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The Pinay Circle

The Pinay Circle is a secretive group that few people realize. According to some, the
Pinay Circle is more secret than the Bilderberg Group. It's an Atlanticist
organization of dealing with retired intelligence operatives, military officers, and
politicians that try to make changes in government. Some believe that they are
credited with engineering the election of Margaret Thatcher in the UK and the possible
ousting of Australia's Gough Whitlam. David Guyatt wrote about this issue, but I don't
believe in his Left/Right paradigm information. See, Guyatt demonizes collectively any
conservative. I don't subscribe to that tenet at all. In the 1970's, there were coup d'etats among
many governments seen as "communists." By the 1980's, those in the Right side of the
paradigm rose up with leaders like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and
others. The Secret societies and other groups exploited many legitimate concerns of the
conservatives to prop up puppet leaders in order to control society more effectively. One example is
how inflation was very high in the late 1970’s and in 1980. So, the elite allow populist fervor to
elected Bohemian Grover Ronald Reagan to be elected President in 1980. Soon, folks in a high
number realized that Reagan enacted bad austerity measures, the debt increased in his watch, and
he became a honorary 33rd Degree Freemason. Austerity measures deal with the immoral cutting of
services that can harm citizens. During the Great Depression, people were starving to death. That
is why FDR (though he wasn’t perfect and did errors) expanded Social Services like Social Security
and the good Food Stamp Act to prevent mass poverty in America. Reagan tried to break down the
Glass Steagal Act (that ended in 1999. Reagan‘s actions in the economic world was called
“Reagonomics,” but this doctrine came from Frederick Hayek and others. Hayek
believed via his 1944 book called “The Road to Serfdom” that socialist and communist
theories inspired the rise of fascism). This is a lie since the Nazis executed Social-
Democrats, Communists, and anti-fascists. Hitler & the Nazis suppressed labor unions.
The Nazis were a bunch of extremists that didn‘t represent conservatives or liberals. I
don‘t agree with communism though. The Jesuit Communist Reductions of the Guarani
Native Americans of Paraguay was exploitative against the Native Americans back in the
1600’s. Hayek advanced the views of the Mont Pelerin Society, which spread his views
on economics. Recently, John Stossel talked with Bill O‘Reilly about Hayek. Stossel
doesn’t want any interference of the government in the market even if that intervention
could benefit the general welfare of the people. Stossel purposely omitted that Hayek
hated nationalism. Stossel was slick. In life, you have every right to use your voice in a
forthright manner in order to change the injustice in the world. In our time and
generation, we aren’t going to be mental slaves. We are going to freely think for our
ourselves and fight against any form of evil.

President Ronald Reagan permitted the warfare in Nicaragua, and he worked in the end of the Cold
War. Ronald Reagan promoted extreme free trade and nearly no regulation against
speculation. So, he promoted the Austrian Economic School, and the London School.
The deal is that Reagan believed in the doctrines of Thatcher. Some provisions such as
Regulation Q, which allowed the Federal Reserve to regulate interest rates in savings
accounts, were repealed by the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary
Control Act of 1980. Furthermore, Larry Summers, Rubin and Greenspan deregulated
further the economy with their support of the repeal of the Glass Steagell Act in 1999.
Really, Austrian economists are always harsh to Keynes as they view his
proponents as socialist spenders. Yet, both doctrines (of Austrian &
Keynesian economics) are created and funded by the same families.
These families include the Morgans and the Rockefellers. So it's basically
just a dialectic. One ideology is a false opposition to the other ideology. Then, you have
Austrians like Thomas J. DiLorenzo trying to support the robber barons. This is typical
of him since he‘s a professor of economics at the Jesuit Loyola College. What's
Capitalism if you're running cartels or near monopolies. These internationalists exploit
the US, the military, and monetary wealth to use it for their agenda. While, people get
mad on the US and the Americans (this only tells some of the story because it's about a
cabal that sits on America and abuses it as a puppet). Now, austerity measures are
common place even in America (not just in Greece) with thousands of teachers laid off
nationwide in the USA. US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan indicated that between
100,000 and 300,000 public education positions in the US are in danger of being
terminated. As A Mohit has written:

