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Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Bathroom Butler

It is often surprising that an element that

makes such tremendous difference is not given
more consideration. Not only can the right
bathroom accessories change the atmosphere
of the bathroom entirely, but they can also
create an ease to the bathroom style, says
Craig Taylor from Bathroom Butler. Bathroom
accessories are visible items that carry a
functional purpose, as such they need to be
both beautiful and durable.

The 15-point checklist

s exciting as a bathroom renovation may be, it can

also be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly.
So, before you jump into the project unprepared,
we have designed a 15-point checklist that you can
follow to ensure that your project stays on track and that
the renovation runs as smoothly as possible because
forewarned, is forearmed.
Step 1 Consider your budget: Before you begin you need to have a clear idea of
how much you can afford to spend. It is imperative to outline a solid budget, as
knowing what you can and cant afford will help you make decisions about what
to include in the remodel. Working out costing might be an arduous job but it
is definitely a necessity, especially if you cant afford to go over your set budget.

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

timeline. Compare the estimated time frames and draw up a chart of best and worst
case scenario, so that you have a sound idea of how long the project will take.
Step 3 Calculate a logical work sequence: When it comes to bathroom renovations,
if you complete a job in a specific sequence, you can save yourself a lot of time, mess
and unnecessary costs. First you will need to work out where all the wiring and
plumbing will be going, then you can focus on the ceiling, then the walls, the sanitary
installations, then the tiling and lastly, mounting all the bathroom accessories and
light fittings.
Step 4 Design, style and functionality: Have a definite idea of what you want the
end result to look like. Today, there is so much choice on the market, that you can
often be tempted to be swayed into changing direction however, avoid this at all
costs. Choose your style and colour palette and stick to it right from the word go for
a successful and streamlined end result. Also, design needs to work hand-in-hand
with functionality, so when you are creating your design, be sure to consider the
eventual resale of your home, how the bathroom will fit in with the rest of the home,
as well as what kind of experience you will have using this space.
Step 5 Take your measurements: Before you can do any layout design or select
any fittings or tiles, you will need to know the size of you bathroom. When you are
measuring, it is a good idea to draw some kind of plan in this plan you can include
the overall size of the room, as well as the location of the existing plumbing and
electrical wiring. Also, work out the dimensions of the average bathroom fixtures,
so that you can see what space you have for what fitting.
Step 6 Hidden dilemmas: Most experienced contractors will tell you that virtually
no renovation project is completed without at least a few unexpected problems
that need to be sorted out along the way. This is especially true for older homes
that are being renovated. Common issues in bathroom renovations include water
damage, structural deficiencies, inadequate ventilation, corroded plumbing, and so
on. As such, it is essential to factor in at least 10% to 15% into your budget for these
unforeseen costs.

Today, the majority of the costing can be

done from the comfort of your own home,
as most sanitaryware and tile suppliers
have online stores, where you can browse
various products and examine their specs
and prices.
Step 2 Work out a reasonable time frame:
Renovating a bathroom is certainly not a
process that takes a day or two. Depending
on how many things are being changed,
it is a project that can take weeks, and
sometimes even months. Any renovation
can be incredibly disruptive to family life,
and very inconvenient if you only have one
bathroom in your home. As such, it is wise
to get an idea of how long the project is
going to take. The best way to do this is to
ask the contractors to give you an estimated

Step 7 Call on a contractor: Bathroom renovations are a complex job that requires
skills in many fields, including building, plumbing, electrics, tiling, painting, carpentry,
and so on. There are many advantages of hiring a professional contractor to oversee
this project as they are well versed on how to best go about the renovation, what
it will cost and how long it will take. To renovate this space, you will be investing
a sizeable amount of money, so it is advisable to hire a professional who can
guarantee a professional end result.
Step 8 Choose your sanitaryware: the bathroom fittings and fixtures will largely
define how the bathroom will look and how it will be used. Write down a checklist
of the larger items you would like to include in the space, such as a shower, bathtub,
toilet, bidet, bathroom vanity, sink, faucets, shower doors and showerheads.
Step 9 Storage is king: In the bathroom, storage plays a majorly influential role in
how the room looks and what it is like to use. The old adage of you can never have
enough storage is certainly true for this particular space. Bathroom storage needs
to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and it must be able to accommodate all your
stuff, while keeping everything within easy reach.
Step 10 Walls and floors: Both the walls and floors need to be finished with
materials that make these as waterproof as possible. Tiles are the most popular
go-to solution for these wet spaces they are durable, available in a wide variety
of colours, textures and shapes, and they are water-resistant. You can choose
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Keramag by Geberit

porcelain, ceramic or natural stone tiles for

this space.

include bath mats, towels, blinds, and various dcor accents that can be used to
soften the space and add some added visual interest to the room.

Step 11 Let the light shine in: At its core,

a bathroom is a practical and functional
space a room where you perform many
tasks, from showering, bathing, applying
make-up, shaving, brushing your teeth,
doing your hair, and in some cases, even
getting dressed. Inadequate lighting can
render this space impractical and downright
dangerous. So for optimum functionality,
be sure to include a well designed, layered
lighting scheme in this room.

Step 13 Ventilation is key: Ventilation is crucial in a wet area such as a bathroom.

Without it, your bathroom will end up damp, mouldy and unhygienic. You need
to decide whether you require an extractor fan, and if so, which model is the
optimum choice, and where it should be positioned. Good ventilation helps get rid
of nasty odours, creates a healthier space, and prevents timber trims and fixtures
from decaying.

Step 12 Make or break with accessories:

Its the little things that can really set one
room apart from the other and in the
bathroom, it comes down to your choice
of bathroom accessories. Permanent items
include the likes of towel rails, heated towel
rails, toilet paper holders, soap dish holders,
robe hooks, mirrors. Softer, dcor items

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Step 14 Going green: By being environmentally aware when choosing products

for your new bathroom, you will not only ensure you are doing your bit for the
environment, but it can also save you a lot of money down the line, especially on
your utility bills. Consider choosing water-efficient taps and toilet, a solar-powered
geyser, low-VOC paints, LED lighting options, using sustainably harvested timber
products, and so on.
Step 15 The final clean-up: Building is a messy and dusty job, so once the renovation
is complete, you will need to undertake a final clean of the new space this will include
cleaning all cabinetry, both inside and out, ductwork, walls, floors, windows and light
fittings. Depending on whether any building work was done, you may also have to hire
a skip to remove building rubble. It is important to work this into your costing, as it is
a pricey, yet often-overlooked element of renovation projects.

Easylife Kitchens

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16



Design your bathroom

Image courtesy of Supergres Italy.

Available from Casabella

hen youre trying to achieve your dream bathroom,

it is highly recommended that you spend some
time carefully considering the different aspects
of the space right from the onset of the project.

Far too often, homeowners rush into finalising bathroom designs, and the end
result is far from being ideal. With some careful planning, you can create your ideal
bathroom area one that fits the space, your needs and tastes, as well as the home
in which it is featured.

Dont waste space

Layout and space are the primary aspects to consider when designing your
bathroom. Making the most of the space at hand is important, specifically because
space is often at a premium in the majority of bathrooms. When planning your
bathroom layout, its crucial to consider how youll be able to move around and use
the space in question. Where to install storage is another important aspect. Today,
there are many online bathroom planners that are a great aid when designing the
space they offer great inspiration for different layout possibilities, and allow you
to figure out how to best use your bathroom space.
Smaller bathrooms require extra planning to ensure that the space is used well. In-bath
showers are a great option for very small bathrooms, or alternatively you can choose
to skip the bath all together. Using light colours and having a big mirror installed will
help to make the space feel a lot bigger than it actually is. Sometimes, storing things
like spare towels and spare toiletries in the bathroom can take up unnecessary space
it is often a better idea to rather allocate part of your linen cupboard or any other
cupboard located outside the bathroom instead.
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Boutique Baths

While space planning is more important

in smaller bathrooms, planning your
space shouldnt be over looked in bigger
bathrooms. Here, its important to make
sure your bathroom space is utilised to its
full potential, installing bigger baths, and
floor-level showers, are great ways to use
your space constructively. The trick with
bigger bathrooms is trying to keep the open
feeling of a big bathroom, while not ending
up with a space that is either too sparse or
too cluttered.

Inspired by the cupped, organic shape of a single leaf

the simple, white Leaf basin makes an understated
yet very beautiful contribution to a serene bathroom
setting. The Kohler Leaf basin is a 600mm wide
countertop design ideally suited to bench or wallmounted basin mixers. While its lines are simple in the
extreme its design is both functional and practical.
Suggested partner taps for the Leaf basin are the bold
Margaux with joy-stick control and the statuesque
Singulier mixer
Kohler Africa

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Perfectly practical
The functionality of a bathroom may seem
pretty basic at face value, but who will be
using the bathroom can have a big effect
on the planning of the overall space. In
bathroom design, there are three main uses
for a bathroom, and while the principle for
each is similar, they all need to be handled
slightly differently. They include:
Master bathroom: Master bathrooms are
usually en suite, and are most commonly used
by one person or a couple. Installing double
vanities is a popular choice for the master
bathroom, and as this is a space usually used
for relaxation luxury features, such as steam
showers and spa baths are a popular inclusion.
Family bathroom: A family bathroom, as
the name suggests, is a bathroom used by
the whole family. As both kids and adults
will be using the space, its important to
strike a balance between practicality and
style. A family bathroom is a great place
to add a unique wall colour and personal
touches, and of course, lets not forget
about including cleverly planned storage
and multiple towel rails. As this bathroom is
usually only used by one person at a time, a
single vanity is often the most practical and
space-efficient option.
Kids bathroom: In a kids bathroom, the
main focus needs to be safety and usability.
If your children have their own bathroom,
its important that they feel independent
but you know that theyre safe. There are
a number of easy additions that will give
you peace of mind - things such as textured
floor tiles will make the floor less slippery,
as well as shatter-proof mirrors and shower
doors. Baths are usually preferred over
showers for smaller children. Rounded
vanity corners, and rounding-off any other
sharp corners, is highly advisable to prevent
any unfortunate accidents and unnecessary
injuries. Adding locks to cabinets that store
medicine or other potentially toxic products
is a highly advisable precaution, especially if
small children have access to the room.


Seaside by La Fabbrica, Italy, is a genuine expression of originality. It is a practical answer

to the on-going search for products offering attention to detail and a kind of creativity in all
its designs, from the most traditional to the most contemporary. Featuring a sophisticated
texture and a wide assortment of colours, this series recreates the unique, natural feel of
acid-treated and burnt-inish woods that have been pleasantly weathered and worn down by
time. Available from Casabella

Set the mood

Using things like colour, texture and lighting
are a fantastic way to set the mood in your
bathroom. A good design will make the
space feel more inviting. Bathroom designs
can be categorised into two main groups:


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Calming and sophisticated: A calm and

sophisticated mood is a great choice when
you want your bathroom to be a place
where you can relax and unwind. It is not
too difficult to create this kind of ambience
in your bathroom the main focus needs
to be on natural aspects, like natural stone
floor tiles, and an abundance of natural
lighting. The colour scheme should mainly
comprise neutral tones, while a pop of
colour can be used as a stand-out feature.
Modern styled fittings usually work well
when trying to achieve this mood, and
adding plants and candles will help tie the
whole look together.
Lively and invigorating: Another
extremely popular mood for a bathroom is
one that is more uplifting and awakening.
This sort of ambience is usually characterised
by pops of colour and quirky touches.
Brighter colours, whites, and pastels are the
main types of colours used to create this
mood. While you have a variety of options
to choose from when designing this kind
of bathroom space, it is advisable not to go
overboard with colours and decoration, as
a bathroom that is cluttered and too busy,
will be more stressful and overwhelming
than lively and uplifting.

