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Last Updated on: 26 March 2016



Senior Engineer/Engineer/Assistant Engineer (Roads

and Structures)

Location of position:


Reporting to:

Programme Manager Roads/Structures/Major Projects

Special functional relationships:

Term of Appointment:

The appointment will be for an initial term of three years.

The appointee may be eligible for re-appointment or
redeployment but solely at the Authoritys discretion.

Expected commencement date:

As soon as possible.

Required personal attributes:

Specific accountabilities:

Capital Works Manager

Land Valuation Officers
Procurement Team
The FRAs Engineering Consultants
The FRA Public Liaison Officer
The FRA Contracts Engineer
FRA Risk Manager

An appropriate Engineering Degree

Reliability, honesty, integrity and trust.
An absolute value for money sustainable results
Excellent personal organisation skills.
The ability to make it absolutely clear to the FRAs
engineering services providers what is required and then
ensuring the required results are achieved, to the
standard required, within the predetermined timeframe
for not more than the budgeted cost.
Good people skills.
Excellent negotiation skills.
Political nous.
The ability to take prompt assertive action wherever
results are not as they should be.
Adept at solving contract disputes.
Good public relations skills
The ability to achieve the required results through others.
The desire to work in an organisation where there is a
culture of urgency, personal accountability, and of
striving to perform.
The ability to work on projects with minimum supervision
and be able to read, interpret and understand
construction workings drawings, contract documents and

As follows

Project Management
Responsible to the Programme Manager for the general oversight and management of all aspects of
projects ensuring that all capital work is completed to the required standard, within the required time
and within the approved budget (or such amended budget as may have been formally approved).
Includes assisting with the purchase of land, liaison with affected parties, management of public
information, the design review process, preparation tender documents, assistance with the tender
process, management of the consultant engaged in supervision of the construction work, and
accountability for all payments for work done.
Confidence to make assessment on the status of contract works onsite with reasonable accuracy and
with the ability to make technical judgement on the various status of contract works observed onsite
and at the same time be able to prepare accurate project status reports as per FRA requirements.
Required performance: overall the projects run to time and budget and any adverse effects are
Communications Plan
Assistance with the development of a communications plan for the projects that pro-actively
addresses stakeholder concerns about the temporary and permanent effects of these projects and
ensures that the reputation of FRA is preserved throughout. Identify critical stakeholders and create a
stakeholder registry so that information concerning the project can be deciminated to the appropriate
individuals, village communities and government departments.
The communications plan shall include branding of these projects, site signage, project information
releases, public meetings, liaison with service and regulatory authorities and major affected parties
such as bus operators, schools, emergency services etc.
The communications plan shall be developed in conjunction with Project consultants, FRAs
communications staff and senior management of the FRA.
Required performance: Identify critical stakeholders, create a stakeholder registry and manage
stakeholders to ensure issues of concern are addressed and mitigated. Feedback from affected
parties is positive.
Design & construction Coordination
Responsible for managing the contract management teams from the consultants for assigned
projects. This will include ensuring a location specific approach to all aspects of the work no matter
who the consultant or contractor is. These aspects will include:

Liaison with affected landowners and other stakeholders

Liaise with FRA Public Liaison Officer and Valuation Team to resolve land issues prior to
project tender thereby minimising delay damages costs to FRA
Site signage and temporary traffic control
Work site safety
Working hours and stoppages for special events
Programming to minimise multiple traffic delays through each work site

Required performance: Site safety performance and disruptions to landowners and the travelling
public do not result in adverse publicity for the FRA. Minimise and manage delay damages cost to

Liaison with service authorities and the local authorities.

Responsible for ensuring that designers and construction contractors liaise effectively with the
appropriate service and local authorities to ensure:

Service issues do not delay the assigned projects

The project works do not cause unplanned disruption to services or local authority activities.