“…More than one quarter of Obama’s first term has elapsed, and his
administration is still blaming it on the mess they inherited. Perhaps it is
time to talk about their own mess: the escalation of war in Afghanistan
and Pakistan; the lining of pockets of Wall Street executives under the
pretext of “too big to fail;” giving a bonanza to the pharmaceutical
companies in the name of health care reforms; and now this farcical Wall
Street reform and shedding of crocodile tears for the main street. There
appears no end in sight of deception. Obama condoned firing of the entire
faculty and staff at Central Falls High School in Rhode Island on March 1.
He lauded the action as an example of what should be done at schools
around the country in the name of bringing accountability. Meanwhile,
Wall Street is reporting record earnings, but there is nothing to gloat
about. A country’s true wealth depends on the earning of its production
sector, namely revenue from its nuts-and-bolts companies and value
added by its intellectual community. The administration knows very well
that their slogan of jobless recovery is a mere pretense…”

Hayek inspired the Pilgrim Sir Anthony Fisher to want to spread free market think tanks all over the
Earth.. Also, Hayek promoted an anti-law philosophy and a supranational authority to control our
countries. This is pro-new world order ideology that some Libertarians like Stossel don’t want you to
know. Hayek wrote that: “…[If] economic transactions between national bodies who are at
NO SUPERIOR LAW and whose (elected) representatives cannot be bound by any
considerations but the immediate interest of their respective nation, [the result] must
end in clashes of power…A true system of law which guarantees both that the certain
rules are invariably enforced and that the authority to enforce these cannot use it for any
other purpose, for its task of enforcing the common law the SUPERNATIONAL
AUTHORITY MUST BE VERY POWERFUL…” Therefore, The Road to Serfdom is
a propaganda piece for a New World Order. This is why I woke up fully to economic
populism in early 2010. My eyes are all wide open now. Monetarism doesn‘t work long
term since it puts a cap on economic expansion (hence living standards and population
levels can decline). You have to allow a nation to produce, transport, and sell goods to be a
economic blessing. The economic populist policy of having Government
services mixed with private services in one nation has been the profound
policy of Presidents George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Abraham
Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and even John F. Kennedy (including
Henry Clay, Henry Carey, Benjamin Franklin, and others). This is contrary
to the free trade radicalism that was advocated by Lord Shellburne,
Jeremy Bentham, John Locke, and Adam Smith [with his Invisible Hand
Theory]. Smith advocated the evil, imperialist British East India Company.
Shelburne criticized the legitimate parts of the July 4, 1776 Declaration of
Independence. I‘m not committed to von Mises‘ economic philosophies or
fascism in anyway. It is morally right to provide food, medicine, health,
education, and other real services to any human being. The Pinay Cercle was
created by its founder Antoine Pinay, who was the Premier of France, in 1951. Jean Violet was an
organizer of the group as well. He was a member of the secretive fascist group called the CSAR or
the Comite Secret pour l'Action Revolutionnaire. It has its own initiation rites like Freemasonry.
Violet was arrested for aiding the enemy after WWII, he was release, and became a member of
Opus Dei. Pinay was a Catholic too. Also, Violet soon managed to hook up with Opus Dei
luminaries as Alfredo Sanchez Bella and Otto von Habsburg, who had founded the European
Centre of Documentation and Information (CEDI) in 1949. Jean Violet was a Le Cercle member
show was trained as an intelligent agent by former Nazi spy chief General Reinhard Gehlen.

Some called the Pinay Cercle “Le Cerle.” It has been more clandestine than the Bilderberg Group.
Both the Bilderberg Group and the Pinay Cerle have members including Henry Kissinger, the
Roman Catholic Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller. Each three of these people have links
or are members to the influential political groups of the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and even
the Royal Institute of International Studies (which is the twin of America's CFR). Now, Zbigniew
Brzezinski wrote a book titled 'Between to Ages', which was published in 1970. That book
believed in political and economic communication among the regions of the Earth like
North America, Western Europe, and Japan. David Rockefeller loved the book and invited
him to organize a private discussion forum to implement these ideas. This allowed the
Trilateral Commission to exist by 1973. Zbigniew Brzezinski would promote a technocratic
state and aid the Muhajadeen in the late 1970’s. In his book Brzezinski gave a good
description of the new, emerging globalist elite:

"Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites, but now
they are composed of international businessmen, scholars, professional men, and
public officials. The ties of these new elites cut across national boundaries, their
perspectives are not confined by national traditions, and their interests are more
functional than national. These global communities are gaining in strength and as
was true in the Middle Ages, it is likely that before long the social elites of most of the
more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and
outlook. The creation of the global information grid, facilitating almost
continuous intellectual interaction and the pooling of knowledge, will further
enhance the present trend toward international professional elites and toward the
emergence of a common scientific language (in effect, the functional equivalent of
Latin). This, however, could create a dangerous gap between them and the
politically activated masses, whose "nativism"— exploited by more nationalist
political leaders—could work against the "cosmopolitan" elites." (1970, Zbigniew
Brzezinski, 'Between Two Ages - America's Role in the Technetronic Era', p. 29)

Zbigniew Brzezinski was an militant anti-Communist and according to Webster Tarpley

has a covert hatred of Russia to this day. He is more of a hardliner than what is shown by
the media. For, example, he supported the Shah in Iran and lured the Soviet Union into
Afghanistan to crush more of the Soviet‘s military. Pilgrim Cyrus Vance, who was the
Secretary of State under Carter, worked in these times as well. . Antoine Pinay was powerful in
Europe and America. He have created links with President Richard Nixon. By May of 1952, Antoine
Pinary attended the Bilderberg inaugural meeting in Oosterbeek, Holland. In 1969, Pinay worked
with the lawyer working for the French intelligence Service SDECE named Jean Violet and
Archduke Otto von Habsburg to create Le Cerle (They began secretly recruiting men of influence as
members). They wanted to shift the balance of political climate in Europe for more of right paradigm
via a campaign of propaganda (with the aid of private intelligence services). Stephen Dorrill is an
author who believes that there are inter-connections between Le Carcle and the Gladio netowrk to
get "communists" when Communism was funded by the International bankers for decades. Even
NATO's SHAPE program in the 1950's was largely made up of ex-Nazis. Le Circle was more hands
on and more involved in direct action than the Bilderberg Group. Le Cerle is heavily made up of
intelligence leaders, senior military officers, politicians, banks, and VIPs. Time Out Magazine
revealed its existence by 1975 when it released 1500 internal documents. The documents have
been missing. Le Cercle Chairman in that time Brian Crozier was involved in the covert action group
called "The 61." Han von Machtenburg (which is a pseudonym) is a senior official of
Germany's Intelligence serve called the BND is a member of Crozier's 61. He
had been exchanging full reports on Crozier's secret get together with Hans
Langemann, who was formerly a senior ranking officer of Germany's intelligence
service of the BND (and latterly Head of Bavarian State Security). Langemann in
a fit of depression blew the whistle on a number of sinister conspiracies to the left wing German
glossy magazine Kronket. Langemann said that Crozier worked with the CIA for years. and that: "...It
must therefore be concluded that MI6 is fully aware of, if not indeed one of the main sponsors of",
Crozier’s "diverse circle of friends in international politics..." Additional subjects covered in the
Langemann papers include the "involvement of the main intelligence and security agencies both as
information sources and as recipients for information in these institutions." The papers show that as
"undercover financial transactions for political aims" that would be utilised by conducting
"international campaigns aiming to discredit hostile personalities or events," the "creation of a
(private) intelligence service specialising according to a selective point of view" and the
"establishment of offices under suitable cover each run by a corordinator from the central office." It's
easy to prove that Le Cerle have ties to the CIA, the Bilderbergers, Propaganda Due or P2, the
Opus Dei, the Jonathan Institute, etc. (being funded by the CIA). Members have include CIA
Director William Colby, British SIS/MI6 Department Intelligence Nicholas Elliot, Franz Josef Strauss
(German Defense Minister, Head of CSU party and Bavarian Premier), Alfredo Sanchez Bella (head
of European operations for Spain’s Secret Service and closely connected to Opus Dei), Giulio
Andreotti (former Italian Prime Minister, P2 member and Mafia confidant), General Antonio de
Spinola (head of the Portuguese putschists), etc. Some Le Cerle members want the French people
to unite with Germany.

