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In the name of ALLAH the most compassionate and beautiful, who gave me the wisdom and
knowledge to perform this challenging task. A lot of prayers and thanks to Holy Prophet (SAW),
his life is a source of guidance and knowledge for humanity. Trust on ALLAH and follow life of
prophet has helped me in fulfilling this task.
I am heartedly and gratefully thankful to Faiza Latif, acting incharge of Department of Mass
Communication, Lahore College for Women University for their immense support and
cooperation. I would like to pay thank to Sir Naveed Iqbal and Sir Zaeem Yasin and my
teachers who gave me their time, support and their help in competition of my projects.
I am also thankful to Naveed Kashif manging director Dunya tv, Salman Ghani bureau Chief
Dunya News Lahore, Irfan Asghar director programming Dunya news Lahore. Sir khurram
Awan Iqbal internship supervisor and all other concerning staff which help me out in my work
throughout my internship.
I would also like to acknowledge the support of parents especially my brother otherwise I would
not be able to do work in practical field.
In the end I also want to thank my friends who helped me a lot in my work.

Fazila Shafique

The purpose of my internship is to work in more professional way with expertise. I choose dunya
news because its renowned organization operating in Pakistan where I learned a lot in field and
gained confidence to handle task and to work in pressure to meet deadlines.
This report focuses on assignments assigned to me by my supervisor, my work experience,
objectives and organizational structure of dunya news.
It was a great experience for me to work in a news channel and learn various things regarding to
broadcast media which is very helpful for me in my professional career.

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Sister Publication...
Departments of Dunya News.
Organizational Structure
Internship Experience
Working Experience..

Internship Details

Dunya News

Starting Date

1st April 2014

Ending Date

30th May


2 Months


Programming & News Room

When I started working at dunya news I observed environment of dunya news is very
cooperative. The people are much supportive. Everyone helped me out in my assigned duties and
I have observed the professional way of working in a news channel. How people working there
meet their deadlines and how they overcome time pressure while working for news. In
programming how top stories of the day got selected. How a current affair show got planned and
how an entertainment show got handled. I also noticed that producers have to be very efficient
and sure to manage all the things for the show. While working in news department I noticed the
hurry of breaking news. Reporters and other employs of news room should have a great news
sense and sense of preparing good news and should always ready to do work assigned any time.

Dunya News is an Urdu language news and current affairs television channel in Pakistan. The
channel is governed and operated by National Communication services (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. Its head
office is situated at Lahore, Pakistan.
Dunya news commenced it first ever Transmission on December 1, 2008 on Intelsat-10.the
channel has been giving the strong competition to the other leading news channel of the country.
Mr. MIAN AMER MAHMOOD is the Sole Member and Principal Equity stakeholder in the
Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DUNYA TELEVISION NETWORK
The channel has Staff strength of over 1,000 permanent personnel. With head quarter in Lahore It
has bureau offices in:










Dera Ismail Khan

Bureaus Abroad




All bureaus are connected live 24/7 through satellite and fiber optics A fleet of 20 DSNG Vans
with auto-locking satellite mobile links for instant News coverage.
A Network of 295 vigilant and ever-present team of outstation reporters (OSRs) across Pakistan
to get facts any time of the day from every corner of Pakistan
Dunya News has beautifully constructed, purpose-built premises spanning over an area of 76,000
sq feet. It has six state of the art, fully equipped Studios with Grid-based Virtual Augmented.
Reality and scalable graphics based on HDVG, giving most accurate and detailed video-astexture solution with 50 or 60Hz constant video frame rate.

Dunya news also have a huge modern and impressive 6,000sq ft Production Studio with
automated lighting System, and world famous latest version of Ikegami Cameras equipped with
IR calibration to offer unlimited virtual imaging possibilities via Virtual Grid and the Tracking

Its news content is impartial and it criticizes the government without any fear due to which it has
to bear a lot of pressure. It is equipped with the latest software and hardware facilities to meet
the requirements of modern era. Fully equipped DSNGs are to broadcast live transmission. Eye

captivating programs, news sets and its presentation force the viewer not to switch the channel.
Latest comers for news HD cameras for programs and apple software and hardware are used for
Non Linear Editing ( NLE). Similarly the hardworking team of core Dunya news especially the
renowned anchors and journalists are adding more colors on it.

Technical Facilities at Head office

MCR (Master Control room)




5 PCRs (Production Control Room)


MCR stands for master control room. In dunya news MCR control what is going to be aired on
what time and which commercials. Whatever we watch on our TV screens in our homes is aired
and by controlled by MCR either live or recorded programs or News etc.
MCR in Dunya news contains:

Automation Systems.

A media deck client for backup

2 On-air Graphics Machine

o 1 for channel branding

o 1 for other graphics (i.e. L shape) and backup

2 Ticker application systems

o Used to on air scroll ticker, breaking ticker, flip ticker, event ticker and regional
In Dunya news INGEST and ARCHIVE departments are to save data e.g programs, news, and
footages. Ingest department save data and move it further to MCR or PCR. While Archive
preserves data after it got final or aired by channel. INGEST and ARCHIVE in Dunya news

40TB HDD space for Video Ingesting.

