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Algebra 2

Module 5 Practice

Write: What is a polynomial?___________________________________________________________________


Describe key features of the following polynomial graph:

Graph the function by considering the transformations on the parent graph. Describe
each transformation in order and write a coordinate rule to support your work.


Graph each function. Describe the graph behavior and x-intercepts (include
5. = ( + )

6. = + ( )



End Behavior:______________________________

End Behavior:_______________________________

_______________________________ ________________________________

x-intercepts: _____________________________
x-intercepts: _____________________________

Where is f positive?: ______________________

Where is f positive?: ______________________

Where is f negative?______________________

Where is f negative?: ______________________

Write a function of least degree for the given graph. Assume the x-intercepts are integers
and the a value is either 1 or -1.

7. __________________________________
8. ______________________________________

Use the graph in #7 to state True or False. If True, explain your reasoning. If False,
correct the mathematical statement.

9. f(-2) = 0

10. f(2) < 0

11. f is decreasing on (-, -2).

12. f is an even function.

Mathematical Modeling:

A rectangular piece of sheet metal is rolled and riveted to form a circular tube that is open at both
ends, as shown. The sheet metal has a perimeter of 36 inches. Each of the two sides of the
rectangle that form the two ends of the tube has a length of x inches, but the tube has a
circumference of x - 1 inches because an overlap of 1 inch is needed for the rivets. Write a
volume function for the tube in terms of x. Then, to the nearest tenth, find the value of x that
maximizes the volume of the tube.