Keeping it clean
No one enjoys cleaning their bathroom, but
unfortunately, its a task that needs to be
done so why not plan your bathroom in
such a way that it is a synch to clean. This
can be achieved by making a few smart
choices here are a few examples:
Cut out the grout: Grouting is arguably one
of the worst things to clean in a bathroom,
and it can start looking grimy very easily.
While grout isnt completely avoidable, you
can definitely make sure you use less of it by
choosing solid slab countertops, and larger
format wall and floor tiles.
Frameless enclosures: Its time to ditch
the shower curtains. If youve chosen to
install a shower in your bathroom, choose
a frameless shower enclosure for maximum
visual appeal and ease of cleaning. They are
easy to clean and help make your bathroom
feel lighter, brighter and bigger.
Off the floor: bathroom floors can be a
nightmare to clean, especially if youre


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

The clean design links the Geberit Sigma20 actuator plate with extra environmental
friendliness through dual flush actuation.

trying to get into small spaces behind vanities and around toilets. To avoid this,
choose as many wall-mounted options for your bathroom space as possible.
These could include a wall-hung toilet, vanity or basin, and even your bathroom
Add some texture: Plain, smooth tiles can often leave a bathroom feeling a little
clinical and uninteresting. However, with the added bumps, raised designs and
grooves inherent in textured tiles, they can often prove difficult to clean. To create
some textural appeal, why not enliven your tile options up with the addition of some
smooth mosaic tiles instead.
Smart storage: Storage is an important part of a bathroom design - not only does
it help you to maximise the space at hand, but if everything is neatly stored away,
it will save time spent cleaning too. Cupboard organisers and specialised storage
spaces are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom designs.


Planning it all out

athrooms are one of the most used rooms in the home,

but they can also be one of the most difficult to design.
This is due to the fact that you need to fit a lot into what
is often a small space, and often, the room has to be able to
service and accommodate the needs of more than one user.
Over and above its functionality, the design also needs to be attractive and trendy.
This is why the layout of your bathroom is so important, and while bathroom design
seems tricky, if you get the layout right, then the rest of the design should fall into
place. Your ideal bathroom layout can be easily achieved with a bit of planning and
know-how heres how:

Treat yourself to the ultimate accessory

and bring an added touch of luxury to your
bathroom. Enjoy exceptional comfort and
style combined, with our contemporary
heated towel rails, enhanced with a lustrous
stainless steel finish. Pamper yourself. Wrap
up in a soft, warm, dry towel to complete your
bathing experience - Stunning Bathrooms


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

The basics
When it comes to the initial bathroom layout plan, there are a few basic things that
are important to establish. These will help create a good foundation, which will
guide you for the best possible design for the space in question.
Wet or dry: While we all take precautions to try and prevent the bathroom floor
from getting wet, it is rarely something that is achievable. Spaces that are likely to get


TheBetteStarlet range of baths includes built-in and freestanding ranges that are classic in design and delightful in shape. Developed to fit effortlessly with
the style of any bathroom and to satisfy the demand of all tastes from contemporary to vintage,this collection of Bette baths features a symmetrically
shaped inner body with comfortable back profiles and a central draining outlet and overflow.The Starlet range is an invitation to immerse in aromatic
bubbles in a pleasantly spacy bath area that is 42cm deep and comfortably accommodates two people.
The freestandingBetteStarlet Oval Silhouette bath is a one piece visual masterpiece that is pressed from titanium steel with no visible welding joints. The
bath stands proud as a central anchor feature in the most private space of your home, the bathroom. Other than white, theBetteStarlet Oval Silhouette is
also available in either a black or a violet exterior for a pop of colour to fit your adventures style - Bette by Bathroom Butler

wet are known as wet zones, and are usually located next to baths and showers. Dry
zones on the other hand are parts of the bathroom that are not likely to get wet. It is
important to bear these two types of areas in mind when designing your bathroom
space. For example, wet zones are particularly inconvenient when they obstruct your
pathway to your vanity and the toilet, and can also be dangerous if they overlap into
what should be dry walking spaces.
Toilet talk: Toilets usually form part of some of the bigger layout choices in
bathrooms. One of the first choices you need to make is whether your toilet will
be in a separate room to make it more accessible to guests, or if it will be included
in your main bathroom area. The location of the toilet is important, and in most
bathroom designs, it is located either on the far side of a vanity or behind a door in
order to hide it from the line of sight as you enter the room. Of course, these principles
should only be applied where practical, as while having a toilet that is unobtrusively
placed can be more aesthetically pleasing, it is not always a functional must.
Windows: Windows are an easy element to overlook from a layout perspective.
While windows offer much needed natural light and ensure that the room is well
ventilated, they can also make the space less private. Some ways to make sure you
get all the perks of having windows, while still maintaining your privacy, is by either
frosting glass windows, including stained glass windows, installing blinds, or placing
your windows slightly higher than eye level. This will let light and air in, without
allowing anyone to easily see in.

Know your limits: If youre renovating

an old bathroom space, you might come
across a few layout limitations. The main
limitation is the location of the plumbing
and specifically the toilet. This is due to
the fact that you have to work with preexisting plumbing. Sometimes it is worth it
to design a completely new layout and get
the plumbing redone, as having to work
around old plumbing installations can be
counterintuitive, and if they are really old,
they may have to be replaced anyway.

The subject of size

Bathroom layout design can go a long way
when it comes to smaller bathroom spaces
there is a lot that can be done to make a
smaller space appear larger than it actually
is. Here are some tricks of the trade that
you may be interested in:
Through the looking glass: Mirrors are an
effective, and affordable way to open up the
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


space in your bathroom. Their reflective

property makes the room seem like it
extends further than it actually does,
which is useful in creating the illusion of
a bigger space.
Light it up: Stay away from darker
colours in a small bathroom, as it will just
close in the space and make it appear
small and uninviting. Instead choose light
colours for your walls and floor, and
include a sound layered lighting design
to really open the space up and make
the room appear larger than it actually is.
Totally floored: As far as fittings
go, choosing toilets and vanities that
are wall-mounted will open up your
bathrooms floor space, which while not
necessarily adding space, will provide
the illusion of more space because of the
increased floor area and uninterrupted
lines of sight.
Smart storage: Storage is another
important factor in a smaller bathroom,
as there is nothing worse than clutter
to make a room feel small and pokey.
A clean, streamlined, neat and wellorganised space is a great way of ensuring
that the area looks larger than it actually
is. You can utilise the space under your
vanity for storage, or you could install
wall cupboards, above vanity shelving,
shower baskets, and wall-mounted
bathroom accessories and towel rails to
ensure that everything that you need can
be both easily accessible when required,
but neatly packed away when it isnt.
Bigger bathrooms also pose a space
problem often, large bathrooms can
feel too empty and sterile, and not cosy
or relaxing. There are many ways to fix
this problem, all of which require using
up more space these include:
Think big: When it comes to large
bathrooms, installations such as vanities
with two sinks, or installing a larger
Jacuzzi bath, are popular choices. While
these luxuries are usually not an option
in smaller bathrooms, theyll certainly
offer an enjoyable and even practical
addition to the space, and will serve
to make the bathroom feel less empty.
Another very stylish fixture in a large
bathroom is a big seamless shower.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Adding furniture: A unique way of filling up the bathroom space is to include

actual pieces of furniture in the room this not only uses the space to its fullest,
but also ensures that the room appears more inviting; turning it into more of a living
space than a mere utilitarian space.
Creative colour: Painting the walls a colour and hanging art and interesting items
on the walls will also help fill up some space. Choosing darker neutral colours, such
as greys and beiges, will add style to your bathroom while making the space feel
warmer. You can use paint or tiles for this purpose.
Break it up: In big bathrooms designers often install small walls to help break the
bathroom up into smaller spaces, which can also add an interesting style feature to the
room or help partially separate the toilet, or bath from the rest of the space for example.

Alter the atmosphere

The layout of your bathroom definitely plays a big role in the overall mood of the
room. The aim of most bathroom designs is to ensure that the bathroom space feels
luxurious and calming. This is usually achieved by keeping the layout of the space
as clean, light and open as possible. Ensuring you have proper storage to keep your
bathroom space clutter-free is very important when trying to achieve a tranquil
atmosphere. The position of baths and showers can also help the space feel more
relaxing if they are positioned near windows with outdoor views, they help to
create a natural calming ambience.

Strange spaces
Often after designing bathrooms, there are strange spaces that are left unused,
like pokey corners or an empty wall behind a door. In many cases the best solution
to these awkward spaces it to fill them, either with decorative pieces and plants,
or to have custom storage built to fill them up. Bespoke storage solutions are
usually the best route to go if space and budget allow, as extra storage in a
bathroom is always welcome.

Easylife Kitchens

Fabulous furnishings

athrooms are one of the most important parts of the

home, not only because they are very frequently used,
but also because they act as a great place in which you
can truly relax and de-stress. It is important to choose your
bathroom fittings carefully so that you create a space that
feels like a luxurious retreat a place that feels comfortable,
yet remains aesthetically pleasing and functional.

It is in this realm, where bathroom furniture plays a major role well chosen pieces
can take a bathroom from a purely totalitarian space, and turn it into a well loved
and intimate additional living area in your home. Bathroom furniture comprises
elements such as vanities, shelving and mirrors, while it can also refer to actual pieces


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

of furniture, such as seating, armoires and

chest of drawers. Bathroom furniture not
only improves the look of your space, but it
can also provide much needed storage.

Planning makes perfect

When it comes to any aspect of bathroom
dcor, planning is crucial. Bathroom spaces
tend to be quite small, which makes the
need for planning even greater. Bathroom
furniture in particular, needs to be chosen
with the style, size and the layout of the
space in question. Choosing huge furniture
for a small space or vice versa, can really
impact the overall appeal of your bathroom.
Measuring up the space where you want
to install the furniture before you make
your purchase decision is a fantastic way to
ensure a perfect fit.




Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Placement is also crucial you need to

make sure there is enough walking space
around your vanity, even with the doors
open, to ensure optimum manoeuvrability
in the room. Mirrors should be located
near good lighting and adding furniture that
offers added storage in places that would
otherwise remain unused, such as awkward
corners, are good examples of well-planned
furniture placement.

Vanities come in every style imaginable, and
they form an integral part of how the bathroom
space is used. They are also available in a
variety of different formats, namely:
Free-standing: Free-standing vanities
usually come in the form of a cabinet with
a sink installed into the countertop or with
above-the-counter vessel sinks. Although
freestanding vanities are available in a
variety of contemporary design, they are
especially suited to more rustic bathroom
styles, as the vanity can either be a new
model with a traditional design, or it can be
made from repurposed vintage sideboard of
chest of drawers.
Floating: Floating or wall-mounted vanities
are a great option for smaller bathroom
spaces they create the illusion of added
space, as they leave the floor beneath open.
Floating vanities are often the go-to choice
for minimal bathrooms due to their clean
and simple design lines.

Easylife Kitchens

Open space: Open space vanities comprise

a sink that has been mounted on a base of
open shelves. These are great for making
your bathroom space feel more open,
and also provide a great place to create a
bathroom display featuring neatly folded
towels, objets dart or even plants.

marble are some of the most common choices when it comes to vanity countertops,
because of their durability and water-resistance.

Bespoke vanities: If you have the budget,

a custom-made vanity is a great option it
ensures a perfect fit and optimum use of
space, and can be built in a manner that
utilises even the most awkward of areas in
your bathroom.

Full wall/ frameless mirror: Many modern bathrooms utilise big, custom-cut
mirrors that take up the entire wall above a vanity or a bath, creating a frameless
look that is minimal and clean. This is a great option for both small and dark rooms,
as the large mirror surface reflects a lot of natural light, making the room brighter,
and the reflection will create the illusion of the space being bigger than it actually is.

Because of the basin, many people choose

to install a countertop with their vanity,
specifically when it comes to wooden
vanities that could potentially be damaged
by water. Tile, granite, composite stone and


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Mirror, mirror
A definite bathroom necessity, mirrors are functional, but also help make a small
space look bigger. Today there are a wide variety of bathroom mirrors to choose
from, with the most popular options being

Cabinet mirror: Small medicine cabinets often have a mirror installed onto the
door. This is a great way to bring a mirror into a small space, and if placed at the right
level, a medicine cabinet can be as practical as bigger mirrors. Medicine cabinets
also function as storage, something that is always needed in a bathroom. Today, you
can opt for cabinet mirrors that open in the traditional hinged-manner, or ones that
slide from side to side, which is a great option when space is at a premium.