14 TB XSAN fiber storage used as a bridge between ingest, NLE, Archive and Play-out
servers. This storage is connected to all NLE system

Number of external drives use to provide backup.

o DNPS Clients
o Automation installed on each client for database access
o Mac Pro NLE suites for news editing connected to Apple centralized storage via
o iMac systems for editing connected to Apple centralized storage via Mac Pro
o Cameras operation

- Cameras for news working on virtual set

- Jib camera can be used on virtual as well as on physical

- Cameras for news programs working on physical sets

o Used for live and recorded programs


3 cameras

o Use for live and recorded programs

4 cameras

o Use for Virtual Packages and Programs

3 cameras

o Studio-5 (Under Construction)

5 cameras operation for morning/grand shows

NOC Department
NOC department is one of the four carriers of Dunya tv network. It provides different satellite
links or IDs to DSNGs outside the headquarters. through These IDs external sources from other
cities or remote locations can connect to Dunya news headquarter.



Streaming server


Facilities at Bureau Offices

Islamabad Office

2 studios/2 PCRs

Both are 3 camera operation

Karachi Office

2 Studio/2 PCRs

3 camera operation

Sister Organization of Dunya News

National Communication services (NCS) launched its Daily Newspaper named Roznama
Dunya in 2012. This excelled instantly after its release. It is being published in all over the
Its upcoming Projects include:

Dunya English Newspaper

Dunya Entertainment Channel

Departments of Dunya News Network

Dunya news network consists of following departments:

News department
Distribution Department
Programming Department

Creative Department
Camera Department
Archive Department
Ingest Department
Broadcast/ IT Department
Human Resource Department
Accounts Department
Administration Department
Sales and Marketing Department
Research and development Department
Product Development Department

Objectives of Internship
Objectives of Internship are:

To get encounter along with use to know-how work with cooperative environment.
To recognize the actual working environment of automated press information station.
Experiencing each of the press requirements associated with automated press confirming
in addition to encoding.

Working Experience
Dunya news network is one of the leading news channels which spread the news in all over the
world and is telecasted nationally and internationally. The best part of Dunya news is its well
equipped setup with peerless technology. Working in such a prestigious organization was an
everlasting and wonderful experience. Here I got a chance to work with well experienced person
who guide me in a proper way to manage work in given time.
I Got opportunity to work under the supervision of:
MR Irfan Asghar

Director Programming

MR Khurram


MR Mir Moeed


MR Faheem Zaidi


Miss Kinza Ali

Script Writer

MR Hushham Tariq

Associate Producer

MR Haseeb

Associate Producer

MR Tayyab Zaidi

Editor Programming

Mr Shah Hussain

Assignment Editor

MR Muhmmad Hassan

Assignment Editor

MR Sohail Qaiser


When I joined the Dunya TV, firstly I observed the environment of Programming Department
where all professional did their work in appropriate manner. First of all directors programming
send me to the current affairs program Top Story.
Top Story
Top Story is a current affair program hosted by Sami Ibrahim. Its producer is Mir Moeed. It
was the program where I was given my first duty Research for a Program. I worked in Top
Story Almost 2 weeks. Where I learned a lot that how to plan a program? How to set the agenda
of day? How to differentiate our work from rest of the channels? As now days due to large
number of News channels competition among media channels has been increased so your
program have to be very different. Things I learned in Top story include script writing of a

program, Editing of a program, how to manage content according to the specific time given by
the channel. How a program got on air? What was the process? All these functioning are I have
learnt from Top Story.
Mazaq Raat
After that I switched to Mazaq Raat. It is an infotainment program hosted by Nauman
Ijaz. It is a big production of dunya TV and Highly rated program. In this program guests from
showbiz and politics are invited on same set. Guests are being interviewed on their life and
comedians crack jokes on them. The other beauty of Mzaaq Raat is its DJ. DJ sings parody
songs in the show. In Mazaq Raat my first duty was to make PNG file on Photoshop for the
subtitles. Later On I was given the script and ask to make 20 twenty (Quick question Answer) for
the show. In this show I learned a lot from production point of view.
Lightening the studio, light balancing. It was a big show with seven camera production. In this
show I have observed the functioning of PCR. How a producer handle the situation in the PCR.
How quick he coordinates with the cameramen. The other major thing I have learned from
mazaq raat is post production. When we record a show it take hours and it contain long
interviews of guests while in post production due to time limit you have to make a complete
program in specific time. So the content selection which is going to be aired is a most important
and most learnable part. In this program I have also learned the coordination with guests with
huge crew, with audience with technical and non technical staff. It was a great experience of
learning in Mazaq Raat.

The next Program was Nuqta-e-Nzar Hosted by Habib Akram and Mujeeb-ur-Rhman
Shami is the analyst of this show. This is a live show. Khurram Awan Iqabl is the producer of
this show. In this show my learning experience was different from rest of the others. As they
were recorded programs but it is a live show. Experience of a live program is very different in it
everything has to be very accurate and on time. There is no space for a single mistake in this. In
this program I have learned how to use iMAC systems, how to retrieve data especially footages
from the drive. How to edit them on final cut pro and how to write script for the program? So I
have learned a lot in Nuqta-e-Nazar.
Indian Election Special live Transmission
During my work in Dunya Tv I also got chance to observe a live transmission of Indian
Elections. This was special transmission on 16 May, 2014 election result day of India. In this
transmission senior analysts got invited and they have debate on upcoming policy of Indian new
PM Modi. It was such a great experience of learning to handle a live transmission. In this
transmission I was assigned to do research on BJP. To find out about the winning seats of Indian
party BJP in India. After that I was assigned to coordinate with the guests and to provide them
the things they want, e.g. coffee, Tea. It was a great experience to do a live transmission.
Working Experience in news Room