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Warpath 2.

0 Quick Reference Sheet

Turn Structure:
1) Initiative Phase
2) Activation Phase
3) End Phase
Initiative Phase: Both players roll off,
winner decides who has initiative.
Activation Phase: Player with initiative
picks a unit to activate. Activation test
must be passed for unit to activate.
Up to 3 units in a row can make
activation attempts before initiative
passes to the opponent.

Weapons hit on a score equal to the (Hit) Reinforcements: You can opt to not
stat of the unit, subject to the following
deploy <= 50% of your units at the start
of the game. To deploy a reinforcement,
make an activation test, rolling an extra
-1 Extreme range (>50% weapon range)
4+ to succeed. Unit can be deployed on
-1 Suppressed (and non-Armour) Target
your side or either short table edge up to
-1 Target in Soft Cover
(Turn no. x 12) away from your side, or
-2 Target in Hard Cover
12/24 from far corners if Turn 5/6. Unit
+1 Target is Armour/Monster
counts as dismounting from a Transport.
Roll successful hits again to convert them
Armoured Units (always have Tough (3))
into damage, requiring a score equal to
the (De) stat of the target.
Movement orders:

For each damaging hit, remove one

model. Unit leader must be removed last,
special weapons removed second-last,
First unit is auto-activated, second unit
out of sight models removed third-last. If
on 3+, third unit on 5+. Units activating at
Target takes >=50% casualties in single
the end activate on 3+.
round of shooting, make a Nerve test.

Halt - Unit does not move.

Additional roll of 4+ required to activate

suppressed units and remove their

Full Speed: As above, Double Sp, no pivot.


Units issued Charge orders fight in melee

after moving. Models in base contact
Failed activation results in a unit doing
with the enemy attack with a no. of dice
nothing that turn.
equal to their (Att) , requiring a score
End Phase: Remove all Done markers, if equal to their (Hit) stat to hit. Modifiers:
turn 5, game ends unless 4+ is rolled.
-1 Defensive position/ Disrupted charge.
+1 Target suppressed when charged.
+1 Target is Ordnance.
Activated units may make one of the
-2 Armoured Target moved over 12.
following moves at the start of their turn:
+2 Armoured Target did not move.
Halt - Unit does not move.
Roll successful hits again to convert them
Move - Unit moves up to Sp value in .
into damage, requiring a score equal to
the (De) stat of the target.
At The Double - Unit moves double Sp
value in . May not shoot.
Charge - As above, moving into contact
with enemy unit. Charged enemies
remove suppression markers.

Remove models as per shooting,

replacing out of sight models with
models in base contact.

If Target takes >=50% casualties in single

Blocking Terrain: May not move through. round of melee, make a Nerve test, with
Suppressed results counting as
Difficult Terrain: May move through at
Destroyed. If target is destroyed, unit
half pace if not Ordnance.
moves up to d6 in any direction,
otherwise move d6 back, and leave
Obstacles: Cannot be crossed when
enemy models in place.
moving At The Double.
Activated units may fire after moving.
Check LoS and range (Ran) to the target,
then roll one dice for every weapon, or
multiple dice equal to the (Fire) stat of
the weapon being fired. Weapons with
Piercing (4) + fire independently.

Target unit is Disordered marker and

cannot shoot in its next activation.
Roll 2d6 to test Nerve against the units
(Ne) stat, if the roll is >= the second (Ne)
value, unit is Destroyed. If the roll is >=
the first (Ne) value, unit is Suppressed.

Hard Turn - Pivot to face any direction.

Manoeuvre - Move straight forward or
backward up to (Sp) stat in . May make a
single pivot of up to 90 at any point.

Collisions: Move Full Speed into enemy

Armour. D6 automatic hits on both
vehicles, using opposing CS values.
Overrun: Move Full Speed through
enemy Infantry, Heroes and Ordnance.
Roll d6 (2d6 vs Ordnance targets) melee
attacks (see right), hitting on 4+ using the
CS value of the vehicle.
Armoured units are immobilised on a roll
of 1 when moving at Full Speed through
difficult terrain/ obstacles, or on a roll of
4+ when damage is caused.
When shooting at Armour, weapons with
Piercing (n) add +1 to its value when
firing at the flank, and +2 when firing at
the rear of the vehicle. When attacking
Armour in melee, apply a +2 to the CS
value of attacking models with that rule if
the armour did not move. When Armour
is destroyed, the wreckage remains as
Blocking Terrain on a 4+.
Each weapon on Armoured units may fire
independently. Weapons appended with
*F+ fire in the front arc, *L+ in the left arc,
*R+ in the right arc, *P+ in the rear arc. *A+
Weapons have a 360 arc of fire.
Ordnance: Moves at normal speed when
Disordered or gets Suppressed. Always
has Reload!, Lumbering, and Tough (3).
Heroes/Monsters: Always have Tough (3)

Warpath 2.0 Quick Reference Sheet - Special Rules

Buildings: Either treat as Blocking Terrain
or as Immobilised Transport Armour.
Assign a (De) and Transport (n) value
before the game. Units must mount,
dismount and draw LoS through
appropriate openings. Up to 3 mounted
models may fire when activated. When
shooting at a Building, firing unit always
counts as being in front arc. If destroyed,
replace with rubble and damage mounted
units as per the Transport rules,
automatically Suppressing them in
addition to this.