So, Le Cerle is a secretive, privately funded and transnational discussion group. It meets in parts of
the world to promote European integration (as apart of Vatican Paneuropa groups. An unified
Europe as we know is a Vatican brainchild for centuries. You can look at the history of the Holy
Roman Empire to witness that truth). Some British elite are in the leadership of Le Cerle as well.
Today, Lord Norman Lamont is the Chairman and President of Le Cerle. He was a very influential
politician and he worked with the Rothschilds from 1968 to 1969. He is a member of the Privy
Council. He sought the release of the criminal Pinochet, is a Bilderbergers, and is apart of the
Eurosceptic movement in Britain. The Anglo American Elite are heavily influenced by the Pilgrim
Society (with interests in it ruled by the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Astors, the Whitneys,
Lazards, Morgans, etc.). Some were founders or leaders of the Royal Institute for International
Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Atlantic Councils, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral
Commission, the British Invisibles, and others. Other leading Pilgrims include these men: Lord
Roll, Lord Carrington, Arthur Dean, Gabriel Hauge, Henry Heinz, Richard Holbrooke,
Henry Kissinger, John J. McCloy, Lord Kerr, David Rockefeller, Robert V. Roosa, Cyrus
Vance, Paul Volcker, and John Whitehead. Charles Savoie additionally listed Sir Peter
Sutherland and George Ball as Pilgrims, both also important globalists. Even H.G. Wells
met with Pilgrims in Great Britain during November of 1913. He was apart of the
Coefficients. This was a 14 member pro-Empire dining club that influenced the direction of
the British Empire. Some of their members include Fabian Socialists like Sidney and
Beatrice Webb even. The Fabian Socialists influenced the agenda of the British Labour
Party even New Labour. Fabian Socialists acted more of the left side of the Left/Right
paradigm. Other famous Pilgrims today are James Baker and Edmund Rothschild.
One famous member of Le Cerle person was CIA direct William Colby. Colby worked with
Pilgrim Lord William-Rees Mogg. Rees-Mogg's articles years ago advocated giant cuts in
public expenditure and radical moves to roll back the state--and he praised Newt Gingrich
for pushing these same policies in the United States. Under the title ``It's the elite who
matter,'' Rees-Mogg argues that ``in future Britain must concentrate on educating the top
5%, on whose success we shall all depend.'' Mogg wanted the elite 5% of the world to
control 95% of the people as virtual slaves. He was a Malthusian. Mogg has links with the
high level aristocratic families of Britain like Duke of Devonshire (or Cavendish. He’s one
of the most powerful British persons in the world), Pilgrim President Lord Carrington
(another one of the most powerful British persons in the world), Lord Rothschild, and
Prince Charles. With Colby, Le Cercle have key connections with the CIA. The late
Alexander M. Haig Jr. was a Knight of Malta and a Pilgrim. The Cecil Family has been in
the Jesuit camp since the crypto-Catholic Lord Burghley (William Cecil). Well known Le
Cercle participants include William Colby, William Casey, Henry Kissinger,
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Edwin Feuler. I want to mention this though. I known tons of
British Patriots that loved Britain, but fought against evil. Unlike Lyndon LaRouche,
I don’t have an anti-British fetish. The reason is that tons of British people
legitimately want freedom and justice in the world. I don’t have some bigoted hatred
against the UK or the British people at all. Notice that LaRouche legitimately talks
about the Knights of St. John and the evil history of the British Crown, but refuse to
expose the Knights of Malta, the Vatican links to evils, and even the Ustashi
Holocaust back in World War Two. This Papal network is a persistent enemy, but
with God‘s help, we will be victorious.

