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Iknderd from the Original h m p m

by the
~ L A ' I T O N


origlnnl writings of the Chrbtlana Greek Scripcommonly cnllcd "'The Nerv Testament", were
translation of I~FSC!
sacred rvritings into
another language, cxccpt by the orjginal writers, is inspired. In copying thc inspired originals 'by hand the element or human frailty entered in, and so none of the
Z hot~sandsof copies extant today in the original language
n r r prrfwt duplir;rtr.s. The rcsult is that no two copies
;I!-(* c*x;~r~!ly
rtlilir. S i ~ ~ csuch
c has been the result with
thr mere handwritten copies of the Scriptures, much
mom js it t n ~ ethat no version of them into another
Inngunge by an tmlnsplred translator mould be perfect.
TI, cboultlnot nccurniely render the precise meaning of
1 f i r ) ltispirclrl flri~innls.Especially so, when the translal ir111 Is lnlnlr I'rrrin :!n in~pcjr~fcct
copy. From this fact
i~risr!sIlic! t111nul'
I n l't8csh
translation from time to time,
ns the bctlcr understanding of the orlginal tongues, now
cbnd, becomes possible and as the light of the truth on
Ihc inspired Scriptures becomes brighter, Further, the
progress of modern Xivlng language, with its changes
in mcanings of words ancl in forms of expression, calls
for a new, up-to-date presentation t o make the Scripiuws frllly alive and nppcaling to the understanding.
From thc time of 1 hnt Roman Catholic clergyman,
John IVycliffe, of the fourteenth century, until the middIc of this t~vcntiethcentury many English translations
]lave been made of the inspired writings of Christ's
disciples. All these hnvc had their own commendable
featurn, They have considerably mct the needs of the
day lor a rendering of God"s Word in the common lan-




First Edition: 480,000 copies

Second Edition: 1,000,000copiee
Revised May 1, 1951



International Bible Students Association
Brooklyn, New York, U.S. A.
Made in tn UUnlted States of Amcrlcn

CnIlcd "Chrlstlan" to dlstlnguish them from the pre-6hristian

Gmclc Septuagint tmnslnlion of the Inspired Hebrew Scrip



guage of the people. Much good has k n awompllshed

by them and will yet be. But honcsty compeb us is remark that, while each of them has its points of merit,
Ihcy have fallen victim to the p o w r of human traditionalism in varying degrws. Consequently, religious trnclitions, hoary with age, have bccn taken for grnntcd and
gone unchallenged and uninvestigaled. Thcsc have been
intcl~voveninto the translations to color the Ihought.
In support of a preferred religious view, nn Inconsjstency
and unrcasonablcness have bccn insin~ialed into the
tcnchings of the inspired writings.
'I'he Son of God taught that the traditions of creedbound men made the cornmcvldments rind te~chjngsof
God of no power and effect. The endeavor of i l ~ eNew
World Bible TrmsIation Committee has been to avoid
lhis snow of religio~~s
traditionalism. This very effort
nccounts for distinguishing this differently ns a translation ol the "'Christian Greek Scripturcs'~It 1s a traditionnl mistake to divide God's written Word into l.wo
scctions and call the second section, iron1 Mntthcw to
Rcvclation (or Apocalypse), "The New Tcstnnwnt,"
At 2 Corinthians 3: 14 the popular King Jarncs Bible
version tells of the "reading of the old testament", but
thcse the apostle was not referring to the ancient Heb i ~ wScriptures in their entirety from Genesis to Malrtchi. Nor was he meaning that the inspired Christian
writings constituted a "new testament'*. The apostle
was merely speaking of the book written by Moses in
which the old Law covenant with Israel is fully set
forth; for tvhich reason he says, in the next: verse, "when
Moscs is read," The sacred Scriptures, from Genesis to
Revelation (Apocalypse), are one Book, Insplwd by the
one Supreme Author. They cannot he divided into two
parts, one of which may be ignored. The Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Greek Scriptures are essential
to each other. The latter supplcmcnt the former and

aye an integral part with the former to makc the one

complete Boolr of divine truth. Till now we have been

able to translate only the Cllristi~nGreek Scriptures.
The apostle Peter role: "Ru1 thelv nlr! new heavens
and a new earth t h a t wc are anlnit ing according to his
promise, and in lhesc righteousness is to dtvc!ll." (2 Peter
3: 13) The signs now multiply to prove tI181t this gcncration is at the portals oP the new wn~lrlIlc?re pralnised.
Tbcre no uninspired human traditions which hedarlren
;~nrlnuIlify the divjnr W o ~ dwill hc permitted, for that
.rvill I bra n ri~hlmus!vol,ltl. It b ~ M Is l ~ csiwificant time
01' {ransition 1~0111
the 01d world to thc righteous new
\t.orld that h-anslations of thc Scriptures Zoday should
;ISfar as possible eliminate the mislcnrling influence of
which have tllcir lbootsIn paganism,
tllnl thus the pure truth of God's t V o d may shine forth
ira nll ils harmnnio~aI~rillinnccnntl with its convincing

No uninspired translator or cornmlttce of translators

can cIaim any direct command from t i l e Most High God
to engage in translating the divine Word into another
language. But translation of it is necessary, and that
into many languages, lf Christ's com~nnndfor this momentous day Es to hc fulfilled : "This good news of the
Icingdom nill be preached in all the Inhabited earth lor
the purpose of a tvitncss to all the nalions, and then the
accomplished end will come." So, to do tl~cwork of
translating is an opportunity nnd a privilcgc;.In presenting this translation of the Chr isZ Inn Grcek Scriptures
our confidence has been in lhc llclp of the great Author
of The Book. Our primary dcslre Itas been to seek, not
the approval of men, but that of God, by rendering the
truth of bis inspired tVol*d as p~rrelyand ns consistently
as our consecrated pokvcrs m i 1 1 ~possible. There js no
benefit in self-deception, More tlmn thnt, those who pmvide a translation for the spiritual instruction of others



come under a speeiaI responsibility as teachers before

the divine Judge. Hence our nppreciation of ihc need
of carefulness.

Archaic language we have disposed of altogether, even

prayers and addlrtjsscs t o God. This means we hnvo
evc~yrvhcrcdropped using thc now sanctimonious formal pronouns Ehm, tJt.?/,thinc, tthee and yle, wit11 their
corresponding verb in Acctlans. The original Bible was
written In the living langungc?of the people oC illc day,
Hebrew, Aramaic, and Grcck; and so the Biblc characters addressed Godl and prayed lo him in the same everyday langunge that they employed in speaking to their
fellow crcnt,ures on earth. The trnnslation af the ScripItrl1c5,.: Irilrl :L mt~dcrnI:~nfiungc!should be rendered In the
si ylc, i l l the spccch forms current among thc pea1 1 1 ~ . W e offer no paraphrase of the SCPiptur~s.Our en(Lvlvor all through has k n t o givc as literal a translation n.s possible, where the modern English Idlorn nllotvs
r i i ~ r wl~cl~*cl
n literal rendition does not for any clumsiness
iiirk* 1 1 1 ~13w)til:hf. T h ~ wny
wr can best meet the desire
r ~ l ' l l~lrsl*rvllo ; l t r S ~ ~ I ' I I ~ ~ f01*
I ~ Ogetting,
as nearly as
word for word, tlrc cxnct statement of thc origillul. W e rcaIize that sometimes the use of so small a
Ihing as the definite or jndefinite articIe or the omission of such may alter the correct sense of the original

The Greek text that rve have used as the basls of our
New Wof d trnnslntion is thc widely accepted Wcstcott
and Hort text (1881), by reRson of its admlttcd excel1ence.a But we have also taken into considcration
other tcxts, including that prepared by D. Eberharcl
Nestlet' ancl that compiled by the Spanish Jesuit scholar
Jos4 MarIn Boverc and that by the other Jesuit scholar
A. Merk," Whcre we have varled from the reading of
the Wcstcott and Hort text, our footnotes shotv thc basis
for our preferred reading. Wc givc some definiteness to
the background for the renderings of our text by showing in our footnotes the most ancient manuscripts and
versions upon which we call for support. Besides this,
we have oirercd alternative English renderings of the
Greek text, and variant readings of said manuscripts
and versions. Thus in our footnotes we have provided
a sort of critical apparatus for our translation, rather
than a commentary on the Scriptures.
R Besides usSng the 1948 Mncmillan Company edition a i thle
text, wc huvc nvailed ourselves of the two exhaustive vfllumcs
prepared uncler the supervision of S. C. E. Legg, A.M., and
published by the Oxford Clarendon Press, on hlatthrrv and
Mark, Novti n Teetawzenttc?aC?necc Rcclmdr~ntI'ext f1Wt Wrsl.
cofto-Horlinnwnt-K~angeTi~tna.Sccttnclttm M ~ t t h a e u t n (1911))
and Evttlz~whilcm8eczrndunt Mnrcru>t 11"339),
The 15th cdltlon of Novum Tefitnmenitcm Urrrece by D.EMF.
hard Nestle, clnborated by D. Erwin Nestle, published in 1938
by the Wilrttumhrg Bible Socicty, S l u l t ~ a r t ,Germany.
cWovl Testomenti Bdblin G ~ a e c nPC h t i n a by Joseph M.
Bover, SOY,, dntcd 1943 and p ~ t b l i ~ h ~at
c l Barcelonfl, Spain.
a The 1918 printing of the 6th cdll ion of Nouurn Testnmentlim
maece c l LatE?ce by Augustlnus Mcrk, S.J., and pl9ntcd at
Rome, Italy.



Watch has been kept against taking Iibertles with

of brevity or short cuts and
against substitution of a modern parallel, where t h e
rendering of the original iden makes good sense. To
cach major word we Ilave nssiped one meaning and
have held t o that meaning as far as the context permitted. This, we h o w , llns imposed a restriction upon
our diction, but i t makes for good cross-reference work
and for a more rereliable comparison of ofJated texts or
verses. At the same time, in order to brjng out the
richness m d variety of thc Ianguage of the inspired
writers, we have avoided the rendering of oftwo or more
Greek words by the same EnglisIl word, for this hides
tcxts for the mere sake

the distinction in shade of meaning befmccn the several
words thus rendered. Attct~Uonhas been given t o thr!
tcnscs of vcrl~sto bring out i h c intended clcscription of
the action, position or stale. As the readcr b r c o m ~ s
familiar with our translation be mill discern more and
more Itip linrmony and inter-~greementof our ~*cl~ldcsings in all I h ~ s crespects,
Thc chnptet. and verse numbering follows that of l11e
King James Version, thus mnking possible casy cornparison. Pltlt, instead of making each verse n srpnrnte
paragraph in itself, we have grouped verses Into pnragraphs Tor the proper dcvclopment of a complete
thau~htin all i t s contcxt. Mintlful of the Hebrew hnrlrgcoui~dof the Christian Grmlr Scriphres, tve have followed mninly the Hebrew spcIllng of the namw of pcrsons plnd places, rathcr than that of the Greek text
which imitates the Greek Septuagint Version (LXXS
of the Hchrew Scriptures.

NAME:One of the remarkable facts, not
only a b u t the extant manuscripts of the original G w c k
text, but of many versions, ancient and modern, Is the
absence of t.he divine name. In the andent Hcbmw
Scripturcs that name was represented by t h Pour
letters ;rlnr, ~enesaZlycalled the 'Tetragrammaton" and
represenid by the English letters JHVH (or YHWIT).
In the IIcbrew Script~~res
the nnme, reprcscnted by this
tetmgrummaton, occurs 6,823 times. The exact pronunciation of tlze name is not lrnolvn today, but the most
popular way of rendering it is "Jehovah". The nl~brcvintion for illis name is '"ahh" (or "Yah"), and jt occula
in many of the names found in the Christian Greek
Scriptures. Also in the exclamation Alleluia! or, I-Inllclujah! found four tknes, nt Rcvclation 19: 1,3,4,6,and
meaning '"raise Jah!"


As thc Christian Greek Scriptures were an inspired

addition and supplement to the sacred Hebrew Scriptures,
this sudden disappearance from the Greek text seems
inconsislent, especially when James said to thc npostles
and olclcr disciples at Jcrusalcm about the middlc of
the flrst century: "Syineon ha8 related thoroughly how
God for the first timc turnccl his attention to thc nations to tnkc out of them a pcopIc for his name,'' (Acts
15: 1.4) T l ~ c nin support James made a quotation from
Iht- ITr~l)rcl~vScripturrs wli~rt!the clivinc name occurs
Iwic*rl. I I' ( Il~r'isl
i:~ns;nr! to I)(? n people f o r God's name,
ir Ply slrtr~tltll ~ i sn m c , rcprcsented by the tetrnytrnmrnalorl, btl abolisl~edfrom t l ~ cChristian Grmk Sclmiptuirs?
' l ' l i t ~ 1tsl1:11traditional explanation for this no longer
1 1 4 lids. It, wnF; long thought that i l ~ c
basis far suc11 failure
t l i v l n ~name in our cxtnnt manuscripts WFIS t h ~
: ~ l l s t ~ t ~13f'
r v ~1 1 3 ~n : m r in t hr C:lrrlc Septuagint Vcrsion
( I,.\'.\' l , 11
lirust Ir;inslrtt b t l ol" 1 lie H e b i ~ wScriptures
k v I ~ i r ! l I~~r:im
lo be made in the third century B,C. This
I l i o u ~ h lwas based upon the copies of LXX as found jn
t l ~ cgreat manuscripts of the fourth and fifth centuries
A.D.: the Vatican No. 1209, the Sinaitic, the Alexandrine, and the Arnbmsi~nus.In these the distinctive
11arnb of God was rendered by the Greelr kvclrds IC6p1os
(Jc?j'r'i.o3) wit11 or without the definite article nncl Oe6g
( f 1 ~ e . o ~ 'This
nameIe.wness wvns viewed as an aid to
tpaching monotheism.
This popular theory has now been flatly disproved by
the rccenlly found remains of a papyrus roll of LXX.
This contains the second half of the book of Deuteronarny.
Not one oC these fragments shows an example of K i l n ~ q
or RE^; used instead of the divjne name, but in each instance thc tetragrammaton is written in Aramnic characters. By permission of its owners we have reproduced
photographs of fragments of thc papyrus mlI illat our
readers may examine thesc occurrences of the tetragrrrmlllcb



maton in such an early copy of LXX.a Authorities fix

the date for this papymw at Ule 2d or 1 s t century B.C,
This means about a century o r bvo after the L X X was
begun. It proves ibat the original L X X did contain the
divine name wherever it occurred in the Heb~*e%v
original, Collsidcring it a sacrilege to use some substitute
as ky'ri.08 o r ~JLc.os', the scribes inserted the tetragrammaton (fin+)at its proper place in the Greek version text.
Did Jesus Christ and his disciples who w ~ o t ethe
Christian Greek Scriptures have copies at hand of the
Greelr Septuagint with the divine name appearing therein in the farm of the tetragrammaton? Yes! The tetrag r a m a t o n persisted in copies of L X X Tor centuries
after Christ and his apostles. About A.D. 128 Aquila's
Greek version had the tetragrammaton in archaic Hebrew letters. About A.D. 245 Origen produced his famous Hexupla, this being a six-column reproduction of
The papyrus belongs t o the Soci&t& RoyaIe de Papyrologie
du Caire. It bears the Inventory Number 266, and forms part
o f the collection o f Fouad Papyri, of which Nos. 1-89 were
published ill 1939 in one volume ( P . Fofiad 1, 1939). The nearest parallel in date t o Pa Fouad h v . No. 266 i s P. Rylands
iii. 458, of the 2d caltury B.C., which also contains fragments
of the second half of Deuteronomy; but its scanty remains unfortunateIy preserve no use of tlre divine name o r its equiva-

See our pages 13-14, for photographic illustrations of some
fragmenis of P. Fouacl Inv. No. 266 o f Deuteronomy LXX,which
we have numbered. No. 1, on Dcutcronomy 31: 25 to 32: 7,
shows the tetragrammatan on lines 7 and 15. No. 2 (Deut.
31: 29,301 shows it on line 6; No. 3 IDeut. 20: 12-14,17-19)
on lines 3 and 7; No. 4 (Deut. 31: 26) on line 1;No. 5 (Deut,
31: 27,281 on line 5; No. 6 (Dcut. 27: 1-31 on line 5 ; No. 7
(Deut. 25: 15-17) on Iine 3; No. X (Deut. 24: 4 ) on line 5 ;
hTo. 9 (Deut. 24: 5-10) on line 3; No. 10 (Deut. 26: 2,3) on
line 1; No. 11 (Deut. IS: 4-61 on line 5 ; and No. I2 (Deut.
18: 15,161 on line 3. Reproduced by permission o f the Royal
Society o f Papyrology, of Cairo, Egypt.


the inspired ancient Scriptures, (I)in their original He-

brew and Aramaic, accompanied by (2) a transliteration into G t ~ c k and

the Greek versions by (3)Aquila,
(1)Symmachus, ( 5 ) the Seventy ( L X X ), nncl 16) Theodotion, In thc seconcl column of tho H~:xal)Ztr, in the
lrnnsliteration into Grccl:, i l ~ ctctragi*nmnwiton was
written in Hebrcw characters, whcrcas jn colulnns 3, 4,
and 5 the Grcelc versions of Aquila, Symrnachus and
LXX all wprwnted the tetragrammnto~lby Ihc similar
Gmrk rblrnnbctr~w.*Origen, in a stnt~rnenton Psalm 2: 2,
snit1 11ii1I "iri f l i t * mnsl I'aiihC~ilmnnuscripts
It; tvvi l I oil i i b T lcl~rcwcharacters, that fs, !rot in modern,
I F I I ~ ,111 F I L ~ C I I ~ ~ CH e b ~ e w ' l ' , ~
A pnpyrus Fraffment of that same 3d century A.D.,
nrlmrly, 1'. Oxyrhynchus vli. 1007, is a fragment of
( :r-~li*sisof t l ~ c lIJXX, and it abbrevintes the tetragramr r l : 1 2 r l t l Fly I l s Irllrr rlnul~lort,n doublcd Yod [a)
1 1 1 1 ~ irillil~lI t h t l r ~ i 7 being written in the shape of a Z
wll t i n horizontal stroke through the middle, the stroke
brlny: cnrricd unbroken through both such Yod's.U
I n thc succeeding century Jerome says that ignorant
readers of the LXX imagined the tetrrlgran~mntonto be
n Greek word and actually pronouncal it "Pipi". In his
Gfflentwsprefacing the books of Samuel and
Malachi he says: "We k d the four-lettcjrcd name of
God (l.e,, f i r f i r ) in certain Greek volumes even to this

-n Compare the Ambrosian

palimpsest o f the LXX, edited by

G. Merratl, 1896.
Tills Is now confirmed by a Cairo pnllrnpseat of parts of
3 Klngs and 4 Kings, L X X .
c Ser Thc Ox~jrltynchzrsP a m , volume vIi, edlted by A. S.
Hunt, 1910. Etlttor Hunt compares P. Oxy. Iv, 656 (Genesis,
early 3ti century) wlth its 'decided tendency' to omit the subslitute word Icj)'rl.os. In three pasaages thc b l ~ n l ropncc lret
by I hc orlslnal scribe sufficient for Sour lettcr~1 1 ~ been
~ 1 flllcd
by Icy'rb.o only l ~ yanother, a second hand,



day exprcswcd in the ancient letters,'' And jn his 25th

letter to Mnrcella, written at Rome, A.D. 384, hc treats
of the ten names of GQCInnd says: "The ninth [name
of God] is a, tetragrarnmnton, wIrich they considered
A V E K ~ ~ V~czn.ek.pJ~o'n~.toaJ,
~ ~ V
thnt is, un spen k able,
which 1s fvritten with tl~esclctt~rs,Iod, Hc, Vuu, I-Ie.
Which certain ignorant oncs, because of the similarity
of the charnctcrs, when thcy wouId find them jn Greek
books, were accustomed to pronounce PI
Thus clown to the time of Jcrome, the translator who
produced thc Latin VuIgate, there \vcm Grcclc manuscripts of the ancient I-Icbrew Scriptures wh1cIz still
contained the divine namc in i t 9 four Hebrew c h n r n c t e ~ .
One thing is now cedain. Whether Jesus and his djsciples rend the Scripturcs in thcir Hebrew (Aramaic)
original 01. In the Greelr Septuagint Version, thcy would
come across the divine nnmc in its telrngr~mmaton
form, Did Jesus follorv thc traditional Jewish custom of
t h e day and wad' at such places out of fear
of prolaninr: ihe name and violating the Third Commandment (Exodus 20: 7 ) ? In the synagogue at Nazareth, when he rose and accepted the book of Isaiah and
read thosc verses of Isaiah (GI:I,2) where the tetragrammnton o c c ~ mtwice, did he refuse to pronounce the
divine name cerrmtly? Not if Jesus followcd his usual
disregard for the unscrjptrtral traditions follo\ved by the
Jewish scrlhcs. Matthew 7:29 tells us: "He was teaching them ns a person having a u t h o r i t ~ancl not as their
scribes.'"n the hearing of his faithful apnslIes Jesrrs
prayed to Jchovah God, sayjng: "I: have made your
name manifest l o the men you gave me out of t.he world.
US@@C. Taylor's HeBrewUrcek Cairo Fenizah Patinapests
I1900), pages 6-11.
b See Jeromc'a EpisEola 85, Ad Ma~cellflm(edited by Hilberg,
page 2191, Also sce McClintoclc and Strong's C~c$opc8dia,volu m e 9 (1894 edition), page 652, under T h e m hammcph~rash''.



. . I ithave
made your name lrnown to them and will
(Jolzn 17: 6,26) The JewM Talmud
nccuscs Jesus of having performed his miracles by the
pronouncing of tEre divine namc; which is an indirect
admission on the part of his encmics that he clid use
ihe name.

The question now before us is: Did Jesus' inspired

disciples use t l ~ cdivine name in thcir writings? Thnt is,
Did God's name nppcw in t l ~ coriginal writings of the
Christian Greek Scriptures? We have basis for austwrin^ Yes. h recent ycars some have claimed that Matl tlc?wPsgospel nccount was a t first written in Hebrew
ithe her than jn its kindred langunge, the Aramalc. Jt is
rsonIended thnt Matthew and the early Christians pror l ~rtltl
~ 1 his nccount to become the last book of the cnnon
nl' l l ~ t l11tl31rrlw Srcipi~tresas, till thcn, the canon of the
I 'I r lhlb:l11111 (
hm'l nrli I~rcncontemplated.
i a : r-vid 14.1 14.r- Il i :I~i c i ~ - E r l ~~+c*co~~sions
of the I-lcbrclv
11 t ~ l tAl.;tu~i~
i t - I ~ ~ ~ I ~ S of
~ CMatthew's
account persisted for
1 v n 1 1 1 ltrics :~mongthe earIy Jcwish Christian communities
nT IJnlcstine and Syria. Early writers, such as Pappihas,
I lc~esippus,Jus'tin Martyr, Ta'tian, Sym'ma-chus, I.rcritlc'us, Pmtaenus, Clem'ent of Alexandria, Orll.gcn,
I 'nm'phi.lus,,Ep.i.pha'nlus and Je.rorncP,glve
rridence that they either posqmsed or had access to
l tebrew and Aramaic tvl.itings of Matthew. Jerornc, of
t l ~ c4th and 5th centuries A.D., 11nd this to say:
"'Matthew, who is also Levi, and who from a publfcan
came to be an Apostle, first of nl1 Ihc Evangelists, composed a GOSF! OF Christ in Judnca in the Hcbrcw 1mguage and characters, for the benefit of those of Ihc
circumcision who had klievcd, Who translated It into
Greek k not sulllcicntly ascertnincrl. Furthermore, the
I-Icbrew itself is preservd to this clay in the Iibsary at
Caesasea which the martyr 17amphiIus so dlligcntly
collected. I also was allowed by the Nazarenes who use




this volume in the Syrian city of Beroea to copy it. In

which it is to be remarked that, wherever the Evangelist makes use of the testimonies of the old Scripture,
11e does not follow the authority of the seventy translators, but of the Hebrew."--Cntul. Script. Eccl.
Matthew made mm-e than a hundred quotations from
the inspired Hebrew Scriptures. Se where these quotations included the divine name, he ~vould be obliged
faithfully to include the tetragrammaton in his Hcbrc~v
gospeI acco~lnt.His Hebrew account would corres!)oncl
closely with the Hebrew version of the 19th century by
*'E DeIitzxh, in which Matthew contains tIlc name "Jehovah" eighteen times. It is now believed Matthcw hin~sclf
translated his gospeI accor~ntinto the Greeli. If he did,
then he had available copies of the LXX containing the
divine name. But, though Matthew preferred to quote
direct from the Hebrew Scriptures rather than from
the LXX, he could folIow the L X X practice and incorporate the divine name at its proper place in the Gmek

What is the modern translator to clo? Is he j~zslificcl,yes, authosizcd, to enter the
rlivlnc name Into n translation of thc Christian Greek
Scriptures? Evcry GI-eck render must confcss that in
1 hc L X S thc? G ~ ~ e ewords
and tJte.o,r' have been
~ ~ s eto
r l crowd out tllc distii.lctive name of tile Supreme
Drily. Every comp~vhensivcGreek-English dictionary



But all the writers of the Christian Greek Scriptures

quoted from the Hebrew Scriptures or from the L X X at
verses where the Name appears, and they could follow
the style then true of copies of the LXX by using the
tetragrammaton in their Greek writings.
The evidence is, therefore, that the original text of
the Christian Greek Scriptures has been tampered with,
the same as the text of the L X X has been. And, at lenst
from the 3d century AD. onward, the divine name In
tetragramaton form has been eliminated from thc tcx t
by copyists who did not understand or appreciate the
divine name or who developed an aversion to It, p m l bly under the influence of d 8 ~ m i t i m LITI place of i t
they substituted the rvords Wri.08 (trsudIy translated
"the Lord") and the.os', meaning "God".


xlnlrs that these two G ~ ~ e cwords

llavc been used as
c*qr~ivnlmfsof Ihr divine name.&Hence the modem transIr~lc~r
is ~ ~ ~ t i ~ - in
r alalnq
~ i t ~lllr
~ l divine name as an equiva14 U I I 4 tf' i !11 I::P 1 tvt I
~ V O I + ~ S , 111at is, at places where
.\I:I 1 1 111 w,, I c*., F kt ~ rr ~ VPI'SPS,
Imsmges and ~f.xprcs!!ions
I'lr ~ r i iIhcl IIcl~t~rtv
Scriptures or Irom the LXX where the
l t

cllvitw tlilrnr. occurs.

h'rnrn I ht. l4t h ccntttry A.D. forward, translations of
t i l l I tip ChrbistinnGrerlr Scriptures have been
t I L : ~1 I1 - 111lrr
r ~ n t d o ~rl:~sslrnl
Tlcbrcw. The Shem Tob
it110 I-Icbrcw was made about
A , I 1, I :Wi. Wl lr!n coming upon quotations from the He~ l r ~ t - 1 1 1


ll A (lredc-B~~,,rlTleh
Laroica?a a! llzs New Tseta?raQnP,by J, H,
'I'linycr, 18R7 ~ d l H o n ,pnge 365, says tinder 1115etoq: "c, this title
Is aiven n. to Gun, thc rulr?r of the unlverse (so the Sept. f o r
*J%, ill?^, hqil)~,iTrfl* and ;I1 Ca,do-nail, elo'nh, c-tonhim',
Je.ho'vrtb nnd Jahl).'' On pngc 281 i1 says, under 8 t h ~ :"Sept. for
FK, nqn?Hnnd itlilr Crl, r-lo.7cim1and dc.ho'vah1."
S n y ~A Brrsk.WttgElsh Lmfcon, by Liddell and Scott, 1938
r*dltlon, on page 1013, undcr Kilploc: "4. b Kfiptoq,=Hebcw
Y n h i u o f ~ , Lxx Ec. 11.5, al." A?a In t m c d i ~ l t eGreek-EnglQh
I,rrico?t, 11iR2, based on Elddell nnd Scott 7th edition, page 45%
snid : "11. b 1i+pr1,:, fJ~aI,ORD,= Helwew JEHOVAH, LXX."
A Urcok ntrd English Lexicon lo the New Tcstnment, by
J. Parkllllrfit, rcvisetl etlltion of 1545, says, on page 347,~mder
KY'I'IOX: "TII. In LXX i t Rnsw(?rs to the several names or
Lit les OF G a d , 9 3 ? ~ , >K, ill?^, p*il?u, 77s, riv, but far mmost
fretjile~ltly to ntn*:
In the New Testament, like Kfip~o;,
when used ns n nnme of God, though it sometimes answers
to ~ J T N , ,
yet it moat usunlly corresponds to irmv Jehovah,
and in tMs sense is npplkccl,"





brew Scriptures where the Namc nppeared, the translators infa Hebrew had no othcr rccottrsc than t o rcndcr 7cp'l'i.os or Sl[e.osf back into its original tetragramlnntotz fowl ;r!n9. Thus in l h n t cnrIy Shem Tob version
of Matthew t h e tetragrammaton occurs 16 times. All
towthcr, the appearances of thc sacred tetragrammaton in the 19 ILehretv versions to ~vllichrve have had
access tntnl up to 307 distinct occurrences. These have
thus restored the divine name t o the lnspired Christian
I-row is a modern translator to know or determine
when to render the Greek words Kfipro;. and ee6s into
the clivinc name in his version? By determining where
thc inspired Christian writers hnvc quoted from t11e
Hebrew Scrlplures. Then he must refer back to the
original to Iocate whether the divine nnme appears there.
This way he can determine the identity to give to Je?j'ri.os
and tlbe.08' and hc can then clotl~ethem with personality.
Realizing that this is the time and place for it, we
have followed thk course in rcnde~ingour version of
the Christian Greek Scriptures. To avoid overstepping
the bounds of a translator into the field of exegesis, we
have tried to be most cautious about rcndering the divine nnrnc, always carefulIy considering the Hebrew
Scrlpturcs, We have looked for some agreement with
us by the EIcbrew versions we cotzsultecl to confirm our
own rendering. Thus, out of the 237 times that we have
1mdcrcd the divine name in the lmdy of our version,
them are only two instances whcrc ~ V Phave no support
or agrccrnent from any of the Hebre~vversions. But
in thcsc two instances, namely, Ephesfans 6: 8 and
Colossians 3: 13, we feel strongly supported by the context n11d by related texts in rentlerjr~gthe divine name.
The notes in our lower margin show Ihe support we
have for our renderings from the I-Icbww versions and
other n~~thorities.

Not in all cases where the divine name is shown in

the Iower margin havc we rendered it in the main body
of our version, Thus there are 72 instancea where the
divine name is shown in the margin alone, but not incorporated into thc text, tlre warrant not being strong

On pages 30 20 33 we give the list of the Hebrctv
versions as wcll as othcr pubiications to which wr! have
resorted for support of our renderings, not only a1 the
divinc narnr! hut also of othcr valuable features. Because
1 hr- Irllrr J C O ~ ' I ' ( * S J ) O I I ( ~wilh
the first lcttcr of the lelraI:KI tnu~alorl,
wvc have ilesignat~dthem all unclcr the Ictter
J, hut have addcd t-t supcrior number aftcr in orclcr to
diflcrentiate them. See pagcs 22, 23 far a photographic
rcproduction of IEie title page and of n sample page oof
one such Hcblrm version by a Roman Catholic ironslntor in 1668,a ivl~ornJVP have listed as Jo.
Doubtless for many of our readers a support for our
rendering of the divine nnme comes from nn uncxpected
soulce. We do not claim ours to be thc first version to
introduce it into the English translation of t h e Christian Greelr Scriptz~rm.Our list on page 33 shows Illat
reprocluced on the next page (221, Is In
Hcl~rew and Lntln nnd rends: "The Four F:vnn~rls from
the Ncw Law wl~lcli llnvc bccn translalcrl from tho Latin
Tongue into the IIcl~l'rwTongue at the bnnrl o r Jolin Dnp.
tist Jonah lfallowcd Ily the equivalent of t h i s In L ~ t l n lmid
hc dedicated tllcm ns nn offrring to the lloly 111~11 priest
Clcmcnt IX [Latin: deilicated to our most Iiuly lord,
Clement M,Pontifex bdnxlmnsl. Printed hcrc nt Rome on
thc Press belonging to thc Sacred Congregat Ion lor the
Propagation o f l l ~ cF r ~ l t h ,in the year IfiliY of Ille rorning
o f our Messiah Cut: Rome, on thc press u I the S. C, Prop.
Fidei, in the year 168Y1,'Uround the picture the Ltltln test
says: "Going into all the world, preach the good news to
every creature!'
Please turn to page 23 where we reproduct? page 194 of
this Jonah version, setting forth the gospcl nccorrllng to
n The title page,


. "I' ',,,

A " , F , . . ,





. . I

"1- 1



. , \


-. (



,!UJ, 1 ,
1 '{
I".'. i t

Lulce, chapter 2, vcrbsrs 3 5 . 5 , In I1rl1rr.c~

rtnrl Lntin In parallel
coltrrnns. In t h e K~hrtrwrnr~lumntvil ilnrl t hc! Irlrngrammaton
(nl;r*) on lines 21, 22 opposllr tlcrsr 23; unrl on lines 23, 25 o p
posite verse 24.



an Amerlcan version of 1864 p d e d us, but only on

n limited scale; it rendered the name "Jehovah" 18
times from Matthew to Acts. Wc have listed this ns J21,
nnd our foot,notes show ivhcrc its r ~ n d c r i n ~
iljiree with ours. But we may be thc first to rcnder the
nnmc consistently throughout the 237 tlines in the main
I)ocly of our text. However, many English readers will

G m l c Scriptures, and hence they have used the divine

nnmc Irr suitable native spelling. That our rcndcrs may
appreciate something af the extent to which the divine
name is published in missionary versions 01 tlrc Chrisl-inn Grcclc Scriptures, we print on thc prcccding pnge a
chart, It shotvs 20 vernacular fo~~rns
of "Jehovnh" used
in 38 vcrsions, and the languages in which cnch hrnz is
us& rcspcctively. On pages 26, 27 wve arc plcascd to rcproduce pI~otographicalZyparts of pnges of several such
vcrsiona o f the Christian G m k Scriptures using the divine nnmc it1 the tcxt. There can he no renl objection
lor thcsc translations to do so provided t l ~ c yrcprodi~ce
the divlne nnmc at places where thc I-Icbrew Scriptures
sliow the hackground and validity for It. For corresponding reasons no reasonable mind can find Scriptural objection to our doing so in this English version. Rathcr, as
our rcadcrs familiarize themselves with this version,
they wiIl rejoice over the added clearness it imparts t o
mnny scriptures not distinctly discerned bcfarc.
While inclining la view the pronttncintion "Yah+weh"'
as the mom correct: way, we havc retained the form
"Jehovnh" because of people's familiarity with it since
thc 14th century. Moreover, it prescrvcs, equally with
other forms, the four letters of the letrngramrnatoo
We count ourselves happy to be privileged to present
this Ncw World translation in the interest of Bible cducation, at the time when that righteous world js dawning, whcre the name of the Author of the 1Ioly Scriptures will be known and honored by all who live. We
shall be gl*atcful if it guides many into right Scriptt~ral
unde~tnnding and action at this criticnl timc when
"anyone that cnIls upon the name of Jehovah wiIl be
saved".-Acts 2 :21.


l>c surprised to learn that furtller support of our rendering of the Name comes from many non-Hebrew
rnissionnry sources.*
Parts of the Holy Bible have already bccn translated
into more th,m 1,100 langungcs and dialects. From the
18th century forward the non-Hebrew translators have
in many cases found no proper equivalent in the languages Into which they were translating the Christian



H ~ l ? l ? l l W USING h VERNACUW FORM

OF THE T ~ I T R A C R A M M ~ T O N ,
(Bee mllcctlon of Amcrlcan niblo Society, Now York)
L a n g w e . ~Wsiflg tha Form




Hawailan; RLwaf: Pannletl: Tnhltlan: Toarltrl

Clibcrt Islands: New Brltain: Wcdnu



K l p ~ i g i s :hlentawi


J l l ~ o v ~ u l Nugu ( A n g m i dialect)


B. .Tcllovn
Manus Islantl; Nandl: Fang: Gabun
0. Jcl~ovah hlnln~asy:Narrinyerl
7, Jcrlvn
8. Jllmvn
m ~ g u (Lhota dialect)
10. Jloun
14. YIWC
15. Yitrve


17. Yehovah



Ilobnngl: DhoIuo; Mongo (OF Lob)

Ct~okrvc; Chuana (Tlapl dIstfcl): Wba: Lugbara; Mu1lcB1
(or Tivl
- . .: Santo tk1aa
- Harbor)


q ow


world Bible Z;trmslation Committee,

February 9, 1950, New Yorlc, N. Y.






, I L


. .. .
.a . k . . ,!









? '[.-

'. ..' .



tllllV.4 r .




t i ~ l , t ,IU





l i ~ u r ~rf*!hn>tr~%


.I,. II>,I


, t ,I.




* .I.

-4 l t C ;1, I~! , L I L ~ I ~ ! ~ I ~I&> ~ I ~ I I ~ I ! - . ~ ~ I - I ~ - L ,:r>

h,:)- I1.1uv:; j } l ~ k r j yjrr, ~ ~ u l ~ ~ ! l ~ l l "+ '1~ I+



7 ) : ~ nn>i+io

A%\+ Yls 4li-\'l)l\'.







I ' .:,

- .i


:',, ",

X o , 3 r l i o r r . ~ mrt ot nEc Bfl ot tllr TOW version of tht Girl)r~n InnRrml

t 111 * ? h1nPthcw 2.'::li 111 2:W. Note the n l l p r r l m n t . z b s r r l tflr
In rrci-ses 37 nntl
111 c t r l l l r a s t w l t l ~.low.; (.llsu).
N r r , !! .~lllur..u pnrt (11 the 17ugc cvf Ilug lO!l,3Q
VcrsLov 111 tllr. MII~II~:IIAY
Ianj;11n~:r~w l IInl:
rn?111 RIaU II+.\V ,4:(l
It> - h . H
TIIP nanw ,llqt!<~\: I I ~$s,l/i
10, 111 r t ~ n t r d ~ qult11
(Jesos\ I .
t i t 5 1 ! 1 I ! l i ~ ~ t~4.7,



23, ,111. I r i


I.., I


4 1 1 ,


with Jesus E1r.s~).




1,. I








, b n


,, 7 5 ,


!I , z i : .

1iljl>.1: 4

i -.

. .


A. LIT,.

1 ,,,,,* >i ],. ,:

!.I i.,<.l ; ,





: - I,:

11 I,?,









8 ,


. >

1 ,


I ',.d

, I


1 1






b ' ,,I

I .11,.I... , , I 1.1
L . I;,, , a , 8 : 8 ;





,.,,, ; ,



I - . ?1, .,#I:.

. , . .' , ...
1. 1




17 , . I #






r l l : , l l l



, , , I ,t! ,I


' 1 '

,. ,,

I ',, 11,


. . I

1 1 n 1
iil I.'d1 1,s. .II.%I,
: > f : ! l l ~ # 4 ' ~ ~ l l [ i llbb ~ ~ & ~ l l l 1.~' l , .dsb.
t , b V U : t!1 v,.:~-,I<%~:.I$h l ~:. ' L / . B 1 7 1 i l ~ - - ~ l 1 4



l l' nd 5 l ., l l r
.I ,, ! .' .: L,


r rr r r :~ ill ,111
1 .I
i l . ~ . l n , I ! ,

:..,, ,.. : - , ,
,; -. ' , ,
!,. !,I,8 !. ,I--, ,.,,I





I,, I,.
I #

I, ,.!
8 ,

-.I 11 ,


1:. 1111.



' I . .

, ,h

, I.,


, .









n 1 1 h 1 .L<I *
11111 I I I ~ I I ; ~ ~ >
1 1


".1 " I,,





l w ~ ! : !%,>IT
Ira~lrlrqlrlb , \ ~ ~ l ~ a >r;!hi~
l ~ i : t ~ , l : n t !I&
~ a4 ~
. t J~




l r t t ~ ~ i l l i >I),
: ~ ' vwi~t:iT~i!t>,

I l k ,1

1 .I


,: -,





I .



~ t ; : ~ l i L r . h u <I:I~o.









i 1.1

... ..:
,. -. ."


1 ,101

1. 121.
IL ! U I . ~ ~t:iwiiny
: ':ii11<41


,. ">,

,, ,,


. i~
I ,
.. 1 ....'..



.. . ,..

7 .




. : .

. k

,,,> i

,,,,, ;


, ,,,m.,,


. . .. .


,, , , ,





.. .

,, ,

K IAlep7~)
Timothy,Titus, and tlie Rcvc-

Sinnitfc MS. An uncial Greck

mnnuscrlpt of the 4th century,
in caclcx form. Originally it
cvitlenlly contained the wlloIc
Blhlc. il~cluclin~r
all tlre Christlnn Grcuk Scriptures. It is at
writ possnsscd hy thc Urltslz Muscum, Lundon, England.

lnlfon (Apocalypse). It Is calm

IogurA as In the Vatican Library nt Rome, Italy, from
A D . 1481, nt least.


Codex Ephrami rescdptr~s.

Thla mrcinl <;reel< rnanusr:rlpt
is n priHmpsest of the 5th cthn.
tut-y, nntI contiins parts of IRc
Alexandrine MS. An undnl Gos~wls,At.1s, the Epistles rind
Grcslc mnnuscript of the 5lh thr Hvvclalion. It orjgillnll?,
ccnlury, In 'nd~s form. When c o n t a l n ~ dthe whole Grcrlr L3Icorn ~tcale,It c o 11 t a i n e d the hlt,, Imt 111 thc Eth c c n t ~ t ~ ' y
whtAc nlhlc, i n c l u d i n g tI~c the orlglt~:il writing was c1'
Christ !:HI Grcclx Scriptures all fi~c:erl, nncl wltat rernnins rlf
now 1,111 MattIlew I:1 to 25: (j; lIlc vululne was used to reccivr!
John 6 : 5 0 to H:52; 2 Corinthl- n Grcck version of somc Iream
rms 4: t3 l o 12:6. It is at pms- tlsrs hy the ecclesiastic Eplirtien t possessed hy the British c m of Syria. It is now p03hTuscunt, tondon, England.
scsseri hy thc Natiot~alLkbriil'y
nt Pnris, IFrancc.


