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Direction: Read the passage and answer the following questions.

In todays 24 hour, interactive electronic world, constant communication is a business necessity.
Aboard business aircraft thats never a problem, thanks to the latest digital phones. Once on the
ground across the nation, the ubiquitous cell phone becomes the electronic lifeline. But what
happens when you arrive abroad? Telephone standards change at virtually every border,
rendering most cell phones as handy as a paper weight.
That was often the case until Bethesda, Md-based International Mobile Communications
introduced reliable, reasonably priced, global cellular service. Using IMCS World Cell service and
a Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson or Phillips cellular phone, much like the one you probably carry, you
can reach out anytime in 100 nations around the world. Anyone can reach you as well, using a
single telephone number, and they never have to know your location. Features such as 24-hour
customer service, international voice mail, automatic redial, call waiting, conference calling,
speed dialing plus fax and message forwarding are also included.
Amazingly, World Cell service requires no long-term investment in technology. Users can rent the
phone on an as needed basis by the week or by the month for slightly more than $8 per day,
make your request and the phone is there the next morning via FedEx. When you come back
from your trip, simply place it in the ready-to-go FedEx return envelope thats included.
World Cell delivers global access, whether you are in a taxi, office or hotel. It works virtually
anywhere throughout an enormous coverage area. Call rates are similar to domestic roaming
rates. For example, a typical call costs about $2 per minute including the cellular and
international long-distance component.
Frequently international travelers may want to purchase their phones, which is possible when
combined with an enhanced, full-function annual contract. Included is permanent, one number
service that is available for the life of the plan.
Whether you are in Milan, Madagascar or even in the dusty Spanish countryside, World Cell
works. There are not many places left where our customers can travel without coverage, says
IMC World Cell chairman Blake Swensrud. For those remaining, largely inaccessible areas, IMC
World Cell is an authorized service provider for Iridiums satellite system.
When traveling to remote locations, portable satellite phones may be the only choice, but for
more business users, the World Cell service is more reliable, consistent and less costly. It is
digital, secure and cant be intercepted, says Swensrud. The service includes a secure voice
mailbox, so if you are en route or unavailable, callers can leave a message that only you can
access later on.
1. Most times, mobile phones purchased in one country is worthless in another because of:
(a) Different pricing structures
(b) Different languages
(c) Different telephone standards
(d) None of above.
2. Which of the companies is not mentioned in the passage?
(a) Nokia
(b) Ericsson
(c) International Mobile Communications
(d) Microsoft.

3. Which of the cities/ countries is not mentioned in the passage?

(a) Madagascar
(b) Milan
(c) Mumbai
(d) Bethesda
4. What would be the most suitable title for the passage?
(a) The falling cost of communications
(b) The telephony revolution
(c) One Phone, One Number, Anywhere
(d) The Age of Digital Telephony
5. Based on the passage, which of the following statements will you not agree with?
(a) With the World Cell service, call rates in any place are similar to the domestic calling rates.
(b) There are not many places that are not covered by World Cell
(c) World Cell overcomes the problem of differing telephony standards across countries
(d)World Cell service is secure and cant be intercepted sometimes
6. Which of the following services is not mentioned in the passage as offered by World Cell?
(a) Call waiting
(b) Speed dialing
(c) Integrated e-mail
(d) Automatic redial plus fax
7. The sentence once on the ground cross the nation, the ubiquitous cell phone becomes the
electronic life line, can be assumed to mean all of the following except:
(a) Cell phones are becoming an integral part of many busy peoples lives
(b) Cell phones are becoming more and more commonplace
(c) Wherever you are in the world, even if you are traveling, cell phones have become an integral
part of your existence
(d) On the ground, cell phones have become an important aspect of communication
Contrary to the assumption that modern technology allows us to improve on
nature, it is clear that any major technologically induced changes in a natural system
are likely to be detrimental to that system. If you were to open the back of your
watch, close your eyes, and poke a pencil into the exposed works, the almost certain
result would be damage to the watch. Living organizers too, when subject to
technological alteration, will almost certainly be damaged rather than improved. The
argument above is developed by
(a) Citing a consensus of opinion abut technology among informed observers.
(b) Projecting the effects of change in a natural system from observation of a representative
(c) Drawing an analogy between a natural system and a mechanical device.
(d) Analyzing a natural system in terms of its constituent parts.

