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Man Camp Series

Jr. High Parents and Students,

Lesson One: Orientation
I would like to take this opportunity
Lesson Two: Masculinity
to introduce myself. My name is
Lesson Three: Masculinity
Phillip Icenhower. My wife and I
Lesson Four: Strength
have been apart of the Jr. High
Lesson Five: Confidence
ministry for a little over 2 years
Lesson Six: Responsibility
now. During this time, we have
Lesson Seven: Relationships
been blessed to serve alongside
Lesson Eight: Relationships with Girls
pastor Dru Teves, as well as other Jr. High volunteers,
Lesson Nine: Lust
whose desire is to teach about God's love.
Lesson Ten: Perseverance
Lesson Eleven: God's Toolbox
Starting April 18th, at the 5pm service, we will be launching
Lesson Twelve: Wrap-up/Closing
a new series for Jr. High boys called "MAN CAMP." This
series will discuss topics such as self worth, integrity,
strength, purity and other issues that we have found to be Man Camp Home Groups
prevalent for Jr. Highers growing up in today's society. We
will be looking in the Bible to discover what God says about Clairemont: Tuesday
growing up to be strong young men and how we can Nick #619.654.1011
encourage Jr. High boys to build a firm foundation in our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. South Bay: Tuesday
Dez #619.254.9097
Mission Valley: Tuesday
Matt #858.531.8942

Man Camp Faciliatators Coronado: Tuesday

Alan #661.917.7947
Alan Jacques
Navy Rescue Diver Point Loma: Wednesday
Dez Iddings
IMPACT 195 Jesse #619.315.8324
Ryan Loper
US Marines La Mesa: Wednesday
Brigham Gladden
Navy Seal Ryan #949.413.7480
Paul Blazi
SDUSD High School Scripps Ranch: Thursday
Caleb Sonneman
Teacher Andy # 619.674.3325
Navy Rescue Diver
Jesse Vito Cruz Start Your Own! Fill out the Host Home
Eric Schroeder
Student/Semi-pro Group Application
US Marines
Bryan McLaughlin
Ryan Lashlee
Navy Rescue Dive
Website designer/Rock
Church Intern

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What in the World is Going On?

On Sex
• More than two thirds of teens are sexually active by the end of high school. (CDC Youth Risk
Behavior Surveillance)
• 55% of the boys who were sexually active wish they had waited. (National Campaign to Prevent Teen
• ______% of teens report that they have sexually active friends. (Casa National Survey)

On Violence
• 23.4% of youth ages 12-17 reported, that in the past year, they had gotten into a serious fight at work
or school. (SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health)

On Self Esteem and Social Issues

• 12% of high school boys have considered attempting suicide. (CDC Youth Risk Behavior
• ______% of teens will experience teen depression before they reach adulthood. (Teen Depression)
• 30% of teens in the U.S. are bullied in school. The majority of them boys. (Family First)
• 23.4% of youth ages 12-17 reported, that in the past year, they had gotten into a serious fight at work
or school. (SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health)
• ______% of middle school aged boys have used steroids to create muscle size and tone. (Psychology
of Men and Masculinity)

On Drug Use, Tobacco and Alcohol

• 25% of 8 graders have tried smoking cigarettes. (Monitoring the Future)
• ______% of 8 graders say that marijuana is easily accessible. (Monitoring the Future)
• 15.5% of youth ages 12-17 indicated that they had been approached by someone selling drugs in the last
month. (SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health)
• ______% of students have consumed alcohol by the time they are in 8 grade. (Monitoring the Future)
• 20% of 8 graders report having been drunk once in their life. (Monitoring the Future)
• Adults age 21 and older who used their first drink before the age of 21, were more likely to suffer from
alcohol dependence or abuse than those who waited until they were 21 or older. (SAMHSA National
Survey on Drug Use and Health)
(Answers: 52%, 20%, 11%, 41%, 41%)

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