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Document No: FT/QA/111

Issue No.: 01
Revision No.:00
Effective Date: 16/02/2015
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Self Evaluation Form

Supplier Evaluation Checklist

Supplier Name: ________________________ Contact Person: ____________________
Supplier Address: ________________________________________________________
Supplier Email: ________________________Fax_______________________________
Products Supplied: ________________________________________________________
Please complete the following checklist as it pertains to your operations.

S. No.



Yes No N/A
General Requirements

State and Local Operating Licenses current? Attach Copy.
Do you have a written quality policy or statement identifying
the companys objectives and commitment towards quality?
1.3 Is the written statement oriented towards reduction,
elimination, and prevention rather than detection of product
Is the quality policy effectively communicated so that it is
understood and maintained throughout the organization?


1.5 Is there documented evidence, supported by appropriate

records, that upper management is proactively involved in
maintaining the quality system?
Are quality responsibilities clearly defined and adequately
staffed with qualified and experienced personnel to assure
effective implementation of quality policies as well as of the
achievement of quality objectives?
1.7 Do the management periodically reviews the quality system
adopted to assure compliance to the requirements of
customer standards?
Attach Minutes of meeting.
1.8 Do you have a documented Plan which includes short and
long term projections in financial, technological, sales,
quality, manufacturing and involved resources as
1.9 Are the company level data being used to monitor trends in
terms of quality, operational and customer performance?
Mention frequency in remarks column.
Have you developed a systematic determination of customer
satisfaction levels based on a documented process?
Quality System
2.1 Is there a documented comprehensive quality system capable
of meeting customer requirements?
Contract Review
3.1 Do you conduct a documented contract review to ensure that
all requirements are thoroughly understood and are within
your capability prior to order acceptance?
Do you adequately maintain records of contract reviews?

3.3 Do you incorporate customers requirement in quality


Food Safety Programs

Pest Control In Place?
Pest Control Contractor Name:______________
Inspection Records- Please Attach Last Three
Names of Inspecting Agency for Pest Management
Chemical used are allowed for food industry? Attach list and
certificates of chemcials.
4.6 Water Tested Annually- Please Attach Results
4.7 Provide employees with Food Safety Training?
4.8 Environmental testing performed of premises?
5.1 CCPs identified?
5.2 Corrective actions procedures identified?
5.3 Mock Recalls conducted?

HACCP Plan- Developed, implemented?

6.1 Is there a documented procedure for the qualification of subsuppliers which includes an evaluation of their business
practices, policies, and procedures?
Is an on-site survey or assessment conducted at the subsupplier's manufacturing location prior to the issuance of a
purchase order and does it include a performance evaluation
based on quality, delivery cost, and technical support?
Do you review and approve purchasing documents for their
adequacy of clearly specified requirements prior to release of
the purchasing document, i.e., quality requirements,
description of the product or service being ordered, local
government safety and environmental regulations, etc.?


Do you maintain up to date quality records used to evaluate
sub-suppliers performance, including corrective actions
when 100% on-time delivery is not achieved.?
Incoming Materials Control
7.1 Is there a procedure for the control and verification of
purchased material prior to release to production and is this
cummunicated and followed?
7.2 Are purchased materials traceable to material certifications
and used on a first-in, first-out basis?
7.3 Do you track purchased material rejection trends?
Is the material storage area clean, well organized, and
sufficiently maintained to prevent damage, contamination,
and/or loss of traceability on raw materials or components?

Building and Facilities

Exterior/Interior clean and free of debris?
Glass policy in place?
Equipment maintained?
PM program in place and documented.
Storage areas clean and well maintained?
No standing water?
Sewage maintained properly?
Receiving and Storage
Records are maintained for incoming/outgoing trailer

Records are maintained for incoming/outgoing temperatures?
8.11 Lot numbers utilized for implementing FIFO and
8.12 Chemicals stored properly?


Food Security
Access limited into your processing area?
How excess control is implemented?
Training provided to employees for food security?
Trucks locked until delivery?

Good Personal Hygiene
10.1 Are all employees trained to maintain personal hygiene and
they do it religiously?
10.2 Do you prohibit employees from eating. Smoking or drinking
in fodd processing areas?
10.3 Do you have policies to adress employees illness?
Internal Quality Audits
11.1 Do you perform regular self inpection?
11.2 Are all infractions/short coming highlighted in
inspection/audit, taken care off?
11.3 Do you perform internal audts to evaluate your
systems/procedures and adress short commings? Attach audit
Is there a documented procedure for use in conducting
internal audits or evaluations to determine the effectiveness
of quality system in achieving stated quality objectives?
11.5 Are the auditors or personnel conducting the audit
independent of the function(s) being audited?
11.6 Are audit findings submitted to the responsible personnel and
upper management for review and used as a basis for
continuous improvement plans?
Are suitable root causes, corrective actions, and proper
follow-ups for effectiveness indicated in the audit records?

Is there documented evidence of a systematic improvement
which can be directly attributed to a specific audit finding?
11.9 Is the work environment and general housekeeping included
in the audit?
12.1 Describe your production process. Attach details.

Production & Process

12.2 Intermediate manufacturing steps where control is exercised and records maintained.
12.3 Method(s) of disposal of sub-standard products (intermediate or finished).
12.4 Units of production

12.5 Do you use onlu food grade equipment/utensils? Attach food grade certificate.

12.6 Do you have a detailed Process Flowchart for each of

existing new/revised products or processes?
12.7 From this flowchart, does the supplier prepare a Process
FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and a
asubsequent Control Plan?