Required performance: Feedback from service and local authorities is positive and on time to
minimise delays to FRA projects.
Value Engineering
Responsible for ensuring value engineering is carried out on each assigned project at the following

Concept design
Final design
When significant problems result in reconsideration of the design

Value engineering is to consider the long term service delivery and budget effects on the FRA
Required performance: Value engineering is carried out at the stages specified, or the reasons for
not carrying out value engineering are documented in the project record. In addition being able to
identify the structure being designed is appropriate, specific to location and suit for purpose and meet
appropriate level of use.
Risk Management
Responsible for developing and maintaining the risk register for each assigned project. Liaise and
update FRA Risk Manager concerning risks identified and mitigation actions undertaken.
Risks that cannot be avoided or managed to an acceptable level shall be reviewed monthly and
reported to the FRA management team.
Required performance: All significant risks are identified and managed in conjunction with FRA Risk
Manager and FRA requirements.
Progress Reporting
Responsible for ensuring timely reporting from the construction management consultants and
consolidating these reports into reports on all aspects of the assigned projects including construction
progress and costs versus budgets, risk, health and safety performance, performance against the
conditions of the EIA approval, community contacts including complaints and the adequacy of
response. Provide a summary of progress reports to Program Manager highlighting critical tasks that
needs to be addressed by FRA within reasonable allocated contractual time frames to ensure project
delays and associated delay costs are effectively managed.
Preparation of reports to the FRA Board as required.
Required performance: No surprises for the FRA Board. Being proactive rather than reactive.
As Built Information
Responsible for ensuring that as built information is provided promptly upon the completion of each
assigned project and when received promptly processed into the Authoritys asset records and,
passed on to other authorities as required. Liaise with the Contractors to promptly prepare and
submit As Builts in the format requested by FRA.

Required performance: complete and accurate as-built information is entered into the FRA asset
record as soon as construction work is complete.
Contracts Management

Primary responsibility for all capital works contracts for assigned projects.
Primary responsibility for the completeness and accuracy (including regular spot audits) of the
Contracts Register - to ensure all of its provisions are being satisfactorily complied with.

Required performance: No unapproved non-compliances with contract documents, FRA Board

decisions or the FRA Operations Manual occur.
Costs and Funding

Maintain a continuous overview of all capital works costs including fees.

Satisfy yourself that all commitments have been identified in the expenditure reports.
Satisfy yourself that the approved budgets will not be exceeded and that all costs have been
charged to the correct account.

Required performance: Monthly reviews of each project are carried out and early advice given to
FRA of likely budget variances.

Ensure adequate consultation with the affected parties when proposed works are likely to
impact them or their properties;
Ensure continuous liaison with the Utility providers to ensure proposed road, water supply,
wastewater and energy works are programmed in the most integrated way possible to
minimise adverse impacts on the projects.

Required performance: There are no unreasonable delays to the contractors programmes through
failure by the FRA to obtain land entry or through the non-performance of utility providers.

Ensure that all actions of the Authority and its Contractors and other agents are at all times
within the law;
Ensure that all actions are within such powers as may have been delegated by the Authority.
Compliance at all times with the Authoritys Operations Manual (Green Book), Asset Disposal
Policy, Complaints and Requests for Service Policy and all such other policy decisions that
the appointed Authority or the CEO may make;
Full compliance with the adopted risk management framework within the Officers area of

General Management

In all decision-making (at all levels) identify all reasonably practicable options for achieving
the objective of the decision and assess the economic, environmental and social impacts of
each option in order to identify the preferred option;
In all work relating to the Officers particular area of responsibility be satisfied that value for
money is being achieved and that the projects are being managed in the most effective,
efficient and optimised way possible in a manner that will ensure preservation of their long
term service capacity and integrity;
Protection of the Authoritys intellectual property rights;
Protection of the Authoritys reputation;
Good public relations.

Additional Responsibilities
Such additional functions and duties as the Programme Managers may from time to time require.
Personal Performance
The personal performance of all employees will be evaluated against their respective Specific
Accountabilities and these Common Accountabilities in March each year.