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Preface. ............ ............ ............ ............ ............ ............ ............ ............ ............ ................ ............ ............2
safe note ............................ ............................ ............................ ............................ ............ ............ ................2
1Energizer Specifications............................ ................... ............ ............ ............ ............ ........................3-4
1.1 Product design Standard.

1.2 Product characteristic

1.3 Electrical characteristics
1.4 Package details
1.5 LED indicated lamp condition instructions
1.6 The front and bottom of controller instructions
1.7 The wire connection of controller instruction
2Design requirement of electric fence....................... .............. ............ ............ ............ ............ .................. 5
2.1 Three security rank
2.2 Security
3 Electric fence system installation ....................... ............... ............ ............ ............ ............... ............ 6-9
3.1 Installation of controller
3.2 System installation mode
3.3 Rods installation angle
3.4 Terminal rod/terminal rod insulator installation
3.5 Middle pull rod/ insulator installation
3.6 Tensioner installation
3.7 Lightning arrester installation
3.8 Alloy wire connection
3.9 Warning signs installation
3.10 Grounding/earth
3.11 Underground wire layout
4Debug of controller and alarm test....................... .......................... ............ ............ ............ ................. .......10
4.1 Electrify check


4.2 Alarm test

5Work standard and safe instructions note....................... .................... ............ ............ ............ ................11-12
5.1 Work standard
5.2 Other notes of construction
5.3 Troubleshooting



Electric fence
Quick Start Guide
Copyright @2013 Shenzhen Tongher Technology Co.Ltd .All Rights Reserved
No part of this manual,including the products and figures described in it , may be reproduced ,transmitted,transcribed,
Stored in a retrieval system,or translated into any language in any form or by any means,except documentation kept by
the purchaser for backup purposes,without the express written permission of Shenzhen Tongher Technology Co.Ltd

Product warranty or service will not be extended if :

(1)the product is repaired ,modified or altered,unless such repair ,modifition,of alteration is authorized in writing by
(2)the serial number or logo of the product is defaced or missing.

Safety Information
Unless high/low voltage output disarmed of electric fence, dont touch live fence
Always unplug the fence before handing any part of the fence
Dont install electric fence during the thunder, dont install controller in moist place.
Before installation or using the product, professional training on technology is necessary
To maximizing the performance of your fence system,During the installation, follow the
instructions to make sure the grounding of products. Refer to 4.9 item
Once electrified , the inside of controller is 220v 50Hz AC, with 5-10KV high voltage pulse on
the output port , dont touch any part to make sure safety
The related electronic technology knowledge is necessary, read the user instruction and operate
it carefully with correct methods before installation, otherwise,our side dont bear any
responsibility if any accident arise.

In case of urgency, turn off power supply, and wait for the professional staffs to check analysis
and repair ,or contact our company, dont repack it by your own.
Follow all national,state and local regulations that may apply to installation of electric fence in
your area
Refer to authorized repair center or our company for service,There are no ueser serviceable
parts,Never alter the design of the energizer ,doing so is dangerous and will void the warranty.
Do not run fence wire above ground near high voltage power lines.if too close,the electric fence
may pick up dangerous levels of power from high voltage lines.Never cross under a high
voltage line with electric fence.
Sparks may occor in electric fence system,Therefore,the area of high fire risk,fence should not
be installed.

1Energizer Specifications
1.1 Product design Standard:
GB/T7946-2008 "Pulse electric fence installation And Safe operation"
IEC 60335-2-76
1.2 Product characteristic:

Differential voltage output technology: every wire has voltage, have the differential voltage between the two
adjacent wires.

LCD or LED indicate the working state and the voltage on every wire of fence.
High/low voltage switch manually, long-distance equipment auto switch function.
Short circuit, break and tamper alarm, Self-inspection System for equipment fault
Waterproof casing and downward appearance design leading the industry development.
RS 485 bus control, keypad, computer, network and multiple long distance management solution.

DC12V, NC/NO dry contact alarm output, can work with other modern security products.

