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Date: 25th August 2014

Rev. No: Ver. <3>

Owner: OD Department

Job Family Name: Quality Management
The purpose of the jobs in the Quality Management job family is to ensure the required quality of the solutions,
services and applications developed by STC. Quality measures encompass maintaining quality consistency of the
work processes and procedures within the various businesses of STC. This job family also constitutes jobs
responsible for designing quality control measures, defining QPIs of business processes, managing the
documentation of existing and desired quality standards, driving automation of critical business processes, analyzing
and defining required quality standards for vendors and ensuring efficiencies in the quality frameworks followed by
businesses within each Sector. This job family also constitutes jobs responsible for identifying knowledge gaps,
developing relevant policies and guidelines, managing knowledge management tools and library and ensuring
systematic dissemination of technical knowledge to relevant departments, in a timely manner.
Typical Value Contribution Areas

Percentage decrease in the number of rejections/escalations (of the products, services and solutions) on the
basis of quality
Percentage achievement of customer satisfaction targets on the quality of services and products delivered by
Percentage increase in automating critical business processes and procedures
Timeliness and accuracy in conducting quality audits on the processes and procedures within the various


The job family architecture encompasses the following:
All jobs at Level 5 and below in STC (Level 4 and above, being primarily encompassed by the Organization
At Level 4, jobs sitting in pools of resources that are not covered under the job descriptions or may be required in
future also constitute a part of the job family design and form part of the Professional Track.
At Level 4 and above, the job family design also constitutes a Technical Track (as applicable) to allow for
specialist career progression.
Job Family Architecture for Quality Management

Professional Track

Technical Track

Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Senior Quality/Knowledge Management Expert

Quality Strategy &
Management Professional

Quality/Knowledge Management Expert

Level 5

Quality Supervisor

Level 6

Quality Specialist

Level 7

Senior Quality Analyst

Level 8

Quality Analyst

Level 9

Junior Quality Analyst

Level 10

Level 5: Quality Supervisor

Jobs at this level are responsible for implementing programs related to quality control and management that could
improve business processes and procedures. Also, they are responsible for defining QPIs for the various businesses
and ensuring automation of critical business processes to improve quality related efficiencies.
Key Responsibilities

Coordinates across a number of work units within the specified area of work, to ensure efficient work flows and
accurate outputs.
Manages small to mid-sized projects and initiatives, as may be required by the reporting senior.
Manages the development of quality control measures and participates in embedding them within business
Participates in the design of QPIs for business and technology processes and ensures alignment to process
Analyses quality control measures in coordination with concerned stakeholders to improve the nature of quality
audits/assessments to validate compliance of processes/policies with existing standards.
Supervises the implementation of documented quality standards in the procedural aspects of the various
Ensures in collecting the data requirements for Voice of Customer survey and Supplier/Partner SLAs data
collection mechanism.
Oversees the automation of critical work processes within the various businesses.
Analyses data trends related to customer experience(s) of applications, solutions and service(s) rendered by STC
to ensure alignment to business strategy and documented quality standards.
Reviews IT training needs, plans for appropriate training resources, internal and external, to meet these needs
and monitors quality of training provided to ensure training needs are met effectively.
Develops appropriate processes/systems to manage & share IT knowledge, expertise & professional experiences
within STC and inform management of key changes in industry or technology.
Documents performance reports for fixed, wireless, VAS and transport services and helps in the standardization
of performance reporting.
Suggests quality improvement recommendations in the work processes and procedures based on audit findings
to the various business owners.
Regularly meets with Project managers to discuss the performance of systems, network and other applications,
prepares list of issues, investigates root causes of performance gaps and propose appropriate corrective actions.
Ensures in documenting quality programs to enhance awareness and maximize the participation of concerned
Assists businesses in defining and implementing action plans to improve the quality standards of work
processes/procedures and applications/services/products.
Manages the analysis of vendor performance on various projects and assists in defining the quality framework(s)
and QPIs for them.
Participates in validating quality check reports based on the audits conducted on the services and products
delivered by STC to its end - customers.
Discusses reports on audits conducted with the relevant stakeholders from the businesses.
Resolves escalated cases of quality non - compliance and participates in customer experience monitoring to
promote the strategy of providing quality products and services to internal and external customers including the
government ministries.
Assists in the preparation of customized knowledge packages and enriching the content on the portal.
Conducts the integration of DMS with other systems/tools and collates recommendations for improving system
features, functions and capabilities.
Regularly looks for new IT Quality Methods available that would best suit STC current and future needs in order

to improve quality of methodologies.

Recruits, develops and supervises the respective team members, if needed, for undertaking higher

Typical Qualifications, Experience, Skills & Competencies

Typical Qualifications
Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Engineering or a related discipline
Typical Experience
6 - 7 years of experience in the quality management area
Technical Skills
Intermediate proficiency in business acumen

Advanced proficiency in data collection and analysis

Intermediate proficiency in technology applications

Advanced proficiency in system diagnostic techniques

Intermediate proficiency in programming languages

Advanced proficiency in Information Systems Standards

Intermediate proficiency in IT Operating Environment

Intermediate proficiency in Application/Network Architecture

Advanced proficiency in business writing

Behavioural Competencies


g others




Building Relations



Giving Direction & Support

ent Drive




Required Level of Interaction

Interprets or explains data or information to deliver messages to audiences not knowledgeable about the subject

Working Conditions
Predominantly Indoors
Working Conditions
Very good working conditions, no unusual hazards. Remote probability of injury.
Physical Activity
Little or no physical demand.