The late King Hussein from Jordan used to receive millions from the CIA. The 1001 Club
group have ties to Le Cercle. The 1001 Club head up many of the establishment’s
environmental movement to control lands & wealth (while ignoring some of the real
environmental problems in the world today). British Le Cercle even desired to steal the
resources like oil, in the Persian Gulf, the rubber and tin of Malaya, and the gold (including
cooper and precious metals) of South and Central Africa. Armey opposed Colonel Nasser‘s
government of Egypt. British Imperialism didn’t end in 1945. They just went covert with
groups like the 1001 Club, the Knights of St. John, etc. The 1001 Club is headed by royals,
European bloodlines, and the rest of the corporate elite. One big Royal in the 1001 Club
was Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein. He was the absolute ruler of his nation. Others
are of course SMOM King Juan Carlos, and Prince Philip has ties to the group. The 1001
Club do represent Big Oil & internationalist corporations from BP to De Beers. Le
Cercle is a key part of the Vatican network and other groups that wanted globalized world
system along with ties to the agenda of forming a more unified Europe.

*The goal of feudalism, the Holy Roman Empire, etc. didn’t die with the end of the Middle
Ages. This agenda still commences in the 21st century.

Appendix A: Discussions on Various Issues

My Words are in bold.

Another Dialogue with a Christian

t: Tim

are there
holy week in the US?

do u celebrate good Friday?

Me: no

We're not required to celebrate that.

There is nothing wrong with spiritual contemplation on the resurrection of Jesus

Christ though.

I'm a non-conformist personally.

I don't believe in doing things for the sake of doing it.

t: I think your stance are slowly becoming politically correct?

Me: I believe in independent thinking to achieve succinct thinking.

How so?

t: you love Arabs

i think we should love the Jewish people

Me: You love all human beings regardless of background.

We should love Jewish people and Arabic people equally.

t: i don’t feel I’m going to love a terrorist

Me: I guess you do realize that many Arabic people are Christians.

t: Muslims

Me: Most Arabic people aren't terrorists and you know this.

t: dominant faith

Me: Most Muslims aren't even of Arabic descent.

So, this is not being politically correct.

t: Saudi all Muslims

98 percent

Me: It's about being politically tolerant and respectful.

Indonesia have more Muslims than Saudi Arabia.

Most Muslims aren't of Arabic descent.

Also, most Muslims don't believe in Wahabbi ideology.

t: is terrorism in Islam

Me: The British elite funded the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

t: literal?

or originally intended

Me: Terrorism made by some Muslims aren't justified.

Yet, these people are a minority.

t: Muhammad do chopped heads

Me: I think you conflate Muslim with Arabic, which is baiting.

You know that many Arabic people are Christians.

t: why they are encourage


study Islam Arabic

Me: Also, Muhammad is one man.

t: if its universal

Me: I don't believe in Muhammad.

You can study Islam to see where many Muslims come from and offer legitimate
rebuttals to their faith in a authentic fashion.

t: you believe in Muhammad?

this is madness!

Me: No

I believe in God.

Muhammad was a false prophet.

t: ahahaha

Me: Yet, you seem to scapegoat.

I don't follow the neo con's ideology of scapegoating people of a different faith
than me.

t: why people

enjoyed working

in America even more than in Europe?

Me: It's culturally different in the USA.

t: Filipinos felt at home in the US

Me: We typically are very competitive and in America, there is less vacation time
than in Europe.

t: going to US is more than tourism

they go there to find a greener pasture

Me: Europeans have more free time and more opportunities for benefits.

Greener pasture? Not everything in America are peaches and cream.

America has more freedom than some countries in Europe.

That's true.

Yet, Americans are a whole lot more materialistic than Europeans.

t: are we in the end times?

I felt so
many earthquakes

Me: I think so.


Me: I don't think Iran has an active nuclear weapons program for a military usage.

Iran is ruled by a cruel dictator and the citizens of Iran deserve their own freedom
and tranquility. That is true.

t: is Ramses a tyrant?

Me: Technically yes

He was an authoritarian ruler in ancient Egypt.

t: how bout king David?

Me: He was a monarch in a theocracy.

You can make the case that David wasn't a tyrant in the league of other tyrants.

I don't believe in theocracies.

t: Ramses is a god king

Me: He called himself that.


t: why do people believe he is a god clearly he is human like us

Me: That's blasphemy of course. He ruled in the peak of ancient Egyptian military

Some people followed the false concept of hero worship and the inaccurate belief
of man being a god (which relates to pagan principles).

t: do u think

the notion

of prove your worth is misleading?

