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Law of Attraction

The Technical Manual

Book 2

Bracer Jack Copyright Singapore 2016

Dedicated to all who asked Why.

Author: Bracer Jack

If you are an editor and you feel like this book is right up your alley and would like to
help in the correction of grammar and tense of the book, please contact the author.
Law of Attraction :: Technical Manual :: Book 2 :: Draft 0.

Let the world carry on its Drama,

you focus on God.

Introduction ......................................................................................................................... 7
Chapter 1: The Assassination of my Music Library ........................................................... 8
Chapter 2: The Child Within............................................................................................... 9
Chapter 3: We are all murderers. ...................................................................................... 14
Chapter 4: The Red Chapter: The Inferiors ...................................................................... 17
Chapter 5: The Placebo Mechanism ................................................................................. 23
Chapter 6: Go away Mr. Delusion .................................................................................... 28
Chapter 7: The Destruction of a Snap ............................................................................... 31
Chapter 8: Omega, I am Sorry! ......................................................................................... 34
Chapter 9: Why One Should NEVER Test God ............................................................... 38
Chapter 10: Heaven and Hell, Simulation Earth ............................................................... 41
Chapter 11: Why the LOA system fails when Death approaches ..................................... 49
Chapter 12: The Spoken Word ......................................................................................... 55

This book was primarily written for the sake of getting a burden off my chest that
emerged when I was only 15 years of age.
Everything in this book is a by-product of what happened.
The origin of Omega was written in Book 1 of the series.
Please understand that the conversations I have with Omega, my imaginary friend
are recalled and reconstructed from memory to allow for the usage of English as
opposed to Chinese, my native language, to tell the story.
The essence of our communication is primarily telepathy, though he did speak to me
often through visions and imageries.
I have left out and restructured some of the things he said to best convey what I feel
he is really telling me, but as I grew wiser in time, I might understand it at a deeper
level than what I am currently able to put into words at this point.
I want to take this space to thank my editors, for without them, my inferior grasp of
the English language would make the rendition of this book a challenge to read.

Chapter 1: The Assassination of my Music Library

As I learn to be more and more in touch with how I feel at every moment, I have
taken a notion to be aware of the music that I am listening to at those moments as
With the understanding that we are all manifesting our future 24/7 [At this point in
time, I was corrected by Omega...yes, he sometimes look over my shoulder while I
write this book, he wants me to say we are not really manifesting our futures, but
instead, with our thoughts, we phase into versions of existing realities that best
matches our current vibration, I am not sure what he meant yet, but I am just going
to finish this very short chapter first.], I have decided to take an active role in
deciding what music I shall keep in my library and kill off the rest that doesnt serve
me in the happiness department.
And man was I brutal; I have eliminated more than 90% of my music library! The
criterias that I used to judge what to keep was very stern, if you do choose to follow
what I did, you might want to be more lenient to yourself ;-p
1: Music that sings about poverty being a virtue, it doesnt matter how they go about
justifying it, the underlying massage is that of lack, kill the music.
2: Music that sings about how nobody loves you, the song will then naturally try to
sugar coat it with justifications.
Kill these music from your Music Library.
3: Music about betrayal, be it love or anything.
Pure Negativity, regardless of how much you used to like it, unless you want to bring
these baggages into your life, it is best to kill it.
4: And then there are music that are just sad for its own sake, you know it when you
hear it, kill it.
By the time I ran through my music library with the list, I have less than 10% of my
original music collection left!
Score 1 for positivity, score 0 for self sabotage!

Chapter 2: The Child Within

Things have been going well for me lately, everything that I was working on was on
its way and I have been meeting good people through and through.
However, in the mist of all the good feelings came a sense of I am not
suppose to be this happy and it felt like its high time I wipe that grim off my face.
Soon fear comes along for the ride...I started worrying about whether I was storing
up a bunch of bad karmas somewhere that will explode when it is full.
Once the momentum starts, it just rolls...soon I felt like I have been pulled out of my
happy place and am now just another rubber duck surrounded by uncontrollable
ocean waves subjected to Chaos Theory as described in book one.
Later that day, I went to my favorite store in the mall to get myself my favorite
snack, I have a pleasant relationship with the person working in the store and she
often gives me much more than necessary as a symbol of good will.
But today, there was someone else in the store with her, the usual store lady was
being nice to me as usual but while I was waiting for my order, this new lady made
some small remarks to me.
I had a bad feeling about her the first time I saw her but I am not one to let my
intuition tells me what to do - I am not exactly proud to say this.
The new lady, with an evaluative tone, remarked on how lucky someone is that
he gets to be free on a Tuesday afternoon, she made me so uncomfortable, I would
have left right away if it is not for the fact that I am still waiting for my food.
I then proceed to do something that I now realize was wrong but didnt knew better
back then, I tried to be nice and said pros and cons for every lifestyle one chooses
to live with a smile, trying to make her feel better, she responded with a disgusted
sneer and walked away.
It didnt stop there, as I visit the store often, I realize this new lady has been
spreading some ridiculous rumors that my mum would come to the store to give her
food and that I dont acknowledge my mum.
I would reason to the both of them that my mum do not stay in the area so that
simply cannot happen on the regular basis that she is stating and even verified with
my mum about the incident.
My mum proceeds to tell me to stay away from the store because they are crazy
people and I did when I remembered to.
One day I was walking past the store, though no longer interacting with them, the
nice lady from the store came out of the store and said to me loudly why dont you
acknowledge your mum, are you crazy ?!!!.
Everyone standing in line was looking at me like I was a crazy person!
I now avoid that store like the plague.

I remembered copying pictures of my mum to the phone in an attempt to show them

that they have gotten the wrong person but was stopped by Omega, he told me not
to do this, that there is a lesson to be learn here.
I responded to him What lesson? This is a misunderstanding; I can clear this up
right now!
He said to me sternly that I manifested this and until I have learnt the lesson, it will
happen again.
I dismissed Omega knowing that it is once again my crazy self trying to make things
bigger than they are.
A few days have past and Omega appeared walking beside me again while I was
walking to a cafe and he said: Lesson is not complete, you have dismissed it, get
ready for the same lesson from a different angle to which I replied: Dude, I JUST
want to get myself a chocolate cake, leave me alone, I am not the president of the
world! I dont have big grand lessons to learn! to which Omega smiled and fade off.
When it was my turn to order, the cashier was literally looking at the air completely
dismissing or at least signaling that he would rather be serving someone else.
I proceed to point to him what I would like to have with my finger literally pointing
2cm away from the cake behind the glass which he then proceed to say in a
condescending tone Can you READ what you are pointing ? without even looking
once at me.
Even though a part of me wanted to just walk out of the store, I really wanted the
cake and allowed the horrid service to complete its course, and even then it not
before the cashier finish it with a bang by literally slamming the knife for the cake
right on the plate so loudly that heads turned.
I felt angry at myself while I was eating the cake.
Why do I accept this behavior and go through with it?
Why am I even paying for this even after being treated like this?
Do I value myself this badly?
And I started thinking that I really respect people who have the balls to make a
scene when they were served badly in restaurants instead of letting it go down in
silence like me.
Just then Omega appeared and asked how it is going with a smug.
Since I am in a cafe, I have to be rather discreet during my conversations with
Omega; I put on my headphone with a mic that can be rotated into view before the
conversations begin so that when I talk, it will look like I am talking on the phone or
Me: I feel like a piece of shit right now because of what just happened which I
presume you have witnessed.
Omega: You ONLY felt like a piece of shit right just now? I should give you the
medal of LIES!

Me: Well, he made it worst!

Omega: The only thing the system did is to translate your feelings into a physical
event, that asshole who served you couldnt have made it worst, what happened was
a conversion of your build up feelings into events, it is THEN made worst because
you CHOOSE to experienced the eventual reality like it came from nowhere and now
you are manifesting victim hood from that which was your own manifestations to
begin with !
I let out a huge sigh and said to Omega: Right right, we did it all to ourselves, I get
it...You mentioned lesson incomplete like a fucking computer just now, what do you
mean ?
Omega: This is not the first time this happened, many forms these events has taken,
and the way it happened and the way you have dealt with it have to do with what
happened to you when you were a child where your manifestations has taken a
wrong turn in your life and it cascaded.
Me: Oh PLEASE, not every bad customer experience span from some deep seated
issues ok?
Omega: Of course not, that is just stupid what you have said...but these particular
unfoldings in YOUR life is.
Me: I dont see it...
Omega: Funny you would say that! Very well, see it then.
Omega put his hands on my shoulder and said to me not to panic cause it is all my
imagination anyways.
I find myself moved through something and before I knew it, I saw a younger
version of me as a child...looking at his step dad for acceptance regardless of the
physical abused that was inflicted on him at that very moment.
I remembered this moment...I remembered the boy, crying in his heart, though he
looked strong on the outside as he hold on to the hand that was strangling his neck
lifting him off the floor thinking Why dont you accept me? What do I have to do for
you to accept me? I will do anything, I will be a good boy or bad boy...anything...just
stop hurting me and tell me what do you want me to do for you to love and accept
me! but the boy cant say out what he was feeling because he needs to be strong
against his abuser, mum is not around and he have to fend for himself.
I looked at Omega and asked what is this? How is he doing this? I am equally aware
that I am still in the cafe, why is this old memory so real at this moment ?!!!
I told Omega I dont want to see this, and to bring me back to where I was.
Me: "I was eating! Bring me back now! I dont want to see this!
Omega said that I am not going anywhere until I handle this situation now, I said to
him that this is the past and this is my imagination, I cant change this, it happened.

