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To boost my career in the field of Telecommunication, which gives an
opportunity to work with todays technology, to learn, to innovate, and to
meet challenges of good repute that offers demanding and Challenging
environment, which will bring the best out of me.
Professional Experience Summary:

Presently working in Ericsson Inc as Engineer III for Sprint LTE

multiband optimization.
7.5+ years of Global experience in Telecommunication industry in various
technologies such as LTE, VoLTE, CDMA, EVDO & GSM from Sep
2007 to till date. During this Period I have been associated with
Network KPI Monitoring and Analysis, Drive Test, Data
processing, Data Analysis and Tuning, Field test & Physical
Optimization, Site survey & validation, Network Planning etc.
Mainly with Ericsson / Huawei/ Nortel / ZTE / Alcatel-Lucent systems .
Led the Sprint LTE 1900 and 800 band cluster optimization and Post
launch KPI optimization project.
Ericsson Certified IP Technology and RNO associates.
Ericsson Experienced level BUGS certified.
Programming / scripting (VB and Perl) skill.
Competitive knowledge on SIP messages and call flow. Exposure to
The ability to investigate end to end performance of LTE, VoLTE and
CDMA networks.
Specialties: Radio network Performance Optimization.
Wireless Protocol Testing (Beginner).
Radio Network Planning.
Data Communication, Understanding.
Training and Competence Development .

Technical Skills:

Wireshark, NEO and TEMS Discovery

n Tool
e Analysis

Windcatcher, TEMS Discovery, NEWTUN, ACTIX Spotlight,

NEMO Analyzer, X-CAL, X-CAP & Agilent Export Wizard.
JDSU, Agilent E6474A, XCAL & Nemo Outdoor.
MapInfo 7.5/8.0/9.0, MIPT, MCOM, Google Earth.
NEO, NEMO Outdoor, Ericsson ISP Tool Kit (ITK), Ericsson OSS,
Cockpit, ZTE CNO2 & Huawei M2000
Ericsson, Nortel, ZTE, Alcatel-Lucent & Huawei

Professional Experience Details:

Current Organization: Ericsson
Designation: Engineer III
Domain: LTE, VoLTE and CDMA RF Design, Optimization & Tuning
Period: 1st August 2011 to till date
Detailed Responsibilities:

Prim responsibility is optimizing Sprint multiband/Layer LTE network.

Daily network performance analysis of LRAN network elements.
Diagnosis of all RF Related Problems Such as Accessibility,
Retainability, Mobility and Coverage Holes and providing Parametric
and/or Physical changes recommendation.
LTE drive based KPI Analysis and traffic balancing through parametric &
physical optimization.
VoLTE drive test analysis using TEMS discovery to identify the LTE RF
Network footprint, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, Tx Imbalance, Over Shooting,
Intra, Inter and IRAT handover verification.
UE audit using Wireshark tool by validating SIP messages for VoLTE
UETR traces analysis using NEO to identify the problem at eNodeB end
by validating Layer 3 Messages and S1 messages.
Doing a deep dive analysis on the major issues like RRC connection
failure, RRC Connection drops and Low throughput to find the root
cause of the problem and to propose and make changes physically or
Parameter level for reducing the issues on the network.
Pre and Post Optimization KPI monitoring of all RF Related Problems
Such as Interference, Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility ,Coverage
Holes, etc.
Responsible for Identifying and improve the technical competence gap
with in the pool.
Understand end to end of the task performed and provide cost/time
efficient ideas to management team.
Preparation for the weekly meeting with Sprint local RF team to discuss
worst offenders and market issues.

Analysis and providing solution for customer complaint issues.

Develop action or parameter recommendation to addressed KPI Issues.
Identify and resolve performance issue at High cap sites.
Coordination of cluster drive readiness preparation.
Review of cluster drive report and recommendations.
Handle any escalation in the market related to 4G, including preLaunch and Post Launch.
Own the 4G market performance end to end.

Projects Undertaken:
1. AT&T LTE Post-launch KPI Optimization.
2. Sprint LTE Pre-launch, CDMA and EVDO Modernization.
3. Metro PCS VoLTE Optimization.
4. Sprint BSC Rehoming and LTE cluster and Post launch KPI optimization.
5. Sprint LTE Multiband/Layer Optimization.
1 Last Organization: Alcatel Lucent Managed Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Engineer
Domain: CDMA & GSM RF optimization & KPI
End Customer: Reliance Communication
Period: 1st October 2008 to 30th July 2011.
Detailed Responsibilities:

