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Integrated Security Unit

Toronto Police Service Registration Program

The Toronto Police Service is working with the RCMP to provide a safe and secure environment for the G20 Summit
to be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on June 26 and 27, 2010.

Providing this security means creating a number of different security zones around the Convention Centre.

Work is being done to ensure these zones are kept to the bare minimum. However, an area around the Convention
Centre in which vehicle and pedestrian traffic is controlled is a necessary component of security planning for the

As with most international summits of this size and scope, security fencing will be used to secure this area. This
fencing will be erected in the weeks leading up to the Summit.

The Toronto Police Service hopes that members of the public will be able to move freely throughout the downtown
core (including within the fenced perimeter) until the evening of Friday, June 25, 2010.

However, the Toronto Police Service will have the ability to control access to this area in the days leading up to
Friday, June 25, 2010, if security reasons dictate such control.

To maintain the integrity of the security plans, the exact location of the security fence will not be made public at this
time. However, you are receiving this information package because your home or place of business is located within
the anticipated area of the security perimeter.

In order to facilitate your quick passage through checkpoints that will be part of the security perimeter, the Toronto
Police Service is offering to provide you with a registration card. This registration card – listing your name and
address (home or business) – along with a piece of photo identification will be requested by police officers controlling
access into the security perimeter.

Your name and address will be collected only for the purpose of creating the registration card.

No security checks will be done on your information.

For further information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the reverse side or contact the Community
Relations Group at 1-888-446-4047 or

Integrated Security Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t want to register; will I still be able to gain access my home/business?

A. The registration process is voluntary. Persons who present photo identification and can clearly articulate a
specific purpose and destination for requiring access to the security zone will be allowed through. This
process may take some time and persons without a registration card can expect a delay in crossing the
security perimeter.

Q. I don’t have photo identification; will I still be able to access my home/business?

A. Applicable pieces of photo identification include a driver’s license, a health card, and a passport or
workplace identification. Persons who cannot present photo identification with their registration card will
have to clearly articulate a specific purpose and destination for requiring access. This process may take
some time and persons without photo identification can expect a delay in crossing the security perimeter.

Q. I have guests visiting me that weekend; will they still be able to do so?

A. Persons who do not live or work within the security perimeter but are able to present photo identification
and clearly articulate a specific purpose and destination for requesting access will be granted access.

Q. Why would someone be denied access into the security perimeter?

A. Persons who cannot present a registration card and/or photo identification and are unable to explain their
specific purpose and destination for requesting access could be denied access.

Q. Under what authority are the police able to restrict my freedom to move freely throughout the city?

A. There are various legal authorities for the police service to take reasonable measures to control access to
areas of the city to ensure the security of those participating in the Summit.

Every case will be dealt with on an individual basis and police will ensure they are acting in the execution of
their duties to ensure the integrity of the perimeter and maintain security of the G20 Summit.