Omega said to me that I was wrong, the past, present and future are all happening
right now and what I am feeling...the need for acceptance at an unhealthy level, the
complete lack of self worth and the inability to accept really good things in my life
because I feel that I dont deserve it...all stem from abuses from my step dad in
moments like these, that these veins of causality runs through everything at this
very moment, past, present, and future, all happening right here right now, fix the
past and the present will self resolve.
I said to him that I accepted the cashiers rude behavior because I just wanted the
cake, that it is no big deal and pleaded with him to bring me back, he said to me I
have long accepted that abuse in my everyday life is ok, that it is normal and
acceptable to be treated badly, and it is high time I looked at the source of this.
As I looked on to the past that is happening in front of me right this moment, all
kinds of emotions are running up inside me, I wanted to walk towards the abuser
and ask him why cant he accept me, what could a child do that warrants being
chock hold feet off the ground, the child didnt choose to be someone elses step
child, it is already pity enough he dont even know who his real father is.
Omega: I know you have a lot of things you feel like saying and do to your step dad,
but we are not here to save or enlighten him, I bring you here to save you, go to the
child when his step dad stop choking him.
Omega: Tell the boy what you wish someone would tell you at this moment, lie if
you have to, just fix the boy.
Me: How are you doing this?
Omega: Ill tell you this; I will keep bringing you back to this moment if you dont
do what I say.
Me: This is blackmail!
Omega: Call it whatever you like, until you have learned to love yourself, I will have
to do.
I just stood there for about a minute or so.
Omega: You know you are not leaving this place without my help, for your own
sake, I suggest you get going.
I went to the boy who previously was totally unaware of my existence who is now
suddenly surprised that someone just appeared in front of him.
For some reason, he was not afraid of was like he knew we were connected
I kneed down to eye level with my younger self and said the following.
Me: Hi, I am you from the future; I want you to know that everything is going to be
My younger self just looked at me with his mouth closed, trying to hold back his

I understand him; he cant talk at this moment, because if he talks, he will start to
cry from all the emotional pain inside him from what just happened to him.
His silence was his last ditch effort to put on a strong front.
I remembered what Omega told me and I begin to fabricate what I believe my
younger self hope to hear.
Me: You will grow up to find out that the universe loves you, you will be surrounded
by people who will protect you from the bad man, you are not to hope that your
abuser will accept you, you are not to accept that this is normal in anyway, and
when you grow up, you will walk out from your abuser and will never allow yourself
to be abused again. This is your last chance to find out what kind of person you dont
want to be around with.
Tears from my younger self starts to flow despite him trying to keep silence.
I started to cry too.
Me to the Boy: I am so sorry, you didnt choose to be born without knowing who
your real dad was, and you didnt chose to be in this step is not
family...I am sorry you will never understand how it feels like to be part of a family
with a loving mum and are not responsible for what happened at the is not is not your fault...
I put my hands on the child and said: You cannot allow the irresponsibilitys of the
adults to ruin you for life...sadness and abuse are thrown on you now to allow you
can recognize it head on so that you will know what to go towards to instead when
you grow up, aim for strength when you grow up, aim for happiness, aim for Love !
My younger self hugged me tightly, and we cried together.
Omega was at the side and I heard him quietly whispered: Yes, love yourself
I walked slowly back to Omega.
Is it done? I said softly.
Omega: For now...
He smiled and I was back at the restaurant eating with my hand holding the fork.

Chapter 3: We are all murderers.

A week later, a guest was in the house.
I had been working really late for the past few days doing some intense work,
getting only around 4~5 hours of sleep.
I woke up around 4pm that day, the guest saw me and said sarcastically wow, what
a good life someone have, get to sleep for as long as he wants making me feel
guilty right out of bed.
I decided to pack my stuff to go out and enjoy the weekend instead of staying
around listening to more sarcasms.
After I stepped out of the house and was alone, I heard Omega saying to me: This
is a mirror universe Mr. Bracer, now with this understanding, explain what just
Me: It is reflecting that I am guilty?
Omega: You are guilty of breathing, you are guilty of thinking, you are guilty of
pursuing your passion, you are guilty of the judgment that you have perceived
others have declared on you, you are afraid that you might be the version of you
that any Tom, Dick and Harry sees you as, you are guilty of being you...
Me: Yes, I suppose regardless of how positive I turn things around, I almost always
accept other peoples negative judgment of me instantaneously.
Omega: You hold other peoples opinion of you as more valid than your own opinion
of yourself.
Me: Because deep down I think other people are important?
Omega: No...try again...
Me: This is so crazy, you are my imagination, how could you know more about me
than me?!
Omega: You are still that child that seeks approval, so your acceptance of whatever
others declared you as at any moment, whether good or bad, is your form of
appreciating them for the approval of your existence, you suck it up like a sponge,
and if that is not bad enough, AFTER identifying yourself as this NEW person whom
they have labeled you as, you THEN proceed to accept the judgment they have of
you first from them and then later from you to yourself again because within the
time range of the current acceptance, it is now true. The child in you will be anything
others view him as as long as they acknowledge his existence.
Me: I dont understand half of what you are saying...and also Am I THIS fucked

Omega: There is a child inside every adult you see walking around...tap into that
child and they can all be controlled as easily as a joystick.
Me: Why are you telling me this?
Omega: You are really asking in your previous question if this is exclusive to you,
the answer is my indirect way of telling
Me: Approval...
Omega: Someday, you will learn that the only person you need approval from to be
you is you, even the criterias for that judgment will be very different from what you
feel it should be at this point.
I looked down and walk on as I continue to listen to what Omega is saying.
Omega: You owe the world nothing, NOTHING; you didnt beg the world to give
birth to you much less the situation you are born into.
You dont owe the world your opinion of yourself, much less the ridiculous notion that
others opinion of you are much more important than your own opinion of yourself.
Me: To absolutely not let other peoples opinion of me affect that what you
are saying?
Omega: When it comes to you as a being yes. However that statement is a
contradiction and the LOA computer system will work against you if you think along
that line.
Me: How come?
Omega: You mentioned to absolutely not let other peoples opinion of you affect you,
thats sounds like a lot of work and effort, and the LOA system will comply and make
it so that it will be hard.
Me: So how should I think then?
Omega: You should, instead, allow your own positive opinion of yourself to override
any and all outside opinion of yourself.
Me: I dont think that is a good advice for a child, or a MURDERER!!!
Omega: Are you trying to tell me that I am able to tell you this because you are not
what you have described?
Me: Obviously...
Omega: From where I stand, you are both, you are definitely a child, no question
about that, dont even give me that look, you even take pride in that you ManChild!
Me: You want to explain the murdering part you crazy person?
Omega: You are the one that brought it up and now you are labeling me as crazy
for saying you are one which you are ?

I dont remembering burying any dead bitch lately... I responded in sarcasm.

Omega: This is because the dead Bitch is not dead yet, you are just happily
jabbing and jabbing your knife into that bitch. That bitch could have had a bright
future but instead, the bitch have to deal with your constant jabbing instead of
spending those time to focus on creating the bright future that she deserve, it is a
surprise that the bitch is not dead yet.
Me: I am both the child and the bitch am I?
Omega didnt respond, he turned his back towards me and walks off.

Chapter 4: The Red Chapter: The Inferiors

*This chapter is marked for possible removal because its message is really dark in
my opinion, future editions of the book as I correct all my grammar mistakes in time
might possibly see the removal of this chapter.*
Lately, when I look at people, I can almost see a translucent cloud of color around
them, it happened before many years ago when I was in the army but more than 10
years later today, it happened again, since Omega has been rather prominent in my
life lately, I decided to bring this observation to him.
Omega: Yes, I have reactivated this part of you; it is time that I introduce to you
the concept of the inferior people.
Me: Inferior people...I think there is this guy named Hitler that was famous for
something like this, I dont think we want to go there...
Omega: I am soooo completely unconcerned with your form judging things from
your limited perspective.
Me: Limited...well...we are mortal...and also we only have so much ram in our
brain...for now...until we upgrade and become cybernetic.
Omega: Oh the Horror...anyway...the Inferior People are the plague of this
simulation, nobody come down here as a plague, but they designated themselves as
one by their ignorance of themselves as the creator of their own destiny to such a
degree that they can infect their ill fate unto others.
Me: A Jinx?
Omega: That is a good word for it, but that word only works if they have infected
others, if no infection has taken place, the original label of the Inferior People still
Me: But that is just plain old superstition right?
Omega: In the simplest sense yes, the bottom line is you could be surrounded by a
thousand Jinxs and nothing bad can happen to you because you are inline with the
LOA system, but if you are Normal, you will most likely be susceptible to their
behavior and or words and it will affect your connection with the LOA system from
positive manifestations to negative ones.
Me: Who are these people?
Omega: People whom you wouldnt attract if you have a knowing that you will only
meet good people.
Me: You know what I am asking...How do you KNOW if you are next to an inferior

Omega: Normally you wouldnt be able to tell physically if they dont open their
mouth, but you can feel it if you are sensitive enough, here are some technical ways
you could identify them.
Omega: Bracer, understand that these people are not perpetually condemned
because they too are creators and hence, are responsible for their current doom, but
due to where you are right now, you best just identify and stay away from them until
you have reached a stable level of generally good manifestations.
Me: Got it.
1: These people have so trained themselves into negative thoughts, they have
manifested around them an unbreathable level of lethal situations, they cannot stand
anyone who have it better than them, they would use high morals to try to get the
mass to agree with them and they are very good at that, that is one of their many
weapons, they dont do this because they hate you, they do this because your
existence makes them see a life they have convinced themselves they will never
have, hence, they have a desire to destroy you or at least make you not in their
sight and mind anymore.
2: Instead of being happy of other peoples success, the Inferior People will feel an
unhealthy amount of jealousy, hence manifesting an unhealthy amount of situations
where it further confirms to them that they not only isnt successful in the measure
that they use to measure themselves, but also down right lacking in life.
They are manifesting a downward spiral that anyone caught in it will go down with
them; they cannot help themselves but to pull whoever that tries to help them down.
That is why the saying goes God only help those who help themselves, if you really
want to help a downed man, be sure to make sure he/she is on his/her way to help
him/herself and NOT just pretending to help him/herself, because these
viruses/vermins have evolved in time too, they would pretend in front of you that
they are helping themselves, all the while sucking up all of your resources like a
black hole and NEVER stop blaming you for their failures, you can never do enough
for these people, in the end, you will be so drown by guilt that you will be destroyed
along with them.
There is no way out, best not to get infected in the first place.
3: The Inferior People makes you feel guilty for having the good life or for having
anything good while they dont, they would use the phrases like Why are you
pursuing grandiose ideas like exploring Space when there are STARVING children in
some parts of the world ! as though no one should be happy until everyone decides
to manifest only good things around themselves which will require a massive mind
control technology that will wipe the free will out of everyone so that people can no
longer choose what they wish to experience whether they would admit it or not.
On the out-front it seemed very reasonable to those receptive to the virus but now
that you understand how the LOA system works, you realize how ridiculous this
notion is.
Unfortunately, these people would use the ignorance of others against you and make
you feel guilty for your expansion into all that is ideal in life.
They have the ability to make the rubber ducks in the ocean agrees with them, they
will crush you by their appeal to the masses, mostly via guilt.
4: Their enablers are the most dangerous of them all.