Armenian Vcrsion. It Is of
the 5th rentury, or even as
Codex ~ e z a gU n c l e r thia
early ns thc heginning of the symhu],
include the Cam.
4th Cr'llturY, I-lol~ev@r,
Ille brlilnc MS. (Cantabrigensis1
rni~nuscriplsare, f o r the Gos- ( D ) anti the Clprmont fils.
pels, of the 9th an? 10th F @ ~ V (clnrornontanus) (D2). BIO111
a t her IIINS. fllr of the 6th centaly.
hooks, nE the l!th
o r Thc C o d e x Cantabrlgcnsl~,
later. This version mas mnde ,I,,w possessed by the 1~~1ivcr.
Syriflc rind Greek codiccfl. sjty 01 Ctlmbriclge, E n g l n ~ r l ,
Coplcs lire found in Moscow rtlntaltig nearly all the Gos(Rtlssia), Armenia, Istanbkll lcls, parts of the A&, wit11 a
R ~ < tTcnice
I I ~ ~ I Y )E;llln
tmnslation; and a Lntln
translalion of 3 ~ o h n
Vatkan MS. No. 1209. An Coclex Claromontanus, from
uncial Greek manuscript of the monnstcry of Clermor~t,
thc I lh ccnlury and consirlered hut iiow in the National L1carllcr Ihan N. It i s in codcx I11,nry nt Paris, France, con.
fnrm ~ n t contailled
originally 1:11ns the letters of the apostle
llle whole of the Greek Bjl)lu, P?ul, all hut a few VersPS,
but In the Christian Greek w ~ t al ~J,ntln translation. Both
Srriptures it now lacks H c - rnanuscriptts were originally
brews 9: 14 to 13: 25; 1 and 2 tic-qulrccl by Theodore Bcz;~,



!he 16thcentury B l b l l c u l
PA& (Chester Rrfltt 1) ineludes fragmcnl n assr~ncd to
the 3d century A,D, litlrl is now
of located at Lonrlon, P:ncl:ulld,
a grpntcr
old Latin witncsnes, formrrly The fragments nl'c Or
iiirludcd under t l ~ cfrlhrn "lta- ~ ~ ~ , p r i l l c i p p l l y .

(Chestcr R c ~ t t y2) InIn". Tlte most primlilvr L ~ l l n

version was (1) ttlp Afrlc;lrl; clurles fra~rnmtsnsstgncd to
n second t y p is ( 2 ) t h v ISiiro- thc 3d and 4th ceflt~tl.lcsand
gcat~ verslon; nnrl Il~rtlllrtl which a,w o f nomntls, 1 find 2
l y p p ( 3 ) the Itnll;in, l h ~ ~ Connthlans, C;nlnlin~is, I<pliellcillg a revisioll of ille Eur.0. sians, Pilillppinns, C O ~ O S ~ ~ L I
pcnn and being the text whlch 1. Thessalonians nnd Hehrews.
fr~rmeclthe basis of Jprome's Some of tllcsc fr:~gmcnls :,re
rtyisinn of tClc L:klln N~l,lr. located at Lonrlo~~,
Tt~cItaFa represents vcrsiolts and some at Ann Arbor, 1Mirohof the 2d crnl~zry, hut the l ~ a n ,U.S, A,
MSS, are, for tllc mosl pnrt,
P r l (Chcster Bontty 3) in.
o f the rlth, 5th and (3 h cpn. cludes iragmcnts ns~igncdlo
tlirics. The MS. k ICoc1e.u Rob- t h e 3d ccniury ~ n which
I~icnsis)comes C ~ O S @ Rto
~ the of the Revelation, elln
primitive African type.
t o 17. These an, now
a t Lonrlon, Englanrl.
Reference works used prlnSY
cipnlly with r c ~ a r dto thc cliXyriac Versir>ns.Thc Syriac
vine narnc "Jchovnh'Y(irl~1. (or ChrislLan Arnrnnlc) is re
The 21 different r c f e r e 11 c e luted to thc Hebrew Innguage.
., works are distingulshcd by a
Syc =the Curetonian Syrinc.
sz~pcriornurnl~cr; ~ f t r the
r let- A manuscript In thls old Syriter, from dl to J?', for thc list:of ac was discovcrt?il and p u b
whlch see below pages 30-33,
lished by Dr. W. Curctan. I t
contains parts oC thr lour GosThe Seventy or the Greelc prls and is an Oltl Syrlnc YCF
Septuagint Vcrsion 01 thc 111. sion older tl~nnSyl,.
sp~redHebrew Scr'l~ttircs.This Syll-the Phlluxcnian Har~ r c c kversion wn's hcgun In kleian ver'slon, tlils L>elng a
fhc 3d century B.C. Intmut 7th-century revision w I1 l c I1
SO), when the Pentateucll, or Thomas o f Harltrl mad@ of
live hooks of hioscs, was t sans. t h e 6th-century version o C Philated, and c o n t i n ~ ~ cuntil
tlic loxcnus, of M n h c ~ ~Eastcrn
1 b t century D.C. Ci~picso f the
1,XX are founrl In Ilic! nbovc. Syria. ThIa earllcr vr!rslan had
mentioned codiceg H, I3 nnrl A. been prepared f o r Phlloxenus
by one Polycarp, The revldon
of the which Thomas al I l ~ r k e lmade
Chester Beatty c 0 l l e c t i o n s 01 this was to b r l n ~it from
Nos. I, 2 and 3, and clc~~lgnnted
its free style into pr@cIac acI'LJ,P m l eand PAT,
cord with the Grcek text.




S y h t =the Jerusdlfm [Sera- edition and Cl~mI~IItlneeclisoly-mltanrtml rcrsron. From Xion.
Its rescmMarrce to the PalesVgc=thc Clcmsmtlnc twmr inlan 'I'r~rEumit was called the sion is~ued In t hrcc tvlltlnns
1':ilsstfni;llr or Jerusalem Svi- 1592, 1583 and 159s by Popc
:kc, It Includes a Gospel Lec- Clemcnt VIII. It tlilTrrs lrrrrn
tlnnnry (or book of readrngx the Sixtine r c c c n s i o ~in a l l u i ~ t
ilvnni the Gospels) anti otller 3,000plnccs.
sci.ipturcs of ttlc same version.
vpl = tile Skxtlne mc~nstnn
11 Is rclnted 10 tllc Old Syrlac i ~ s by
~ dPupo Slxtlu V I11
tul la now assigned t o the 6th 1590, hut wh~(.hwns r~cnllr!ll
nllrl suy~presscrl2 c m s lrjtrr.
Syr-=lhe Peshitta, the great ily pop^ CIt.mllnt
P ~ Ylhr?
stondard version of the Scrip. inaecuriiuy 01' i l s prllllJng.
t u y e s ,!n Syriac. Its n a m e
Tllc Vulgate o r i f i i l ~ ~wag
nicnns Shc simple". It EPre" a rcvjsion of the (.)Id Lnljn
scnls thc Syriac version Prfant! was rna~rle by Erlsr.
pal-cd by 13ishop Rabbula of bius Jcrornc, wlth rihler.enccto
l+:dvssa, Syria, early In the 5th the original Hchrew anrl Grcclc
century and 1s not as old+as of the I-loly Scripttrres. Rr!~uu
the S y 5 The origi?+ Peshtla A.D. 3S3, it \rlas flnlsherl by
c r ~ n t n i n e dtile CIlrrstlan Greelc him
urcs with the excention
o f 2'1-'eter,2 and 3 ~ o h n , j u d e
nnrl Ihc R~velation. These
Matthew krl I I a b r ~ w .A ver.
amlssions were aterward sup sion
published by Jcnn du T11.
pllrd from tlre Philoxenin~z let, Bishop
or J3rlolrx, France,
nnil Harlrlcjan versions ISylll. from an nnclrnl
mnnuscrlpt nI
S p .= tllc! Sinaitic codex, This Matthow jn TJebrew
fnund in
is a palimpsest manuscript JZome,This VCI'RJOH
was cclit~11
containing a copy of the Gos- by J. MrrtLerusin Paris,
pcIs and was discoverd in the -See A?LOld IJrhrc~cr3'en-f
Greek Ortlrodox convent of M u t f h c ~ ~C)o'~~p r . 1by ETugll -1.
$I.Knthesine on hlotmt Sinal ScElonflrltl. I<dlnl>t~rgh,
19.17, a
in lS92. It I s written in the Old copy ol whjctl, is Iotlnd at thc
Syrtnc and takes priority over Netv Yorlr Public Lihrary.
the I'cahit ta nnd even over SyC.




Mnlthew in Hebrcw. Al3out

f3S5 a JPWnnmt-il Shem T o h
Wc have consulted particum bcn Shnprut of Tudclit In Cnsm llie edition prepared in tile, Spnit~,wrolc R
1011 hy J. Wosdsworth and wu1.1~n ~ n i n l chrigtFiOiil"lylZ!
H.J. White, I\rovu??aTestamert. tltled fi:llc~zRohaa In which he

Latlna or Latin

incorpornies RlntEhozo 111 He.

t~rnb 1.ntins M - c l ~ n d l ~ leditla.
ptmn S;o,rcti Bieronyma a< Co- brew ns n sepnlnte thnptclr.

(Curslvr rnanusrrlpts of Shcm

d i c ~ ~ Mnn$cscripto~,-d?~~-Frde~n.
Thc footnotes of this gme var- TOWS I:bm l?oltcra arc found
iant marlings of the Sixtlne at the J c w l s h Theological


Seminary of America, New bww. This was the flrst cornYork city.)
ptcte Hrhrrw v r r s i o i ~ of all
the ca~lenfcalChristian Grcek
P ~ ~ fIuI m
~ ~ t and
t f ~ i ~ ~e in~
bS ~ S ~ ~
~ i(n~gRa, ~part of
hwlv- sehasfian ~
a rri. 1rut
~ ter's Fol?tplol
t New Testa~
vised and complFtcd
imprp f i ~ ~f~ 1599.
~ t
112 ropy ISfound
feet manuscript
sllrtnfit t llc New Yur-1~I-'uhliu Li"Ibh's Jinttl,e~r~.
This hc! p~ h- k " ' a " ~ a )
lished and printcrl in I ~ J L S P I ,
Swllzerland, In 1537, Latrl', It1
O r r r k S o . i p l r r ~ . ri~n &brew.
1557, Jlliinslcr ptiblisliutl I I ~ RHI^. In ItiG1, nl London, Ellfilnnd,
brew verslon of llie E p i ~ I l el o Willlr~mliobcrlaon, a teacher
Hze Iicbrews. (A copv is fount1 01' Hrl~remnl. C n r n l ~ ~ l d gUnlc
at t . 1 ~N e w York i'iihlic Li- vcl.::11y, pUbllnlicrl 111s carcful
of I1 i t 1 l rte's vrrsio~zul
t hr! CIlrlsI inn (:r~cIc S C ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
RTfiiths~uin Hebrcw. R mvl- Irl 1lrl)l'PW. IA rrq>y IS fuu11C1at
sion of R l i i H s I ~ 1 " s Mrril1tt:zt: Ilic N(*wY01'1( lJr~l~ljcLil~rary.)
nlacle and published t>y .Jolinw
lies Quinquarboreusn P a r 1 3,
C u a l ~ / . uin IIpl,lvw. In l a
France, 153..
COPY i s fotrntE
H{#pt[at Jonah, a J ~ W
New Yorlc Purllie Ll. tvjlc~ o l ~ ~ e tile
r l Roman Cathohrnry. 1
tl 11 1.c h, raornpleterl his
trnnslntion 01 thc four Gospcls
Liturgical G o s p e 1 8 in Re" Inlo IIcllrew Imm the Latin
Brcw. In 1574 Frcrlcriolc Pctrl, V u l ~ n t c ,Jnnnh wnfi n prnfcsa converted dew, ~ ~ u l ~ l i s hnc dfiur of IIcliww 111 the Roman
Hcbrew version of 1 1 1 ~T ~ l l r w - Avnrltarny, Jlomc. His Hebrew
giecr7 GospeZs, which Ile trnns. Irtlnslnl Ion was flnnfly pub.
lnted from the Grc?ck. This lisllrrl In Romp In 1688 by the
w a s later carefully revised for S n c r ~ dConarrgatlon nf Propalepublication in 1581 hy: C. Rfintl;! 4 8.C. 13rop. Firfri 1. It conPlantin at Ant\verp, B ~ l ~ r u r nI;~%tlrtl
IrnI:c of tletlication to
( A copy is found nl Ibr! Ncw I'opr Clmmr.ttC IX. Srr page 22
York Public Library.)
ltlr Illustmtlo~l. I A copy is
tnunrl at Ihr Flniun T h ~ o l o p
tC: ~ 1 a~ fn H~
~ i"al
~ Seminary,
i brew
~ Yorlc
~ city.)
brew. Fn 1576 J. CCIalus puhJJV
Ilslicd his translation of thc
Goapcla In Hcbrew. In 1800
Liturgkal Gospeh into IJe- In Lo~lrion,Enaland, Dr. Rich.
hlcw. (A copy i s found at thc nrci Cnrltllclr p i l ~ ~ l i ~ his
l l ~ rde
New York Public Llbrnry.1
vision o l the T-I~~ttc>~.-H.ohcrtson
.T 7
version 01 tlic Gos~els. ( A

rernhurg, Gei'many, published

his translation of all the Chris.
#reek Rcrtptttres 3n Hebrew.
tinn Greek Scripturns into Hc- Soon tkfter rhc foundation of



t h e London Jewish Society, Its

Fry, assisted by
Q. B. Cotlyer and other schoInrs, made n ffesll translation
of the Christian Greek Srrip.
luma lnlo I-Iebrew. The vcrRlon wnw pu\>Hshedin London,
Ii:ngkncl, I11 1SL7, ( A copy fn
found nt ihc Ncw York Public
Li hr:iry.E

Ilebrew. IA copy is found a t

t hc N r w York Public Library.)


CTr~137cScriptzrrea in Hebrew.
In 1SI.Xi tllc 1,nntlnn Jewish Soclely p~!hllslicclyet R third Hobrcw vcwion ol the Christian
G r c e k Scrlpturcs undcr rts
uu~])lrrwi r x jointly translated
hy ,lul~n Clirlstlnn lteichasdt
find .ln:tchlm Heiiii-lcll Raphael
Urnck Ecripttrres in Hebrew. Rlcscnthnl. ( A copy is fou~lrl
In Imndon, England, in 2831, : I [ llir New Yorlc Ptrblic LiW. Greenfield published his hmry.)
EIchr~wvcrsinn of t h e Chris.
11:m Grcelc Scriptru+es.*(A r o p y Ul'cuk Bcrlpt~trsain Hebrew.
of tlw edition oi 1851 is fojund DI J,clp'lg, (;c.rmnny, in 1877,
i n the lihrary of the Americnli lprnnz D~lltzsclicompleted h ~ s
Rlblc Suuie'Ly, New Yoxk city.) Hrst tmn.slr11ion ol the Christian Greek Scriptures into HeJX3
13y lX92, two years aftcr
GTrcelc 8 ~ i p h ~ rin
e sHebrcw. ~>I-CLV~
In 1835 thc London Jelvish So- h i s dentl~,t l ~ r t rhnti heen p!lb
dcty published anathcr He- lishorl tt,n rrEitIotts containing
brew vcrsion as translated by ltls further revisions of the
A, hlccnul, J, C. Reichardt, S. tcxt. l'hr cr.Htions we consulted
H a ~ and
a M, S, Alexancler, (14 wpre ~ ~ r l o t c cIln Geymany in
copy of thc edition of 1872 IS 38!331 nnrl In 1937 f o r thc Rr'ilfoz~rid In the library of the Ish nnd Forrljin Uihle Society.
Amedcan Eihlc Society, New London, Englnnd.
Yorlr city.)
5 18
Grcak Scyiptrrres In Hebrew.
Greok ScripE+wesin Hehretv. Jn London, England, I n 18S5,
In Lonclon, England, in IS4G, n nctv Hrhrrw translat~onof
J o h n C h r 1 s t i a n Reichardl's thr! Christian Grcclc Scriptures
Q P ~ s of
~ othe
~ Christian Greek wna publlshurl. This new transSrbriplurea was published, ( A latlon wns c o m m e n c e d by
cul,y of thc rdition of 1X53 i s Isnnc Sallrinsnn am1 complcterl
fount1 In t h e library of the r~ficr 111s dcnth lry Christian
Am PI-icnnB~bleSociety, New Davld Glnshurg. Our oldest
copy Is of lllc third edition
puldlshcd In 1891. This has
Ssr!rrl compared wlth the small
Lrrka Acf a, Ronmns and TI@- rrll tlon puhIIshetl I>y the Trinibrazva in Hebrew. By 1855 In t:~rlnn IJlhlc Socicly, Loadon,
Berlin, G c r m a n y, Joacl~imEnglnntl, I t i 11139,and also with
Hclnrlch naphael Biesenthal tho 1Iebrcw.En~llslzNew Tcslrnrl publishccl his translations I~tncnt:publlshetl in 1941 by
of tllc above four boolrs into tlxc same Soctcty.




Joha In Hebrew. In 193330 the

nrlf-ishJews Society of Haifa,
Palcsl Lnr: (now In the Republic of Ismel 1, pml~llsheda Hebrcw trnnslfltion of the gospel
a I J n h n ns nrrnnjied by T. C.
Harton, ( A co~lyis fount1 at
ihe I~hmry uE thc American
Bible Soclraty, New Yorlr city.)

A ~oncordakceto the Gmek

Testat?zont, by W. F. hfoulton
and A. S . Grden, pvb1isIzed by
T. t3 'r. Clark in 1897 at Edinburgh, Scollnnd, Prlncipnlly in
the Scrlplurc rcfcr'c~~ccs
RIKl'X nnrl KY'I'JOX it inter-

English Trnnslntlon

. A New

Ernpllntlc Verslon" by B e n ~ a min Wllson, n t?ewsr):lw?rerlitor at Ccnwa, 111. ~ i l e ' i s s u i n ~

of It parl. hy gnrt cxt~ndcdOver
period o f ficvrn ycnrs, ending
in 1863. Whan nfteibw;~r.rl
together, the iv11oIc \>are thc
datc ISG4. T l ~ cfirst ttrlition to
be issurd a t oncr! in cornnlerc
form (whicflw a s ~ R I I vtlie 2d
edition) was pulhlrrl~rd-by
Fewler & Wens, Ncrv York city,
in fSG5. In 1902 the copyright
and plntrs o r Tlr~lF?>rpltrrfic
Uir~gZolEwcrr Rou~llitIrnin the
Fowler & Wclls rompally and
were prc.se11lrtl t)v t l w buyer
as a glft to I he ~%'i'nlrl~
Bibb LC T m ~ tS o d ~ l y ,who

sprrsea parts of 1 llr Hebrew

trxL r-ontnlning the letragramlnaton 1;I:;I*)
to w h i c h the arc the prrscnt nwnprs and
Grcclc tcxt rcfcrs or from pubIishcrs of lllls emphatic
translntion cf the Christian
w h I c I ~It mnkcs a quotation.
Greek 5crlpture.s. The name
"Dln~Tott" 1.9 unclerslood to
"Thn Bmphslir: DdlznTott con- mcan "intcrllnenr". It ngpcars
t a i n l n ~ thr: Orfglnal Grcck to hc tlic flwt Amerlrnn transText of what is commonly
styled the New Trstament (ac- latfon to inlroilut:r! the name
corclfng l o the Rcccnsion of "Jehov~h" Into the English
Dr. d. J, Grlrshnch) wjth an text of the Clrrlsllan Greek
Intcrllneary Word for Word Scriptures.


"You" p ~ ~ l n l cidn nll capital lctlcra d ~ n O t ctire
~ pltrrnl nurnhor
ot 1l1h I,t'nnolln, Also where the plural number of n vcl'b le nut
cc*rlnlnly nl)pnrcnt to the reader it Is indlcnted by prinllnK I h c
Yjcnrr In all cnpitela.

Tlld ~ u g s r l o rfmnll circle. open { C ) or wlth n dot (fi),).or a
muperlor "p" OF "q" dcnates that the wort1 w-l~lchI t follnsvs I s
nnp nl r l ctnaln of wterenccs, carried on all t h r o l l ~ hllre Cllrlstlun
Grrrk Scrlrlrurea. On pages 787-791 ol lhs Ap{>crrtllx br Elurn ttn
n l p l ~ n h ~ t llint
nf nll words In chain rclcrcncc, wllh ttle clpcn-

Inn vsrse where each chain starts. Tlw slctc mnrfiln cllca the
nr'xt Ilnlc, Ollier symbols refer to crosa reicrcnccs rlnt I n a rllnln.
TI10 Sollonlng Cross reference symbols *, rl, A, I,+, In. *. 4b,
k to n, r lo rr wlll lead you lo helpful Iniormntlon.

of the Christian Grcelt Scriptures


YTrC5 :i
~ ) n T tI
~ l h l I!!Jh
n,\c 7::<
t7: 11


of David,. son of hhrnhitrn:'ia
was the fatherMof I ~ n a cIsaac

ivns Ihc father of Jacob; Jncob was the father

of Judah' and his brnthcrs; "udtlh was the
fnll.tcr of Per'ei and of Zc'rnh by TnWar;
E ~ ; c.:Y L")
Per'ez was the father of Hez'ron;" I-lez'ron was
uch 2:8
f IIL' father of Ram;" " Itam wars tErc father of
Am.min'a.dah; Am.minrn.dab tvns t.hc f nther of
N~h'sllon;" Na!nrshon wns thc FaZher of Salt'lCh2:tl
mon;" ' Sal'mon was the fd.her of Bo'nx by
Rn'hab;" Bo'az was thc father of O'bml by
O'bcd was the father of Jes'se;' "ccsrse
was the father of DavidB the king.
">tL G:?l
David was t h e father of Solomonm'by the
wife of U.ri'ah;c " Solomon wns the father of
nlKl 1 1 : ~Re.ho.130'nm;'arn was the fat hcr of
WCII Y ~ : I'jnh; Ahi'jah" was the fntlicr of A'sa;"
AlrC1 15:24
K s a was the father of Jenhosh'a~p2~at;*

r ,,, LY.IU



-ik, 2 1. .,,

Alphabetical Indcx and Marginal: Abbreviations

o i the Books of the Christian Greek Scriptures


Abbrevlatlon Fage




Ac 354
C0l 5%'

I . . I CO 459
2 Co 522
Eph 564
Ga 551
I I ~ n n m ~ v a, , , . Hcb 634



. .
JAMUS. . . . . . . . Jas


. , , . , . Joh 252
1 JO 692
. . . . . . .2 Ja 703
.......3 Ja 703
Jvnu . . . . . . . . . Jude704
Lurce ........ Lu IM



hosll'a.phat was the father of J e . h ~ ' r a m ;Je~

ho'rarn' was the father ofWzzi'a11; " Wz.zi'ah
~ V B Sthe father of Joyham; do"lhame was the
-2K't s : ~f ~f ~ t i l of
e ~ A'haz;'
Ahaz was t Ire Bt hcr of Hez" ~ 1 1 8 : 1'ah;*
Hez.e.kitah was the father of Mazonal.
rlo1~1ZCIR nns'seh;' Ma.nas'sehn was the Sathcr d A'mon;
AtmonAwas the father of Jo-sl'nh; l1 Ja.sik11~
2;:;; was
the father of'nh4 anrl of his broth9 J ~ ~ crs at the time of the deportation to B a b y l ~ n . ~
- 12 After the deportation to Babylon Jech.0Or, "written onrmtive; remrd." Or, "line oP rlwrent; origin."
S I : ~A p p ~ n d i x untler IIlntthcw I: I. Or, " l ~ yhcr ~v)io hnd bcOZCh


loltgurl, tu U.ri'ah,"

Ahnzinli, Jonsh, Ali~ar,iul~

at'o oaiittcd.

MATTHEW 1:13-21



MATTHEW 1:22-2:7

nl'ah was the father of'ti.el;" She.nltti.e1"Im 317

save" his people' from their sinn,"'l a2 All
:; :it:, wiIl
=Ac ~2
was: the father of &.rub'ha-bel;d '* Ze-rub'bahel&
this actually came about for that to be f~illillcd
was the father of A.Isirud; A.bitud was the fawhich was spoken by Jehovahak through his
ther of; E.lita.lcirnrvns the father of
p r ~ p l l e t saying,
" " h o k ! the virginoAwill beAr*a.;:x-J come pregnant and wiIl give birth t o n son, and
A'zor; A'zor was the father or Za'dok; Zardolr
F l ~ a s : 8 they will call h l ~
was the father of Kchim; A'chim was lllc Sannme 'Im~man'u.el',"'Pwhich
thcr of'r1c1; I6 EJi'ud was thc father of E1.emcans,
"With us 1s God,"'
T(n 6 31
a'znr; E1.e.afzar was the father of Mat'thm;
chit H:>I
" Then Joseph woke up from his slecpo and did
Mat'than wns the father of Jacob; Jacob tvas
as the angcl of Schovahb1(had directec?him, and
the father of Joseph the husband3 of Mary,' z:;i$g
he took his wife llome. en But be had no relnwlto was the mother of Jesus, who is called
fions9 with her until she gave birth to a son;
~ l n dhe called his name "Jcsus".
*kit n:n
OMt a:18
17 A11 the generati~ns,~
then,from Abrahamo
After Jesus had been born in Beth7e.hemo'
"Zu 2-4
until Davidp were fotirteen generations, and
of Ju-de'a in the days of Herod" the king,
TIT^ 2:7
"~"1:m look! astrologersomufrom enstem parts came to
Prom Davidp until the deportation t o Bnbylon
fourteen gencrations, and from (he deportation
:7; : ; ; : ; : 5:35 J~rusalern,~saying: "Whcre js the one born
t o B~tbylonuntil the Christ fourteen generakinf' of the Jews?3For we saw his st@ when
ohtt 27:29
- I Wm i 3 we were in t h e east-nd
we have come t o do
3Mt9:7H him obeisance."@%nt
hearing this King Herod
18 Now Jesus Christ was born this way. During the time his moth& Mary was promisedC ~~~~~i~~ hAC 17:19 W R S agi tsltcdAand all Jerusalem along with hlm,
nnd on assembling all the chief priests and
in marriage to Joseph, she wns found to be
~ 6Mfi:20 scribes0 of the people he hcgan t o inquire of
prcgnnntbyholyspirithbefoxetheywcreunit- 4Lu1:a5
~ 1 3
them where the Christe was to be bn.T h e y
ed, '"owcver,
Josepho her husband, because
OJoh -r:a said to him: "In I3nethleahcmoof 3tt.dera; for
he was righteous and did not want to make her
this is l ~ o wi t Ilns heen written through the
a public spectacle, intended to divorce'P her o rkS5:31
r ~ i c 5 : ~ prophet, 'You, hoivever, O Bcthtle.hem+of the
secretly.@ But after he 11ad thought these 2:; ;j;
land of Ju'dah," are by no means the most inthings over, look! Jchovah'sn' angel0 appeared .<:a: -1): 16.10
O M t l o : ~ significant city among the governors0 of Ju'to him in a dreamru saying: "Joseph, son of
dnh; for out of you will come forth a leader"
David,P do not be afraid to take Mary your wifeC, , ~ !P:ZT
Ohlt 10:6
who will shepherd* my people,Vsraclml"O
homc, for that which has been begotten in her
ne 7 2 7
is by holy spirit. She will give birth to a son, ;;;;~%9
7 Then 13erodo secretlP summoned the asna!t2:lo
r'xrt10:2e trologersuD
and you must caIlo his name 'Jesus',bm Ear he' cn113:16
and cnrcfully ascertained from them
(Se.h~'vnh%~or, Ynlt'~veh's), 3a~7*14~~0-'~
; ICupiov (Lord's),
Jehomh (Yahweh), J 1 - a ~ r - u ~ ~ 1 - 3t110
4 ~Tard,
1 ~ ' 8 ;HB. b Jehovnh,
8 3
HB. Sce Foreword, pngrs 10 (undrr YL"e Diviliu Name") to 25.
the Lord, RE. 0 Or, "magi," d Or, "we snw his stnr


rrom thc enst." = ' O Xplarb; (the Chlqst), ~ 1 3 ;nwna (the 3 1 ~ s u i ~ ~ hmeaning
"tkc h n o i l l t ~ d 0110'))~J1*11110-18,
Or, "governor,)'

Sco Appendix under ;\!atthew I:?0, bylw- (Jeshlu.a; mrnning

is N R I V U ~ ~ O U " ) , J1-i.J~ltl-la
; ' ~ ~ ( I I L B G(Jen~is), NB.

a n2 4
oMt 8 9

the time of the star's appearhg, and, when

s~ndingthem to BethFle.hem,he said: ' G o mnkc
a careful search for the young child, and when
YOU have found it reporto back to me, thnt I, wt ll:4
too, may go and do it obeisance." When they
had heard the king, they went their way, ancl,
look! the star they had seen when they were in
the easta went ahead of them, unlll it came to
a stop above where the young child was. ' " A t

DMt 1 6 3 4

JJer BX:I5
*Ge %l9

hemm and in all its districts killcd, from two

years of age and undcr, aclmrding to the t h e o
that he Ilad carefully ascertain& from the astrologe~s,"l7 Then that wns fulfilled which was
spoke11 through Jer.c.mi'nhG the prophet, saying, l a "A voice WRS hec~wlin Ra'mnh," wecping
ancl a Jot of wailing; it was Rachel' wceping
for her children, nncl &hewns ~u~willing
to take
cornlort, because they wel-c no marc."
19 When Hemd had deceased, loolr! Jehov a h ' ~ ~ angel"
appeared in R drcam to Joseph
in Egypt3 and said: "Get up, Inke thc young
child and ~ l mother
and be on your way into
t h e land of Ismel, lor those who were seeking
the soulcQof Ihc young child nre clead." 21 SQ
he got up and took the young clrilld and its
mother and entered into the lnnd of Israel.
"" But hearing thnt Ar.chc.ln'us was king of
Ju-de'a instcad of his rather Herod, Ize became
afraid to depart for tl~cre,Morcovcr, being given divine warning in a dream: he withdrew
into the territory of Gal'I.lee,o' 23 and came and
settled in a city named Nm'a.reth,dou that it
might be fulfilled what was spoken through the
prophets,'L"He will be called ' a Naz.a.i.ene'."euQ
In tl~osedays Jollnf' the Bnptjsta came
preachingo in the wilrlerness of Jude%,
'saying: REPENT,"^ for the kingdomm of the
heavens0 has drawn near.'' T h i s , in fact, is the
one spoken of through Isaiaho' thc prophet" in
these words: "'A voice of a man crying out in

the sight of the star they rejoked very much

jndeed. And when they wcnt into thc house
*hit 1 2 0
OAc 210
they saw the young child with Mary Its mother,
and, falling down, they did ol)eisnnce to it, Thcy
also opened their treasuresQ and presented it @Mle:lg I
with gifts: goldQ and frankincense and myrrh. i::;:;li %it 625
'? Ho~vever, because they
were given divine
warning' in a dream not to return to 1-Icrod, * ~ c ~ o : a z
they withdrew to their country by anot31er
13 After they had withdrawn, loolc! Jeho- nJ gi;a
oMt 2719
vah'sbu angel appeared in a dream to J o ~ c p h &,,;~iR0
RbMf: 4:15
saying: "Get up, take the young chjld and its
'Lu 2:39
nhlr 10 47
mother and flee into Egypt,'' ~ n d,slay thcre $:: ?i:!o
UJoh 1:46
r.Jer 23:5
until I give you word; for Herod Is about to
*>It 23:7
CMr 10.17
hunt the young child to destroy it." ' 9 0 he got
r 4 l r I.W
up and tmIr thz young child and its mother by
'don 1:6
-3II 4 2 7
nightS and withdrew into Egypt, '*and Ile 5McZR:31
'N.u 3:3
%Ir 6:12
stayed there until the decease of Hcmd, for
-3lt 4:s
nrY1t 5 3 4
t h a t t o be fulfilledb which was spoken by Jeho- o ~ s:~?
mMt 12:17
vaha through his prophet, saying, "Out of
"Job 1:23
ItMs 1:2
Egypt* I called my son."
16 Then E-Ierod," seeing he had been outwfttcd 3~ 1:s
" Or, icmagi?' b Jehopnj~~a,
the T,oril'u, WR, a Or, "life.)'
by the astrologer^,^" fell into n great rage, and " L k 1
d Or, " B r l u ~ i - o w* Probhe sent out and had all the boy$ jn Beth'lc- O M t l t l B
iil~ly, "Nctser," this I-lcl~row word (7Y)) mmning "13mnchi', as

in Isaiah 11: 1. llnr* (Jo.lrr'ntin, tncnning "Jehovah is grw

Or, '"they had men from the enst." bJchavnb.'n, JP~~a*'4.1a*ya;
.iUUgu), ~1-14,1e-m.' I r n h (John),
UD. m Or, "hnmcrser; Dipper."
the Tal.d'sJ HB. c Jehovah, J7-11wm-1A;
the Lard, NU. Or, ''magi?'

M.A7[TIEW 3 :4--14


the wiIderneas, 'PREPARE*

the way of J e h ~ v a h , ~
MAKE his roads straight.' "' Now that very aMt l l : 7
John0 had his clothing of camel's hair" and a
around his loins; his food, too, Pzy:,:$
was insect locusts' and wild honeyamThen Jcru- mg~;~1;7
salem and all Ju-de'a and all thc country arotrnd
the Jordan made their wny out to him, "mid
people wcre baptized0 by 11im in the dordnn' $;,3;,11
river, openly confessing ihcir sins.
7 When he caught sightn of many of the w t 9 : 3 ( 1
Pharisees" and Sadducees" cor~~ing
to the haptism he said to them: "YOU offspringn of vi- ch1112:34
* A l t 2233
pers,' who has s h o r n YOU how to fleeu fronz -111e11
the coming wrath?" So then produce fruit
that befits repentanc9;O and do not presume OAcmm
to say to yourselves, 'As a father0 we have D s f t 4 : a
Abraham,'"' For 1 say to rou that God is able :g;::;g
txi misc up children to Abrahamo from these l t r ~ 0 4 3 2
stones. loAlready the ax' is lying at the root . L U S : ~
of the Irccs; every tree, then, that does not
produce fine frrut is to bc cut clown*and thrown l~IlZl7:19
* J a l ~15:6
into the fire.' l1 I, on the one hand, baptize"
YOU with w a t e f because of YOUR repentance;' ap,cZ;38
but the one coming aft,cr me is stronger thnn
I am, whose sandale 1 am not fit to take off. AMr1:7
That one will baptizc rou people with holy OlCo 1213
spirit0 and with fire.' His winnowing shovel is *I,u 216
in his
and he will comnpletely clean up his Q"t8:3
threshing-floor, and will gather his wheat into
the storcllouseP but the chnn he
bum' up fg::,":?
with Arc that cannot be put out.*'
13 Then Jesus came from Gal'i.leemt o the "mrl:g
Jordan to John in order t o be: baptized' by him. *LU 321
l4 But the latter tried to prevent him, saying:
"I am the one needing to be baptized by you,
the Zorch, KB. b Or, "bdt?'
a Jehovah,

MATTHEW 3:154:9
and nre you coming to ma?" I5 In reply Jcsus
said to him: "Let it be, this time, for jn that
way it Is suitable for us ta carry out all that is
rigl~trous."~Then he quit preventing him.
being b a p t i z e d V ~ e s u s ~immcdiatcly
""1t-I:lo mme up from t h e wntcr; and, look! thc heav@I'*/.C t:1
* ~ " 1 i1 1 3
ens" 11~c1.copened up,@and he saw descending
a.l<;l 37:a
I I'C d : l a
like a clove' God's spiritw coming upon him.
" L N 4:12
x,Tcr\ll2:= l 7 Look! nlso, .there was a voice' from thc heav*GO22 2
ens that said:" "This is my Son,' the beEoved,D
;;;0, 1,%? whom I !lave approve~l."~"
hl?:i 421
Then Jcsus was Icd by the spirit up inta the
4 wildcmcsso to be tempted" by the DevilVu
U a I L c:rG
? After 11e had fasted3 forty days and forty
a b E M:m
thcn he felt hungry, Also the Tempt1 ICI 14:H
er came and said to him: "If you are a son of
#Mtar:40 God,' tcll these stones to hecome loaves of
* In rep1y he said : "It is written, ' M e
Qhlt 7:241
must l i v ~ not
, ~ on bread alone, but on cvery
uttcrmce coming forth through Jehovah's4
Then the Dcvll tool< him along in.lob 434
to the holy city: and he stationed him upon
OLTt 21:12 the lsattlement of the templeD%and said to him:
"If yo~tnre a son of God, hurl yourself down;
aJ:a for it is written, 'He will give his nngetso a
charge concerning you, and they will carry you
on their hnnds that you may never strjlce your
ol:ll foot ngalnst a stonc.""
Vesus said to him:
Ps 91:12
"Again it is rvritten, 'You must not put Jehoyour God to the t e ~ t . " ' ~ Again the
;z;g;p vahb
Dcvfl took him along to an unusuaIly high
'2i!:!%n.Ur 14:9 mountain: and shotvcd him all the kingdomso
and their
and hc s ~ i d
c a l l lc:n of t h ~
.nrr ir;:zs to hirn. "All these things I will give you if you



&; ;



~ o V a ~ l J, Z - I A , I U . ~ B 30;

Uod's, HB. b Jotho h r d , KB.* ~ V O I ~ ~ ~ = U ~ (lioa'a~os),

MATTI-TEW 4:10-21



kill down and do an act 04 worship to n~e.''~I OJoh lEZ1

Jcsus said to him; "Go nwny, Satan? 3Mt 16::n
For It Is written, 'It is , J e l ~ o v n h l ~ o uGod
r you
must worship,' and it is to him alone* you ;Et;S
must rcnder sacred sewjce.""
"Then the =Jos" , l : ~
Devil* leT1, him, a d , look! angeIs0 came and be- a.1aS
Heb 1 3 4
gan Co rni~~isler
to him.
12 Now when he heard thnt John had been
he re.tired into Gal'lblcc. "I Further, 2: !:i
after leaving Naz"a.reth, he cnme nnd took up LU 3:20
residcncc in Ca.per'na.um3 beside thc sea in ;F;:!gJ
Eltci rFIstricts of Zeb'u-lun and Naph'la.Ii,o
that OJLCSI U~2~.: ~I 7
it might E3c fulfilled what was spoken through
Isninh Tile prophet; saying, "0 lnnd of Zcb'- 3Mtalfl
u.lun ond lnnd of Naph'ta-li, along the road of
the sen, on the other side of the Jordnn, Gal'i1
Ice0' of the nations! l6 the peoplc sitting in darlr- &;:4":,I:
n e s P saw a great light,' ancl as. for those sit- SAIL
ting in R region of the shadow of dcntho light*
;;+?;;t l ; ' ;:
roil l : n
dawned' upon them." l 7 From t,hhat time on *Is&
Jcsus commcnced preachin@ and saylng: "RE- o h I ~II:.~
3 1 r 1:s
PENT," for t l ~ eI&gdom4 of the heavens has t- . h ~ 10
i 7
drawn near."
18 Wnlking alongside the seae of G~l'i.lcehe :$;!%
saw two brothers, Simon0who 113 called "Peter"' - J n h 1 : ~ I
and Atldrew0 his brother, letting down a fishing- OMrl:29
net into the sea, for they were fishers. la And
hc said to them: "Come afier me, and I will
makc rou fishers of men,'" mu At once abandoning the nets," they followed him. "'Going on -MrlO:m
LU 1 s : ~ ~
also f ~ o mthere he saw two others* who were "M'' 1 : ~
brothers, Jamese the son of Zcbtemdee'and :$',*:;&
JohnQ h h brother, in the boat wilh Zeb'e.dee 2hlr10:s
their father? repairing their nets, and he called 0-Mt5:le




tlze Lord, HB.

MA'PI'HEW 4 :2 2 - 4 :21

them. " At once leaving the boaP and their

father, t h ~ yfollowed him.
23 Thcn he went aroundn throughout ,the
a>Tr r:39
@All2 3 : ~ whole of Gal'i,lCe: teaching i
n their synagoguessQ
Itu 4:44
and preaching the good news of the kin~clornand
?Efi?&curingD evcry kind of disease' and every kind of
infirmity nmong the people. And tllc report
m . 4 ~1241 about him went out into all aF
and they
brought hhn ~111 the ailing ones" nfflictcd with
various diseases and severe complalnt~,demonpossessed'
nnd lunatic" and paralyzed" persons,
1735 m d
he cured them. 25 Conscqumtly great
crowds follo~vcd him from Ga1'i.l~~'and Deyhy4 cap'o.lisn" tind JcrusaIeme a.nd'ao m d
"1.u "17
from the othrr side of t h e Jordan.
When he saw the crowds h e went up into
the mo~mtain;~
and after he sat down his
disciples came to him; "and he opened his
mouth nnd began teaching them, saying :
OM+ 16:li
3 "IIappym are those who are conscious of
+Isa 57:15 their spiritunl" need," s h e the kingdom0 of
Q ~ S I ~1:l
the heavens belorlgs to them.' Happy are those
;?r":%5 who mourn," since they will k comfort&
are the mild-tempered' ones, sincc they
2 ~ "19:29
, t ~ ! l Happy
crsn 5 5 2 will inherit? the earth,* Happy are those hun@nri 1 x 3 gerinp and thirstingo for righleousncss? since
OMt 6:33
A I V I ~ : ~ they
will be fillcd. Happy are the merciful,"
J a s 2:18
Hrlppy are
esrt D:13 since thcy wiIl be shown
the pure0 In heart: since tbcy will see God.
4Pa 2-1:4
*Happy are the peaceable,' since thcy will be
'l'lt 3 :I5
+pr1 k 7
calIed 'sonsm of God'. l o Happy are tl~asewho
r ~ r4%
: ~ have bcen perscculed~"for rjgIzteousncss'ssake,
"i's "l&
since the lciilgdom of the hcavcns bcIongs to
11 Ps 69.9
1Fe 4114 them. 'q-rappy are YOU when people rcplwach"
a Or, T h e ( L e n g e of) Ten CitimN b Or, ''those WIIO PM brggars

for tho spirit."'