Framed mirror: Framed mirrors are the most
common type of mirror their design can be plain
or intricate, and they can be used as a focal feature
in the room. These mirrors are affordable and
practical, because they dont require any custom
cutting. They also allow you to choose a frame that
enhances your bathroom style, and come in a wide
variety of sizes.
Shadow box mirror: Very similar to framed
mirrors, shadow box mirrors just have a more
box-like frame, making the frame of the mirror
double as a small shelf, perfect for compact or
more minimal bathrooms.
Extension mirrors: These are small mirrors
mounted to the bathroom wall on an accordion
or swing arm, so they extend out from the wall.
Extension mirrors are an ideal way to save space in a
small bathroom, or can even be used in conjunction
with other mirrors, for close-up make-up application.
Back-lit mirrors: Back-lit mirrors will not only
make you feel like a movie star, but the lighting
around their edges will also make them much more
functional, offering much-needed task lighting, as
well as contributing to the overall lighting of the
bathroom space.

Easylife Kitchens

Installation is Easy!
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video in action? Scan this QR Code
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request the link.

Introducing the
Most Hygienic Odour
Extraction Solution.
The Hygizone prevents airborne odour particles
from leaving the toilet bowl and contaminating
your clean bathroom air by extracting toilet odour
directly from the source.

0861hygizone |

The smart thinking source-based

toilet odour extraction system.

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16



Choosing cabinets
A bathroom can never have enough storage
space. Space-permitting, cabinets are an
ideal addition to this room and can be used
to house toiletries, make-up, spare towels,
cleaning products and other bathroom and
hygiene necessities. Cabinets need to be
both practical and aesthetically pleasing
and like all other bathroom furniture,
they also need to be chosen with the
overall style and size of your bathroom
in mind. Fortunately, bathroom cabinets
are available in a wide number of styles
ranging from vintage, to rustic, traditional,
modern and contemporary ensuring that
theres a style for every taste.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Open shelves are becoming a more


Bette by Bathroom Butler

popular form of bathroom storage, although they do require you to keep the
shelves neat and tidily stocked at all the time. They provide an ideal place
for storing rolled towels and more aesthetically pleasing toiletries, such as
interesting perfume bottles and candles for example. Customised bathroom
storage is also another great option to look into, many cabinets can be fitted
with special storage places for hairdryers, and some even include plug points
within the cabinet itself.

Seating hasnt been a major bathroom consideration largely due to the
fact that traditionally, bathrooms were more utilitarian spaces and not really
designed to be a living space. However, as this has changed over time, and with
the increase in floor space, benches and chairs are becoming a more welcomed
inclusion. Bathroom seating can either be a practical and functional addition,
such as shower seating for example, or it can be a dcor feature and added for
pure relaxation and indulgence offering you a welcome place to sit and dry
yourself off, or creating a stylish place where your partner can sit and keep you
company while you wash.
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


perfect precision. flawless function.


Timeless bathrooms that are designed for every lifestyle.

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The Easylife Kitchens
Visit one of our showrooms to view the latest European design trends.

Named for the ancient capital of Morocco, the

Marrakesh design was inspired by Moorish
architecture. Marrakesh, the city, once
served as a stop along a major trade route
to the famous Timbuktu. The Marrakesh
vanity top draws inspiration from mosaics
found in quaint Moroccan courtyards, while
the intricate and abstract floral pattern
embellishing the sink is inspired by artwork
found in mosques - Kohler Africa


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Basin beautiful

electing the right bathroom basin can be a difficult

task, considering the array of options on the market
today. From wall-hung, to inset, semi-recessed,
above-counter, freestanding or vessels sinks your choice
will largely depend on the style and size of your bathroom,
who will be using it and of course, your budget. Here are
some insights into the hottest basin trends to inspire your
purchase decision:


The legendary island Antilia was said to

have been discovered in the Atlantic
Ocean off the coast of Portugal by
people fleeing Hispania in 734. Today,
cartographers know no such island
exists, but its intrigue remains. By
bestowing this name on the Antilia
Wading Pool sink, Kohler celebrates
the sense of allure found throughout
nature. Slightly curved edges and a
subtle, rippled texture convey both
the substantial force of nature and its
shifting fluidity - Kohler Africa

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


A matter of quality
Todays well informed homeowners are
on a mission to make their renovation
or new-build money stretch as far as it
can, without compromising on quality
or style: Increasingly more homeowners
are looking to spend more on the
initial purchase price in order to invest
in a quality product that will not only
look better visually, but that will offer
added convenience and longevity.
They understand that in the long run,
quality, although initially more expensive,
eventually pays for itself.

Kamala names both a Southeast Asian tree and the orange-red dye made from its seeds
powdery coating. The Kamala Vessels cast-bronze sink evokes the tropical climate where
this sought-after medicinal tree grows. Its low-relief pattern of dots, ridges, scrolls and links
draws inspiration from patterns created two millennia ago by the Dong Son and others who
used a lost-wax casting technique to craft intricate rain drums - Kohler Africa

It seems counterintuitive that increasingly

more homeowners are choosing to spend
more by investing in premium quality
products, especially when economically,
times are tough. However, when you
analyse the trend, it isnt as more and
more consumers are feeling the pinch,
so are they becoming increasingly
selective and looking at their spend as an
investment, and here, longevity pays off.
For example, the cost of replacing a basin
after three to four years works out far
more expensive than investing in a good
quality one from the onset.
As a result, premium quality materials are
the in thing. This trend is noticeable
across industries consumers are willing to
pay more for craft beers, organic produce
and genuine cotton clothing for example,
all in the quest for quality over quantity.

Form and function

The common thread connecting all trendy basins today is that, whether curved or
contemporary and geometric, the underlying design principle is one of streamlined
elegance. Gone are the days of chunky and visually heavy basin designs today it
is all about sleek simplicity. This doesnt mean that on-trend basin design has to
be boring on the contrary, todays basins boast incredibly interesting, bold, often
organic-inspired aesthetics but they are
polished, stylised and sophisticated.

Customisation is king
In todays market, being able to customise
your home to make it something that
reflects your personal sense of taste and
lifestyle is what it is all about. Nobody
wants a bathroom that is a carbon copy of
their next-door neighbours they want
something that is as unique as they are. To
this end, it is important that homeowners
can select a particular type of basin that
best fits their vision, whether it be vessel
sinks or countertop basins, built-in, wallmounted, freestanding, double or corner
BetteBowl washbasins lend special character to the room, with their reduced form and the brilliant
quality of the finishBetteGlaze. The long-lastingenamel surface is known for its glossy shine and its
resistance to UV light, scratches, dents and chemicals - Bette by Bathroom Butler


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Although it is true that the majority of

homeowners opt for white sanitaryware
and basins, design leaders are looking


Bathroom Butler

Keramag byGeberit

at innovative and stylish ways to use

these functional pieces as stand-alone
features in their own right and aside
from gorgeous design, colour seems to
be another way of achieving this. The
introduction of colour in sanitaryware
was very popular in the 60s and 70s,
and started tapering off in the 80s in
lieu of white. Although white remains
the colour of choice today, we are seeing
more colour variety being offered for
better design freedom.

More than skin deep

Being environmentally responsible has
never been more front of mind with
consumers the world over, even here in
South Africa. Consumers are becoming
more aware that every purchase decision
that they make can have an impact,
whether good or bad, on the environment.
As a result, just choosing something
because it looks good is no longer a
decision imperative it needs to perform,
and it needs to be an environmentally
responsible choice as well.
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Tapping into trends

hen it comes to picking out tapware for your

bathroom, youll find that youre spoilt for
choice. And while having so many tap options to
choose from definitely makes it easier to match your taps
to your chosen style, it can also make it more difficult
to decide what you want. When choosing your taps, it
is important to keep in mind that they have to play both
a functional and aesthetic role in your bathroom so
it is important to understand your choices from both a
technical and design angle.
Style and type
Taps come in a variety of different styles and combinations so there is sure to be a
style that will suit virtually every bathroom space. When selecting your taps, bear in
mind that you need to select taps for your basin, your bath and your shower and
even if they dont all come from the same range, they should all complement one
another visually for a seamless end result. There are also different types of taps that
you need to choose from. The type of sanitaryware that you have chosen, the space
constraints of your bathroom, and your bathroom style will largely define what type
of tap you should go for. The most common include:

Gio Bella


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Axor by Hansgrohe

Kohler Africa

Pillar taps: Pillar taps are styled after more traditional looking taps,
and are made for baths and basins that have two tap holes, one for
cold water and one for hot water. Pillar taps are generally the tap
with the handle positioned on top of it, and are available in both very
classic, and slick and minimal styles.
Wall-mounted taps: As the name implies, wall-mounted taps are
installed on the wall just behind your bath or basin. They generally
consist of a separate spout and two individual wall-mounted handles.
These taps allow for clean and sophisticated looking installation, and
they are great for rooms where space is at a premium. However, the
drawback is that they can be costly to install and to fix down the line,
as all the plumbing is contained in the wall.
Axor by Hansgrohe
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Freestanding bath taps: Freestanding

bath taps have emerged to compliment
the freestanding bath trend. As
freestanding baths are not always
positioned next to a wall, they dont
always allow for wall-mounted taps,
and their often thin contouring is not
amenable for taps to be mounted on
the baths edge. Freestanding bath taps
are installed alongside the bath they
can be positioned wherever suits, but
usually, the best place is either at the
foot, or on either side of the bath. The
plumbing for these taps usually runs
underneath the bathroom floor.
Gio Bella

Gio Bella

Finishing touch
From copper, to matte black taps
come in a variety of different finishes
and materials. While most people
take the safe route and stick to the
classic polished chrome tapware, using
different materials or finishes, can
really add to the overall style of your
bathroom. Some materials are so unique
and interesting in fact, that they can
make your tapware the star of the entire
bathroom space. Some of the more
notable materials include:
Polished brass: While slightly more
expensive than common faucet
materials, polished brass adds a lovely
golden colour to your bathroom taps
offering a perfect finishing touch in an
eclectic or classic styled bathroom.

Axor by Hansgrohe

Mixer taps: Mixer taps have two temperature handles that flow into one spout;
this type of tapware is one of the most popular in modern bathroom designs. It is
very functional, as it allows for easier and more controlled temperature selection
perfect for baths and basins alike. Due to their popularity, mixer taps also come in
a wide variety of styles. They are available in both single mixer-type units, or in the
form of wall-mounted taps.
Monobloc mixer taps: This type of mixer tap evolved from the huge move
towards a more contemporary, minimalist bathroom design, and it works on the
same principle as mixer taps, but instead of two temperature handles it only has
one. This is one of the easiest types of taps to install requiring a single hole, it
can be installed straight onto the counter behind a basin or on the basin itself. It
is a great option for above-the-counter vessel sinks, offers ease of use, and it is a
space-efficient design.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Satin brass: Satin brass is a brushed

brass that boasts an understated, yet
stylishly dull gold finish. This matte
finish is interesting, but subtle, and
could suit almost any bathroom style.
It is particularly effective when used to
compliment a neutral colour palette.
Oil-rubbed brass: For a deep brown
colour and finish, oil-rubbed brass is low
maintenance and very suited to rustic
and traditional bathrooms.
Copper: Copper faucets are the next
big thing they offer an edgy hipsterinspired touch to any bathroom space.
With natural antibacterial properties,
copper is perfect for bathroom faucets,
and works equally well in eclectic and
farmhouse-styled bathrooms.

On trend
Current bathroom trends can be incorporated
into most bathroom styles without spending
an absolute fortune by simply changing your
tap and sanitaryware selection. By following
the latest trends, you can be sure of a
bathroom update that is both aesthetically
pleasing and trendy. Some of the most
popular bathroom, and specifically faucet
trends at the moment, are:
Minimal and modern: Minimal bathrooms
have become a constant, and will always
remain a stylish bathroom trend. They
incorporate simple geometric lines that are
currently very in vogue. Today, faucets are
no longer just for function, newer bathroom
designs are also using the simple bathroom
style as a canvas on which to display unique
and nearly sculpture-like contemporary
bathroom fittings.
Mother Nature: Incorporating natural
inspiration into bathrooms is also a growing
trend that is easy to translate into your tapware.
Choosing taps and fittings that offer a more
fluid and organic look tend to compliment the
natural, Zen-inspired bathroom space.