They are the bridge, the voice of reasons, they have the ability to make you feel
guilty of your manifestations of well being and they also have within them the ability
to make you feel so misunderstood, you feel extremely inclined to have to explain
yourself to them and others.
You lose the minute you establish dialog with them.
The very act of communicating with them establishes the flow of reasonable
negativity into you the listener, so much so that you will be destroyed from the
inside out.
You cant win, there is no way out.
Again, best not to get involve in their 101 reasons why life is not working out for the
people they are trying to help by making you feel guilty, DO NOT HELP ANYONE that
passively abuse you to help them via guilt, for by this action they have identified
themselves as vermins of this simulation.
Me: But arent all charity videos like this? Country X! Starving! Feel Bad! Give us
your Money!
Omega: Most people are not here to save the world, to be more exact, you cannot
save the world, you can only align yourself into that world which you seek to
Me: That last sentence is do I save myself from the
Omega: You have three options:
Option 1: You keep your mental projections positive so that you only attract positive
people into your life; this is the simplest and most difficult to obtain level for most.
Option 2: You take the path of least resistance and avoid them like the plague that
they are, dont fight with them, dont reason with them, dont engage, they WANT to
engage. Deprave them of the channels they want use to infect you.
Option 3: You destroy them mentally by behaving in a way that I am about to tell
you, those who survive will ascend rapidly out of their projected hell hole(s) and into
at least a state of normality, those who dont survive will manifest their own doom so
rapidly they will spiral even further into their hopelessness.
Me: Option 3 sounds brutal.
Omega: Funny enough, if you truly care about them you would execute option 3...
Me: I am listening...
Omega: Remember, not everyone can do this, and certainly not you in your current
state of development, but for those super enlightened beings, this is what they
would do naturally anyway even without listening to their own Omegas. Destroy the
vermins via their own logic, destroy them from the inside out, cause them to face
what they dont want to see so consistently that they starts to dis-identify
themselves with whatever they have identify themselves with that caused them to
be in the sorry state that they are in in the first place.
Many will resist and scream their slogans of perpetual victim hood and say things like
its complicated or you are ignorant, they are going to be very convincing, they

have had a life time of training and human version of factual gatherings, give up on
those people, they are the true Inferiors, they cannot be saved and no amount of
effort should be done to please them, dont reason with them, save those whom by
themselves, already felt something was wrong with their own thoughts of victim
hood and are already in the process of getting out of it.
Me: I dont think we can do that, the era I am living in is currently infected with a
diseases call political correctness.
Omega: You bring it upon yourselves you know, you entertained and give voice to
their enablers, the voice of reasons.
Me: You mentioned that their enablers are the worst of them all, how is that so?
They are probably just trying to help.
Omega: Their enablers are a whole different class of vermins, vermins on steroids
to use your term. Every now and then, those who suffers from the chronic perpetual
victim hood mentality have a sudden realization that they are responsible for the hell
that they have created for themselves, this is their shining moment, their moment of
clarity, and had they just continued on that path WHILE negating echoes of what
they have already previously manifested, they will be well on their way to all that is
beneficial to them in their life in time.
Me: Thats good !
Omega: And then they encounter, drum roll please...the so call *good will enablers*,
even though there are no such thing, in todays day and age, they may, for all
practical purposes, be termed the devil in disguise.
Me: Ooooo
Omega: Though they will NEVER admit it, their wealth and sick sense of well being
depends on convincing certain groups of people that they are the victim of society, of
weather, or of whatever they can convince the world and most importantly, their
victim of.
Me: Hmm...I dont think anyone would willingly be that which youve just
Omega: Its not a matter of willingness or not, its nature, a snake cannot stop
being a snake, a cow cannot stop being a cow.
Me: So...if these people dont exist, there would be no people who would grow up
believing they are helpless victims?
Omega: There will ALWYAS be people who will, at some point in their life, thinks
and hence, eventually manifest events that proves to them that they are victims of
circumstance, and the spiraling starts, but you see, eventually everyone will realize
that they are the creator of their destiny at some point, the LOA system will never
stop dropping hints every now and then, BUT then there comes the vermins, the
good will enablers, just when the victim is starting to take control of his or her life
into a better state, the enablers would convince them they cant do it, because
everyone and everything is against them, they will convince their victims that there

are systematic oppressions or historical oppressions, or maybe even the

weather...ANYTHING, to convince and kick the realizer back to their hell hole.
Me: Surely the realizer will...realize that ?
Omega: The *Good Will Enablers* are very convincing, they would put on an air of
sympathy and pity, Oh poor you, victim of oppression, it is not your fault that you
cant get anywhere in life they say, Oh, it is not your fault, you are disadvantaged,
I have charts and facts to back it up they say, and the WORST thing they can say is:
Let me help you.
Me: But...everyone is you right ? Everyone is God... So...YOU are the vermin! You
are the enabler as well !"
Omega: "Good you are catching up, yes; I am both the Black and the White."
Me: "So...why do you do this ?"
Omega: "Contrast.
Me: Really ? THAT is your answer ? I dont think the person suffering to symbolize
your contrast like that very much.
Omega: Then that part of me will rise to the occasion and get out of that contrast
just as easily as you can breath, everyone is where everyone is by choice, the
minute you get that is the minute you truly become fully aware that you are all me.
Me: I dont think it is that easy Omega, this world is complicated.
Omega: Thank you Mr. Bracer, I totally need you to tell me how the world I create
works, I wonder what I would do without you!
I was silenced for a while, eyes half closed at Omegas sarcasm.
Omega: So much drama, so much thinking...just to convince yourself that you are
not responsible for your own circumstance...if you only spend 1%, JUST 1% of that
energy on actually focusing and visualizing and FEELING that which and where you
want to be and how it makes you feel, just 1%, oh how everyones life would
Me: Victims, Enablers, so many people to have to deal with...
Omega: You dont have to, I already said that you should just avoid these people
once identified, the translucent cloud of color you see around them will be your guide.
This is my gift to you, to be able to identify them straight away.
Me: I appreciate it, but can you remove this *ability*? It is messing with my normal
Omega: Let me get you want turn off something that will
protect you in the long run because it...*messes with your normal perception*?...Are
you retarded?...Cause I am starting to think you might be *special* if you get what I

Me: Yeah, at least for now, because I dont understand what I am seeing and what I
have seen thus far is making me question things I would never spare a second
thought on...beside the fact that I am crazy and talking to my imaginary friend that
is you, I can only deal with one crazy thing at a time.
Omega: As you wish...I still think you are crazy to ask for that to be turn off crazy person...
Me: Well, I have you...
Omega: I cannot override what you have decided to come here to experience, so
dont expect me to save you from the doom of your own making if you choose to go
that crazy person...

Chapter 5: The Placebo Mechanism

During the recent experience where I was *blessed* with being able to see things
with a cloud of color surrounding it, what surprises me the most is...water...
Water...seems to be glowing like CRAZY! Some water looks so dark and evil, I want
to puke just looking at it, some looked so bright and happy, I just want to steal that
water from whoever is drinking from it just to know how it taste like !
Another interesting thing Ive noticed was that water performs color transitions,
during the course of someone drinking from it, it would change color, but the color
change was inconsistent, varying from person to person, from time to time, so I
dont really know what I was seeing, it just looks like a pretty light show to me most
of the time.
And it was distracting! Water is everywhere; hence it is like a freaking light show all
the time. When it rains, it is like I am walking around with disco spot lights shining
on my face!
I am glad thats over for now.
It was a good night...I was eating pasta, with a glass of water on the table.
I looked at the glass of water wondering what color it would have been at the
moment if I could see it like not so long ago, just then I heard Omegas voice.
Omega: You REALLY like Garlic dont you...
Me: Its Aglio Olio, its plain and simple and yes I LOVE Garlic, I wish I can have
Aglio Olio forever!
Omega: Be careful, what you wish for, it might just come true ;-p
Me: Ok fine...and fish fingers...and egg...and potatoes, hmm hash browns...I LOVE
Hash Browns!
Omega: Ha ha ha
Me: Omega...what is this glow I saw from water?
Omega: Pure water
Me: Does it have to be pure water?
Omega: The purer it is, the more intense the glow, at least you would perceive it as
a glow, as in you would translate it as a glow, it doesnt have to be a glow, you just
translated it as such.
Me: So what is that about?

Omega: It is not just water; everything had some kind of glow to them isnt it? At
least to you?
Me: Yes, Food...Chair...basically everything, but the one that fluctuate the most is
Omega: PURE Water
Me: Why do you have to stress the word pure so much ?
Omega: Try putting poison in it and see whether it changes color or not...
Me: Ok fine...normal water...what am I seeing?
Omega: Amplification in progress, that is what you are seeing.
Me: Water? Water!!!???!! Amplify what?
Omega: Pure water is an amplification device.
Me: Amplify What????!!!!!!
Omega: Manifestations
Me: Thats cool.
Omega: Not cool for the people who dont know it, they are fucked.
Me: Hows so?
Omega: Can you imagine people having a relatively good day manifesting good
things ahead, and then they sit down to eat and they watch the news with lots of
death and dying, the water soaks up all those energies, amplify them, and they drink
that INTO their body for their body to use ! People are fucked by the news 24/7 all
day everyday! Death and Dying, Death and Destruction! Everyone and Everything is
out to get you! And they wonder why Cancer rates are going up the hill...or whatever
new names they give to new bad health problems that are to come because of their
constant love for bad news !
You know that song the circle of life ? This is like that song except it is the circle of
fucked !
They are all fucked by their ignorance.
Me: I always watch Cartoons when I am eating...
Omega: Thats because you are a ManChild, but dont lie, you like to go to those
world news sites where you watch terrible things happening to people, why why why
Mr. Bracer would you do that ? Why would you want to integrate those energies into
your manifestations ?
Me: I dont know...curious? I am not thinking much about it...I am just looking...
Omega: Lies and Lies! Remember, you are manifesting 24/7, please please please
monitor how you feel often, and if what you are reading isnt making you feel good

especially when it have got NOTHING to do with you, stop

reading/watching/identifying/manifesting alongside it !
Me: Trust me; I am more concern about it than you.
Omega: If you REALLY ARE, you wouldnt be watching the world news section in
your website of choice so often...
Me: I dont want to be ignorant.
Of course, we should ALL be aware of the negative manifestations that one or whole
group of people brought to themselves because we TOTALLY want to vibrate along
the same wavelength as them so that their doomy doom doom manifestations can
come to us... Omega responded sarcastically.
Me: Hey the whole world is doing it lay off the finger pointing on me ! were saying how we fucked ourselves by drinking water or something,
please continue.
Omega: Pure water is very receptive to what you are thinking at any moment,
especially if it knows you are going to drink it.
Me: Great...water is conscious...
Omega: I would say it is more like a mechanism than say a sentient being.
Me: Good, cause I dont want to think that I might be hurting waters feeling...
Omega: Back in the old days and even now in secluded regions when religions are
still being created and modified, assuming they are talking to me and not some crazy
figment of their own imagination, I would always call them to give thanks to me and
or be in an appreciative mood of all things before drinking it.
Me: Yes, there are rituals like these already in existence in many religions; you are
saying this isnt meant to be a ritual?
Omega: This is what they should be doing ALL the time especially with water or
food that contains water, water is an amplification device, if you think thoughts of
love and health and can discipline yourself to NOT LET ANY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS
come between you and the water that you drink, the water will amplify the goodness
that you emit and take the form of those energies in a way that when you drink it
inside you, it will only be a very good thing for you.
Me: Pure water curing stuff...this reminds me of that bullshit medical practice call
homeopathy, where the more diluted a certain medicine is, the more effective it is,
they are basically drinking just water at that point, completely neutral.
Omega: Ah, but when they hold that *medicine* in their hand, they absolutely
believe it will cure them you see, they project health...those who completely believe
in it that is, those who doubt it are basically drinking just water. Those who believe
ended up drinking water structured to serve them in the health department, this
statement is only true if the water is pure, which is what homeopathy medicine really

