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The Sacred Family, Antoni Gaudí.

The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Family (ein catalán Temple Expiatori de
la Sagrada Família), Known simply as the Sacred Family, it is a great catholic
temple of Barcelona (Spain), designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.
Initiated in 1882, still it is in construction (May, 2010). It is Gaudí's
masterpiece, and the maximum exponent of the modernist Catalan architecture.

The idea was to construct an expiatory temple dedicated to The Sacred

family, the materials were principally a rock, stone, but now there are used new
materials of construction that some of they of them believe, the same Gaudi
would not have used.

One of his more innovative ideas was the design of the high conical circular
towers that stand out aimed on the portals, becoming closer with the height. It
projected them with a parabolic twist giving an ascending trend to the whole
front favored by multitude of windows that perforate the tower following form

The temple, when it is finished, will have 18 towers: four in each of three income
- portals and, like domes, one will arrange a system of six towers, with the tower
central dome, dedicated to Jesus, of 170 meters of height, other four about
this one, dedicated to the Evangelists, and the second dome dedicated to the
Virgin. The interior will be formed by innovative tree-shaped sloping columns and
vaults based in hiperboloides and paraboloides looking for the ideal form of the
chain. When Gaudí started directing the construction of the temple, only there
was constructed the crypt, in which it modified the capitals, which happened of
being from Corinthian style to another style inspired by vegetable motives.
Gaudí evolved from the first Neogothic project towards his particular
naturalistic, organic style adapted to the nature; Gaudí was thinking that the
Gothic was Imperfect, because his straight forms, his system of props and
buttresses was not reflecting the laws of the nature, which according to him is
inclined to the geometric ruled forms.

My personal opinion: The truth is that I think that it has to intimidate be

enough opposite the cathedral, but simultaneously it inspires respect, the truth
is that it is a masterpiece. It has to be very beautiful to see it live broadcast.

Web of reference: Wikipedia.

The Castle of Osaka, Clan Toyotomi.
The castle of Osaka (‘Ōsaka-jō’) It is a Japanese castle located in Osaka,
Japan. Originally called Özaka-jö, is one of the most famous castles of the
country and it played a role importantly in the unification of Japan during the
period Azuchi-Momoyama of the 16th century. The castle is in an area of
approximately a square kilometre, inside the public park of the Castle of Osaka
( Ōsaka-jō kōen ). It was constructed in two platforms of refilled area, with
walls created based on cut stones, and it is surrounded with a well by water of a
way similar to the European castles. The castle has eight interior floors
(accessible by means of an elevator), and five exterior floors, and it was
constructed on a base of high stone to protect his occupants of attackers with

Localization Osaka, Japon

Epoch of construction 1583

Construction By: Clan Toyotomi, Reconstructed for: Tokugawa


Materials of Madeira, stone, plaster.


Height Eight floors

Destruction In 1582, by Tokugawa Ieyasu

Estado de conservación Rocontruction.

My personal opinion: The truth is that the castle has his captivation and
is one of little castles with elevator something that turns out to be rare
enough, but the truth that the colors that it takes and the structure
attracts enough and they give desire of being going to see it in person.

Web of reference: Wikipedia.

Museum Guggenheim, Frank Owen
The museum Guggenheim of Bilbao is a museum of contemporary art designed by
the Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry located in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.
Solomon R treats himself about one of five museums about the Foundation.
Guggenheim. It was inaugurated on October 18, 1997 by the King Juan Carlos I
of Spain. His justification like construction is like a museum.
The design of the museum and his construction they follow the style and Frank
Gehry's methods. Since many of his previous works the main frame is radically
esculpida following almost organic contours. The museum affirms not to contain
an alone flat surface in all his structure. Part of the building is crossed by a high
bridge and the exterior is covered by plates of titanium and for a limestone that
was very difficult to find (ultimately it was achieved to find in Andalusia) equally
the one that was in use for constructing Deusto's University.

My personal opinion: I think that it has had to of being laborious to

construct it and that especially more in order that of different
sensations according to the point of view, within surely he will be even me
better, I say.

Web of Reference: Wikipedia.

Wonderworks, ?
Wonder Works is a children's museum, a non-profit corporation established in
2002, located in the village of Oak Park, Illinois. It is the successor to the
Children's Museum of Oak Park, established in 1993. The museum is dedicated
to the principle of offering a fun, largely self-directed playing and learning place
for children.

Occupying its own building in one of the village's business districts, the museum
attracted fifty thousand visitors in 2004. They enjoyed the facilities as drop-in
visitors, as museum members, as birthday party invitees, or as special-event

The museum funds its operations by means of the sale of visitor day passes,
yearly memberships, proceeds from special events, proceeds from toy-store
sales, and direct grants. Special events generally include subscription-based
concerts and the rental of a dedicated party room. In 2004 the museum was
financially self-sufficient for operations.It is managed by a board of directors
comprising members of the local community; an executive director; an operations
floor manager; a program manager; and a number of full-, part-time, or volunteer
floor assistants.

My personal opinion: it has to be very funny to be in a museum this where

quite upside-down, it is like a world of marvel, is very subrealistic and
nonetheless this one very well the idea of constructing something like

Web of reference: Wikipedia.