Axor by Hansgrohe

Polished nickel: Unlike chrome, faucets made from nickel boast a slightly deeper
silver colour. They provide an ideal means of adding a bit of style to your bathroom,
without going too over the top. Nickel is as versatile as chrome, and can provide a
nice contrast in an all-white bathroom space.
Brushed nickel: The matte version of polished nickel, brushed nickel offers a soft,
gentle aesthetic that blends in well with most bathroom styles. Brushed nickel is
also extremely durable. The one thing that you need to bear in mind when choosing
brushed nickel taps, is that all your other fittings will need to be made from brushed
nickel too for a cohesive end result, as brushed nickel and polished faucets can clash.
Chrome: By far the most popular choice of material for bathroom faucets, chrome
is well known for its shine, durability and ability to work in every bathroom style. If
youre uncertain about what faucet finish you want, you cant go wrong with chrome.
Matte black: Definitely the most dramatic of all the finishes, matte black faucets
are a must if youre looking to make a statement. Matte black faucets act as a style
feature in themselves, and can be matched to many different bathroom styles. The
one thing to keep in mind however, is that they can be a bit difficult to match to
other fittings.

Cool copper: Copper bathroom fittings

are one of the biggest faucet trends at the
moment. Exposed piping and traditionally
styled tapware is being used in abundance
to add some eclectic old world charm to
simple black-and-white bathrooms. This trend
is something that is both chic and fun, and
can be used as an easy way to add some extra
colour to your bathroom space.

Going green
In a country like South Africa where water
shortages are a reality, its important to try
and conserve water wherever possible, and
your bathroom faucets are one of the best
places to start. The first way to ensure that
youre not wasting water is to have taps that
close properly and dont constantly leak.
Another sure-fire way to use less water is to
make sure your taps have aerators. Aerators
mix the water coming out your tap with air,
which increases the pressure of the water,
while reducing the actual amount of water
leaving the tap. Aerators are one of the most
simple and fuss-free ways to go green in your
bathroom. You can invest in taps that already
have built-in aerators, or you can buy aerators
and install them into your existing taps.
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Axor by Hansgrohe


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Blissful bathtubs

heres nothing quite as relaxing as taking a long

bath after a busy day. While showers may be faster
and more water efficient theres nothing that can
compare to a long soak in a hot bath to wash away the
stresses of everyday life.
In fact, bathing is not only a relaxing and stress-reducing pastime, but it also boasts
a variety of other health benefits as well, including improving circulation and sleep,
and helping with weight loss. When choosing a bathtub, it is important to consider
its aesthetic appeal and design, but also by how it fits in to the space and layout
design of your bathroom, and who will be using it.

Selecting a style
Baths can either blend into your bathroom space or they can stand out as a focal
feature in the room. There are different tub styles to suit different room sizes for
example 3-wall alcove baths are ideal for smaller spaces, while free-standing baths
are a great addition to larger bathrooms. The most common styles of bath include:
The 3-wall alcove bath: These are one of the most popular bath designs, and
are perfect for smaller bathrooms. This type of tub is usually rectangular in shape
and fits against two walls, with the third side neighbouring either another wall, a
bathroom cupboard or shower enclosure.
The corner bath: As the name suggests these baths are designed to fit into a
corner space they are usually quite big and are perfect for laying back and relaxing.
Corner baths are especially suited to family use, as they generally boast larger
proportions and a seat.

The BetteOne Highline

features a central outlet
and a generous inside
body. The high edge to
the bath gives it a new
type of elegance.
Bette by Bathroom Butler

Boutique Baths

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16



The drop-in bath: Drop-in baths are designed to be fitted inside a rectangular
enclosure. It is important to note that the enclosure needs to be built separately,
which adds an additional cost to the bath installation. Drop-in baths are the go-to
choice for corner tubs.

Stunning Bathrooms locally manufactured

brushed stainless steel Frail Care products are
designed to assist with daily living activities.
Stylish, yet extremely robust, they are
specified with confidence for use in shopping
centres, hospitals, retirement homes and
private residences.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Freestanding: Easy to install, and visually eye-catching freestanding baths are

very popular, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They come in a variety of
styles from old world ball-and-claw styles, to contemporary vessel-shaped forms,
and turn-of-the-century skirted designs there is most definitely a free-standing bath
to suit virtually every bathroom style.

Material matters
Bath materials are usually not something that is widely considered in the design of a
bathroom space, but by choosing a unique material for your tub, you can make it the
centrepiece of the space. Here are some popular bathtub materials explained:
Acrylic or fibreglass: These are the most common bathtub materials. Acrylic or
fibreglass baths are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes and they
are comparatively more affordable. Fibreglass is cheaper, but less durable than acrylic,
and both types can be easily sourced and come ready to install. These types of baths
are also warm to the touch, which means that they hold the warmth of the water for
longer, making for a pleasant bathing experience.
Cast-iron: Covered in enamel, cast-iron baths were very popular during the early 19th
Century; however they are not widely available anymore. These types of baths are
very heavy, and as such, they sometimes require the floor located underneath them
to be reinforced for added support. The enamel on these baths can chip, revealing the


Boutique Baths

black cast iron underneath, but they can be

easily re-enamelled if need be.
Copper: Copper baths are very rare, but they
will most certainly make a style statement.
Copper boasts admirable qualities for
bathtub applications, including impressive
durability, strength, and being mould- and
bacteria-resistant. Unfortunately, copper
tubs can be very pricey, and come in a
limited variety of styles unless of course
you have yours custom-made.
Enamelled steel: Enamelled steel is a great
alternative to cast-iron it is much lighter and
boasts sleeker, thinner profiles for a more
updated visual appeal. It is also incredibly
durable, easy to clean, as well as being chip,fire-, bacteria- and crack-resistant.
Stone: If youre after a natural look, and
you want to add that Wow! factor to your
bathroom space, then a stone bath is a great
solution. Theyre luxurious and elegant, but
come with an extravagant price tag, as well

Axor by Hansgrohe

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16



as requiring a fair amount of upkeep. Stone

baths are also very heavy and may require
floor reinforcement.
Wood: Wooden baths are another bathroom
statement piece, and offer a much cosier look
than other types of bath materials. Wood is
smooth and warm to the touch, and it is easily
customisable for a truly bespoke end result.
This type of tub is very expensive though
and requires a lot of maintenance to ensure it
remains well-sealed and water-resistant.

On tap

The built-inBetteStarlet includes standard rectangular and oval versions and a range of
other styles with acombination of straight and rounded edges which are designed to be
used against a wall or into a corner - Bette by Bathroom Butler


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Bath taps should be chosen carefully to

ensure that they complement the style of
your bath and the overall style of the entire
bathroom design. More importantly, you
need to consider their placement suits the
type of bath that you have chosen. Deckmounted taps are mounted directly onto
the edge of the bath this is a popular and
practical choice. Wall-mounted taps work
best for tubs positioned against a wall its


Bette by Bathroom Butler

also a great way to ensure the plumbing

is well hidden, but since the plumbing
needs to be chased into the wall, they can
be time consuming to install. And lastly,
freestanding floor-mounted bath taps are
the optimum choice for freestanding baths
they offer maximum placement freedom,
and they are designed to encapsulate all the
plumbing, making for a slick overall look.

The lap of luxury

When a normal bath just isnt enough,
why not think about adding some luxury
features to your tub. Luxury baths are
gaining popularity, some with more subtle
features like water-jets and water therapy,
while others take the meaning of luxury
to whole new levels. Built-in lighting
and music, as well as digital controls for
temperature and water flow, are just some
of the luxurious state-of-the-art choices
that you can choose in order to make your
bathing experience one that epitomises
sumptuousness and opulence.

Gio Bella

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Axor by Hansgrohe


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Take a power shower

he shower is arguably one of the most utilised

features in most homes today offering a quick,
practical, relaxing, space-saving and water-efficient
way of getting clean. With all the different options available,
you can create a space that is a true amalgamation of
luxury and practicality.
Improved efficiency

Gio Bella

Water is a precious commodity, especially in light of the current water shortages

that our country is experiencing. Showers use approximately 16.8% of you total
indoor water usage, however, if chosen correctly, a shower can offer an incredibly
water-saving alternative to bathing. The most obvious way to save water is by
replacing older showerheads with a low-flow showerhead. In fact, it is estimated
that installing a low-flow showerhead could save as much as 70% on your water
consumption in the shower.
Low-flow showerheads have the added benefit of providing a variety of other
features as well, including adjustable spray, self-cleaning, pressure-balancing valves
to keep the temperature constant when water is being used elsewhere, some
showerheads are even equipped with an on/off button or switch that can stop the
flow of water entirely while applying soap and shampoo or shaving.
It is estimated that 73% of water used in the average shower is hot water. By
reducing the amount of hot water, you can save on hot water heating. If you were to
reduce the mixture of hot and cold water to 50:50, you would save approximately 11
litres of hot water per minute. If you cant picture yourself reducing the heat level of
your shower, you can still save some money on hot water by reducing the time you
spend showering. For the standard 9 litres-per-minute low-flow showerhead, you
can save approximately 9.5 litres of hot water for each minute you shave off your
shower time. This not only saves water, but also saves you money on the electrical
cost of heating the water.

Gio Bella

Gio Bella

Different types of showers

Most of us think of a shower as a small cubicle in the bathroom with two taps and
a shower head. Of course, this is the simplest version of the traditional shower
enclosure, however, today there are a plethora of various other options available
as well, allowing you to really pimp this space out for maximum appeal. Here are
some other popular shower formats:
The walk-in shower: The typical walk-in shower has three walls, made either from
tiled brick or glass walls, and an entrance comprising a shower curtain or glass door.
The traditional walk-in shower cubicle has really evolved today, you can choose
from a variety of attractive additions, such as glass enclosures, glass seamless
doors, shower columns, multiple shower roses, as well as detachable shower heads
that can be used for more targeted hygiene purposes. Double walk-in showers are
an especially popular trend at the moment, particularly for en-suite bathrooms
allowing two people to shower simultaneously.
Gio Bella
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16



Stunning Bathrooms

Bath showers: Some bathrooms are too small to accommodate a separate shower
cubicle, so very often, in these spaces, the shower forms part of the bath. This a great
space-saving option, and a bath offers great drainage for the shower, however, it can
also be a little dangerous as most tubs become slippery when wet. As such, it is highly
recommended that you invest in a rubber mat for inside the bath for added safety. You
will also require some form of curtain or screen to keep the water from spraying all over
the bathroom. Today, you can opt for screens that can be attached to the side of the
bath for a streamlined and stylish aesthetic.
Wet rooms: Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular providing an affordable
way of adding value to your home. A wet room is basically a room that has been
dedicated to the shower doing away with the shower enclosure and the shower tray
all together. In a wet room, the floor of the room is the same floor as the shower. As
such, the entire floor of the bathroom needs to be sloped very slightly towards the
drainage system below the shower head, so that the floor does not remain wet for
too long. If you want a wet room in a much smaller bathroom it may be necessary to
include a shower screen in order to prevent the entire bathroom from being drenched
when you take a shower.

Shower heads

Stunning Bathrooms

Once you have decided on what kind of shower you want, you need to look at
what kind of shower head you would like to include. You can opt for one single
shower head, a multitude of shower heads or a shower column. There are also
different types of shower heads to choose from from massage showers, rain
shower heads, waterfall showers, multi-head showers and high and low pressure
jets in singles or multiples.
Hand-held shower heads are another popular addition - they can either be mounted
on a holder or held in the hand for much greater control over where water is
directed. Hand-held shower mounts are often adjustable too, mounted on a vertical
rail allowing for big adjustments in height. Their flexibility makes hand held showers
particularly useful for those with small children or those with disabilities.

Drainage for the shower

Make sure that when the shower is installed, you have a trap underneath it. The


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

trap is the u-shaped pipe you see under your
bathroom basin. The water remains in the u
bend after the shower has drained and acts
as a seal against all the unpleasant smells
from the sewer system. Try to have access
to the drain pipe so it is easy to clean out
hairs that can cause blockages. Also ensure
that the grill on top of the shower drain is
removable to help with unblocking as well.
With the increased popularity of floor-even
shower areas so has the demand for
discreet floor-even shower drainage grown.
These drainage solutions are characterised
by an attractive design, a high discharge
rate and innovative technology. The wall
drain for example, moves the water outlet
from the floor to behind the wall, thus
combining elegant design with cleaningfriendly technology. Shower channels are
another hot shower trend at the moment
- they comprise a long drain that is flush
with the floor and runs the width of the
shower. Shower channels are not only
aesthetically pleasing, but they are very
practical additions as well.

