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The Business

Business Overview

This marketing plan is about a new product whose name is WooW!! It is a men and women
fashion magazine which will be facing a stiff competition by Marie Claire and other magazine
brands. Our strategies are designed in such a way that in the beginning it will lead us to a
relatively low market share where our niche will be benefited and our main idea will be to
protect that niche and then go for an untapped market. But we will be mostly dependent on
positive word and other strategies that will be discussed in the later part of this plan. We will be
using a combination of offensive and defensive strategy, offensive strategy goals will be to shake
up the current market equilibrium and trap our desired marketing segment into our brand
emotionally, secondly, the defensive strategy will help to put outpost on our border where our
competitors will most likely to attack.
Offensive strategy will also allow WooW!! To penetrate a newer market segment which shows a
higher growth opportunity. Our magazine will be focusing to capture the youth market, who are
university goers or high school goers, female professional and upper class women. The reason
we have chosen this market is because youth nowadays wants change and they want a
continuous change.
Some marketing mix tools like 4 Ps, positioning, brand strategy, market segmentation and other
marketing would be designed in order to increase the share of mind and share of heart of our
brand in peoples lives. The slogan that we have chosen is Experience a breath of Fresh Air,
which depicts that now is the time to change and update yourself. Another quality of this slogan
is that we can also move into a new segment of young professional who are into a phase of
growth and moving towards success.

SWOT Analysis

Summary of the external and internal analysis SWOT analysis


The unique WoooW!! brand image, creates unique brand image, brand awareness and
provide emotional value to the customer.

The main strength of WoooW!! Australia is their prestigious and up market image which
their readers aspire to.

The computer to plate printing technology will be used for the production as it will give a
new experience to the readers and the clarity and graphics of image and words will be top of
the notch. That it can been seen from far distance and it can create a unique value for
customers as compared to its competitors.

With the help of internet we will also an e-magazine channel.


The main weakness of WooW!! is that it will be positioned for university goers and it can
restrict our market share and growth

The lack of funding and unexperienced team is one our weakness, secondly, the strong and
established competitors are one of weakness as they will also attack on our check-post.


The biggest opportunity is that our brand can provide accessories and additional products that
are well-associate and compliments well with our main product. At the same time it will
leverage our brand and provide additional customer value. Later we can launch a product line
of clothing apparel too and send compliment products too like free coupons of other brands,
free passes for fashion shows.

The revolutions of information technology could help WoooW!! Australia manages its
information and production system more effectively and efficiently.

Due to the increasing popularity of internet and especially, WoooW!! Australia could reach
more people and create a personal relation with the people on the Internet and it can also

send magazines and with the help of database customized email marketing and other tailored
promotional activities can be made.

The improvement in the Internet technology and increasing trust of consumers in providing
personal information on the Internet could see WoooW!! Australia receive more online
subscription and build an extensive consumer database for monitoring consumer needs and
provide them with the chance to create customer value.


The improvement in the information technology could see womens/mens fashion,

entertainment news and gossip delivered electronically, which could force the printed media
industry undergo major changes.

Due to low entry barriers and low fixed cost entry of a new magazine brand is one of the


The threat could also come from the current competitors.


A product is an offering which creates value for customer and satisfies its needs by consuming it.
It can also tangible things, services, person, places, organization and ideas. (Gronroos, 2006)
Our core product is fashion as the magazine offers the latest information on fashion. Its actual
products are the brand name, packaging and quality articles and all the featured stories covered
in our magazine. To support all the earlier discussed characteristics we also need a set of
augmented products which are horoscope, membership club, coupons etc.
In a competitive women magazine market, we need to be really on our edges to provide superior
and differentiated value to differentiate our product and define a competitive. As discussed that
our printing quality is one of a kind, secondly, high quality content from the hubs of fashion i.e.
London, Paris, and Milan will develop our prestigious brand image. Our magazine will also