Me: What do you mean?

t: people say

they will respect you when you proved your worth

Me: A human being doesn't need anyone's respect.

Except for God's approval.

Now, you being born proves your worth equally to every human.

t: do u think we humans should prove our worth?

Me: no

t: then no


Me: We prove our worth to God alone.

We have development in our lives and morality, but we shouldn't suck up toward

t: Caligula made his horse a senator

Me: right

He was apart of the Julio-Claudian bloodline I think.

t: so Americans despite tyranny?


Me: Most Americans do.

We like individual liberty and personal freedom.

t: what’s your comment on the dalai lama?

Me: That is why the Bill of Rights was created in the first place even though
sometimes America doesn't practice what they preach.

The Dalai Lama is a Buddhist leader.

t: is he genuinely compassionate and kind?

Me: Tibet should have independence, but the Dalai Lama isn't perfect.

I have to look into this man to see the total picture of him.
IN the USA, the media shows one side of him being compassionate and loving.

t: ok?


what’s the point men\

Me: Webster Tarpley criticizes him.

t: he says kindness and love is his religion

criticize of what?

Me: He feels that he has ties to the CIA and the intelligence community, etc.

He thinks that he possessed feign piety, etc.

t: dalai lama is more of a PC leader

Me: I see.


t: is pope john Paul perfect

are popes connected to the Julio claudian concept?

is a pope king or a priest?

Me: The Pope acts like a King.

The Pope has no relation to the Bible. Its origin is from the ancient Mystery schools
of Babylon and Egypt. Even his mitre relates to Dagon or the Semitic fish god.

t: thats chick;s


I’m not sure of that

all I know he is a false teacher that’s all but being meticulous I’m not that concerned

I ask is the pope role similar to a Caesar?

Me: He is similar to the concept of a Caesar.

He calls himself Holy Father, which is blasphemy.

He think he's some representative of God on Earth when there is no evidence for
that at all.

t: absolutely none

Me: Chick in my mind is right on that.

t: I find the semiramis

Me: That isn't a fantasy to outline the Dagon link.

t: a bit unbelievable

Me: Semiramis is different than the mitre though.

t: is the semiramis

tale true?

accd to chick version?

Me: It's most probably based on a Mesopotamian person after Nimrod's time.

t: have you seen the movie

holy family?

Me: No

What is that movie about?

t: the movie about the young Jesus

My discussion with a person
A Discussion with a Christian Again (My words are in bold)
I have communication with the Christian today in April 12, 2010.

t is Offline -
t will receive your Chat message after signing in.

t: is illuminati not existent?

should I do=about they don’t exist?

Me: The Bavarian Illuminati don't exist.

The modern Illuminati as a network exists.

t: what illuminati is referred on apologetics

the one
in Obama deception and fall of republic?

Me: The Illuminati is found in Fritz Springmeier's research.

t: are knights of malta real?

Me: Yes

They are a very real organization who head many corporations, etc.

t: Obama is worse than bush?

too leftist

Me: Obama is a corporatist like Bush.

Obama is slightly more "liberal" than George W. Bush is on some issues.

Yet, they are very similar in terms of their foreign policy ideas.

Each believe in the war on terror.

t: I thought obama will have the US soldiers retreat

Me: Obama wants the troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Obama desires permanent military bases in Iraq.

You know this.

t: did he promised he will make the GIs come back from Iraq

Me: Retreat?

t: I mean

go home

Me: I rather we retreat and have diplomacy than warfare for the sake of executing a
war mongering, nefarious strategy in the world.

There is nothing wrong with the troops going home in a legitimate fashion.

t: is obama a candidate for tyranny

what’s your stance on military bases in central Asia?>

Me: The bases in Central Asia is apart of the geopolitical battles among the West
and China/Russia for the resources in Eurasia.

Eurasia is one of the new battlegrounds for economic world hegemony in the 21st
and 22nd centuries.

They are the new front in economic resource extraction among the elite.

t: 22nd centuries

we are not living that time

Me: Yes, the 22nd century is a new century, but many of our same problems will
exist in the 22nd century.

