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Dear Guests from Ukraine, Members of the Parliament, Dear Friends,

I am glad to welcome you here, at the conference Digital Ukraine in Brussels. The main
task of our meeting today is showing the achievements and results of the country on its way
of digitalization, adaptation of European requirements to national legislation, optimization of
the dialogue and interactions between the government and the society, the citizens.
It is evident that 2 years - and this is the exact period, when the reform on e-governance has
been started - is not a long period of time, where we can say that the basis is working
But this is also - the second year when the war in Ukraine is still continuing. It takes the
financial, organizational and human energy. It is exhausting the people - anyone - the
citizens, adults and children, politicians, soldiers, relatives.
Last week the new government was established, so we all hope that ambitious reforms - in
many areas will be developed, continued and implemented. Because the reforms required
stability and the strong leadership.
Even at such conditions the following achievements at the digital area - have been made:
thanks to the permanent and on-going work of the politicians, executives and experts
involved into e-governance reform. I remember, when we have started in the Automn of
2014 the first debates on e- governance during the preparation of the Green Paper on egovernance in Ukraine.
Why the e-governance reforms are so crucial ?
They are important because of many reasons:
- e-governance can give the new model of relations between citizens and administration,
oriented on citizens' convenience,
- e-governance solutions can simplify the administrative procedures and make the
administrative processes and decisions much more visible and transparent,
- e-governance framework support the new solution: to establish the electronic system for
public tenders, which will be very supportive for the transparency and honest measures
and also for the state budget incomes,
- e-governance schemes can improve the order and better organization in public authorities
making them more effective and efficient,
- e-governance solutions - as it is now in Ukraine - can simplify and make much more
convenient the personal identification via digital tools, which is important for electronization
many services and support the personalization of public services,
- e-governance can support the opening of public information and data, which is important
for inclusive participation of citizens' in the public life and public responsabilities, and lead

to the model of the open government, but in addition. - can support business development
by re-using of data and public information in commercial purposes without any payment,
- e-governance can open the new opportunities for all kinds of public services: educational,
in healthcare area, cultural, business oriented, judicial, at the area of land management,
- e-governance is the key for building the trust among all partners: citizens, business,
administration. The trust is basic for reforms and development. The trust is crucial for
building the social capital. And social capital is the fuel of the modern, innovative growth.
But, on the other hand: the e-governance reforms are important, because they are changing
- in the broad sense - the infrastructural requirements. It is clear, that all those new egovernance solutions need to have the better, faster network, cloud computing possibilities,
storages, common accessability of the Internet, new digital skills, legislation adjusted to the
digital world, interoperability and standarization. And, of course - it turned out during last
months that, Ukraine needs the new Strategy on Cyber Security.
All those efforts build the best way for Ukraine - to make the country not only much more
modern and innovative, but also more closed to the European Union. During the time of
association - we need not only the Ukrainian adjustment to the existed EU law and solutions,
but also common: European Union and Ukraine way forward, facing new challenges.
Those e-governance projects are the part of Ukrainian contribution to the future common
European Digital Single Market. Today, we will have the possibility to look at some projects:

platform on open data,

telecommunication law changes,
12 e-services, among them: geological cadastre and construction control,
electronic system for public procurement,
reforms on electronic identification close to the European Regulation,
smart solutions for smart cities.

Digital Ukraine has really started. Now, we want to present the achievements at this area here in Brussels, because it is key to inform the European public opinion, that Ukraine is
ready for reforms and for innovative development. Good luck, and today - good exchange of
views and fruitful discussions.
Thank you for your attention!
Michal Boni, MEP
Brussels, 19th April, 2016
the launch of unified join platform on open data, is a big step, which we
can admit so far. This tool helps to make all the processes transparent and clear. Both

businesses and researchers will be able to find the information at this storage. Here we can
also speak on healthy lobbying for the internatonal market as well.
12 e-services are available for the citizens so far. They work in the Ministry of Justice, State
Geological Cadastre, and State Architechture and Building control. Taking into account that
Ukraine is an agricultural country, those two branches - lands management and building are in the first priority to make them transparent and easy to use from the governmental
point of view. Additionally, they are the most problematic areas from the corruption point of
Before if a person needed the registration document for the particular part of land, the
document could leave at the office of governmental officer for long time even without being
registered. At present the process becomes transparent and controlled. Every response,
including negative one is registered accordingly.
The implementation of electronic systems for public tenders gives the economy from 10
up to 20% of public budget at the first year of its use. Taking into account that the total
budget of public purchases in Ukraine is equal to 250 mlrd UAH per year, we can calculate
that 1 day of reform missed costs 55 mln of UAH. System of public purchases Prozorro has
been successfully recommended in Ukraine and allows to sell your services and goods to
the state. According to the statistics the Kyiv Administration is the main purchaser in this
area (the amount of total purchases is equal to 25093 UAH), then goes the Ministry of
Infrastructure (8 127) Dnipropetrovsk public administration (4 667) and Ministry of Energetics
(3 433 UAH)
There still some challenges in front of Ukraine, which are important to take into account:
The quality of governmental services is a tool, with the help of which the citizen, including
business, evaluates the strength of the government. How successfully the country is able
to satisfy the need of its own citizen, how professional it is in management of its own
The reform works in large cities mostly, and people in the regions are not awared
about simplification of the governmental services. Such cities as Kyiv, Lvov,
Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Kharkov, Lutsk, Vinnitsa - are active with the implementation of egovernance. But Ukraine is big, and we have to remember about the other part of the
territory. People have to understand the advantage of e-dialog with the government in order
to save their time and efforts. For this informational campaigns and educational training
sessions are necessary.
European legislation is developing. The work on Law On electronic interoperability is in
the process of ammendments and proposals preparation. At the same time recently
accepted Digital Single Market Strategy and Plan have been already accepted by European
Commission. it means that Ukraine has take into account the recent updated in order to
correspond to the requirements.
During this conference you will be able to hear what has been done and make your own
conclusions on the success of e-governance reform implementation.

I would like to invite you to pay your attention to the particular questions in our agenda and
take part in the open discussion after.
Thank you one more time for your interest and attendance and feel free to join with your
ideas after.