Axor by Hansgrohe

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Kombifix concealed cistern, with Sigma01 dual flush actuator plate in white. The trend in bathrooms is towards a minimalistic and elegant look,
where the bathroom is an oasis and sanctuary for relaxation. Form and function meet creative and beautiful design along with innovative use of
space. Geberit concealed cisterns play a large role in this trend which cleverly conceals the plumbing and piping in the wall.A Geberit Kombifix
cistern for the wall hung toilet, together with the Geberit Sigma01 dual flush plate was used in this bathroom image combining beautiful design with
function. The Geberit Kombifix is optimally suitable for installation in solid wall constructions and is a proven, reliable system which is not only space
saving, efficient and quiet, but with the factory setting of either 6/3 litre flush option, saves water. The Geberit Kombifix is compatible with most
wall-hung toilets and is simple and practical to install.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Bathroom Butler

Toilet talk

hile not the most spoken about part of a

bathroom, the toilet is definitely the most used.
This practical bathroom feature contributes to
both the functionality of your bathroom space, and it
impacts on its overall style, comfort, and eco-friendliness.

Wall-hung toilets: A very similar concept

to back-to-wall toilets, a wall-hung toilet
also boasts a hidden cistern, but instead of
a floor-standing toilet bowl, it is mounted
directly on to the wall. This gives the toilet a
floating visual effect and maximises space
as the floor below the toilet is open. Looking
modern and stylish isnt the only perk that
this sort of toilet boasts it is also one of the
easiest types of toilets to clean around as it
doesnt obstruct the bathroom floor at all.

The basics

Flushed away

Toilets are a bathroom necessity, and while toilets can be found in a large variety of
different styles, there are three main types of toilets - namely:

Flushing mechanisms have come a long way

since their original pull-chain form. The most
commonly known flushing mechanism is
the toilet handle, but with modern toilet
design and hidden cisterns, the flush plate
is becoming the go-to flushing mechanism
option. Flush plates are mounted on the
wall above the toilet, and usually have a
dual-flush system. The dual-flush system
is represented by two separate flushing
buttons: a smaller one to save water for
flushing away liquid waste, and a larger
button that uses slightly more water for
flushing away solid waste. Flush plates come
in a wide variety of modern shapes, styles
and colours to make sure theres a flush plate
to suit every bathroom style and design.

Close coupled toilets: close coupled toilets consist of an exposed cistern that is
conveniently attached to the bowl of the toilet making the bowl and cistern one
complete unit. The pipes of the toilet are usually concealed in the casing of the
whole unit, making for an attractively neat and streamlined look, as well as allowing
for easy fuss-free installation. This type of toilet is also usually quite affordable, and
will fit right up against the wall for optimum space efficiency.
Back-to-wall toilets: These types of toilets are fast gaining popularity for their slick
look and space saving design. Back-to-wall toilets consist of a separate bowl and
cistern, reason being that the cistern is often installed within a piece of furniture or
more popularly in the wall behind the toilet bowl. This allows for a toilet that takes
up a small amount of space and looks very modern and slick. In-wall cisterns also
boast quite a few benefits; while obviously being a space saving option, they also
make for a quieter flush.

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Keramag byGeberit

Toilets are one of the biggest water users
in the home, and in a country where water
isnt plentiful this can be quite problematic.
Choosing environmentally friendly options
is a great option not only will you reduce
any wastage of this precious commodity,
but by reducing your water consumption,
you will also save money on your monthly
utility bills.
By replacing an older toilet with a 6/3-litre
or 4.5/3-litre dual flush model, a family of
four can save as much as 35 000 litres
of water annually. Alternatively, you can
choose a low-flow or low-flush toilet,
which uses significantly less water than
the average toilet, saving around 7 litres
of water per flush. If you cannot afford to
replace your entire toilet, why not consider
installing a cistern displacement bag or a
cistern weight, which reduces how much
water is being flushed this can save you as
much as 1.8 litres of water per flush.

The lap of luxury

Luxury toilets are a trend that originated in
Japan they have a space-age feel, and some
even include voice control operation and
seat warmers. While many of these toilets
seem too strange for the Western world,
we are slowly starting to include popular
luxury toilet features in our toilet designs to
improve their overall function and comfort.
Some of these features include:
Seat warmers: One of the most popular
luxury toilet features are seat warmers this
extravagant addition is perfect for taking
the chill off on those cold winter mornings.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

With Rimfree, the innovative technology for rimless WCs, Keramag is setting the bar
higher in terms of hygiene and ease of care both in private bathrooms and public
properties. With no rims, there are simply no more hidden, difficult to clean cavities and the
inner basin can easily be kept spotlessly clean. This saves time, water and detergent and
also protects the environment - Keramag byGeberit

Automated lid: Many luxury toilet features are specifically designed to make the whole
toilet experience more hygienic, and automated toilet seats are the perfect example.
They are usually operated via a single button that lifts or lowers, either one or both of
the toilet seats with minimal touching.
Shower toilets: Shower toilets are like toilets with built-in bidets, they are built
to assist with cleaning and have many settings that can be adjusted for optimum
personal comfort including water pressure, water temperature, and some even
have a drying feature.
Deodorisers: Most luxury toilets boast built-in deodorisers to make for a better
smelling toilet experience.
Some more outrageous features inherent in luxury toilets include blood pressure
and heart rate measurement apparatus, as well as toilets that play music, or even
come with a built-in television screen, for the ultimate in bathroom entertainment.
Luxury toilets arent the only way to make your bathroom experience more
comfortable. In bigger bathroom spaces, additions such as bidets and urinals can
improve their overall functionality and luxury as well. Bidets are extremely popular
in European and Asian countries and are used for personal hygiene after one uses
the toilet. Urinals are most commonly wall-mounted, porcelain fittings designed
exclusively for male urination. Installing a urinal in your bathroom will not only
reduce water usage, but will also make time spent in the bathroom faster and easier
for any males using it.


Hygienic, pure and clean

No matter how elegant a bathroom is, nasty
odours have been the downfall of this space.
Traditional extractor fans have helped but their
main purpose was for ventilation purposes to
extract excess moisture from the room. However,
with the introduction of the innovative Hygizone
system, nasty odours are a thing of the past
even in spaces that dont have any windows or
ventilation from the outside at all.
Hygizone is a bespoke odour extraction system for
commercial and residential applications. According
to the company, when it comes to eliminating
harmful odours, there is no solution as effective as
the Hygizone. The difference comes in the form of
source-based odour extraction technology.
Unlike traditional extraction units that draw odour
out of the toilet bowl and up to the ceiling; the
Hygizone prevents airborne odour particles from
leaving the toilet bowl and contaminating your
clean bathroom air by extracting toilet odour
directly at the source.
Hygizone was born from a journey that was inspired
by the profound desire to solve an everyday problem.
The solution works exceptionally well, using a
small fan motor to create the necessary extraction required to remove
smells. So how does it actually work? Hygizone links your toilet to a small
exhaust vent fitted to the exterior of your home where smells and germs
are released efficiently and effortlessly. A small ceiling-mounted motion
sensor is fitted directly above the toilet. This sensor detects movements
allowing the Hygizone unit to switch on automatically and run for a period
of time before switching off again, thereby ensuring the system runs
efficiently and cost-effectively.
The Hygizone system is made up of the following core parts:
A Smart Sensor: Coupled with a courtesy light, this intelligent infrared
motion detector starts-up your Hygizone when it detects movement
within a 1-metre radius. After 2 minutes, if no movement is detected, it
turns the system off.
A Fan Motor: To create the extraction flow required to remove odours.
A Flush Saddle Hose: The flush-saddle connects to your concealed
cistern it directs odours through the hose to the exhaust vent.
An Exhaust Vent: This efficiently expels odours to the outside.
12V Controller Box: The unit comes with a 220V power supply.
All components are hidden and concealed, and have no impact on the aesthetics of the bathroom.
For more information visit

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Bathroom Butler

The cherry on top

nce the bath, toilet and bathroom fittings have

all been chosen, its time to choose the bathroom
accessories. Just like with a good outfit, the
accessories of a bathroom help pull the whole look
together, while also adding a luxurious touch. When
selecting your bathroom accessories, look for ones that
will not only make your space a more functional one, but
will also add to it from an aesthetic point of view. Wellchosen bathroom accessories can really take an ordinary
bathroom and turn it into something special.

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

See the light

Lighting is one of the most important, and
practical bathroom accessories. Light fixtures
can definitely be used as a style aspect in
the space, but lighting is also very practical,
especially in a room like the bathroom. Most
bathrooms require a combination of different
types of light fixtures in order to create
functional and cohesive lighting in the space.
Task lighting: Vanities require brighter task
lighting, as this will provide sufficient light to
perform a number of tasks, such as applying
your make up or shaving. Task lighting should
be positioned at eyelevel on either side of
your mirror this is far superior to overhead
lighting, which can create distorting shadows
on your face.


Heated towel rails by Bathroom Butler not

only provide a beautiful design feature for
towels, but you can also store and dry towels
and bath sheets effortlessly. Simply fold
your towel in four layers and hang it on the
heated bars for the perfect out-of-the-way
storage solution. All Bathroom Butler heated
towel rails boast innovative, state-of-the-art
Dry Element Technology (DET) for better
functionality, quicker heat-up times and lower
energy consumption.

Bathroom Butler

Victorian Bathrooms

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Bathroom Butler

Decorative lighting: This is another popular bathroom lighting choice. Decorative

lighting functions as both a source of light and as a style aspect in the room this is
an area where you can express your style by choosing a quirky pendant light, or a chic
rustic chandelier. Decorative lighting doesnt have to be limited to just one fixture,
especially in bigger bathrooms, where you have more space to be creative with your
lighting choices.
Ambient lighting: Choosing a gentle, more discrete form of lighting to ensure your
whole bathroom is well lit, is the main purpose of ambient lighting. Wall mounted
pendants or overhead lighting in darker areas of the room will provide a well-lit space
that is functional, inviting and attractive.

Heat things up
With tiling being the most popular and practical choice of bathroom flooring, it can
be quite difficult to overcome the chill, especially during the colder winter months.
Which is why you should consider investing in under-floor heating for your bathroom.
Under-floor heating remains one of the easiest, luxurious and safest ways to heat up
a bathroom space. It is laid directly beneath your bathroom tiles, so it is safely out of
the way, it doesnt interfere with your bathroom aesthetics, and you can feel the heat
where it is needed most underfoot.
The only downside of under-floor heating is that it does require electricity to run, but
not as much as you would think. Energy consumption depends on each individuals
comfort needs. However, 1kW of floor heating will be more efficient and cheaper to
run than a 1kW conventional heater, due to thermostat control and the even spread
of the heating over the floor surface.You can save up to 50% on running costs by
installing proper flooring insulation and the correct use of programmable controllers.

Bathroom Butler


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Alternatively, bathroom 3-in-1 units are an all-in-one lighting, extractor and heating
solution, which has been specially designed for the hot, wet and humid conditions
prevalent in bathroom spaces. The 3-in-1 combo units offer three useful functions
in one unit they come with a built-in extractor fan for optimum air circulation,
as well as infrared globes that supply lighting and warmth. They are rustproof and
purpose-built for steamy and wet areas, so they are safe, durable and long lasting.
The main advantage of a bathroom 3-in-1 unit is that it comes grouped with three
functions in one unit. This means that you can create heat and bright light at the


Bathroom Butler

flick of a switch, but at the same time,

you can also turn on the extractor fan, to
keep the bathroom clear of steam while
you are showering. Another benefit is that
these units are an incredibly streamlined,
space-saving solution that requires only one
installation point in order to perform all
three functions.

Bathroom Butlers special glass mounting system allows you to mount its
range of bathroom accessories directly onto glass prefect for bathrooms
where wall space is limited. Glass is a great way to make small spaces
appear larger because it reflects light. It also provides added space where
accessories can be installed. Being able to install Bathroom Butlers
range of bathroom accessories on glass, makes any glass divider or glass
enclosure a piratical addition to the space.

The 3-in-1 units are purpose-built for

installation in the bathroom ceiling for a
streamlined and space-saving aesthetic. You
no longer have to install a heater on the wall,
a separate light overhead, and then fit an
exhaust fan in the room as well. They are
perfect for small bathrooms, but they work
just as well in larger bathrooms. However,
as they are recessed units, they cannot be
installed in cement or concrete ceilings, nor
can you install them vertically on the walls.

