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Grace Christian Reformed Church Please inform the office or your district elder if there are any

We welcome you to our worship service today as we announcements or concerns that you would like to go in the bulletin.
celebrate Palm Sunday – Christ’s triumphant entrance into Please have all bulletin items in by Wednesday 7pm.
Jerusalem! This morning Pastor Norman Jones will lead us in worship as Office Hrs: Mon. –Thurs. 9am –noon
Pastor William was scheduled to fill a pulpit supply at Good News in SERVANT ROSTER:
London. May we be blessed as we worship together in the name of our
Saviour Jesus! SERVING ELDERS: Bill Folkerts, Patrick McNamara
This evening the worship service will be led by Calvary CRC at Grace Good Friday: Patrick McNamara, Bill Folkerts
SERVING DEACONS: Myrna Panjer, Dale Abbott
Good Friday: Myrna Panjer, Dale Abbott
Thought for the week: "God sees us as we can be but loves us as we
USHERS: AM & PM: Margaret VanDaalen, Ken Bosman, Elco Medenblik
Good Friday: Jim Hoekstra, Wilma Noordam, Mark Okkema

GRACE CHURCH VISION STATEMENT: As disciples of Christ our GREETERS: AM: Albert Mast, William Grin
purpose is to encourage spiritual growth in ourselves, our family, and our Good Friday: Helen Brouwer/Nicole Brouwer, Gertie Wissink
church family so that we will be the presence of Christ to all the world ELEVATOR: AM & PM: Aaron Hoekstra
around us in all we say and do. Good Friday: Aaron Hoekstra
COFFEE Volunteers: Walter & Eunice Hasselaar, Bill & Grace Dieleman,
Good Friday’s offering is for Back to God Hour Ministry. Eva Hofstede
Next week’s morning offering is LIBRARY: Sharon McNamara
for Home Missions. NURSERY: AM: Suzanne Wiersma, Helene Mast, Hope
Bultje, Abby Dieleman
PM: Carol Dieleman, Ryan McNamara
PRAYER MINISTRY: Good Friday: Cindy Raymond, Mark Dieleman, Megan Vyn
• Please come Sunday mornings at 9am and join in prayer for our HALL MONITOR: Julie Coolen
church and community. We meet in Room #2 (in the lower level) AUDIO: AM: Will Holsappel
PM: Will Holsappel
• Join us for prayer following the worship services in the room at the
Good Friday: Keith Groen
back of the sanctuary. All requests remain confidential.
VISUAL: AM: Ray VerBurg
• Do you need someone to pray for you? Send your requests Good Friday: Ken Nydam
through the Prayer Chain: Bill/Grace Dieleman (692-4787),
Randy/Alice VanStempvoort (436-0775), or Joe/Hilda Wiersma (354-
Is God calling you to lead? The Sunday School program is looking for a
SENIOR HOME SERVICES: new coordinator. This is a critical leadership role, responsible for organizing
the Sunday School program (3&4 year olds to Grade 5). Whether you are
Grace Church is not asked to lead/attend any services this week. just starting out on your leadership journey, or well on your way, the
Education Committee will assist you as you help our teachers to promote
spiritual growth in children. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Roseanne Elder: Bill Dieleman, Greg Nydam, Mike VanderSluis, Ray VanderSluis
Baker (510 355-1260). Deacon: Neil DeGroot, Mark Dieleman, Teresa Hoekstra, Helene Mast,
Attention all volunteers who have received the Safe In Grace – Aaron Medenblik, Jeff Raymond
Abuse Prevention Policy (red folder): If you have not already signed
and returned your “Policy Receipt Acknowledgement” for the Abuse Youth Praise Team: We will be having a practice tomorrow
Prevention Policy, could you please do so and place in Sue Dieleman’s (Monday April 6). If you will be playing an instrument, please
mail slot? The Safe In Grace Committee would like to ensure that all come for 7pm. If you are singing, please be there for 7:30. If you
those required, acknowledge to have read and abide by the policy. are unable to attend, please talk to Cheryl.
ELEVATOR ATTENDENTS NEEDED: We are in need of 1 or 2 more
people to help with the elevator on Sundays. This is an easy job
and doesn’t take a lot of time. If you are able to help out with this This week we will be meeting at Suzanne's place (16 Paisley Court). The Bible study will
please talk to Julie Coolen. start around 8pm but you are welcome to come early.

ONLY 2 MORE SPOTS LEFT!!! If you haven’t signed up to

bring flowers to church, you’ll want to hurry to get your name
Grace Christian Reformed
down before there’s no more spots available! There are dates to
choose from in April & May. So sign up on the table in the Church
Narthex today! 255 Tweedsmuir Avenue West, Chatham, Ontario, N7M 5K4
Church Office: 519-436-1558 Website:
LIBRARY NEWS: Falling Stars…Do they ever rise again? So begins the battle: An
unlikely group of has-beens, armed with only faith and vision, against
all the money and power Hollywood can wield against them. Will Fax: 519-436-1241 E-Mail:
they succeed with their revolutionary idea for filmmaking? Enjoy this Telephone Services: 519-436-0041 (dial 5 minutes before the service)
novel by Davis Bunn “My Soul to Keep”. Minister: Pastor William Koopmans: 519-360-1072
The following individuals are presented to the congregation for approval
for the Office of Elder and Deacon. These names will be put on ballot for
affirmation by the congregation.
This will take place on April 19, 2009 after the morning worship service.
At that time we will ask the congregation to affirm any and all names they
deem acceptable for the office.

On April 26, 2009 (D.V.) all names affirmed for Elder will be put into the
basket and 3 names will be chosen. Then all the names affirmed for
Deacon will be put into the basket and 2 names will be chosen.

As a congregation we ask for God’s guidance in this process.

Welcome: We welcome you to our worship service today! May we be
blessed as we worship together in God’s house!
• VISITORS are invited to sign the Guest book and fill in a welcome
brochure on the Glass Table
• NURSERY is provided for children under 3 (located downstairs)
• ELEVATOR LIFT is available for all who have difficulty with stairs
• LARGE PRINT services are available on the information rack
• PERSONAL HEARING DEVICES can be obtained from an usher or sound
• AUDIO CASSETTES of each service are available: contact Adrian
Dieleman (519-354-9983)
• We observe a “scent-free” & “smoke-free” building and parking lot
• Please turn off cell phones, watches, and other electronic devices
while worshipping with us. Thank you.
Sunday April 5, 2009