1.3 Electrical characteristics

Power supply : AC180V-240V 50Hz
System power consumption : 10 Watt
Operating environment Temperature-40 to +50
Relative humidity 95%
Output parameter:

Output peak voltage: 5KV10KV

Output low voltage: 7001000V
Peak current of pulse: <10A
Pulse duration: 0.1s
Pulse interval time: 1s
Max quantity of electricity of pulse: 2.5mC
Figure 1. Electric fence appearance

Max energy of pulse: 5.0J

1.4 Package details
Demension: 410320220 mm
Net Weight: 4.2kg (Without battery)
Color: Blue
Packaging Details: Carton package

1.5 LED indicated lamp condition instructions:

AC 220V or DC12V,when power supply input ,the green LED is bright.

when armed,the yellow indicated lamp is bright. When disarmed,it shows off.
when alarm break,the red indicated lamp is bright.
when alarm short circuit,the red indicated lamp is bright
when open cover, the red indicated lamp of tamper is bright.

1.6 The front and bottom of controller instructions. See Figure 2.

Figure 2. Interface Specification

1.7 The wire connection of controller instruction( above drawing)

The controller comprise two parts: input and output,the positive pulse from output part1st line high voltage output
port transfer to fence wire, then return back to the receiver part 1st line high voltage input port, negative pulse
from output2nd line high voltage output port transfer to fence wire, then return back to the receiver part 2nd line
high voltage input port ,so form positive and negative pulse closed circuit on the front fence.


High voltage earth output: can share the same earth output with lightning arrester, strong/weak earth separate.
Voltage switch: use for switching high/low voltage mode or automatic working mode.
Keypad output: can connect keypad directly or RS485 transfer RS 232,then connect to computer by long distance
control, The RS 485 connection of each controller needs to go hands by hands connection, multiple connection is
not allowed.

Switch output: output open/close dry contact signal, needs to connect with other linkage device.
Alarm output: when alarm, output DC 12V voltage, connect with alarm device DC 12v below 10W.
Power switch: control the energizer on/off.
Power supply input: connect AC 220V power source.

2Design requirement of electric fence

2.1 Three security rank
general security rank, uses 4 lines system, the monitor zone partition does not surpass 500 meters.
medium security rank, uses 8 lines system, the monitor zone partition does not surpass 250 meters.
higher security rank, uses 12 lines system, the monitor zone partition does not surpass 100 meters.
Every zone must configurate independent controller, and have different triggered alarm apparatus, can indicate
the alarm zone number. The alarm output usually linkage with CCTV, red-infrared correlation, spotlight, alarm
apparatus etc. When applied, the length of monitor zone should set according to the perimeter total length, the terrain
and the objective site environment.


2.2 Security

Not allow to get the AC power supply on electric fence. when the product gets faulty, please make sure the electric
fence without any AC power supply.

Product used the rectification voltage dropping DC 12V, then voltage-rise to condenser charge, finally electric
capacity pulse discharge boosting transformer, the output energy is limited by rectification, primary voltage-rise,
electric capacitance discharge, so many links, without harm to human body and absolute safety.

Association factor and the influence of electric shock:

The electric pulse will not injure the intruder, to avoid the associated responsibility, firstly, electric fence warning
signs should hang up at every other 10 meters striking position noted electric fence, forbid climbing, secondly,
the height of electric fence should be above 1.8meters, if the height of electric fence is not high, should install
isolated netting or wall to avoid accident.

Electric fence should not be with other power circuit and telecommunication wires on the same pole.
Electric fence should keep a certain safe distance from the power circuit. The minimum distance as shown in the
Electric cable voltage rank

horizontal distance with electric fence

vertical distance with electric fence

10KV below















Horizontal distance between electric fence and public rod border should be above 5m( except the electric fence on
top of the wall)

Electric fence has pulse high voltage, when bad connection or close to charged conductor, will have fire spark.
Thus, electric fence should install without any flammable gas, and without any flammable fluid place. According to
the related national standard, keep enough safe distance, or take the safe measures to isolate.