Do the Process Flowcharts, Process FMEA's, and Control
Plans identify all significant activities from the purchase of
raw material through shipment to the customer?
12.9 Are all revised Process Flowcharts, Process FMEA's and
Control Plans sent for customer concurrence of proposed
changes prior to instituting any action?
Are accept/rejection criteria and standards defined by written
specifications, photographs, and labeled for operators?
12.11 Any Contingency Plan prepared and implemented to
reasonably protect the customers supply in case of
production interruptions ?
In-Process Inspection and Testing
13.1 Do you have documented Quality monitoring scheme?
13.2 Does you inspect, test, accept/reject, and identify product as
required per a formal quality plan or the documented
13.3 Are sample sizes and frequencies of inspections performed
and specified as per a formal quality plan adequate as well
as a documented procedure, and are they adequately and
uniformly determined?
13.4 Are adequate records maintained of all inspections and tests?
13.5 Does the supplier track in-process rejection trends and
rejection rates?
13.6 Have goals been established to reduce and/or eliminate all
identified in-process discrepancies?
Final Inspection and Testing
14.1 Is final inspection and testing performed in accordance with
the quality plan or documented procedures to verify
conformance of the final product to the specified
requirements? Attach inspection Plan.

Is all product held until all activities associated with the
quality or documented procedures have been satisfactorily
completed and the associated data and documentation is
verified and approved? Attach procedure?
14.3 Are adequate records maintained of all inspections and tests?
Do you have adequate safeguards in place to prevent product
from being shipped without proper verification, acceptance,
and authorization from designated personnel?
14.5 Do you perform layout inspection and functional verification
for all products as well as conduct scheduled audits of the
packaged final product?

Product Identification and Traceability

Is there a method and a procedure of identifying the product

throughout its manufacturing, and delivery stages?
15.2 Do you maintain records to ensure that lot identity and
disposition are maintained throughout the manufacturing and
delivery process to assure lot integrity and traceability to
materials used and processes performed?
Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment
16.1 Do you have a program or documented procedures to control,
calibrate and maintain inspection, measuring, and test
16.2 Have you determined and specified the required
16.3 Are all new/reworked, including employee-owned, gages
subject to initial calibration prior to first use in order to
validate the required bias and precision?
17.0 Quality Testing Laboratory

Calibration frequency

Valid calibration (Yes or


Least count and range

Details of test equipment/ chemical

Control of NonConforming Product
18.1 Do you have documented instructions to isolate, identify, and
control all non-conforming material throughout the
manufacturing process?
18.2 Are the responsibilities for review and disposition of nonconforming and suspect product clearly defined in a
documented procedure?
18.3 Do you have a documented procedure for immediate
customer notification in the event that non-conforming
material is suspected of being shipped?

18.4 Are customer returns subject to the same documented

instructions and controls used to handle non-conforming
material from the manufacturing process?
18.5 Do you track the rejection rate of returned goods from
customers an take corrective actions?
18.6 Are non-conforming materials and products, including
customer returns, reviewed and recorded for establishment of
a prioritized reduction plan ?
Corrective and Preventive Action
19.1 Do you have documented corrective action procedures for all
non-conformances detected either in their facility or their
customer's facility?
19.2 Do you perform analysis to determine and eliminate the root
cause of a nonconformance using appropriate methods of
problem solving?
19.3 Are production personnel involved in the investigative,
decision making, and problem solving process for all
activities related to process variability activities in their
Do you verify the implementation and effectiveness of
corrective action/measures on subsequent production runs
using mistake proofing methodology as appropriate?
19.5 Is the relevant documentation, i.e., Process Flow Diagram,
Control Plan, work instructions, etc., updated and resubmitted for review and approval?
19.6 Are CUSTOMER complaints and/or reports of nonconformances handled effectively and resolved in a timely
manner to prevent recurrence?

Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation, and Delivery

20.1 Do material handling methods prevent product damage and

20.2 If delivery performance is not 100% to schedule, are there
appropriate analyses to determine root causes and corrective
actions to prevent recurrence?
20.3 Does the supplier have an inventory management system to
optimize inventory turns and stock rotations?
21.1 Is there an established and documented procedure for
identifying the on-going training needs of employees and are
the needs being met?
21.2 Are personnel assigned to specific tasks, qualified on the
basis of their knowledge, education, training, and/or other
skills as required?
Do you maintain a record of training provided to each
employee in an easily accessible and readily available format
for quick reference when making work assignments?
21.4 Is the effectiveness of the training program periodically
evaluated to assure it is capable of achieving stated
objectives and requirements?


Continual Improvement
22.1 Is the supplier involved in activities for the purpose of
continuously improving the quality, cost, and delivery of
products and services provided?
22.2 Do you have records that indicate that you haveparticipated
in Concurrent product/Process Development with any
existing customers?
22.3 Is there evidence regarding cycle-time improvements which
directly improved quality, capacity, or resulted in a cost






Preventative Maintenance
Do you have a documented preventative maintenance system
to assure that machinery, tooling, and equipment are
maintained to support quality and production requirements?
Is there a schedule of planned regular maintenance on all
machinery, tooling and equipment used to produce products
including parts cleaning equipment?
Are records available for all maintenance conducted within
the facility (both regularly scheduled and any unscheduled
emergencies) whether done by outside contractor or company
Are modifications or revisions of regular maintenance
schedules based on tooling life studies and previous
maintenance histories including emergencies?
Do you use statistical data to reduce downtime (such as
average number of parts run prior to tool sharpening or insert

Is there a documented training program for all personnel
involved in performing maintenance activities?