is if they follow it to the letter...just plain water, if the water is poisoned, it will be a
whole other story altogether.
Me: Wait...that means all that holy water crap...
Omega: Yap...
Me: And...the placebo effect !...The fucking placebo effect!
Omega: Yes, the sugar pill does nothing, but the water you take along with the
sugar pill is actually what is doing the work, same thing with placebo injections, the
liquid that host the inert placebo chemicals that they inject into their subject is
whats doing the work, assuming the subject truly believe to the point of being child
like that he is to be cured by that magic liquid, the purer the water, the more evident
the placebo effect.
Me: This is so going to fuck up a lot of studies in the placebo effect department.
Omega: Why do you care ?!!! Please just focus on your own well being, you are
having enough challenge with that alone left alone global issues.
Me: I have to tell everyone about this!!!
Omega: No you dont...nobody would care, I have already told and will continue to
tell those who listens.
Me: No but the way you do it is wrong! Most think its a ritual! They think it is a one
off thing that they do every weekend on gatherings or something, you dont
understand! People are really stupid!
Omega: Ha ha ha Mr. Bracer!
Me: Yes ?
Omega: You REALLY need to tone down your judgment, hell you are even judging
me! One moment you have a severe case of inferior complex and the next you are
judging ME of all things? Haaaaaaaaa
Me: But...they need to know how it actually works! Billions of people are
unknowingly fucking themselves up watching/thinking about bad stuff and drinking
water at the same time !
Omega: Those who are technically challenged, and mind you, you are not that far
off from my perspective, I would tell them in a more magical bombastic way like
holding the cup up to the sky and pray or whatever it is they secretly wanted to hear
from me so that they feel like effort has been made.
For people who are more interested in how it actually works, I would explain it in
more details, Mr. Bracer, you have to understand, because of your intellect or lack
there of, I have had to hold back a lot of data just so that you may also comprehend
what you are hearing from me.
Me: So even this is not the complete picture ?

Omega: You will never be able to see the complete picture from your limited
intellect; you are not the smartest of your race.
Me: You know...if you were real...I would smack you.
Omega: Haaaaaaaa
Omega: Besides, you having this information is almost useless, knowing you, you
will be watching some news about death, dying and or victim hood in no time while
eating and drinking, you barely have any friends, all you do is watch YouTube while
you eat.
Me: Well you are my friend...
Omega: Thats nice to hear...I love you too Bracer.

Chapter 6: Go away Mr. Delusion

It was just another fine day, I was doing some video editing for my YouTube Channel
when I noticed Omega is here again, standing behind me, just chilling.
I ignored him and carry on with my work for hours and he seems to be totally fine
with it, standing looking out the window, just enjoying the sight.
When I looked at him through the reflection of my computer screen, he sometimes
seemed to be there and sometimes not, hereby re-enforcing my belief that he is just
a figment of my imagination.
Strangely, I have grown fond of his presence, when you have no friends, even an
imaginary one is better than none.
I got bored after sometime and decided to call it a day, I stood up, looked at Omega,
his back is still facing me.
Me: Is there REALLY so many beautiful things to see outside the window?
Omega: If you see what I can see, yes.
We eventually ended up taking a walk in the garden.
Me: Omega...things are going reasonably well, but for some reason, I feel that your
presence is a little incompatible with my life if you dont mind me saying.
Omega: What would be the reason for that?
Me: Well...remember those crazy days where you demanded that I execute the Law
of Attraction principles like crazy and things just seem to get better and better?
Omega: Yes?
Me: Even I am starting to wonder whether it could be something as simple as I
subconsciously brainwashing myself into thinking life is great and stuff and hence
started operating my life in such a way that things indeed gets better.
Omega: Arh, that part of the Human brain that thinks he is in charge of his destiny
via his actions and his action alone, the Pride, the Ego :-)
Me: Is that normal?
Omega: Yes, but Pride usually come before the fall.
Me: "I am about to fall?
Omega: Well, it is ultimately up to you, you have the universe and the ego, which
one do you want to feed? Both promises you happiness, choose your destiny :-)
Me: There are plenty of rich people with HUGE egos; their down fall doesnt seem to
be coming anytime soon.

Omega: Oh really? I didnt realize you were watching ALL of their lives throughout
to make such a definitive statement, you MUST be God! Let me give you a God gold
star right over here!
Me: Ha ha ha Yes Mr. Sarcastic, I guess what I was trying to say is I sometimes
wonder whether my life would have been any different if you have never appeared in
my life.
Omega: Assuming you followed the advises I have given you, regardless of whether
it is from me or anyone else, you will be alright.
Me: Before all these happens, you mentioned in a spike of frustration that you could
snap your finger and everything that I have will be gone, are you real enough to
actually do that ?
Omega: Why have you decided to bring up?
Me: I suppose...I really wanted to know whether you are real...or you are I am crazy and stuff.
Omega: Why does it even matter after all these? Your life is better now isnt it?
Me: Yeah...but...did I get this from you or from myself anyway? I want to know.
Omega: I dont need any credit, you can take all the credit if you want, but
remember to be very cautious of the ego, overfeeding it ALWAYS leads to some kind
of destruction, generally speaking, nothing universally positive EVER comes out from
over serving the ego.
Me: I am not so sure if my question has anything to do with my ego per say...
Omega: "It REALLY troubles you whether I am real or not huh Bracer.
I was silence.
Omega: I dont desire to be any more real to you than I am right now.
Me: Can you...
Took me a very long time to say what I was going to say because of the relative
magnitude of the request.
Me: Can you snap your fingers right now...and like you said...take away all the good
things gathered so far?
Omega: I am afraid you might say that...
Me: But you know this will be said anyway right?
Omega: There is always freedom to choose until one has actually decided
something to be so.

Me: That actual freedom is debatable at best from my point of view.

Omega: Ha Ha Ha
Me: So...are you going to do it?
Omega: Just to prove myself to you? Certainly not, you must understand,
everything is connected; this wish of yours will affect the people around you.
Me: Well can you fix that too?
Omega: Of course, but Bracer...why?
Me: Do it, validate yourself to me.
Omega: You have no idea what you are asking for, things might go so bad, it might
past the point of no return for you.
Me: But even that is bullshit right? Because you can always turn it around.
Omega: No, you under-estimated free will Mr. Bracer, within set parameters, it
have the ability to override everything because of the law of attraction, it is a long
recursive explanation.
Me: Do me what you have got. Do it.
Omega stopped walking, looked at me with sympathetic eyes for a good 30 seconds
or so.
Omega: You are such a painful individual.
I was silence still...waiting for an answer from it.
Omega slowly raised his hand, as he raised his hand, a slight fear sets in and I
wanted to stop him, but for the sake of my sanity, I have to let the delusion play out,
thinking that this will end the delusion so to speak.
Omega snapped his fingers in front of me, when the sound of the snap was heard, I
knew this marks a certain point in my delusion, for better or worst, the imagination
friend era of my life is coming to an end.
Omega: I am only doing this to ease your pain, dont ever call me to do this again.
I was silence still.
Omega: You are one crazy bitch.
Me: many ways, including the fact that I am talking to no one.
Omega shook his head and walked away.

Chapter 7: The Destruction of a Snap

About three weeks have past, everything seems ok, Omega is nowhere to be seen,
everything seemed normal.
I was successful, by using logic against my delusion, I ended it.
I was really happy for a while, not just because I am just like anyone else now, but
also because I came away with the experience of how powerful positive thinking is,
there is nothing supernatural going on, it is all just plain old positive thinking.
That I can accept, that I can deal with.
Life is Random.
Omega is gone.
There is no Omega.
Life is random....oh Yes!...
Oh No...
but it is ok...what do I expect right? ha ha ha
About a month or so later, I arrived at the office and noticed the atmosphere has
changed, people are being called into the office one at a time, soon it was my turn.
The Boss came to me instead, and he told me one of their major fund sources has
been terminated and they have to terminate the Singapore brunch of the company.
But fear not the Boss told me, he said he has a small company of his own and he is
bringing me and a few core individuals with him.
As we start packing to move to a newer, smaller place...I couldnt help but
remember how I forced Omegas hand to prove his existence to me by my
We were all hopeful when we moved to the smaller company, my previous Bosss
company, which makes him still my Boss now.
This Boss is a good guy from what I had experienced of him, one of the nicest people
I have ever met and mind I say, financially successful; he live in a big nice house,
which to my small mind, is the symbol of success.
I have always wanted a place of my own, but as of this time in writing, seems
ridiculously far fetch at the moment financially speaking for me.
Eventually, I came to realize my Boss is getting himself another day job to keep this
company running, he is working for someone else just so that he can pay our
This is not good.

I couldnt help but think to myself...did I did this? Is fault?

Eventually, I decided to leave the company fearing that I might be responsible in
some meta-physical way for the events that have unfolded and I do not want to jinx
the company any further, even though I shouldnt be believing in such nonsense.
After I left the company, for some reason, money left my life quickly too...too quickly,
I didnt keep track of the reasons, before long, I went from have a few thousands in
my bank account to just $150 dollars...I was in a state of does this
happen...was I even in control?
But fear not I tell myself, for I still have several passive incomes from my work as an
artist, youtuber, app developer and many more.
Soon enough, I started receiving emails telling me one of my passive income
channels is now crippled.
My body started to life is collapsing.
OMEGA! I shouted to the air: OMEGA! This isnt happening right? This isnt
happening! and there he was walking into view from behind a wall.
Me: Omega, this is all of your doing right?
Omega: My doing? YOU are the one that seeks to prove my existence through your
destruction...what is wrong with you to wish that upon yourself.
Me: No...No...this is not real...this is not happening, this is a coincidence, there are
Omega: Really? We are STILL playing this? Alright, have it your way.
Omega turns around and walks away but only until I asked...
Me: what will happen next? Assuming this is no coincidence...
Omega: Why ask? You will find out for yourself, Mr. Bracer, you think this is bad?
You have been taking your health for granted, and you will come to realize that
Me: Is this a threat?
Omega: Oh now I am real enough to be a threat? I am just an imagination
remember? You are CRAZY remember? and DONT you EVER imply that I did this to
you, I want nothing but good for you, but you have this sick thing you do which you
coined as logic and you speak of it with such pride, try to explain what is
happening next with logic Bracer.
Me: I am scared...
Omega: I can stop it all now if you want, just promise to NEVER test me again, you
dont test God, ever.
I didnt reply, a part of me still holds on to the fact that he is not real.

Omega shakes his head and walk away depressed.

Two days later, my gums started bleeding profusely.
Great I think to myself, all those years of not taking good care of my oral health is
finally paying off in all the wrong ways.
The situation then got worst, to the point of being too gross to be described here.
I was frightened, I was hungry...I ran out of money...couldnt land another job even
after many interviews...
Game Over.

Chapter 8: Omega, I am Sorry!