When inspect the place to install electric fence, pls make sure the electric fence without any conflict with the
electric wire, pipeline from the ground. And without any sundry goods at nearby place, whether the electric fence is
influenced strongly by transmitting station and other high frequency device. If have, must mark the signal wire with


STP shielded twisted pair at the construction drawing.

3 Electric fence system installation

3.1 Installation of controller
The controller fixed on approaching the initial station of zone or place of divided zone, or put in the control center or
guard gate, if install outdoor,need rainproof box.
Refer to the above drawing, connect the electric fence to bottom port of controller, the top two wires must go
through lightning arrester and connect 1st line output and 2nd output two sending port, the end port of fence 1 and
3, port 2 and 4,needs high voltage insulated wire short circuit, other connection mode depends on the condition.
The wire connection of controller is shown in Figure 3. and connect it according to the instructions.

Figure 3. System diagram

3.2 System installation mode:

Mode one : Install on top of the wall. As shown in Figure 4.
Install the electric fence on top of wall, the height of fence wall should be above 1.8meters, the wire pole/rod may

- 10 -

have welding ,clip or buried the three modes, should choose suitable mode according to the fence structure condition.
For example, install at the steel fence, can take the welding, install at the concrete wall, can take buried mode to make
sure stable, artistic, may use other modes also.

Figure 4. Install on top of the wall

Mode two : The attached install As shown in Figure 5.

The installation attaches on the fence or top or inside, the fence wall directly withstanding the pressure and wire
tension, before installation, pls make sure the structural strength of the wall, if unreliable, should reinforce in advance.
The metallic conductor wire from the front end of electric fence spacing to the wall should be smaller than 700mm.

- 11 Figure 5. The attached install

Mode three : stand alone electric fence As shown in Figure 6.

Install the electric fence around the building, because the height is above 1800mm, the wire number reaches 8-20, the
strength of the wire to the terminal rod/pull rod tensity must be big, hence, terminal rod/ pull rod must have enough
strength, and the embedment must be stable. If the soil is solid, may directly bury the wire of terminal rod and pull rod
ends to underground 60cm to do fixed. If the rigidity of terminal wiring rod is insufficient, should increase the support
rod. Although the middle pull rod does not withstand the tensity of wire, but must support the pressure of multiple
wires. Therefore, also needs to install it stably.May take buried mode installation. Follow the chart 12 wires stand
alone installation.

Figure 6. Stand alone electric fence

- 12 -

3.3 Rods installation angle: ( the angle with wall) As shown in Figure 7.
According to the site condition and the first party


180and the inclined direction(inclination

angle,camber angle,vertical or horizontal ) installation.
According to the perimeter condition: if resident area,
school nearby, suggested by

inclination angle or

Figure 7. Perimeter installation angle

vertical installation, spacious area suggested to install by

camber angle, if the height of wall is above

2.5meters,take horizontal installation.

According to the protection object: if prevent from outside invasion, suggest camber angle installation, if prevent
from interior climbing, suggest inclination angle installation.
3.4 Terminal rod/terminal rod insulator installation As shown in Figure 8.
Fix the terminal rod insulator on the terminal rod through terminal insulator clip, considering the distance is longer,
the pulling strength is bigger, every 100 meters or big corner and divided zone must be set a terminal rod, see the right

Figure 8. Terminal rod/terminal rod insulator installation

3.5 Middle pull rod/ insulator installation. As shown in Figure 9.

- 13 Figure 9. Middle pull rod

The middle pull insulator assembles on the rod through screws or use pinlock to fix it. Should note the direction of
installing, usually every 20 meters to set a middle pull rod. See the right drawing:
3.6 Tensioner installation As shown in Figure 10.
The middle tensioner usually hang on the front of electric fence,when
install alloy wire, penetrates the wire from the tensioner sides round
hole, aim and pass the middle hole, finally gets out from another side
round hole. See the chart. Note, dont make the tight line excessive, heat
Figure 10. Tensioner installation
expanded and cold contracted, it maybe break in winter weather.
3.7 Lightning arrester installation
Firstly fix the lightning arrester on the top of terminal rod,then through the own nuts fixing on the frame, the lightning
arrester usually installs on top of pulse energizer, every zone must install two lightning arresters. As shown in Figure

Figure 11. Lightning arrester installation

- 14 Figure 12. Alloy wire connection

3.8 Alloy wire connection

Connect it by wire linker, need connect the lead end to penetrate the wire linker, then use nut to contract wire in the
wire linker. As shown in Figure 12.