share stories about successful women or who are engaged in adventurous yet philanthropic work,
invites to various fashion events, horoscope, membership club, health and diet, travel section and
customer can also share their story or any other story which will be publish by their names. And
a section for guest writer will be presented in the magazine. Women magazine is not a very price
intensive market and most of the magazines have very small marginal difference and reducing
the price would not result in healthy outcomes. So our positioning strategy would be to create
superior benefits than those offered by major competitors. It should contain more about lifestyle,
gossip, news about celebrities and movies, issues regarding real life, photographic essays and
greater range of fashion with those targeted middle class income levels. The anticipated demand
for our magazine is likely to increase because of its ability to capture the multi-segments and the
stabilizing economic conditions in Australia will also drive its demand. Secondly, with the
advent of tablets, smartphone and Kindle, our product has a great chance to boost. Our magazine
demand will increase at a drastic rate due to its innovative strategies as we will also print a cover
of one lucky lady at the back cover along with a summary of her story and will value it like she
is a celebrity.
WooW!! Will have two prices, one for online magazine and other one for printed. This is due to
internal company factors along with external environment factors. The first one will be set by
taking younger and middle class income women into consideration as they are most inclined
towards social media and internet usage and smartphone usage.
Second pricing strategy is for those who are elegant in nature, spends well and they are the niche
target market who needs a product that satisfies their needs at any cost. They also assign great
value to have knowledge of latest fashion and lifestyle trends. Other factors that are affecting our
pricing strategies are increased cost of postage and paper and we have also considered the
current Australian budget and will also take upcoming budget into account. Our magazine will be
designed in A4 as it is the most common format and easiest as well as cheapest in the market and
it is easier to carry for the reader. In conclusion, price charged by the customer must value
customer value and their place on the benefits they receive from WooW!!

Our pricing strategy is to provide the best over solution for our customers. We wont have the
lowest prices. Instead we will come up with the correct trade-offs to meet our customers

1.3. Sales/marketing personnel

Job Title


Marketing & Sales


[Mr Chris


Accomplishes marketing and sales

human resource objectives by
recruiting, selecting, orienting, training,
assigning, scheduling, coaching,
counseling, and disciplining employees;
communicating job expectations;
planning, monitoring, appraising, and
reviewing job contributions; planning
and reviewing compensation actions;
enforcing policies and procedures.

Achieves marketing and sales

operational objectives by contributing
marketing and sales information and
recommendations to strategic plans
and reviews; preparing and completing
action plans; implementing production,
productivity, quality, and customerservice standards; resolving problems;
completing audits; identifying trends;
determining system improvements;
implementing change.

Meets marketing and sales financial

objectives by forecasting requirements;
preparing an annual budget; scheduling
expenditures; analysing variances;
initiating corrective actions.

Determines annual and gross-profit

plans by forecasting and developing
annual sales quotas for regions;
projecting expected sales volume and
profit for existing and new products;
analysing trends and results;
establishing pricing strategies;
recommending selling prices;
monitoring costs, competition, supply,
and demand.

Accomplishes marketing and sales

objectives by planning, developing,
implementing, and evaluating
advertising, merchandising, and trade
promotion programs; developing field
sales action plans.

Job Title


Marcom Manager

[Mr Chris

Identifies marketing opportunities
by identifying consumer
requirements; defining market,
competitor's share, and
competitor's strengths and
weaknesses; forecasting projected
business; establishing targeted
market share.

Improves product marketability and

profitability by researching,
identifying, and capitalizing on
market opportunities; improving
product packaging; coordinating
new product development.

Sustains rapport with key accounts

by making periodic visits; exploring
specific needs; anticipating new

Provides information by collecting,

analysing, and summarizing data
and trends.

Protects organization's value by

keeping information confidential.

Create, develop and manage

content for organizations web
presence (requires working with
content management software)

Oversee freelancers, including

writers, copyeditors and community
outreach organizers

Responsible for crafting promotions,

email newsletters and online
outreach campaigns.


The Future

Mission Statement:

To enthuse and train women to touch their divine potential. It has a commitment to put women at
the center of each culture. Its idea is to answer some questions for women by putting fashion into
context of the larger world in which we live in, how we dress, what we eat, who inspires us. For
all the women in Australia and all over the globe WooW!! Will be the eye of the culture,
challenging them and motivating women to see things with a different perspectives whether it is
related to themselves or the world. Our brand says that women are not only interesting but
original. Not only good enough but exception and are here for a purpose. Our brand redefines the
art of being a woman. Our brand is committed for the modern mold of women and rediscover
beauty and be a catalyst for a positive change. Which will lead them to discover beauty apart
from manipulation. Style apart from materialism.
2.2. Vision Statement:
WooW!! Serves as a facilitator for women by augmenting their yearning to
pursue their passion while creating a bequest for others to embrace. Our
magazine offers great quality content, compelling articles that will be
designed to arouse the desire for women to achieve more out of life and
establish a concrete position in this society. The magazine will also unite the
women from Australia to others from various cultures by removing ethnic,
social and economic barriers. All this will happen by addressing issues that
universally common among all women and share fashion sense of various

2.3. Long term Goals:

Engage modern, young women in our Magazine
To increase the share of mind and share of heart in our desired segment.
To make our magazine a household brand for magazine
Receiving at least 95% positive customer feedback regarding our services by engaging them with
the help of our market offerings and engaging them in decision making.
Increase cooperation from suppliers and related business.