At least a few days has passed...
I started to knee and cry...I felt helpless, I am scared...I am really scared...I ran out
of do I eat?!!!
The Law of Attraction...
Yes The Law of Attraction...but...its not real right?
Dont care, I have no more options, I have to activate Law of Attraction protocol!
For the next few days as I eat up the reserved instant noodles I have left, I never
stop to praise the Universe, or God, I would thank God for my self convinced state of
Financial Abundances, I would thank God for my perfect state of Health. I would
make bold claims out loud that money comes to me easily with little to no effort on
my part.
I lived in complete delusional mode, I dont care anymore, I am going to sink DEEP
into this delusion, I am going to use whatever little resources I have left to make this
delusion as real as it can be felt to me.
I believed in it so much...that every now and then, for a split second, I have
completely convinced myself that everything is truly great for me, and in that instant,
I breathed a sign of relive and smiled with great appreciation.
One day, when I am feeling that magical feeling when I am at the beach, I hear a
voice from the sky, Well Done, it is Done.
What is that? Am I crazy? Or someone is speaking to me? The voice sounded very
powerful, very deep, very authoritative.
That very night, one of my friend contacted me and said hey, do you want your
money back ?, the last time I have spoken to him was like...I couldnt even
remember the last time I spoke to him...and out of the blue he called me and said
this ?
Money...what money ? And how much ? He later told me it was a good sum of
money that I have left to him for safe keeping.
I dont even remember that!
I didnt ask for the money back immediately, because I understand now...I is done.
Omega finally made his appearance with a mild smile when I am at the beach again
feeling all appreciative and thankful.

Omega: have decided to call it quit huh.

Me: I have no choice, things were collapsing.
Omega: Well, you could go and beg for a Job, or go beg for food, or something...
Omega sat next to me enjoying the scene as well.
Me: But it wouldnt work, because you have raised your hand.
Omega: So you understand after all isnt it, you finally understand it never had
anything to do with effort whatsoever. Where is your ego now? Bring him out, I
wanna say hi to him and thank him for almost ruining your life.
Me: Thank him for ruining my life...
Omega: Bracer Bracer are not the first man to have experienced this.
You are lucky, I have never truly left you, though I have never truly left anyone for
that matter, you have learned a very big lesson from your perspective!
Me: I lost everything...even what I presumed to be stable...
Omega: Well, not really EVERYTHING, you and your exaggerations...but yes had
you not reverse the flow by using the LOA system, you would have experienced even
more destructions that have been laid out for you courtesy of your ego, which, of all
the things it could do, tries to disconnect you from me.
I was silence; a lot of things are going through my mind.
Omega: I know I know, you are still debating whether I am God, or Zeus, or
whatever out of fashion lame Mythical name you want to attach me to, fortunately
for me, you are in no position to argue with me for now you poor boy, come take my
hand, you are no fun being like this, I want you to be happy.
Me: Omega...I am sorry, I am so sorry.
Omega: You wanted your own destruction to prove my existence, but
anyone with half a brain would wish for something way better than destruction of
self. - Omega reply with a smirk.
Me: I know...I should have asked you for a lottery number instead.
Omega: But you wouldnt, you have EGO, that thing that will destroy you if you use
it beyond what it is meant to do.
Me: Ego...
Omega: I understand you inside out Bracer, EVEN IF I make you rich beyond your
wildest belief, it wouldnt be long before a part of you revert to think that it is all of
your own doing, that it was you and only you who made it happen.
I was silence.

Omega: That was why you wished destruction unto yourself, you wanted to destroy
two things at one go, unbeknown to you on a conscious level.
Me: Huh?
Omega: You are smarter than you think Bracer; your higher self took over and
requested the temporary destruction knowing I am never far behind.
Me: Wait...isnt my higher
Omega: Ha Ha Ha You are trying SO HARD to justify my existence in your life, you
are impossible Bracer.
Me: What were the two things I was trying to destroy?
Omega: Your higher self knows who I am, it cannot help but knows who I am, your
higher self is trying to kill your ego through me, it seems in your case, your ego is
out of control and your higher self have noticed that for quite a while, it knows that if
the ego is left unchecked, it will destroy you to the nth degree.
Me: Continue...
Omega: None of the goodness I show you will ever save you, because your ego will
absorb all the goodness and claim it as its own, it will absolutely convince you that it
is of its own doing, the self, the I AM BRACER, the Great and Mighty!
Me: Ok...
Omega: Your higher self realize the key is to go the other route, to show you just
how incapable you are without me, and so it began...when I raise my hand to
execute the slow destruction of your life, what you didnt know was I have made an
agreement with your higher self that I will return when it needs me.
Me: Great, now my higher self is talking to you now? How many versions of me are
operating at any moment that I am unaware of?
Omega: Infinite from your conscious perspective, but you are in no shape to do
philosophical talk with me at this point Bracer, I feel you must know that the ripple
effect of the initial manifested destruction are still unfolding, but they are only ripples,
just bear with it for a while, in the meantime, use every Law of Attraction techniques
that I have taught you to generate the closing of the gap to the next closest parallel
universe where things are going well for you.
Me: Why cant you just stop it immediately?
Omega: Every intention sets off momentum which leads to the final manifestation,
the main source of destruction has been cut, the momentum from the last effect
have to die down on its own, if I stop everything immediately, it will not be a good
thing, you will not understand why so dont ask. On your side, just remember to
focus on the belief that God is taking good care of you and things along that line.

Me: Anything to get out of my current state, you have my full cooperation Omega.
Omega: I have never left you Bracer, but you have truly done a number on yourself
this time, dont ever test me again.
Me: Why?
Omega: Really? You are asking that now after all that has happened?
Me: Well, if you want to destroy me now, assuming you are NOT my imagination, it
would still be easy for you, I am not going to play the Lets please God so God
wouldnt harm me game, that is fucking lame and you are fucking pathetic if the
only way you can get someone to love you is by your threats...
Omega: You are cutting dangerous close Bracer...BUT what pisses me off the most
about what you have just said is you behave like you have TOTALLY forgotten it is
YOU who asked for this, not me; yet the way you say it now sounds like I am the
one that is doing this TO you, you word twisting manipulative Bitch, that almost
makes you sounds like every other Human!
Me: hmm not sure if you are complimenting me...
Omega: argh...whatever...I am just going to let this go, seeing that you are the
ignorant version of me, or at least the version of me that choose to behave like one
at this point...
Me: Ok, so lets be like super serious for a sec, why shouldnt we test God per say?

Chapter 9: Why One Should NEVER Test God

Omega: Well, how do you want to approach this?
Me: huh?
Omega: Do you want the answer I give to stupider versions of me or the answer I
give to assholes like you, or closer to the actual mechanisms behind this
Me: Start by telling me in a way that I would talk to a version of myself, from one
human to another.
Omega: A version of you? Oh you mean assholes that like to blame God for his own
wrong doings?
Me: Wow, you are not going to let this go are you...
Omega: are like so many of the rest that end up blaming ME for all the
wrong doings of their own making, and then retards listen to those people and start
painting in their mind this picture of me that is like this hateful vengeful
hypersensitive feminist God that gets all angry and stuff over the slightest non issues
so yeah...thats just not nice Bracer...not nice...I am not going to do anything about
it so dont worry about any threats...its least be honest when it is you who
did it to yourself ok ?
Omega: Ok...Alright, layman explanation, you see, the problem with Testing God
is that most are innately looking for something to go wrong, because you dont test
for something that you know for an absolute certainty will work perfectly, and what
usually happens when you are looking for something to go wrong Mr. Bracer?
Me: I know! Law of Attraction took over and what is wrong shows itself more often
than not !
Omega: Simple answer, but good enough, though there are many shades of this, it
is perfectly possible to test for something without putting excessive energy into
thinking about how wrong it could end up and all the horrors that may result from it
going that way, people who do that invest so much emotional energy into it going
the wrong way that they activated Law of Attraction Steroid Mode, Disaster Style.
Me: Ok
Omega: And when Law of Attraction delivers as it ALWAYS does, they turn around
and say I tested God and God hates me ! or I test God and it didnt work, as a
matter of fact XYZ happened ! and they start judging me from their own ignorant
execution of the LOA mechanism.
Me: is their fault.

Omega: The LOA system is a perfect system, it functions perfectly, it functions

whether you are consciously using it or not, it respond 24/7, non stop, each day,
everyday to your feelings, you ALWAYS get what you sow.
Me: I am going to write all this into a second book.
Omega: No, stop writing another book about me, just stop.
Me: Its ok, people would think I am just crazy.
Omega: No matter how well meaning it was initially written, some crazy psycho will
twist and turn EVERYTHING that you said into death and destruction, before you
knew it, this book will turn into another religion that someone will hold up in their
hand, using it to tell people what to do and what not to do in the most forceful of
ways in the name of all that is good, every time, it happens every fucking time,
some guy managed to establish communication with me in a usable format, they
share their ideas, helped some people, then followers appeared, then groups, then
cults formed, then after hundreds of years after it have been fucking word twisted,
re-meaninged, if the bastardization survived that long, it became a new religion
because it is traditional and then institutions eventually use it to control people, I
am not doing this man, I am out, stop writing books about what I say !!! Everyone
should seek their own enlightenment, their own Omegas; stop paying any institution
to listen to their interpretation of me that serves them! This is fucking pissing me off!
You stop writing this book now!
Me: First of all, cool the fuck down, second, its quite alright, I have made it very
clear in the book how we interact, there is no way they would ever believe you are
God because of the way we talk each other.
Omega: Arh the covenant with you when you were 15...if only I knew how you
would spend so much time trying to proof I am not God, I might have save myself
the trouble and go make a few more multi-verses instead.
Me: But you did know...these whole not knowing gig is just an act, I see it now.
Omega gives a sneaky smile.
Omega: Well, Human talk to exchange information, if all is known and felt,
communication becomes unnecessary, to facilitate the agreement made when you
were 15, even till now, I have to play pretend not knowing just to allow for the way
we are talking now, just so you know it is quite insulting to me ;p ha ha ha
Me: Or Or...maybe you really dont know anything because free will !
Omega: All possibilities and their results are known, everything under the sun is
done, you are not here to make new things, you are here to decide what experiences
to experience through, like taking a train that have routes to every possible points all
laid out and deciding which one to go through to experience the scenery of that
Me: How limiting...
Omega: Limiting ? You are experiencing all those routes at once !!!

Me: Huh? But there is only one train.

Omega: I dont remember saying there is only one train, you are putting words in
my mouth, you are experiencing every possible combination of your life right now as
we speak.
Me: I only felt like I am experiencing one.
Omega: The reintegration will happen when you die, different versions of you die
and are born at different moments, the re-integration happens as and when any
mock death(s) occurs to the bigger whole.
Me: Mock death ?
Omega: All deaths are mock deaths, you are me, you will always exist, it is just that
some simulation/game play ends earlier than others due to either the game itself or
you, the player, who choose to end it early.
Me: Arh, the re-integration, you talked about that many years ago with me.
Omega: That was a simpler explanation, as you grow with me spiritually, I am able
to explain things clearer and clearer to you and my explanations are only catered to
you, that is why I have never once encouraged you to write books on this, I always
explain things to people in their own perspective so that they will get it, not through
someone elses because no two individuals have exactly the same level of
understanding on any one subject to be able to see them in exactly the same way if
they are both given the same answer, I want them to see the best version of the
truth they are able to see at their current level of spiritual awakening at any point,
all they have to do is ask.
Me: Well...that is not true...1 + 1 is 2...hmmm.....still going to write the book...
Omega: You should really do something else other than that.

