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Physical Appearance

No doubt that this sign is of short ascension yet the people born under this sign are tall
with full stature. Strong, well-formed,tendency to stoutness in middle age, good, clear
complexion, oval face,handsome appearance, brown shade hair, mole or scar on calfmuscles.Fleshy face good looking and friendly countenance.

Mental Tendency
Intelligent, good memory and reasoning faculty. Very capable of dealing with facts,
possess good concentration, kind, humane, self controlled. Constant, preserving, happy
disposition, inventive and also psychic. Have many friends. Can read others characters,
broad outlook and like solitude. They often become physicians.

Aquarians are serious, quite, thoughtful and of contemplative nature. Defective teeth,
intelligent, cautions, prudent, economical and practical. Outspoken, unselfish, humane
and impersonal. They are very social but very choosey about friends. Hardworkers,
have organising capacity, of profound thoughts, also shrewd, clear headed, quick-witted
and wide awake. Blessed with new and fresh ideas, use own thinking and
discretion,originate new ideas.
Will do all things which are morally right. They have their own individually and speciality.
Constant in friendship, stick to a principle. Best fitted for research and Physics.
Aquarians are strong in their likes and dislikes. Stubborn but not fool hardy. they
develop intuition and good concentration. They do not preach others but act
themselves. They observe fast, penance etc. and sound financial position. Aquarians
are prone to infectious diseases. Cannot withstand cold, they should attend immediately
to an injury, should not overtax themselves and take plenty of rest. Venus
isbadhakasthana whereas Jupiter and Sun are Maraka planets.
Honour, wealth come to them. But they are both fortunate and unfortunate. They are
neither very much attached nor detached with their family. Gemini and Libra born ladies
are best suited as their partners. They will have good children The result indicated for
Aquarius ascendant are firm and general for the different planets in the different houses.
They are to be suitably modified. according to the aspects and conjunction with other

Health and Diseases

Aquarians are succeptable to infections diseases. One should not overtax oneself but

take rest. The heart may cause trouble, it may be rheumatic or cause blood pressure.
Tooth, throat and tonsil,swelling of legs, ankles feet and left ear troubles are also
denoted. One may suffer from eye troubles. One should immediately consult a doctor in
the case of even a minor trouble or ailment and one will recover from them when the
disease is as indicated by Moon, but the diseases caused by Jupiter, Sun,Mercury and
Venus in their conjoined period or sub period will be fatal.Moon causes dropsy and
common ailments during its period being a lord of 6th house and planets posited in
Dhanishta threatens high fever, malaria, high blood pressure fractures etc. Whereas
planets in Satbhisha causes poor digestion or one suffers from constipation, blood
pressure and insomnia.Planets in Poorvabadhra produce dropsy, defective blood
circulation eczema, skin troubles, ulcerated gums etc.
Venus is Bhadhaka-Sthana Adhipati Lords of 2nd and 7th are Maraka sthana adhipatis,
they are Jupiter and Sun which affect longevity.

Love and Marriage

Aquarians are intelligent and always prefer educated and equally intelligent partners.
They move with all very freely but with those who are social equals they are shrewd and
studious. They prefer permanent and strong attachments. They are unassuming, they
do not boss over the partner. In case the person is not upto their standard they may
slowly and without assigning any reasons discontinue the love relations and
friendship.Aquarians do not show love and are cold, so the partners if are passionate
they will not be satisfied. The partners will be law biding, true, honest and sincere,
dutiful, magnanimous and noble. They care peace, harmony and happiness.Those who
marry Aquarians, find them very humane, kind, sympathetic and accommodative and
generous and gracious.

Ideal Match
Aquarians can suit best to Gemini and Libra born persons.

Aquarian husbands are intelligent and ever think and carry research in science etc. so
they have little time to pay full attention to the wife and family and may not be taken as a
drawback and lack of interest to such wives who are selfish. Otherwise they are very
humane, kind, sympathetic, accommodative, generous and genius. They are
harmonious husbands
contributing for happy life.They are strict teachers and treat their children as grown up
individuals who are respectful and affectionate to the parents. They educate them and

encourage them to be bold and expressive. They become clever and versatile,but
expect respect from them.

Traits to be Corrected
If either the ascendant or Saturn, the lord the ascendant,is afflicted by the adverse
aspect from any planet. 1. The native will be lazy and lethargic, and hence he should
cultivate activity, promptness etc. 2. He should avoid solitude. 3. He should not be
worried, gloomy and pessimist. 4.He should be pushful and alert. 5. He should not be
very rigid towards those whom the Aquarians dislike.

Finance and Fortune

Honour comes to them, Aquarians never seek them.They are both fortunate and
unfortunate. They work hard and wait patiently for some development and novel results
and then only expect money. To money, they consider, that it is only needed for worldly

Domestic Environments
Aquarians are very social, they keep the home clean and tidy, well furnished, modern
fashionable home. Fond of entertaining friends and collecting more and more antiques.
They are in the habit of adaptability.Unconventional but adopt modern methods to save
time and trouble. They prefer society and solitude, more dutiful to their relatives, they
are neither much attached nor detached.

Aquarians are always lively, good humorous, high spirited and cheerful. They want
many friends, and are almost reliable, sincere and good but with some of them they
might be somewhat reserved. They are not in habit of finding fault with others but take
everything easy. Good partners in business. They should be careful for selection of
friends and some of them may not be selfish or cheat and so avoid too much intimacy
with others and all Aquarians should be quite and unassuming which will enable them to
make a large number of friends and make the home pleasant.

2nd house lord Jupiter indicates the professions for Aquarians can be scientist, good
executive, position in large office or concerns, a lecturer, astrologer, legal, financial or
education advisor. Mine contractor, or dealer in shipping and export.6th house lord

Moon indicates one may practice in medicine, social service,shipping, sailor, submarine,
pump set dealer, export and import business of liquids.10th house lord Mars denotes
the professions of building construction,chemicals, mechanical engineering, brick kiln
owner, cement dealer, surgeon,dealer in lead, copper and steel or C.I.D. officer.
The professions will also be of the planets forming good aspects with cusps of 2nd, 6th
and 10th houses.

Lucky Days, Numbers, Colours and Stones Etc.

Thursdays, Friday,Tuesday and Mondays are favourable and lucky days. Wednesdays
and Saturday are unfortunate whereas Sunday offer mixed results.Lucky Colours.
Yellow, Red, White and Cream are lucky and favourable
colours. Avoid orange, green and blue.Lucky Numbers. Favourable and lucky numbers
3,9,2 and 7. But unfavourable number are 1,4,5 and 8. Passive number is 6.Lucky
Stone. Blue sapphire is lucky stone for Aquarians and should be used in gold or in five
metals ring and be worn in 2nd finger of right hand on Saturday morning after offering
payer.In case Saturn in unfavourable or afflicted one should use Blue Sapphire,blue
Red Coral or Blue Sapphire plus emerald as above

Ascendant Badhaka Planet

Aries 11th lord Saturn
Taurus 9th lord Saturn
Gemini 7th lord Jupiter
Cancer 11th lord Venus
Leo 9th lord Mars
Virgo 7th lord Jupiter
Libra 11th lord Sun
Scorpio 9th lord Moon
Sagittarius 7th lord Mercury
Capricorn 11th lord Mars
Aquarius 9th lord Venus
Pisces 7th lord Mercury