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Science, Medicine & Research

The no. 1 tool for Mind Control is Science NOT Religion

Okay, tell your child to tell the Teacher that WE have more than 5 senses
Thats if you know - See what happens
If a child or adult sees or hears beyond their 5 senses which may disturb family members,
and this is reported to the medical establishment for help
That child/adult may be sectioned. Science controls YOUR reality
Science has been divorced from Spirituality and Quantum Physics/Meta-Physics
Western European Science is Evidence-Based with Cause & Effect
They need to see and/or come up with a theory which in many cases is incorrect
We see things through THEIR lenses not OURS
Very few talk about Ancient Traditions and World View of Science
Science is Racist, Sexist and Political with a history and ongoing research in Eugenics
Science starts off with a theory which doesnt always becomes fact
They thought the world was round
They thought fruit flies came from fruit
They found a gene for homosexuality many years ago
oh, how that was quickly retracted
According to Scientific Research Africans were inferior, our men were biologically criminals
Let us not forget the Thalidomide experiment, Tuskegee, Guatemala
Their story of the origin of AIDS/HIV to students of Sciences
I was one of them back then a student at a science conference who was told about
African women and the African Green Monkey Propaganda and Lies

Many of us have letters before or after our names however, few if any do
Independent RESEARCH
Or challenge what might seem questionable
We are x% more likely to suffer from or develop this or that disease yet
Their Medical HIStory doesnt tell you they studied Indigenous tribes as to why
they were so healthy they learnt from US
We listen to the findings of the Caucasian Scientists then we blindly disseminate the information
We either dont know, dont want to know, been indoctrinated or are afraid to go against the
Our RESEARCH it seems is based on reading a book (their information) behind a microphone to
educate the public
That is NOT research
I admire Rosa Parks for taking a stance going against racist protocol
I admire and respect Professor Charles Ssali for refusing to sell his patent to the Pharmaceuticals
I respect Dr Llaila OAfrika for doing Independent research
I respect Dr David Hamilton for leaving the Pharmaceutical Company AstraZenica
When he saw with his own eyes the power of the mind on healing oneself
I respect Dr Bruce Lipton for going against the status quo of Science
I respect Dr Andrew Wakefield for his expose on the MMR vaccination
I have been vilified by my own for going against Scientific Dogma
Where are our Research Scientists in England who are fearless in challenging Science?

Sister Brenda Lee May 2016