target units within 12. May be fired at

Recon: Unit can make a single At The
targets that the operator cannot see, with Double or Full Speed move postan additional -1 To Hit modifier.
Deployment, but before the first initiative
roll. If both armies have units with this
Infiltration: During your Deployment, you
rule, roll a die. The highest scorer decides
can place this unit up anywhere on the
who begins to move one of his Recon
table outside of the enemys Deployment
units first, then the players alternate until
area and more than 12 from any enemy
all Recon units have been moved.
unit that has already deployed.
Reload!: The weapon can only be fired if
Inspiring: If the unit itself, or any friendly
the unit has Halted during this activation.
unit within 6 of it, fails an Activation Test,
you can choose to immediately re-roll the Saturation: This weapon always hits on
die. The second result stands. This ability 4+, regardless of any modifiers.
can only be used once per Turn. Re-roll
Sniper: If the unit remains stationary and
Ruins: Difficult Terrain. Move up or down
cannot be used on the additional 4+ roll
fires, this weapons shots ignore any cover
one floor by moving At The Double or
that Suppressed units have to make.
modifiers and the Stealthy special rule.
Charging. In Melee, apply disrupted
Jump Jets: The unit can move as normal,
charge modifier and replace destroyed
Stabilised: If this unit moves at Full Speed,
or activate its jump jets. If it does so, its
units with their attackers post-combat.
it can still fire one of its weapons (except
Speed changes to 9, and it can move over
for weapons with the Reload!).
Blast (n): Roll to hit. Any hit caused is
anything without penalties, but still
multiplied by (n) before rolling to damage.
cannot land on top of Blocking Terrain or Steadfast: The unit treats Suppressed
results on Nerve tests as Steady instead.
Bulky: The unit cannot be transported.
within 1 of another unit. If it Charges
using its jump jets, in the ensuing Melee it Stealthy: Enemies shooting against the
Craven: If the unit wants to Charge, roll a
does not suffer the -1 to hit penalty for
unit suffer an additional -1 to hit modifier.
die. If a 1 is rolled, the unit Halts instead.
charging a defensive position/ disrupted
Tough (n): Models with this rule are only
Crushing Strength (n): All Melee hits
charge. Unit cannot mount or dismount
removed when they have taken n points
inflicted by the unit have a +n modifier
from a transport using jump jets.
of damage. If the unit is damaged but not
when rolling to damage.
Lumbering: The unit cannot move At The destroyed, it must take a Nerve test.
Elite: Whenever the unit rolls to hit, it can Double or at Full Speed. When Charging, it
Transport (n): Can transport up to n
reroll one of the dice that failed to hit.
does so at normal speed.
models from multiple units. Units may be
Fast: Unit trebles its Speed when moving Nimble: If moving at normal speed, the
deployed in Transport. Units can mount
At The Double or at Full Speed.
unit can make a single extra Hard Turn
Transport by moving within 1.
Headstrong: If activating while
Transported units cannot be activated,
Suppressed, unit can re-roll the die for
except to dismount. To dismount, make a
Open Top: Not Steadfast. Transported
shaking off the effects of Suppression.
successful activation test, and place the
units can be activated without
models in formation within 3 of the
Dismounting. Up to 3 embarked models
Hoverer: The unit moves over anything
transport. Unit must then make a normal
without penalties, but cannot land on top can fire. Passengers cannot shoot if the
Move (no Charging or At The Double), and
transport has already moved at Full
of them. In addition the unit cannot
Speed. Transported units can move At The counts as having moved. If a Transport is
Overrun enemy units, and it can only
destroyed with a units inside it, each unit
Double and Charge after Dismounting.
initiate a Collision against enemy units
takes d6 hits with Piercing (1). If the
However, they charge at their normal
that also have this rule. The unit can be
Transport wreck is removed, place the
Speed, rather than doubling it.
charged only if it is already Immobilised.
models in its place. If the wreck remains in
The unit also has the Nimble special rule. Piercing (n): All hits inflicted by this
place, place the models within 1 of the
Howitzer: The weapon may either be fired weapon have a +n modifier when rolling
wreck, maintaining formation.
to damage.
normally or by using the Indirect Fire
Vicious: When rolling to damage, re-roll
special rule. Declare before you fire.
Pistol: A model armed with a pistol has +1
one of the dice that failed to damage.
Attack in Melee. In addition, if the pistol
Immobile: This unit must always Halt
Zap! (n): Ranged attack with a (Fire) of n,
has a Piercing value, it confers an
when activated and cannot move. If
(Ran) 24, always hits on 4+ (regardless of
equivalent CS value to all of the models
forced to move, it is destroyed.
Melee attacks. If the model already has a modifiers) and is Piercing (1).
Indirect Fire: Never suffers any to hit
higher CS value, use that instead.
Version 1.2 - Compiled by scarletsquig.
modifiers for range or cover. Cannot