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Chapter 22-25

Chapter 22 Exile in Dapitan, 1892-96

Dapitan (Mindanao) under missionary jurisdiction of Jesuits

Steamer Cebu
Rizal carried a letter from Father Pablo Pastells to Father Antonio Obach which states
that he can live at the parish convent under certain conditions, but Rizal did not agree to
He lived in the house of the commandant, Captain Carnicero
He reports once a week to Carnicero
He wrote a poem entitled A Don Ricardo Carnicero on August 26, 1892 on the birthday
of the captain
Mail boat Butuan brought news that Lottery Ticket No. 9736 by Carnicero, Rizal,
Francisco Equilior won second prize of P20,000; Rizals share was 6,200: 2,000 to his
father, 200 to Basa, rest to purchase agricultural lands
Rizal had debate with Pastells on religion, Pastells gave Rizal a copy of Imitacion de
Cristo (Imitation of Christ)
Duel with Frenchman, Mr. Juan Lardet, for accusing Rizal that lumber he sold were bad;
but he apologized
Rizal gave Father Sanchez a manuscript entitled Estudios sobre la lengua tagala (Studies
on the Tagalog Language)
He had three houses
Rizals encounter with the Friars spy, Florencio Namanan (assumed name: Pablo
Water system in Dapitan: title of expert surveyor (perito agrimensor)
Get rid of malaria
Established a school in 1893 with three pupils
Poem entitle Hymn to Talisay
Concology, 364 shells representing 203 species
Draco rizali (flying dragon), Apogania rizali (small beetle), Rhacophorus rizali (rare frog)
Bisayan, Subanum, and Malay languages
The Mothers Revenge, mother-dog eating the crocodile
Bust of Father Guerrico, statue of the Dapitan Girl, woodcarving of Josephine Bracken
Partnership with Ramon Carreon, a Dapitan merchant
Most profitable business is the hemp industry
Cigaretter lighter, sulpukan
Poem as requested by Dona Teodora, Mi Retiro (My Retreat)
Death of Leonor Rivera on August 28, 1893
Josephine Bracken (born on October 3, 1876) daughter of James Bracken, adopted by
Geroge Taufer
Poem entitle Josephine, Josephine
Eight-month old baby boy named Francisco
Katipunan meeting in a little river called Bitukang Manok on May 2, 1896
Dr. Pio Valenzuela left Manila on June 15 on board steamer Venus with blind man
Raymundo Mata
He objected to Bonifacios project because (1) the people are not ready for a revolution,
(2) arms and funds must first be collected before raising the cry of revolution
Offered services a military doctor in Cuba, yellow fever epidemic

The Song of the Traveler (El Canto del Viajero)

July 31, 1896 went to Manila on board Espaa with Josephine, Narcisa, Angelica
(Narcisas daughter)
Four years, thirteen days, and a few hours

Chapter 23 Last Trip Abroad, (1896)

He was not able to catch Isla de Luzon for Spain

While waiting, guest on board Spanish cruiser Castilla, by Captain Enrique Santalo
Outbreak of Philippine revolution
Revolution in Manila (province), Bulacan, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Pampanga, Nueva
Ecija, and Tarlac
Rizal carried a letter of introduction from Rizal to General Marcelo de Azcarraga
Isla de Panay
Don Manuel Camos urged him to stay in Singapore for protection of the British law
Victim of Spanish Duplicity
Rizal arrested before reaching Barcelona
Arrived Barcelona as a prisoner on September 30 (30-day trip)
Jailor was Commander of Barcelona, General Eulogio Despujol
2nd day in Barcelona, feast of St. Francis of Assisi

Chapter 24 Last Homecoming and Trial

Left Barcelona on October 6, 1896

Confiscation of Rizals diary (October 11) returned on November 2
Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor and Sixto Lopez sent telegrams to lawyer Hugh Fort to rescue
Rizal by means of writ of habeas corpus, but failed since it was carrying Spanish troops
Arrived in Manila on November 3
Deodato Arellao, Dr. Pio Valenzuela, Moises Saalvador, Jose Dizon, Domingo Franco,
Temoteo Paez, and Pedro Serrano Laktaw were tortured to implicate Rizal
Paciano was arrested and tortured
Appeared before Judege Advocate Colonel Francisco Olive
Documentary evidence (letters, poem entitled Kundiman, poem entitled A Talisay)
Oral testimonies by Martin Constantino, Aguedo del Rosario, Jose Reyes, Moises
Salvador, Jose Dizon, Domingo Franco, Deodato Arellano, Ambrosio Salvador, Pedro
Serrano Laktaw, Dr Pio Valenzuela, ANtono Salazar, Francisco Quison, Timoteo Paez
November 26, appointed Captain Rafael Dominguez as Judge Advocate
Judge Advocate General, Don Nicolas de la Pea
Peas recommendations: (1) accused immediately brought to trial, (2) kept in prison,
(3) attachment to property, (4) defended in court by an army officer
Don Luis Taviel de Andrade, brother of Lt. Jose Taviel de Andrade (bodyguard), as
December 13, General Camilo G. de Polavieja became Governor General of the
On December 15, Rizal wrote a manifesto to the people appealing to stop the revolution
but was not released
Rizal wrote a letter to Taviel on December 25, 1896
Trial on December 26 at military building called Cuartel de Espaa
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