MATTHEW 5:22-29
MATI?-IEW 5 :-21
'Le24:17 whoever commits a murdcrwwill be accountable
YOU and pererecute you and Iylngly say every
179 to the court of justice.'" 3g However, X say to
kind of wicked thing against you for my salre. ., ,:,,
IZ Rejoice and leap for joy,' since YOUR rewards' 6:;
~P ~I J$O1~, :5~YOU
j ~~ that everyone who continucs nngryc" ~16th
broth& will illbe accormtable~to the court of
is great in the heavens; for in that way they
justice; but whwver addresses his brother with
persecuted the prophet9 prior to YOU* YOUn.fnSRIO
*" 18:3
an m~nspeaI<ablc
word of eantcmpt~'will be acare the salte of the earth; but if the salte loscs ?F",F,?im:OI
Supreme C o ~ r t ; ~ ' Owhcreas
its strength, how will its saltness he restored?
' ~ ~ be
zF:g;,17 whoever says, 'You clcspicablc I ~ o l ! will
It is no longer good for anything but to be
gazlfl 23:10
thrown outside' to be trampled on by men.
You are the IightDBof the zvorld." A city can- $::?$
'hit 23:19
~ 1 r 1 1 :there
rcmcmbcr that your brol:herq has somenot be hid when situated upon a mountain, nivt
t1:lling against you, *' leave your gift t h c r ~in
lTeople light a lampo and set it, not under the I!Mr ,,.21
of thc altar, and go nrvny; lil-st rn~Iteyour
measuring basket,# but upon the lamps tand P' Z':;;
peace wit11 your brothcr, mcl thcn, when you
and it shines upon all those in the houss. la Ljlte"jT1 2s
have come ~ C L C I C off
, es UP yo~iigift.*
wise let YOUR IjgW shine before mankind, that ";[:;$,
settling matters qui41yb willr the one cornthey mFty see YOUR right worksGAand give ,,,,,
pIaining against you at law, while you are with
gloryF t o YOUR FatheF who is in the heavens. !1;y$;]12
him on thc way there, that somehow the com17 "'Do not think I came t o destroy the Lawm+yf;I;l;,l!
plainant* may not t u r n you over to the judge,@
or thc Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to
and the judge to the court attendant, and you
for truly I say to YOU tlmt sooner "I;:
0hT'rt14:3 get thrown into pris0n.O 2 u I sny to you for a
would heaven" and earth3' pass away t l ~ n nfar
fact, You will ccrtninIy not come out from
thc smallest letter or one particle of a letter ,,j2;:%17
there until you have paid over the last coin
to pass away from the Law by any means and
* b f t l s : a of very little value.$'
not all things take place.' Whoever, ihcrcI
27 "You h e a d that 3t was said, 'You must
fore,Irrc;alrs7one of these least commandments"p7':i<;:
commit adulte~*y~'"'But 1 say to you that
and tcaches mankind to that effect, he will bc
DP 5:lx
that kccps on 1001cing a t a womanAso
ca13ed 'least* in relation" to the Iringdorn of the "Mt2l:qs
*Job 3t:l
CKO 7.5
as to have a passiotlo lor hcr has already comheavens, As for anyone who does them ntlcl
'2mZ~f4 mitted adultery* with her in his hearta PT,
tcaches30 them, this one will bc called "great' ~ ~ ' ; ~ ~I ! ~ oZSn
o 113
now, that right eyeU of yours is making you
in relntion* t o the kingdom of the heavens.
Oh1t11:6 stumble? tear it out and throw it away from
8u For I say to YOU that if YOUR ~ighteousness"2ny:2D
I docs not abound more than that or the scribesmOMt7:"'
Literally, "whaever sny~ to hi# l)rnthc~', ''.'" b Or, "the
~ n Pharisees,
YOU will by no means enter" into 'yL;:;j
r i a v v u (Ua.Iicn51n), HH ; P3il'J (Grr'',
thc lringdom of the heavens.
#GO 9:8
or, V1111q of Hin'no~u), J 1-144
'rllc i ~ i c i n c r n t o for
21 "You heard that it was said to those of ~
Scc Appendix untlrr 31tltlhew 6:2'2. Liter~
~ Je~usalem.
ally, 'the k t quadmas (R Itolu~trrcoiu)
ancient times, 'You must not murder;Og but bhZLm:l@



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ; ~ ~ ,


MAlTHEW 5 :30-39
MA'lTHEW 5:40-6:3
you.' For it is more beneficial to you for one
also to him. '"nd
if a person wants to go to
0hl.t m:17 court0 with you and get possession of your unof your members to be lost to you than for
your whole body" to be pitcIledb into Ge-hen'- ~ ~ t , ~ ~ j dcrgarrnent,
let your outer garment also go to
nanaO" Also if your right hand is rnnking you OMt10:28
him;-' a1 and if someone under authority im'Mr1":21 presses you Into serviccmfor a mile, go with
strimMe, cut it off and throw it away from you.' 'Co13:5
I?br I t is more beneficial for one of your mcmhim two rniI~s,"Pivc to the one asking you,
bers to be lost to you than for your whole body
and do not turn w a y from one that wants to
to land in Ge.hen'na.a
borrow from you without interest.
43 "You hcnrd that j t was said: 'You must
31 "Moreover it was said, WWhver divorcloveQyour neighbor" and hate0 your enemy.'co
esm his wife, let him give her a certificate of shtt
h l r 10:Z
divorce,'"az However, I sny to YOU that every- . u c a d : l
;: 44 However, I say to YOU: Contin~leto love+
c y l f 4:
YOUIZ enemies and to p m p for those persecutone divorcing his wife except on account of for< I.,\ :!'im.i
: ing YOU;
that YOU may prove yaurselves sons
nicatlonO makes her a subject far a d u l t e r y ~ "
t ~ h 7c IiO
# l : r a ~ s t of YOUR Fa%her*rvho
is in theheavens,sincehe
seeing that wl~oevermarries a divorced woman ";'
O n r t 1 3 : ~ makes his suna rise upon wicked peopIe and
commits adultery,
" " t ~ goodQand rnalces it raind upon rigllteous people
33 "Again you heard that it rvas sald to those
Chit 7 : n
and unrighteous,*"For if YOU love those lovof ancient times, 'You must not swear' without 'k,\:ia
YOU, what rewardo do YOU have?' are not
performing, but you must pay your vows to uDe23:21
1's =:I-1
the taX" collectors doing the same thjng?
w'However, I say to YOU: Do not
nMt i 2 : a +'
if POW greet YOUR brotherso only, what
swearAat all, neither by heaven: bccause it is mi
o ~ti:lo
1 t9 : ~ ~
thing are YOU doing? Are not
" nor by earth, because it is;;;;
of the nntions doing the same
the footstooP* of his feet; nor by Jerusalem,
o ~ t l a m thing?
YOUmust accorclingly be complete,R"
because jt is the citp of the great KingBo Nor m 4",&
~ 2
as YOUR heavenly Father is complete,aO
by your heada must you swear, because you uMt6:17
Ijo 18:13
"Take good care not to practice YOUR rightcannot t t ~ mone hair white or black. Y T J u s t Ict
71" 1:IG
A b I l 5 2rl
eou.snmsAin front of men in order to he 033YOUR word Ye$ mean Yes, YOUR No, NO;"for - J S S ~ ~ S ~ P
hlt a3:5
served by them; othenvfse YOU will have no rewhat is in excess of these is from the wicked
O M r a:41
wardd with YOUR Father who is in the heavens,
O ~ A U Z I : ~"Ience
when you start making giftsa af
38 "You heard that it was said, 'Eyea for eye EX 21%
Q I C13~:s rnercy,"~ not blow a trumpet ahead of you,
and tooth for tooth.'" However, I say to you : &!;;
O M P ~ S : I R just as the hypocrites3 do in thc synagogues
Do not resist him that is wic1red;"ut
whoever vr24:2!Y
and In the streets, t h a t they may be glorifld
slaps you on your right cheek," turn the other :b;1",3~
by men. Truly I say to You, They nre having
+ ~ t a 5 : 3 7 their reward in full." "But you, when rnalcing
arCevva (Ue.henPnu), KB; 03111A (Ge'i-Rirnonom', or, Valley of
Hin'notn), J1-14~1C-L~.
The in~incrtltnrfor rcfuse outside of Jerugifts of mercy, do not Pet your left hand know
salctn. Pcc Appcndix under hlnttliew 5 :22, Jcbovah, 5'~g~T-1*~'6-1u;
the Lord, nB, Or, "from what i s wicked." d Or, "what i s wicked."
Or, "perfect."

,, ,




sad-faced like the hypocritcg,' for they diswhat your right is doing,' * thnt your gifts of mmla:s
mercy may be in secret; then yyour Fnthcr who
f gurc their faces that they may npppnr to mcn
=ML1 ~ 4 2
is loolting on in secret will rcpay you."
to he fasting.# Truly I: say to YOU, Thcy are
having their reward in fulI. l 7 But you, when
5 "Also when you pray," YOU must not be as ohft6:9
the hypocrites; because they like t o pray stnndfasting, oil your headn and ~vnshyour face,'
1:c !l:H
l a that you may appear l o bo fiating, not t o
ingHin the synagogues' and on the corners ofs;;;;;;;;
the broad ways to be visible to men." Truly I XU 1 8 : ~
men, but to your Fatl~crwho is in secrecy;"
say to YOU, They are having their reward in
then your Father who is loolring on in sccrecy
full. a You, however, w h ~ nyou pray, go into
will rcpay you.
your private mom" m d , after shutting your A:sFg3g
J 9 "Stop storing up for yourselves treasurcso"
nAIL 1:j":~
Y ::: 1 6 upon the earth, where moth md rust consume,
door, prny to your Fathcr rvho is In secret;
and wherc thieves break in and steal, Rnthcr,
then your Father who looks on in sccrct will
repay you, But when
do not say D I s a l : 1 5
up for yourselves lrcnsurcs in heaven,+
i!$i store
( 1 :
t h e same things over and over ngnin,r* just as 'z:$i8ii6
neither moth nor rust consumc,' and
177 G : l 9
411*c 1 .I
wlrhere thieves do not break in and slcnl. 81 For
the people of the nations do, for they imagine
0Mt 11:m ~vhcrcyour treasure is, there your hcarto will
they will get a hearing for their use of many
s M t 1%22
words. A SO, do not make yo~rrsclvcslike them,
for God YOUR Fathcs knows !vIlnt things you
g 8 your eye is sincere,%your whole body will be
are needingWbefore ever YOU ask him.
9 "You must prayJDthen, this wny:"
bright; 2%ut if your eye is bad,'jb your whole
mXLU~ 11:2
2 t ~ ~ 2 *Mta?:!a
MT T , Z L
" 'Our FatheTO in the heavens, Ict your O M C~ 2 1
bocly will be dark. If jn reality thc light that
nameo be sanctified.d' 10Let your l~ingdomO
is in you is darkness: haw p e a t that darlrness
come. Let your will' come t o p a s , as in hcav" No one can be a slave to Zwo rnasters;O
OMt 9 : ; ~ '!SI
on," also upon earth? " Give trs loday o w ext
~ n ~ m : ifor
o either he will hateQthe one nnd love the
r1Ck11~13other; or he mlI stick to thc one nnd despise
b ~ c a dfor
~ ~this day; l a nnd forgivc us our 3 P$1. I tt 7:Y
debts? as we also have forgiven our debtors." iE:"s:&
tllc other. You cannot be slaves to God0 and to
;I!; $,:;
l U n d do not bring us into tcmptntion,+ but " ; ~ ~ ~ ~ LU; ~ t~r : ! ) ~
OT,u 12:+
dclivcr"" us from the wicked one.'u*
ac01 I ,13
I :
25 "On this account I say to You: Stop being
? > I 1 2G.41
rnfilt 1 0 : 3
14 "For if you forgive7 men thair tlmeapasses,
t will
[ > a i lY u: Irn anxious0 about YOUR S O U ~ S ~ % Sto w h ~ YOU
o~ ; ; ; :
*l'q *&:2'!
YOUR llcavenlp Father lvill also forgive YOU;^
+ I J 5:19
e~11:or what YOU mill d~*inlc: or about YOUR
I , ;
t~thercasif YOU do not forgive men their tresbarlies as to what YOU will wvecrr: Docs not the
passes: neither will YOUR Father forgive YOUR our m2i;
muuln mean more than food and thc M y than
1 . 1~:::~ 1 cIotIrfng? PWbseserve intently the birclsm of
oh[ t R:dO
16 'When YOU are fasting: stop becoming ~ m s : r 4
n Or, "oiiilple; nll nns wayn in focus; gmornu~." ~ O F "wiclred;
n Or, "do not hahhlc words"; "da nut uttnr rnipty repetitions.''
r*rlviou~.~'0 010, ' c 3 h ~ ~ ~ ~ m od nOr,
. " L'livcs,L' Sco Appel~dix under
Or, "lhcscue." 01,'Ifrum what i d wi~licd,''d Of, "held sacred."
nlutlflew 2 : 20. a Or, "life!'




MATTHEW 6:27--7:5
heaven, because they do not sotip seed or reap oMr4:3
or gather into storehouses; still YOUR heavenly
Fathcr feedsg them. Are YOU not worth more 9 M t z k T r
than they are? "" Who of YOU by k i n g anxious
can add one cubit to his life span?' Also on #m39:5
the matter of clothing, why are you nnxious?
Take a. lesson from the UliesVof the field, how lrLu X2:n
thcy are growing; they do not toil nor do thcy
spin, 2n hut I say to row that not even SolomonL" "Im Al lll<1110:L
in all his glory was arrayed as one or these.
"" If, now, God thrrs clothes the vcgcl:nliono of qtuxa:rn
the field which is here today and tomorrow js
t h m n into t h e oven, will he not much rathcr
clothc YOU, YOU with little h i t h P " So never
bc anxious" and say: 'What are we to eat?' or, nl-u
I,u 12~3
'FVI'1at are we to driink?hor, '1W~atnm! we to
put on?' 3 V 5 r all these arc the things the nntionso are eagerly pursuing. For ~ o u a
hcavcnly l"ttZ:r8
Father lcnows YOU need all these ihingsmb Keep OLU 1224
on, then, seeking first the kingdom" and his oM17:21
right~ousness,O'and all these other lhings will
be added to YOU.@ :So, never be anxious about ";:$
' ;$:
the next day," for the next day ~vjllhave its ,;,;~;r,:p;
own anxieties. Sufficient for each day js its

nPr 1:33


MATTHEW 7:6-17
you will sm clcarIy how to cxtratt the straw

nMt 11:13

*lie 1.310

(.:a 514

"Stop judging,' that YOU may not be '&,S;F
fudged;" for with what jwdgmcntOYOU nre
judging, Y o u aviII be judgcd,'hand with thc rlhlr 4:24
measure that aou are measuring out they will
measure out to YOU.* "Why, then, do you look AMtle:aa
at tlw straw in your brother's eye, but do not
Wr how b L ~ 8 : 4 1
consider the rafter in your otvn
can you say to y o ~ wbrother: 'Allow me to extract the straw from your eye'; when, look! a
! ~ $fig&
rafter is in your own eye?' H ~ r i t e firs1
extract the rafter from your own eye, and then

1 T 1 1:s
rlI,u 1324
Joh 10:s
'-'Job 17:l:

from your brother's eye.

6 "Do not give' what Is holy to dogs? neither throw rom pearls &before svlne, that they
may never tram~le*
them under their feet and
hwn wa~rndand rip Yorr opcn.
7 "Keep on nslrlt~~g,''
nntl it wiI1 he given you;
keep on sccking, nnd YOU will find; keep on
knoclringk i111d it ~ v i l lbe opened to YOU. " For
everyone asl<ingbreceives, ~ n d
cvcryone scelring finds, and to everyo~leknocking it will be
opened. l'Inclced, who is thc man among Tor!
whom his son' asks for brcaa-'-he will not
hand him a stenc, will hc? '"Or, perhaps, he
will ask for a fish-he will not hand him a serpent, will he? Tl~erclorc,if YOU, although being wicked,* know how to give goodo gifts to
mm childrenl how much more ao will Youn
Father who is in the hcnvcns give good things"
to those asking him? I YAll things, therefore,
that YOU want men to do to YOU: YOU also
must lilcewisc do to them; this, in fact, is what
the La@ and the Propllets mean.'
13 "Go in through t h e narrow gatqa because
broad and spacious is the road leading off into
and many nre ZIle ones going in
through it; 14whereas narrow is the gate and
cramped tIre road leading off into life, and f e t ~
are the ones flnding It."
15 "'Be on the watch for the falseQprophetso
that come to YOU jn sheep'sQcovering,' but inside they are ravcnous w o l v c ~ , IU~ B y their
fruits YOU will ~~ecognize'
them. Never do people gather grapes from Ihorns or figs0 from
thistles, do they?'mXilcewise every g o d tree
produces fine fruit: but cvery rotten tree pro-

MATTHEW 7 :13-29
duces bad fruit;' Is a good tree cannot bear bad "FA 2;z3
fruit, neither can a rotten tree produce fine
fruit. Every tree not producing fine fruit gets
rimrt 10.8
RIr 2 4 0
cut down and thrown into the fire." '"eally,
then, by their fruits YOU tvill recognize those
men. Not everyone saying to me, 'Master,
OMt 15:2
Master,'" will enter into the kingdom0 of the %It
*hTr k41 21:29
heavens, but the one doingAthe will of my Fa- y$q?1:;;2
ther who is in the heavens wi1l.O " Many will OIJO 2:17 ' nNt 9:30
Lu 5-14
say to me in that day:m"Master, Rlaster,"' d:d
ALe 13:49
we not pl-ophesyOin y o ~ wname,' and expel de- zki:::;13
OLe 14.4
rnonsOin your name, and perform many powerZul works1>in your name?'= 23 And yet then 1
*Lu 7:1
will confess to them: I never knew YOU at all." '~~~~~~
OMt 27:54
QMr 5:22
Get away from me, You worlrers" of lawIess- 7rs6:S


'2 rl 2.19
I J o 3:4


24 "Tlierefore everyone that hears these sayings of mine and does them will be likened to
a discreet
who built his house upon the zMts*aD
rock-mass.D' 2 W n d the rainc poured dawn and
the floods came and the winds blew and lashed '&?$;
against that house, but it did not cave in, for it
had been founded upon the rock-mass. e V ~ r thermore, everyone hearing these sayings of
mine and not doin$ them will be lilrened to a "J""1:aZ
foolish man, who ljuiIt his house upon the sand.
And the rain poured down and the floods
came and the winds blew and struck against
that houseo and it caved in, and its collapse a E ~ e l 3 : u
+Lu 6:49
was great."*
28 NOW w%en Jesus finished these sayings,
the effect was that the crowds were astounded3 M, 1:22
at his way of teaching;@20 for he was teaching
them as a person having authority," and not as - J O ~ T : ~ G
OM^ 15:l
their scribes.O



Or, "Lord, Lord."

Or, "many miracles.''

After he had come down from the mountain

great crowds
leprous man* came up
doing obei-

and began
sance to him, saying: "hIaster,a if you just
want to, you can make me clean." And so,
stretching out his hand: he touched him, saying: "'I want to. Be made clean."* And immediately his leprosy was cleansed away. Then
Jesus said to him: "See that you tell no one,'
but go, show yourself to the priest," and offer
the giftBthat Mosese appointed for the purpose
of a witness to them'"
5 When he entered into Ca.per' an
armf oflcerbg came to him, entreating him
"and saying: "Sir,c my manservant is laid up
OMt 9:2
in the house with paralysis: being terribly
amicted." He said to him: "'When I get there
I will cure him."
reply the army officerb
said: sir,^ I am not a fit mail for you to enter
OMr 4 : f l
under my roof, but just say the wordm and my
@Ps 107:20
OMr 5.29
manservant will be healed.' For I, too, am a
oMt 9:6
man placed under authority? having soldiers
under me, and I say to this one, 'Be on your
Y A10:7
way!'" and he is on his way, and to another,
'Come!' and he comes, and to my slave, 'Do
this!' and he does it." l o Hearing that, Jesus hecame amazed and said to those follorving him:
*Mt 15%
L u 7:9
"I tell you the truth, With no one in Israel have
*Isa 49:12
Isa 5929 I found so great a faith.* l1 But I telI YOU that
U P S 307:3
h ~ a 1 1 : l l many from eastern parts and western" will
Lu 13:28
onlt o:1o come and recline at the table0 with Abraham
onlt 11:11 'and IsaaeP and Jacob in the kingdom' of the
I I M ~22:32
mlt 13:313
heaven^;^ j 2 whereas the sons3 of the kingdomA
A.Mt 13:42
will be thrown into the darkness outside. There
Or, "Lord." b Or,"centurion"; in co~uroando f a hunhed soldicre.
Or, %aster; Lord."




MATTHEW 8:26-9:2

is where their weeping and the gnashing of

their teeth will
I T h e n Jesus said to the vE;E;:
army ~ f f i c e r :"Go.
~ Just as it has been your ;k j~i;!
faith, so let it come to pass for you."' And the . A I ~15:28
tu 7 3 0
manservant was healed in that hour.
J o l ~4.50
14 On coming into Peter'sm house Jesus saw 2F:,",";,73
his mother-in-law lying down and sidc with
fever." " So he touched her hand,* and the EBIF
fever left her, and she got up and began minis- Ac3:'J
tering to him.* l R But after it became e ~ e n i n g "LU
, ~ 4:39
people brought him many demon-possessedo
persons; and he expelled t h e spirits" with a @M.rl4:38
word, and he curedo all who were ailing; that gMklo:X
it might be fdfilled what was spoken through
Isaiah the prophet, saying, "He himself took
Usa 53:4
our sicknesses and carried our disease^."^
5011 1:29
IS When Jesus saw a crowd around him he
gave the command to shove off for the other ahlr4:75
sideadloAnd a certain scribe came up and said
to him: "Teacher: I will follow0 you wherever OM^ 14:13
you are about to go."O 20 But Jesus said to him: O L U Q : ~ ~
~t : 4
"Foxes have dens and birdso of heaven have o ~9.58
roosts,' but the Son of manc3 has nowhere to c+Lu
~ t19:s
lay down his head."""
Then another of the ;g;i;g3Q
disciples said to him: "Master,d permit me Arst
t o leave and bury my father."O '"esus said to 3Mt10:35
him: "Keep following me, and let the deadQ3Mt22.31
~ L 8:60
bury their dead.""
Ro 6.13
23 And when he got aboard a boat,# his disciples followed him. 24 Now, look! a great agitation arose in the sea, so that the boat0 was be- y;; ;
ing covered by the waves; he, however, was E U & : Z ~
C M t 0:24
sleepiPlg."* *%d they came and wokea him up, ,
, r 4:38

saying: " M a ~ t e r ,save

us, we are about to
perish!" 2F Eut he said to them: "Why are YOU
faintheated, YOU with little faith?"' Then, get3~~ 6 5 : ~ ting up, he rebuked the winds and the sea, and
Lg y& a great calm set innoy r So the men became
amazed and said: "What kind of person is this,'
=:15 that evenb the winds and the sea" obey him?"
28 When he got to the other side, into the
~ M 5:2
of the Gad.a.renes',c there met him two
L u 3:26,
n h ~ it a : t ~ demon-pussessed" men* c o m i n g o u t f r o m
o m 2 7 : s ~ amongd t h e memorial" tombs, unusually fierce,
so that nobody had the courage to pass by on
that road. 2 V n d , look! they screamed, saying:
KLU 4:34
"'What have we to do with youyeSon of God?'
I , 4:41
come here to torment0 us" before the
~ ~ s ~ , ~Did
" y you
A long way off from them a
herd of many swine was at pasture. s1 So the
demons began to entreat him, saying: "If you
expel us, send us fort11 into the herd of swine."
9ZAccordinglyhe said to them: "Go!" They
came out and went off into the stvine; and,
Iook! the entire herd rushed over the precipice
into t h e sea and died in the waters.* But the
Lu 8 3 3
herders fled and, going into the city: they related everything, including the affairs of the
demon-possessed men. sa And, look! all the city
turned out to meet Jesus, and after having seen
him they earnestly urged him to move out from
't.'.Vt 13:2; their district^.^
So, boarding the boat: he proceeded across
n ~ 4:13
and went into his own city,' zAndl look!
they were bringing him a paralyzed0 man lying

Or, "centurion"; in command of w hundred soldi.ers. b That is,

after the sabbath day.-LIxr*k 11: 21-32;Lulre 4 : 31-40, C Literally,
"the Son of the man," d Or, "Lord." Or, "grinding; olenching."

Or, "Lord." b Or, "also." CnIled "the country o f the Ger'arwr~cs", at Mark 5 : 1; Luke 8: 26, d Or, "coming out of." e See
L l ~ eAppendix under Jlatthew 8 : 29.



OLU 5:18

on a bed.O On seeing their faith Jesus said to

MATTHEW 9:16-25
fricnds of the brldegroorna have no reason to
the paralytic: "Take courage, child; your sins
are f o r g i ~ e n . " ~SAnd, look! certain of the :2;;31
+!.&f$39 inoilrn as long as the bridegroom' is with them,
do lhcy? I3ut days will come when the bridescribes said to themselves: "This fellow is blas@Mt Zfl:2
jiroonl will be taken a w a y from them, and
Then Jesus, k n o w i n g their ZG: $
2 : ~ then they will fast.' l o Nobody s e w a patch of
thoughts; said: "Why are YOU thinking wicked .ML Ix:Lj
L U :>:A5
u~shrunl;cloth upon an old garment; for its
things in YOUR hearts?" For instance, which ";;",:lA
11111 strength would pull from the garment and
Is easier, to say, Your sins are forgiven, or t o
say, Get up ancl rvaIk? " 1301'c~ever,in order for
r$'y tllc tcnr would becon~c worse." ITNeither do
r I ~ . L %ppeplc put ncw winen into old wineskins; but if
.;ov to know that t h e Son of man has authorI llcy do, tben the wineskins burst and the {vine
ity on earth to forgive sins-'"
then he said 2:; ?;?
*Mrz:m spills out nnd the wineskins are ruined.' But
to the paralytic: "Get up, pick up your bcd, Lu
LU 5 3 7
people put new wine into new rvjneskins, and
and go to your home."o And he got up and nJ0hk:8
sz:ln hoth things are preselvcd."'"
went off to his home. At the sight of this the
' 18 Whilc hc wvas telling them these things,
crowds were sku& with fear and they glarifid
loolr! a certain rulcr" who had approached beLU8:?n
God" who gave such authority0 to men.
OJoh 17:2
m ~ r l 5 : l n gan to do obeisanceVto hirn,O saying: "'By now
eLu a:4t
9 Next, while passing dong from there, Jemy daughter must be dead; but come and lay
s t caught
sight of a man named" Matthe+ $ $ ~ ~ o ~ +~ ~10:13
your hand' upon her and she will come to life."
seated at the tax office, and he said to him: "Be
AC li:u
19 Then Jcsus, getting up, started to follow
my foDower."' Thereupon he did rise up and
also hils dlscIpIes did. Y u And look! a woman
follow him. lo Later, while he was reclining at rnLu 5540
twelve years Prom a flow of bloaclm
the tablea in the house," loolr! many other taxa ~
g;y;~ja catne
~ m
up~ behind
and touched the fsingeb of his
call~ctorsand sinnersDcame and began reclinouter
for shc kept saying to her"k;?$,"U
ing with Jesus and his disciples. l1 But on seeing
Mr 6:mi self: "'If I only touch h!s outer garment I shall
this the Pharisees began to say t o his disciples:
. L U R : ~ ~ get well."cL "Jesus turned around and, na"Why is it that YOUR teacher" eats with tax col- 'yi $
ticinfi her, said: "Take courage, daughter; your
lectors and sinaers?"* Hearing them, he said: "ki $7"
hns made you well."d" And fmm that hour
:LU; ;?;~ ? : I I I '
"Persons in health do not need a physician,' *&j',yf:
hecame we1l.c
~ ~ 2 23
5 When, now, he came into the ruler'sc
but the dimg do. laGo, then, and learnQwhat 0h4r13:s
thiS means, 'I want mercy: md not sacrifice.'3nzg: ?;% I
housec and caught sight of t h e flute-players and
8:s the crowd in noisy confusion," 24 Jesus began to
Acco~.dingly,I came to call, not r i g h t e o u ~peo~ 2iL1::1;$
I \a 6.1
say: " h a v e t h c place, for the little girl did
ple, but sinners."
311 1":7
but she Is ~IecpIrng."~~
At this they be"htt
14Then John's disciple$ came to him and
;JM,,y;4$ gan die,
's As soon as the
asked: "Why is it that we and the Pharisees"
practice fasting but your disciples do not
Litrrnlly, "Tl~t. Eons of tila bridcclin~nber"; that is, wedding
KIIcllta. Ib or, ' ' ~ o P ~ u Itn8sd."'
a Or, "saved." Or, "has saved you."
At this Jesus said to them: "The OMrLU 8I9:33

MATTHEW 9 :3--15

MATTEEW 9 :26-38
crowd had been sent outside, he went in and
took hold of her hand, and the Qttle girl got
up.' Of course, the talk about this spread out
into all that 1.eg5~n.
27 As Jesus lvas passing along from there,
two blind men" follom~edhim, crying out con- Q~t20:.l0
tinrtally the words: "Have mercy* on us, Son
of David.'lo After he had gone into the house,
the blind men came to him, and Jesus asltcd
them: "Do YOU have faith' that I can do Ihis?'"Ac 14:@
They anmered him: "Yes, Master."a Z"Thcn
he touched their eyes? saying: "According to "ill1 m:.t4
YOUR faitho let it happen t o TOW."a 0 And their
eyes received sight? Moreover, Jesus sternly ohlt 2 0 : ~
charged them, saying: " S e e that nobody gets
to know it."" 31 But they, after getting outside, ~ ~ 5 j .
made it public about him in all that region."
32 Now when they were leaving, loolc! people brought him a dumb man possessed of a
demon;+ s3 and after the demonD had been ex- oMt
OM^ iolb
pelled the dumb man spoke. WcII, the crowds
felt amazement' and sajd: "Never was anything *?;?/:$
like this seen in Israel." "But t h e Pharisees
began to say: "It is by the ruler of the demons\!"
that he expels the demon^.''^ 56 And yet Jesus
set out on a tom- of all the citiesO and villages, oktt l[~.1,1
teaching in their synagogues and preaching*
the good news of the kingdom and curing evcry
kind of d i m e and every kind of ailment." On i!,M,E4,z;4
seeing the crorvds he felt tender affection for .kt$;:,
them," because they were skinnedb and knocked iijA $jiiT
about like sheep0 witliout a shepherd.@*
Ek:; $!:!j2
he said to his disciples: 'Yes, the 31aflrest0 is ?
great, but the workerso are few," ** Therefore, ,;;;hi; j;:


Or, fiharased;annoyed."



Or, "Lord."

REG the Masterao of the harvest to send out
wal-kers into his harvest."
*Mt 1094
So he summoned hls twelve discjcipIeswand
gave them authority over unclean spirits," in order to expel these and to cure every
t u :':I
kind of disease and every kind of ailment. 'The
names" of thc twelve apostles'' mv these : First,
oalr .1,1.1
Simon, the one called "Peter", and Andrew his
1 ,!I t2:I:J
A C 1:13
b m t h ~ r ;and James t l ~ csen of Zeb' and
John his brothcr; a Philipmand Bar.thol'\v;"
I'Mt 1 l : l Y Thomaso and Matthew the taxO collector;
Jnrneso thc son of A1.phaefus," and Thad.dae'us;O
SjmonGthe, and Judas Isdart m:47 car'i.otp who Inter betrayed him,
5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, giving them
%%A8 these orders:' "Do not go off into the road3 of
the nations, and do not enter into a Sa.mar'iJ'4u10:3s Lana
but, instead, go continually to the
mLu D:52
~ [to~ 1():1.1
~ : Olost
, i sheepa
~ ~ of the house of X~rael,~'As YOU
go, pret~ch,"saying, 'Tlze kingdom of the heavens has drnwn mar.'" a Cure0 sick0 people,' raise
L , M t l l : z up dead persons, make lepers clean:
expel del o ~ la:ai
mons,' You received free, give free. W o not
:,Mh,t$$;c: ln.-la procure gaId,O or sllver or copper for YOUE
girdle purses, or FI [ood pouch for the trip,
U M L 4:ri
L ~IO:!I
or two unclcrgnrments,ho sandals or a staff;
*I.u 9.1
far the wo!.ltero deserves his food." " Into whatB ~ Z311
L t
ever city or. village! you enter, search out who
in it is deserving, and stay there un-tif POW
"'I'll :c,n
"LU 9.~1
leave.8 ' W h e n YOU are entering into the house,
greet the household; IYancl if the house is deserving, let the peace YOU wish it come upon
bldu 10:s
Juh Xk19 it; but if it Is not deserving, Jet the peace from
YOU return upon YOU. Wl~ereveranyone does
not take YOU in or listen to YeuR words, on go59




Or, "or an extra undergnrment?'


MATTFTEW 10:26-38
wlll they call those of Ills household so? 25 Therefor~
do not fear thcm; for there is nothing coverecl
over that wlll not become tmcovered, and
UJOh I l 9 R
S C C I * C ~tllnt
will not become knownmo2 7 What I
nhlr 4.2i
1.u H: 17
lcll YOU in the dnrlcness," say in the light inand
E n i t =:la
what YOU henr wI~ispcrcd,~preach from the 1 2 5
I : .
2n And do nol become fca~fi1l~
3.11 14i-21
who liilIo the M y " but can not kiIl the
5 1 . ~ , ~ ~ : rthose
- . ~ ! t12:~s
wltl;c" b ~ rather
~ t bc in f e a P of him* that can
soul^ and body in Ge.hen'na.dO
"' Do not two sparrows SPIT for a coin of small
vaEuc?" Yet not one of them will fall ta the
ahit a211 ground without Youn Father's kno\vledge."
I.u 7 2 3
.'' But thc w r y il&s of YOUR head" are all numJMV t,:2 I
.lS.l 1'1.15
:!s;l L,l';lL berccl.' "Therefore have no fear: YOU are
wort11 more than m,my sparrows."
32 "Everyone,then, that acknowledges his be*LU12:s
lief In me before mcn, I will also acknowledge*
n o 1n:u
my belief in him before my Father who i s in
oh.11 I O : ~the heavens; H H but whoever disownso me before
OMr 8:9A
nzcn, I will nIso disownD him before my Father
DO not think I came
I , 2 : who Is In the heavens,
lo put peace upon the earth; I came to put, not
a!,u 13:m
but a
For I came to cause
C M L ~ , ; : ? ~peace:
1 1 : ~ s division, wit11 a man agajnst his father:
and a
rlnughtcr against hcr mothcr, and a young wife
7:Q against 11cr mother-jn-la\~.~
8"~deed, a man's
I,u 1252
enemies will be persons of hls own household.
1-Ic that has greater affection for father or
Jhft lz:m mother" than for me Is not: worthy of me; and
cJoh 5:m he Ihat has greater affectiono for son or daugh-m33:v ter than for me is not worthy of me.' And wha-



ing out of that house or that citya shake the + M t 3:R

dust off Youa feet' l"uly
I say to you, M r B : l l
It tvilvili be more endurable for the land of Sodome and GornorrahOon Judgment Day than for
ihnt city.
16 " h o k ! I am sendig YOU forth as sheepo 3Mt l2:Ia
amidst tvolves ;' theref oreprove yourselves ca-u- '2?$%
tious RS serpentsu and yet innocent as doves. :;:zle
on POUR guard against men;' for they will 3htL 21:g
deliver YOU up3 to local courtsae and they will ,:??k%f!%g
scourgeAlrou in their synagog we^.^ l 8 WEly, YOU :FIi:;f4
will be haled before governors3 and kings' for ;;,;l
my sake for the purpose of a witness' to them ~ ~ 2 ; ;
and the nations. '%owever, when they deliver ohIt
you up, do nat become anxious about how or
what YOU are t o speak; for what YOU Rre to
speak wiU be given YOU in that hour;-Ofor "Jcrl:T
Mr 13:11
the ones speaking axe not just you, but it is t u 12:11
the spirit of YOUR Father that speaks by YOU.* " , " ~ ~ $ ~ 8
Further, brother* will deliver up brother to ,,ip2fi&
death, and a father his child, and childreno wi11
rise up against parents and will have them nMIC7:B
put to death,n 2 2 And YOU will be hated by m1t21:a
all people an account of m y name;" but he ~ ~ i , 2 j $ ~ l
that has endured t o the endCis the one that will 3hTt 2.1:G
be saved.oo ? S When they persecute You in one
city, flee to another;" for truly I say to YOU, A?;',-;:)-'
YOU will by na means complete the circuite of w l l m G : o
the cities of Israel until the Son of man arrives,' 'Mt 16:m
24 "A disciple0 is not above his teacher, nor
a slaveQ above his master." P5 It k enough for .~ L 18:25
the disciple to become as his teacher, and the t oh ~3:18
slave as his master. If people have called the *\\",PEE
householder B~el'ze.bub,~*
how much more ohit rz:zl


Or, "to Lesser San'he.drins." I * ? T ~ > P

(San.ks.d&r'), JIB.bBecl'ze.bnh, VgSys.P ; Be-el'm.bod, C; Be.ez'e.bonl, HB.


Or, "in p~tblic; publicly." * Lihrfillp, '{in tbc em!'

Or, 'life."
8oc Appcn~Eixnnrlcr .\lntthcrv 2: 20. See Appendix under BTab
Zficw 5 : 32. * Or, litcmlly, "rrc!l for an ns.sra'~i.en";an as-saPri.on
cqunling 3 1/10 flnrtt~iugyor 11/8 cents.

MATTHEW 11:8-19
A rccd being tossed by a wind?' Whnt, then,
rsrIl8l:1.1 did YOU go out to see? A man dressed In soft
garments? WhyI those wearing soft garments
~ ~ u 7 : m~~~eInthehousesofkinp,~DReally,then,w
[lid YOU go out? To sea a prophct? Yes, I tell
"ML 14.3 YOIJ, and Ear more than a p r o p l ~ c t . ~This is he
ML 21 ::la
c~nccrningwhom it is written, 'Here I am,
in fi fort11 m y messengerR"before you,b to
*Ex 2:) t ?
your way ahcad of you!'* '"ruly I say
~ I IbI I n:I I
lo you people, Among those born of women'
J , , I ~ :~4
n.l~jtr1 d : t
there has not been raised up s greater than
. , I
oh[r "'I
Johno the Raptist; but a person that is a lesser
nnc in the kingdom3" of thc l~envcns"is greater
than he is. From the days of John the B~ptist
until now the kingdom of the heavens is the
goal totvad which men press, and those pressfiLu
ing forward are seizing
For all, the PmphOLu 2.23
orAu1:eT ets and the Latt?: prophesied" until John;'
l4 and if Yew want to accept it, This is 'Elijah'
who IS destined to come',* l u Let him that has
M 1 17:lO
5,111 1
enrs listen."
"hll' 4:9
I tc 2:+i
16 "With whom shall I compare thlsr generation?"
I t is like young children sitting in the
?' : +?'';'
market-places who cry out to their playmates,
say in^: 'We played the flute for YOU, but
clid not dance; we wailed, but YOU did not
beat yourselves in gricf . I * 'Torrespondingly,
EC 3 ; 4
John came neither eating nor drinking,@" yet
hJo'' 10:m
people say, 'He has a demon';" the Son of man
did come eating and drinking, still pmple say:
'Look! a man gluttonous and givcn to drinking
btu 7:s
a friendCof taxo collectors and sinners.'*
s ~ WtI T
same, wisdomo is vind1cateda by its
~ ~ ~ : : ; j ~ ~
+I.U ~ I : - I U w~rks,"'
1Co 1 5 5

ever does not accept his torture stakene and follow nfter me is not worthy of me.m"He that
finds his souIb will lose it, and he that loses his
soul1' far my sake will find it."
40 "He that receives You receives n ~ enlso:
and he that receives me receivcs him also that
sent me forll~.* He that receives a prophct
bccause hc is a prophet will get a pmphct's re~ v ~ r d and
, ' he that receives a rightmuso man
h a u s e ha is a righteous man will get a righteous man" s*e\vard." " And tvhocver gives one
QP these little ones only a cup of cold water to
rlrlnlro bccause he is a disciple,@I tell YOU truly,
he will by no means lose his r ~ w a r d . " ~
Norv wllen Jesus had finished glving instructions to his twelve discinlcs. hc set
out from there to teach0 and plracl~in their



4 1 0 : ~


nrt 70.1....
2 Rut John, having heard in jailm+about the a.h n~ 5:a
worlcs of the Christ, sent by means of his awn
clisciples and said to him: "Are you ihe Com- @g",gi;O
ing One or are w e t o expect a diffcrcnt one?"O M a 1 3 1
Lu 7 : l Y
' In reply
said to them: "'Go YOUR way J0117:31
and repow to John what you are hearjng and :!:t:iE
seeing: "She blind" are seeing again,' m d the
lamcmare walking about, the lepers* arc k i n g t; ;;;la
and the deafa are hearing, and the onu a;*:%
nhIc 7.32
deadn are being raised up, and the pooro are oI.rL
having the good newsb dcclnrcd to them; a and A"r5:41
ohit 4:23
11appy is 11e that fm& no cause for slumblingU3hlt13:21
Iizr 8.14
in mc."'
7 While these mere on their way, Jesus began ;;h7ig1
to say to the crowds respecting John: "What
did YOU go out into the wilderness to behold?
R Lflr~rtllm
~ttnke"=o~uu~dy,(,~tau.roa'),Nn. Bce Appendix under

M n l t h ~ 10
~ v: 38.

