in the
upcoming months. You will have good time with your family members between April and July 2016. If
you are planning for baby, it may be little late, but still there is a good chance around May 2016. The
rest of the period does not look so great since Mars and Saturn are in conjunction on your 5th house.
The first problems for you is get pain through beloved ones. If you are married, you will have
excessive possessiveness towards your spouse that can cause some problems on your relationship. If
you are middle aged, then you may expect to have problems through your children. Family politics will
get worse as this year progress.
If you are single, you have extra careful. Since you may get into relationship with wrong person,
either not qualified or big difference in age, etc. Saturn will not let you to choose the right person. It
does not have to be from opposite sex. The problems may arise between close friends as well. Having
said that clears that it is going to be one of the worst time for lovers and mostly they will break their
relationship with excessive mental stress. Lovers needs to have natal chart support to save their

Students will shine very well in the first half of this year. You will be able to get score on your
examination. You may not have any luck in getting admission into great schools / colleges from Aug
2016. So it is better to get admission before July 2016, if you can. Students will have to go through lot
of emotional stress especially developing problems with their close friends. This problems can create
huge mental stress and may seek diversion of mind through wrong channels like excessive smoking,
drinking and relationship with bad friend circles.

Work / Career and Business

The start of this year looks great for your career. Even though you may see minor setback in the
month of Feb 2016, you will do very well until July 2016. Salary hikes and promotions are highly
indicated on the cards. If you are not happy with the current Job, you can change your job. You will be
offered with good position and salary package. But make sure that the new company is stable,
because your time is not looking great beyond July 2016.
Business people would have seen good improvements in the months of Nov and Dec 2015. You will be
able move up until middle of this year. After that you would get stuck with your family problems and
mental stress, you would not be able function very well and concentrate more on your career growth.
Your performance will go down and your business competitors will take advantage of your weak
position and gain more business against you! You need to make sure you have good natal chart
support. As a minimum, do not think off expanding your business after Aug 2016.

Travel, Foreign travel and Immigration

Travelling is looking very much mixed for you in this year. Your fortunes will be limited because of
Saturn and Mars conjunction. Since Jupiter is in good position, some business deals through travel are
possible until middle of this year. You will get emotionally stressed out with your bad luck. Your visa
and immigration benefits will make good progress but only until July 2016. Some of you in foreign
countries, may have to visit homeland on or soon after Aug 2016, because of visa problems. In other
words, unexpected and undesired relocation is indicated for you.

Finance and Investments

You will do very well on your finance as this year progress. The months of May and June 2016, can
give you excellent success and unexpected fortunes. Your long outstanding due will get settled to you.
You will be very happy with the progress you made by July 2016. It is a good time to apply for bank
loans or refinance your mortgage.
If you want to buy any real estate properties, it is better to avoid this whole year. Still if you have to
buy home for your primary living, you can go with that only if you have natal chart supports.
Otherwise it can give you big losses on your investments, later this year.
Your good fortunes on your finance will come to an end when Jupiter makes unfavorable transit by Aug
2016. So you need to be careful on any investment decisions you make later this year. It is better to
stay away from stock market investments. Speculators and options traders will get addicted to trading
and make huge bets that can lead to financial disaster after Aug 2016.

People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc

People in politics, movies or media industry will do very well until July 2016. Excellent opportunities
are indicated and financial rewards are likely in the beginning of this year. But your fortunes will fade
in the second half of this year. Avoid developing any new relationship since Saturn will not let you to
choose the right match for you for entire this year. This would be a major challenge for you and this
new relationship can affect many aspects of your life.

Jan 01, 2016 to March 26, 2016 Mixed Results (45 / 100)

Mars and Saturn are making very much unfavorable conjunction on your 5th house from Feb 2016.
Jupiter getting into backward motion is also not looking great. Which physical health is unlikely to get
affected, you will develop lot of mental stress, unwanted fear and tension during this period. Even
though things are going smooth on a slow pace, your excessive thinking and repetitive thoughts can
make you feel upset.
It is going to be very much challenging time on your relationship with your spouse. Since you keep
becoming emotional, Pain in love is likely to occur, sometimes, even with no fault of anyone close to
you. It is going to be very bad time for the lovers. Singles will hard time in finding their match and it is
better to avoid this period completely.

I do not see any major issues for you on your career. The only thing is you would not be interested in
doing the work and will keep thinking about your personal problems. Your lack of interest on your
work life can affect your career somewhat. Still you would be able to keep your job safe in this time
period. Promotions and salary hikes can get delayed now, but will make progress on the positive side.
Business people will have sluggish growth now.
It is not a good time to apply for bank loans or credit cards. It is safe to avoid any stock market
investments since your fortunes will be very limited because of Saturn presence on 5th house. If you
are running weak maha dasa, then it can lead to further losses on your investments. Avoid real estate
transactions during this time period.