3.9 Warning signs installation

According to the condition, every 10 meters set as one warning signs.

3.10 Grounding/earth
grounding request: according to GB/T 7946-2008, earth principle and weak electricity separated. The electric fence
system includes: controller high voltage output earth, lighting arrester earth, protective earth output, the three kinds of
earth. High voltage earth and lightning arrester earth can share the same earth, but must separate from protective earth,
and the earth pole distance is above 10meters, the earth pole depth of burying is above 1.5m, the resistance value of
weak electricity should be below 4, the resistance of high voltage earth should be below 10,the lightning arrester earth
connects reliably by square millimeter copper wires.

3.11 Underground wire layout

Electric fence needs underground wire layout,needs the rated voltage 15KV high voltage insulated conductor,
penetrate the insulated threading tube.

Electric fence underground layout, should avoid high voltage insulated conductor,as the underground is usually
moist, it is hard to keep good insulation strength at the tie-in. if tie-in avoidless, should strengthen the tie-in part
insulativity, for example, use the Silastic envelope, or change the tie-in above the ground.

4 Debug of controller and alarm test

- 15 -

4.1 Electrify check

After finish the installation of controller and electric fence completely, should carry on overall check, whether the
hang pole fastening, insulators position correct, the wire erects normally, grounding earth resistance to satisfy request,
the connection of high voltage insulated wire between controller and electric fence correct or not, the other port of
controller is right or not, after confirm all the connection right, and confirm all the personnel already leave the fence
Connect AC220V power supply, open the power supply switch to I position, the system enter into auto-detect,
after 4s,the controller displays normally, the light of power supply is bright.
After turn on, the indicated light of armed is bright, high/low voltage switch turns to high voltage, the controller
will send out the pulse sound tatata, when turn to low voltage, the sound will be down. Turn to auto, high
voltage mode is controlled by keypad or computer.
On the condition of high/low voltage or auto condition, the LCD display every output voltage of circuit, the
indicated light operates correctly.
Keypad, computer displaying conforms to the energizer indicating.
Above situation display correctly and without any alarm output, that shows the system operates well.


: in a electric fence system, if the quantity of fence controller is above one unit, and needs keypad or

computer to centralized control, after the controller electrified check, need correct monitor zone number of the
electric fence controller through keypad or computer. Make every controller zone number is the sole number in
the system, without any conflict in the communication process. Monitor zone number can be set as any digit
from 1-16. the default monitor zone number from factory is 2, after finish it completely, then use hand in
hand mode to connect all the fence controller.


Alarm test

short circuit: with the metal wire short circuit any two neighboring lead wire or to the ground, about 3 seconds, the
controller alarm, the red alarm indicated lamp of board in short circuit is bright, after eliminating the triggering
source, the controller alarm delays 30s, then automatic reset, system recovers normally. ( except for the keypad
and computer reposition)

- 16 -

Break: pluck any insulated wire from wiring column, about 3 seconds, the red indicated lamp of break is bright,
after eliminating the triggering source, controller alarm delays 30s, then automatic reset, system recovers normally.
Tamper: open the controller covering, the controller alarms, the red alarm indicated lamp of tamper on board is
bright. Close the controller covering, controller delays 30s alarm, then automatic reposition, the system recovers

