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I am a creative enthusiast and a design graduate from

the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India.

Squareroots, as I call it, is a compilation of some
of my work, expresses me. My creative force is
bringing to life, my imagination. My work engages
through ideas and the fascination of forms, lines,
space, dimension, juxtaposition, and the harmonious
flow through aesthetic representations.
But before you start flipping through the pages, Id
want to thank my mom, for the support, Prriya,
my mentor and my constant source of inspiration,
Vaibhav and Mun, for believing in me and Akshiena
for her sundays and teas, without them, I would have
given up. Whatever I may achieve in future, I will
always owe it to them.


This collection is a tribute to the matchless power

of the women of today. It is an attempt to depict
the many facets which make women admirable and
respectful. Taking inspiration from the mythological
tale of Lordess Durgas victory over the demon
Asura and comparing the same attributes in each
woman today, and their ability to fight against the
many atrocities which they face, in their modern
Weaponology marks the return of the weapons
and powers (ashtras and shastras) bestowed upon
Lordess Durga from God, in order to defeat the
demon, in a glamorous and glittering new avatar.
The jewellery is a reflection of strength and power
in the woman who wears it.


The Trident
Inspired by the mythical tale of goddess Durga and the demon Mahisasura and his
defeat. Goddess Durga is the epitome of power. Every woman today, has a Goddess
in her, to fight against all atrocities that she is facing. The trident signifies her
strength. The use traditional kundan keshri involves an elaborate technique wherein
the gold foil holds the gems onto a skeletal framework.

Talwar and Conch shell hoops, depicting how a woman can be a fighter and also

tranquil and gentle at the same time. Technique used Kundan Keshri

Midas Lotus
Inspired from Durgas semi-blossomed lotus flower, it gives the feel of a water
bead on a lotus leaf. A big and bold bangle, hand crafted by soldering and twirling
separate metal sheet elements.

The collection Metalmorphosis is an exquisite

collection, which demonstrates change in the
physical form of the product or through a range
of products.
The almost playful and carefree free is prevalent
throughout the collection and is elevated by the use
of colored stones. They add visual relief and drama
to each design


Watch It Up Or Lock It Down

The mechanical watch, hand crafted in silver, is a multi-purpose watch, which can be wrapped
around the wrist or slid around the neck. Depicting change in its form, the riveted cover, opens
to show the watch. The coloured stones on the dial are strategically placed to act as accents.

The Changeover
God makes everything beautiful in its time. Inspired by the process of transformation in the
caterpillar, this range depicts metamorphosis through a series of products.
The caterpillar earing grow into a beautiful butterfly ring and a butterfly tie-neckpiece.

Tie Me Up .Set Me Free

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls it a butterfly.
The warm shades of black stones add femininity, while the yellow gold complements the
warmth. This range uses stylized nature based motifs with a slight Indian feel in a western
manner of adornment.

Wring The Ring

The dual band rings, with coloured stones, which add interest and sophistication to the design,
twist to form S shaped earings, with the help of a rotatable rivet. The ear-ring post,
also acts as a lock.

The collection takes its inspiration from the Honey

comb. Its a fine example of intricacy and geometry
in nature. Keeping the essence of the honeycomb
and the delineation of the basic hexagon intact,
this range attempts to assimilate and represent the
influences of tessellation.
The visual identity of the collection is strong and
therefore the identification and association is quite
simple. The look is a blend of Arabic and
modern style.


The look is a blend of Arabic and modern style. The diamonds, rubies and emeralds are
strategically placed to act as accents to the hexagons, while some diamonds
add sophistication to the designs.

The Eggsagons
The hexagon has always been reflective of the visual vocabulary. The pair of ear-rings and the
ring use the stylized honeycomb.The form of the honeycomb endeavors to capture the essence
of modernity that flows through the design.

Hide & Seek

The tubular hexagonal danglers and sautoir endeavored to capture the essence of playfulness.
The lapis lazuli beads add vibrancy, visual joy and drama to the designs.
The almost playful fell is elevated by the use of diamonds.

Sketch of the initial concept draft and interpretation of the form
into the silhouette.

The collection takes its inspiration from butterflies,

since,the target market caters to growing teens and
younger girls. She is a fashion conscious,young,
modern girl, who wants to lead a cosmopolitan life
As she emerges into her fantasy wilderness world,
colors come to life - green moss shimmering with
morning dew, a palette rich with life. Throwing
caution to the wind,she dances to the beats of her
own drums. Shes the butterfly,soaring, exploring
and free.


Wing It
It has a sense of high fashion, as well as a childlike,emotional quality. It is fanciful and playful,
with varied applications of tiny stones and abundant clusters of diamonds

Pure Joy
The necklet and the ear-rings use a strategic blend of chrome diopside, peridots, rubellites and
tourmalines which add a sense of joy to the piece, along with diamonds.

Form Generation
Some initial sketches of the process of doodling forms and silhouettes, from simple forms
to detailed versions.

Resilience, authenticity and nature typify the Indian

way of life. A heartfelt social desire to reconnect
with folklore and history, inspiring fashion,
re-interpreting the traditional ways, yet maintaining
it, in the silhouette and forms.
Luxury and ecology merge together to form a blend
of contemporary classic diamond jewelery, for the
new generation of elegant young Royals.


The Princess
Ringmulti-purpose necklace explores
In an attempt to reminisce the cultural
the detachable
and the
a strategic blend
peridots, rubellites
the neck,
use of
of chrome
round brilliant
marquise and
tourmalines whichpear
a sensediamonds
of joy to the
along with diamonds.
act as

The jewelery reflects the marriage of fashion with art, merging the worlds of the 16th and the
21st century.Yellow gold with pave set diamonds and marquise shaped emeralds, add richness
to the pieces. The possessor perfectly fits into the sisterhood of elegant inscrutability, easily
embracing the incredibly beautiful treasures.

Unafraid to stand apart from the crowd, this

assorted collection features a vibrant wardrobe
of stand-out favourites, for a night out, exploring
different materials ,expressing attitude, confidence
and an undeniable fashion flair.



Evening Takeouts
The illusional, tessellated leather miniaudiere, marks the return of tessellation in a
glamorous and glittering get up.

Nocturnal Goblin
This miniaudiere design, carries all carries, with plush leather quilting and white-gold mesh
appliqu,is replicated with fabric because of the material cost. Inspired by the exotic underlife,
this semi rigid miniaudiere is like a jewel in your hands.

Neon Clarity
This eclectic piece, made out of a combination of silver, ear-buds and lacquer, does not shy
away from color or pattern. It is vibrant in its texture and bold in its look, it will gain attention
for all the right reasons.