2.4. Short Term Goals:

Encourage customer participation in our various offers.
Encourage larger groups to read our magazine
A positive word of mouth marketing by the customer.

3.0) The Market

3.1. Unique Selling Point:
Our USP is quite different from another and it is about not selling magazine
but about creating a legacy for women. Giving them a new hope and
chances to identify themselves. Redesign their position in the society and we
are here to make women feel valued like no one other can value them. But
all this is done in the context of fashion with the help of other offerings within
our magazine.
USP Statement: Empower Yourself, Empower your world
3.2. Market Segments
Age 20-25, most of this target market are university goers, part-time employees, fashion friendly
and trendy girls, they are considered as fashion leaders in a larger environment as well as
innovators for our magazine. They are actually preparing themselves to be the young
professional females which is our segment 2 and they are mostly found in Victoria, Australia
Young Professional Female:
This market segment ranges in the age bracket of 25-35, usually posted at managerial positions
and earning in the top 20% of the population and they can be easily found in NSW. They have
higher education, vivid fashion followers, trendy and most concerned about fashion as they have
high stakes. They are opinion leaders for us as they are admired by other female population for
their achievements
Trendy Middle-aged Women:
Lastly, we have women from Age 35-45, they belong to an elite society. They are placed in either
managerial positions or they are housewives of top income households. Their motive is to look
elegant, young and trendy. And they are also affectionate fashion followers.

Key Customers:
For our brand, all the market segments we discussed above are key
customers. But we also have other clothing and women centric brands who
would like to invest in our magazine. So we have added a unique printing
method for their advertisement. And aspiring fashion designers can also
advertise in our magazine to get a broad outreach at low prices.
Customer Services Strategies:
Empower Employees: Develop the right attitude to serve customer that
will be the first motive of our brand. We will be providing the right tools that
are needed by staff to perform top-notch customer service.
Involve Customers: We will be tracking customers via our social media and
distribution, create a FAQ section on our website. Secondly, we will involving
them in decision making, designing magazine and ask for complaints at
every stage. So that they should feel valued.
CRM Software: SAP CRM Module will be used to gather all the data on
consumers who will order magazine from the website.
Social Media: It will be used as listening posts where our analysts will
analyze the conversations made on our page that what are they discussing
and how their behaviors shapes up to purchase a magazine. What good
points are discussed in that post and what were the loopholes discussed.
3.3. Competitor Analysis
Harper's Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar has downright pursuers add up to 168,000, aggregate

course of 52,234 and it has the piece of the overall industry of 6%. Harper's
Bazaar is ended up being a Dog in the BCG grid due its generally low piece of
the overall industry and the way that the business sector development is
restricted due to its development.
Their aggressive method included making a magazine more open, with
profile garments that ladies truly wear, with funny gossipy articles and
simple to take after design tips. Harper's Bazaar's technique includes a high
level of progress with a specific end goal to " revive a once incredible
brand that is gotten old and stale".
Marie Claire
Marie Claire has all out pursuers add up to 580,000, aggregate flow of
94,969 and it has the piece of the overall industry of 11%. Marie Claire is
ended up being a Cash Cow in the BCG lattice due its sensibly high piece of
the overall industry and the way that the business development is restricted
due to its development.
Marie Claire (a joint endeavor between Hearst Magazines and Marie Claire
Album SA) are as of now coordinating high mold with road product, trying to
give style at each value point. This can be found in the November 2000
issue, which included "100 Best Buys Under $100". Marie Claire likewise
contains highlights about ladies frame all around the globe. As indicated by
the Audit Bureau of Circulations, Marie Claire's dissemination has bounced up
by 8.6% in 2001.
InStyle has downright pursuers add up to 290,000, aggregate flow of 60,173
and it has the piece of the pie of 7%

SHE has absolute pursuers add up to 218,000, aggregate dissemination of

70,416 and it has the piece of the overall industry of 8%. SHE is turned out to
be a Dog in the BCG framework due its generally low piece of the overall
industry and the way that the business sector development is restricted in
view of its development.
Cleo has all out pursuers add up to 728,000, aggregate course of 206,784
and it has the piece of the overall industry of 24%. Cleo is ended up being a
Cash Cow in the BCG lattice due its generally high piece of the overall
industry and the way that the business sector development is restricted due
to its development.