5 Work standard

and safe instructions note

5.1 work standard

5.1.1 construction principles: precise, strict, good quality and high efficient
5.1.2 construction instructions:
pedestal installations need be firm, horizontal, keep a straight line between the pedestals.
pedestal installation fixed, use the stainless steel plug bolt or strong plug bolt, to avoid rust, select stainless steel
bolt for long term use, the terminal rod pedestal uses 10*100mm bolt, middle rod uses 8*80mm plug bolt.
fence lead wire needs to keep parallel equal-space.
fence tensioners need to maintain a vertical straight line.
attached installation, the distance is above 700mm between the topper fence lead wire and fence peak, ground
installation, the height of pulse electric fence is above 1800mm.
bury the PVC tube, make sure have the tie-in between tube and tube, use the V-PVC special purpose rubber
stickness solid. Should negotiate with first party, confirm using along corner edge or underground pipe, when
underground pipe, must make sure the depth( about 40cm), use the metal pipe in the strong jamming place.
when arrange the line, must guarantee one line reaching the bottom, avoiding the middle tie-in situations. If must
have tie-in, use the Solder Flick welding( copper wire welding together, then use the solder flick intertwine, then

- 17 -

by the cigarette lighter roasting the solder flick) meanwhile, complete waterproof insulation processing,
especially the underground pipe.
when install lightning arrester, the minimum depth of pile must infiltrate below underground 1.5m, the resistance of
high voltage lightning arrester should be below 10, weak current connecting earth should be below4. The
lightning arrester should install at the beginning, means approaching the energizer end, the top side of lightning
arrester connects the highest high voltage cable of electric fence. The end side of lightning arrester buries in the
ground, uplead wire uses the high voltage insulated wire, downlead wire must connect earth reliably. Follow the
drawing 6.2item.
between wall pillar(10m),should hang a warning signs to remind intruder fully.
main lines selected specification: RVSP*1.0mm double twists belt shield transmission line, the length of main line
surpass 900meters,need to add a 485 repeaters at every other 900meters.
power line selected specification: RVV2*1.5mm power supply line, when the length of supply line surpass 800
meters, enlarge the line diameter.
high voltage insulated wire insulating layer reaches 15KV pulse voltage, the material of wire core is aluminum.
if use the multiple zone system, when single zone alarm controller put outdoor, must put in stainless steel
waterproof tank which hangs on the wall, or concrete foundation laying ground.
5.2 Other notes of construction
5.2.1 if the pillar of wall is wide, should design the electric fence approaching the wall center, pedestals installed
outward ,guarantee without any blind spot situation, prevent climbing over the fence through the wall.
5.2.2 pulse electric fence system should not connect with other grounding system, and keep above 10m distance away
connecting ground independently.
5.2.3 when alloy wire lengthen, connect the tie-in by wire linker.
5.2.4 the product electric pulse will not injure the intruder, but should avoid the association factor, in order to settle the
issue, firstly, in the striking site of electric fence, hang up the warning signs electric fence, forbid climbing at every
other 10 meters, give the intruder a warns, not to touch it. Secondly, the height of electric fence should be above 1.8m
to make sure the accident. If the height of electric fence is not enough, in order to avoid the personnel touching
accidently, should install the isolated electric fencing at both sides.
5.2.5 electric fence pulse energy, will produce the spark sometimes, hence, should not have flammable gas existing

- 18 -

5.2.6 electric fence should keep safe distance with power circuit.
5.3 Troubleshooting ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Eliminated methods


1 check the connection between controller and kepad

2 check the voltage switch of controller whether in auto mode
3 check the armed zone number of keypad whether conform to the
controller( the default monitor zone number of controller is 2)
4 When there are many controller in one electric fence system ,check
whether have monitor zone number duplicated situation


Check the connection of computer and controller correctly or not

Check the voltage switch of controller whether stay in auto situation

Check R232 transform to RS485 whether double action data

Check the port of computer and software correct or not

Check the added monitor zone number of computer software

whether conform to the zone number of controller on electric fence

If there are many controllers on a electric fence system, check

whether exist duplicated zone number situation.


1 Check whether the connection of outer electric fence break or short circuit, use the
multimeter to test every loops go through, the resistance of two loops should be
strong enough..

Short circuit

When turn low voltage situation, check whether the tie-in connection good or not

1 When controller connects power supply, the two high voltage output loops whether
connect the outer fence or use wire in short circuit.
2 Check the port of alarm output whether exist short circuit.
3 Whether only use the battery as power supply ( backup battery first use, if the
power is weak, after charge 12 hours, then can work normally.

- 19 -

- 20 -