Or, "life.'> Or, "roccivce arc."

Or, "nngc?l."

Litorally, "before your frroe?'


20 Then he started t o reproach the citieP in

which most af his powerful worlcs had takcn
place, because they did not r ~ p c n t : ~"Woe to
you, Cho.rn'zin! Woe to you,'i.da!" because if the powerful worlcs had taken place in
Tyre and Zi'dono that tooit place in YOU, they ?E;,p,3!
would l o n ~ago have repented jn sackcloth and ;;;,:;,;,
ashes." " Consequently I say to YOU, It ~villbe
mow endurable for Tyre and Zi'don on Judg- lto a,12
ment Dayr than f o r Y Q U . ~'%nd
you, Ca.pera-oMt12:40
na.umP will you perhaps be t o heavcn?n "Mra:l
Down to HavesbG*you mill come; because If 02i:;3!
the powerful ~ v o r hthat took place in you had
talcen pIace in Sod'ornF0 it ~vould have rernained unt:il this very day, Consequently I
say to YOU people, It will be more endurable
for the land of SodJornon Judgment Day than

1MnTTTlEW 11:30-12 :12

for I am mild-tempercclo"and lo~vlyin heart,"
,,;;;1 g;:,
1 :
and YOU wilI find rdrcshment* for youn ~ o u ,"h
For my yoke is kindly and my londqs light.'"
At t h a t senson Jesus went through the
1 I: 13
a x ~ 2::-,\
grainl'Eelcls on thc sabbath.' ITis diriciplcs
8~1c23:21 ~ o hungry
and bcfinn to pluck heads nS grain
I,u 6:l
:.xr.a:a-2 nnd to eat." U t seeing this the Pharisees snid
:1; ?o:lo to him: A "Look! your disciplesDare doing irrhnt
.I . : ~
it is not lawful to do on the sabbath."q " I-le
m t said to them: "Have you not read whnt David3
did when he and the men with him got hun%
;:\:?: 2:r:30 gry?"* ROWhe enlcrcd into the house of God
and they ate the loaves of presenl~lion,~'
it was not lawfulmfor him to eat, nor for ZIlose
, ;;
wit11 him, but for the priests only?' Or, have
y o u not read in thc Law" that on the s a b l 3 ~ t h s ~
*:la the priestsc in the temple treat t h e sabl~nthas
*~oh?:m not sacred and continue guiltless?' O Rut I teIl
r + ~ o2l l : ~YOU thzt something glVcaterthan the tempIcl is
here. ?However, if YOU had uncier.sto.ood what
;&6:fi this means, 'I want mercy: and not sacrjfic~,'~
YOU \vould not have condemned the gttiltless
hllc F IE
htt 9 : ~ones. For Lord of the sabbath is what the Son
01 m m is.*'+
LU G:5
9 After departii~gfrom that pIacc he went
Into their synagogue; l o and, look! a man with
a withered hand!" So they asked him, "Is it
r8hztn:f&IIIWSUI to c m aon the sabbath?' that t h ~ might
1Lu 14.9
~ u ~h~ ' 1 6them: "Who will be I h e man among YOU thnt
11ns one sheep and, if this falls into a pit on the
sabbath, will not get hold of it and lIEt it out?"
I :
' 3 1 1 considered, ol haw much more worth is n
"ME 15:24
S ~is
o lawful to do
- M L ~ : : nman than a s l ~ c r ? p ! ~ + it



,,:, ,

Ozu,:zE ,,

AMt 10:15
b1 t 12:31
Lu 10:12
25 On that occasion Jesus said in response:
"I publicly praise you, F a t h ~ rLord"
, ~ of heaven ~OM'L L2 I1 1
and enrth, because you have hidden thcse
things from the wise and fnteIIectua1 ones and
havc revealed .them to b n i ~ s . "'"es,
0 Father, 3;gI1"
because t o do thus came to be the way ap4, ; ; :?; ; :
proved" by you, "All things have been deliv- A.Mt12:1B
ered to me by my Father, and no one fully
knows the Son but the Father, neither does anyone fully know the Father but thc Son and anyone to whom the Son is wlllin~to revealc him.' or,^ L - E : ~ O
"Come t o me, all YOU who are toiling and
loaded down, and I will reiresh YOU. 2D Take
my yoltem upon ~ o f and
l bccome my d i s ~ i p l e s ,$<pt

, ,,:,,

you not be exalted to I~cnvcnP" h Ra'dc~5 BRrlc, KB;

,J7-M.10*1a. SCI! A p p ~ ~ ~ d
i x Mntthrm 11 : 23.
U''l.'~r you'' (singular numt~cr); hence "yon" as a city. Orf 'Wet
nncler my joke with me." * Or, "leun~crs,''

Or, "will

5 1 ~ v( Slle'ol),


"Or, "livm!' See Appeudix antlrr Mnttli~m2 : 20.


Or, "ntc the

MATTHEW 12:13-26
MATTHEW 12 :27-37
right on the sabbath." lS Then he said to the
divided agafnst h i m s ~ l f how,
then, wilI his m g man: "Stretch out your hand." And 11e stretched
dom stand? 1T Moreover, if I expel the demons
'lnxr3 9 0
it out, and it was restored s o ~ m dIilic the other
by mcans of Z3e.el'ze.bub,R@by means of whom
hand.= But the Pharisees \vent out m d con- "1-u
da rnurt sons expcl them? This js why they will
spired against him so that they might dcsllu>y
be judges of YOU, k R But if jt js by means of
h i A Understanding this, Jesus withrlre~v ;I;; z.7,
Q d ' a spirit. thnt I cxpel the demons, the kingfrom there. Many also follom-ed him, and hc $,I, 5 : ~ s
~1omof God has really overtaken You." 2Wr
c u d lhem all,O lG but he strictly charged ihcm '?i$y7
how c m anyone Invnrlc the h0u.w of a strong
not to make him manifest;' l T that it might be ';\k7;;\2
man and seize Iris movable goods, unless first
rML13:m he binc1s9 the strong man? and then he 11411
CuEilleri what was spoken through Isaiah' t I ~ c"blr-i:"
orsn 12:1
prophet, who said:
his house." ;'%e that is not on my side
11:kK 2:23
f 1 i plunder
18 ' * h o k !my sewany whom I chose, my beis
mc,and he that does not gather with
loved,"whom my soulc approvd!" 1 will put my onlr r i : . ~
~ t lt:%3
spirit upon him, and he wiII make clew to the 't\\!il;
31 "'Qt this account 'Isay to YOU, Every kind
UMr 2.1
nations3 what judgments is. He will not wr~m-~oh!Mt ~H:IT
rmitt ~$19 of sinc1and blasphemyUwill be lorgivenp men,
gle," nor cry aloud, nor wilI anyone hear his +tLrl2 : ~ H:IL I ,-E A:,1H:PI but the blasphemy against the spirit wiII not
7.11 12:Lo
voice in the broad ways. 1-k will not crush a
be f ~ r g i v c n , ~For example, whoever speaks a
.A? 7:Ll
bruised reed, and he will not extinguish a
word ngainst the Son of man, It will be forgiven
&"l'l ' : I 3
smoldering flaxen wick, until he sends out * E m l:4
him;&I ~ u wl~ocvcr
speaks ngainst the holy spirICi:57
judgment* with success."
Indeed, in his name 31Co
-r l ~ I ~L ;i I O~
him, no, not in the
As 4:12
nations0 will hope.""
It,, 1912
prcsent sys terno of t h i n g s q ~ o rin that to come.$
22 Then they brought him a demon-possessedQ1
Jrelj lu
33 "Either YOU people malre the tree flne and
man, blind and dumb; and he cured him, so that IASX
Its fruit ijne or mnkc the tree rotten and its
4Mt T : J ?
the dumb man spoke and saw. ?"dl, all the
f r u i t rotten; for by its fruit the tree is knonm."
L, s:4s
crowds were sirnpIy carried away and began to
14 Onspring" of vipers,mhow can YOU s p a k good
~ ~
say: "May this not perhaps be the Son of b X ":I4
I,u 3:7
when you arc wicked? fur out of the
David?"' z4 At hearing this, the Pharisees said: +Jd17:31
OMt12:4a abtltlclance of Ihc 11eart~the mouth speaks."
"This fellow does not -1
the demonsg exccpt
The good man out of h b good treasureQsends
: :?4, : ; : :
by means of Be.el'ze.buh,l'" the ruler of Ihc ile- OATrS:"
out good things, rvhsreas the wjcked man out
mons." Kn~rvingtheir thoughts, he said to
them : "Every kingdomGd i v i d d against itself
' l ' 2 4 of his wiclwd ircnsure sends out ~vickedthings.#
I tell TOIJ that every unprofitable saying that
comes to desolation,' and every city or house a~~~3i:lS
mcn speak, 1Rcy will render an account condivided against itself will not stand. "In thc
same way, if Satan expels Satan, 1112has become
. --~ ; : ~cerning
? ~ ~ ~it on JudgmentD Day;' aT for by your




l ~ ~ . ~ l % x ~ Th +t ~~lR, ,~ ~ . RT3r.rl'xr.l,o1tl,
RyhA1.m; D~.cdr.honl,NR.
Syuletu ol' thil~gd= al6r ( n i . o l l f ] , KU ; 5)ty (o.Iflb)n') JLA1"sL*ln.

someone said to him: ''Look! your mother and

words you wiII be vindicated: and by your OLu7'"
your brothers are standing outside seelring to
words you will be c~ndemned."~
speak to youU."fi4 8 AS an answer he said to the
38Then as an answer to him some of the
rmt 15:4
one telling him: "Who is my mother? and who
scribes and Pharisees said: "Teacher, we want * ~ ~ ~ , _AMr
_ 3:33 are my brothers?"* And extending his hand
ta see a sign from you."* ag In reply he said to
toward his disciples he said: "Look! my mother
them: "A wicked and adulterousco generation
mMt 13:55
and my brothers!a+"For whoever does the wiIl
keeps on seeking for a sign, but no sign will be J ~ 4:4
Jull 20:17
my Father who is in heaven, the same is my
'Mr 3:s
given it except the sign of Jonaho the prophet.+ :?,":,"::&
,Jon1k23 brother, and sister, and mother."'
JOII m:17
" For just as Jonaho was in the belly of the @Jon1:17
Ro 8:29
On that day Jesus, having left the house,
huge fish three dayso and three nights, so the ~
~Heb 231~
; was
$ sitting by the sea; "and great
Son of man" will be in the hearta of the earth* g;,ilZ:;
to him, so that he went aboard
three days and three nights." 41Men of Nheveh 8~y;$;l
OMC 14:33 a boaP and sat down,@and all the crowd was
wiIl rise up in the judgment with this generastanding on the beach. Then he told them
tion" and will condemn' it; because they re- ;&ygj$:
many things by illustrations," saying: "Loolr!
vented at what Jonah preached, but, look!
"Mt 13:34 a sower went out to sow;" and as he was sow*JOn3:5
something more than JonahA is here. " The
08Il20:17 ing, some seeds fell alongside the road:
queen of the southo will be raised up in the olKllo:l
OMr 4:4
the birdsmcame and ate them up. Wthers fell
judgment with this generation and will conupon the mcky places where they did not have
demn it; because she came from the ends of
soil, and at once they sprang u p because
the earth to hear the wisdoma of Solomon, but, @LU 2:52
Joh 156
OMt 24:2Il of not having depth of soil.* But when the sun3
look! somethiilg more than Solomon is here.' +yA:',i$!
rose they were scorched, and because of not
43 "When an unclean spirit comes out of a
having root they withered. Others, too, fell
man, it passes through parched places in search
*lob 31:40 among the thorns, and t h e thorns came up and
of refreshment, and finds none.@ Then it says:
M r 4:7
Still others fell upon soil that
Ilcb 6:8 choked them.'
'I will go back to my house out of which I
LJoh X:l6 was right and they began t o yield fruit," this
moved'; and on arriving it finds it unoccupied
one a hundredfold, that one sixty, the other
AMr 4:8
but swept clean and adorned. 4 6 Then it goes its
thirty.* Let him that has ears l i ~ t e n . ' ' ~
Lu 8:8
way and takes along with it seven different
4Mt 11:E
10 So the disciples came up and said to him:
spirits more wicked than itself," and, after get- x1Pe5:S
+hTt 13:34 "Why is it you speak to then1 by the use of
ting inside, they dwelI there; and tlae final cirMr 4:10
illustrations?"b' lL In reply he said: "To YOU it
1.u 8:9
cumstances of that man become worse than the uJ","hli::$f
WTr 4.11
*olCo2:10 is granted to understand the sacred0 secretsmof
first." That is how it will be also rvith this gt$$
,the khgdom of the heavens, but to those peo*Rlr 8:12
wicked generation."'
"Lu8:lO ple it is not granted." l2 For u~hoeverhas, more
46 'CVhile he was yet speaking to the crowds, n ~135s
jwill be given him and he ivill be made to
look! his mother and brothersn took up a posi- ?iz3i3h
m KI3SyC.S omit verse 47. k Or, "parables."
tion outside seeking to speak to him. "So




MATTHEW 13:22--31
s at once sh~rnblecf.~
a2 As for the one sown
:':1!:fIf;tl iamong
is the one haarlng the
;CLi 1 3 5
word, b111:the nnxiety of this system or l h i n ~ s
and the clcccptiv~power of wealtho choke the
' ' ' ~ ~ t 0 : 2 1word, and h c ~
llecomcs unfruitful.'
As for
hlr 129
IW 12.2
the one sown upon the right kind of soil, this
't'I'l G:O
is the one hcaring the word and gcttiu~the
v h T t ~ ~ : msense of it, who really does bear fruit" and
produces, this one a h~mdredfold,that one dxty,
*>It7:1& the other thirty."'
h2r k20
24 Another illustrationb he set before them,
saying: "Thc Iciiigdom of the heav~nshas he~ r 4 : 3 1 C O ~ CIikc n man that sowed seed' of n right
tlrvlr 4%
kind Sn his fielcl." 33 While men were sleeplng his
f3Mr12:36 enemye cnnlc and oversowed weedsC ill nlnong
the whccii: and left. 2When the blade sprouted
and produced fruit, then the weedsc nppcnred
also. "So the slnves of the houscholdcr came
up and snIcl to him: Master, did you not sow
"Mtl3:38 seed of n right kind In your fielcl?* I-Iotv, then,
docs it come t o have weeds?" c B TIC said to
" M t u : % them: 'An c ~ ~ c ma
y ,man, did this," They said
to him: 'Do you want us, then, to go out and
mLIect them?' aV-Ile said: 'No; that by no
chance, while collecting the w e e d a , " ~ vuproot
the wl1en1: wilh them. " Let both grow together
f \ ~ r 4 : s s until d ~ c
h a r ~ o s t ;and
~ in the harvest scnson
1 will tell I h e mnpcrs, First collect the wcedsc
and bindq them in bundles to burn tilern up," 3:12
14 15 then ~o to gnlherlng the wheat into my storehouse.' "
bhIr 4 : ~ 31,Anothcr illustrationb he set; before thcin,"
saying: "The lcinjyloin of the llcnvcns is like a
mustard grain,' which a man took and p l a n l d
1.11 3 3 3 9


abound ;" but whoever does not hnve, even what

hc 11ns wlll be taken from him.' '"TIlis is u~hy
I speak to them by tllc use of illustration^,^
bccnusc, loolting, they loalc in vain, and hcaring, ihcy hear in vain, ncillicr do lhcy get the
sense of it;" l d and t o ~ ~ wthem
d tIlc prophecf
of Isniali is t~a~ring
fulfillmcn t which says: 'By
hoaring, you will hear but by no means get
t h e scnsc of it; and, looklng, vnrr will loolc but
by no means see." F o ~tllc henrt of this people l ~ n sgrown thick, a d with their earsg they
havc heard with amoyancc,'* and they have
shut their
that they might never see with
their cvcs and lrear with t'belr cars and get the
scnsc it with their hearts and turn baik, and
I heal I h ~ r n . ' ~
1(E "I-Eowevcr,happy are YOUR eyes' because
they bchold, and YOUR ears becnt~scthey hear.'
For I trtdy say to YOU, Many prophets" and
ri~hteousmen desired to scc the things YOU
are bclholding and did not sctj them,# and t o
hcar the ll~jngsYOU a1.e hcaring and did not
hear tllem.'
1.8 "You, then, listen to thc illustrationao of
thc mtln that ~ o t v e d .IWWhere
anyone hears
thc word of the kingdom but rlocs not get the
sensc of it, the ~ i c l r e doneAcomes and snatches
tlmny \\that has been s o ~ in
n his hmrt;" this is
t h e onr sown alongside the ~*onrl.''I As for the
one so~vriup011 the roclry places, illis is the one
hanrirlg ihc tvord and at once ncccpting it with':I Yet he has no root in himselC but continues for a time, and after icibul;liion3 or persccution3 has arisen on account of the nmd he
Of, " ~ ~ ~ ~ r t( wt )h .
l"t !b

Or, 'Ticnvd u~urillingly!'



Or, 'Tt"; t11at i ~ )the ~mril. Or, "pamhlc,'"

~lr~rrlcl,'' Or, " Q I I ~tl10 plmsurc of being rronlthy."

Or, Nl~rnrcletl

MATTHEW 13:32-41
in his field; which is, in fact, the tinlest of
all the seeds, but when i t has grown it is the
largest of the vegetable$' and bccomcs n tree,
so that the birds of heaveno come ancl find
lodging among its branches.'"*
33 Another illustrationn he spoke to thcrn:
"The lringdom of t h e heavens is like yeast:#
which a tvaman took and mixed" in three lnrge
measuresc of flour until the whole mass wnF
34 All these things Jesus spoke to the crowdsC
by iIlustrati~ns.~
Indeed, without an illustrationa0 hc would not speak to them;' aP. that it
might be fulfilled what was spoken through thc
prophet who said: "I will open my mouth with
illtrstrations,a I wiIl publish things hidden since

will collect out from his lclnsfdom all things that

cawse stumbling"' and persons who are doing
Ihey will pitch them inlo
the fiery furnace."Thcm is where their weeping and the gnashing of 1 heIr teeth will be.'
4 3 A t f hat time the rlghfcousmones will shineu
as brightly as the sun" in the kingclom of their
Father. Lct 11im that has cnrs 1isten.O
44 "The kingdom a! the heavens js like a
treasureohidden In the field,' which a man found
and hid, and for the joy h e has he goes and
sells what Itlings hc has nnd buys that field.m
45 "Again thc kingdom of thc E~eavensis like
a traveling merchant seeking fine pearls. q o Upon finding ont! pearl or high vnluc," away he
went and promptly sold nll the things he had
and bought it,"
47 "Again the kingdom of the heavens is Eke
a dragnet let down into the sea and scooping
up fish of every kincl.'
Whcn it got iuIl they
hauled it up ante t l ~ cbeach nnd, sitting down,
they ctlllcctcd tlrc right kinds into vessels, but
the unsuitable they threw away. '"1at
is how
it will be in the consummntionaa of thc system
of thing^:^ the angels will go out and separate
the wickedJ from among the rightcousA and
will cast them into t h e fiery ffumncc, There is
where their weeping and thc gnashing of their
teeth wilI be,+
51 "Did Tau get thc sense of all these things?"
They said to him: 'Y~es." n:Thcn hc said to
them: "That bcing the case, cvery public ins t r u c t ~when
~ , ~ taught
respectjng the Iringdom

thc fo~tndation."""

36 Then after dismissing the crowds he went

into the Izouse. And his disdples came l o him
nnd said: "Explain to us the iIlustmntlonn of
the weedsd in the field." " In rcsponse he sald:
"The sower of the right kind of seed is the Son
of man; 3B the field is the w ~ r l d ; "as for the
right kind of seed, these are thc son& of the
Itingdorn; but the ~veecIsdam the sans of the
wicked one, 39 and the enemy that =wed them
Is t h e Devil.ooThe hamis a consurnrnati~n'~
of a systemo of things,ro and the reapers are
nng~k." Tl~erefore,just as the tveecls nrc collected and burned with fire, so it wiIl be in the
consummatione of the system of things,r 4 1 The
Son of man will send forth his nngcls, m d tllcy
Or, "" b Literally, "hid?' Lilc~nlly,"thsco sdta" * or,
thret! secnlls, a sdaL equnling nlmut n prrlc and L hnlr. 4 Or,
''bcnrd~d darnel."
Or, "cornhinution cbnd; clirliti~ tngrU~ci-."
Syatetu of tlings=a'rih ((ai.o~a'), EC13; D ~ (o.lnh
III'), J L 1 4 t ~ o - 1 a .

Or, 'Combination end ; endi r~gtogrt,llrr!' Suvrf h e m ('ei.a),

KU; as in verses 39,410 nhoyr. S ~ H ( ( b~fHi ,Ih i t ~ ~ = u t ~(ai.ouP),
t : I J ; D ~ (o.laBm'),
8 Or,'(cv~ry

MATTHEW 13:5 S 1 4 :6
ldanced nE it nnd SQ helighted Hcrod that he
of the heavens,' is like a man, EL householder, 'rcoq:l
promised with nn oath to give he!- \vhnfcvcr
who brings out of his treasureo store things cMt f g : n
she nslcecl.@ Then she under her motl~er's
e m la:=
new and old.""
LU 6:65
coaching said : "Give me here upon a plate ihc
53 Now when Jes~whad finished these illushead of John ihc Baptist."' Pnincd though he
trntionsR he went across country from there." "
~ was,
. thc~Iiing out of regard for his oatlis and
84 And afte;. coming into his nntive tcrritolybDw t 1,; a
for thosc reclining n.ith him comlnanclcd it to
he I~cganto teach them in thcir synagogue? HLua:la
be given," and he sent and hacl J o I ~ zbrlrcaded
sa that they were astounded and said: "Where
in the prison. l 1 And his head lvfls bmufiht on a
clid this man get this wisdom and these poweroMt l12as
plate and given l o the maiden, and shu toolr it
ful f~~rI.(s?
AB ISthis not l.lle cnrpenter's son?"* cul.
to her mother.' Finally his disciples come up
Is not his mother called 'Mary'," and his broth- 3:;': i:z
and rernovccl thc corpse and bul*icd him" ~ n d
emq 'Jnmesp and Joseph" and Simonc and Ju- "lf"G.:l
came and rcportccl: to Jesus. "'At
hearing this
dns'?O " A n d Itis sistcrs:
nre they not a11 CMt19:29
into rl. lonewith us?" Where, then, did this rnnn get all uJoIlkda
thcse things?"" " So they began to stumble at 4;gk ;!$
to hens of it, lollo~ved"him on loot from the
But Jesus said t o them: "A prophet is not E;;:;$fi
Jhlt 9 : s
unhonored except in his native territoryb and
> I t 1532
14 Now when he came forth he saw a great
in his olvn house."* 6SAndhe did not do many 'k,"26y4
t.11 7:13
IIcl12:17 crowd, and he lclt tender affectionn for them
powerrul worlrs there on nccount of their lacko
1lCb 5 2
and he cured their sicko ones. lb
But when evemMr 0:o
oP f ~ i t h . ~
3Nt 2 5 3 6
ning Pcll his disciples came to hlm nnd said:
At that particular time Herod: the dis- OMrn:la
"The place is jsolntcd and the hour is alre~cly
trict ruler," heard the report about Jefar advanced; send the cm~vdsaway, lhnt thcy
slrso' 'and said to his s~rvnnts:"This is John oMtn:17
.Lu R:7
may go into t h e villages and buy tl~cmselves
tho Baptist. He was raised up from the dead, ~ c . ~ : n
things t o cnt.'lA However, Jesus snit1 to 1:hcm:
and this is why the powcrfuI warks'l are operat"Tllcy do not hnvc to leave: you givc them
ing In him."'
For I-Ierod hnd arrested John 'gk"0yi$4
r t t . "l7
~ They said to him: "We
and bouridO him and put him a m y In prisonD~ ; ~ ~ ~ ~ i !something
~ no1 h tion ~~here
but five loaves nnd trvo
011 account of He-ro'di.asthe wlfc of Philipo his
fishes."' '" I-Ie said: "BRING them hl?mto me."
brother,' * For John had bwn saying to him: .LU 3 : 3 ~
" K~cxthc commsnded the c r a ~ ~lo~ Irecline
"11; is not l a m for you to be hnving her.''a nk:i!$:
the grass n ~ i dtool< the five loavcs rind tvo
I Iorvever, although he wnnted to kill him, he
fishes, and, looking rrp to heaven, he sald a
fcnlvd the crowd, becausc! l l ~ c ytook him for a Blr i,:z:~
1.u :!o:Li
and, alter bre-aking the lonvcs, hc disprophet.' But when Herod's birthday3 rvas q l r ~ : n l
trilwled 1Iic.m to the disciples, tRc disciples in
I~cing celebrated the daugl~ter of
trtrn to the c r o ~ ~ c l""sSo
. ~ all ate and w e sntisOr, "pnnnbles." b Or, "city." a J2it~mlly,"the ts'hrch+'; tho terfied, m d they loolc up the s~urplusof fragmc~ls,
ritorinl prince ror thc empcmr. d UP, Hllte mirnc1cs.l'



MATTWEW 14:21-33

MATTHEW 14: 3 6 1 5 :11

B6 And they got across and came
1Mr 6 ' 5 3
. R I ~ rri.le
to land in'a,wt,~"
h1t 175
35 Upon recognizing hlm the men of that
, : .
.lntt ii 69
sent forth into all that territoryO round
." ~ ~ ~ ti1 21'
a b u t , ~ n dpcoplc brought him all those who
weye Ill.' " And they went to entreating him
for Ihc pfivilcge or just touching the fringP of
his outer g;lrrn~nt;Oand all thosc who touched
' ,;y;:,3s
a11 3:10
it were made completeIy well.
Then there came to Jesus fmm Jerusa7
lemA Pl~arisecs and scribes: saying:
Oh11 17:10
"Why is it your disciples ovcllstep the tradi*Mt 2R:46 tlon of the lncn of former times? For example,
ohrr 7 9
t l l ~ ydo not wa~Iltheir handsmwhen about to
1,u I1 38
clnt R rncal."q I' In reply he said t o them: 'Why
II>F:X ;!~I:Iz is it YOU also overstep the commandment of
1 1 : ~ 21 :17
God bccause of YQUIZtradition?' For example,
God said: 'Honor your f at11clc-Oand your moth:
er"* and, 'Let him that reviles father or mother
aME Za:38 clic t h dcnt11,~l~~
Dub YOU say: 'Whoever says
.lo his fafher or motl~er,"Whatever 1 have by
which you might get help from me is a gift
dedicated to God," U h emust not honor his fa.Mr7 : l t ther at alI.'Uncl so YOU have made the word of
"vr 7:x
Got1 it~vnlidbecnuse oC YOU[( tmdition.O" You
Mr 7:l3
* I: I 3
hypocrites," Isaiahr"aptly prophcsicd abottt YOU,
chlr 7:CI
when h e snid: 'This people honors me with
their lips, yet their hearts are far ~emoved
from me. O It is in vain that they keep paying
I T S ~ C C ~to me, ~ @ C R U Sthey
teach commands
L d r p n l of nlcn as doctrincs.' '" I u With that he called
'T'lll d,'l.t
the cro~vdnear and said to them: "Listen and
.h!i jY4'{.l
get the sense OC it:
Kot what ~ n intok his
nr 11:r
!.:,,I, ,119mouth dcfilcs a man; but it is what pmceek
out of his mouth that defiles a man.""
.,- ,
Or, %order; tas~el." b Or,"Jic wilIiwu1 fail!'


twelve baskets full." Yet those eating corn- 'a,';$::#

prised about five thousand men, besides women Jot1 G:l a
and yorulg children. 22Then,without delay, he
compelled his disciples to board: the boat and go
ahead of him to the other side, while he sent
~ M~ s: I J
the cm~vdsaway."
,!Oh 6:15
23 EvcnEually having sent the crowds w a y ,
he went up into the rno~mtainby himself to
pray.* Though it became late, he tvas there *k::s,ifj,
alone. ?"y now the boat was many h u n d ~ ~ d s
k; ti;;
of yardsa away from land, in distress fur thc ACG,.I
6 : ~
waves; because the mind was against them.
23 But in the fourth match-period" of the night
he came to them, walking over the sea,* When 'Eh$!:,
they caught sight of him walking on the aca
the disciples were terrified, saying: " I t is an oMrR!Qn
appariti~n!"'~And they cricd out in their fcnr, ~ L U
21 At once Jesus spoke to them with the words: +kb:;!$'
'Take courage, it is I;' have no fenr."" In &f$:?F
reply Peter said to him: "'Master," if it is
you, command me to come to you over the
waters."O I-Ie said: "Come!" Thereupon Pe-0 * C 1 7 : ~
ter, getting down of the boat, walked over the
waters and went toward Jesus. 3 ' ' B ~looking
at the windstorm, he got afraid a n d , after starting to sink, he cried out: "Master,c save me!"
a " ~ e d i a t e I y stretching out his hand Jcsus
caught hold of him and said to him: "You with,
little faith, why did you give way to doubt?""
S2Andafter they got up into the boat, the
windstorm abated. 33 Then those in the hatCame:sB
did obeisance to him, saying: "You are reaIIy


aliterallyj "mav stadd'; each stade bdng 606a English feet,

b The last watch-period before dawn zceorrling to the Orrcian ni~rl
now dit<Gon o f the night. Thr! Jews had t h e divisions nr
watehc~according to Exodus 14:24; Judges 7 : 10. Or, "Lord.'"

"hrt lK:a2




MATTHEW 15:12-25
1 2 T h ~ nt h e M p 1 e s came up ~ n dmid to
him: "Do you lmow that the Pharisees stumbled
at hearing what you said?"" l a Xn reply hc said: . ~ r:rr
~ h
"Every plant that my heavenly FaIIler did not $05i!y2
prant will be uprooted.' " LETthem he. Clind' a ~ l t 2 ~ i : ~ ~
guides is what they are. If, then, a blind man
guides a blind man, both will fa11 into a pit."(%''!a*$,;
By way of response Peter said to him: "Make 1411n:+.;lo
the illustrationa plain to us." l o At this he snid: .Inh <J:M
"Arc YOU also yet without unrlcrstandlng?' ''mr
"Are YOU not aware that everything cntcring
Into the mouth pstsses alorg into the jntestincs
and is discharged into the s e r ~ ~ e r'"Mowever,
tllc things proceding out of the mouth come
out of t h e heart, and those things defile n rnnn.lq. f
'"For example, out: of the heartT come 114clted *hir?:t,
reasonings," murders, adulterjes,O fornfcntjons, clhItlfl:d
thieveries, false testimonies, blasp11ernie.s."~~~~
20Theseare the things defiling a man; but to
take a meal with unwashed I~andsdoes not de1
+Mr7 : ~
file a man."'
21 Leaving there, Jesus now withdrew into
the parts of Tyre and Z i ' d ~ n . ~And, look! a mMr7:24'ciancx lvornan from those rcg ions came *~~~~;;
out and cried aloud, saying: "Have mercy on nMt M:'JO
me," Master," Sono of David. My daughter is r a l t ;:1,
badly dern~nized.'~
29 But he dfd not say R word z M l ' l : a
in answer to her. So his disdplea cainc up nnrl
began to request him: "Send her nwny; be- * f n n 6 8 : ~
cause she keeps crying out after us." ** In nn- M1 :1:25
swcr he saM: "I was not sent forth t o any but
to the lost sheepm of the house of Isritel."" "n1LEi4Lia
" When the woman came she began cluing oohctsance to him, saying: "Master," hclp me!"" !*r7:27



01; "p~~t-nhlr."Or, t'c~sspool; antcr clogct; privy."

~lnnn.itc."d Or, 'Sir; Lord." Or' "ditrl~."

Or, "Cn'-

In answer hc sniclr "It is not right t o takc the

bread of Ehe children nnd throw it to little
~ L U ~ B : Z Z dogs."O "She sniil: "Yes, Mastcr;n but really
the little dogs do oat of tZlc crumbs falling from
the tableDof thejr rnaslers."" '"Then Jesus said
in reply to her: "0woman, grcnt is your faith;
let il happel? to you as you wish." And her
?Mr 7:29
daughter was henlcd from Ilmt hour on.*
29 Crossing country from therc, Jesus next
t ~ r - 3 1 came near the sea of. Gnlti.leej+and, after going
np into the mountain, hc was sitting there.
30 Then neat crowds applaached him, having
along with thcm pcoplc thnt were Fame, cripp l d , blind, dumb, and many athenvise, and
they fairly threw them at his feet, and he cured
oMt 22:8
so t h a t the c ~ . o w dfdt
~ ~rn~wcment
@&a 35:s
~t 19:2
they saw the dumb spenklng and the lame walkMr 310
ing and the blind sc~ing,and they glorjfied the
.Toh 6.5
.hTb 99:ss God of Israel,"
R l t 11:s
32 But Jcsus cnlled his dfsciplcs to hlm and
"I feel pity" for the cwwd, loccausc it is
PAL 14:14
already tlqrce clnp that they have stayed with
me and they have nothing to cat; mcl I do not
@mz:18 want to send lhcm nwny rasiing.O They may
possibly give out on t h i*ond.*'
I-Towcver, the
disciples said to him: "Where are lvc in this
lonely placicc go in^: to get suficient loaves to
mu I X : ~ satisfy a ct*owcl of this size?"u At this Jesus
21Ci 'I:&
said to them: "I-low many IORVPS
11we mu?"
They said: "Seven, nnd n fcw little fish." " So,
after lnslrucling the crowd to recline upon She
ground, "he toolc the seven loaves and the
fishes and, nftcr offcring thanlcs, he brake thcm
and began distributing to the clisclples, the cssZB



Or, "Sir; Lord.""

ciples In turn to the crowds.A"And all ate and h ~ ; a $ ~ ~ q

were satisfied, and as a surplus of fragments1~;;;:;;
they ioolr up seven provision
3s Yet those cating campriscd four thousand
men, besides women and young children. Fi- "'
nally, d t e r sending the crowds away, he got Mr8:8
up into the boat and camp into the regions of
.Mr %lo
Here the Pharisec.smand Sadduceesd ap- mhIt
OMt 22:23
proached him and, to tempt him, thcy
a s k d him to display t o them a sign from heavMt12:3
en." "n reply he said to thrm: "Whena evening =hb-8.11
falls YOU arc nccustomcd to say, 'It will be fair
weather, for the sky is fire-wd'; a and a t mom- .?:~~~f::h7:~5 1 h
ing, 'It will be wintry, rainy weather today, for 4?4'9:.3:
the sky is fire-red, but gloomy-looking.' You +;;::;
h o w IIOW to interpret the appearance of the
sky, but the signs of the times YOU cannot in- n11cs:z
1,u 12:s
terpret." * A wicked and adultemuso generation oMr X:38
keeps on seeking for R s l ~ nbut
, no sign wlll be
given it" except the sign of
WIth a h 1r:zg
AML =:a9
that he \vent away, leaving them behindVd
5 Now the disciples crossed to the other side
and forgot to take lonves a1ong.O BSesus mid ~ s 8 : 1 3
to them: "BE on the alcrt and WATCH out lor
Ule yeast of the Pharjsms and Sadducms."'
So they bcgan to reason among thamselvos, E; 74;:
saying: "We did not talre nny loaves along."
Knowing this, Jesus snid: "Why are YOU do- &z:s
ing this reasoning among yourselves, because
YOU have no loaves, YOU with little faith?" I' DO " M a 8 *
YOU not yet see the point, or do YOU not rernember the five loaves in thc case of the five ihousand and how many baskets YOU took up?' Or 'yt:t;:7



,,,, ,:,,


aKBSy'.hAi3n~and otht.r importslnt manuscripts omit the qnotntion froin "1Vhen" to tile end o r uersc 3.

the seven loaves in thc case of the four thousand and how many provision b ~ k e t row
~ X l T5:34
hlr 8:20
not tnlk to YOU about lonves? But watch out
;hTt 232
for the yeast of the Phnriscc?~''wd Sadciucees."*
bit' 8:2l
I . U I2.L
l m r n they grasped ihtrt he said to watch
\Ir % : I 5
.\I1 2tim26 out, not for the yeastn of the loaves," but far
',MI' 1:n the tendling%f
t h e Phnrisccs and Sndducees.
13 Now whcn he had come lnto the parts of
Caes.a,rc'n Phi.Bprpi, Jesus went to asking his
~ M s8 : T disciplcs: "Who are men saying the Son of
I,u 9:18
man is?"" j.1 They said: 'Tomasay John the 13~pAML 1 . u
'Mr 9:'l
irt n:3- tist," othcrs Elijah?) stlll others Jeremiah" or
'.lo11 1 :%,
one of thc praphets." "" I-Ie snid to them: Tar,
3alr 8:m
1.u 9:20 though, who do YOU say I am?'" ''31 answer
"hfr 1:.10
,I h l t 14,33 Simon" Pcter said: "You are the Christ,@the
,j [!I1 1:23
alt 22:.<1 Son of the Bvine God."' l7 In response Jesus
I,U 11:n said to him:
"Happy3 you are, Simon son of
.!.lo d:15
8nil,Y 5:s
Jonah,&becat~tseflesho nnd blood did not rcvenl
t Fatbcr who is in tlre heavens
'lMt ll:W it t o you, I ~ u my
h.1 t 1i:l
1 say to you, You are Peter,* and
*Juh 1212 )did." l%Iso
'$12 2 7 5 1 011 this ~.ock-rnass*~~"
I will build m y cangrega"hIL 18:17
l l l , l l I0:lS tion,cOand the gates of Ha'desdpA will not averto 9 : : ~ power it, In1 will give you the keys of the ItingI I ! O Iu:d\ 2 2 0 dom of the heavens, and whatever you may
, $11 lkl%
111 W:18 bind3-onearthnwiIThave been bound"in thc henv*'~,lub
I:;:& ZH:t8
ens, and whatever you may Ioose on earth will
luu :+":lo

I 81

I,iternUy, "Bnr-Jonnh," HB. xhpa ( p R ' l r ' u ) , KB; pr'l~rr, VK;

~ w n n i n gn cliff 01- nlnm of rock, W ~ I C ~ C I p~'trn8
( P E ' ~ I - I I , Pu~hi~lt
I I ~ ~ ~ ~ Cto
' F P(~tri0,
lblrrlns a piecc o f ivclr, n ntone. SyC-p I~IIVO
for hotll
rrb" nnd "soclr", Ilut "l'ctcrYyi a prccoilotl*l)y
l lto nlnscuIint! rrlahnl pronoun (h76) diowi~bgthn t "kepha" illrnnln::
"I 'rtrl-" is mzruculit~r,whcrens "rork" i a I,]-crrrled by the i'clnininc
adjccli\,~) (kid'de). So l l l i ~~ccontl'*liephi" rn~ariillg
"~+clck"is ferninin(%.'I'l~urcthe Spi:~c!V r l ~ ~ i nngrces
rvith the n r l ~ irlitl Greek tmt. C Qy, "ec.clr?'si.a; onsrti~t~ly."Xh'drs =
:'1KLY (Shepol), J'*R*l"*'*~l~-1@.Or, r l l )tho
~ thing nlwndp trua~~rl."'

