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1.a. What is routing? Differentiate between static and dynamic routing methods.

Provide their
relative advantages and disadvantages.
1.b. Differentiate between 2G and 3G wireless technologies.
2.a. Compare virtual circuits and datagram networks.
2.b. Show the IP address formats of class A,B and C networks.
3.a. What is OSI model? How does you describe application protocol and networking protocol?
3.b. Describe how entities, attributes and relationship are used to model data.
4. Write a computer program in C/C++/Java that takes a positive integer N as input and find out
the sum of the digits repeatedly until result is converged to a single digit:sample Input:
Sample output:
Sum of digits: 29(First Step)
Sum of digits: 11(Second Step)
Sum of digits: 2(Final Step)
5. Write the following program using an object oriented programming language(C++/Java):You are given the rolls, names and contact--phones of all students in your class as input.
You have to write a program to sort the list in lexicographical order of names and print the output
to a file.
6. Write an algorithm to find the shortest path from a source node S to destination node D on a
given input graph G(V,E,W). Here V is the set of vertices. E is the set of edges and W is the set
of weights associated with edges.
7. Design an E-R diagram for airline reservation system consisting of flights, aircrafts, airports,
fares, reservation, tickets, pilot, crew and passengers. Clearly highlight the entities, the
relationships, the primary keys and mapping constraints.
8. What is digital divide? How does you can reduce the digital divide in Bangladesh and
establish digital Bangladesh.

1. What is private IP address? Mention the class B private IP range.

2. What are the difference between layer 2 and layer 3 network switch?
3. What is data transmission method? Distinguish between simplex and duplex

4. State the advantages and disadvantages of voice band and broadband.

5. What is database? State the RDBMS with example.
6. Explain with example of one too many relationship with E_R diagram.
7. What are the difference between while and do while loop?
8. Write a program in C or C++ language to calculate the factorial of any integer.
9. What are the properties of a weak password?
10. Define worms and Trojan horse.
11. What are the differences between RAID level 2 and RAID level 3?
12. Explain GSM mobile network.
13. How you can calculate the total storage capacity of magnetic disk?
14. What are the advantages of micro-controller over microprocessors?

Question set 5

1. Describe the principle for transmission of light through optical fiber.

2. Define SM and MM fiber.
3. Explain optical detection principle.
4. Explain BER in pulse transmission.
5. Explain the responsibilities of the data link layer of the OSI model
6. Explain briefly the function of the application layer.
7. Explain GSM mobile network.
8. Design a GSM mobile network.
9. Explain IPv4 address protocol with its binary and dotted-decimal notation.
10. What are the types of MOSFET?
11. Give the block and schematic diagram of CMOS and explain its function.
12. Write down the frame format for a point to point protocol and explain.

13. Explain compiler. What are phases of compiler?

14. Explain C/C++ compiler with example.
15. What are the components of design and electronic voting machine (EVM)?
Explain in details.
16. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

Question set 6

1. What is BCD code? Convert (635)8 into BCD.

2. Show that a flip-flop can use as binary counter.
3. What is op-amp?
4. Define email system. Show the SMTP and POP3 environment using diagrams.
5. Mention the differences between primary key and unique key.
6. In a class, there are 50 students. They appear in an examination which consists of
total 10 subjects. Where each subject has maximum marks of 100. The roll number,
name, sex code (male or female) and the marks obtained him/her in various
subjects are supplied as input data.

Write a program in C to calculate and print the percentage marks obtained by the
male students and the list of only those female students who have passed in second
division ( obtained 45% or more but less than 60%).

7. Explain the properties of object-oriented programming language using example.

8. What do you mean by VSAT?
9. Describe the differences between dial-up access and direct internet access.
10. Explain the differences between bridge, router and gateway with suitable
11. Write a program in C, to evaluate Y of the following series. It is obligatory to use
the functions for determine of factorial of integers and power of integers.

Y=1+x+x2/2! +x3/3!++xn/n! Take the value of x from the

12. Mention the differences between a high level programming language and an
object oriented programming language.
13. What is electronic cash register? What type of memory is there to store
information permanently?
14. What do you mean by outsourcing and nation portal framework? How the people
of Bangladesh can be benefited by outsourcing?
15. What do you mean by cyber crime? How can we prevent cyber crime?

