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Principles of Marketing

Term Project

Module 1

Maira Khuda Baksh

Zunaira Qureshi
Farah Nasir
Class Numb: 4106

Brooke Bond Supreme

For decades now, Supreme has been the Pakistani consumers choice for taste and quality and now, for
health as well! The Supreme tea blend is rich in Flavonoids which is associated with an array of favorable
effects on human physiology, in particular on cardiovascular health. Flavonoids help improve blood
circulation which leads to a great deal of benefits to the overall body, making Supreme a healthy
beverage. With the consumers health at the heart of the brand, Supreme offers a blend that is not only
tasty but also healthy.


Unilever makes and sells products under more than 400 brand names worldwide. Two billion people use
them on any given day. Unilever Pakistan is the largest FMCG Company in Pakistan, as well as one of the
largest multinationals operating in the country. The company enjoys a leading position in most of its core
Home and Personal Care and Foods categories, e.g. Personal Wash, Personal Care, Laundry, Beverages
(Tea) and Ice Cream.
The company operates through 5 regional offices, 4 wholly owned and 6 third party manufacturing sites
across Pakistan.

Business Philosophy:
Vitality is at the heart of everything we do. Its in our brands, our people and our approach to business.
They meet every day needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel
good, look good and get more out of life. Their corporate purpose states that to succeed requires "the
highest standards of corporate behavior towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and
the environment on which we have an impact."

How & Where they work:

Innovation is right at the heart of Unilever, and its dynamic R&D environment attracts top-class scientists
who enjoy the best of both worlds being at the cutting edge of technology and seeing their work deliver
real benefits daily.
Unilever has six principal research and development laboratories: two in the UK (Colworth and Port
Sunlight), one in the Netherlands (Vlaardingen), one in the US (Trumbull), one in China (Shanghai) and
one in India (Bangalore).
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It has established 13 global product development centers focusing on new product development for a
particular category or technology area. They have 37 regional development centers for adapting and
implementing innovations and renovations in the regions. Finally, They also have small R&D
implementation teams in all our countries and factories.
Unilever aim is to be the leader in the following strategic science & technology areas:

nutrition and health

flavour generation and delivery

food microbiology and preservation

food structuring and processing

consumer perception and behaviour

Consumers are central in everything they do. Over the years they have built up extensive insight into
consumer behavior, preferences and aspirations. They have learned that, for consumers, health is
important but not at the expensive of taste and convenience and that the claimed benefits for their
products need to be clear, motivating and trustworthy.

Product Description:
Brooke bond is a brand name of tea owned by Unilever Pakistan Ltd. The major tea brands by the
Unilever are Brooke Bond supreme, Lipton Yellow label, Pearl Dust and A1 Karak Chai (black tea). Tea
is extremely popular in Pakistan and is consumed by the people in all income groups. Tea is an aromatic
stimulant containing various polyphonies, essential oils and caffeine and it is that caffeine content that
makes tea a useful and refreshing stimulant.

Product type:
Brooke Bond Supreme, and the packaged tea in general, falls under the category of Convenience
Products of the consumer product classification. Convenience products are the products and services that
customers usually buy frequently, as soon as they feel the need for them. The consumption of such
products is in the routine of the buyers. These are the low consumer involvement products with a
minimum of comparison and buying effort. They require minimal or no planning before the purchase.
Convenience products are usually low priced, and marketers place them in many locations to make them
readily available when consumers need them. Brooke Bond Supreme tea has almost all the characteristics
of the convenience products; it is consumed on a daily basis and is purchased very frequently, it is also
easily available in retail stores and supermarkets etc. It requires no prior research and the people just go to
the stores and buy it whenever they need it.

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Product Attributes and Competition:

The attributes of tea generally include Freshness, Smell, Color, Taste and Different flavor, Stimulating,
Energetic, Availability, Tradition and Habitual Facts etc. However, Brooke Bond Supreme comes with
various functional and emotional benefits. It has a blending expertise in tea and blends together juicy
leaves for the unique rich color, medium sized grains for the correct strength and top leaves for the
irresistible aroma in a perfect combination to give the unmatchable taste in every single cup of supreme
tea. It is a part of life for the Pakistani consumers bringing families close together with its rich taste and
traditions. While relishing the supreme Experience, the brands tagline says; Zaiqa
Apnepan Ka explaining how Supreme New blend & aroma helps in bringing different
people together making the world a more welcoming place.

Supreme tea meets the everyday needs of the people by giving them strength and energy in order to
perform creatively in their daily work routines. It is also served to guests or consumed in the workplace
and schools, colleges and universities, and is an essential part of daily life in Pakistan.
Brooke Bond brand has little variety in Pakistan. The products include Red label, Supreme, A1 karak
(black) chai, 3 Roses, pearl dust etc.
Supreme tea is facing tough competition with a family brand Lipton (owned by Unilever as well) and
Tapal Danedar. It has lack of product assortment and variety as compared to both Lipton and Tapal. The
advertising strategies of both the competitors brand have brought a significant change in consumer buying
behavior and resulted a decrease in supreme sales.

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Choosing particular segment of market having common qualities , preferences, demands etc, to fulfill
their needs and deliver supreme quality to them in order to gain consumer relation and satisfaction and
create place for brand in the minds of people of that particular segment
Brooke band Supreme target market is those consumers who want to satisfy their demand along with an
affordable price. If we look into comparison of prices of Brooke band with those of other leading tea
brand, it is observed that Brooke bond is operating at a very low price comparatively. But at the same
time it is offering quality and tag line of well known company that is unilever.
190 gm box of Brooke Bond= Rs. 155
190 gm box of Lipton= Rs. 310

Hence they have chosen that segment of market whose demand of tea needs to be fulfilled along with
offering them a low price as compared to other brands so that it can meet their budget. An affordable price
and supreme need satisfaction is what they have targeted in these segments and moreover it is observed
that they have their brand available in different quantities.
In nut shell demographically they have targeted that segment that does not has very high income level,
household size is moderate, and hospitality is key factor of family. All of them are being take care of by
Brooke bond.

They have sachets of 7gm, 15 gm, 28 gm etc this shows that the segment that they have chosen may need
tea in different quantities at different times, which fulfill their price satisfaction and fulfill their need at
the same time. This shows the similarity of lifestyle of this targeted market. They want to fulfill their
values but they maybe restricted by their price budget so this problem is solved by Brooke Bond by
offering tea at different affordable price according to the need of time.
And on the contrary other brands do not cater to such small level needs.

As formerly mentioned, three things that affect consumer towards our brand are as follows:
1) Comparatively low price
2) Quality along with low price
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3) Different quantities available

Buying decision:
Buying decision is purely driven by price tag, income level and optimum level of satisfaction. A
consumer looks into all three of them while deciding which product to consume. As far as our brand is
considered it caters to that segment which has comparatively low income levels or small need of tea at
different time, therefore it offers an affordable price to them along with availability of tea in different
Consumer are driven or attracted as all of their needs are being fulfilled and their satisfaction is also

Product Life Cycle stage:

Supreme is in its decline stage in its product life cycle. As its competitors are giving a tough time. As
comparatively it has lesser brand assortments and little advertisement and promotional activities. It has
reinstated its strategy by starting a new promotional campaign and can further revitalize it by introducing
more variants in its brand.

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