MATTHEW 17:1-13
have been lo~sedain the henvcns,'*6 Then he
Slx days later Jesus took Peter and
( M r31'1
st;ternly charged the disciples not to say t o m y James!' and John his brother along and
body that he \lTasthe Christ.'
brought thrm up h t o n lofty mountain by
Jlr 8:30
themselves." "nd
hc was tsansfig~lredbefore
2 1 From that timc fo~?vardJCSUSChrist COM- '"' y21
1.u n:m
~ P C X : I & them, and his face shone ns t h e sun, and his
menced sh~winphis discipEcs that IIC m ~ s EQ
l 2:32
~ garments became brillinnt as thc light.@' a And,
to JerusaIem and si~ffcrmany things from t h c
*Xt 13:43
loolr! there nppcnrcd t o them Rloses and Elijah,
older mcn of influence and chief pricsts ancl
He 136
'' Responsivdy Pcter said
t l M ~ l 4 . 5 convt?rsing with himmu
scribes and be killed3 and on thc thlrcl dny be oMt21:a8
PiEr 9:4
to Jesus: "IVTa~tcr,~
It is lint! for w to he here.
raised upe t"2
this Peter took him aside nnd "g;.g;;T
If you wishEI will erect three tents0 here, one
commenced raising strong objcctiol~slo him, I,ue:za
for YOU and one for Moses nntl enc for Elijalz.""
saying: "Be kind to yourself, Master;" you will
>ir 9:s
-Mr H:N
While hc was y ~ tspeaking, look! n bright
not have this destiny3 at dl."'" But, t u ~ n i n g"Mt17:12
?Mt 2l:m clouda protectingly cevcrcrl thcm, and, look! a
his baclr,~he said to Peter: "Get l~ehinrl mc, cMr 3:23
voice out of the cloud, saying: "This is my
Satan!"" You arr? a stumbIingbloclca to me, lw- eva 1s.a
3 hft 28:19
Son; the Bciovcd, whom I Ilnve nppiw~fcd;~
cause you thinkJ not God's thoughts,' but those\:A:;':
of rnen.''d
~ m2 ~ ten~to him.'"
: A t hewing
~ this thc disciples fell
upon their faces and bwamc very much afraid:
24 Then Jesus said t o his disciples: "If any~t3:17
Then Jesus came near and, touching them,
one wnnts to come after me, let him disownU
V r 9:7
L U ~ 3 5 said: "Get up and havc no fearmum
"When they
himself and pick up his torture stakenn]and
'IIab 3 a
eyes, they snw no one but Jesus
follow me continually." ZE For whoever wants "g;:?
nlr 9:ti
himself only." U n d ns thcy were descending
oKe I : I T
to save his souIf will lose it; but whoever l o s ~ s;i;y;F113
zkll' I ~ : H
from thc mountain, Jesus commanded them,
his soulf for my sake will find it." "' For what Itc 12.11
saying, ''Tell the visiono to no one untjl the Son
benefit will it be to a m m if hc gainsn tha whole -31t ,*:I5
of man is raiscd up from the deacl.""
world i~ut
forfeits his soul?rRor what will a man :
10 However, the disciples put Ihc question to
give in exchange$ for his sorrl?*'*' For the Son n1hn[ip
~ ~:+H
"Why, then, do the scribes' say that Eliof man is deslined to mmc in the glory3 of his 3 h : t 25r31
= ~ 1 t1 : ~ jafi must cornc first?"'
In reply he said: ''EliFather with his angels, m d thcn he will m o m r.nrJ:5 jah, indeed, fs coming nnd will restoreo all
pense each one according t o hi# b c h a ~ l o r . ~
i'm4:s things,' l"Rorvever, I say to YOU thal Elffah"
A l X i 19:2
2q Truly I szy to YOU that therc are! some of
has already come and they dld not recognize
those standing here that will not thstc death
him but dicl with h i n ~thc things thcy wanted.
1 I ~ M Flo:= In this way also tllc Soil of mnu is destinedDto
nt nll until first they see the Son of man corn- :;J4!52
mML 24:14
+Mr9:13 suEer at their hands,"0 lT11cn the discipIes
ing in hjs kingd~rn."~"
l .u 23:25
perceived tllnt hc spolrc to thcm ahout John
fl Or, "l)e the thing alreadp l o n ~ d . ~
b 'Or, "T,or~rl." * Or, " t ~ ~ r n i n g u
the Baptist'



, ,:,

n ~ u ~ l ~ ~dr lOr,
. ' ' "yon hme, irot Cinrl's ~ ~ i i n d
, Ilint of
Appendix undcr Mattllcw 1 V : 3s. or, "lifr!'

tucn." e Sea I


MATTHEW 17:26-18: 8
MATTHEW 11:1 6 2 5
when he entered t h e house Jesus got nhcad of
14 And when they came toward the crowd, a
him by saying: "What rlo you think, Simon?
man approached him, kneeling do~vnto himmmLU 9:37
m T From whom do the kingsn of the earth receive
1g and saying: "Master,'t have mercy on my son,
tnx or tribute? From their sons or from the
becnusr? he is a lunatic and is ill, for he falls
he said, " F r o n ~tlic stran; ;1:;Ei: s l ~ n n g e r s ? "z G~When
oS1c.n into the fire and often into thc watcr;OX:,'#
gers," Jcsus said to him: "Rcnlty, Ihen, Ihc sons
"'and I brought him t o your disciples, hut they
~But that wc do not cnusc them
Voh a:m nre t n x - f r ~ e ."'
could not curea
"In reply Jesus said: fy,"$?o
go to the sen, cast a fishhook,
"0 f d t h I m and pervertccl generation,' how "Ue32~5
; ; : : ; ; ; ;A
P ~ 2:15
ic:n K : I : ~ nnd take the first fiqh coming up and, when
long must I continuc with YOU? IEotv long must
you open its mouth, you will find n silvcr coin.a
Z put up with YOU? Bring him hcrc ta me."
'h1';llccthat and give it to tl~ernfor mc and you."
I n Then Jesus rebuked iljhand t h e rlernonUcame
nut of hirn;O and the boyQwas cured from that :om21:15
In that hour the disciplcs came near t o
hour. 11' Thereupon the disciples oanza up lo
Jesus and said: "Who really is grcatest
PMr 0:34
L u o : ~ in l h c kingdom of the hcav~ns?'"9 0 , calling
Jcaus privately and said: "Why is it we could
T,Lt 23 2.1
obrt I ~ ) . I A n youne child to him, he set it in thdr midstnot expel it?"" '"He said to them: "Because of "Fr
*h:r D:3ti
sotm little faith. For truly I say to YOU, If rTow LU lo:17
"and snid: "'Truly I say t o rrou,unless You turn
Ilnvc faith the size of a mustard
YOU 45It13:31
~ r ~ and
~ nbecome
as young childrenmYou will
wjll any t o this mountain,O 'Transfer from here 0 M t a 1 2
wxrt5:zt~ by no means enter' into the Itinjidom of the
to there,' and it will transfer, m d nothing will
I~mvens. ' Therefore, whocvcr will humb1c0"
*Mr 11:23
IlirnselC like this young cliilcl is thc onc that is
be impossible l o r YOU."^*
Lu I T : t i
*Lun:rlfl the grcatcst in the kingdom oP the heavens;"
22 It was while they were gathered together lCo 13:2
nnd whacver receives one such young clild
In Gnll.lee that Jesus said to them: "The Son1
o M b * R : m on the basis of m y name:
receives mr? also."
of nian is destined to be betrayed into men's
1 Mr 9::47
1 : :
a But ~vhoever
slumblese onc ai thcse li 1t le otlcs
" and they 1141 Itill him, and the third
who put faith in me, it is more bmcficial for
day hc will be raised up."'"Consequently they Lt;j$
w ~ 2 t~ : s
A R ~ L S : ~ Ihim to have hung around his neck a millstoneh
were very much pained."
*Mr 9:RZ
~ x c has is turned by an ass and to be sunlc in
24 After they arrived In Canpcrtneum the
the wide, open seamo
TAU 1 7 : ~
mcn collecting the temple taxd npproaclicd Pe*hTt26:24
7 "Ww+to the world due to the stumblingter and saicl: "Does YOUR tt?8cher3not pay the
Of cotrrse, the sturnblinghlocks must of
temple tax?"'d' "He said: "Yes," However, FLzg
necessity come, but woe to tlie man inth~wugh
wlwm the shrmhlingbloclP comes! W , then,
KI3SyC.* nnd other i~nportnnt manu8 Or, '"rd."
b Or, "him."
";it ;FT
aeliptn omit verse 31, readjtlg : "I lo\'evi~r, t h i ~kind cloes not conlo
your hand or your foot is mnkjng you stumble,
out cxctyt hy p r q e r nnd fa~ting.'~-C:I). * 1 ,iEcrully, "thc dihsch'Mt5:m
CUC it of[ and throw it away from you;" it is
111nlr"; 1111 Attic didrachma ecltirilirl~ nl~nut!l,l cents, or 1 shilljrig





L IjcncP. B1.itisI1 rnlues herein giru~lare Ihouc bcforc the 1949 de-

valuntion o f the pound.


"a ~ t n t e r " ; worth 68 cents, or 2 shilliaga 10 pence.

MATTHEW 18:18-27
18 "Truly I say to YOU men, Whatever things
" ~ =:a
YOU may bind3 on earth will h ~ v c
k e n boundx
in heaven and whatever things you mny loose on
le:ln earth will have been Ioosedlj in heavmA "gain
3oh 20:23
I truly say to YOU, If two of vorr on earth agree
concerning anything of importance that they
OhW 11'24
,I,J~, ~ r i : ? . ~shot~ldrequest, it will take place for them due
1Jn 1:22
,,,:,:,, l o m y Fatllerirz hea~en.~?~~For.rvhcwiI~em
,n*!.lt 2H:p two or thrw met together in my name:" there
I am jn their ~ d & . " @
Jut1 l1:13
2IThcn Peter came up flnd said to him:
" M n ~ t c r how
, ~ many times is my brotl~crto sin
nfiYrhl8:sa against me and am I t o foorglverJl ~ i r n ?Up to
.Mt 0 : ~ gevcn times?"' 28 Jesus said 1o him: "I say to
>jr lr :a seven
Id8 17:3
I.:~,I, .i.aa 1 23 "That is why the kingdom of the heavens
Ctrl 3:t.I
has become like a man, a king,* that wanted
to settle accountso with his ~ l a v c s;'-'. ~Wl~enhe
;!;: f;;;!!
stnrtad t o settle them, there was bro~igl~t
in a
man who owed him ten t h o u s a ~ ~t~lctlts
[=60,ALe25:39 000,000 de.nar'i.i].d " But becnuse he did not
have the means ta pay it hncl<, his rn~aster
c37t 19:s
ord~redhlm and his wife0 and his cllildren and
all the things he had to be sold nnd payment
a ~ , c2n:m to be made.O "Thcrcfore the slnvc fell clown
PIil 4:l
nnd began to do obeisance to him, saying: 'Be
patient with me and I will pay b ~ c l reverything
25:23 LO you.' 27 Moved t o pity at thls, the mastermof
n Or, '*ho t l i i ~ l ~nll-rlldy
bounrl'" Or, "bc Il~i~ip
nlrcndy loosctl."
m Or, "T,OTII.!'
8 rrS~.~-rnty-se~-~n
times" ngrrw wit11 I;rbnrsio 4: 34
II'F ~ P I I I ~ I . P C
1 ~) ~f t ~ cGreek Sep'tn.n.;.int ( I , S X ) \*c~sinn. Ditt D

Rner for you to enter into life maimed or lame

thnrr t o bc f k l r ~ ~ with
~ ? n two hnnds or two feet
inlo the everlasting fix." "Also, if your eye r Cal3:5
is making you stumble, tear it out ancl tllro~v
16 away rrom you; it is fincr Ios you lo enter
nne-eyed into life than to be t h ~ w ~wit11
w ~ two
eye9 into t h e fiery Ge.hcn'* '"~eep watching that YOU men do not despjse one of these ~ 0 8 : 1 3
little ones, lor I tell YOU t h a t ZIleir angelsLin ",";,"$;?
hcnvcn always have access to my P'nlhcrn w11o
is in heaven.cA
12 "What da uav think? If R certnln man
comes to have a hundred sheep and one of them
gets strayed,b will he not leave the nlnely-nine kl&2:23
upon the mount*
and set out on n searcl~for
the one that is straying?- l a And if hc happens + L u S : ~
to nnd it, I certainly tell you, he rejoices moml
over it than over the ninety-nine Ihnt have not
wtrayed." "" Likewise it is not a desirable thing @Lu lS:6
with my Father who is In heaven f o r one of
o n ~2t ~ 5 2
t h ~ s elittle ones to perish.@"
~ L 15:7
15 "Moreover, if your brother commits a sin, "2: i$i7
go lay bare his fault behvaa~you and him $i;%;O
nlonc." If he listens to you, you have g a i ~ l c dD~M ~ Z J : ~ ~
your brother. '"But if he does not listen, take
along with you one or two nzore, in order that :g;5'$;
n t Ihe mouth of two ar three wilncsscs cvcry I I ~ b 1 0 : 2 8
lnalierD may be establishcd." If he does not niut
Iistcn to them, speak to the c~ngrcgntjon.~
If i$;$24
hc does not listen even to the conjil-egniion," "~~~~~
let I~imbc to you j~lstas a man of the nationP 33rt3:25
e ~a:
nncl as a tax" coIlectol:'


* Srr!

hppcnrlia under hfnlthrlv fi : 22. T ~ i t c ~ n l l gc'nlmps

ilia Ynco of my Fntl~er." D K l 3 S y " otuit ~ ~ { II,,
~ ~ reu~ling:
a o
I l r c ~ So11 oll ]]inn cmnc t o PILVU wlrnt w n h lo~t,"-E1Sy~.~drm.
"~.cIc'Gi.a;assembly." Or, "cvcr.ytEling nniil."


a l r b f l u i tvlp rentls : "Sruentg tillre8 sercl~." UIIP tttlvl~t

,#I l11111(rr
l aix tlnlasnnd c1c.nar'i.i; h m r e tcn t l~rlusn1n2 snc11 tnlclits
~ ~ l ~ r i ~ aix[:y
~ l r r l ulil1ir)tl de.nalJi.i, Onr: ~ilvrrr t n 1 ~ ~ 1 1 ri-a.:
III ILIIPIIC 441,020 or .E10/10/-; hence 30,000 Lalet~Cs cgunled nbout
$1 U;?~l@,000 n r f2,125,000.

MATTHEW 18:2%19:3

that slave let him off+ and canceled his debt." ;;,U,y,:a4
that slave went out and faund one of his
fellow slav@sthat was owing him a hundred
de.nar'1.i; '1" and, grabbing him, he began to @Lu 7 : l l
cholce him, saying: 'Pay bnclc whatever you
Thewlore his fcllow slave fell down
nnd bcgnn to entreat him, saying: "13e patient"
wit11 mr!and I will pay you brick.' However,
he wns not wiIIing, but went off and had him
thrown jnto prison* until he ~houldpay back *&fts:25
what lvas owing. 31 When* thcrefom, his fellow
slnvcs saw the things that had happened, theyl
became very much grieved,' and thcy went and ' M t l 7 : a
rnnclc! clcnr to their master all the things that
hnd happened. 3 2 Then his master summoned
him ~ n said
d to him: 'Wiclccd slave, I canceled
all that debt for you,= when you entreated me.
:'' Ought you not, in turn, to hhnc had mercyDDE\FIA
on your fcllow slave, as I also had mercy on
you?""" With that hh master, provolred to ,,,,,:,
anger,* delivered him to the jailersdo until he @Mcs:7
should pay back all t h a t was owing.' a6 In like OMt~2+3
manner my heavenly Faihcr will also deal with
YOU if YOUdo not forgiveo each one his brother OMr2:T
from YOISR hearts."+
MC R:14
Now when Jesus had finlshed these MrL1:"
words, he departed from Gal'j.lee and
came ta the frontiers oC Judc'a across the
Jordan 'Also great cro~vdsfollowed him, and eKhy:Jl,,
~t 18:m
he cured them there."
3 And Pharisees came up to h h , intent on
tempting him and saying: "Is il lawful for a
man ta divorce kis wife on ewry kind of



Or, M f ~ rhim
g ~the~ debt!'
b A dc.nnr'i-us qnaled 170 or S
ponct! nnrl 2 fartIhgs. 1-icnen 100 dc.nnr'i.i equaled 817 or
C3/10/10, m Or, "1 forgave J'OU nll thnt dclt.') d Or, ''to~montcrrr,"

MATTHEW 19:d l 5
n reply he said: "Dfd YOU not
I W ~ Igro~mds?"* "
air 13:lg read that he who createdB them at the begin-1,
ning nmdc ihcm male and female* and said:
' " r m
'For this reEtson a mano will lcave his f ~ t h e r
' h l r 10:30
\It22:24 and his m o t h c P and will stick to his mifeJo
*.\I I. 2 k23
u ~ . I r 1 0 : 7 and the t ~ v owiII b c o n e f l e ~ h ' ? ~ ~ ~ ~
are no longer two, but onc flesh. Thcrclore,
I c ~ k l G what God IKIS yokedo together let no man put
" M r 10.9
e rco
apart."@ Tllcy snid to him: "WRy, then, did
Moses prescribe giving a certificate of disrnisiqsfr104 sal and divorcing9 h ~ r ? " + ~ H
e to ihern:
.Lh? 24.1
out of regard for YOUR harrlhcnrlcdm>lr10:5 ness," made the concession to YOU of divorcing
YOUR wivcs, but such has not bccn the case
from tho beginning. I say t o aou that whocvcx
divorces Elis wife except on the grounds of
fornication and marries another con~mitsnduE



*Mt 5:32
h1t 14:s


1C0 1:38

Isa ab:a



',xrc 9:JG


hl c 18:15

10 Thc disclplcs said to him: "If such is the
situation or n man with his wife, it is not ndVisahle to marry."" l-e
said t o them: "Not
all mcn make room for the saylng, but only
those who have the gift."lZForthere are eunuchs
that were born such from their mother's womb,
and thcre are cunuchs" that were mnclc c~uluchs
by men, and thcre are cunuchs thal, hovc mndc
tl~emsclvcscrmuchs because of t l ~ ckingdom of
the heavens. Lct him that can make roam for
it make room for lt."^
13 Thcn youngg children rvcrc brought to
him, for hiin to put his hands upon them and
offer prayer; hut the disciples rcprirnanded
tI1em.4 Jcsus, howcver, said : " h t the young
children alone, and stop hindering them from
coming to rnc, for the kingdom of the heavms
belongs to G U C kind
of persons,"' lbAnd he put

MATTHEW 19:16-28
his hands upon them and went from there." mMr 10:16
16 Now, look! a certain one came rap to him
and said: "Teacher, what good must I do in
order to get everlastingc life?''3"l7 He said t o CMt
O i U r 0:43
him: "Why do you ask me about what is good? XMr
L u 18:18
One there is that is gc~od.If, though, you want
to enter into life, observe the commandmentsc o m 2 2 s
10:3 8
He said to him: "Which #Mr
L u 18:20
X u 10:26
ones?"" Jesus saicl: "Why, You must not mur- 'Wit
der,Ou You must not commit adultery;' You U E x 20:13
Dc 5:17
must not steal,b You must not bear false wit- f-Ex 20:14
Dc 5:18
ness,' lDHonoryour father and your mother," WIr
and, You must love your neighborc as your- De
self."" U' The young man said to him: "'Ihave Ex
Dl! 5:to
kept all these; what yet am I lacking?" z V e - rnEx 2032
DF 5:lIi
sus said to him: "If you want t o be complete," CCoI 422 ,
XLC 10:x
go sell your belongings and give to the poorc chlr 12:42
and you will have treasureo in heaven, and cnlr 10:21 1
L U 1X:22
come be my follo~er.""~When the young man UPhp
heard this saying, he went away grieved, for
he was holding many possessions.* 23 But Jesus *Ps
Mr 10322
said to his disciples: "Tmly I say to YOU that Lu 18:23
it will be a difficult thing for a rich0 man to cRIr 12:41
get into the kingdom of the heavens.' 24 Again oMr 10.23
I say to YOU, It is easier for a c m e l to get
through a needle's eye than for a. rich man to


~ L lR25
get into the kingdom of God.""
25 When the disciples heard that, they expressed very great: surprise, saying: "Who
really ccm be saved?"' 2%o~kingthem in the 0M.r lo:%
face, Jesus said to them: "With men this is im18:14
possible, but with God all things are possible."" +Ce
Job 622
27 Then Peter said to him in reply: "Look! Zec 3217
zve have left all Ulings and follo\ved you; what LLXX
n 18:actually will there be for us?"" "Jesus said G M r 10:B
to them: "Truly I say t o YOU, In t h e re- Lu
Lu 25:a

MATTHEW 19:29-20 :9
creation,&when the Son of man sits down upon
"Mt 2322 his glorious throne:
YOU who have followed me
" 1 ) ~7 3 4
will also yourselves sit upon t~velvethrones,
M t 20:Zl
R l t 2531
the twelve tribes of Israel.' "$And 18:29 judging
ILu 23:?Q everyone that has left houses or brothers or
ee 221
15tr 3535
sistersc or father or mother or children or
lands for the sake of my name wiIl receive
011t !xi: 31 lrnang times more and will inheritGeverlasting
,th:t 1344 life."
M r 10:30
Lu 18:29
30 "But many that a r e first will be last and
Heb 10:34
"Mt r n 1 G the last first."
RIr 10:31
Lu 13:30
"For the kingdom of the heavens is like
a man, a householder, who went out
OLu 13%
early in ihe .morning to hire workers" for his
vbTr 12:l
vineyard."" When he had agreed with the
M t 21:33 workers for a de.narri.ush a day, he sent them
forth into his vineyard. Going out also about
the third hour," he saw others standing uneac17:17 employed in the market-place;O and to those
he said: 'You also, go into the vineyard* and
whatever is just I will pay YOU.' So off they
went. Again he went out about the sixthm
"m27:*15 and the ninth hour" and did lilrewise. Tinally,
about the eleventh hour hc went out and found
others standing, and he said to them: W h y
have YOU been stamding here all day unemployed?' They said to him: 'Because nobody
has hired us.' He said to them: 'You, too, go
"Joh15:8 into the vineyard.'"
8 "When it became evening, the master of
ihe vineyard said to his man in charge: 'Call
*$;~?c:!1 7 : 3 1 the workers and pay them their wage," proceeding from the last to the first.' firhen the


Or, "reg~nerntion;rebirt.h.IJ Syn rends 'cl7~2.~1ah'Aatj'.Za7~'='(neiv

wo~-ld,"b A denarius was equal to 17c or 8 penre 2 Pnrtilirlgs.

cfeventh-hour men came, they each received R

deanar',"lo%, when the first came, they
concluded they would receive more; but I hey
also received pay at the ~ x i eof n dc.nar'"
On receiving it they began to murmur against
the householderu and said: 'These Inst pul
in one hour's tvork, still you made them cqual
to us rvho bore the burdeno OF the day and the
bttrning heat!' la But in reply to one of them hc
mid: 'Fellow: I do you no wrong. You afireed
with me for a de.nar"i.u~,~
did you not?" Tnlw
what is yours and go. I want to give to this
last one the same as to you. Lq it not Enwlul
for me to do what I want with my own things?'
Or is your eye3 wickedh' because X am ~ooEI?'"
In this way the last ones will be first, and the
first oncs last."'"
17Being. now about to go up to JerusnIem,
Jesus took the twelve disciples* off privately
and said to them on the road:O lR"Look! ZVP
are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of rnnn
will be delivemd up to the chief prlestsd md
scribes, and they tviII condemn" hlrn to death,'
LD and will deliver him up to mcn of thc nations
to make fun of and to scouvge and to I r n p ~ l e , ~ ~ '
and the third day he wilI be m i d up."'"
20 Then the moth& of the sons of Zcb'c.dec4
approached him with her sons, doing obelsatlcc and asking far something from him.' " 'He
said to her: 'What do you want?" Shc said t o
him: "Give the tvord that these my two sons
may sit dorm one at your right hand and one nl
your left in your kingd~rn."~
8a Jesus said in
answer: "You men do not Imow what YOU are
* A dcnnrins wns e q d kr, l7c or 8 pence 2 Inrlhings, Or, "enviuus!' a Or, 'Cfastcn on n stake (or poie)

asking for yourselvm. Gtln YOU drink the cup'

?.lr 11::~
18:11 that I am a b t ~ to
t drink?" They snid to him:
rnlt 26:m
'"Ye can." ?:{ Hc said t o them: "You will indeed
drink m y cup," but this sitting clown at my
1io 8:17
right hand and a t my left is not mine to givc,
JZ-C 1:
but it belongs to thosc lor whom it has been



prepared ' by my Fntl~er.""

24 When thc ten othcrs henrd of this, they
30:41 became indignant nt the two brotl~ers.~
23 But
t u 222.1
that the nllcrsO of the nations" lord it over
them and the grcat men wiclcl at~tharitf' over
4lFo 2:6
art rx:.I themP "" This is not the armngement among
n: t 23-11 YOU; but r~?Iloevcrwants t o become p a t *
must be SOUR minister,@ " and
& :$$ whoever
w a n t s to Isc first among YOU must be
9 :
:L:;;::',I 2:7 YOUR slavemm Jyst -as the Son of man came,
MI^^^ 13:14
not to he minislad-ta, but to minister* and_
to ~ i v ehis SOU^!^ rl_ansonz' in excl~nngefor
Uhlr 1095
29 NOW as they were going out of Jericho"
Irlse 5311
L~1,aa:n a great crowd followed him.' "And, look! two
l T i 2:6
~ l2 t14- blind men sitting beside the mad, when they
'Lu I%%
heard that Jesus was pnssing by, cried out,
saying: "Lord,c have mcrcy on us, Son of
11Mt9m David!"O
But the crotvd stcrnly told them to
l l t 15:22
~r 1 0 : " ~keep quiet; yet thcy cried all the louder, say18:39 ing: "Lord, have mercy 011 us, Son of David!"*
32 So Jesus stopped, called them and said:
"What do YOU want me to do for YOU?" aa They
said t o him: "Lord, lct our eyes bc opened.'"
s4 Moved with pity, Jesus touelzed their
1.bft21:2 and immediately they rc?ceivecl slght and they
p h l r 1n:sz
followed him.'
,, lRLL3
-is omitted
Or, ''smant." b Or, "lif r." * Lord, BVg ; but 41h~d'rd"
u,\lr 10:40

ty KDSp-"LPlrm.


21 :1-11
Well, when they got close to Jerusalem
nnd arrived at Beth'phnhgco on the mount
of Ollvcs, then Jesus strnt Forth twa disciples," mLU I0:24
saying to them: "%e on you11 way into the
village that fs within sighr of YOU, and rou mMr*m
will at oncc And an ass ticd atld a colt with her;
wltic them and bring them to me," And if . M r n : 2
someone says. anything t o you, YOU must say:" nM12G:18
'The Mastera needs them.' At that he will immediately send them lorth."
4 This tlclually took plncc that it might he
fulfilled what tvas spolren Zh~mughthe propbet,


''This IS the prophctQ'Jesuss, from NazFa.rethof

L U7:1[1


saying: a "TELLthe daughtcr of Zion," 'Look! ?{;:&

' ?;?- ~ . z i
your King is coming tn you,' mild-tempered,rn rI Irh(T.io11:2:1
and n~ountedupon an ass, yes, upon a colt, the
offspl9lngof a beast of burdcn."jA
6 So 1Rc disciples got on thcir way and did
just as Jesus ordered themaOAnd they brorrght @MF11:4
the ass and its colt, and they put upon thesc
thcir outcr gnrmcnts, and he seated himself up-,,,*
on them.' Most of the crowd3 spread their 3 ~ 1 2 7 : 2 0
outer garments" on the rond, while others k-";:!$.!it,
gan cutting clown branchcso from the t e e s and c M ~ ' l , l : - s
sprearlillfi them on the rotld.' Ws for the "Lum3c
JUII 12:13
crowds, those going ahead of him and those
following Irept crying out: ''Save, we pray,"" A!;
the Soil of David!* Blessed 3s he that comes In ,;;:;If;
Jehovah's'! n ~ r n e Save
! ~ him, wc pray,b in the
J L Ia1~:2
heights n b o ~ c ! " " ~
XS' 121<:1
10 Now when he entered into Jerusalem,*the ,:;l;. :,El,
~vhoIc city? was set In commotion, saying: c A f l * l : : ~ ~
"Who is this?"
The cratvds kept telling:



Or, "Lo~il,''1' T i tcrnllr,'r~n,'*R ; K3TYl;l {L'o.shn.~rnt),



IPC ~ ~ r n yCl Jehorall's,

Or, "in tl~rItiallrnt plnccs."'

~ ~ i p n ~ ~ i n"Nave,

thr Lorrlk, N I 3 .


Gal'i.lce!" l" And Jesus cntcred inlo Ihc tcrnple,

nnrl threw out all 1I1osc selling and buyinji in
the templew and overittrncd the tables of the
nlotwy-changes clnrl the benches of those selldoves.. " And he said to thcrn: "It is writmEj;j,:;f ing
Len, 'My house 1vj11 bc! cnlIed a house or prayx 2 ~ l fi:m
er,'* but YOU arc making jt a cave of rohlsers."'"
Isn Rk7
u.Jcr7:11 " Also hlblind and lame persons came up to him
in the temple, and hc cured them.
LU 19:.lG
15 When the cIlicf pr?estsand the scrjbes sniv
Lu 10:.17 tile awelous things he did" and the boysQthat
2 4I3
rvcre crying out in the temple and saying,
11ff:a'Save, n7epray,nl?the Son of David!"' tl-ley bcAML2t;n
came indignant and said to him: "Do you
hcar what thesc arc saying?" Jesus sald to
P L U ~ : ~ them: "Yes. Djd you never reado Ihls: Q L I ~
1o:zl 01 the mouth of bahcsOand sucklings you have
OLu 220 fitmished praisc'?'I7'
And leaving them be+PsR:2
o r t 2a:n
hind he went outside the city t o Beih'n.ny!l and
m;rlr u:rr passed the njgllt t l ~ c r c . ~
18 While returning to the city early in the
"Mr 11:12 morning he got hungry,- And he caught sight
w r s ~ : t a of t~ fig3 tree by thr! road and went lo it, but
he found nothing 011 jt except leaves only, and
hc said to it : "Let no fruit come from you any
U M C ~ : ~ C m01-e
to ete~-nity,"I~
m d the fig tree wjlhtr.rcl
*LU 133:~ insCnntIy," " But whcn the discipIes snw fhia,
they wondered, saying: "How is it that the
nMlbll:21 fig tree withcrccl inslantly?""
In. ansrvcr JcS I I S said to them: "T1.uly I say to You, If only
~ J a 1:0
YOU have faith m d do not doubt: not only will
\-nu [lo what I did to the fig tree, but nlso if
YOU say to this mountnin, 'Be lifted up nnrl cast


RlA.'lXWEW 21:u-21

a I : lo

Liiemlly, "T-To.son'nn," K B ; H3'YZb:'l;l (Ho.skn.t~cr~,

~ncniling"YRYC, we prny !''

MATTHEW 2 1 : 2 2 4 2
hto the sea,' it mill h a p ~ e n .3a~ And n1I thc 4Mt 17:G
things YOU ask in prayer: having faith, rou 3 l r I13:2
'hll' 11:21
wiU receive."'
Lll 1 1 9
23 Now after he went into the temple, the 1.10 .3:?.2
cl~jcfpriests and the olrier men of influmcr! of
the people came up t o him while he was teaching and said:m"By what authority do you do O M r 11:27
these things? And who gave you this nuthor214
ity?""""I n reply Jesus said to them: "I, also, "EX
1,tI m:2
will ask aau one thing. IC Yotr tell it t,o mo, X nc 42113
nlso will tell Yon by what authority I cla tIlesc +Mr11:29
things:* Z5Thebaptismo by John, from ~ v l ~ a t
sotlrce was it? From heaven or from men?"' *Joh 1:3
But they began t o reason among themselves,
saying: "If rve say, 'From heaven,' he mill say
x t n:32
to us, Why, then, did
not heIIeve I ~ i r n ? 'n~hlr
" If,though, we say, 'From rncn,\we hnve the A t 5:#4H
crowd t o fear: for they a11 hold John as a AM1
n r t ar:oo
p r ~ p h e t . " 27~ So in answer to Jesus they said: OMF
"Wc do not how." He, in turn, snld l:o them: JAU20:li
"Neither am I telling YOU by what authority
I da these things.'
28 "W11at do YOU think? A man had two
children.* Going up to the first, he said: 'Child, *Lu 1911
go work today in the vineyard.' " In nnnslver
this one said: 'I will, sir," but did not go out. .Mi
L U &I6
" Approaching the second, he said the same. In
reply this one said: 'I wiI1 not.' Afterwards he
felt renet and went out. A' Which of the two
did the will of his father?"" They sald: "The 4tLu
LU 3s:t4
l ~ t t ~ r Jesus
said t o them: "Truly I say t o
YOU that the tax' collectors and the harlotsmOMr
aLt1 L ~ : J O
are going ahead of YOU into the kingdom of
God, "For John came to you in the path of
rightmusness,O*but YOU did not bcliwc I~im."OLU
'Mt X:25
n.Tnh 7:48
I-Towever, the tax collectors and the Ilartots be- 21'0 2 2 1


MATTHEW 21 : 33-43

Ilieved him: and YOU, although YOU saw this,

ldid not feel regret dtenvads so as to believe
' him.
33 "Hear another Jl1~1stration:r
Them was a
!Mt m:1 man, a househ~lder,~
who planted a vineyard
and put a fcnce nround it nnd dug a winepress
Isa 5 1
Jer 221 in it and erected a towcr,"and lct it out t o cula'M1' 12:l tivators for hire, and travelcrl ahroadno" When
L U 20:Y
the season of the fruits came around, he clisaMt 22-16 patchedo hls slaves to t h e cu1tivators to get his
fruits. a6 1-Towever, the cultiv~tors took his
slaves and one they bent up, another they
.We 9:26
Mt E:li killed, another tkcy sloncd,' ." Again he disI,u m10
bSCh 3kl5 patched other slaves, more than thc filmst,
a1r If: S
djsAc 7 5 2
lTh 2.15 patched his son to them, snying: 'They will reAcb l l : X
>lr L2:6 specto my son.'
seeing the son the cultivators said among themselves: 'This is the
')Ro4 1 3 heir;O* come Ict us kill0 l ~ I mand get hls in, )M123:37
* l k b 1:2
" So they took him and threw him
'11,~20,13 heritanc~!'~
"* bl t
,\1r 12:8 out of the vineynrd m d ltilled him.* aThere.luh 1:ll
fore, when the owner of the vlneyard comes,
Ac 2.23
h c 3:Y 5
I IcZl 13:l: :what will he do to thosrr c~lthator.s?'"~
said to him: ''Because they nrc evil, he niIl
bring an evil dest~uctlonupon then1 and will
Iet out tho vincyarsl for hire to other cultivaI
tors, who will rcndcs him the fruits when they
4 Mr 129
IAU 20:16 become due,"0
Ar: 13:4G
42 Jesus said to them: "Did YOU never read
h o 1R:G
' I'c. 118:22
n t h e Scriptures, 'Thc stone that the bui1de1-s
Isn 2S:LG i
blr 1 2 3 0
rejected is the one thnt hns become the chief
1 ,!I ZU:17
Alh4 : l l
cornerstone. From Jehovahh this has come to
f h l 9.A.3
.l1l1 2:m
,pass and it is m ~ v e ~ o u
ins our eyes"?' This
Il'r 2:7
h1,u 332

I,u 7:24

1 Ir, "parable."' b Jebnvnh,


; ihc Lortl, HE.

thoso slaves went out t o the roads and gntherecl' together all they found, both zvicltccl and
good;+ nncl the room for the wedding cel.emonies wns filled rvitb thorn reclining3 at the tnblc.
11 "When the king cnnle in to inspect tke
guests hc caught sight Ihere of a man not
clofhcd with a wedding gn~ment." So he wid
43 Now when the rhicf priests and the Ph:~rjto him: 'E'c?Ilow," how did you get- in h c ~ cnot
spes hnrl heard his illustrationsa
took notc ~ & ' ~ ~ ~ .2Co
sp114:24 having on n wedcling garrncnt?'# He was ~ I I that he mms speaking nbout them," ""LI~,
al- =Lu20:19
dercd spcmhless. Tl~cnthe king said to his
though thcy rvei-e seeking to seize him, Ihcy
~ e ~ j ~ a 'Bind
n f s him
: ~ ~Iland and foot and throw
fcarcd thc crowds, because these held him to
"Mta4:m him aul: into the dnrl<ncsso outside. Thcrc is
, w t2 1 ~ 1
be a, propl~el,"
hrr l2:t'd
wherc his weeping and Ilre gnashingQaI his
In further reply Jesus again spalcc! t o J0i17'40
"P"1z:lo teeth will be.'.
hit H:l2
tllcm with iillustrntions,a saying: " "The 'LU1k19
14"For there are mnny invited, but few
4il. !25:30
liingdom of the heavcns has become llce R mnn,
\It 'id4
a king, that made n ninraringeo Seasl.: for his ~ ~ ~ : ~ 2 j q ~ 0
15 Then the' Pharisees went their w ~ yand
a ~ =:I3
son. And he sent fort11 his sIa17es t o call ll~ose
counscl together in order to trap llin~in
invitec? lo the wed din^ [cast, hut they wrrc
So they dispatchedn t o him their
tmwilling l a come." Again he sent forth othcr
v h l t " ~ ~ i ~ ~ together
i p l ~ ~ "with party follotvcrs of
slaves," snying: 'TELL
those invited, "Loolt! I 'nTflZ:36
saying: "Tenchcr, we know you are
' ~ ~ : ~ Rcrod,llb
~ ~ 1 3
have prepared my dinncr, my hulls ant1 fattrulhhul
teadl the uray of God in truth,
tened at~in~afs
are slnugI1tcrcd,3 and a11 t hhtm ;&6:4
care Ear anybody, far you do
are renrly. Come to the wcclding feast." '* nu1
+r.u ao:al
not loalc upon mcn's oul~vard appcnmncc.+
u~nconcerncclthey wunl off, one to Ihnt flcld of
..Lu 11:15
do you think? Is it
.bnS2:s " Tell us, t h e r d o ~ What
his, anolhcr to his cemmc~rialbusiless;" but '&:'2:
or not?""
the rest, Islying hold of his slaves, treat4 them
11" Rut JCSIIS,
ilisoler~tIynnd killed them."
, k;,T;2:2
h ~ 221:35
t3 3 7
' " ~ ~ . 2"Why
~ : . ~ do
~ rou put me to tlx l:cst," hypocrjtc~?~
7 "Thc king grew enraged, and sent his nrr.ll-u:-l I%~IUIV
mc the t r i b ~ ~ tcoin."
They h ~ . o ~ i ~ h t
mies and destroyed those rnurilcrcrs- and 331tz3:3f
'lnrtJ7:24 him n d ~ . n a r I . ~ =uAnd
to thmm:
bu~mcdtheir city.' " Then 11csaid to his slaves: 'LU fan
.>It. l2:ya "Whosc3 in~ngeand inscripLion is this?"* " They
'Thc txrcdding feast lndeerl js ready, but 111osc
saicl: "Cacsar's."cJ Then h c said t o Ihern: "Pay
I ,(I 3:l
invit cd were not warllly;~" Therefore go to Shc A*CL3:46
Caesar'sc things to Cnes:sar,c
back, the~~cfore,
roads ieading out of thr! city, and anyouel) You
find jnvilc t o thewedding J'et~st.'~'"J~cco~~tlinglyu 14:21
n (113, ' i i u i ~ l i & r . i ~
11 ~
It;P I ~ I ~ ~ I bI nr,
~ s , "ivllh
~ ~
t bt! 1-Ieso'iIi.nn~~,)'
a Or,
is why I sny t o Y O U , T l n ~kingdom of God mill
be tnlcen from YOU and hc ciwn to a nniion' 'lTrN:T
prod~.lcin.: its froils.' ', " ~2lso, the pcrson fall-/K
2 : ~ ing uport this stone will Rc shattered. As for1 i r t ~ ~ : a
nayunc upon whom It falls, it will p~~lvwixr!
' T S Z ?:la
1,- 2 :u




Or," ~ ~ ~ I ~ I I ! J ~ Pb! Or,

: , ~ ' "as

'*I 1111 rlnperor ( ' 8 )


A rle.nnr'i.ns rrlis cq~ui~lto 17c or 8 l ~ u ~ l c o

.: 1'11rtIGnp.e OiL,"grinvlii~~;

MATTHEW 22 :22-36


but God's things to God."" 2 W W , when they

heard that, they marveled, a n d leaving him ~ 0 1 3 : ~
~ L 2U0 : a ~
they went off.$
23 On that day Sadducees; who say there is obIrD:18
no resurrection, came up to him and asked
"Teacher, Moses said, 'If any man dies 'Egjn
withaut having children, his brother must take @2,3,:$
his wifen in marriage and raise up offspringC E;;!/i3
for his brother.'* 25 NOW there were seven s C ; e m : ~
brothers with us; and the first married and Dc
deceased, and, not having offspring, he left his
wife for his brother." ZG It \vent t h e same way *Lum:m
also with the second and the third, until
through all seven.# 27 Last of all the woman *Mrla:21 1
died. 28 Consequently, in the resurrection, to
which of the seven will she be wile? f o r they
'Mr 12:23
all got her."*
Lu 20:33
29 In reply Jesus said to them: "You are
mistaken, because YOU know neither the ScripWJr 12:lO
turesG nor the power of God;' 3 0 f ~inr t h e gnr,lz:za
resurrection0 neither do they marry nor are $:gg4
they given in rnar~iage,~"
but are as angels in
heaven. " As regards the resurrection of the ;tt;:i;;
dead0 did YOU not read what was spoken to :$;!i%,
YOU by God, saying: O " '1 am the Cad" of Abra1:47
ham3 and the God of IsaacP and the God of ;Frt%;tI
Jacob'?' Hea is the God, not of the dead, but +Exs:a
of the Iiving.""* ss On hearing that, the crowds zE;z;2&
were astounded at his teaching."
34 After the Pharisees heard that he had
put the Sadducees to silence, they came together in one group. w And one of them, versed
in the Law, mked, testingo him: a" "Teacher: zE;g,ai,15
which is the greatest commandment in the


He, KBDItVgJ17; Jehovnlil, Jle; God, i n the Textns Receptus,

the Koridethiatl (9th cenlury) and olher texts.

MATTHEW 22 :37-23 :5
Law?"* a? He said to him: " 'Ygu _must l o v e
o ~2432
J_ehovqh& ygur God with your whole heart and
m u g:*
igth your kvh71e
qd-Xith- your ivh*
rriind.'3* This is the greatest and first com"<a%dment." a The second, like it, is this: 'YOU
*De 6:s
lave your neighbor as yourself.'' Lo On
E;; must
these two commandments the whole Law
L T 1~2::31 hangs, and the Prophets."'
41 NOW while the Pharisees were gathered
together Jesus asked them:O *'" "What do YOU
QMrl2::15 think about the Christ? Whose son is he?"
OMr 11:10
+Lu20:41 They said to him: "Da~id's."~'4 W e said to
w2Sa 2d:2 them: "How, then, is it that Davidmby inspirao ~ i 3 : 1 6 tionw calls him 'Lord', saying: 44 'Jehovahc
said to my Lord, "Sit at my right hand until
~ P 11O:l
~ ~ 2 . ~ 3I 4put your enemies beneath your feet'"?'
" If,
1Co 1525
He11 1:13 therefore, David calls him 'Lord', how is he his
Xe 3:21
re And nobody was able to say a word
in reply to him, nor did anyone dare from that
dayo on to question him any further.*
Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to
OLU zo:4s
his &~sciples,~
saying: "The scribes3"
3 h ~ r 2 2 4 and the Phariseese have seated themselves in
mr7:10 the seat of Moses.O a Therefore all the things
they tell4 YOU, do and observe, but do not do
according to their deeds,@+
for they say but do
:o!f;fi;$O~ ll:46
not perform. ' They bind up heavy loads9 and
mMtll:Bput them upon the shoulders of mankind," but
they themselves are not willing to budge them
%Lu11:4% with their finger," All the works they do they
do to be viewed by men;" for they broaden the
scripture-containing cases" that they wear as
NU i5:38 safeguards'd and enlarge the fringese" of their


the Lord, KJ3. b J~iterallp, "gpjl'it?'

