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Members Names: _______________________________________

Date: __________

Sci. Sec: _____

BLA Symposium Preparation Checklist

Instructions: Your group will have two or three class periods to complete the following tasks. The tasks
below are there to help each group understand how the previous steps of the BLA Symposium connect
together into one cohesive narrative. Show your teacher when you are done for a stamp in order to receive
credit. Each part completed is worth 10 classwork points.

Part #1: Go back to your groups chosen

variable for Incelebrtus.

Record your teams variable below:

In the beginning of your teams work in understanding the

problems facing Incelebrtus, you and your team m embers
Write down at least THREE real world
looked at data and completed a deep data analysis of those
problems. After completing a group table debate, your
solutions that you and your team
team decided on ONE variable that required the most
members researched for your variable:
attention if Incelebrtus was going to be saved.

In the space to the RIGHT, record your teams chosen
variable, as well as THREE (3) real world solutions that you
researched that demonstrate the ways in which your
variable has been solved (or at least was attempted to be __________________________________
solved). These will be used m ore in Part #4 of this handout.

Part #2: The Heros Journey Begins (a.k.a.
the Unusual Birth or Refusal to Call)
Teacher Stamp When Part #1 Is Complete
In Step 5 on the Symposium Website you and your
team members created a hero. Your team either
selected the Unusual Birth or the Refusal to Call as
the beginning of your heros journey. Write down your
teams choice below, then ask your teacher for a blank
storyboard and use that sheet to create panels
depicting your hero in EITHER the Unusual Birth or
the Refusal to Call.

Record your teams choice below:


Teacher Stamp When Part #2 Is Complete

Part #3: Story Board Your Heros Journey Teacher Stamp When Part #3 Is Complete

Individually, each member of your group selected

one of the archetypal situations from Campbells
Heros Journey to narrate and illustrate. Each team
member was responsible for creating a storyboard
that shows your teams hero navigating on this
journey and reaching closer to their goal of a utopia
for Incelebrtus. Make sure that you have a
storyboard for when your hero is meeting the
mentor! In each storyboard, each group member
MUST incorporate the heros VALUES and the
VARIABLE that is harming Incelebrtus.

Heros Journey Checklist

Do you have a storyboard for Meeting the
Do you have at least 4-5 selected archetypal
situations from Campbells Heros Journey
illustrated into 4-5 completed storyboards?

Part #4: Freedom To Live:

Your hero is now ready to save Incelebrtus! How

will your hero solve the variable that is most
harming Incelebrtus? This is where your hero gets
to create the Utopia that you imagined in Step 5 of
the Symposium Website. As a group, go back to
your Birth of A Hero Graphic Organizer, which is
saved on your Google Drive folder, and brainstorm
below how you would describe your utopia as well
as some of the narration that will go along with
your Utopian vision for Incelebrtus. This is the final
step of your heros journey, so really celebrate
them! If your team chooses, ask for another blank
storyboard to illustrate this step, or use the Utopian
vision that you already created in Step 5.

Teacher Stamp When Part #4 Is Complete

Write your narration for your Utopian

vision in the space below


Part #5: Narrate Your Storyboards

Storyboard Checklist

Now that your team has all of the elements of the

heros journey from beginning (the Unusual Birth
or Refusal To Call) to end (Freedom To Live),
your team is almost ready to put your storyboards
together into a single multimedia (digital) story! In
order to prepare for that part, you must first draft
and finalize ALL of the narratives for each
storyboard. Pay attention to the questions at the
right to make sure your stories include ALL the
elements and are cohesive!

Are the storyboards in chronological order?
Do ALL of the storyboards discuss the
VARIABLE and the heros VALUES?
Are elements of the story cohesive? (E.g. if
one part of the story says that your hero is
an only child, another part of the story
doesnt claim your hero has 3 siblings!)
Are there transitions between stories?
Do all of the storyboards have narrations
that are drafted and finalized?

Teacher Stamp When Part #5 Is Complete

Part #6: Create Your Multimedia Story

Now that you have completed all of the planning, now your team is ready to use Adobe Voice (or another
comparable multimedia software) to create and stitch together your storyboards into one cohesive story
about your heros journey and how Incelebrtus was saved from the harmful impacts of your chosen
variable. Make sure to use your creativity for this part, and incorporate the artistic skills that you learned in
your Arts elective (Visual Arts, Theater, Dance, Music) this year. You can use the map of the heros journey
on the last page of this handout to help you visualize how to organize the story. Make sure that ALL team
members voices are included in the story telling. When you are finished, you will upload the finished file on
to your teams Symposium website. Make sure to create a new tab and name it Our Journey.

Teacher Stamp When Part #6 Is Complete

Map to Create Your Multimedia Story

Use the map of the heros journey below to help you visualize how to organize the story.



Unusual Birth or Refusal To Call

Freedom To Live

Heros Journey

Meeting the Mentor!

Hurray you saved Incelebrtus!!!!