I like to think ahead of time.

t: hope 21st century is the last century evahhhh

Me: That is your right.

t: I think mid east and Israel war can explode anytime

Me: That is your opinion. I think evil people want tensions in the Middle East

When a balanced approach is a purely overt remedy to advance true tranquility in

that region.

t: is it bad to want biblical prophecy

Me: No.

t: happen right straight in my eyes

Me: It is bad to desire nihilism and evil to exist among innocent human beings

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled all of the time indeed.

t: is that true

are caused by elites?

Me: Technology does exist for that to occur.

t: what tech is that?

Me: The technology is HAARP related or various scalar waves utilized in the Earth.

t: that’s a some sort

of tremor generator?

Me: In a way, that's correct precisely.

t: or some


that can cause

abnormalities in tectonics>

Me: Earthquakes naturally occurring is caused by shifting fault lines in the Earth.

t: by the way is tectonic plates a prove and cause in earthquakes? which made
tectonics move oceans? winds?

Me: Tectonics move by many factors.

One major way is the lava flowing in the crust of the Earth and graduation pressure
in the Earth.

These natural forces move the crust and fault lines. When the fault lines collide, it
can create Earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt.

Sometimes mountains can develop when Teutonic plates merge as well.

t: is this cause an accurate description of earthquake "the earth rest on water and
water rest on wind and wind rests on space when wind blows it causes the quakes"?

Me: No.

t: winds blows water and the water made earth shakes?

Me: The Earth is on the crust moving around lava.

t: I just found it in an Indian science book

Me: Winds blowing water is related to pressure system and other things.

Not an earthquake.


t: so not sufficient to quake?

Me: These pressures flow worldwide.


t: ahhhh

again to make it clear when winds blow the waters oceans I mean that does not cause

sorry I’m recording this

for references

Me: No, the Earthquake can cause water to flow into various locations causing a

Earthquakes don't originate the water flow. It can cause it.

t: so its more

the post


made water


Me: Yes

t: than other way around?

Me: Yes

t: good
I’m just curious of your illuminati


I may find those

Me: Why so?

t: almost non existent

are they humans?

Me: The real Illuminati exist as a network today.

They are humans.

t: how bout reptilians?


Me: That is disinformation.

I don't believe in the existence of Reptilians.

t: will a Christian go to hell if he does not attend church?

Me: Not necessarily.

A church is important though.

I want to make this clear. A church isn't just some big cathedral.

A church can be a smaller location that can assist people's spiritual needs.

t: being a lone Christian is a weak one?

easily fooled?

Me: Being a lone Christian isn't someone who's weak.

With God, you're not alone anyway.

It is better though to link up with like minded Christians.

t: my friend told me since I’m not church active

he says

a loner

might be easily influenced by aberrants

Me: That isn't true per se.

Not all people alone are manipulated by the wiles of the world.

t: so still possible be a discerned Christian

despite loner?

Me: Yes

t: how bout you?

Me: About what?

t: no Nothing

are ancient Egyptians blacks?

Me: Many are as proven by the Nubian rule over there in the 7th century B.C.

t: the seti ramesses?

Me: Totally, ancient Egyptians are a mixture of different people.

Some Egyptians are black and some aren't.

t: is Cleopatra portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor accurate?

Me: It depends on the time and region of the history in that ancient part of the


ha ha.


t: why not accurate?

Me: The reason is that the time of Cleopatra and the Roman generals were more
bloody and contentious than what the movie presented.

Her bloodline mixed with the Romans indeed as time carried forth beyond that era.

t: how about the Cleopatra by leonor varela

and billy zane?

Me: I don't know about that story.

t: is Mary Anthony

a tyrant

Me: Yes.

He wanted to rule all of the Roman Empire as its solitary ruler.

t: i thought Octavian the villain

Me: I don't believe in having a love affair with the concept of tyranny.

Tyrants are wrong regardless of where they reside in the 4 corners of the Earth.

Augustus took his spot .

t: Was Augustus really evil?

or just moderate?

Me: He was evil.

He was a pagan, he used imperialism against his fellow human beings, and he was
a strong pagan.

t: made order in Rome

what a credit

Me: Order?

Imperialism isn't order.

That's a benevolent dictatorship.

Israel being ruled by Roman imperialists is just wrong period.

I reject that fake form of social/political order.