Finishing touches
The last bathroom accessories that youll
need to decide on for your bathroom
are things like toilet brush holders, soap
dishes, shelving and toilet roll holders.
When choosing these finishing accessories,
its important to ensure they match the
rest of your bathroom, either by being
an exact match to the design, or being
something a bit different that compliments
the style of the space. With the ever rising
modern bathroom trend, slick matching
sets of bathroom accessories are currently
available, some of which include very clean
features like wall-mounted soap dishes

Stunning Bathrooms

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Gio Bella

Gio Bella

and toilet brush holders. Another popular

bathroom accessory trend is installing small
simple shelves in your bathroom. These can
house a charming collection of ornaments or
plants, or can even be used more practically
for toiletries. Its important to keep in mind
that smaller accessories can be played
around with more than larger ones, and may
be used to add a unique and more eclectic
touch in the bathroom.
One of the latest trends in accessory design
is to include freestanding accessories.
Freestanding towel rails in particular are
becoming increasingly popular in todays
homes they dont need to be installed,
they simply need to be moved into place.
This portability makes them ideal for those
who move homes often, as you can just
take them with you when you move. Their
increasingly popular appeal also lies in the
fact that they are very versatile pieces.
Before you get into the bath or shower,
you can move the rail right next to the bath
or shower cubicle, so that your towels can
be conveniently located within easy reach
when you get out. No more dripping all over
the bathroom floor when you get out and
walk over to reach for your towel.
Once you are dry, you can simply move
the rail into a more convenient location so
that it doesnt block access to the bath or
shower. They are also ideal for large openplan bathrooms with freestanding baths,
as the towels will be within easy reach
whenever required.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Stunning Bathrooms

Stunning Bathrooms

Gio Bella

Deliciously dry towels
Once the reserve of exclusive upmarket
hotels and multi-million-Rand mansions,
today, heated towel rails have taken their
rightful place as an affordable, tried and
trusted towel-drying essential in most
residential bathrooms. Many people believe
that heated towel rails cost the earth, but
this is just not the case they are actually
really affordable. Today, heated towel rails
are not just for the rich and famous now
everybody can afford to invest in a heated
towel rail and enjoy their many benefits.
Heated towel rails that boast Dry Element
Technology (DET) are also cost-efficient to
run unlike the more expensive Europeantype radiators that consume large amounts
of electricity, you can purchase heated
towel rails that have been purposely
designed for the South African climate. The
main purpose of these heated towel rails is
to dry towels and take the chill off of them,
and not to heat the bathroom space, which
means that in comparison, they consume
very small amounts of energy. They are also
available with various control options, which
can reduce running costs even further.

Stunning Bathrooms

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


On-trend with tiles

Image courtesy of ABK Spain.

Available from Casabella

ne of the simplest and most effective ways of

re-doing a bathroom is to retile it. However, the
choice of tiles can be one the most difficult parts
of any bathroom renovating plan.
Today, there is an enormous choice of tiles currently on the market to help you
narrow down the selection, it is a good idea to find out what the current tile trends
are. Not only will this serve to enlighten you about what is currently available, but it
will also serve as a source of design and colour inspiration, and offer you insight into
how to maximise the resale value of your home.
Tiles come in all shapes, colours and textures. When choosing tiles for your bathroom,
it is best to choose sealed, non-porous tiles as they handle the often-wet nature


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


of bathroom applications best. Natural and

other porous tiles can of course also be used,
however, they will need to be professionally
sealed otherwise they will absorb the oils
and soaps used in the bathroom, which will
end up staining them. The water-resistant
and durable nature of ceramic and sealed
porcelain tiles make them a perfect fit for
any bathroom they protect the walls and
floors, and they are available in a plethora of
various colours, texture and prints.
Read on to find out about the top tile trends
currently leading the way:

Image courtesy of ABK Spain.

Available from Casabella

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Image courtesy of ABK Spain.

Available from Casabella


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Image courtesy of Supergres Italy.

Available from Casabella

All about texture

Textured tiles are all the rage at the moment
they are visually stunning, practical as they
offer a great non-slip surface, and offer a
wide commercial appeal, which makes them
great if you want to maximise the resale
value of your home. Leading the way, wall
tiles with a wave-type texture are incredibly
popular they create a water-like visual
effect and light is reflected off the different
curved facets of the designs. Available with
a high-gloss or matt finish, since there are
no crevices or cracks in the design, they are
very easy and practical to clean.

The larger, the better

Increasingly more people are opting for
oversized, large format tiles for both the
floor and wall applications. Large tiles
have a timeless look that wont date, and
they have the added bonus of making
a space seem larger than it actually is.
This is due to the fact that there are less
grout lines, and so the wall or floor area in
questions is not broken up visually. When
it comes to large format tiles, it is best to
keep the grouting between them as thin
and unobtrusive as possible.

Eu natural
Mother Nature has been a major source of
design inspiration in our homes for many
years now and she is still making a big
impact today. As such, tiles that are designed
to emulate the natural qualities of wood or

Image courtesy of Supergres Italy.

Available from Casabella

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Image courtesy of ABK Spain.

Available from Casabella

natural stone are incredibly sought after. They imitate the real thing so closely, that
it is often difficult to tell them apart from the genuine article. What makes them so
popular is not only aesthetic however they are also a more practical choice for
wet areas they provide the feel of wooden flooring and panelling, or natural stone
flooring or cladding, without the high cost. They also handle water, moisture and
heavy traffic better as well they are not porous, they wont crack or peel, and they
require absolutely no maintenance apart from cleaning.

suit a variety of styles, including herringbone,

diagonal herringbone, diagonal basket weave,
plain basket weave, brick, or just plain old
horizontal layout. Using the subway tile with
the same colour grout or white on black can
make a very big difference to the overall look
of the room.

Blending is beautiful

Undercover neutrals

If, more often than not, you are sitting with two kinds of tiles and you just cant
choose between the two why not opt to use both. More and more high-fashion
bathrooms have opted to use two completely different types of tiles in one clever
design. Not only does this effect create an incredibly eye-catching aesthetic, but it
also creates something entirely unique and the tiles become the focal feature of
the entire room. This trend is especially effective if the tiles boast complementary,
harmonious or juxtaposing colourways.

Tiles in neutral tones remain an ever-popular

choice. For those who want their bathrooms
walls and floors to offer a blank canvas,
allowing the selected sanitaryware, window
views, and other design features of the room
to take centre stage. However, today, neutrals
are taking on a whole new persona they are
no longer the dull and often boring hues that
were so popular in years gone by. Modern
neutrals remain subtle and widely liked, but
they also offer interesting and appealing
undertones. Various shades of grey and stone
are particularly popular currently.

Down under
The subway tile remains bang-on trend. As their namesake implies, subway tiles
were originally used in the underground subway stations their narrow rectangular
profile made them easy to install on curved surfaces. Subway tiles are ageless
and much like parquet flooring, they can be laid in a number of different ways to


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Image courtesy of Supergres Italy.

Available from Casabella

Going with glass

Glass tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and
their sleek and elegant aesthetics remain
increasingly popular. The only drawback
to glass tiles is that they are priced on
the higher end of the price scale. As such,
they are often used as a smaller feature
or mosaic tile. However, glass sheets are
also used for a more seamless end result
especially in shower enclosures, or as basin
or bath splashbacks.
Tile designs have expanded greatly in the
last few years, and if choosing the tile you
want is proving to be too difficult, just pop
down to your local tile merchant and tell
them your ideas. Specialised tile companies
like Casabella (see display advert on page
15) can come up with the correct tile to
enhance your design and keep you up date
with the latest trends.

Image courtesy of Supergres Italy.

Available from Casabella

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


From the George collection by Falper Italy


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Make it better

he bathroom is not the simplest room to makeover.

It entails a number of different specialty trades,
including plumbing, tiling, design and layout,
installation, building, electrical and carpentry. Whats
more is that during the renovation, many of these trades
need to run concurrently with one another, which requires
superb planning skills.
Before you begin, you need to decide if you are happy with the layout of your
bathroom, but you just want to change its look and feel, or whether you want to
completely overhaull the entire space, enlarge it and move things around. The first
option is by far the easiest and most affordable, whereas the second option will take
considerable planning to get right.

Victorian Bathrooms

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Keep the colour scheme neutral but add an

accent shade to stay on trend. By keeping to
your accent colours it means they are also easy
to change, giving you more flexibility in the
future - Craig Parr, Interior Specialist

All in order
Before you even think about removing the
first tile, it is highly advisable that you give
careful consideration on how you would like
to use the space, and who is going to use it.
For example, if you shower the majority of
the time, and bath only on occasion then
it would be best to spend more on your
shower than on your bath for example.
Deciding on who will be using this space will
also have a major impact on the design of the
room. For example, if it is a main en-suite,
then a double vanity and double shower are
a great addition. However, if it is a family
bathroom that will be used for small children,
then a bath is a must-have inclusion.
Also, if the bathroom will be used by
multiple members of the family, of all
different ages, you may want to consider
including designs that maximise its use. For
example, designing the toilet as a separate
room allows somebody to use the toilet,
even when there is somebody else taking a
shower or brushing their teeth.

Shutters are brilliant thermal insulators, their adjustable louvres allow ventilation and light
control while limiting the heat gain through windows and doors - American Shutters


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Let the light in

A bathroom needs to be a bright and inviting
space. A layered lighting design is the best
choice, as you require various types of

lighting in this room from ambient, feature,
and of course, task lighting. The light over
the toilet area can be the dimmest, while
the lighting over and around the bathroom
vanity area should be the brightest.

Better the budget

For optimum longevity and to help the budget, it is best to choose a low cost design
for high impact results. Use neutral colours for the permanent features, such as the
tiles and sanitaryware, and then add pops of colour and design accents in the form
of easily changeable soft furnishings and accessories. This way, you can change the
entire look and feel of the room, without breaking the bank.

Storage stories
There is no use having a beautifully
designed bathroom, if it is hidden under a
ton of clutter. This room is where carefully
thought out storage solutions really come
into play not only do they have to be
able to store a lot of different items, of all
different sizes, but they also need to be
stored in an easily accessible manner.

DIY does it

More often than not, the upper wall area of

the bathroom is empty and this can be used
for shelving and cleverly placed towel rails.
One of the most unused areas of the wall is
the area above the cistern. One could install
shelves here, as well as a small cupboard
if need be. If space is not an issue, then
items such as floor-standing towel holders
or woven washing baskets can be used to
give the room a whole new look.

Also, with regards to installations such as plumbing and electrics by law, you need
to use qualified and registered professionals; when these are not installed correctly,
it can be very dangerous. This is especially valid in wet areas in the home, such
as the bathroom, where electricity can potentially be exposed to water - a lethal
partnership and a certain fire hazard.

Unless you are an expert in design, tiling, plumbing, building, electrics and
carpentry, it is best to leave the work to professionals. It is important to remember
that buying all the materials to remodel your bathroom is an expensive endeavour
in itself, and once the items are installed, for the most part, you cant uninstall
them and start over. As such, professional experts are the order of the day you
dont want to end up with mediocre results, just because you didnt hire the right
professional to install it.

Shop around for the professionals and always ask to go and see previous work that
they have completed, or at the very least, phone up past clients to find out what
experience they had. Once you are satisfied with both the workmanship and the
quote, you can go ahead and commission them without any stress.