Jehovahh,JJ2~4-14317,j83ZO,21; the Lord, NB, d Or, "bponden their
ylllylacteries." Or, "borders; tassels."

T 23:6--18

garments. " They like thc most prominent placeA'y; :.y;:g

at eveninqo meals and thr front seats in ihe
;;;r y;;,I
s ; y n a g o . ~ u ~ sand
, ~ ~ t h e grcel i n ~ sin
+ the market- m
-41,Iv 1 1 ,I1
ylaccsTi anrl to be cnll~cl'' 'Rnbhi'Ih"by men. 2nrl s l l : ' ~ ~
" But You, clo not YOU be called ' R n h l ~ i ' ,fnr
~ ~ 'I4" 2''''"'
one is Yotm teacher,)D whereas all 1-01?are >Uf r IOhV
brothers." Moreover, do ]lot: call anyone vovn
fathcP on enrlh, for One is YOLX Fntl~cr,' the PhTr
.mlal 1:n:
heavenly Onc. " Keieith~r hc called '!e;~(lem',~';;;:$;;~
for Poult IJcnderi is one, the! Christ. But lfze
great&: onc among Y I ~ UI I I L I S ~be vnrrn ministermc"*
'= Whoever exalts himselfn will he burn-;:.:
hled, and tfihoever humbles himself will be " p l + ' ~ : ~ ~ l

~ h IS:.$
~ t
L U f 1:11
13 "Woe to YOU, scribes md Pharisees, hypo- L u ln:1q
crites!" bacause YOU shut up0 the kingdom of nOhIL~ 23:2~
the heavens before mnulcind; for you' y o ~ ~ +LU
r - 11 :51 1
selves do not go in, neither do YOU pcmit those
on their wny in to go in." $" Woe to uorr, scribes mart
and Pharisees, hypo~riws!~
because YOU tra~ ~ ~ 5 0
verse sen" nnd dry land l:o make one prosclyie; 3; ~~;b:48
1 ~
md mhcn hc! becomes one YOU make 11in1 a srrbject lorr Ge.hen'nap0 twice ns much so us your23:s~
k f 15:14
16 "Woe to m, blind guides,' who say, 'lf ~-RO
rtnyone srvears by the t e r n ~ I e ,it~ is nothing;
but if anyone sn7ears by the gold" of tlie tern:?;?&2::l
he is uinder ohligaf ion.'" " Fools' and blind
ones! Which, in fact, is glrnler, the gold or the
temple" that has sanctiIicd thc golrl?'' InAlso, 'EX w n
0 Or9 ' ' p l f l ~ t ~0l?
t i nsscmMy.'" br, "My g ~ a nnr;
31s ETCCI~PII~ on@."

* Or,


~ 102

KBIJf ~ ( I W tty
RISS.) HysAtsti~ nniit vwlr 14,
~'radin: : "ll:or to you, S ( ~ I ' ~ ~ Inn11
F S I ' h a t m i : - ~ y , qI~yj,ocritcs!
hrlcnurra I
TOC d v r r l i i ~willtrirs'
h o n c ~ i~t ~ rfur
:I preiia~\.*~
oll.r*tb Inug prnytvs;
rill thk S ~ P I ~ O I I I I Lsnn wilt r r r ~ i v r jndgr~rtbr~ttrlr\va r~bnnrlnrtlly."
* OP, " P O I I V ~ ~ I f~ ~~, i" t r ~ . n l"nl ~nnll
j or.''
S p r Aplx-ntlix undrrn Rlntthew 6 : 21, Or, *'s:u~~ct~u~r;v."

MATTHEW 23 :19-38

'If anyone swears by the altar, jt is nathinz;

but if anyone swears by the oflcring on it, hc
is under obligntion.' '"Blitld ones! Which, in
'3Ex2Q:87 inct, is greater, the offering or the altar" thnt
oJohlkm smctifies5 the offering? '"Therefore,
he lhnt
swears by iho altar is swearing by i t and by all
(.~1<i8:13 the things an It; 'I and he that swears by tho
PS 11:4
PS l32:l.i fcmple3 js srvcaring by it ancl by him that is
Tsa (i:?
rid,2:m inhnhitin:: it;" '"rind he that swears by heaven
z ~ l t 2 ~is: wearing
~ ~
by thc thronemof God%and by h1m
6111 5:9 t
ihat is sitting on ft.
23 "~VOF' to YOU, scribes and Pbarjsces,
mk":m flypocrit~s!h c c n ~ ~ syou
e give the tenth* of thc
mint ancl the dill nnd the cummin, but voxr
= ~ o h 7 : 2 1 have Etisiygniuled the meighiicr matters of the
CLu 1:ra
Lnw, namcl y , judgment" xt~dmercy'" and faithUM IC r,:n
n u Y ~ : T f~11ness.I~~
These Ihings it was binding t o do,
4;:R4:;: yet not to disregard the other things. " Blindq
y[,L:;i,!l;l : , l a guides: who strain out t h e gnat'\ but gulp
down t h e c a r n ~ l ! ~
0Le 11:.I
25 ' W o e to YOU, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! bocausc aou cleanse the outside of llle
cup* and ol thc dish, but inslcle they are full of
mh 9:47 plunder and jmmoderateness. ""B1indIb I-lhnrifirs1 the inside of thc cup' ancl crE
~ ~ ~ , " :see,
: : ~cleanse;
the dish, that the outside of it also may bccome
27 "Woe to YOU, scribes and Pharisees, hypo"LUZ2:sB
*LU J I :,I 1 crite~!*because YOU rcsernhle zvhhitewasI~crl"
Ac 23:3
gllav.ves,wl~ichoutwardly inclcccE appear benulitul but inside nre full of dcncl mm's bones md
of cvery Icix~d of uncleanness. 2S Tu that wey
~' ' ~ r~? : u~ YOU
l ~ also,
~ ~outwardly
G , indccd, appear r i g l z t e o u ~ ' ~
to men," but insjcle YOU atie full of hypocrjsy"
md la~'Eesst~~s~.O

" Ota, " H I I I I C ~ ~ I . R I + Y ~k" 010,"S~litll,"

29 "Woe to YOU, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!' because YOU build the graves0 of the oAM^~6:a

prophetso and decorate the memoria1 tombs of

the righteous ones,' 3%d YOU say: 'If we had
bcen in the daysa of our forefathers,$ we would
not have been sharers ivith them in the blood
of the prophets.'
Therefore YOU are bearing
witness5 against yourselves that YOU are sons
of those who murdereda the prophets." s 2 Well,
then, A H up the measure" of YOUR f0refathers.a
33 "Serpents, ofrspringO of vipers," how are

g f i l t lo:.rl


GAT^ 24.38
mAc 7 :52

G X T ~7:21
~ L 11348


to flee from the judgment of Ge.henrna?"" anlrsle.?
chlr 12:40
For this reason, here I am sending" forth to ALu 11:49
YOU prophets and wise men and public instruc- ' ~ ~ : : , 0 ~ ~ ~
tors.c3+Some of them aou will kiIl and impale,dGzk; ;h52
and some of them You will scourge in YOUR
synagogues and persecute0+ from city to city;
" that there may comemupon aou all the right- mnrt 2 7 : ~
eous blood" spilled on earth from the blood of "I,u
lze 18:21
righteous" AbelG*to the blood of Zech.a.ri'ahc zk: gi:!
soil of Bar.a.chitah, whom YOU murdered be- t:L1I,'!:l,l:"
tween the sanctuarye and the altar. Truly I
say to YOU, A13 these things tviII come upon this
~ L U13:34
37 "Jeru~alern,~
the lullePAof the oO Mmr lo:=
prophets and stonero of those sent forth to
often I wanted to gather your chil- GI$$"
dren t ~ g e t h e r ,the
~ way a hen gathers her
chicks together under her wings!' But YQIJ people did not want it." "Loolr! YOUR house* is ;2;;&,
'Jer 1 2 : ~
Jcr 2 2 5
abandoned t o YOU. For I say to YOU," YouAoldu
will by no means see4 me from henceforth un- iKLZ?2:19


MATTHEW 24 :1-10

ti1 YOU say, 'Blessed is he that comes in Jcho~ a h name

~ ~ !'a "'
Departing now, Jesus was on his way
-( from the temple, but his disciples approaehed to show him the buildings of the ternrLU 21:s:
p1e.O a In response he said to them: "DOYOU
not behold a11 these things? Truly 1 say to YOU,
uJcr7.l.l By no means will a stone be left here upon a
{f",t!iy stone and not be thrown dotm."'"
3 IU~ilehe was sitting upon the mount of
ff: 7:iz4
the discipleso approached him privately,
. > n ~ 2757
saying: "Tell us, When will these things be,
and what will be the sign of your presence' and
the consummationbo of the systemD of
Lu 21.7
4 And in ansm7crJesus said to them: "Look
out that nobody misleads YOU;' for many will
come on the basis0 of my name, saying: 'I am
the Christ,' and will mislead many. You are
going to hear of wars and reports' of warsf
see that YOU are not terrified. Ear these thingsQ
must take -$lace, but the accomplisheda endG
is not yet.'
7 "For nation0 will rise" against nationv and
kingdom against kingdom,' and there will be
1 food3 shortageswand earthquakesc" in one place
after another. "11 these things are a beginning
of pangs of distress.
llMt 10:17
9 "Then people will deliver YOU up to tribuJOI,IW
*doh 1G:2
lation*and will kill" YOU, and YOU will be hated"
r l ~ t
by all the nations on acco~mtof m y narne.OA
1.u 21:lz l u Then, also, many will be stumbledo and will
UMt l l : G
betray one another and will hate0 one an-

Mt 21.9



Or, "measurc up E~xllyto YOUR forulathers." B rends: "You ~ ~ 1 1

iill up the rncaaure of om forcfatllcrs."
See Appendix under
,Jehovah*s, 51-49+14'1-18t21; the l;ord's, NX. b Or, "combinntion
Rlntthew Q : 22. Or, "lealnned persons; sc~iles."" 5 '"asten on
r b t j r l ; ending logsther.-" c Systeln of tLnga,=uihz.
(ad.oa'), 813;
a stake or pole.'" 00 (Ytenplc,"
n?)y (o.lak m'), J1-l4,"-l8,
d Orl "be stirred up; be ~ o u s e dup."

PITATTHEW 24: 11-26


MATTI-IEW 24 :27-37
vjllde~mess,'do not. go out; 'Look! he is in the
*Lu 1 7 s inner,' do not believe it." E'or just
as the ligljtning' comes out of eastelm paris
and shines:. over to westom pnl'ts, so tile ~ 1 ~ s
-:.Lt 2 1 : x
- ~ 1 1 2 7 : 2 i enceQ of the Son of man will I,eP :9~\'herever
:Tnb 33%
the carcassA is, thew ZIIC eaglcsmbwill flock
29 "lmmedintely n f l c r the tribulntion of those
',hl.1:yJ days the ~;un"will ba dnrltcn~d,~'
md ihc
u l l t 25 LO
the stars will
i r 1 . 1 moonox v;lill not give its light,
r-te 6 3 2
r gIhr! heav,,1t2ti ti^ fall from henvm, nnd thc p n ~ v ~ of
-1LeIk y?:%
tI~csim of
-ua7:11* the Son of man" will nppenr in I~caven, m d
then 311 the tribes of thc mrtl~will go to wail-71212 i n p and thcy will scc ihc Son of man coming'
:41r l4:62 on the cloudss of h a v e n with potver a d gwdt
glory."" a 1 And he wjll send forth his mlgcls
with a great trumpet-sound0 and they will
gatheP lhs choscnc ancs t o ~ e l h c rfrom the
Olllr 13 20
lnc 3n.4 four winds; from onc exll'clnity of the heavens
ZPC 2:6
t o their oihcr extremity.
32 "Now lenm from the A g tree os an 1LIustrationh this point: Just as soon as its young
branch grows tcncler zmd it puls forth le~ves,
LU 21%
YOU lmow that summer is nofir." S3 Likewise
also YOU, when vnrr scr! all thcsc things, hnow
he is ncar nt thc doo~*s.~" Tr~dyI say ta
".In? 5:
YOU that this genrrnti~n':~
by nu mcans
pass anFayuntil all these things occur. B"I-eav"Fwbl:ll en and earl11 will, pnss away," but nzy wordsw
IJuh 12:50
r~~ ~
3 will
by no means pnss w a y . "
"Concerning tllnt dny and hour0 nobody
~ IT^
~ c5:i
l : ?
Itnows, neither ihc nngcls oS the hcavelzs nor
Sonp but only t l ~ cFather.' For just as
Or, ''~~4th~ n po~rvr
rind glory." OF,''pnrrthle!' DKor thc

other,' ItAnd many false prophetsm will nrise;;?:,!;,A!

nnd mislead many;" 12 and b~cau.seof the in,:)
crcnsing of la~rfleswcserthe Jovc'' of lhc grcnt- ;:I;$
I:,, 1:
>!I' w.21
cr n u m k r will cool off.' ""Rt hc thnt has ,.~I.I
mdurcd to the finish" is tl~c!onc that will lje
saved. And this good3 news nf 1hp,Jdng!{o_rj+' ;;;
\r7ill_l)c prcached in all thc iuI~-~l~il;~cl'<-c:u'lh
IC~S :!:I
l~rhy!~rnoseof a m i t n e s c t o all ~ I I C U L ~ ~ O ~ I S ~"""
lllcn iheccomplished'
':Mr :1:2[1
<?'i'hcr~.cforr, w h m vou catch sir:hl. nf i h ~
disjiustinj,r7 thing that catfscs rlcsolnlion,3 as Mr l.":I4
s[-lokcnof tltrough Daniel the proghct, slancling
in n Iloly place,- (let the rcnrler use discern- 2 Yj2:,
~ncnt,)l a tl~cnlet those it1 Ju.de9nhcgin Ilcr!i~if .,',:'j: ;ij:d
to the mountains.': li Let the man on Ihr! housc- 'QlrS.5
tnp not come down to take Ihc goods out of
his house; and let the nsa~sin the fjclrl not
rutul-11 to the house to pick LIP his ou(e~+
fyrn i e ~ t l.0 Woe to the pregnanl; jvomcn anel tllose
s ~ ~ c k l i ai ~baby
in those days!o Keep prnyi~zg0 h . t ~18:n
lhtit YOUR flight may not occur In wintcrIimc3
nor on the sabbath3 day;' for then ihcrc will :y;:\?jl
he great tribulationmsrreh as has not occurset1
sincc the ~vorldbb~rr.$ming until no~v,"
no, nor .Joe 2:2
~!.ilE occur again. "S In Iacl, unless illose days
t m.11
r~cmC L I ~short, no flesll" would be sn\crl;O but w
on account of the chosenGones" those days mi41 ,.:!:,i/:$;'
.,!ill 13 20
hc cut short.'
23 "The11 if anyone says t o YOU, 'Loolr! 1ifi1-c
" Lri 17'23
js Ihc Christ,'" or, 'There!' do nol: bclicve" it. '.Mr
For fnlsc Christs" and false prophd s E wlll ti;<,$:yt
u~iscnnd tviU give great signs' aurl II'OZIC~FI~S
XI) '1'' 1:T:13
as to mislcncI," if possible, even thr chosen 'ur1n:5
o n ~ s =%oak!
L ha\-e forel~?arncrl
vsrr.' Thcrc- T~fd,l~;.~j
folr, if pcople say to you, U o I r ! hr? is in the






MATTHEW 24: 38-51
the days of Noahm were, so the presencd of
the Son of man will be.' nu For as people arcre
:;lo : s ! ~
in thosc dayso before the flood, eating and ~~2;
Iz oL
drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, ,
,,,k.,2 7
until the day thnt Noahnentered into the ark;"
*iPe 8:20
3g and they took no note until tlie flood came
and w e p t them a11 away," so tllc? presence of 02Pe3:8
the Son of man will be. Then two men will
be Ln t h e field : one mil1 he taken nlong and the
other be abandoned; ttvo rvlrrncn ~vjll bc!
grinding at the hand-mill: one will be tatrcn
along and t h e other be nbnndoned." Keep on
the wvntch, therefore, bmause YOU do not Itnow
om 25:~s
on whnt day YOUR Master is comingb
air 35:m
43 "Rut know one thing, that if the house- LU21:""
holder had known Jn what watch tlie thief 'cvns
comin~,'he would have kept awake and not n1- 't$,!1,;:9
lowed hls house to be lsrolren into. d4 On this zP@z:ln
Ac 7,'i
account YOU, too, prove yourselves ready,' be- @h~c'l.i:na
cause at an hour that uorr da not think t o be it, Lu 12:.IU
the Son o f man is coming,
45 "Who really is the fnithfulO' and discrcet
slave ~vhom his master appointed over his :;g,%;ll
domestics to give them their food RL the proper
time?" 4VIappy' is that slave if his master on
arriving finds him doing so. 4 7 Truly I say to
YOU, H e wilI appoint him over all his belongln~s.~
mft PI
Lu 12:.14
48 "But if that evil slave shouId say in his
heart,' 'My master is delayk,''
and should
start to beat his f ~ l l o wslaves and should eat
and drink with tlre confirrncd drunka1u2sTOo tho
master of that slave will come on a day that
he docs not expect and in nn hour' that be does +m
not know, " and will punish him with the great-


MATTHEW 25:l-15
"L~12.18est sevcritya* and will assign him his part with
lhe hypocrites. There is where 11isl' weping
'Ps 1 1 2 : j O and the gnashingtQof hisb teeth will be.'
n r t s:la
h l t 2;:3t3
"Then the kingdom oil the hemens wlll
rr,u 1:a7
become Iike ten virgin$ that took their
"ltr 4:21
lampsQnand tvcnl out to nlett the bridegroom."
.:tc 13:7
2 , ~1:ra
: ~ :' Five of them wclrc foolistlsa anrl five were
L h l t 5:2li
diserect." " For the foolish I ook their lamps but
took no oilg with them, "whereas the discreet
look oil in their scceptacles with tbdr lamps.
"mile the bridegroom wns delay in^, they all
nodded nnd went: to s1eep.O O Right in the middle of the night thcre arusc a cry:' 'Ilere is the
Ilridegroam! Go out to meet him.' Then all
those virginsmrose ~ n put
d their Inmps* in order. TIIQf001i~hsaid to t h e discreet: 'Give ua
nffebl:O some of vow oil,"kcause our lamps are about
uJft7:2a to go out.' T h e discreetC answercd with the
1Co 4:YO
~vords:'Pcrhaps thcr-e may not be quite enough
for us and uorr. Be on Yorm way, instead, 10
those who sell it and buy for yourselves.'
" m i l e they were going off to buy, the bridegroom arrived, and the vii-gins that were ready
um19:Q went in with him into thc wedding' cc-!lcbratia~i,
pLU 11:7
nnd the dooP was shut. Af lcnipalrlsthe rest
01 ihc vfrgins also came, saying: Sir, sir, opcn
ALu13:25 to us!'". ':In answer be snid: 'I tell YOU t h e
PLU13:27 truth, I do not knozv YOU.'"
13 "Keep on !he watch, therefore, because
YOU know neithcr the day nor the hour.'
Z P C 5:s
GLU 1512
14 "For it is just as whm a rnan,O about to
anrt zl:m
unir 3a:s.r travel abroad," sumrnoncd slaves': of Ilis nnd
*Luln:la commitlcd to thcm his belongings." la And to
one he gave five talents,c to another two, to




ent bitit in two."

a Or,
worth $1,050 or 1212/lo/-,


Qr,?heir,'' e One

silver talent wna

Or, "glinding ; clenching."

MATTI-IW 25 :16--26



still anothcr one, t o each anc nccordfng to his own

ability, mil hc went abracld. 'T~lnmcdiaielyilre
one that ~*mei'~*cd
the five tnlentsn went his wny
and did business tvith t1lcrn nncl gniried five more.
I T In Ihe snmc way the onc tlint rcceivcd the
two gained two more. l-ul
the one that rcceived just. one went off, and d1.13in the glnunrl
" ~25t:n
and hid the silver money" of his maeer,
19 "Ah:cr n long time the 111aster of those
slaves CRlllC and scMed t~ccoutllswith thcm." ' ' ' ~ ! ~ ~ ~ ; $ ~
' " Sa the one that 11acl rcccivecl five talcn1.s"
came for~vardnncl brought IIvr! ndditionnl 181e~lts,"snyjnl?;: 'Master, you comtnitted five tnle n W to me; see. I gained five Lnlents' morc."'
His master said to him: 'Wcll d m e , good ancl
faithful' slave!.. You were isilhlul' over a fcw 4,:; :piW
things. I will appoint you over many ihlt~gs." ~ I Gu : ~ O
Erlte~into the joy" of your master.' 2Z Next lllc %%
one that lznd received t h c two talents& canlc
forward and said: 'Master, you committed to
me two t n l e n t ~ :see,
~ I jinined two talmtsll ?,u,:,
more.'" " 1lis master3 said to him: 'Well done,
good and faithful slave! yot~\rare faithfill over
a few things. 1 will appoint you over many
Il~ings."Entcr into the joy'' of your master.'
24 "Fi~~nlly
t h e one Illat had receivcd the
onc t a l ~ n l :came
forrvarcl' find said: 'Master, I 'Ltt rR!rn
knew you lo be an exaclln~llman, rcnpiilg
vrfl-rerc you dld not sow and collecting mhcrc
you did not nrinno~~~.
?" So I gtrw aCsaicl;l and
went off and hid your tnlent in the grountl,
Here you llnvc what is yours.' 3n In reply his
rnasi-er said to him: "Lfrickcil nnd sluggjslrr.
N ~ ~ V CYOU
Jine!~',did you, ihnt I rcapcd sher re


"?+be rvr'ha 16


its footnoic",

bop> "hard,') ~ O I * ',[ t h i d ;


MAlTEE5Y 25 :27-35

I did not sow and collcctcd where I dicl no1

winnow? Well, then, you ought to havc clco\?r 1 ~ posil
t!d my silver moniesq with the bnnli~rs,
wlrl on my arrival I would bc receiving what is
~ L 1n:2a
rnil~ewith interest."
28 '"'T~rreIore TATCR nwny the ttale~it"from
him ami ~ i v eit to him that has the ten InloL~la:nr cnts."' to evetlynnr thnt has, mow \ifill
be givc~land he wjll have abundance; but as f o r
that dues not have, even what he hns wjlI
" him
1.1 :
n\wy from I~im,' 30 And throiv Ihc
,1r111 1 5 2
~ M n:.~:
goocl-l'ail-nothing slave out into the dni~l<ncssu
outsidc. TIiere is U~~ICIY! l~fsweeping and the
QP*IX'L:IO~ a s h i n g ( 1
of his tceth will "'.EI
nrt ~ : t 2
r u : ~ ~ : 1 3 31'"Wllcn the Son af man" arrives in his
h ~ u;:n
Q I I ~13.26 glory0 and oJI the angelso with
the11 he
7 h l l ' 12325
on his glorious ihronemo" 3 1 i d all
-I.,, I xz will sit ~10wn
I att
~ V 1.7:
the llntinns will F ~ c gatl~crcdbefore him,' and
,C'h712f;:31 he wlll scpnrate" people onr! from anothcr," just
as a xtlq,llcrdo sepamtss the sheep9 from the
rl>lt 13:10
- ~ I P I J~ 1 2
2 T And he will put Iha sheep on his right
-'-P:rr* 20:Irnnd, but: the goatst) on his left.
34 'Then the king will say to those on his
'Come, YOU who h ~ v my
c Father's blesscnrr ro:1?
preparcd f e y KQW
, r 4327 ing, inhcrit9 the kin~clom'-~
" For 1 became
-;; h~iingry"and YOU gnvc me something
to cat,"
031r 11 :I2
WJX:, m : ~ I pot thirsty and YOU gnvc me something to
~ r r ~ 1?:2
t , drink. I ivas a &ranger' nnd YOU rcceivetl nlc
,.j,[;y,\$& Ilospitnlsly; :'%aked,l"l nnd YOU clothccl mc. I
J : M 2:15
fcll slclcu nnd you loolced nfter me, I WLIS in
cnrr 6:s

Librlnlly, "littlr g a t s or 'kitls";

Scr Terse 15 nrld fontrloE$.
~ ~ " d i i ~in
l y tlrprwint~r l tr of tlieitr. !)r, "itnt h~tft?tc-l4~~1ti;r
i 1 1 1 3 1 ~comnlolt 1 1 1 rlgui~jiu the aligi z l r ~ l word for thifi F S lll'v.'lhit)r~
t111a:tnt "ligl~
tly rl:rrl, in Ihe u n d ~ l ~ g ~ l ~ ionly",
~ ~ v l lIwnco
noi ni:crm~~ril.ily1111deor naltcrl. Or, .'gt.indiitg; rlri~c.l~ir~g."

MATTHEW 25 :37-26 :2


prison' rind you came to

me.' Then the right- '"I l:le

eous oncs will answer him with the words:
'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed" "Lu
you, or thirsty,0 and give you semethhg to rnL10:12
drink?" laWhen did we see you n slmnger and ""ts:a
receive you hospitably, or nnAed,lh and clothe
you? '"When did we see you sick or In prison
and go to you?' * O h d in reply thc king) will
sny 1,o them: 'Truly I say to you, 7'0 the extent ci;;zg
- 10:10
that YOU did I t to one of the Icnst4of these my '77t
S1E 1 1 :I 1
St.other+s,FYOU did it to me,''
T.2c,, 5.0
J l C l l Z:aI
41 "Then he lvilI say, jn turn, to those on his " I - i ~ l * ~ : t O
Icft: '?3e on YOUR w a y from me,"IWU tvho have ""[ 7:23
bcon cursed,O into the everlnsling'2re" pre- OMC
LU iri:o
pared for the DevilD and his angels. ' T o r I "Lu
'RH Iq:8
b ~ c n m ehungry, but you gave me nothing to
eat." and I got thirsty/ but YOU gave me noth;;;l;;jy
ing to drinIc. 'V was a stranger,: hut you did A
*art z.;,7
not receive me hospitably; naltcd,a but YOU did
not clotheo me; sick and In pri.son,* but YOU OEze
J I , 2:15
did not IooB after me.' '* Thcn they also will '2~' r:'N
answer wilh the tvords: 'Lord, when did we
scc? you hungry or tl~irstyor n siranger or
nakecIR or sick or in prison and did not ministcr" to you?' 4E Then he rviII answer them with 3MP1:X3
the rwrds: 'TmIy I say t o YOU, To the extent
that you did not do it to onc? of these least IPMt
~ C 3O: : ~ )
ones," You did not do' it to me.'* And these . & I ~ 2 ~ 1 '
will depart in to everlasting cutthg-:-off,h" but :$:,!'&
the righteousz ones into everlagtirig life.f9J URn ':':"'
Now when Jesus had flnlshed nll these
sayings, he said t o his djsripl~s:Ir "You
1.~11ornIhat i1.8 days from now thc passoverC



SPI?\.rrw Rfi nncl foofmoec. Litrrnlly, "prttning"; h e n c ~R curtnilil~fi, n l~ol(tiligi u check. Sea l Jol~tr4: 18, foot not el^.

MATTI-IEW 26 :3-16


and the Son of man is to be delivered

be Impnlcrl."fio@
bhl L 1c.n
3 Then 1 11c chief priests and the older men
hlr 15:li
of jnflucnce of ihc people gatl~eredt o ~ c t h e rin
the courlynrtl of the high priest ~ v h owas cnllcri
'lC'l'";L'and took counsrl'"l o p t hcr to
*.1{111 w-17 seize JCSLIS
by crnfty device and kill him. WO\V'>MtZi:lfi ever, tlicy k@ptsaying: "Not nt thc! fcnst,' in
ordcr that no upmar may arise nrnonq the



lJ:r up to
0dl1 77.X


6 Whilc Jesus happened to bc in E~th'a.ny~*
7 sir 21~17
t11c house of Simon" i.he leper," : a woman
4 : with nn n l a l ~ ~ s t e
r of costly pmf1lm~CI7oiln
~.1,11 7:17
.roil jz 3 app~onchrdhim, nnd she began pouring it upon
his heucl ns hr! was reclining at Ihc table. On
seeing this the disciples became i n d l g ~ n n tand
hMr14:4 said: "'Why tl.rjs waste?* T o r this could have
been sold f o r a great deal and been givcn to
o J O h l k 5 poor? peopl~.'' Aware of this, J ~ s u ssaid to
thcm: " W l ~ ydo you try to malte Iroul~lcfor
the ~vomfln?For she did a fine deedJ toward
me.' l 1 For votr always have the poor'Qvith you,
but YOU will not altttays have me.' For when
this ~vilornnn.put illis pel-f~merloil upon my
l~ody,she did it for the prcgarntion of me lor
bu~ial.'~ T~nlyI say to uou, Urhcrcvcr this
good news is prcnchcd in all thc nrorld, what
this rvornnn did shall also be told as a rememR31r
brances of hcr,"
'b:buF;32 14lfhcn one of the twelve, the one called
went to the c h i d priests l J and
~ 3 said:
Y O ~ Jgive me t o betray him to
R I L 27:s
YOU?"" T h ~ ystipulated to him thirty silver
fillq 1 4 : l l
piecesaAl'; So fmln then on h e lwpt seeking a
'>I:$iiF good opportunity l o betray him,O
vhfr 14:2
l 1




Or, "fastened

on n



fi,UTTETEW 26: 17-26

17 On the first day ofa the unfermented calces'

the disciples came up t o Jesus, saying: "Where Mrl-1:12
do you want us to prepare for you to eat the
passover?""" l W e said: "Go into the city to ~ ~ ; g
so-2nd-so" and say to him, The Teacher says: Ablt21:3
'My appointed t i m e is near; I will celebrate the
passover wit11 my disciples at your home.' "" "Lu 2Z:i1
lurid the ciiscipZes did as Jesus ordered them,
and they got things ready for the passover.' "x'1":16
20\W1t.n, now, it had become evening, hc
was reclining at the table with the twelve disc i p l e ~ . 21
~ While they were eating he said: "Lu22.14
"Truly T say to YOU, One of You will betray
me."* e 3 Being very much grieved a t this, they AZ,r,l&ttl
commenced each and every one to say to him:
"Master," it is not I, is it?"'
In reply he said: cE;?$l&
"He that dips his hand with me in the bow1 is
the one that will betray me.+ 4' Trwe, the Son 'E&?&>%o
of man is going away, j ~ t s tas it is written can- ";,"$?b2.&
cerning him, hut woee to that rnm through
whom the Son of man is betrayed!" It would x ~ ~ s z : z z
have been finer for him if that man had not
been born,"* ?;By way of reply Judas, who 'SIIc
- J Q ~17:12
was aboul: to betray him, said: "It is not I, is
it, Rabbi?"O He said to him: "That was for mt266:""
* J O 13:30
you to say."*
26 As they continued eating, Jesus took a
loaf3' and, after saying a blessing, he broke itAp$U,ai!$3
*Ic0 Im1
and, giving it to the disciples, he said: "TARE,

acrI 11 :2a

: +


Or, "The dny before." This rendering r d t h e Greek word f l ~ a z o s

( l ~ ~ o ' t o slolloaed
by Ihc g c n i ~ i r acnse of Ihe nrxt word n g e e s
nith the wnsc and rcnderirgmof a IiIrc construction nt John 1:15,
namrly, '(IT(>txifitrd I~efore [ p ~ . o ' t o s ]me." I n lake Greek pro'ros
fo:oIlo\vetl Ily the ge~lilivecase is son~ctimesused where Ire mould
expect p ~ o ' t e . ~ ~ . b?f,f ore or earlaci-. (Lirlrlell-Scott G~ecli-E~tglisk
Laaison, 1943 Eeprinl: under ngGto:.) b Or, "l,ord?'

MATTHEW 26 :27-38



eat. This mean& my body."o7 Also he took a

cuprnand, having given thanks, he gave it t o

them, saying: "Drink out of it, all of YOU;*

' Z,, ~2-1:8
~ for .this meansaUmy 'blood' of the covenant'Oc
,,:,I which is to bc poured out in behalf of many*
"' ut
I tell YOU, I 1141
for forgiveness3 of
any of this
when I
A M r l a : 2 + drink it newh with YOU in the kingdom of my
bRo 5:1G
-L!, 2 2 3 8 Father.''+ Finally, after singing praises,ce they
CPl; U3 t o
went out to the mount of Olives."
31Then Jesus said to them: "All of you will
be s t ~ ~ m b l e din" colmcction with me on this
CMr6:48 night:
for it is written, 'I will strike the shepOm6:34
h e ~ d and
, ~ the sheep" of the flock will be scat' JohlG32 tered' a b o ~ t , "
' ~"Eut after I have been raised
rdec I R : ~
M r l l : 2 7 UP, I will 80 aheadA of YOU into Galti.lee."b
LMt ZY:7
o n ~ tas:^^ a3 Peter reacted and said to him: "Although all
the others are stumbled in conrlection with
'Mr14:29 YOU, never will I be stumbled!"' " Jesus said
to him: "Truly I say to yorr, On this night, beOmzG:75 fore a cock crows, you will disorvnC me three
nJoh13:38 times."@ aTetex said t o him: "Even if I should
have to die with you, I will by no ~ n c a n sdis10 33 own* you." All the olher disciples also said the
J,n 9:23
lthIr 1.1::11 Same thing."
L u 22.33
' J Q J ~ ~ G : ~ 36 Then Jesus came with them to the spot"
caIled 'lGeth.sern''y, and he said to the disciples: "Sit down here while I. go over there
c 3 i r 16:,72
22:40 and pr;ly."o 2 7 And taking alony Pcfcr and the
two sons" of Zeb'e.dee,Uhe began to be grieved
{xtr 1.1:33 and to he sorely t r o ~ l A e d .""Tlien
he said to
them: "My so~11is deeply grieved, even lo
. ~~ nC nOIO:IG
-nrr 14:24


Or, "is', : in thlr ecnse o f s i g n i f ~ i t ~ giinportil~g,
St>e 1 Carir~l;liniis10 : 4."It
new; ihnt is, the ~ i n c ' sncw product,
c Or, "si~~ging
hyn111s {or psalms)


MATTHF,W 26 :39-50
death?' Stay here and keep on the wdch with
And going a little way forward, he fell
ttpon his face, praying' and saying: ' M y Father,
if it is possible, let this cupu pass away from P n r t 20:23
me. Yet, not as 1 wiET," but as you will.'"
t~ t;:m
In "
40And he came to the disciples m d found 1" ~E '5t ,uf ( l sn z : ~
Ihem sleeping," and he said to Peter: 'Could o,,,1 tclr,, I l l D
YOU men not so much as watch one hour with
me?&"Keep an the watchP and praying,' that nLti$;;B
vov may not cnter into temptation.' Thc sgi ril,
oi course, is willing, but the flcsh3 is tvcnk."' ;:i- 1 .LI 2 r :m
" Again, for the second time," he went off and a.'jl
Lll a:!:16
prayed," saying: "My Father, if it is not possi- it\,'I',:.$:'::
ble for this to pass away except I drink it, let ""' '"":.'"'
your mill take place."' 43 And he came again
'and found tliem sleeping, for their eyes ivetr! m:;iARj$C027~ I : I ~ ~
heavy." 44 SO leaving them, he again went off nMr 1 4 : ~
and prayed for the third time," saying once
mare the same word. I5 Then he came to the
disciples and said t o them: "At such a time as
this YOU are sleeping and taking Poun rest!
Look! the hour has drawn near for the Son of
m w to be betrayed into the hands3 of sinnersVb
Get up, let us go. Look! my betrayer has E
drawn near." And while he was yet speaking,
lmk! Judas?' one of the twelve, came and with
him a great crowd nith sword9 and clubs from
the chid pl-iests and older3 men of influence of cnc
4 5






CF,ta 2 2 5 2
the people.'
*hIl' 1 b I : . f 3
48 Now his betrayer had given them a sign,
saying: "Whoever it is I Idss,this is he; take
him into custody."* 39 And going straight up to *air 1 4 : ~
Jesus he said: "Good day, Rabbj!""' and k j s d u
*Mr l4:.15
him very tenderly. "O But JesusAsaid to him: czsa
"Fellow,D for what purpose are you present?" c h1-1;i , 7:ri
Then they came forward and laid hands on 3e- "LU "w8

MATTHEW 26 :51-62
1 4 : ~SUR ond took himinto custody.@ But,look! one
at those with Jest~srcslchcd out his hand and
+Mr IB:,R rlrew his sword nnd struck the slave of the
~ ~ 1
~ ~an(1ncut ofi his ear.' "Then Jesus
him: 'Ttftelrn your s\vord"toitspIacc,@
" L ' r 21Z~it5. 1 1
tI~oscIIJIIO tnkc the sword I V ~ Uperish"
~.q:tm vn.1;
by the sward.' Or clo you thinlc that X cannot
rip 1s 10
appeal t o my Fathcr to supply me at this momcnt more thnn twclve lcgionsu of angels?'
64 In that casc, how would tl~eScriptures be
hn:1rt ?:lo
Zulfillcd that St must take place this way?"
flJ In tlmt hour Jcsus snid to the C I Y I R ~ S :"Have
you come out with swords and clubs as against
~ a rolsbcr
$ to arrcst
~ after day I used
and yet YOU did
oh 1E::!fi not take mc inlo custody. "OBut all this has
talten place for the scriptures of the prophets
to bc fulllllod,~'Then a 1 t11e discip1es abandoned
him ancl i1cd.O
57 Thosc who took Jesus into custody led him
*Johls:l3 away l a Ca4ia.plrna' thc high priest, where the
xrihcs and Ihc older mcn of influence were
m u m 5 4 as~cmbled.'~
" Rut Peter kept follo~vinghim at
as far as the courtyardG"of
:E;i$g thc high pricst, nnd,
nftcr going inside, he mas
sitting with the house attendants to see t h e
*Jnh f8:lU OLI1~Ome.*
59 Mcnntime the chid priests and the entire
aitr14:Js San'hc.drinfi3 were looking for false witness
against d@sus In order t o put him to death,
"but, they round none, although many false
witncssm came iorrvard. Later on two came
'be Irk15
and said: "This man said, T can
Ps27:12 fortvalld*
3lr 1,1!57
o?rt?;.:rr, throw down I h c temple of God and build it u p
tic G2:10
in three days.-"" G With that the high priest



or, "Saprrme Coart," See Matthew 5 : 22.