March 26, 2016 to Aug 11, 2016 Excellent Growth and Happiness (75 /
While malefic effects of Saturn and Mars is going down, the positive energies from Jupiter and Ketu
will manifest. This period is going to be the best part for you in year 2016. If you want to take any
important decision, then it is safe to do it now. Both your body and mind will be very energetic and
you will regain your sound health back now. You will come out of your prolonged mental stress and
find a great relief. You will feel yourself as a new person with positive attitude.
The problems with your spouse and other family members will get fixed. It is a good time conjugal
bliss with your spouse. Eligible couples will get blessed with baby now. If you are a women and
planning to start pregnancy cycle now, then make sure to have enough natal chart support since later
this year is not looking so great! Lovers will find very good relief and come out from their panic
situation now. Many subha karyas will be happening and you will be busy in attending those function
can make you feel happier.

This period can give you very good fortunes on your career. If you unemployed and looking for a job
change, then you will definitely make it now. The new offer would be looking very decent, but may not
be excellent since Saturn can limit your growth to some extent. Long waited promotions and salary
hikes can happen now. Your work pressure and tension will go down. You will develop smooth
relationship with your managers and co-workers. Business people will have very good time and will be
able sign new contracts and deals. You can apply for business loans and will get approved quickly. You
may also expect to receive funding from outside investors.

You will do very well on your finance. Your debt problems will get fixed with the help of new increased
income, decreasing medical and travel expenses, refinance to lower APR, etc. You may also get help
from your friends and relatives. If you want to do any real estate transactions, you can do it safely
now. Your time is looking very good to sell your properties compared to buy new properties. If you are

holding any stocks in the long term, it will show you good profits now. It is safe to close your stock
investments by end of July to protect you from the losses. Note: If you sell the stock, the price will go
up. If you buy and hold it, then it will go down from Aug 2016. In either way, you will get affected for
the rest of the year from August.

Aug 11, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016 Worst Time (20 / 100)
This is time period when all major planets will move against you. Jupiter will be on your 3rd house,
while Saturn and Mars will be on your 5th house and Ketu will be on your 8th house, can create
adverse results for you and can affect you in many aspects of your life. Even though this combination
is looking bad, your physical health will not get affected. But you may be down psychologically and get
filled with lot of unwanted thoughts.
You need to be very careful on your family environment. Otherwise this period can bring you
temporary separation which could be more painful for you. There will be lack of conjugal bliss and it is
not a good period to plan for baby. If you are already in the pregnancy cycle, then your physical health
should be doing well but will develop lot of mental stress. Make sure you do not live alone and get
help your parents or close relatives to support you. Needless to say that Lovers will find hard time in
trying to save the relationship. If you are single, it is safe to avoid looking for a match for the whole
Working professional will get depressed with the working environment and will not show any interests
towards the work. You will be feeling bad about your bad luck. But it is not a good time to change your
job. If you are working in foreign countries, you may expect to have more problems related to Visa
and immigration benefits. Saturn is unlikely to affect your career now, but Jupiter can give you
unemployment and create more financial problems for you. Business people will not have any fortunes
and will have to concentrate more on survival. If you can manage this year, then the upcoming 3 to 4
years are looking great because favorable Saturn transit by Oct 2017. Do not plan on expanding your
business and keep doing homework on your ideas that will take time to materialize.

It is going to be a bad time for your finance. If you have invested any properties earlier this year, then
it will get into trouble. There is a possibility of losing money and facing litigation in this period. All your
stock investments you do, can only go down Deep South. If you are options traders, you will get badly
surprised on how easily you can lose your long time accumulated savings in no time. Do not take any
major decisions on your finance. Avoid any kind of real estate transactions now.

Warnings / Pariharam
This New Year 2016 is looking good for 4 months starting from April. The rest of the period is going to
be severe testing period.

Avoid taking Non-Veg food as much as you for entire this year.
Visit temple on Thursdays and Saturdays.
Help older and handicapped people, if you can.
Help poor students for education and poor girls to get married, if you can.

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Cancer Horoscope 2016 Yearly Predictions

Cancer horoscope 2016 is here to help you plan your year ahead. Know the conspiracy of stars
beforehand and be the master of your life. Lets know what your predictions say...

" 2016" - 2016

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2016 Cancer Horoscope 2016 Leo Horoscope 2016 Virgo Horoscope 2016 Libra
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This New Year, i.e. 2016, will begin with Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. Rahu will move into
Leo and Ketu in Aquarius, after being in their present signs till January 31. Lets now know with
these Cancer horoscopes 2016 predictions that how these planetary positions will affect your life
throughout this year.

Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: Neither of the two is present

Negative aspect: You get disappointed quickly.
Positive aspect: You are kind and humane
Lucky no: 7 & 12
Warning: Avoid going near deep water
Remedy: Wear pearl. Worshiping Lord Shivas family will prove beneficial.
Colors to be avoided: Green, blue & black
Direction: South-West
Eatables: Liquid edibles, sweets & ice-cream
Cancer Horoscope 2016 For Family
Saturn is Moons favorite enemy, as per beliefs. This is one of the prime reasons, as to why your
married life is not that blissful mostly. Problems are possible in domestic life due to family members
and not because of your spouse. Cancer horoscopes 2016 predicts that your chemistry will be
harmonious with your life partner. However, differences are possible with family members. Things
might go extremely wrong after August. All this clearly states that while you will have good moments
with your sweetheart, tiffs might happen with other members of family. Conjugal life will flourish more
beautifully, after August.


Health Horoscope 2016 For Cancer

Looking at your health stars, it seems that you might get issues in eyes, stomach, thighs, foodpipe,
and nerves. Cancer astrology 2016predicts that you might eat contaminated food. To deal with
minor health ailments, it would be good to take the help of Ayurvedic treatment. On the other hand, if
any major issue is there, it would be good to look for other alternatives. Regular intake of 1 spoon of
Neem powder with warm water will keep you away from many problems.

Finance Predictions Of 2016 For Cancer
Rahu is going to reside in your second house for long. Jupiter will move into the next sign in the
month of August. As per Cancer predictions 2016, both these reasons will compel you to remain
very careful regarding your finances. Avoid getting attracted by sugar coated words and lending
money to anyone, as strategies are possible against you. Good thing about this year is strong
possibility of getting wealth profits; hence, you need not to worry. However, your very own actions
and deeds might lead to wealth loss. Act carefully, else you will lose everything you will earn.

Professional Life Astrology 2016 For Cancer
2016 is your year to earn prestige and success in job. Sixth house lord will aspect sixth as well as
tenth house. Its conjunction with Rahu might invite minor troubles for you. No need to panic please,
as you will conquer all. According to the Cancer 2016 forecast, arguments are possible with juniors,
be careful. Time is good to look out for new job or switch it, if you have any other in hand. Some of
you will get blessed by promotion.

Business Life 2016 Predictions For Cancer
Abundant profits will enter the lives of businessmen born under this sign. Whatever business you
own, name and benefits are assured in it. Your competitors will try to copy you, but will fail badly.
Your success Mantra in this phase is keeping control on your ego and reaping maximum profits in
this time. Cancerians going through Mahadasha of Jupiter will cherish jackpot filled with progress
and prosperity. Benefits will come to others as well, but not that much, predicts Cancer 2016

Cancer Love Horoscope 2016

For matters of heart, this year is great for you Cancerians. As per Cancer 2016 astrology, stars
predict you falling for someone much older than you. Besides this, inter caste love affair is also very
much possible. Most of the times, your relations dont survive for long and get over soon. Do you
know the reason for this? Its because Saturn is lord of your eighth house, which directly or indirectly
affects your bond. However, dont think about it now and keep giving your best efforts in your current

Cancer Horoscope 2016 Predictions For Sex Life
Ketus transit in your eighth house is expected to bring complications in the genital organs of males.
For women, it will lead to problems related to menstrual cycle. Cancer 2016 predictions foretell that
this aspect doesnt looks that blissful and you might take interest in establishing relationship outside
your marriage as well. As a result of this affair, you might get attacked by some disease. Sexual
desires will rise at their peak and will make you restless. However, avoid going on the wrong path to
get such pleasure.

Cancer, Dates you need to be careful on

Investments need to be avoided from April 17 to June 29. Keep good relations with friends and
authorities from July 15 to September 6. These are the dates that need to be handled carefully while
associating with such people. Transition of Moon into Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini is the
duration that needs to be dealt calmly. Do not take sudden actions.

Remedy for Cancer for year 2016

Cancerians going through Mahadasha of Saturn should chant Hanuman Chalisa. Fast should be
observed in case you are suffering from Mahadasha of Jupiter. More goodness can be fetched by
donating clothes and money to a Brahmin on Thursday. Chant Devi Kavach thrice a day, in case
going through Mahadasha of Rahu or Ketu.
Now, lets know something more than Cancer horoscope 2016.

Cancer Characteristics

Cancerians are strongly determined about their purpose of doing anything. In relationships, these are
amazing people and can got to any extent to make their partner happy. People under Cancer sign
are usually highly imaginative. Know in detail about them here: Cancer Characteristics

Cancer Monthly Horoscope 2016

Lets make this year even more happening with the detailed monthly Cancer horoscopes 2016.

Cancer Astrology For January 2016

As per the Cancer horoscope for 2016, presence of Jupiter (ninth house lord) in your second
house might provide you with benefits during this month. You may not get benefits from advices of
your seniors. Increase in your luxuries might take your expenditure graph high this month. You might
spend more money on a person of opposite sex. Be careful, as this may lead to disturbance in your
familys monthly budget. You may also spend money on your life partner. Tensions and disputes
might arise in your family.