KPI Analysis and traffic sharing through parametric & physical

Plan and propose appropriate coverage solutions in the existing as well
as new market based on the business requirement.
Responsible for periodic drive test, processing of log files, analysis of
reports and proposing an improvement plan to ensure optimized
Evaluation of RF related 1x and Data customer complaints & proposes
suitable solution.
Responsible for analysis of reports like configuration, Neighbor lists &
Coverage conflicts on a daily basis and to suggest for changes to
improve coverage and quality.
RF Survey, planning, Implementation of IBS as per business
Diagnosis of All RF Related Problems Such as Interference, Drop Calls,
HO Failure, Coverage Holes & Pilot Pollution.
Traffic balancing.
Competitor coverage analysis.
Coverage & Capacity Management- Identification of coverage gaps.
Identifying rouge cells, sleeping sectors & takes corrective actions.
Monitoring RF interference from competing service providers.
New service Testing.
Uploading of drive data on central server.
Maintaining historical network performance data and integrity.
2nd Last Organization: Reliance Communication Ltd

Designation: Trainee
Domain: CDMA RF optimization & KPI
End Customer: Reliance Communication
Period: 17th Sep 2007 to 1st October 2008
Detailed Responsibilities:
RF planning and survey for CDMA & GSM sites, CDMA network Optimization,
Drive test, Process & analysis of Drive Data, Performance analysis of cell sites
of CDMA network. Call drop, Call block analysis and proposing the resolution
for optimization of network.
Projects Undertaken:
1. Project Name: WIN 3
Overview: The project aim was to expand the capacity and coverage of the
Existing network by proposing, planning and validating the BTS sites by Field
survey. Total of 1200+ sites were proposed under the scope.
Role: Proposed and selected more than 75 sites under this scope.
Managing the installation and commissioning activity to radiate the sites in
Specified time limit.

Project Name: WIN 4

Overview: This project aims at providing GSM (1900 MHz Band) services in
parallel to CDMA services all over the country.
Role: Planned and proposed more than 100 sites under construction scope.
Optimization of CDMA network:

Conducting Drive Tests using an Agilent Drive test kit to collect logs of
RF Parameters like Mobile Receive Power (Rx), Mobile Transmit Power
(Mtx), Pilot Power (Ec/Io), Frame Error rate (FER) and Layer 3
Performance Observation of monitoring parameters like Call Set up
Success Rate (CSSR), Drop Call Rate, Handoff Failure Rate, RF
Utilization, Secondary Traffic Percentage etc.
Processing and Analysis of Drive Test log files using tools like Nitro 9.1
and 9.3, Actix 3.0, MapInfo 7.5 and 8.5.
Call Drop Analysis of the network using Layer 3 messages and
proposing the solution.


From Reliance itself, we were migrated

communication to Alcatel Lucent on 1st October 2008.



Other Knowledge:

Troubleshooting activities of service affecting/non service affecting

BSC, BTS alarms.
Carrier growth/de-growth & Neighbors definitions.
Implementation activities like BTS commissioning and integration

(including database creation), and swap/Re-homing etc.

Configuration Management-optimization solutions/ changes.
Analysis and resolution of repeat failures.
Facilitate coordination and follow-up with OSP and Transport team for
the restoration of BTS if a fault occurs due to transport/utility.
Monitoring protection for transport at critical BSC & Hub sites in
coordination with Utility & transport Teams.

Educational qualification:

Telecommunications in JRN RVD University under distance education
scheme in 2012 with an aggregate of 65.2%.
Diploma in Electronics & Communications with an aggregate of

Professional training:

CDMA & GSM Network overview & Air interface training at RCOM house
WCDMA RAN W10 Network overview, Air interface, Functionality &
Initial Tuning at Ericsson India Global Bangalore, by Ericsson academy.
LTE Air Interface, LTE TDD Air Interface, LTE/SAE in a Nutshell & LTEFundamentals Ericsson Recommended web based training.
LTE RAN L11 Air Interface, Functionality, Radio Network Design & Initial
Tuning at Ericsson India Global Bangalore, by Ericsson academy.
LTE new Site Shake Down process, NEWTUN tool for 1xCDMA and EVDO
drive less optimization, Cockpit performance analysis tool On Job
Training from 7th May 2012 to 29th May 2012 at Ericsson Inc., DallasTexas, USA.
VoLTE Drive logs analysis, UE audit, and SIP message analysis at UE
and IMS end and Optimization training at EGIL Bangalore, by VoLTE
SME, Ericsson Inc.
Currently pursuing telecom protocol testing courses. This is including
SIP messages, SIP Call flow, and layer wise protocol idea about GSM,
GPRS, WCDMA and LTE technology by Arcus InfoTech Bangalore.
LTE Cluster Optimization and Post launch Optimization on job training
from 21st Oct 2013 to 1st Nov 2013 at Ericsson Inc., Plano, Texas, USA.

Achievements & Recognitions:

Led the Sprint LTE 1900 and 800 band cluster optimization and Post
launch KPI optimization project.
Conducted Training on LTE channel structures, mapping, inter layers
link and Random access procedure in Ericsson, Bangalore.
Part of LTE SME Team in Ericsson Global, India.
Presented seminar on LTE low throughput reasons and its optimization
Technique in SMEs discussion in Ericsson Global, Bangalore.
Conducted Training on CDMA basics and optimization in Ericsson,
Conducted Training on CDMA basics and optimization in Ericsson,

Mobile BTS Planning for special occasions and for the hotspots.

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