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It takes vinegar to pickle a pickle, it takes beer to tickle a God.


The Angels asked Us, “Can We have a section in the Newspaper?”

We said, “Angels, You are the newspaper.”
We Are Here to promote Human Consciousness, not the human condition. The Angels
are holding out signs that say, “Step away from your suffering. Step away from y
our pain. Right This Way... To The Real.”
We Are Here in service to You because We Love You.
I Am the God I Am. Not because I choose to Be, because I Am.
The Planet caught the Wave, and the Starships are flying point. Anything the Pla
net goes through, has to go through the Starships first, just to Amp It Up.

The following is some of our previously shared information, with definitions for
Fun and to ReHeart You:

We are in for some very exiting Moments for those that have Awakened into the Lo
ve They Truly Are, Equal to Us. So Let's begin with the definitions.. ..
Grid- An interconnected web of Pure Consciousness Energy. Example- All Atoms are
directly connected to each other on the Grid, which is also called Source, and
True Reality. When you are unconscious you are disconnected from the Grid, and i
n illusion.
Sense- The ability to think and reason soundly. Example- In illusion you have ch
aos, fear, pain and suffering, in which you have “lost your senses”. Once You Aw
aken, You regain these senses. See also “Divine Intelligence”.
Happy- Well Adapted, Carefree, Prosperous. Example- In the Kingdom of Heaven We
Experience Much Happiness, WE Are Always Happy.
Ridiculous- deserving ridicule, absurd, silly, laughable. Example- The program m
ind or ignorance is ridiculous, and self-destructing. Those choosing ignorance a
re ridiculous!
Observe-To perceive or watch attentively, to Be Present, to pay attention to. Ex
ample- We [All of Your Family of Light] Are Observing You, so that We can share
the Truth with You, and assist you out of illusion!
Hilarious- Boisterous and Incredibly Funny. Example-To Us, ignorance is hilariou
s because it thinks it can get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Ignorance is like a f
ly, and as the Ethics Train roars ahead, it's a SPLAT! on our windshield. ignora
nce also thinks it can stop Us... Yeah Right, We say again to You, ignorance is
just a bug that We are fumigating off Planet Earth=Heart.
Euphoria- A Feeling of Great Happiness and Well Being, BLISS! Example- In the Ki
ngdom of Heaven, Our only Experience is Euphoria. When You Are Awake and Present
, You experience Magical Synchronostic Events [OH MY GOD Experiences]. There is
nothing you have to do, but Show Up and Be Present, and then Love fills in the g
aps. Are any of you missing something?
Awakening- Waking Up, the act of Waking from a sleep, to Become Aware! Example-P
lanet Earth=Heart is going through an Awakening. You have been asleep, playing a
game of illusion. You have always been in the Kingdom of Heaven, but you fell i
nto illusion so that you could have the experience, and so that it never could o
ccur again.
Aware- to Be Conscious of. Example- In True Reality, once You Awaken, You Are Aw
are. We share with you the Truth so that you have the Awareness of what is Reall
y going on. Soon, ignorance will be completely removed from this Planet.

We are here to observe you, and share our discoveries with you of exactly what h
as occurred here, as well as assist you in remembering the Truth. Each Being on
this Planet has this information, it just has been suppressed by your controller
s. They achieved this by keeping you distracted and busy, so that you would not
have the time to see what was really going on. You have been used, like pawns in
a chess game. We ask you, do you want to continue being pawns in their game? To
us it makes no sense why you would want to do this, and it's really ridiculous
to continue to serve them.
Now let's go into what happened in your brain. The annunaki disconnected your ri
ght and left brain so that they could make you robots and slaves, thus making it
easier to control you. We say Humanity, Wake Up! To them you are disposable, yo
u are nothing to them, while in True Reality, You Are EVERYTHING and You Are Equ
al To Us! They also made sure the left side of the brain is where you operated f
rom, because if you connected into the Right Brain, they could no longer control
or enslave you. Right brain is your Divine Connection to Source, and Your Highe
r Self. Left brain function alone is the disconnection from source.
The left side of the brain is connected to the program, and the Right Side of th
e Brain is Connected to Divine Spirit. The left side took all reasoning and made
rationalizations or fantasies. The left side of the brain is where most of Huma
nity is still operating from. This makes it more challenging for you to understa
nd our information, because the left brain cannot understand Divine Intelligence
. When the left and right “sides” of the Brain have been completely fused back t
ogether, a UniBrain, this is the Higher Grid Connection. We speak to You Wholly,
or Wholistically, We Are Divine Intelligence, outside of the box. Some attempt
to try to fit our information in the box, because they are only functioning with
the left side of the brain. In order to access your Right Brain, which connects
You into your intuition [and REALITY], you will have to shut off your internal
In the program you have what we call an internal dialogue. It's the debate you h
ave with yourself in illusion, we have called it a dog chasing its tail, or a on
e-legged duck swimming in circles. If you have thoughts that are not Joyous, Hap
py, Positive, and Uplifting to You, then you are stuck in internal dialogue, al
so called the program. You have to LET GO of the internal dialogue Be Present in
the Moment of Now, Where Miracles, Magic, and Synchronostic Events Occur, also
The only way out of the program/hell/left brain, is through it. First, You have
to let go of all belief systems, because in TRUE REALITY there exists no belie
f systems. Then Connect In, from Within!
We are taking Humanity into True Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven and We don't car
e if everyone wants to come Home kicking and screaming. Everyone is going Home,
and Everyone IS Awakening, and We ain't kidding!!


“I believe in Love”


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