Chapter 10: Heaven and Hell, Simulation Earth

This happened many months ago, and I have contemplated whether to write this,
because what Omega says completely renders the concept of Heaven and Hell
If you have a strong belief in Heaven and Hell or a need for an after life punishment
of some kind to justify your belief system, you best skip this chapter, and possibly
book 3 altogether when it is out...if I ever get around to writing it that is, because
the veils are about to be pulled wide open, after this chapter, you will never look at
the world the same way again.
A few months ago, the world was shocked by the 13 November 2015 Paris attack
that killed 130 people by people in the name of Religion...again.
I know I am not suppose to be affected by this because I am suppose to focus on my
own well being but wow, the news is just in my face all the time, and eventually it
gets to me.
I got rather depressed; wondering how did a bunch of people manifested death in a
single event.
And then I started thinking about all the other massacres that occurred in history.
I have NEVER once met a person in my life that says I think I will die with a bunch
of people today! or go towards a group and say hey I dont know who you guys are,
but lets all gather and die!
How do groups of Humans attract this? The Law of Attraction makes NO SENSE in
this area.
This is a terrible time for me to think of this, because after the number I have done
to myself, I am now picking up the pieces of my financial ruins; I should be using the
Law of Attraction to get myself into better alignment with wealth, not ponder these
big impossible things.
But ponder I did because this cuts into the core of my understanding of the Law of
I didnt ask for Omega, for even I am afraid he might break when confronted with
these question, he is after all, my imagination...
A part of me cannot afford him to break at this point for I need him now, a part of
me still holds to the belief that he is simply my imagination, higher self or whatever
psychobabble term people wants to throw at it.
These are questions that are too big, just too big.
I am only Human.

I dont exactly know when but one fine day Omega decided to show himself as I was
taking a quiet stroll at night again, I dont enjoy taking a stroll in the day, Singapore
is hot and humid, I hate sweating.
Omega: I see you are still not in a state of financial abundant yet, arent you
suppose to be like doing what you love and shit like that by now ?
Me: Well, stuff happened.
Omega: Oh no the Earth is falling off its Orbit???!!!! Or the Sun is dead? Why wasnt
I informed?!!! Omega responded sarcastically.
Me: Ha Ha Ha You...You are so crazy !!! Thanks for making me laugh though...
Omega: You cant put the weight of the world on your shoulder you know...if that
was what you wanted, you would have been born a giant with the Earth LITERALLY
on your Shoulder.
Me: Oh ha ha...
Me: Omega...
Omega: Yes?
Me: Why are you always dressed in white?
Omega: because you like that I dress in white, I can dress in pink if you want me to,
it is all just a fucking projection anyway, you think I care? I am just glad we are
Me: Omega...the law of attraction...makes no sense.
Omega: Well, the Law of Attraction is a simplistic explanation to begin with, it is
something along the line of your people using Newtonians law of motion to get some
stuff done because it is good enough but for more accuracy, your people would use
Einsteins theories of relativity, and then you also have Quantum Mechanics for other
Me: You would think that there is only one truth...
Omega: Truth...ha ha ha...Truth...
Omega was laughing for a good while as I looked at him with an unimpressed
Omega: You are not here for Truth for you are already truth, your very existence is
truth unto itself; all of you are here to aid in the expansion of God. Through contrast
of all kinds, opinions of all kinds, no matter how opposed they seemed to you,
through his greatest creation, his greatest destruction, his greatest act of kindness
and his greatest acts of what you would term evil and all the shades of grays in
between, God continuously seeks greater understanding for his own self realization.
Me: God is still trying to find out what he is capable of? Couldnt he just know? He
IS God...

Omega: You always wanted to take a rollercoaster ride someday right?

Omega: Why?
Me: Because it is exciting, I have seen videos of it and it looks cool.
Omega: Oh, so you ALREADY know it is exciting! Why do you still desire to
experience that which you already have an understanding of?
Me: Well...for the experi~~...Ooooo FUCK YOU...
Omega: Thank you Retard, took a while for you to understand isnt it.
Me: I am sure those people who died in massacres have a thing or two to say about
your NEED for experiences.
Omega: They didnt DIE silly, nobody DIES as you would so fatalistically put it, stop
being so mellow dramatic.
Me: Well, its not like in video games where they would fade out or particalize, you
can see their body right there! All those meat! Right there! They Died!
Omega: Those Meat as you put it are the resources of this simulation, it stays to
be recycled, the player may choose to play the game again.
Omega: I think it is time that I bring you to a new level of awareness, you are now
Me: A new level of awareness...
Omega: Yes, you have understood the previous principles well enough, it is now
time, to put it colloquially, to upgrade you from Newtons law to general relativity to
use your stupid Earth terms...
Me: Stupid?!!!
Omega: Yes...yes they are all pretty Stupid...
Me: People have to like go to schools and pay lots of money to be addressed as
someone who could claim they understand all these!
Omega: Yeah and that baby over there knows how to cry, let me know when your
people can move some other alien races...and mind you I even yawn
at them, your race have absolutely no chance of impressing me from a technical
standpoint, so there, stop trying to impress God and just live your life joyfully. Oh by
the way, stop trying to impress Aliens as well, you guys are a fucking joke to them;
just STOP trying to do anything to impress anybody. Just be happy for its own sake.
That is what you are all looking for anyway, so just BE happy and all that is

necessary to facilitate the continuation of that which you feel would come with no
Me: I dont care about any new level of awareness, all I am saying is I dont see
how a group of people would want the same thing, particularly bad things so bad
that they all have it at the same time, and I do not believe people walk about
thinking about being killed by crazy religious fundamentalist on a regular basis
enough to attract that, much less gathering a bunch of victims like themselves at the
same time, it absolutely breaks the Law of Attraction theory.
Omega: Its time Bracer.
Me: Time?
Omega: Law of Attraction is Kindergarten School, time for higher Kindergarten
Me: Not College?
Omega: are so far away from College you might not even get there...
Me: I am smart...
Omega: You are as smart as my no...that would be an insult to my virtual
Me: ...What do I do?
Omega: You are in a relatively stable environment here, that is good, I will leave
your body right here running in bot mode.
Me: What ?
Omega snap his fingers and I find myself in what seems like a cinema; it was grand,
very grand.
Omega: Bracer, what you are seeing here is the closest approximation of the truth
as you are able to see it now.
Me: So...not the truth?
Omega: As far as you are able to understand it now, it is, but as you grow with me,
this environment will change to reflect your future better understanding of what is
going on, but this is as close as you are able to interpret as truth for now, someone
might look at what you are seeing now and see a totally different environment.
Its a very big cinema, and there are only two people in the cinema right in the
middle wearing what seems like virtual reality headsets, they are completely
submerged in it.
Omega: One of them is you.
Me: me?

I tried to move my head to see him because I am only able to see his side view and
even then much is covered by the head device.
Omega stopped me from moving closer saying very gently no Bracer...dont.
Me: Who is the other guy sitting right next to me?
Omega just smiled and didnt respond.
Me: Is that guy you?
Omega: That is irrelevant, pay attention...
Just then the door was pushed open and a huge group of teens come in screaming
and shouting at each other having lots of fun, many have candies and popcorns in
their hands, I dont remember what they were saying but it soon occurs to me that
this is an amusement park and this cinema is just one of the many amusements.
One of the teens shouted to the whole group Ok GUYS, we only have about 2 hours
or less to play this game, after that we have to go on the rollercoaster ride !.
Another teen replied: But I want to play this game longer!
Yet another teen replied: You come here yourself then next time, this is a group, we
have to make sure everyone get to play what they wanted to play ok?!!!
Too many teens are talking by now, it doesnt matter, I will let you, the reader,
relegate who says what because it really doesnt matter.
Teen 1: Ok, so how do we want to end the game?
Teen 2: I want to jump down from a plane!
Teen 3: I want drama! Like epic revenge stories and shit.
Teen 4: Oh no no, the coolest way to end the game right now in the simulation is
this thing call terrorism, my friend did it, he says the ending is quite thrilling!
Teen 5: I dont wanna, I heard it is scary.
Teen 4: Really? This coming from someone that plays like two zombie games in a
roll just now?
Teen 5: Its different ok?!! When we are playing those games we are AWARE that it
is a game, this game temporarily blocks our memory engrams and we really believe
we ARE the characters in the game.
Teen 4: Thats why this is the hottest game in town stupid, are you guys going to
keep on talking or are we going to play the game ?
Teen 5: Now the question is who is going to play the one who kill us!?!!!
Everyone chunked.

Teen 6: STICK TIME!!!

The Teen plays pick the shortest stick and eventually one Teen picks the shortest
Every teen are now pointing at that Teen jokingly mocking him Terrorist, terrorist,
terrorist! ha ha ha
Teen 1: Ok ok, remember we only have two hours to play this, actually less than
two hours by now.
All the teens surrounds the seat terminal of the terrorist teen and they start
configuring the controls, the only one not pleased about the whole things seems to
be the terrorist teen.
Teen 1 to Terrorist teen: Sorry bro, we have to make sure the game definitely ends
in about two hours, so unlike the rest of us that have some lee ways, yours will be
preprogrammed to make sure by the end of your journey, you will be bad shit crazy
and kill us all ha ha ha.
Another teen looking at all the other teens pressing the controls were saying in
frustration No no, we HAVE to make sure he will kill us, here... and he begin to
enter more code sequences onto the computer screen, seemingly making damn well
sure the game WILL END in a very specific way.
All the teens eventually went back to their seat and program their own initialization
One of the teens shouted: Ok everyone, make sure we are all at the specified
location I have entered by this time index in the game, make sure to account for all
possible incidents that might stray from this, turn off randomization when nearing
end of game, we REALLY have to finish this game so that we can catch the
rollercoaster ride in time.
Everyone responded: Right !
The teens eventually wear their virtual headsets and the game starts for them, a
number of them were still fidgeting with their other devices and got on the game a
few minutes later than the rest.
I remember hearing one of them saying to another group fidgeting with their devices:
Hey, stop doing that, by now we are a few years behind, any later the game would
have ended when we are still babies, message your friends later!
I looked at Omega and say This!?!!...This is whats going on? Earth is just one of
the many amusement park attractions ?!!!
Omega just smiled with a very big grin.
Omega: Go on, watch what happens.
And so the game ended and everyone pulled off their head set.