MATTHEW 26 :6 3 - 3 5


stood up and said to him: "'Enve yo?t no nnswer? I n a t is it these are testifying against
you?"" '*' But Jesus kept silct~t.~
So Ihc h i ~ l i
~wicstsaid to him: "By tile living Gad I put
you under oath"to tell us mhetllrr you arc lllc
C:hrjst" thc Son of God!" " Jesus said' to him:
"That: wns for you to say," Yel I say to you
men, From I~enceforth*YOU will sccfl thr! SOTI
of manA sitting at the right IzanclQof power?
and coming on the clouds' of heaven."" UTltr!n
the high priest sipped his outer grrrrncntu, say.
ing: "He has blasphemed!""What furtller nccd
do we have of \ ~ & ~ e ~ s e sSee!
? ~ now YOU t~avt!
l~carclthe blasphemy.* G* What is ~oultopinion?" They returned answer: ''He is liable to
dEath.p'3 G: Then they spit into his f n c ~ 'and
with their fists. Olbers slapped him in
the face,* "saying: ''PI-ophcsy lo us, you
Christ: Who is it that struck you?""
69Now Peter was sitting outside in the
courtyard; and a servant' girl came up to him,
say in^: "You, too, were with Jesus the GnlA
le'an!"'* rh Bnt he denied it ksefol~thcm RI!, s t ~ y
ing: "I do not know nrl~at you are tdkitrg
about." After 11e had gone out to the mtehouse, another girl noticed llitn ~ n dsaid to
ihosr! there: "TIlis man was with Jesus thr!
Nn;r.n.rcne'."* '? And again he denied j l , \vit h
nn oath :" "I do not know the man!" ' '%ft cr
a little wblle those standing around can?@up a~ld
st~icllo PcterP "Certainly you also arc OIIC 01
tllrm, for, in fact, goup. cli~lectgives YOU RIVUY."'
'l'hen he started to curseo and swear: "1 do
not know the man!" And immediately a cnclc
C S ~ W C 7R
~ And
. ~
Peter called to mind the snying
Jesus q~olre,namely: "Before a cock cm~vs,

you will disownn me three times,"' And he went

outside and wept
1.11 22:w
Whcn it had become morning, all the
chicf priests nnd the oldcr men of ine m2:2
31r 15:l
of the pcoplct hcld a consultation again&
,1.u 3::l
ns to put him t o ilcalh." A n d , aftel'
@ilr3:27 hit~dinng'.him, ihey Irrl him off n11d ha~lcledhinl
over to Pilate ihr! govcr110r.~~
,Toll 18.25
3 The11 Judas, who bctrayecl him, seeing h~
c l ~ llo::ln
hacl been condemncd,d fell rctuorse ancl turned
"nlrx:ls the t h i ~ t y "silver picccs back to the chief
7 " r 2 ~ 26prie~t.q' and O ~ L ~ Cxncll
of influcncc, 'saying:
"1 sinned ~vhcuI bctraycd rirhlcous blood."'
They said: '"'CVhat is I h n t to us? You 1?111stsee
to that!" 50he t h ~ wthe silver pieces into
the temple and withrllatv, and went off ,and
hanged hinlself," 913uL the cllicf priesisP tool;
the silver picccs ancl saiil : "It is not IF~JI~SUIto
drop lhcm into 111c snc~edti*et?~ury,
they are the pl-icc of blood." Afterhconsulting
*Ac 1 : ~ togelhex*, they boughl* with them the potter's
oJoh10:5 ficlcl to bury strangers? VThel*cforc that fidil
has been celled "Ficld of Blood"" to Illis very
day. "hen
whnI lyas spolcim dhrough Je3.cmiah~gthep~mphct*
was lulfillcd,sa;vh~q:'m
llZ@c1 ~ 1 2they took1' tllc thirty silvw pic~es,'~
the price
upon the marl Ihnt was priccd, thc one on
~vlzornsome of tIie so;nns of Tsracl set a price,
lo and they jiavoc tllcm for the pol:I~r's"eld,
' Zec
J ~ ~11;13
3 ~ : Z
accor~llngto wlmt Jehovnhcl hnd cammancied

qnrt 28:34
6 : ~






11Jestis now stood bcIor!e Illc


Jerenriah, K M ~Zarh.natbi'nti,
Syh ; ht11 IFIO~ ~ l nis c~ntiited

1 1 ~

S p P , "They
L lnok, HXy*.~'.~l.a'l'lt~y care, D ;
T gave, K S ~ ~ - V rr. J,~,,>YJ,II,
~ ,
1 1 l&~'d,

MATTHEW 27 :25-38
washed his hands before the crowd, saying: "I
the governor put the question t o him: "Are
nm innocent of the bloodA of thls man,s You
you the king of the Jews?"" Jesus replied: U
"That is for you t o say."" But, while he was $p2!2i!f
t-rutst sce to it," 2n At that all the people said in
bcir~ga c c u ~ dby~ the chief priests and oldcr
m:la answer: "1Iis blood comc upon us and upon cur
I n # 2:11)
Then hc released Bar-ab'bas t o
men of Snfluence, he made no ansver.' ' T h e n *I<n 5 . i 3,
I I+, childrcn."'"
b i l 2'1: r i
Pilate said to him: "Do you not hear how many
tilent, but he hat1 Jesus ~ v b i p p d 'and handed
I "11 15 ltim over to IH, impnlcrl."'
things they arc testifying against youlWq''1 Yet e*Mr15:4
~ . l O I l1'1 1
'1.11 :\:I
11edid not answer him, no, not a word, so that
27 Tl~cnthe soldicrs of the governor'"took
.5l1 15 15
"Mr 1 5 5
LU ?:+?:r
the governor wondered very much."
i n h t h e governor's palace and gathered
~ : tllp
~ ~vholc body of troops together to him.'
15 Now from feast to feastGit tvas the cus- C ~ ~ l 'MtlTr:I@
torn of the governor to release a prisonen to 3*CfQ:25
??Ancl,disrobing him, thcp draped him with a
..loll 1 x 2
the crowd, the one they wanted.# lo Just at that *&,~i~,?,
Y 1 7 scarlet clonk," ''* and they braided a crown' out
time they mere holding a notorious prisoner
of Ihorus ancl put it on his hend and a reed in
l3 Hence ttlhcn they were
his right hnnd. And, kneeling befosc him, they
gathered together Piate said to them: "Which Julr 18:,10
madu fun of him, saying: "Good day, you Icing
one do YOU want me ta release to YOU,Barah'of
the Jews!"".':IU And they spit* upon him and
bns or JesusGthe so-called ' C h r i ~ t ' ? "I~s For lie Pkn;8,::i1,8 Julr l!l:~y tool< thc rced and began hitting him upon his
"Isn 5n:li
was aware that out of e n 1 9 they had ha11dcd
M I :o:e7
hcnd. :" Finally, when they had made fun" of
lbl<lJ 53:7
him 0ver.O lWoreover, while he was sitting on
y the cloak off ancl put his outer garMI.ZO:IO himl i h ~ took
ablr 1 5 : ~ mcnts upoll him and lecl him 011 for impaling?
t h e judgment seat, his wife sent him the mes- o$;?;?;2
sage: "I-lave nothing to do with that righteous
32 As Ihcy werc going out they found a naman, for I sufSered a lot today in a dream0 be- O h C a : l 7
tlvc ; of Cy.rc'nc
~namedi Simon.o4
~ man they
cause of him." :*But the chief priests and the
Imprcsscd into service t o lift up his torture
older men of influence won over the crotvds3 t o OMFR:g
P ~ 1',:17
~ ~ ~ ~t n~ l : ~ ~e .And
, ~ ~ when t11cy camc to a place
ask for Bar.ab'bas,+but to have Jcsus destroyed. ' ~ ~ , : ~ i ~ ~ o
that is to say, "Skull
W1r 15,1P2
" Now in responding ffle governor said to them: nC 3:14
6 x 2 1 l'lactlj1'111 they gove him wine mixed W h gall"
"Which of the two do mu want me to reIease
to clrinlc; FJLI~, after tasting it, he rcfused to
to .YOU?" They said: '"Bar.alfbas."'
PiIa te @hfr16:11
'Wrhcn they had impded17"h h they
M r l 1:1
p mY R
said to them: "What, then, shall I do tvith Jcdistrib~~tcd
his garment$*by casting lots: 3u and,
".,!fi 1 1
SLIS the so-called *C%sist'?'They dl said: "Let
.In11 1:; z? :as they sat, they watched over him there.
13:r li-2,i
h i ~ nbe irnpaIed!"am He said: "Why, what o"tn'm
" Also t11cy posted above his head the charge
.>rr 1 ~ 3
crime dM he commit?" Still tllcy kept crying I-" 2.1:21
- 1 1
9 n g a i n ~ thim, in writing: "This is Jestls the ICinf
..h,r 15:.+1
out all the more: "
him be impalcd!"aU kafr
I .{I z.\::L~ of 1IIP Jc\vs.'""
1.u 23:23
.ll>!l i'l ID
24 Seeing that it did no good but, rather, an Ac:l.i:l
3s Then two robbers m e r e impaledm with
A,, w,
uproar was arising, PiIate took water* and 'Dc~':"



Or, "fastened on a stake or pole."

o l [ ] ~ i shlor)tl!' 1Or, "fmtcned on a slnke or p o l ~ "

Stnc Apl)rn~lixu i i ~ l rhlattlicw

n ( II-,"innurriit.

MATTHEW 27 :3 9 4 9
him, one on his right and one an his 1cft.O Bv So
the p~qsers-bybegan spea kins abusivelyo* of oAc
:lsa 5 3 . ~ 2
>Tr 15:2i
him, wagging3 their heads 'O nncl snyjn~: "0 LU 23.33
you would-be thrower-down of thc tcmple' ancl -lJOII
l e h IY:IU
buildor of it in three days, s n v ~yourself! 11 ",rs
rs 10D:23
you are a son of God, come dollyll fiff ihc torturc sinlre!"a" In Inii~;cnmanner also the chief R,s;i;;;
I I r 1s:3o
priests with the scribes and older men of ini111cnccbegan making fun of him and saying: * 'E %
' : "'Olhers he saved, himself he cannot save! I-Ie
is Icing' of Israel; let him now comr? down off = J O h I : @
1he torture stake&and we will believe on him." &Mr1"=
' EIa Ilns put his trusta jn God; Ict Him now 0LuZ8-9
rescuaVillm if I-Ie wants him, Iur hc snicl, 'I am "P622:8
God's Son.'
*' In t h e same way wen the rob- +be1k62
hers that iere hpaIedb togethcr wil h him be*MI15:32
gan rcproacl~inghim?
CU 2334
45 Fmm the sixth hourC on a dnrl~ncssofell. ?j:;iPt-i
over all t h e land, until the ninth haur.d4'"',;$
About the n h t h hour4 Jesus calIetl out wlth
n loud voice, saying: "E'li, Bli, ln'ma sa.bacht.ka'~~i?"o
that Is, "My Chd, my Gad,' to what *,P,pr;:7
cncl have you forsaken me?"' I7At hearing this, ="r1%%
some of those standing there bcgan t o say:
"This man js calliig Elijah."* 4e And immediate- ':2&i5
ly OIIE of them ran and took a sponge ~ n sonked
it with souro wine and put it on n reed and 9pE69:21
wont t o giving him a drink.+ *L1b But the rest of
them said: "Let him be! Lct us see whether
Elijnh comes to save him."@Another man took *Mr15:36
a spear and pierced his side, and blood and

MATTI-IEIV 27:50--59
rnntcr cnme 60 Again Jcsr~scrisd out wit11
Mr 15:':;
n loud voice, and eeascd to brrntheAt':'
51.And, look! the curtain* of tho sancttaary"
' p;\ :(\.:!I
wn,s sent in t ~ t - o ,from top to hottarn,' and the
I :
I IPII Ijr:Zfi
munth q~zakcd,and the roolrqmnr;srsnwcrc split.
,\I,. Iri:,rr;
',Jr"I r c::! I
h2 A i ~ d
t l ~ cmemorial0 toml>s rvwc opmcd" and
, lRlr
4 k 1 2.1:
many bodies of the holy3 nncs that I ~ a dfallen
CISICPI) \VCYI? thrown up: "' (nnd pc~sons,'coming out fmm among the mcmorial lombs after
hAc20:23 his I,cing raised up,; cntercd" into the holy
~ i l y , and
) ~ they becamp visible to many peo"Lu7:2
ple. r8dl3ut the armyc officer." nnd those with
him watching over Jesus, when thcy snw the
"Mt 2 ~ 2 rnrthqunkeG and the things hnppcnitzg, grew
very much afraid, saying: "&r'.tainly this was



H I Appc~lilix
under 3intthelv 10 : 35. 01; ''fflfitnletl on tl ~ t a l i ~
o r l,ol~.'j 0 R i s t h hour; ~ o i l n f ~ i r.Ci8t)iii
(1 saw,, lhis w w l d Ile
!L tjonn. d Kinlh honr; counting Ti-nrll II, l L i ~rmuld be 3 p.m. 1
Eli, Eli, Innio subuqtl~ani?i n t lie C;nl.i.ldnn ilinlcet of h1-.a.mdic.

&dls Son,"i+
55 RToreover, many womenQwere thcre viewm L u z a ~ o ing
from a distance," who bad accompanied
JCSUS from Gal'i.lee to ministcr to him;"
among whom was Mary Mn~',Oalso
P M 27'81
nnrr ~5j40 Mnry* the nlotller of JamcsQ and Jo'ses,JO and
D M P I ~ : ~ Othe rnoilherk' of the sons of 2 e h k . d ~ ~ .
57 Now as it was Iate in thc aMemoon, there
a rich man of'a: ~ ~ a r n e d
UMT 1 5 : ~
JoscphI0 ~ v h ohad also Iirnsclf hmornc n disc m n : a l ciple+ of Jest~s.6s This m2.m wrnL up to Pilate
w d sshed for t h e body 01 Jcsu." Thcn Pilntc
',air 1!s81';
commi~ndedi t to be given over," 3u Ancl Joseph
IMr 15-39

2.3. I T

~ D L Un:2


cmne ant.'' Tliia R ~ V ~ I ~ P iIs~ I .- D~ H~ ~ : ~ ~ I in
S f$C: :i1111ut llvr i ~ ~ l j ~ o ~ t~uanuscril,t.r:
Iwt i s ut~littt~il ;
I,itc.l-nll>-, 'ryicIdcd 111) hi.: t~r.t~:111~."
( )I*, "ternrli~,"d cz r > j l r i i3 sLi'l
nrl tlie mrmr,rinl to111l)a ~ t - ~ ~orj c~ r ~ ~ ( > d "Or,
yniuptl up," f Orl "theL*";, Ilul r ~ n lt l u ~ I l o t l i v ~ , K nulit3
01' 100 ~ 0 ~ 1 1 i c ~ s
A * 1 8 , , { ,jljpjl!t, It 1''; I,~p;11\>~tie C P ~ I ~ I ~ ~ I;Uin
I I ' ~ t111nn7111


G b t

I llu,



01, C; 1 , 1 ~ 3j' or,

,I o + , b l ~ ~ l N, I I V ~ , ~ ~ ,


sou o E tt glltl." .I JO'RI'Y,

A llC$yl'.rl;

linen, and lald it in his new memorial tomb

which he had quamid in the rack-mass. And, bJuh~ t'
nIter rolling R big stanc lo the door of the
memorial tomb, he left.' O 1 But Mary Mtlg'da- +y;;;ig;
.rotl 1 9< I I
1s I
3ene3 and t h c other MaryQcontinued these, sit- rnbhllft. 2!4:
ting before t l ~ egrave.cJ
r1.11 L :!i:4io
62 The next day, wivhlch tvas after the "Prep ;7",
amtion",' the chief priests and the Phnrlsees :;':,,y,',,5;',,
assembledo before Pilate, O R saying: "Sir, we mh1rs.21
have called to mind that that impostor said
while yet niivc, 'After three days" I om to be
raised up,' O' Therefore command the grave to ''fl,L,':;;
be made secure until the third day, that his
clisciples may never come nnd steal' him and 'Mt2993
say to t h e people, 'Hewas raised up f ~ v mthe
dead!hnd this last imposture will F)c rvorse
than the first.'$ Pilaic! said to them: "You
have a g ~ a r d Go
. ~ make it as secure as YOU aMt28:11
know horv," OaSo they went and mnde t h ~
graveo secure by sealing'p the stoneAand having Ohlt m i
Wnh 3 3 3
the guard.
Aftera the sabbath, when i t was growing
light on t h e first day of the wsclc, Mary
Mag'dalene and the othcr MaryO came to view



3'4;(:!:h ~ r 16:1
the g r a ~ c . ~ q
2And, notice! a great earthquakeDhad t ~ k e n Lll 21:t
:;;::,kra :,1:7
pIacc; for Jehovnh'shk angel lzad descencled from,&
heaven and approached and rolled A W ~ Ythe r""7'S"
stonc and was sitting on it.' a His oulrvard ap- rhlr 1@4
pearance WAS as lightning,' and his clot,hinp as Lu 24:3
$; ; ;$ 14;:s
wl~fteas snow,"' Yes, for fear of him the watchL U :'.I :.I
mcn trembled and became as dead men.
ne 111.1
I+? L N l I
5 But the angel responded* and sald to the *Mr 1o:o

* After, J1rv18.21.

See A p p ~ n ~ l iunder
Matthcw 28 :L b J e b o v ~ b ' ~ ~
t lie Lolad's, X d E .


women: "Do not YOU be fearful, lor I know

are looking for Jesus* wllo mns
a He is not here, for he was raiscd up," as he
u blt
M t lJT:'J:I
said. Come, see the place whew he was lying?
A!,iC 1b:G
'And go quickly nncl tell his disciples he was
raised up-from the dcad, ancl, look! he is going
: : 16i:T ahearl of YOU into Gnl'i.lee;' thcre YOU wjlt see
him. Look! I have told YOU.""
8 So, quiclrly leaving the mclnorial tomb,
and great joy, they ran to repofla
O,M,;g:J2 to hfsfear3
clisciples.' And, look! Jesus met them
LU 16:s
and snicl: "Good day!" They npproached nncl
caught him by his feet and did obeisance l o
him. "I Then Jesus said to them: "1-Iave no fcar!
Ga, report to my brothers," ilsnt they mny go
OII 70: 17
into Gai.lec; and alere they will set me."
I ~ Cu:m
IltVhIle the women were on their way,
*utrnea look! some of the guard*went Into the city and
rcportccf to the chief priests all the things that
had l-lappcned. IWnd nfter these Ilad asscrnblcd
with Ilic older mcn of influence and taken
co~mscl,they gavc a sufficient number of silver
pieccs to the soldiers l 3 and snid: "Say, 'His
Zf:04 disciplm0 came in the night and stole him while
we were sleeping.' i4 And if this gets t o the
govcrnork sears, we will prevail upon him and
mill scr, sou free from worry." '"0 the soldiers
took t l ~ esilver pieces and did as they were instructcd; and this saying has h c n spread abroad
among the Jews' up to this very day.
16 I Ioivever, tho eleven dirsciglcs proceeded
GxZ'i.leeAto the mountain where Jesus had
*E',f;% into
arranged for them, and wIwn ihcy saw him
eMt14:31 .thev did obeisance, but some d ~ u b t e d .ln~And

%:: ?&~


Or, "fastened an a stake or pole."

MATTHEW 28 :19-20


Jesus approached and spolre to them, saying: "{$?;,

"All authority' has heen given me in heaven and
on the eart11.O Go thereforem and make dis- -*!I311
~ 2~ : uI~
cipEesXof people* of all the nations,' baptizing ..if
1.1 ar
them ina the nameg of the FatheP and of tlrc ":'lf::'i:
SonC and of a
te holy spirit, teachinga thcm :p4; ;;!I,
to obscrvej all the things I havc cornma~~clccl
vow. And, lmlr! I am wit11 YOU' a11 the drtys c.:.\;I
mtil the conflunrnationbs of the system of ,ri,rr



. AAt,
l l I:;:?
I : % :0 ~ T '

Or, "intn." fi Or, "the cornhination end ; tlic! e ~ t d i ~ itrqc~tluq-."

Z I I V T ~ L F(s!,n.ielrei.n),
NMD; ns at ?Itatthrtr* 1 :3 : 3!), 10, .!!I:
24 : 3 nud IT~l~re\cs
0 : 26. G ~ ~ l ~ l l l n l ~Tg.
~ i ~ !R; y
~ t, e ~ nol' Zliitli:~
tcI<:~v ( ~ L o J I ' ) , sAB; 3 % ~ ( 0 . 1 d 1 )I?') .TI-' l ~ ~ ~ - ~ u ,


s : ~

TFlc-beginnjng of- hc- gogdIne\vsvsailbobouea

Jesus Cli rist: " Just as it is ~wir,tcnin Isaicth t hc progl~ct," (Hcrc I am, scnding forth m y
*Mnl k1
I,r l'olr you;! to prepa~*e
your way; ) '
*I 1 I : 1 1 ~ I~C.SSCIII:C'SI)
a voico or n man cryjtlg out in thc wildcmess,
111e way of Jdlovah,"hznIcE his roads
.lull&1 :Z?
ebltmr; 18
John" the baptizer turned up in
c'hlr ln::i9 the W~ICIPITIC'SS,
prer~cchingbaptism3 of those re:I:2') pcntiilgaq
ior for~ivcness"%fsins." ' Conwqu~ntAhll ?:.4:
: :z
ly all the Icsril.oryg ol Ju.rlc'a a ~ c lall the inc'hll. (,:I
h ~ h i l a n l soi' Jcr~zsnlcrnmade H~eirway out t o
him, m'td 1,11cyIPC!~C1)apiized by him in the Jor9:s dm river, openly confessing their dns.O a Kow
Ar: 10.4
John wn8 clothed with ccamrl's hair and with a
leather girdle nrormd 11is loins, and was living
on jnscct Incusts' and wild honey." And he
I V O L I I ~ prt!uch, saying: "After me someone
stconger thnn I a111 is coming; I am not fit to
*A~Cn w
l n5 stonp and untic the laces of Izis sandals." a I
I~aplized you with water, but he will baptke
nIsn &I:1
,I,,,. 2 : ~ 3 ynu with holy spirit.""
hLt :I: I1
I i :I
If In I he coursc! of those days Jesus came from
At! 2 . 1
Nm'n.rcth of Gal'i.Ece nnd wns baptizecl in the
I 1
l(.t> I 2 13
d : ~by
n Jol~n.* And immediately on cam.,,,
, ,:, Jingn ~up
af thc water he saw the heavense
;1 . 1 \:
and, like a dove, the spirit coming
Jllh 7 :1%
C~L)IVII~IPOII* Ilim;= nnd a voice ca11rnorrt of the
:1's 2.1
X I z 3 : 17
my Son," the beloved; I
1 ~7 J I C ~ V C ~ S :
.I .u :!:"z have xpprovcrl' you."A




Or, "njigrl." a L i t ~ ~ s ~ ~"hcfora

l l y , your race." Jeho~ I I V h11'11N.ll:.
1.i trv:rlly, '.l~iq~tistuof re!w ~ l t n n r e . ' ' 1 UP, "il~lo";I l ~ : i tisI to c11Zcr illto 3iiin.

n ()I.,





MARK I:12-24


12 And immediately the spirit impelled him

to go into thc! wilderness.^
he mntinucd
the ntjld@me.~
lorty days,' being tempted 1 ) ~~t 4:z
Satan, nlld 110 ivas with the wild beasts, but
OMr 9:35
mgds were ministwine to hitn."
wrt n:li
14 NOW n f t John
was put under arrest Je.
went into Gal'i.1ee,Oa prcnching the good :2y;:z
news 0s God =%and saying: "The appointed r.u4:1-1
b e "
bccn fulfilled" and the &&gdom or OLU
*Da 926
Gad has drawn near. & repentant and have
faith in the good ne~vs.'"
l 27
1 6 While walking alongside the sea of Gay!lee he Saw Simon arrd Andrew the brother of
cnstinfi their nets a b u t jn the sea, for
they IWre f i ~ h c r s . ~SO Jesus said to them: '?;$:::8
"Come after me, and I s h ~ I 1cnuse YOU to become fishers of men.""q
And at o n e t1lcy "Mt 4:19

abandonccl Iheir nets and fo]30wedc h jm.0 1~ And o;,:;

after wing a little farther he saw James i h p TAU 5:n
son of Z~h'e-deeand John Elis brother, in fact,
wfik they W C l v in their boat mending their
nets,' but without dclay he called thcm. h
they I d t their father Zeb'e.dee3 in
boat with the hired men nncl went of[ aftcy
him+ %
' 11~nd they went theIr way jnto Ca.pel-'g ~4:1
LU 8 : ~
No sooner was it the sabbath than he entcmd
into the ~3nn~o;ogue
and began to teach. 2 2 And
tfley b c c ~ m castounded at his way of teaching; * ~ ' 1 : 2 8
for there he n7asteaching them as one having
a u t h ~ r i t y and
, ~ not as l.he sct9br;s.* 2 S Also at g$;,B;&
that imm@dint@time them \vas in their
gogue a man under the potvtlr of an unclean rrlSa,,,rc:io
spirit, and he s h o ~ t d , ''n sayjng: "What ]love 2Sn 19:22
l C R:2q
t o do with you, Jestrs you Na~.a.rene'?~
Did jI UII
2 4
YOU come to destroy us? I knowA exactly who " ~ " s 2 : 1 9



MARK 1:25--38
are, the I-Ioly One+ of God."' "But Jesus
repm>vcd it, saying: "Be silent, mrd mme On out
m v , ~ 4:s of him!"' =a And the unclean spifit, after thlWlvh g ]ljm into a convulsion and yelling at tllc
*MrR:m top of its voice, camc on out of him." "We11,
the people were aU so astonished that they bcgan a discussion among ihemseIves, snYinfT:
mar 8:1
u ~ l l n is
t this? A new leacllingP He autharilatively orcicrs even the unclean spirits, and they
the report about him sprcnd
JAU b : X
out immediately in all dii.~ctionsthrough all the
*~114:3T country round about in Gal'iJee."
2 9 ~ n dimmediately they went out of
ctu 4
s synagogue and \vent into the home or Simon'
M r 318 ,d
Andrcy$ with James and John. '"Now SiOLU n:sr mon'srJ mother-in-law was lying down sick
~ ~ t 8 : 1 4with a fever: a d they at once told him Fibout
her, :" And going t o her h e raised her UP, talcing her by the hand;O and the fever left her,"
+ 8.15
~ i and she began ministering to them.'
!.ti 4:39
32 A f b r evening had Snllcn, when the sun"
the people began bringing him all those
, ,:, who set,
r cill@ and those demon-~OSSPSSC~;~
; 35
the rvl~olecity" was gathcrecl right at
the door, :" s o he cured many that were ill with
various ~Iclcnesses,and he expellcd many dc~ L 493
~ o ~ E ;but
, " I he would not lei, thc demons speak,
atrytre:ta bwatlge they h e w him to be Christ."
l .u 4:31
35 And early in the morning, while it
still dark, h e rose up and went outside rind left
* t r 1 4 : 4 2 f o p a lonely place," and thcre he bcgnn prnyI I M ~ I ~*g,"
: ~ ~~ fH
i owcl~~r
and those with him
I Ipb 5:7
htrntcd him do\vn " and found him, and they
said to ]$m: "All are looking for YOU." '*But
he said to them: "Let US go somewhere clsc,
into the village-tslvns nearby, that I may



MARK 1:39-2:4


preachA there also, for it is for this purpose I
have gone out.'" 39 And he did go, preaching in bLu
Joh 17:4
their synagogues throughout the whole of Galti.lee and expelling the demons.'
40 There also came to him a leper? beseeching him" even on bended knee, saying to him:
"If you j u s t want to, you can make me clean.""
At that he was moved with pity and he
stretched out his hand and touched him and
said to him: "I want to. Be made clean.""
da And immediateIy the leprosy vanished from
him, and he became c1ean.O 4s Furthermore, he
gave him strict orders and at once sent him
away, 44 and said to him: "See you tell nobody
a thing, but go show yourself to the priestAand
oBer in behalf of your cleansing the things
Moses directed,' for t h e purpose of a witness t o
them.'" But after going away the man started to proclaim0 it a great deal and to spread
.the account abroad, so that Jeswa was no
longer able to enter openly into a city, but he
continued outside in lonely places. Yet they
kept corning to him from all sides."
However, after some days he again entered
into Ca.per'na.umo and he was reported to
be at home." Tonsequently many gathered, so
much so that there was no more room, not even
about the door, and he began t o speak the
word" t o them. aAnd men came bringing him
a p~tralytic~
carried by four.' "ut
not being
able t o bring him right to Jesusb on account of
the crowd, they removed the roof over where
he was, and having dug an opening they lowered the cot on which the paralytic was lying.o

Literally, "he.'9b Literally, "him."

fllJob 14:4
Ps 130:4

Isa 83:%
Ro 8 : s

MARK 2: 5-16
And when Jesus saw their faithAhe said to
the paralytic : "Child, your sins0 are forgiven."
Now there were some of the scribes0 there,
sitting and reasoning in their hearts:' ' "What
is it this man is sayhg in this manner? I-Ee is
blaspheming. Who can forgive" sins except one,
God?"O But Jesus, having discerned irnrnedialcly by his spirit that they were reasoning
that way in themselves, said to them: "Why
are you reasoning these things in YOUR hearts?"
Which is easier, to say t o the paralytic, Your
sins are forgiven,' or to say, 'Get up and pick
up your cot and walk'?* lo But in order lor you
men to know that the Son of man* has autharity to forgive sins upon the earth,""-he
to the paralytic: l1 "I say to you, Get up, pick
up your cot, and go ta your home."" 12Atthat
he did get up and immediately picked up his
cot and walked out in front of them a l l , 9 0
that they were all simply carried away and they
glorified God, saying: "We never saw the like
of it."
13 Again he went out beside the sea; and all
the crowd began corning to him, and he began
to teach them. l4 Eut as he was passing along,
he caught sight of Levi the son of 4-phae'us
sitting al: the tax office, and he said to him: "Ee
my follower." And rising up he followed him.'
fl Later he happened to be reclining at the table
in his house, and many tax3 collectors and sinners were reclining with Jesus and his disciples,
for there were many of them and they began
folIowing himomIR But the scribes of the Pharisees, when they saw he was eating with the
sinners and tax collectors, began saying to his
disciples: '"oes he eat with the tax collectors

MARK 2 :17-26


and sinners?""l 7 Upon hearing this Jesus said x$;5;T

to them: "'Those who are well do not need a Lu5:31
physician, but those who are ill do. I came to
call, not righteous people, but sinners.""#
u ~ 9:12
Lu 5.31
18 Now John's disciples and the Pharisees
practiced fastingo So they came and said to C$;i;9i;~
L ~ Z : ~ ~
him: "Why is it the disciples of John and the
disciples of the Pharisees practice fasting, but
your discipIes do not practice fasting?"* l9 And 'Ei zii:
Jesus said to them: "While the bridegroom is
with them the friends of the bridegrooma cannot fast," can they? As long as they have the Ocal:.l
bridegroom with them they cannot fast." 20 But A;pt$:2
days will come when the bridegroom will be
taken away from them, and then they wiIl fast Re 1 9 : ~
in that day.O 21Nobody sews a patch of un- y;;g
shrunk cloth upon an old garment; if he does, LU 1 ~ 2 2
its full strength puIls from it, the new from the
old, and the tear becomes worse.' 2 2 Also no- iMt9:16
LU 5:36
body puts new wine into old wineskins; if he
does, the wine bursts the skins, and the $vine
is lost as we11 as the skins. But people put new
wine into new wineskins."*
a ~9 3t7
Lu 5:35
23 Now it happened that he was proceeding
through the grainfields on the ~ a b b a t h ,and
~ ?$&
his disciples began to make their way plucking" *?;
the heads of grain.* e 4 So the Pharisees3 started o ~ 11:53
saying to him: "Look here! Why are they doing
on the sabbath what is not lawful?"* " 5111:he "ktiT;2
said t o them : "Have YOU never once read what
David" did when he fell in need and got hungry,
he and the men with him?* 2G How he entered
into the house of Gad, in the account about'a.thar the high priest,b and ate the loaves



.Literally, "the sons of the bridechambey:'

MARK 2 :2 7 4 :10


of presentation," which it is not latvfuld for anybody to eat except the priest^,^ and he gave
some also to the men who were with him?"' " So
Lu 6:4
he went on to say t o them: "The sabbath came
and not
L ~1
70 : Z
2 j into existence3 for the sake of man:
man for the sake of the sabbath;- 28 hence the
m f r 3127
m t 12:s
Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath.""
Lu 6:9
Once again he entered into a synagogue,
and a man was there with a dried-up handam
SO they were watching him closely to see
whether he would cure0 the man on the sabbath,@in order that they might accuse him.*
* ~12:10
LU 6:7
And he said to the man with the withered
Lu 14:l.
hand: "Get up and come to the center." Next
he said to them: "Is it lawful on the sabbath
to do a good3 deeda or to do an injury, to save
EM,; :!;is or
t o kill3 a souI?"b But they kept si1ent.O And
; ; after
looking around upon them with indignation, being thoroughly grimed at the insensibility of their hearts," he said to the man:
"Stretch out your hand." And he stretched it
out, and his hand was restored,D0 At that the
:; :$7,
Lu6:10 Pharisees went out and immediately began
0 ;
@Mr1 4 5 3
+MLI Z : ~


holding council with the party followers of

Herodc* against him in order t o destroy him."
7 But Jesus with his disciples withdrew to
the sea; and a great multitude from Galfi.lee
LU 6 3 7
and from Ju-de'a followed him." a Even from
Jerusalem and from Id.u.rneta*and from across
* ~11:21
031r.7:31 the Jordan and around Tyre" and Zi'don,O a
m u ~ : m great multitude:
on hearing of how many
things he was doing, came to him. O And he told
his disciples to have a little boat continually
" ~ r 1 4 : 4 3 at his service so that the crowdo might not
press up011 him. For he cured many, with the

LU 6:11

Bee Note, page 183.

Or, "the showbread."

" Or, "a life.''

Or, $$withthe Herodinus."

MARK 3 : 2 M : 2
"130~can Sat& expel Satan? adwhy,if a
kingdom hccomes divided against itself, that
kingdonz cannot stand;" "and d a house becomes divided aminst Itself, that house wilI
not bc ahla t o stnnrl.' '('Also if Sstan has risen

MARK 3:11-23

result that a11 those who had grievous diseases
were falling upon him to touch
Even ng;2;;
the unclean spirits/ whenever they ~vodclbe;;:
hold him, would proshte themselves before 4;;wntr1:23
him and cry OWsaying: '*Youare the Son of
l2 But many times he sternly chargedl OMr S:T
7,u 4741
+Mt 1 2 : ~
them not to make him horn.'
hlr 1:31
23 And he ascended a mountain and summoned those he wanted, and they went off to
hirn.O l4 And he formed a g ~ o u pof twelve, wIlom *:,U ,R;y
he dso named "apostles", that they might continue with him and that he might send them
out to preach"l5 and t o have authority to expcl u L u ~ l X
the demons.' lG And the group of twelve that 'Mt lo:1
he formed were Simon, to whom he also gave .Johl:rla
the surname 'Yeterw,* and James" the $011of mMr lo::a
Zcbfe.dee ancl John the brother of Jamesr' Ihc
also gave these the surname "Bo.a.ner"ges","
which means "sons of thunder"), mri AndrewP and Philipo and Bar.thol'o.mew" and
Matthew0 and Thomas0 and JamesD the son of OLU 4i:ifi
Al.phae'uso and Thad-dae'uso and Simon0 the mM110:3
Camamae'an nad'"
Judas Is.carti.ot, who later
betrayed him."
* L ~~ IB:IO
And he went into a house. =%ce more the
crowd gathered, so that they were not able even
to eat a meal.( But when his mIatives' heard !,r"n:17g
abot~tit, they went out to lay hold of him, for
they w e e saying: 'Xe has gone out of his
mind."' ez Also the scribes that came down from OJQh
Jert~aIernwere saying: "He haq Be.elYze.hub,n"-*
and he expels the demons by means of the niler
of thedernons.l'*~So,aftercaIlingthem to him, *hTt
Re began to say to them with jl1ustratjons:l' &hlAi:
a Be.el'ze.hub, TgSyD; Baeltr.e;houl, H ; Bc.c'se-bonl, B. b Or, "pnr~bl13a." c nYl-+JZ (Benei-~a'onr*),
Jm,16; Beni-Rngdli, 8gp.

'Mt 12:17

hlt l3:55
b1r 0:s

I,u H:20


up against himstlIf and k a m e divided, he cannot stand, but is coming to an end,ca 27 In fact,
no one that has got into the E~ouscof a strong
man is able to plundel" his movable goods unICSS first IIC l>inds,the strong man, and then he
will plunder his house.* 'STruly 1 say to YOU,
that a11 things \will be forgiven the sons of men,
no m:ltter what sins and blasphemies" they
blnspl~emously commit.' 'oHawever, whoever
blasphmnes ~gninstthe holy spirit has no farglvenesso forever, but is guilty of everlasting
~in."'"~Thfs, because they were saying: "He
has an unclean spirit.""
31 Now his mother and his brothers came,
rind, RS they were standing on the outside, they
sent in to him to call him.Ib$"s it was, a crowd
WRF; sitting around him, so they said to him:
"Look! your mother and your brothers outside
are secking you."' But in reply he said to
them: 'Who are my mother and my brothers?"
And having looked about upon those sitting
around him in a circle, he said: "See, m y mother' and my brother^!^ n8 Whoever does the will
of God, this one is my brother and sister" and
And he again took up teachingO beside the
+ sea. And a very great crowd gathered near
him, so that he went aboard a boat and sat
out on the sea, but all the crowd beside the sea
were on the shore: = S o he began t o teachQ

MARIC 4: 3-16
them many thingx with illustrat!onsa and to
say to them in his teaching:" a "Listen, Look! Ttg&
the sower went out to saw.o' *And as he wns :b,";$24
sowing, some seed fell alongside the road, and
thc birds" came and ate it up.' W~l~ri
other seed #Mt 1.m
felI upon the rocky place where It, of course,
did not have much soil, and it irnmediatcly
sprang up because of not having depth of soil." "pAg;5
a But w h ~ n
the sun3 rose, it was scorched, and C M ~3 6 9
for not having root it withered." And other OMt mG
seed fcll among the thorns, and the thorns came
up nnd cholred it, and it yielded no fruit.OAa But
others fcll upon soil that was right, and, corn- L u w
ina up and in~reasing,~
thcy began to yield
fruit, and they were bearing thirtyfold, and ~~~:~
LU 8:K
srxty and a hundrect"' * So Ile added the word: %?&-,-"
0 2 1 7:33
" t c t him that has earso to listen listen+'*'
'hI t 11.15
lONow when he got to be alone, those
around him with the twelve began questioning F:ki3im
him on the illustration^,"^ And he proceeded OMl' 4 : ~
ta say to them: "To YOU the sacredlgsecret' of ?
the kingdom of God has been given, but to Ihose fig;;3iA1
outside a11 things come in illuslrations,fi' l e in 1 ~ 0 1 : ~
order that, though looking, they may look and 1CO 532
yet not see, and, though hearing, they may hear ~yb4;5=
TI 2:7
and yet not get the sense of it, norq ever turn ":~!iglB
bnck nnd forgiveness be given thcm.'"
Fur- $;:j:i
thcr hc said t o them: "YOUdo not know this j$g;p
Illustratjon,aOand so how will YOU understand o M r 12:12
nl1 the other illustrations?a
14 "Ths sower s o w the
then, are the ones alongside the road where the rpe1:s
word is sown; bttt as soon as they have hcard
it Satan0 comesA and takes away the word OLu
~ Z C O2:11
rvhfch was sown in them, Is And likewise these fg$i
a Or, "pn~ablc(s)."





MARK 4: 17-26
arc the ones sown upon the rocky places: as
soon as they have b e d the worcl, they accept
b:yi k?;: it with joy.* l7 Yet they have no root in themselves, but they continue for R time; then as
f soon RS tribulationQ or pcrsecutiono arises beI ~ : Z Lmuse of the word, they are stumbled.' l e There
arr still others who a r e sown among the thorns;
these are the ones that have hcnrd thc word?
""but the anxieties of this system of things"
and the dweptive power of wcalth" and the desires3 for the rest of the things make inroads
choke the word, and it becomcs unfruitful.'
;M r ;10:23
; ancl
the ones that wcrc sown on sojl that
1,u Itc 2.1
I + I ~ t;.o
was right are those who listen t o tllc word and
tnl~cit up and bear fruit thirtyfold and sixty
4 ~ 1:i.z~
m d a hundred."'
21 And he went on to say to them: "A lampo
Idu8:15 is not brought to be put undcr n measuring
l<rl 7.4
basket or under a bed, is it? It is brought t o be
"Mt 5 : ~ put upon D. lampstand, L it notrD:'For there
IAU a h i n
LU li:.a is nothing hidden except far the purpose of
being exposed; nothing has becomc cnrefully
concealed but for t h e purpose of coming into
the openl 23 Whoever has en= to listen, let
I.U 12'2
him listen."'P
1.10 1 2
"ft 11:15
24 IIc further said to them: "Pay attention
to what YOU are hearing.' With the measure
t l ~ n lYOU at-e measuring out, aov will have it
mcasured out to YOU, yes, YOU wlU have more
sdded t o YOU.^ 25Fer he that has will have
1.u 6:s
2co 3 : ~ more given to him; but he that does not have,
evcn what he has will be takcn away from
"hft 13:la him,"'
Mt 2 2 2 9
26 SO he went on to say: "In this way the
1,U 10:10
kingclorn of God is just as when a man casts
8ysteui of thingcl= alhr (ai.onF), NBA ; P>!Y ( ~ ~ l r s k n a ' )JJ118.

MARK 4 :27-48


the seed upon the groundu

he sleeps at
night and rises up by day, and the s e d sprouts
and grows MI, just how he does not know.'
?' Of its orvn self the ground bears I1.t1It gradually, first the grass-blade, then the stallc-head,
linally thc full grain in the head. '"~tt HS soon
as the fruit permits it, he thrusts in t h e siclrle,'
becausc the harvest9ime has come."
30 And Iie went on to say: "With what Rre
we to likcn the lringdom of God, or In what
shall we set it outTA Like n mustard g a i n , which at t h e time ft was sown in
tlre gmund was the tiniest of all thc seeds" that
am on the earth-'
3 but when it has bccn
sown, it comes up and becomes greater illan
all other vegetables3 and produces great branches,' so that the birds of the hcnvenmare able
to And lodging under its shadow.""
33 So with many illustrationsa of that Bind
he would speak the word to them, as far as
they were able to listenn4'"Indeed, without nn
Illustrationn he wodd not speak to them, but
privately to his disciples he would explain all
35 And an that day, when evening had fallen,
he said to them: '"et us cross to the other
shore."a SBSe,aSter they had dismissed the
crowd, they took him in the boat: just as 1-1c
was, and thcre were other boats with him."
Now w great violent windstorm broltc out, nnd
the waves kept dashing into the boat, so that
the boat tvas close to being s ~ a m p c d 8.s~But he
was in the stem sleepingD upon a pillow, So
they woke him up and said ta him: "Teacher,
do you not care that me are about, to perish?"*'
'Or, "'pnrable ( 8 ) ."

ss With

MARK 4 :39-5 :10

that he mused himself m d rebuked the

Nind and said to the sea: "I-Tush! 13e quiet!""