B is the first magazine to present the "pocket" size magazine which fits into
the female convey packs effortlessly incite the comfort variable. It
understands the way that some female convey littler satchels and the main
to bring their magazines with them easily wherever they go are for the
magazines to fit into their totes. B has complete pursuers add up to 370,000,
aggregate dissemination of 125,000 and it has the piece of the pie of 14%
Cosmopolitan has complete pursuers add up to 910,000, aggregate flow of
206,127 and it has the piece of the overall industry of 24%. Cosmopolitan is
ended up being a Cash Cow in the BCG grid due its generally high piece of
the overall industry and the way that the business sector development is
restricted in light of its development.
3.4. Environmental Analysis

The political situation of Australia is reasonably stable. The media has rights
to publish anything that they wish to, there be freedom of speech in place,










controversial. The freedom that the media enjoys facilitates the exchange of
information from the publishers to the public. The women movement can
also have come bearing on the contents covered by the magazines. (Institute
of Public Affairs, 2015)

Recent economic downturn has made operation for the publishing houses
difficult. The increase in interest rate would definitely have some effect on
the purchasing power of the households or individuals. Due to the increase of
the interest rate, consumers would save more and consume less, which
ultimately leads to even more fierce competition for the share of the
consumer expenditure experienced by the magazine sector. The profitability
of the publication houses could decrease as a result of the increase in
interest rate. (, 2015)

Socio Cultural:
Due to the recent changes in womens rights, women are seeking more
recognition from the society for their contribution. They no longer see
staying home and taking care of the children the only means of their life.
Women these days are actively seeking to achieve their dreams and fighting
for the equality. There is a tendency of integrating the global perspective into
the magazines; the articles in the magazines cover a wide range of issues
faced by todays women. There are less and less boundaries of different
cultures around the world. In Australia, there are many women who come

from different cultural background, therefore the magazines would have to

cater for the diversified needs of its readers. (, 2015)
There is also a trend that emphasis on convenience of products, which leads
to the introduction of pocket size magazine by B. The introduction of pocket
size magazine could transform how the magazines are presented as the
smaller size would mean convenient for the consumers to carry in their
handbags and the reduction in production costs due to its less need for
materials for production. (, 2015)
WooW is operating in an extremely competitive industry and as such has to
maintain and develop the skills of its staff to compete. Technological
advances within publishing have developed rapidly and WooW will be
Australias magazines some of the first in Australia to be produced utilizing
computer to plate printing technology, which enhances the quality of the
product. WoooW!! Australia can utilize recent technological changes to
improve its value creation for the customers and find new ways to manage
the information exchange more efficiently. (Hawley, 2015)

3.6. Marketing Strategies

Marketing activity/milestone


Date of

Cost ($)

Success indicator

Print advertising, online

advertising, mail-out,
giveaway, media release,
event, website, blog/social
media, public relations,
branding and artwork, or
publications and catalogues.

[Who is
responsible for
this task?]

[When do you
expect to
complete the

cost of

[What indicator/
measurement result
will need to be met
before this activity is
considered a

Mall Activation





Manager /



Fashion Event




Manager /



at Marketing



Fashion Manager /


Week and a dedicated Marcom

lounge setup


Press release launch Marketing




and announcement of Manager /



Magazine Launch




brand visibility.




get knowledge
of our product.
Brochure design





Manager /






brand visibility.




get knowledge
of our product.


and Marketing


Day Manager / and


Share of Heart
and Share of

3.7. Advertising/Sales Techniques:

One of the key ways to sell advertising is to be friendly when doing

A sales rep must motivated enough when going through its client list and
they must make sure one thing in mind that they have bought clients

excuse instead of selling an ad.

Then we will be using an old sales technique of storytelling with a
variation i.e. 3d Props. It will break the pattern of what is expected and

can make the prospect to glued to the chair and pay attention.
In every story there is a hero and our sales has to make sure instead of
making our brand hero they should work on making the customer hero
who needs to save the day. Our role is of a mention. We will help customer
to see what has changed in their world and how they can adapt and
survive and thrive in a better way.