Many of them took a while to recall who they are, one or two just got up as though
it is just another boring game.
Eventually, everyone left the cinema happy and one of them shouted before leaving
And the Cinema door closed, leaving once again only me and the other guy in the
Cinema still wearing the headset.
I turned towards Omega slowly, trying very hard to find words to say.
Me: This?...THIS ?!!!
Omega: Whaaaaaat ?!
Me: But...Heaven !....Hell !...Punishment !...JUDEGMENT! All those....THINGS !
Omega: Ok ? What about it ?
Me: That teen that kills all of them in the simulation, after the game ended, it is like
nothing happens!
Omega: Nonsense! It is a good game, and someone has to end the game for all
because ROLLERCOASTER RIDE next!!!
Me: but...Judgments...
I kneed down, suffering some kind of mild break down from what I have seen...
Me: I mean...I dont REALLY believe in any Religion but...there is still this idea that
good people might maybe go to heaven and bad people to hell or at least some place
bad and stuff...
Omega: Well, that Rollercoaster Ride they are playing next might be tough on some
of their stomach so sure why not, it could be their hell...whatever.
Me: You are not even trying anymore isnt it? You are not going to smooth this out
for me is it?
Omega: What? You are not happy over the fact that everything is alright in the end?
That nothing really matters, that nothing serious is going on and you are all in it just
to have fun?
Me: but hard work...but struggle...but study...but...Science!...but...EVERYTHING !
I looked at Omega right in his eyes and say THIS IS A FUCKING GAME???!!!!
Omega: Simulation Earth, one of the best games in town. And mind you, what do
you mean nothing matters, when you are playing your game which ironically, is
inside Simulation Earth the Game, you have to learn all the special moves to play the
game well but like all games, the skills for those games are only useful in that

particular game most of the time, when you play another game, you have to learn
different special moves depending on who is programming it.
Me: Is this the truth?
I am already somewhat losing myself to my feelings at the moment.
Omega: Not quite, this is only as close as you are able to take it at this point, I will
reveal more to you as you are able to take, but remember this place, we will come
back to it soon.
Omega snapped his finger and I am back to where I was before.
Omega is nowhere to be seen, in a daze, I walked home, I remembered thinking to
myself soall these yearsI take life so seriouslyI have to prove myself to this
personto that personto myselfto achieve thisto get thatthis is a fucking
game ? Nothing here is real? No HeavenNo Hell? This is not real life? What I
achieved here I cannot bring to the world after this game? Even the law of
physicsso what even if we mastered it? It is only applicable to this game! I am
going to be sick!
I lay on my bed and just dont want to think anymore, nothingjustnothingSLEEP!

Chapter 11: Why the LOA system fails when Death

The very next day Omega appeared again when I am doing some stuff, whatever it
is I am doing, I am not really putting any heart into it.
Me: Hey you...
Omega: I am here to check up on how you were taking that vision yesterday.
Me: It is making me wonder why am I doing any of the things I am doing...
Omega: Why are you so shocked by this ? I remembered quite not so long ago I
have already hinted to you in very clear ways that this whole thing is a simulation, I
dont get why you are suddenly behaving like this just because of what you have
seen yesterday.
Me: Well...I am not quite sure why to be honest...
Omega: Go yourself...
Me: Well...I mean...I can sorta take it that this is a simulation...I can even take it
that it is a very good simulation.
Omega: Go on...
Me: But this simulation is a game? A Game in an amusement park? Something that
people just plug in, play for a while...ditch and move on?
Omega: Go on...
Me: But...we make up so many stories about what happen to good bad
people...throughout history, people fought for what they perceived to be God, or
righteousness...or justice...or whatever...everything is so...serious !
Omega: Well, that is part of the experience of the game, but mind you, what you
have said is very VERY far from the truth, the so call enlightened beings of these
world(s) knows that there is nothing serious going on here, they are very happy here,
they know that this is a game and that their purpose here is to have fun!
Me: To have that it?
Omega: To be happy, yes, to have fun. Some decided to make their experience a
little more challenging; they want to see for themselves if they could still be happy
with all the obstacles they have programmed for themselves.
Me: We did it to ourselves?
Omega: You ALWAYS do it to yourself, ALWAYS.

Me: So there are pre-programmed agreements...

Omega: Yes!
Me: If I get to go out of the game and play again, I will make myself the king of
erm...some awesome country.
Omega: Yeah, everyone says that, then they get bored after playing king for the
first 10 times, before you know it, they start to play every other aspects of the game,
the beggar, the bad guy, the good guy, the do nothing guy, the cat, the dog, you
name it.
I stopped whatever I am doing and looked into myself.
Me: This...this is a game...
Omega: You have more questions?
Me: What is the objective? What is the scoreboard like? How is the achievement
board structured?
Omega: You wouldnt believe it even if I tell you right now.
Me: Nothing about your existence in my life have been believable you fucker! Just
tell me already!
Omega: There is only one score, level of happiness.
Me: Oh come on!
Omega: What?!!! Do you know how difficult that is for everyone playing the game?
Me: But if they know that this is a game...then maybe they will be happy...right?
Omega: Have you seen any rage gamers lately in the internet? How they slam their
controls and scream and shout at the screen EVEN when they know they are playing
a game?
Me: Ha Ha Ha Yes Yes I have seen those videos! So we do take
everything seriously in this simulation huh? Ha Ha Ha...
Omega: Tell me about it...and here you are talking as though the single scoring
system of simulation Earth is easy.
Me: But...I can be happy right now right ? I mean right now I can just be happy,
regardless of the circumstance...right?
Omega: Circumstance has never ONCE mattered, circumstance at any moment is
due to past manifestations from your thoughts or the result of you being a rubber
duck in an ocean of manifestations from others, basing your happiness on current
circumstances, especially when it displeases you is actually very VERY stupid
because circumstance is reacting to you ! You are not the Victim; you are the guy
CREATING the circumstances for you to feel like a victim.

Me: But Circumstances and Situations seems very real, people feel trapped by it.
Omega: That Realness is why this is the hottest game in town! Gamers felt trapped
by the environment they have manifested, and then their feeling of being trap
manifests even more future circumstances that re-affirms their thought of being
trapped...and the endless victim of circumstances symptom spirals...
Omega walks gently towards me and say: Believe me Bracer...the single scoring
system based on happiness is more then tough enough for this game for most
Me: Is there a Cheat Code for this game?
Omega: There are many cheat codes for this game, but the most powerful cheat
code of them all is the LOA system.
Me: Law of Attraction is the cheat code of this Game?
Omega: Yes, the most powerful of them all, the one who can master this cheat code
can have whatever he wants yielded to him with ZERO effort.
Me: Zero Effort...
Omega: Only if he or she or it or whatever have reached that level. But understand
that people who reached this level most of the time end up manifesting their own
death quite quickly when they realize their mastery of the LOA system have reached
God mode.
Me: Why?
Omega: Because it is BORING, you want a car boom here you go, you want a boat
boom here you go, you want this, you want that, Boom! All here! Delivered right to
your door step, you dont even have to walk an inch! You want to meet this person,
you want to meet that person...soon you realize no one is important because you
can summon them all if you want...nothing interest you anymore, the game might as
well end right here.
Me: And move on to the next amusement park attraction...
Omega: Yes, make no mistake about this, the enlightened beings of this game
always come to the realization that all this is a simulation, but they will understand
this in their own context based on their era, however they may phrase it, they all
know the minute they see through it all, that this whole thing is a joke, an
amusement, a simulation, or whatever new term you will give it as your culture
Me: I pity Buddha.
Omega: ha ha Why ?
Me: Can you imagine he knows what is going on but he cannot explain the idea of
simulation to his followers? Cause they have no context by which to understand?

Omega: That player score so high on the happiness scale, you WISH you could
score like him, he should be the one pitying you Mr. Bracer.
Me: Is he still playing the game?
Omega: Simulation Earth is a popular game, what I am about to say is not
accurate but just so that you may understand for your era, I will use this analogy,
Simulation Earth is so popular, people are playing it on their mobile phones, when
they are taking a dump in the toilet or when they just want a quick play right before
they sleep, now you understand why there are quick and sudden deaths or why
people die young and stuff.
Me: A quickie...
Omega: Yap, but understand this, what you have learn so far is just an analogy to
the real thing, you are very very far away from truly understanding how vast this
simulation is, it will absolutely blow your mind once I start telling you more about
parallel time lines among other stuff, this game is very VERY popular, a lot of effort
has been put into this game you are playing right now.
Me: Can you give me a hint?
Omega: hmm...I can tell you this for now, because you are just regaining your
balance as you are playing more then one thread at any one point in
Me: There is another version of me playing? Where is he? Where is the other me?
Omega: erm...not different time lines, some timeline close to yours,
some right here EXACTLY where you are but on a different time index, hence you
cant perceive him and some so different, you might as well call it a parallel universe,
but even that is not an accurate statement because time doesnt exist in the truest
sense if you are able to see the game from my stand point, this analogy gets out of
hand quickly, best to describe this using numbers than words.
Me: This...this is blowing my mind...
Omega: Ok, no more new information along this line until you re-adjusted.
Me: Ok...lets try something simpler...death.
Omega: No one dies.
Me: I get that now, but how does the system manages death?
Omega: For me to explain this, I will have to use another analogy, but this is easy
to follow, ready?
Me: Yes.
Omega: Ok, so imagine you are a school boy going to a seedy back alley internet
cafe with flickering neon lights.

Me: Ok, I can imagine that, continue...

Omega: You went into the shop and the shopkeeper tells you she is going to close
real soon and you have like 20 minutes of game play at most and you agreed.
Me: Ok...
Omega: So you start playing Simulation Earth, all plugged in and shit, after about
18 minutes say you are about 30 years old in game."
Me: So 18 minutes equal 30 years in game?
Omega: This just an analogy retard!
Me: Ok Sorry!
Omega: The shopkeeper starts logging off the computers.
Me: Ok...
Omega: You know like nowadays, when you shut down your computer it takes a
while to log off?
Me: Yes
Omega: When the shopkeeper logs off your computer, the game starts logging you
off, so it generate random() death scenarios for you to exist the game.
Me: But if while I am in the game and I dont want to die, I can just use the cheat
code right? The LOA system will then keep me perfectly safe, healthy and alive.
Omega: In situations like that, logging off takes priority, the LOA cheat code will
gradually or abruptly depending on how much time the system have, lost its powers
so to speak, to facilitate your logging off of the game safely.
Me: So that is why the LOA system fails near death...
Omega: Yes, unless of course the death experience is part of the game and the real
you is actually nowhere near logging off yet, by which LOA is still at maximum power
and can be used to any and all advantages.
Me: Miracles...
Omega: Miracles is such a lame term for a subset of what the LOA system does, the
LOA system is very VERY powerful from your perspective.
Me: Isnt it kind of unfair that only a few people know about the LOA system?
Omega: Nope, first of all, the default system is set up such that everyone will know
at some point in their life that their thoughts create their reality, this is an unescapable given knowledge, given to the player either through external knowledge or
pure instinct, this is provided by the system to make sure everyone knows about this
cheat code, now whether they CHOOSE to use this cheat code is up to the player

themselves, those who choose to believe life is hard will continue manifesting their
life is hard game, those who choose to believe life is easy will continue to choose
the same, and all the in-between shades of grays will continue to choose their own
as well, there are also those who, once they realize the true power of the LOA
system, change the way they play the game forever, but everything is a choice,
there are no mistakes, everyone is where they are by choice, make no mistakes
about this.
Me: People who like to scream they are the victim of circumstance would disagree.
Omega: And so they do, and the system continue to offer them every opportunity
for them to say to their poor listeners See, I am right, I AM the victim of
circumstances!, the LOA always delivers, 24/7, big and small, choose your destiny
with your thoughts, feelings and words.
Me: Words?
Omega: Yes...Words...your final filter, there is a reason the Human form have been
given this gift to speak words, those that choose default settings that is, some
choose the difficulty settings and come into this Earth without the ability to speak,
you cant please all gamers with one settings you know, simulation Earth have a lot
of custom settings to allow for maximum emersiveness for the gamer, there are as
many settings as there are type of gamers.
Me: Tell me more about Words...