*These are interesting discussions since they can develop my mind more and make
quick responses to questions readily accessible. This person I had a discussion with is a
nice person. In our discussion, I agree with this individual on some issues and not on
others. My core views on issues never have wavered or changed after all of these years.
I still am Pro-Life, I believe in Nationalism, I believe in respect for all people, I believe
in the Second Amendment, and I accept respecting civil liberties (that is why I don‘t
agree with the Arizona immigration law at all). I reject fluoride and other poisons in our
food & water supplies, I don’t support occult Secret Societies, and I love religious
liberty without a theocracy. Economic reform is fine with me, but I agree with a rational
foreign policy too. Now, there is the arrest of the accused terrorist named Faisal
Shahzad for placing a vehicle filled with faulty equipment in Times Square inside of
New York City. This event has been exploited by forces in the local, state, and federal
government in other to promote the electronic panopticon or Big Brother police state
more in New York City. Now, Lieberman and McCain want to deny an American
citizen Faisal Shahzad of his constitutional right to a fair trial. This is really evil on the
part of them. Lieberman said that he wants citizens to lose their rights if they are
accused of crime that’s terror related. This is against legitimate charges and a trial put
up toward an accused citizen. Shahzad is accused of creating his device in his
Connecticut garage and having explosives training in Pakistan. John McCain (and the
neo-con extreme Republican Rep. Pete King) didn’t even want Shahzad to experience
Miranda rights when that’s legal (as validated from the Supreme Court) and he is
an American citizen. Now, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been an enemy of
civil liberties (by support militarized police & random searches of innocent people in
subways for years) and the Second Amendment. Now, Michael wants to ban people
from owning guns who are in the no fly list, even though many people on the list are
innocent of any crime. In 2004, the late senator Edward Kennedy ended up on the list.
Muslim peace activist and singer Cat Stevens appeared on the no fly list as well. This
anti-gun policy would deny more than a million Americans the right of due
process as stipulated in the 5th Amendment. So, the threats against our
liberties are ever real, but the truth will rise above & beyond nepotism. We shouldn’t be
tricked by left or right cover. We know that this war on terror is wicked and evil.

There is this immoral Arizona immigration law that I want to elaborate on. This law is
purely a means where some want to promote the oppressive Real ID Act. So, the law
wasn’t just about scapegoating people, but harming our civil liberties as well. This law
wants people to show their papers to present proof of their right to be in the USA or
their citizenship. The problem with this law is that you can be arrested if the police
suspects you to be an “undocumented person” and you refuse to show your papers to the
police (even if you’re a legal resident of America). It also sets the precedent for all
Americans to have to show papers or some other form of digital documentation for
whatever reasons the government might cook up next. There have been violent
uprisings over this law and I don’t agree with that. On the other hand, if I were a
Hispanic person I would be disappointed too. This law doesn’t deal with border
security, criminal smugglers of people, or corporations that exploit undocumented
workers at all. It deals with a borderline pre-crime, anti-liberty agenda. This is why
lawsuits are coming about on this issue. People from across the political spectrum
oppose the Arizona law, so it isn’t a Left/Right paradigm deal. I agree with secured
borders. Although, innocent people don’t have to be targeted, stopped, or harassed if
they don’t have documentation on every place they go to. This profiling have
already occurred when a Valley man, who was innocent citizen, but was
arrested since he didn’t have enough paperwork with him. He had to get
his birth certificate to just finish his job. This isn’t about fighting illegal
immigration. It’s about Big Brother control over society in slick ways. Even
Chris Matthews criticize people like me since I don’t agree with some
forced ID card that’s biometric among every citizen in America. Not to
mention that the data on these card are controlled and recorded by the federal
government. I for one don’t want my medical records, etc. stored in a biometric
database ruled by Uncle Sam at all. That’s fascism to me. This neo-feudal nonsense is
what I reject. I don’t care what society thinks about me. I just keep living my life and
have compassion, strength, and resilience to do the right thing. I have a strong mind,
keen insight into common sense, and an able will to go over challenges in own life. I
will always stand up for myself and never give up like a man suppose to do. I will never
stop. I will never stop loving all humans as I love myself & my God.

By Timothy