Planned promotion
/advertising type

Promotional strategy

Expected business

Cost ($)

Target date

[Print media advertising,

online advertising, SMS,
mail-out, giveaway,
media release, social
media campaign or

[Why have you decided to

use this
promotion/advertising type?
How and when will you use
it? What is your strategy
behind this? Who will
upkeep your social media

[How do you expect it

will improve your
business success?]

d cost of

[e.g. Dec 09]

Email Marketing


email Creation


as customer

segments. Email

is perception.

still one of the most



of 500

Aug. 15

Planned promotion
/advertising type


Promotional strategy

Expected business

Cost ($)

Media Now is the time to Connecting with 500



via customers


Facebook and Twitter. recognizing their

Target date


Its usage has made it needs

mandatory for every
Print ads in malls, People


these Enhancement in 500



Mall activation

People should know Enhancement in 500



Gloria jeans and


Aug. 15

Brand Image

brand brand

Aug. 15


image as much as and perception.



For Sales and Distribution we will be using c-stores and news agents to sell
our products. Secondly we will be using subscription plans to lure customers
as they can use WooW without any intermediary. WoooW!! does not forget to
choose supermarkets as one of its distribution channels as it offers WoooW!! Australia great
Starbucks and Gloria Jeans could be considered as potential distributors. As younger generation
tends to have a visiting ration to these ration. In addition, both coffee shops young trendy feeling
that echoes with our brand and it will help in appealing younger Australian generation. We will
also use internet as a distribution tool due to its increasing popularity. And it will be also
available on Kindle with a separate E-Shelve for its volumes.

4.0) The

START-UP Requirements


Start-up Expenses
Stationery etc.
Brochures and promotions


Development Advisory Fee


1st Issue Total




Start-up Assets
Cash Required
Start-up Inventory
Other Current Assets
Long-term Assets
Total Requirements


4.2. Pricing Strategy:

The WooW!! Magazine will sell for $6.95 per single issue on the news stand
and other place. And on internet it will be available $ 4.95.

A one-year subscription is $26.95.

A two year subscription is $39.95.

Online Subscription is $ 18 per year

Customers can also design their payment plans and schedule as per their
needs too as a part of flexi-payment.


Unit Sales
Mag Subscript Sales 1 Yr
Mag Subscript Sales 2 Yr
Mag Subscript Whsl
Newsstand Sales Whsl
Ad Revenue Pages
Book Sales--Direct
Boo Sales--Whsl
Booklet Sales--Direct
Booklet Sales--Whsl


Year 2

Year 3


Year 2




Unit Prices
Mag Subscript Sales 1 Yr
Mag Subscript Sales 2 Yr
Mag Subscript Whsl
Newsstand Sales Whsl


Ad Revenue Pages


Book Sales--Direct
Boo Sales--Whsl
Booklet Sales--Direct
Booklet Sales--Whsl
Mag Subscript Sales 1 Yr
Mag Subscript Sales 2 Yr
Mag Subscript Whsl
Newsstand Sales Whsl
Ad Revenue Pages
Book Sales--Direct
Boo Sales--Whsl
Booklet Sales--Direct
Booklet Sales--Whsl


Direct Unit Costs

Mag Subscript Sales 1 Yr
Mag Subscript Sales 2 Yr

Year 3


$1,525,500 $2,034,000 $2,542,500

$747,500 $1,196,000
$3,101,771 $4,787,330 $6,378,100
Year 2
ar 1

Mag Subscript Whsl

Newsstand Sales Whsl





Ad Revenue Pages


Book Sales--Direct
Boo Sales--Whsl
Booklet Sales--Direct
Booklet Sales--Whsl
Direct Cost of Sales
Mag Subscript Sales 1 Yr
Mag Subscript Sales 2 Yr
Mag Subscript Whsl
Newsstand Sales Whsl
Ad Revenue Pages
Book Sales--Direct
Boo Sales--Whsl
Booklet Sales--Direct
Booklet Sales--Whsl
Subtotal Direct Cost of








4.4. Monitoring Activities:

Our activities will be monitored and reviewed against our sales forecast.
Since we have not started


so we cant suggest specific

benchmarks. But one thing is sure that through these activities are for
emotional purpose rather than monetary purpose but our strategies will be
measured against the return that we have got for this investment. We will
also conduct periodic surveys to find that we are satisfying their needs
properly and we are at the first place in their minds and hearts.

References,. (2015). Australia GDP Growth Rate | 1959-2015 |
Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast. Retrieved 7 August 2015, from
Hawley, E. (2015). Economic Growth, Employment, and Access: A Case Study
of Technological Change in the Printing Industry. University of Florida,.
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Australian Consumer Law,. (1992). Fair Trading (Australian Consumer Law)
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