1. Answer any five of the following:- (a). Application Server. (b). Proxy Server.
(c). Web Server (d). Subnetting ( e). Database server (f). optical fiber (g).
2. Define email system. Show the SMTP and POPS environment using
3. Explain the life cycle in software engineering.
4. Explain LAN and WAN. What are the types of topology of network.
5. What do you mean by primary key and foreign key? What are the
differences between primary key and unique key?
6. What are the subnet and subnet masks? Suppose an IP address:, subnet mask Find the subnet number and the
maximum number of hosts in this subnet.
7. Given a list of students examination marks. Write a program to calculate
the highest, lowest and percentage of pass marks.
8. What are the components to design an electronic voting machine(EVM)?
Explain in details.
9. What are the acronym of the following in computer science and
d. GIS & GSM
g. URL

Question set 8
1. Explain router, modem, gateway and backbone.
2. Explain LAN, WLAN and WAN.
3. What are the types of network topology? Draw the diagram for at least
three of them.
4. Explain distributed file system(DFS).
5. Explain Andrew file system and its importance.
6. Write down the name OSI model with respective layers protocol.
7. Write a program to calculate the sum of the following series:
1 + 3 + 5 + +99
8. Explain system model and simulation. Classify types of models with
9. Explain DFD. Draw the DFD for university course registration.
10. What is microcontroller? Draw basic microcontroller architecture and
describe its building blocks.
11. Describe the following terms:a. Primary key
b. Foreign key
c. Super key
d. Candidate keys
12. Suppose a microprocessor address bus is 32 bit and data bus is 64 bit.
Calculate its memory capacity supported number of memory banks.

Question set 9
1. What are the function of kernel in a operating system?
2. Explain waterfall model in software development process.
3. Copare between primary key and foreign key in database system.
4. When does a relation in third normal form? Answer with a suitable
5. How do you use CMOS as an inverter? Justify your answer.
6. What are the fundamental differences between 2G and 3G?
7. What are the main deficiencies of IPv4?
8. What are the advantages of IPv6?
9. Write the general form of do-while loop.
10. Write a C program to sum all numbers between 1 and 50 which are
divisible by 5.


What are the responsibility of data link layer?

What are the framing technique adopted in data link layer?
Define object and class with example in the context of OOP.
What are the advantages of Polymorphism in OOP?
When a function is called recursive function?
Explain, with example, the concept of local variable and global variable.

1. What is database? Draw and E-R diagram which represents one to many
2. Suppose you are given a table named employee with the fields: emp_id,
name, position, department, salary and phone. Write down the following task in
SQL command:a. Add a row to the employee table with emp_id=130, name: Anamika,
position=programmer, department=CSE, salary=25000 and
b. Find out all employees who work in the finance department and whose salary
is between 10000 and 20000.
3. Write a programe in c/c++/java language that will take a date from the
keyboard and calculate the age of Bangladesh on that date in month unit. Ignore
day count.
4. What is VPN tunneling? Explain it with pictorial representation of a practical
5. Distinguish between the following terms:a. Primary key and unique key.
b. Star topology and mesh topology.
6. Explain with examples the concept of friend function and function overloading
in object oriented programming.
7. What is the issue management in software project management? How those
issues are managed?

1. array and link list

2. Object oriented programming ? Inheritance, Encapsulation Polymorphism

3. NAND, NOR gate ? network address and
Broadcast address ?
4. - ? Modulation Demodulation
5. () LAN WAN () Switch Router
6. write a program in C/C++ or Java to search and element in an array using

binary search technique.

7. what is stack? Assume that a stack is implemented by a linked list, then write
codes in C/C++ or Java for the push and POP functions.
8. Assume that you are given an IP block Then divide this IP block
into four subnetworks. Write network address, broadcast address and subnet
mask for each subnet. Also write IP address of a host for each subnet.
9. Assume the you are given 50 numbers. Then write a program in C/C++ or
Java to find average of these numbers.
10. Breifly answer the following questions:a. write the names of two system software.
b. why do we use cache memory?
Write the main difference between single mode and multi mode optical fiber
d. what is the main advantage of using web based application?
e. what is the main challenge of using cloud computing?