Forecast Of February 2016 For Cancerian

Maintain sweet and cordial voice to get benefitted this month. According to the Cancer predictions
of horoscopes 2016, this will help in overcoming all issues related to income. Taking a step ahead
is going to help you in all your career related problems. You will easily find solutions for business
problems. Time is crucial for travelling, getting transferred and switching job. You might not get
pleasure of all the materialistic facilities during this period. You may get ample time to follow your

Cancer Predictions About March 2016

Retrograde Jupiter is under the malefic impact of Rahu. Besides this, it is aspected by Saturn, lord of
eighth house. Thus, Jupiter is unable to give all its favors to you. Time is not appropriate for financial
issues. You should stay careful this month. Make firm efforts to complete all your pending tasks
during this period, suggests the astrology for Cancer in 2016. You might get success in making
balance between your profits and expenditures this month. Time is not favorable for investing money
in stock market.

Horoscope 2016 Of Cancerian For April

As per the predictions about Cancer in 2016, time is crucial for travelling, holidaying and
entertainment. Luck might not remain on your side during the beginning. But, do not worry, as things
will recover soon. Your luck will provide you with favors during the later part of this month. Exalted
Sun will provide you with honor in your designation. Your job may bring some increments and
changes in your living style this month. Do not follow someone elses advice in your business.

Prediction Of Cancer About May 2016

Do not depend on your luck for getting your works done. As per Cancer 2016 forecast, Profits from
partnerships are also predicted for you this month. Your plannings will get successful only if you will
act with enthusiasm and build energy in order to complete your works. Your relationships with your
seniors might not get too cordial this month and some misunderstandings might occur. You may get
praised for your eloquence and leadership qualities.

Cancer Astrology 2016 For June

Time is favorable for getting success in your professional life. Cancer 2016 horoscope foretells that
your efforts might help you in starting pending projects. Be careful and do not spend money on
unnecessary items. Some troubles might occur if you are planning to take any loans further. Staying
confident throughout the month will help you in resolving problems in your work. You might also plan
to expand your business during this period. Promotion to an honorable position is predicted for you.
Time is favorable for switching your jobs.

Cancer Forecast For July 2016

Month is favorable for increments in your income. As per the astrology predictions of Cancer in
2016, you might take loan in order to complete your business events. You may not be able to
complete your works on time. You seniors may not support you during this period. You might find
yourself in trouble due to incompletion of your work. Keep yourself away from unnecessarily showing
off your power and authority. You might use your personal contacts to complete your official works
this month.

2016 Cancer Predictions For August

Your health will remain average this month. You might spend some time resting at your home. Do not
ignore your health. Maintain proper diet and exercise schedule. You might also concentrate on your
work this month. Enemies at your workfront may try to harm you which might affect your financial
situations, foretells the predictions of Cancer horoscopes in 2016. You might gain profits from
foreign. You may also plan to switch your job during this period. Some more time is needed to make
things easy going with your friends this month.

Horoscope Of September 2016 For Cancerian

Working courageously is going to maximise your profits this month. You may remain full of energy
and excitement during this period. Avoid any disputes as your official relations may get affected due
to this. Your self confidence might help you in waving off problems in your way. You might get
rewarded for your previously done works. According to the 2016 Cancer horoscope predictions,
you might also get benefitted with partnership deeds. There are chances of getting new deals signed

Cancer 2016 Prediction Of October

Credit for your success should go to your hard work and vigor. You may have to struggle hard in
order to get fruits for your work, suggests Cancer horoscopes predictions for 2016. Try to gain
benefits by taking help of some influential persons. This month you may try to get benefitted by using
your contacts. Speaking polite words might help you in completing your pending works. Decrease in
your authorities might bring some disappointments in you. Some gains from foreign investments are
also predicted.

Fortune For Cancerian In November 2016

As per the horoscope 2016 for Cancer, you might have to take help from people who are close to
you in order to complete your pending works. You should strategize your plans and work according
to them. Be cautious as other people may try to get credited for the works done by you and might
also get successful in it also. You might have to wait for little more time in order to make new deals.
Stay alert from your enemies, as they might try to harm you. People who are jealous from you may
try to prove you weak this month.

Life Predictions For Cancer In December 2016

Some barriers may arise in your work. You might have to work more than your capabilities during this
period. You might relocate to another city for your work this month. Time is favorable for getting fruits
from the seeds which you have reaped earlier. Astrology 2016 for Cancer predicts that all your
plannings whether big or small may get successful during this month. Month is providing you
auspiciousness from every side. Your success will play a mirror for your hard work.
So, this was all we had in Cancer horoscope 2016. Make the best use of these predictions and
change your life.