Chapter 12: The Spoken Word

Omega: In some sense, the human form is one of the many easy modes in this
simulation, because you have the ability to, in a sense, literally speak the life you
want into existence.
Me: Easy...
Omega: Yes, but ! By the very same token, this easy mode also come at a price,
many who are unaware or CHOOSE to ignore the LOA System speak themselves into
poverty and or other so called misfortunes.
Me: But I thought the LOA System works with feelings and thoughts ?
Omega: And how often exactly do you always thinks about what you REALLY want
to manifest?
Me: Well, I think most of us who are aware of the LOA System try to make good on
our thoughts, but yes, occasionally there are the usual worries and self loathing.
Omega: And imagine just how terrible a world this would be if every worrisome
scenario is manifested?
Me: So are you saying the LOA System is sentient? That it is able to do some
filtering of its own?
Omega: The answer are three parts, yes, there is some kind of filtering going on,
there is a reason why things are generally good, like for instance no matter many
people likes to talk about how the world is going to end, or how global
warming/cooling or global terrorism is going to destroy the world, the world remains
generally good. Well being is almost always the rule of the day.
Me: Arh, the LOA system cares about us...
Omega: Well that is what I would tell the simpler folks.
Me: That is not the answer?
Omega: The LOA system is just doing whatever it needs to do to keep the
simulation afloat.
Me: Well, judging by the fact that I am talking to you now on a planet that is still
orbiting nicely around the Sun, it seems the LOA System is doing a very good job.
Omega: It is nonetheless just a computer system, it still cannot override free will, if
enough people around the world REALLY BELIEVE that Global
Warming/Cooling/Terrorism/Your Neighbors dog is going to destroy the world or IS
in the process of destroying it, the LOA system must comply with its prime directive,
to bring about manifestations of destructions, courtesy of your well meaning media
and institutionalized religions that never stops to tell you how the world is going to

end, except that this time, this is not just an isolated tribe or country, but entire
globally connected media networks.
Me: Well meaning media...ha ha ha
Omega: Have it ever occurred to you why civilizations that have religions that
preaches how the world is going to end eventually ceased?
Me: No are saying they spoke their entire civilization into
extinction ?
Omega: They are the death/end/destruction they seek. The LOA system always
complies, in small ways, in big ways, in all ways, so go! Preach about the END OF
THE WORLD, go on ! Preach about how you should or should not behave to please
God/Nature/Neighbors Dog so that the END OF THE WORLD can be delayed !
Me: Are you being sarcastic?
Omega: Oh you dont get it do you? We should like gather TEN, check that, a
HUNDRED different religion crazies that LOVES preaching about the end of the world
to talk about how the world is going to end every morning, check that, we should
like gather them along with all your modern priest cough *scientist* and let them
preach global warming/cooling or whatever new in fashion destruction scenarios they
are sprouting.
Me: Ok I get it...
Omega: No no you dont, we should like gather ALL of your politicians to talk about
how Terrorism is going to destroy the world too next to your Modern and Ancient
Priest !
Me: Ok I get it...
Omega: No no you dont, we should like gather THOUSANDS of...
Me: OK I GET IT Omega!!! Thank God global destruction hasnt happened yet.
Omega: Erm...hate to burst your bubble Bro, but it happened, many times, it is not
new and it is not surprising.
Me: What?
Omega: Yap, at any one point in time, multiple copies of the game is being played,
some are synced up to the main server, some running on small isolated servers with
only a few people playing in it, this usually happens when a small group of people
wants to try something really crazy like destroy the world or something, but really,
there could be many reasons, you also have your typical lone gamer that just wants
to play alone.
Me: But then he will be only player in the game!
Omega: It wouldnt look that way in the game, in situations like these, he will be
surrounded by bots.

I paused for a while and asked: Am I playing alone?

Omega: No, you are playing in one of the main cores.
Me: Are there bots in this simulation?
Omega: Of course, always.
Me: Is there a way I can tell who is a bot, I dont want to waste time on them.
Omega: For all intend and purposes, no, you wouldnt be able to tell, the more you
interact with a bot, the more its back story gets constructed, the system will even
went go back in time to reconstruct the time branches to maintain the illusion of
Me: What if it intersects my memories of a specific time? Surely by then I would be
able to tell?
Omega: Nope, you will simply recall things differently, I dont want to get into this
now, because this subject alone will blow your mind at this point in your
understanding, time is an illusion, past, present and future is happening now, we will
talk about this when you are more grown up.
Me: Surely, there must be a way, our computer wouldnt render parts of the screen
that requires no updating for example.
Omega: During the VERY EARLY versions of this game yes, but now...neh, you
wouldnt be able to tell...
Omega: During the early versions, you can sorta tell, they are the people that are
rather two dimensional in character, the perpetually depressed guy, the perpetual
victim who no matter how much you help them, always screams not enough, always
asking for more handouts, they have no goals, no dreams, you could sort of tell they
are just there to fill up space.
I was silence for a while...recalling the people in my life.
Omega: Well...there is kinda still a way to tell IF you are REALLY good at detecting
Me: What ?!!!
Omega: Self awareness. If you observe closely, you cant see spirit in their eyes.
Me: Self Awareness...
Omega: But SERIOUSLY though, you probably wouldnt be able to tell, the more you
interact with them, the less you will be able to tell, it rather ironic.
Me: So...are you like the computer system managing all these?

Omega: There you go again asking who I am, I already told you, but you just
wouldnt take that explanation, no I am beyond this simulation which is a fucking
analogy anyway catered to your world view, but to play along, I am many layers
outside this and many simulations, it really is quite accurate for you to address me
as God.
Me: So you also beyond the gamers playing the game?
Omega: Yes, many layers above, I also talks to that version of you before you start
playing this game.
Me: Do I address you as Omega there?
Omega: I will not reveal the details of that world for it will ruin the illusion of this
Me: Dude, you kinda already did.
Omega: Nope, all is still within tolerance.
Me: And me asking how do I address you outside of the simulation is outside
tolerance ?
Omega: Bracer, there are things you just wouldnt understand in this mode.
Me: You mention there are two more things to the filtering system.
Omega: Yes, so I have mentioned why the LOA system tries to keep the core intact,
there is also a matter of general well being, you could say there is ALMOST a leeway
that allows you to think whatever you want to think, but watch what you say,
because it is the stage where thoughts first translate into physical vibrations of some
Me: So we can actually think whatever we like?
Omega: In the truest sense, of course you can think whatever you want, you know
like in the ancient times where people are dumber, I would pretend to be like this
awesome God with like special effects and would tell them I would know what they
are thinking so they better dont even sin in their thoughts and some stupid shit like
that, now you know why.
Me: because of the Law of Attraction! You are trying to help them!
Omega: OMG yes, but then you know, people think that I am like this creepy dude
that goes around probing what they are thinking and writing it all down so that I can
like punish them later and stuff.
Me: sorta come across as rather forceful in the early days.
Omega: Please were not there, you have no idea how people re-write
their interactions with me to scare their friends, even worst, politicians often ask
their priest to write stories about me to help them rule their subjects better, like

dont question your rulers for they have been appointed by me and all that crap, it
makes me angry just thinking about it, that is why I no longer do fancy appearances,
it always get re-written into something bad! You Bitches are Crazy!
Me: Is that why you dont want me to write this book?
Omega: There are MANY reasons why I strongly suggest you delete these books
and never publish it but yes that is ONE of the reasons, one of MANY mind you Mr.
Bracer, seriously, you should just stop writing all these.
Me: Ok, so we better watch what we say then.
Omega: Yes, words are so powerful, that even when you dont feel good, you can
end up feeling good by first allowing yourself to say good things with your mouth,
like praising all the specifics of your life that is working out well for you, eventually
you will feel better and then...well you know what happen next.
Me: That is sorta like living in a delusion.
Omega: Hello you stupid fucker, this WHOLE FUCKING thing is a delusion, computer
codes everywhere! When people say to you to face reality, what they are saying in
their stupid brain is face the generated reality from past thoughts and stay right
there which is just retarded.
Me: Maybe the people who say that are bots.
Omega: Ha Ha Ha, no comment.
Me: Ok, what is the third part?
Omega: The closest analogy to what you have in real life to what I am about to say
is your Bitcoin block chain at this point.
Me: The Bitcoin block chain...
Omega: Yes, very crude analogy but this is what you have in your brain at the
moment for me to draw an analogy from that you can follow, I am basically trying to
emphasize a core copy. The point of the game is expansion, to become more and
more realistic so to speak but even that is not really correct to say because it will
lead to questions like realistic in comparison to what? There are no words in your
head I can use to translate this to your understanding for now so I am going to skip
ahead as it is not important, as time progresses and with so many copies of the
simulation running, some are bound to self destruct, or hang, or crash, but after a
while a few copies have proven to be rather robust, and after even more extensive
testing, they *might* be integrated into the main core simulation, and all future
copies of the game will have the upgrades, that is, when disconnected copies
choose to sync up to the main block chain so to speak. But to make sure there is no
long term bugs that only shows itself after a very long time, multiple copies of
simulation Earth at various stages are kept.
Me: System images...
Omega: Ha Ha Ha Yes, System Images...or in this case Game Images, ha ha ha.

Me: Please stop, my head is going to explode.

Omega: I intend to stop here for today anyway.
Me: Omega, are we friends in real life?
Omega: What is real life?
Me: You know...out there...
Omega: You dont have the slightest idea what is out there, this simulation alone is
so complex, you have yet to understand 1% of the nature of this whole thing, I have
much to tell you in time, unless you choose to end game first.
Me: Why would I choose to do that?
Omega: Because outside this simulation is pure joy, vastly beyond your
understanding in this mode.
Me: Why would people choose to play this game when what is outside is already
pure joy?
Omega: Most of the people you know are not in a war torn area, but your friends
still choose to play games that have to do with wars and zombies and other crazy
Me: because it is fun.
Omega: A different type of fun...but yeah I think you just answered your own
question stupid.
Me: Stop calling me Stupid! Youre Stupid !
Omega: Ha Ha Ha alright Mr. Bracer, enough talk for today, go play Simulation
Earth! I am always here with you, always.
Me: Law of Attraction ! Here I come !