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Rexa Design


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


The in thing

Lisa Millbacher from Bespoke Bathrooms expects

to see the following trends at the Milan Furniture
Fair next year.
Article by Antonella Desi

ith the New Year fast approaching many of us

are thinking of interesting ways, which we can
spruce up our homes. While major renovations
arent on the cards for everyone, sometimes adding small
touches can really make the space feel brand new. Drawing
inspiration from up and coming trends is always a great
place to start when trying to decide what changes you
want to make. Here are some of the latest trends in
bathroom design today:

Au naturel
Nothing says Zen-oasis quite like natural stone, which is why its a trend we see year
after year. Unlike most years though, 2016 offers a unique take on stone accents,
more specifically solid stone basins. Solid stone basins come in a wide variety of


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


shapes, styles and colours, making them a

unique and oh so stylish addition to the
space. Their durability, and sculpture-like
shape makes them a definite investment
for your bathroom.
Another way natural stone is taking
over bathroom dcor is with marble.
Marble is the epitome of timelessness
and elegance, boasting an amazing light
colour and fantastic natural veining.
Marble can be used in so many different
ways from tiles, through to countertops,
basins, mosaics or even dcor accessories.
While many designers are choosing to
go for a full-marble look, incorporating
marble everywhere, from the floors to the
counter, and even the walls, this may be a
bit extravagant for most.
Fortunately for those working on a tight
budget, marble can be effectively used as
an interesting accent. Marble countertops
and splashbacks for example, are great
ways to add a touch of elegance to your
bathroom. Marble is soft and easy to
work with, making it great for basins, and
floors, but its important to remember
that marble is a very porous stone, and
can easily be stained by dyes and coloured

Artisanal accents
This not-quite-trend is encouraging people
to go out and find unique and interesting
bits and pieces to adorn their bathroom
spaces. Finding things for your bathroom
that you love, that are hand-crafted and
one-of-a-kind is a sure way to ensure your
personal style shines through. Finding
pieces like this is a process, but looking in
flea markets, boutique stores or secondhand shops is a good way to source small
independent manufacturers, as well as
classic vintage pieces.
Alternately, if you just cant find anything
you like; then you can always get aspects
of your bathroom custom designed. There
are many artisans on the market willing
to customise various items to ensure
your bathroom is a unique retreat. Some
examples of customised and artisan items
that are popular this season include copper
piping used as towel rails, custom made
or even custom painted basins, and small
trinkets like antique dressing table sets.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Kohler Africa

Green thumb
With their natural beauty and ability to purify the air, its no surprise that plants are
on the list of bathroom trends for 2016. Bathrooms specifically, provide a great
environment for tropical plants due to the high humidity levels. While plants require
a bit more care when compared to bathroom ornaments, choosing the right type
of plants for the space will make your job a whole lot easier. The most popular and
well-suited plants for bathrooms include ferns, philodendrons, bamboo and ivy.
Plants are easy to buy and place anywhere in your bathroom, and while a pot next to
the sink may be your first choice, getting creative with your plant placement can go
a long way in making your bathroom look like a luxurious tropical retreat. Layering
plants is a great way of achieving a full, opulent and trendy look. Dont be scared to
experiment with different types of plant displays, such as hanging plants, creepers
and even using old stools and side tables as an extra surface to display the plants.
Going forward, bathrooms that look like a cross between a luscious greenhouse and
luxurious bathroom is bang on trend.

Pot of gold
Fashion and colour forecasters are predicting that 2016 will be a golden year.
Moving away from the stark white colour palettes of previous years, trending
colours for this year include soft pastels, black, and ochre gold taking pride of place
as the star of the show. While these colours couldnt be more different, when
combined they create an uber-stylish and eclectic look.
The way to apply this colour palette must be carefully planned for a successful end
result. Most bathrooms are on the smaller side, so using darker colours like black and
gold for the whole space, can end up making your bathroom feel small and closed
in. Rather use lighter pastels for the majority of your walls, and then use black and
gold for dramatic, eye-catching accents.


Bespoke Bathrooms

Pattern perfect
Wallpaper is back with a bang, and
will definitely add some pizzazz to
your bathroom space. The tip for
this season is to go over the top with
your choice of pattern, but use the
actual wallpaper as more of an accent
piece than covering all your walls.
Nature-inspired patterns are very
popular, specifically when used to
add interest to a more contemporary
bathroom space.
Although wallpaper isnt for
everyone, pattern can still be easily
incorporated into your bathroom
design in easier, more affordable
and subtle ways. Mosaics and natural
stone tiles for example, can be mixed
and matched to create a showstopping feature wall or splashback.
Many mosaics this season are
incorporating geometric patterns and
metallic finishes for a unique take on
a bathroom classic. Patterned floors
are also becoming more prevalent,
and help add a vibrant, retro touch to
any bathroom space.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


The mirror TV

irrors are a great inclusion in many rooms throughout

the home they offer a practical and aesthetically
pleasing element to the decor, with the added
benefit of making the room appear larger than it is, and
reflecting light to make the space brighter.
However, they serve an especially important role in both the bathroom and the
bedroom, where they help you to perform various daily tasks, such as grooming,
applying make-up, doing your hair, or ensuring that you are looking your best.
Now they can serve another purpose due to state-of-the-art technology, your
mirror can double as your TV as well. Mirror Edge Networks is the official distributor
of technology that allows the integration of a special LED TV monitor behind a glass
or mirror surface. Says Morgan Irwin from Mirror Edge Networks: The surface options
include coloured glass in any RAL colour of your choice, or the Crystal Mirror, which is
an especially popular choice as it completely hides the monitor when it is switched off.
The company creates beautiful and elegant mirror televisions. The mirror is a specially
tailored glass that has been optimised to give outstanding reflection and image quality.
Once switched on, the LED monitor behind displays a full HD 1080p picture, and when
switched off, it completely disappears into a perfect mirror or glass feature wall.

important, as ordinary LED screens cannot

withstand constant exposure to moisture,
and would get damaged quickly if installed
in a bathroom for example. Our technically
advanced screens however, are specifically
designed for high humid areas and ventilationdeprived installations, which means that they
wont over-heat and the moisture wont
damage any circuitry.
The purpose built LED monitors are installed
in a recess in the wall on which the mirror
will be placed. All the cabling and wiring
requirements are installed in this recess as
well, and all external wiring is neatly chased
into the wall, so that you wont see any of it
once the installation is complete. Once the
electrical installation is complete, then your
choice of mirror or glass is mounted on top for
a glamorous end result.

So how does it work? Morgan explains: On the surface, the installation only offers
the stylishly slick look of glass, however, behind you will find the only LED monitor
systems that are factory-calibrated for integration behind glass. These monitor
systems are custom-engineered display screens they are exclusively designed to
overcome the unique challenges of operating in ventilation-deprived environments
and to allow easy and adjustable mounting. The elaborate unique mounting systems
accompanying these monitors are distinctively designed to suit all types of placements
behind any glass surfaces.

Says Morgan: The Crystal Mirror finish is

especially popular, as it hides the installation
entirely when the TV is switched off. It comes
in either a silver or a bronze finish. However,
the colour finishes are virtually endless, which
means you can integrate the glass surface or
mirror finish with practically any dcor style
and colour palette hiding the somewhat
garish looks of a TV, neatly behind an attractive
surface for a truly awe-inspiring result.

Whats more, is that these monitors are rated for installation in high moisture
environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens, says Morgan: This is incredibly

For more information visit


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

S u m m e r 2015 16


Colombini Casa by Diva Cucine.




Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Bedroom serenity

he bedroom provides the ideal haven in which to end

a stressful day. Bedrooms are seen as a place where
you can escape from the pressures and demands of
everyday life, which is what makes them such and integral
room in the home. In order to create a bedroom space that
is tranquil and serene, it is paramount that you pay special
attention to the mood of the room when finalising its design.

Pick and choose

When choosing the dcor for your bedroom you want to stick with something
that is calming and not overwhelming. Serenity and tranquillity is the name of the
game here, and while a calming or Zen-like mood is an ever-popular option, its
also important to incorporate your own personal style into the space. This can be
achieved by complimenting the ambience with a secondary mood some popular
moods that people use in conjunction with a calm atmosphere include:
Lively: A lively mood will make the space feel more invigorating.
Warm: A warm mood is very similar to a calm or Zen mood, except with a cosier
and richer overall feeling.
Creative: A creative mood is perfect for someone with an artistic side, who prefers
eclectic styled spaces.
Sophisticated: This mood will create a classy and mature ambience that also
features calming elements.


American Shutters

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Craig Parr

Colour therapy
The colours you choose for your bedroom
can have a huge influence over how you
feel about the space. Colours have been
proven time and time again to affect a
persons mood, which is why the colour
palette you choose remains a crucial
element for creating your ideal atmosphere.
Moods can be easily translated into colour
palettes and act as a good guideline for the
type of paint and other dcor elements that
you choose for this space. Some popular
bedroom moods and their colour palettes
Zen: This popular and calming mood is
characterised largely by gentle neutral
tones of beige, stone, off-white and light
grey. Colours used for this mood should
be gentle on the eyes and make you feel
relaxed. While neutral is your base, adding
pops of colour can help liven up the space,
such as greens and blues, to maintain the
nature-inspired tones of this theme.
Dramatic: More opulent than Zen, this
mood will make your bedroom feel more
rich and luxurious. Colours for this mood
are more dependent on your personal taste,


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

but should centre on rich moody colours, such as dark greys, and jewel tones, such
as purples and blues. This colour palette can be paired well with light walls, or even
used for just a touch of drama in a more neutral space.
Lively: While most people prefer a bedroom that is either serene or opulent,
others prefer a space that makes them feel energised and rejuvenated. When trying
to achieve a lively mood, your first instinct will be to choose bright in-your-face
colours, but you should try and avoid this impulse as choosing very bright colours
can be a little overwhelming. Instead opt for muted spring-inspired tones, such as
duck-egg blue, sunshine yellows and mint greens. These colours will add a fresh,
lively touch to the decor, while still maintaining a balance of calm serenity.
When incorporating colours into your bedroom dcor, it is important to remember
that the majority of the space, specifically the walls, should be in light neutral tones
to ensure that the tone of the room is comfortable and open. Use darker colours for
accent pieces, and medium hues for feature walls.

Let in the light

Lighting is one of the most popular means of creating ambience in a room. In a space
that needs to be soothing, bright lights and fluorescents are out of the question. In
this most intimate of spaces, a layered lighting design is the optimum choice, and
it is advisable to only use gentle, warm lighting tones to ensure a serene mood.
Bedroom lighting can be divided into three main types, namely:
Ambient lighting: This is the main light source for your bedroom, and will provide
the whole space with a gentle light. Ambient lighting is where stylish light fixtures
come into play. Chandeliers are especially on trend for bedroom spaces, as they offer
sufficient light and add a touch of glamour. Using dimmers for ambient lighting is a
great idea, as it gives you the ability to customise the brightness to suit your mood.


Accent lighting: Accent lighting is used to
create focal points in your bedroom and is
perfect for highlighting key design aspects
or artworks. Accent lights are usually small
and discrete, usually taking the form of
recessed downlights.
Task lighting: As its name implies, task
lighting is designed to enable you to perform
various tasks, such as reading, putting on
your makeup or getting dressed. Task
lighting needs to be focused and very bright.
Lighting options such as mirror lights, bedside
lights and in-wardrobe lighting are all good
examples of task lighting in the bedroom.

carpeting, hardwood and laminate flooring. Carpeting is warm and soft, come in
a variety of shades and textures, and really helps contribute to the luxury of a
bedroom space. It also helps reduce noise and to insulate your bedroom, and they
are warm underfoot. The only downside to carpeting is that they can be difficult to
clean and they stain easily.
Hardwood floors bring a timeless elegance to your bedroom. The warm colours and
feeling of natural wood make it an ideal choice for a bedroom floor. While slightly
noisier compared to carpeting, hardwood flooring is easy to clean, it is exceptionally
durable, and timelessly beautiful. However, it is priced at the higher-end of the price
spectrum. If you have your heart set on timber flooring, but hardwood flooring is
just not in your budget, laminate flooring is the next best thing. It resembles the real
thing, but it is much more affordable than hardwood flooring, comfortable, easy to
clean and although not as durable as genuine timber flooring, it is long lasting.

Curtain call
Take to the floor
As floors are not on eye level, they are
an often-overlooked bedroom element.
However, when you consider that more
often than not, you walk barefoot in your
bedroom, youll see that floors have a very
tactile influence on the space. To create a
warm and calming bedroom atmosphere,
there are various types of flooring options
to choose from, the most popular being

Window treatments act as the finishing touch when it comes to creating the
perfect bedroom atmosphere. They can tie a space together, as well as allowing
you to control the amount of natural lighting you let into your bedroom. As window
treatments are available in such a large variety of styles, choosing one that suits
the rest of your bedroom is very important. Choosing bedroom window treatments
can be conflicting, as sometimes we need the darkness that shutters and shades
provide, and at other times, we prefer the more romantic and airy feeling that
curtains provide. Layered window treatments offer the best of both providing the
ability to blackout your bedroom when required, and to open it up to the outdoors
as required.