The plant called the scarlet gilia can have either red or white flowers. It had
long been thought that hummingbirds, which forage by day, pollinate is red flowers

and that hawkmoths, which forage at night, pollinate its white flowers. To try to show
that this pattern of pollination by colours exists, scientists recently covered some
scarlet gilia flowers only at night and others only by day; plants with red flowers
covered at night became pollinated; plants with white flowers covered by day became
Which of the following, if true, would be additional evidence to suggest that
hummingbirds are attracted to the red flowers and hawkmoths to the white flowers of
the scarlet gilia?
Uncovered scarlet gilia flowers, whether red or white, became pollinated at approximately
equal rates.
Some red flowers of the scarlet gilia that remained uncovered at all times never became
White flowers of the scarlet gilia that were covered at night became pollinated with
greater frequency that white flowers of the scarlet gilia that were left uncovered.
Scarlet gilia plants with red flowers covered by day and scarlet gilia plants with white
flowers covered at night remained unpollinated.
The Bill on protection of women from domestic violence, which is still hanging
fire, has generated a heated debate. The expression domestic violence may not be
vary palatable owing to the belief that domestic affairs are personal and, therefore,
may not be discussed in public. But such objections do not take note of the fact that
the need for enacting a law arises when social ills take on such huge proportions that
they cease to be the concern only of an individual.
Which of the following most strongly supports the above argument?
More than 30% of all marriages succumb to some type pf domestic violence.
The women who are subjected to such violence often fail to register a complain.
Domestic violence affects not just the women but their children as well as it fosters fear
an insecurity.
Like any other recognized crime, domestic violence attacks the right to dignity of an
To many environmentalists, the extinction of plants accompanied by the
increasing genetic uniformity of species of food crops is the single most serious
environmental problem. Something must be done to prevent the loss wild food plants
or no longer-cultivated food plants. Otherwise, the lack of genetic diversity could
allow a significant portion of a major crop to be destroyed overnight. In 1970, for
example, southern leaf blight destroyed approximately 20 percent of the United
States corn crop, leaving very few varieties of corn unaffected in the areas over which
the diseases had spread.
Which of the following can be inferred from the passage above?
Susceptibility to certain plant diseases is genetically determined.
Eighty percent of the corn grown in the United states is resistant to southern leaf blight.
The extinction of wild food plants can in almost every case be traced to destructive plant
Plant breeders focus on developing plants that are resistant to plant disease.
Many pregnant women suffer from vitamin deficiency, but this is frequently
not due to vitamin deficiency in their diets; most often it is because they have
requirements for vitamins than to the rest of the population.

Fails to specify the percentage of pregnant women who suffer from vitamin deficiency.
Gives insufficient information about why pregnant woman have higher vitamin
requirements than do other groups.
Fails to employ the same reference group for both uses of the term vitamin deficiency.
Provides insufficient information about the incidence of vitamin deficiency in other groups
with high vitamin requirements.
Direction (Q 13- 17): Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are given in each of these
questions. Mark your answer as:
If both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
If both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
If A is true but R is false
If A is false but R is true.
Assertion (A):
Gorkhaland is a legitimate claim of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha.
Reason (R)
Racially, culturally and lingually, the majority Gorkha people are different from the other
residents of West Bengal hill region.
Assertion (A):
Pluto is a dwarf planet in the solar system.
Reason (R)
The size of Pluto is lesser than the standardized size of a Solar Planet.
Assertion (A):
A pen is mightier than a sword.
Reason (R)
A sword can cut a pen into pieces.
Assertion (A):
Fear is a defense mechanism in certain organisms.
Reason (R)
Fear can collapse the heart-functions and leads an organism to death.
Assertion (A):
Only plants can do photosynthesis.
Reason (R)
Plants have chlorophyll which can absorb sunlight.
Direction: (Q 18-22): The relation between the first two words are given, from the
options find a word which will bear a similar relation with the third word as the
first word has with the second.
(a) gentle
(b) cheerful

(c) dejected

(d) wholesome


(a) nail
(b) screw

(c) hammer


(a) sky
(b) dark

(c) river

(d) depressed


(a) chew
(b) ruminate

(c) nibble

(d) hold

25. LEVY : TAX : : ISSUE

(a) paper
(b) notice

(c) money

(d) law

(d) anvil

Direction: (Q 26- 30) - Find the odd word from the lists

a] Femur


a] Mania

b] Plexus

c] Tibia

d] Guillotine

b] Pneumonia

c] Influenza

d] Cholera


a] Circuitous

b] Direct

c] Labyrinthine

d] Tortuous


a] Yokel

b] Upshot

c] Lout

d] Bumpkin.

b] Ornithophobia

c] Cynophobia


a] Gatophobia