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Arsenic is present all around the crust of the earth and its introduction to wat

er takes place when the minerals and ores dissolve in water. The amount of arsen
ic increases in the groundwater when rock erosion takes place. The effluents fro
m industries are also one of the reasons for arsenic dissolution in drinking wat
er in a number of areas. The element can have toxic effects immediately.

If anyone has ingested arsenic, you will be able to see a number of symptoms suc
h as vomiting and even nervous system breakdown. The harm caused by the element
is far more than this and this can cause disturbance in blood circulation in the
body that can even lead to death in some cases. The arsenic in some cases may n
ot be fatal and it can change the color of your skin, reduce the number, and slo
w down the production process of the red blood cells. The person may also become
sensation less while his liver and brain are damaged.

Not just these immediate effects, there are other cardiovascular effects that ma
y occur by drinking water that is contaminated with arsenic. If the intake of ar
senic is too much, the person may also get a heart attack and suffer from high b
lood pressure. Other than any other cardiovascular problem, the blood pressure a
nd heart strokes are too common. This is not all. The contamination of water wit
h arsenic can be dangerous to a personâ s health beyond our knowledge and thinking.
Diseases like lung cancer can also be one of the effects of arsenic.

Not just this, there are other cancers as well that occur due to drinking water
contamination with arsenic. Bladder, kidney, skin, and liver cancer can potenti
ally be the effects of prolonged arsenic consumption. The source of arsenic in w
ater can be pollution in the agricultural fields and industries. It can also tak
e place due to the natural deposits in earth. Industries release thousands of po
unds of industrial waste that contaminates the water and the environment and lat
er causing these diseases.

Just because this element can cause cancer, you should make sure that the level
of the element is kept to the minimum in the water that you drink. If you live i
n an area, where the concentration of arsenic in the water is high, it is import
ant for you to get the water tested. You can get in touch with the public health
office in your region to do so. If the level of arsenic is too high, you will h
ave to take some actions. Look for alternative sources of water or connect to th
e water distribution system for the public. Else, you can also buy a water treat
ment device and get it installed in your home to filter the water and reduce the
level of this element in water.

Only go for the devices that have been certified by the accredited organizations
so that you get maximum protection. It is your responsibility to protect your f
amily against arsenic and its effects. This information will surely help you tak
e steps to do so.

Jaceline Peirrera is an executive for DynGlobal a leading global provider of wat

er purifiers and water treatment plants. DynGlobal is committed to helping provi
de clean, safe drinking water and renewable energy solutions to those on our pla
net facing environmental challenges and disaster response. For more information
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