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Linen Drawer

Designer Range - Latitude - Taupe on Cream (Linen)

These unique product ranges have been designed
by theLinen Drawerdesign team. A combination of
modern styling and classical elegance, these ranges are
produced from 200 thread count, pure cotton percale
fabrics with pure Linen cuffs (or aspects), creating
unique design effects on theseduvet cover sets.
Designer Range - Opulence - Taupe (Aspects in pure


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Linen Drawer


Make your bed

he bedroom is one of the most intimate and used

places in the home, and the bed takes pride of place
in this room. Not only does the average person
spend a third of their lives sleeping or in bed, but were
also well accustomed to the difference a good nights sleep
can make in our day-to-day functioning.
Beds should be treated as more than just a place to sleep, but rather as a space
that you want to make as luxurious and comfortable as possible, which is why every
choice you make, from your choice of mattress, through to linen and accessories is

Starting at the bottom

One of the key factors in creating a comfortable and luxurious bed is your choice of
mattress. Mattresses are much more important than you think, and can effect your
health and overall wellbeing. While good quality mattresses are often quite expensive,
they are well worth the cost and should be seen as an investment, as they can
help alleviate back pain, and allow for a better nights sleep. The most popular and
comfortable mattresses at the moment include:
Innerspring mattresses: This is the most commonly known type of mattress and
has a support system that consists of steel springs. The number, type and size of coils
varies from mattress to mattress, and these coils are encased in foam and upholstery.
The general rule of innerspring mattresses is that the more springs it has, the greater
the support the mattress will offer.

Memory foam: Memory foam mattresses

are relatively new, and since being introduced,
they have taken the mattress world by storm.
They are made from dense foam that contours
to the shape of the body, offering excellent
support. This type of mattress is ideal for people
who suffer from back, neck and shoulder pains,
and has been known to help alleviate a myriad
body aches, to ensure a better nights sleep.
While a good option, memory foam mattresses
are positioned at the upper end of the price
spectrum, and because of their composition,
may take a bit of time to adjust to.
Hybrid mattresses:
Comprising an
amalgamation of both an innerspring mattress
design, with a top layer of memory foam, hybrid
mattresses offer users the best of both worlds.
They provide the support of an innerspring
mattress, with the comfort and body-hugging
benefits of memory foam.

Cover up
Sheets and bedding offer the tactile elements
of your bed it is what you will physically be
in contact with when you are in bed. While it
is important that linen is both functional and
aesthetically pleasing, it should also be chosen
on the basis of how practical it is for your
climate and bedding needs. In a warmer climate
like South Africa, bedding that is breathable and

Premium Range - Classique White. This range is manufactured from brilliant white, pure combed cotton in a 600 thread count sateen percale construction
giving an exceptionally smooth, lustrous and luxurious handle to the fabric - Linen Drawer

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16



absorbent is usually preferred. Bedding comes

in a wide variety of different materials, each
with their own pros and cons, including:

always best to opt for the best quality that you can afford. High-end cotton linen
may come with a high-end price tag, but it is incredibly durable, offers a smooth
feeling on the skin, it is breathable and moisture absorbing.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a relatively new bedding

fabric. It is an impressively environmentally
friendly option, as the bamboo plant is
fast growing and requires little land and
no pesticides. As a fabric, bamboo is soft,
breathable and moisture absorbing, and
unlike a lot of other sheeting fabrics, it is
also hypoallergenic. Bamboo sheeting is ideal
for anyone prone to allergies, and it is best
suited for warmer climates.

Cotton blend: Made of a mixture of polyester and cotton, cotton blend bed linen is
one of the most affordable sheeting options currently available on the market. It is
very durable and very easy to care for, but because of its synthetic component, it is
not as breathable as linen made from 100% natural materials.

Cotton: One of the most popular sheeting

materials, cotton is crisp, strong, and
available in a wide variety of different
colours and designs. However, cotton can
crease very easily, and if it is of a lower
quality, it can also be scratchy on the skin.
As such, when buying cotton sheeting, it is

Flannel: This type of sheeting is extremely popular in cooler climates and offers
a soft, fuzzy and cuddly feeling. Made from either wool or a cotton derivative, the
heat retaining properties of flannel dont make it very breathable, but still offer a
comfortable sheeting option for cold winter nights.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Egyptian cotton: Egyptian cotton is a speciality sheeting fabric, and is made from
cotton grown along the Nile River. This type of sheeting is known to be one of the
most luxurious, due to its soft, silky feeling, its breathability and because it is very
absorbent. Egyptian cotton sheeting has a higher thread count than most, which is
one of the contributing factors to its opulent feel.

Pure linen: Made out of the natural fibre of the flax plant, linen boasts a number
of the same characteristics as other natural materials, such as offering maximum


breathability and absorbency. On top of these favourable characteristics, linen is
also hypoallergenic, and has been shown to be the first choice of bedding for people
with sensitive skin. Pure linen is also extremely durable, and unlike most sheeting,
actually gets better and softer with age. When it comes to white bedding, linen
wins hands down, as unlike cotton, white linens do not yellow with age. Linen is
odour-resistant and it is also environmentally friendly, as it requires less water and
chemicals to produce than other sheeting materials.

Add ons
Bedding forms more than just the sheeting on a bed, but also includes bed
accessories; such as throws, blankets, pillows and scatters. Blankets and throws are
a thin blanket, usually draped over the foot of the bed they add a nice touch to the
style of the bed, as well as being very practical as they offer an extra layer for when
the weather gets a bit chilly. Blankets and throws come in a wide variety of styles
and colours from quaint crochet options, to opulent faux fur.
Scatter cushions, while not as functional as throws, are definitely the most popular
way of adding a personal touch to the bed. When picking out throw cushions,
people usually tend to mix and match to create the desired look. When selecting
scatters, it is best to choose a colour palette or theme to stick to, and to choose 3
to 5 cushions of varied shapes and sizes.

Channelling trends
While bedrooms should be treated as spaces where you can express yourself and
add your personal sense of style to create a comfortable and personal retreat, using
the latest trends to help inspire your space, is a good way to achieve a stylish end
result. The latest colour trends in the bedroom comprise colour palettes of whites
and greys, complimented by minimal, fuss-free decorating. White bed linen is bang
on trend it is extremely versatile and can be used in almost any bedroom style.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Colombini Casa by Diva Cucine.

Colombini Casa by Diva Cucine.


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Smart storage

edrooms are comfortable oases where we go to unwind,

but when they start getting cluttered it can be difficult
to stay calm. Storage is often a huge issue in bedrooms,
as the space is usually rather small and most of the space is
taken up by your bed, making it difficult to find sufficient
space to store all your bedroom necessities. Fortunately
storage comes in many shapes and sizes so finding suitable
storage for your bedroom shouldnt be too difficult.
Working wardrobes
Whether theyre built-in, walk-in or free standing, wardrobes form one of the
biggest storage spaces in a bedroom. Wardrobes usually contain the real necessities
like clothing and shoes, which take up the most space as far as storage is concerned.
Unfortunately due to their large size, storage space in wardrobes tends to be badly
used. Its important to maximise all storage space in your bedroom, a few ways to
better utilise your wardrobe are:
Get rid of things you dont use: While this is advice that is repeated over and over
again, it really is important in keeping your bedroom storage, and especially your
wardrobe in order. Keeping things that you dont use or wear will just take up more
space, and make keeping your closet organised more difficult.
Invest in a shoe rack: Shoe racks may seem a bit excessive, but they will really
allow you to make the most of your space. Not only will you be able to see all your
shoes properly but most shoe racks fit neatly at the bottom of a closet, a space
which may otherwise go unused.

Easylife Kitchens

Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16


Colombini Casa by Diva Cucine.

Insert extra shelves: When it comes to

shelving more is more. Often the space in
between wardrobe shelves is far too big,
leaving a lot of space unused, by inserting
an extra shelf in this space youll give
yourself a whole new layer of storage.
Make use of all the space: The tops
and bottoms of wardrobes are often left
unused as they arent very easy to reach,
but these places are perfect for storing
things you dont need on a day-to-day
basis, like heavy winter coats or duvets.
Using boxes for the items you store in
these places, will help make everything
more organised and accessible.

Wall flower
Shelving is a popular form of storage
in most parts of the house, but is often
overlooked in the bedroom. Fortunately
shelves are becoming more and more
popular in bedroom spaces, specifically
in the form of headboard storage.
Headboard storage is a great place to
store small items, ornaments and books,
this type of storage usually comes in the
form of shelves above the headboard up
to the ceiling. This type of storage also has
a trendy aesthetic, and can also be used to


Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16

Colombini Casa by Diva Cucine.

display personal things like photographs.
The only thing about shelving as a form of
bedroom storage is that they have to be
kept extremely clean and tidy, as unlike
wardrobe, you cant just close the door on
a shelf when it starts looking messy. Using
baskets and boxes are the best way to
make shelving a practical storage option
while not being cluttered or untidy.

Out of sight, out of mind

There are many places in the bedroom
that are overlooked when it comes to
storage, the main one being under the bed.
Under bed storage is extremely popular,
especially because its well hidden away
and doesnt take up any extra visible
space in the bedroom. The rising interest
in under bed storage has resulted in many
specialised boxes, some with wheels that
fit perfectly underneath a bed. These are
often used for storing things like shoes, or
even things that need to be reached less
often like winter bedding.

Colombini Casa by Diva Cucine.

On display
Your most prized possessions need not be hidden away, keeping things on display
is a great way to free up storage space elsewhere. Things like scarves, coats and
jewellery can make the style of your bedroom feel more personalised. There are
many ways you can display things in your room, coat hangers and towel hooks are
perfect for scarves, jewellery and for hanging small items of clothing. Cute dressing
table jewellery stands are a great way of storing jewellery and in a tighter space you
can even turn a pin board into a clever jewellery display.

On the side
Dont disregard bedside tables when it comes to storage, although they dont
have a lot of space, they are a perfect place for storing smaller things like makeup,
jewellery, books and electronics. Chests at the foot of your bed are also another
great place for storage, not only will these bring an antique-chic look to your room,
but theyll also provide quite a bit of space for throws, pillows, or anything else that
needs to be stored away.
Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16



Fill in and take with you when

visiting a showroom!
This bathroom checklist will come in handy when planning and
designing your new bathroom. Renovating your bathroom will take
up a lot of your time and is quite costly. The first important step
to your new bathroom is to determine your current situation and
your future bathroom requirements.

What budget do you have available for the bathroom?

Do you need additional finance?

yes / no

W ill more than one person be using the bathroom

at the same time?

Which elements will be fitted?

Material of preference
Shower bath
Bath mixer tap
Shower tray

A re special provisions required for the elderly

yes / no

Is the floor suitable (strong enough) for the bathroom? yes / no

Shower accessories
Shower panels
Walk-in shower

Are there sufficient possibilities for ventilation?

yes / no

Steam cabin

Is there suitable heating in the room?

yes / no

Shower cabin

Is there a boiler / geyser?

yes / no

Does the geyser have sufficient capacity?

yes / no

Does the electrical installation need to be adjusted?

yes / no


Do you require a new plan for the lighting?

yes / no


Stand-alone shower


D o you require extra loudspeakers or a

cable connection?

yes / no

Do you require a lowered ceiling or a raised floor?

yes / no

Are any construction activities required?


yes / no

New walls

yes / no

New floor

yes / no


yes / no

Bathroom furniture

 o any household appliances need to be installed in

the bathroom?
Washing machine

yes / no

Tumble dryer

yes / no

Will any double walls be used?

yes / no

Will use be made of any pre-fitted modules?

yes / no






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Beautiful Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Summer 2015-16



yes / no

or physically impaired?

Step by step to
a new bathroom



Micro Beads

a ture

GEL Memory Foam
Memory Foam
for body support

Cool Smart GEL Memory Foam

regulates body temperature

The cool action GEL Memory foam regulates

body temperature and reduces pressure points
for no more tossing and turning, keeping you
cooler in Summer and cosy in Winter.

Isnt it time you

fell in love with
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At Sealy Posturepedic our aim is to provide healthy,

happy sleep every night, to give you a great day
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more delicious luxury. No wonder people who sleep
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