And the wind abated, and a ~refltcalm set in."
.>It 8:26

SO he said to them: "why are YOU fainthearted? Do you not yet have any faith?"
41 But they felt an unusual fear, nnd they would
say to one another: "Who really is this, beat1sa43:a
nit s;27 cawe evcn the wind m d the scn obey him?""
LU8 2 5
Well, they got to thc other sride d t h e sea
*>It 8:28
into the country of the &r'n.~enea.~'' And
LU a8:z6
immediately nfter he got out d the boat a man
under the power of nn uncleon spirit met him
r1Lu8rn from among thc rncrnorlnl tombs.'! "?
had his
S~r15:46 haunt among the tombs,'" and up to that time
3Lu 13:16 absolutely nobody was able to bind3 him fast
even wit11 a chain, because Ile had oftentimes
bee11 bound with fetters ~ n dchains, but the
chains wcrc snapped ~ p n r by
t him and the fetters were 21~t~1~11y
smnshed, and nobody had
the strength to subdue ldm. And continually,
night and day, he was crying out in t l ~ ctombs
a ~ u 3 : ~ and in the mountains" and slashing himself
with doncs. But on catching sight of Jesus
from a distance hc rnn and did ohebance to
a p h ~ p : l o him," md, rvhcn he had cricd out wit11 a loud
he said: "What have I to do with mu,
of t h Most
High God?* 1 put YOU
21% under oath' by God not to tormentn me.""
& For
~ 3 8
you unclean spirit." I3ul he began to ask him:
"What is your name?" And he said t o him:
'4httE:53 '"Rly namc is L e g i ~ n because
there are many
*t~n8:30of US.''*
Ar~dhe entrentcd him many times
r l I ~8
u:a not to send the spirits out of the country."
-LU 8:24


(:m'&senes, HBnf g ; Ond'n-renes, ACfiyD.h,

MARK 5 :11-23
11 Now a great herd of srvlneh was there on
the mountain I c ~ d i n gla
. ~So they entreated him, 4b: $l,i;
saying: "Scnd us into the swine, that we may ih~ta,:cu'
enter into
And he pcrmilted them. Id" ':"'

With that the unclean spirits came out and entered into tho swlne, and the hcrd rushed over
the precipice lnto the sea, about two thousand
of them, and they drowned one after another
in the sea.' But the herders of them fled and P' I:!$%
reportcdOft to the city and to the countryside; ol-u?:l*
and people came to see what it was that had
happened.' In So they came l o Jesus, and they ',M::ji$
beheld t ha dcmon-possessed%man sitting clothed O J ~ U8::~k
and in his sound mind, this man that had had
the legion; and they grew fearful, O s o those
who Iiad seen it related to them how this had
happened to the demon-posscsscd man and
about the s~vlne,1 7 h d so they started to entreat him to go away from their districts:
18 Now as he was boarding the boat the man : @::if
that liad been demon-possessed hcgnn entreating him for permission ta continue with hirnmmLUu:m
l9 However, he did not let him, but said to him:
"Go hornc to yortr relatives,' and report to them
all tho things Jehovaha1<has done for you and ;$:?$,
the mercy 11c had on you." 2"Andhe went anray
and started to proclaim3 in the De.cnp'o.lisboall
the things Jesus did for him, &nil all. the people
began t o w ~ n d e r . ~
~ L 8U5 0
21 After Jcsus had c~ossedback again in the
boat to t h e opposite shore a great crowd assernbld3 to him," and he IVM besidc the seaVb
Now one of the presiding officers" of the syna- 22;!gT0
gogue, Ja'trus by name, came ancl, on catching :K ;;$
sight af him, he fell at his fcet' " and entreated bLuB!41




Lord, MIA.

Or, %he

Ten Cities."

MARK 5 :24-35
him many times, saying: "My little daughter fs
in an extreme condition. Would you please come
cDMr B:f,
T,!l 1!.10
and put your handsmupon her that she may get
At that he went off with
him. And a p a t crowd was following him and
against him.*
"pk :;,l! pressing
25 Now there was a woman subject to n flow
n ~ l 9t : ~of b1ooda twelve ycars" and she had been put
LW #:-:a
to many pains by many physiciansh and had
- w s 1w.12
spcnt a11 her resources and had not been benefited but, rather, hnd got worse. " When she
hcnrd the things about Jesus, she came behind
Q M t l d : a in the crowd and touchedb his outer g ~ r m c n t ;
Zn for she kept saying: "If I touch just his outer
garments I shali get weIP."n' Z%nd immedintcly her fountain of blood dried up, and she
O L ~ 5 : 1 7 sensed in her body that she had been healcda
of the grievous s i ~ k n e s s . ~
30 IrnmediateIy, also, Jesus recognized In
that power' lzad gone out of him and
he turned about jn thc crowd and began to say:
"Lu8:30 "Who touched my outer garments?"' "But his
disciples began to say to him: "You see the
*Lu8:& crowd pressing in upon you," and do you say,
'Who touchedme?' '' Elowever, he was looking
~lraundto see her that hnd done this. O-ut the
nromcm, frightened and trembling, knowing
what had happened to her, came and fell down
before him and told him the whole truthVa
He said t o her: "Daughter, your faith has
you tvel1.l' Go in peace,')" and bc in good
f i t. ar 2~IR:O
1% i:n lleaIth from your grIwous si~lmcss."~
253 15 B
r , ~ ~ ? , s n 35 While he was yet speaking, some men
hr 1Ei::lli
from the home of the presiding officer of the
a:ts :::I(;
P l l t 9:22
synagogue cmne and said: "Your daughter


Or, "snvcd."

Or, "bas anwd you."

MARK 5:%6:3
died! Why bother the teacher any longer?"' ' T ~ ~ ~ ~ : 4 *
" But Jcsus, overhearing the word being spo(
ken, said to the presiding officer of the synaI
gogue: "Havc no fear, only excrcise faith."e
" Now he did not let anyonc hllow along with Jell lI:23
him cxcept Pcter and Jalrses nnd John the
brother or James."
~t~i t Im~.:3I7
38 So they came to the house of the presiding
officer" of the synagogue, and he beheld, the 0Mr15:3n
noisy confusion and those weeping find letting
out mnny wails, "andj after. sleppiilg in, he
said to them: "Why a r e YOU causing noisy confusion and weeping? The young child has not
died, but is sleeping."'" At this they began to y:,"i?!
laugh scornfully at him. But, Ilavjng put them J f l h l l : l T
all out, hr! took dong the young cl~ild'sfather
and mother and those with him, and he went
in where the young child was.* And, taking J.U 853
the hand of the young child, he said t a her:
"TaE'i.tJm cutmi," which, translated, means,
"Itlaiden, I say to you, Get up!'"' 'I: And imme- uMt":2s
I,U ~ ~ 5 . 1
diately the maiden rose and begnn walking, for AP *'L(l
she was trvclve years old. And at once they
we-re beside t.hemselves with great ecstasyaAnLunRs
"But he ordered them again and again to let
no one learn of this, and he said something
should be given her to eat.
And he departed from there and came intc
his native territory: and his disciples followed hlrn.O a When i t becarnc snbbnth? he took
up teaching In the synagogue; and the greater
number of those listening were astounded and
said: "Where did this man get these things?' +Joh
Joh '?:I11
And why should this wisdom Ilavc been given
this man, rtnd such powerful works be performed through his hands? :'This is t h e car.


MARK 6 :6 - 1 5
the son of M a 1 9 and the brother of
and Josephnn nnd Judasp and Simon,"
tlwy not?" So they began to sturn'blc LF!I him.'
= ~1.1.~1,1
Rut J e m \vent on lo say to tl~lern:'% prophO L t l 10:24
etl is not unhonored except in his native terrin~rrI 1
Jcr 12.r; tory'' and among his relatives and in his own
house.''' " So he was able to do no powerful
work there except to lny his hands upon n few
OMr G:En sicl<lyoones and culvOthem." a Indeed, hc wonn ~ 1:23
""t '3:"7
dcrcd at their lack of faith. And he went round
$ i ~ b o t ~tot the villager in s circuit: tenching.'
7 Now he summoned the twelve, and he iniQ J ~ l ~ ~tj&dQ
: l ~
sending ,hem out two by two, nnd he
b ~ g n nto give them nut.horityo over thc unclean
spirits.+ 'Also he gave them orders to carry nath?
oJolrGmn ing for the trip except n st^ alone, no bread?
no food pouch, no copper money in their girdles," o but to wcm sfindals, and not to wcar
A C 12.n
two undergarments." InFurlher he said to them:
salt WII ldWhereveryorj enter into a home," stay there
until YOU go out of that place.' " And wherever
a place will not receive YOU nor hear yorr, on
going out from there shake off the dirt IhEct is
s e a wilnessO
oohtcm 1I O3 0: I ~ beneath YOUR feet for the p ~ ~ r p o of
to them."= llSo thry set out and pmnched in
OJ.U 1:t:a
order that pmplr might r e p n t ? I:' and ihey
would expel many demons and rub many sickly
~ L Io:cr
people with oil0" and cure tl~ern.~
14 Now it got to thc ears of King Hcrod?
for the nameo of Jesus')became public, and pew
ple were saying:' "Jol~nthe baptizcr has been
rniacd from thc dead, and on that account the
powerful works are operating in him."' ln But
ACsyp+h. L i t ~ r n l l "I'oln
~ , his
.Fowph, KVg;'tos, BD;Jo'~PR,


o a ~ lrJss



11;1711~.~' a

t'aopl~ acre s ~ ~ i i ~R1);

g , hr

r s a na*~,


MARK 6 :16-26


others were saying: "It is Elijah."* Still others @Mr8:28

were saying: "It is a prophet like one of the
prophets."" la But when Herod heard it he be- *Ef;6;.1
gan to say: "The John that I beheaded, this
one has been raised up."# For Hemd himself
had sent out and arrested John and bound him
in prisonB on account of He.soYdi.asthe wife OMr6:27
of Philip0 his brother, because he had married O L U 3 : X g
her.' la For Johno had repeatedly said to Herod: ?@:i?i
"It is not lawful for you to be having the wife oaf LU 3:lg
your brother."" l D But' was nursing a nk:g;f
grudge against him and was wanting to kill nft14:4
N e b 13:4
him, but could not.* " For Herod stood in fearP AM^
of John, knowing him to be a righteous and
holy man; and he xvns keeping him safe. And
after hearing him' he was at a great loss what *Ac24:z4
to do, yet he continued to hear him gladly.
21 But a convenient daya came along when m t 1 4 : %
Herod spread an evenine meal on his birth- OLu14:la
d a p for his top-ranking men and the military ?gt$?zo
commandersa and the foremost ones of Gal'ilee." " And the daughter of this very w e 6:15
came in and danced' and delighted Herod and +Is33:16
those reclining" with him. The king said to the uMr 2:ls
maiden: "Ask me for whatever you want, and
I will give it t o you.'w3 Yes, he swore to her: "g:;!
"Whatever you ask me for, I will give i.t t o :;f;:i,
you: up to half my kingdom."@$"And she o4Mt
went out and said to her mother: "What should
I ask for?" She said: "The headg of John the ohfr15:29
Immediately she went in with +;ft?f;i\
haste t o the king and made her request, saying: " I want you t o give me right away on a
plate the head of John the baptist." zWlthaugh
he became deeply grieved, yet the king did not
Literallyl "chiI'";

each a commander of 1,000 soldiers.

MARK 6 :27-37
D L ~ 1 : 7 a want to disregard her, in view of t h e oathso
@Mt14:9 and those reclining at the table.m So the king
immediately dispatched a body-guardsman and
commanded him to bring his head. And he went
and beheaded him in the prisonc" Z s and
$$,1,fi off
brought his head on a plate, and he gave it to
the maiden, and the maiden gave it to her
mother.* 2WWhen his disciples heard of it they
and took up his corpse and laid it in a
Fkct,r:i12 came
OMr 16:2
memoriala tomb.*
30 And the apostleso assemblede before Jesus
and reported to him all the things they had
done and taught.O aZAnd he said to them:
"Come, YOU yourseives, privately into a lonely
and rest up a bit."O For there were many
$Ef13ii3 placeA
coming and going, and it was not convenient
even t o eat a meal, a 2 SO off they went in the
boato for a lonely place t o themselves.' S S But
people saw them going and many got to know
it, and from all the cities they ran there tobLu 9:11
gether on foot and got ahead of them.m" W d ,
~ M l 6:8
~ ~ 9 : 3 6on getting out, he saw a great crowd, but he
was moved with pityx for them, because they
were as sheep' without a shepherd.*' And he
started to teach them many things.+
LU 9:11
35 By now the hour had grown late, and his
disciples came up to him and began to say:
"The place is isolated, and the hour is already
" Send them away, that they may go off
into the countryside and villages round about
and buy themselves something to eat."Aa7 In
reply he said to them: "You give them sornething to eat." At this they said to him: "Shall
we go off and buy two hundred de.nar'i.ia worth


A de.nar' equaled 170 or Sd. 2f.; hence 200 de.nar'i.i equaled

$12 or allout 7,

MARK 6:33-50
of Ioaves and give them to the peopIe to eat?"O bg,",5y$
3a He said to them:
"How many loaves have ~~~~;~
YOU? Go see!" Mter ascertaining it, they said: +ML14.7
"Five, besides two fishes."' " U n d he instructed 5.zh4ig
all the peopIe to redine by companiesmon the eIm14:40
green grass." 4 0 And they laid themselves down ""J',"l:$:;
in groups of a hundred and of fifty.* 41 Taking
now the five loaves and the two fishes he looked
up to heaven and said a blessing,o* and broke" OLU
the loaves up and began giving them to the 2;;
disciples that these might place them before the m $ 6 3
people, and he divided up the two fishes for all.
4 z So they a
11 ate and were s a t i ~ f i e d43
; ~and they
took up fragments, twelve baskets0 full, aside
from the fishes. 4 4 Furthermore, those who ate
+hft 14:a1
of the loaves were five thousand men.'
Joh 6:L3
45 And, without delay, he compelled his disciples to board the boat and go on ahead to the
opposite shore towards'i.da; while he
himself dismissed the crowd." 4E But after say- eE\12::i
ing good-bye to them he went off into a rnountain to pray." 4 7 Evening having now fallen, the xMt14:23
boat was in the midst of the sea, but he was
alone on the land.* ' a d when he saw them4,2,?$:%"!
being hard put" to it in their rowing, for the *Joh6:19
wind was against them, about the fourth watch
of the nightao he came toward them, walking aLu
on the sea;OU but he was inclined to pass them gFbs3
by. At catching sight of him walking on the
sea they thought: "It is an appariti~n!"~
and mt14:26
they cried aloud." For they all saw him and AJ0h6:1g
were terrified. Immediately he spoke with
them, and he said to them: ''Take courage, it
The last walch before dawn, according to the Grctk and Roman
division of tho night. The Jews had only three watches of tlls

MARK 6:51-7:5
is I; have no fearVMb
S1 And he got up into the
boat with them, and the wind abated. At this
they were very much amazed within themselves,+ 42 for they had not grasped the meaning of the Ioaves, but their liearts continued
d~dIof understanding."
53 And when they got across to land, they
came into Gen.nes'a.reto and anchored ship
nearby." "But as soon as they got out of the
boat, people recognized him, S 5 and they ran
around all that region and started to carry
about on cots those who were ailing to where
they heard he was. "And wherever he would
oMr 14:13
f M t 18:s enter into vilIages or citieso or countryside"
ULU 4:40
they wodd place the sickg ones in the marketplaces, and they would plead with him that
they might touctz" just the fringeuof his outer
garment. And as many as did touch it were
Now the Pharisees asld some of the scribes
that had come from Jerusalem gathered
before hirn.O a And when they saw some of his
disciples eat their meal with defiled hands, that
is, unwashed ones+For the Pharisees and
a11 the Jews' do not eat d e s s they wash their
hands up to the elbow," observing the tradition3
of the older men of influence, 'and, when back
from market, they do not eat unless they
cleanse themselves by sprinkling; and there are
many other traditions that they have received
t o observe: baptisms of cups and pitchers m d
copper vessels;- : s o these Pharisees and
scribes aslced him: "Why is it your disciples
do not conduct themselves accorclina to t h e
I tradition of the older men of influence,-but they

Or, "mere, saved."

Or, "wash their hands x d h the flst."

MARK 7 :6-18


take their meal with defiled hands?"" Hc said mMt Isa

to them: "Isaiaha aptly prophesied about YOU OLU 4:17
hypocrites: as it is written:' 'This pcoplc hon- Pz,f:E;5
or me with their lips, but their hearts-re far "hlr 12:m
rcmovcd from me." It is In vain that thcy pay nfiy$j31
respect to me, because they teach as doclrines
commands of men." Letting go the commnnd- '$ff;::$'
ment of God you observe the tradition of men.""
9 Further he went on to say to them: '"Admit;[it,\ ;2
ly YOU set aside the commandmentCBof God in C,:f; !,llig
order to retain YOUR tradition. For example,
Moses@said, 'Honor your father and your moth- :z;i5;g
er,14and, 'Lethim that reviles father or mother :
; 7;:
cnd up in death." " But YOU men
man says ta his father or his mother,
- 8 h'rl t zfb:po
ever I have by which you may get help from
me js corban? (that is, a gifto rlt?dicaledmto
God,h)" l a YOU men no longer let him do n single ,;:h
thing for his father or his mother,'" I:' and thus nrr!9.8
YOU shove the word3 of God* aside for Yorrrr :b;ij#
tradition which YOU handed clown. And many k;?:;
such maximsn YOU do." l 3 So, calling the cro~vclu;;;c?,;m
to him again, he proceeded t o say t o them:
"Listen to me, all of YOU, and get the meaning."
' T l ~ e r eis nothing from outside n mnn which
passes into him that can defiIe him; but ilre
things that issue forth out of a man n1.e 1hc



OMt 1&:11.
things that defile a man.'kQ
hc 10:14
17 Now when he had entered a housc nwny
from the crowd, his disciples began to question ?;{{:;,
111m rcspccting the illustration.* So he said +Mi15:15
to them: "Are YOU also without perception likc
t l ~ e r n ?Are
~ YOU not aware that nothing from mMtla:16

OF, " d i ~witbout fsXJ' b Or, "a votive gin.') a ktn omit veme 16,
rrnrling: "U nnyone has enis to, Icl him 1Estcn."-ADVg
Byhrtn. d Or, "pnmhle?'

MARK 7:19--30
outside that passes into a man c m deflIe him,
losince it passes, not Inlo his heart, but into
hi intestines, and it pnsses out into the sewl
r 11:~
,11 ~ er?""" Thus he declared all foods cIeanmbU
hc lo:15
Further he said: "That which issues forth
* ~ ~ t 1 5 : =out of a man is wlmt defiles a man;' 21 f o r from
" ~ , C ~ ; ~ l inside, out of the heart of
o ha~5t15:19
murdcrs,OO ~"adulteries, covelings,+acts of wickn M r 3:3
OLU ll:39 edness? treacliery, loose conduct, an envious
eye,co blnsphcmy," haughtiness, foolish action.
23 All these wicked things Issue forth from withe,tFg in and defile a man.""'
24 From there he rose up and went into the
regions of T p nnd Zi'don, And he entered into
a house and did not w m t anyone to get to
not escape notice;" 2s but
' ~ ~ know
~ ~it. Yet
~ he
" could
immediately a wornnn whose young daughter
had an unclean spirit heard about him and
*Mt l5:az came and prostrated herself at his feet." 2Q The
woman was a Grecian, a'cian nationally; and she kept asking him to expel the
*Mt15:22 demon from hcr daughter.' ='But he began by
say in^ to her: ''First lct thc children be satisfid,for it is not right to lake the bread of the
GMt 1:6
children and throw i t l o thc little dogs."n I n
~t 15:s
~~~~j~ reply, howcvcr, she said t o him: "Yes, sir, and
the little dogs u n d c r n ~ a t ht h e table eat of
:;,9gl2 yet
crumbsA of 1 he little ~hjldren."~ that
;k g;;; he said
to her: "Becausc of snying this, go; the
15:a demon has gone out of yovour daughter.'" 3u So she
@Joh4:51 went away to her hame nnd foundmthe young
21:achild laid on the bed nnd the demon gone out"

Or, "cxsspo1; mnter closct: privy." bOr, "inha the sewer, thns
p~mvingall foods cl~nn."So m l i e ~nnntl~cripta
rcnd. Hut KBA, etc.,
m d as in our text above, P Or, l'~Yiekcdrye."

MARK 7:31--8:6
31Now coming back out of the regions of
Tyre hr! !vent through Zi'dono to the sea or Gal1- *Lu 10:13
i-Icein the midst of U-~e
regions of D e . c a p ' ~ ~ l iEMt
s . ~15:~" Sere they brought him a man dcnf and with JTr5!20
a speech Zmpedimcnt, and thcy cl~trentcdhim
to lay his hand upan him.' " h d he tnnlr him *p;;!;4
away from the cram~d privately and put his
fingers into t h e man's ears" and, after spitting, O r n g : ~ ~
hr toucl~edhis tongue." " And tvi2l-1 a loolr up nJ",'tl%T
into heaven" he sighedodeeply and said to him: ~ i $ y ; ; ~
'%ph'pha.thn,"' that is, "Be oprned." "Well, do11 17:i
his hearing powers were opcnerl,' and the im- lf?3?2&3"
prdimcnt" of his tongue was loosed, nnd he he- $ $:;
F;XI speaking normally. 3fl Wlth that he charged hlt
Iliem not to tell anyone;" but the more he zvould
charge them, that much more abtrndantly they
wou1cI proclaimq it.' lndced, they wlcrc being :2,82
nstounded in a most extraordinnry way and
snld: "He has done all things well. We even
malccs the deal hear and the spceclllcss spen1c. "'I "Mt 15":~
I11 thosc days, when there was agnin a big
crowd and they had nothing t o cat, h e sum~nunedthe disciples and said to them: ' ? "I feel eMt15:3a
pityL'ior the crowd, hxaz~seit is a l ~ m d ythree
tlnys that they have remained ncnr me rurd thcy Heb 5 3
hnve nothing to eat; and if X should scnd them
OK to their homes fasting, thcy will give out
on the road. Indeed, some of them nrc from
far away." But his disciples nnswered him:
"From where will anybody hcre in an isolated
place l~ able to satisfy the.% people with
l o n v c ~ ? " ~Still he went en to ask them: "IIow z ~ i7:a
many loaves have YOU?" They snld : "Seven.'" kik
U n d he instructed the crowd to recline on the ";ki5g4

Or, "Tcn Citim."

Or, nbond."

MARK 8:7-19
ground, and he took the wvcn loaves, gave
thanks,' broke them, and began to give them to
his disciples to serve, and they fiewed them to

t h e crowd.* 'They also had a few little Ashes;

I?Mt 35:37

'Mt 15:m

nnd, l~nvingblessed these, hc told them also to

scl-ve thcsc.' A Accordin~ly,they ntc! and were
snljsfied, and they took up surpluses of imgmiants, scven provision I~mIretsfu1l.l' " YcL there
wcrc al~otrtfour thousand men. Finally Ile sent
them away.'
SO And immediately he board~dthc boat with
his disciples and came into the parts of t ~ ' i h n . ~I Here the Pharisees cnnlc out and
stnrted disputing with him, seeking from him
a sign from heaven: t o tcmpt him," ""S lhe
groaned deeplye with his spirit, ~ n said:
rloes this generationa seek a sign? Truly I say,
No sicn will be given to this gcnerafion."*
' W i t h that he left them, got nhonrd again, nnd
went om to the opposite shore.
14 As it was, thcy forgot to talc@loaves along,
and except for one loaf they had nothing with
thcm in the bat.' lSAnd he began to order
them expressly and say: "Kccp Youlr eyes open,
Iook out for the yeast' of t h e PI~nrisccsand t h e
yeast of Herod."" '90
they went t o arguing
with one another over thc fact that they had
no loaves.* 'Woting this, he said to them:
"Why do YOU argue over your having no
YOU not yet perceive and get the
meaning? Are the hearts you hnve dull of understanding?" la'Though Ilnving eyes, do YOU
not see; m d though having ears,' do row not
hcar?'" And do YOU not remernbcr, when I
broke the five loaves for the five thouaand men,
how mnny baskets full of fragments YOU toolr

MARK 8:20-31

up?" They said t o him: " T w e l ~ e . " ~'* "When 3 bMt14:20
M r I343
broke the seven for the four thousand men, k,"h9;:3
how many provision baskets full of fragments
did aou take up?" And they said to him: 'Mt15:37
"Seven."' g1 With that he said to them: "Do YOU
Mr 1
B :6~ :
Z ~
not yet get the meaning?"*
22 Now they put in at Beth.saPi.da.Here people brought him a blind man, and they entreated him to touch' him. 29Andhe took the " M r a x
blind man by the hand, brought him outside
the village, and, having spit* upon his eyes, he "zh7;$ I
laid his hands upon him and began to ask him:
"Do y o u see anything?" 2+ And the man looked
upa and began saying: "I see men, because I
observe what seem to be trees, but they are
walking about."* z 6 Then he laid his hands again
upon the man's eyes, and the man saw clearly,
and he was restored, and he was seeing everything distinctly. " So he sent him off home, saying: "But do not enter into the village.""
~Mrh s:4
~ t
27 Jesus m d his disciples now left for t h e
villages of Caes.a+retaPhi.lip'pi, and en route
he began questioning his disciples, saying to
them: "Who are men saying that I am?"* " $ d ~ ~ ! 3 ; ~ 3
They said to him: "John the BaptistfOand bMtl4:2
M r a14
others, Elijah, still others, One of the prophets."' 28 And he put the question to them: +Mtlk14
"You, though, who do you say 1 am?" In an- ohm;
swer Peterb0 said to him: "You are the "Mt'"16
LU 9:20
C h r i ~ t . "30~ At that he strictly charged them ~~~~;~~
not to tell anyone about him.' 31 Also he started c$&%m
teaching them that the Son of man must under$
go many sufferings" and be rejected by the n ~ ~ s : o
1 9.21
older men of influence and the chief priests 0i:9;22
a Or, "recovered sight, saw again." LPeter, KBA; Repha, Sys;

Bimon, SyP. See Matthew 18 : 18, footnoteb.


MARK 8 :32-9 :4

and the scribes and be killed, and rise three

days later." 32 Indeed, with outspokenness he
LU 9:22 was making that statement. But Peter took him
* M t I f i : a aside and started objecting strongly to him.'
33 He turned, loalred at his disciples and reproved Peter, and said: "Get behind me, Satan,
because you think, not God's thoughts, but
of men."a0
i%z those
now called the crowd to him with his
disciples and said to them: "Ianyone wants
oMr14:30 to come after me, let him disowno himself and
pick up his torture stalreb and follow me conOLu 13:23 tinually," 3b For whoe~erwaDt-tQ.sav~~%bk
4ME 10.36
lose.1t:&ut -whoever-Ioseghissd3uE
E; &?$ sou1pillfor the sake-of- me-qd the good0 neys-will save
g 34i:7
OAe20:24 L"2%eally, of what benefit is it for a man to
'?:::giig gain the whole world and to forfeit his soul?c+
ktzj2,2537 What, really, would a man give in exchange
for his soul?co a s For whoever becomes ashamedo
of me and my words in this adulterouf and sinyg;;$:.g
1.~9:25 ful generation, the Son of man wilI also be
m r s 89:s
m t 10:33 ashamed" of him when he arrives in the glory
$?i9 of his Father with the holy angels."
Lu IZ:9
Fhrtherrnore he went on to say to them:
R o 1:16
2T1 l:R
"Truly I say to YOU, There are some of those
mi 2:1a
&$:i2,"4 standing here that will not taste deatho at all
until first they see the kingdom of God already
Accordingly six days later
Lu Q:=
James and John along,
ICO 4:m
and conducted them up into a lofty mountain
to themselves alone. And he was transfigured
J,U 9:25
before them,* and his outer garments became
t:fgii glistening, far whiter than any clothes-cleaner
,kr",yz& on earth could whiten thernVn'Also ELijah" with

" Qr, "not

tho things of God, but those of men."

clix, under Matthew 10 : 38. Or,"life."

See the iippen-

MARK 9: 5-17


MARK 9: 18-23
crowd anmvered Mm: "Teacher, I brought my
to you because he has a speechless spirit;'
i724 son
la and wl-lcrcvcr it seizes him it dnshcs him to
thc ground, and he foam5 and grinds his teeth
and loses his strength. And X: told your disoMt17:15
LU 3 3 9
ciples to expel it, but f l ~ c ywere not capable.""
lo In response he m i d lo them: "0 faithless
O L U I : ~ ~ gener*aationjU
how long must I continue with
YOU? I-Iolv long must I put up wlth You? Bring
to him. But
:;i17 him to me."' 2M So tbcy b r o u ~ b him
OMr ll:2
at t h e sighto of him the spirit at once threw the
child" into conv~tlslons,nncI nfter falling on the
gmtnd he kept roIIing almut, f ~ n r n i n g "'
. ~And
LU 9.12
he aqkcd his father: "How long has this been
happening to him?" Hc said: "Fmm childhood
' ~ u 8 : m on;'
and time and ngain it would throw him
both into the fire and into the water to destroy
himHBut if you can do anything, have pity on
* 2 ~ 17:15
s to him: "That exM L 1720 US and help us." 23 J e s ~ ~
Ei :::?pression, 'If you ccm'! Wlry, all things can be
to one if hc has fn.ith,"* Immediately the
fatherP of the yoirng child was crying out and
saying: "I have k i t h ! Hclp me out where T


Moses f i p p e d to them, and they were conversing with Jesus.' " And responsively Peter
said to Jesus: '%abbi,O it is finc for us to be
hclr, so lct us erect three tents, one for you and
one for Moses and one for Elija11,'~a In fact,
he did not know what response he should malcc,


for they became quite frightened. And n cloud'

formed, covering them protectingly, R~IC? 8
voiccmcame out of the cloud: ''This is my Son,* YLti
Jnh T2;H
the beloved; listen to him."# Surldcnly, lrow- 'I'H
Ida .12:1
ever, they looked around and SEW no one with i+nr
nrt 17:s
L,LI 'I::!!;
them any longer, except Jcsus alone."
hr 3.22
9 A s they were corning clown out of the 2t'c
1 17
17 x
mountain, he expressly ordcwd them not to re- 1.u 0:3S
late to anybody what they saw, until aftcr the
Son of man had risen from the! deadniUoAnd
they tooIr the word to hcart,a but discusscd
Rnleng themselves cvhat this rising from the
dead meant." l1 And they begnn l o qucslion
him, saying: " W h y do the scribes say that flrai
Elfjahomust come?" I Z He said t o them: "Elijah
does come first m d restore a11 things;*but how
is it that it is mitten respecting thc Son of man
that he must undergo many sufferings* and he
trcatcd as of no account?' l n But E say to volr,
Elijah," in fact, has come, and they did to him
as m~mythings as they wanted, just as It is
.i.lj 23.1 i
written respecting him."*
1'11 > 2.7
I I C11:l.t
14 When, now, they came toward the other hlt
disciples, they noticed a great crowd about them ' MI,ut 7:17
nnd scribes disputing with them," But as soon I I A U3:37
as all the crowd caught sight of hlm they were
stunned, and, running up to him, they bcgnn to
greet him. lG And he asked them: "What are
YOU disputing with them?" ':And one of the
Or, L'tbeykept the nwrd t o Ehemseltpcs."

Eph 2 8
P ~~1 1:m
1P 1 : 3



23 Jesus, now noticing thnt n crowd was run-

ning to:o~etherupnn them, rrhuketk" the unclean

spirit, saying to it: "You speechless and deaf
spirit, I order you, get out af him md enter
% 9 into him no more." 2u And after crying out and
going through many convulalnns it got out; and
O ~ ~ r ~ 2he
: nbecame as dead," so thnt thc greater ntmber of them werr3 saying: "Be is de~d!":7 But
Jesus took him by the hand and raised him
mLU5 s:la
: a
up, and he rose.' '^So nftcr hc entered into a
,home his disciples proccedcd to ask him priH P ~ U : ~

Ifcb 12:2
nri 17:i~


*T~iterdy,"him." "Zitrrnlly, "Help my In& of faith t''

MARK 9 :42-10 :2
MARK 999-41
And + h l t l T : l @
on the grounds that YOU belong
vately: "Why could wc not expel it?"'
~ $ : ~ , : ~ V etor drink
Jcol:?a to Christ,O 1 truly tell YOU, hc will by no mews
he said to them: "This kind cannot get out by
2co 1n.7
QLU 6:2?
IOSC his reward.C But whoever stumbles one
Q M 1~ 7 : ~
anything except by prayer.""
of these little ones that believe, it would bc beG
30 From thc1.c they departed and went their
ter for him if a millstone such as is turned by
way through Gal'i.lee,' but he did not wmt anyan ass were put around his ntlclc and hc were
one to get to know it For he lvas teaching -pZf
actually pitchcrl, into the sea,'
his disciplesVrltld telling them: "The Son of D ~ ~ 6 : 1 7
OMr Id:dB
man is to be dcllvereda into men's hands, anrl
43 "And jf ever your hand" rnakeP you stumSlk 1 3 6
ULU 1?:1
they will kill him, but, despite being killed, he
ble; cut i t off; it is finer for you to enter into
OLU L3:1Uifem
maimecl than with two hands t o go ofe
will rise three days later."" :la I-Jowever, they 8fift
~t 17122
into the flm that cannot be
were not g~nsplngthe snylng, and they wcrc ~ ~ ~ ~ 59:47 j into
4' And if your foot makes you stumput
nfraid to question him on it,*
LU 9.15
Ill@, cut it OM; it is finer for you t o enter into
33 A n d they came into Cn.per'* Now OLu 4h:l
nMt18:8 life c~ipplcd'~
than with two fcct to bc pitched
when he waa inside the house he put the questlon to them: "What were YOU arguing over on
into G e - h e n ' n ~ "
. ~And
~ if your eye makes you
stumble, throw it away; it is Aner for you to
the mad?""'* Thcy kept sllent, for on the road
they had arguad among th~mselves who is ~ ~ :lj3
cnter one-eyed into the kjngclorn of God, than
2 2 ~ 2 . 1
with two eyes to be pitched into Ge-hen'na,aD'
greater." 85 SO he sat down and called the twelve "Pt13:10
their maggotn does not die and the flre
nnd said to them: "If anyone wants to be first,
;":2.1 ; 4nis where
hs must be last of all and ministerD oP all."4 OLU4:39
oXsn fit; 2.1
a ~ 2e : ~ 49 "For everyone must be saltedAwith Are.
" And he took a young0 child, stood it jn their :k$g6!
Eze .1:1:21
midst and ptlt his arms amund it and said t o Y;iQjQJ
SaltC is fine; but if ever the salt loses its
OI,U x.L.:~I lo
Q h l t5:1:1
"Whoever receives one of such young
with what will YOU mix it?O Have
I,U l*I:'i4
1 !;$
children on t h c bnsls of my name,receives me; +
in yourselves, and keep peacembetween one
L U 9.17
aPLo l,.l~
and whoever receives me,receives, not me only,
2;i,2:;: another."
a ~IO:IO
13ut ~ I S Ohim that sent me f o r t l ~ . " ~
From there he rose and came to the
h1t 38:3
38 John said l o him: Teacher, we saw a cerfrontiers of Jude" amd across the Jork;h9j;9m
inin man expdling demons by the use of your
dan, and again cm~vdscame together to him,
name" and W E tried t o prcvcnt him; because
and as he was accustomed to do he again went
he was not nccompanylng
"But Jesus ~ L U S : ~ B
to teaching ijzern." "Pharisees now approached
said: "Do not try to prevent him, for there js
,and, to tempt him, began questioning him
no one that will do a powerful work on the
whether it was lawful for n man" to divorce a
basis9 of my nRmo that will quickly be able to
rcvile me;' 'O Tor h e that is not against us is L U ~ : ~ O
a See JIntlhcw 5 : 22, footnoti*". b KBC onlit vrrse 44 r c a d i n ~ :
does ,)st die and thr f i ir~notpntout."-Ai),
for usme For lvhoever gives YOU a cup of wa- *




V r , P,'Lbetrayetl,"

e KUC omit volxe 4fi ~mrlir~a:

tlrrir maggot does not t l i o
and the ilrc is not put out,"-AD. d Or, "becomca tvikliout aalt~~csa,'~

MARK 10:3--18


Ln answer he said to them: "What did

MARK 10:19-30

IlML 13:0

Moses command YOU?"

They sdd: "Moses
allowed the writin9 of a certificate of dis- Otux:a
missal and divorein9 her!"
6 u t Jesus said to %y;;::,T1
thcrn: "Out of regard for YOUR harciheartd- ST;!;!
ness' he wrote YOU this commandment. H o w - htr Tqb.'i
cver, from the beginning of creationc 'Henmade n\lr
r i ic9 6
them male and female.; " On this account a man A?; :?
will leave his father and mother, and the two :';$:i?:,
be one flesh';O so that they are no longcr }i~;02,,2;c
two, but one flesh. Therefore what God yolred3 3:;,a;:I:;
together let no man put apart."' lo When again
in the housemthe disciples began to question mhIr!):28
him concerning this. 13And he sdd to them:
"Whoever divorces" his wife and marries an- OLu18:l8
other commits adulteryD"against her, '%nd if
ever a woman, after divorcing her husband," OLU
rnmriesQanother, she commits adultery.""
13 Now people began bringing him young F; i;jy,
children for him to touch these; but the disciples reprimanded them.' l4
At seeing this Je- ~ ' I ~ T ; ~
sus was indignant and said to them: "Let the *hit r!l:ls
young children came to me, do not try to stop Id" ":"
them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such
kind of persons" Ii Trdy I say to YOU, Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like &
a young child wilI by no means enter into it."* dpf;2i
lBAndhe took the children into his arms and I , L ~ I H : ~ ' P
began blessing them, laying his hands upon
OGe 4314
Itra 40:11
17And as he was going out on his journey, y; gE
a certain man ran m and fell uaon his knees
before h i and put $e question to him : "Good
Teacher, what must I do to inherita everlasting life?"' Jesus said ta him: "Why do you Lu 1S:l

call me good?@Nobody is good,' except one,

God.' 'Tau know the ~ornrnandmenls:~
not murclcr," Da not commit adultery,' Do not
steal; Do not bear false witrrcss? Do not deI
I*,,, -! 15 fmudnqI-Ionor your father and mother.' "'2w The
' 1 ' : ~ 211 I 4
man said to him : "Teacher, all these things I
I h. 5 I~I~ R V ( ?kept from my youth on." 2F Jesus looked
n1,u 7.5
tip him ancl felt lovc3 for him and said to
4T.r F ) IG
L I V ~ him:
"Onc thing i s missing about you: Go, sel1
0l.p 1'4 I ?
I . : ~~i,.
15 what things you have and give to the poor, and
llL7 5:lIi
ol,, I . ' : , E ~ you will ~IRVC treasure0 in heaven,O an? come
"5'" '"."" hc my folIo~er,"'"~ But he p e w sad at the
mhll l'l.::l
snyinq nnd r m t off gri~ved,for 11e was holding
mnny possessions.'
l 1
23 Mter loolting around Jesus said to his dis1'8 R2:7
.II*T fi?
10 ciplcs: 'II-TOWdimcult n thing it will be for those
I . : i r : J ~ * l ~1111money" to cnter into the kingdom of
1.1.i 1i:17
God!"* But the disciples gave way to surJ;la 5 : 1
*ML lg:n prise" at 111s wards. In response Jesus again
said to thcm: "Children, how difficult a thing
it js to enter into thc lringclom of God! It is
easier for EI cnmcl to go through a needle's eye
than for R rich man to enter into the kingdom
t , I~R : % ~ or GOcl,*'" PTThcy became still more astounded
1 " J : f i and said to him: "'Who, in fact, can he saved?"+
I , ~ IIH 2ti
.r:i, 13:z 1
Loolcing straight at them Jesus said: "With
it is impossible, but not so wit11 God, far
%or wr,
a11 t h i n ~ sanre possible with God."' 2aPeter
nrr, ?G)m.m
,1.a I n : n slmted fosay tohim: "Look!\veleftaZItf-rings
,,, and hnvt? h e n follozving you."'" =*Jesus said:
La 1 " ' s "'Truly T say to YOIJ men, No one has left houw
or 1)mthcl-s or sisters or mother or father or
chilclmnbo fields for my sake and for the sake
;t:g of t h e good news' who mill not get a hundred1 l l 4 t 1 111:~) fold" now in this period of time, houses and
-:': i2;O brotl~ers?and sisters and mothew and children


I-u J N 111


,,, ,


He, HBC ;God, 8 D V g S y . P - h h .


MARK 10:31-40
3 60
and Adds, with per~e~Uerrsns,~
and In the com- ?ki!;:o
Eng system of things&everlasting life. " How- ;;hl!,$
ever, many that are first will hc last, and the
c l ~ 1t 9 : ~
Inst first."'"
hft 20:lti
32 Now they were advancing on the road up
to Jerusalem, and Jesus mas going In front of
them, and they felt amazement; but tllosc who
foIIow~d began to feareo Once agnin h c toolc " u l : ~ ~
l.he twelve aside and started to tell them these
1,hing.s destined3 to befall him:A "I-Icre we nrc, "Mr1n4
ndvancing up to J e r u ~ a l e mand
, ~ the Son of man 2%
will be delivered to the chief pricsts nnd the :A;;;p;
scribes, and they id condemn'' him to death :;ri ;17
and will deliver him t o men of thc notion^,^
" and they !till make ftm of him and will spit f:;xk;i~
I,,, LH.:II
upon him and scourge him and kill him, but
n h ~ r19:s~
lhree dayso later he will rise,"'
35 And Jameso and John? the ttvo sons of :kl ti1$
stepped up t o him and said to him: 'i:\.yj/,!'
"Teacherfa we want you to do for us whatever 2;; y;;!q
it ia we ask you for."@ He said to them: r ~ h2rr:~o
"What do YOU want me to do for YOU?" "Thcy
said to him: "Grant us to sit down, onc at your
riahi hand and one at your left, In your glory."' !{': ;$:",;
" But Jesus said to them: 'You do not know
what YOU are asking for. Are YOU able lo drink
the cup which I am drinking, or to be baptized" "LU 7:29
with the baptism with rvlijch I am J~einghapbizcd?"'" 3n They said to him: "1% arc nblc," At '?:
that Jesus said to them: "The cup I ~ r drink
n in^
YOU 1~111drink, and with the baptism wit11 wliich
I am being baptized YOU will be baptizecl." ''Y;':;i3
4 W ~ e v e rthis
t sitting down at my right or at ncl:a
my lcft is not mine to give," but it belongs to DJnsd:3
those for wI-~omi t has been prepared."


MARK 10:41-42
41 WcII, whcn the ten athers head about it,
A m t a m they began to be indignant nt Jamcs and John."
4 2 But Jesus, alter calling them to him, said to
them: "You Imew t h a t those who n p p a r to be
ruling the nations lorrl it ovcr thcm and their
Eg great ones wield nu1horjty over t l ~ e r n .'"~is
is not the nrrangcmcnt nmong YOU; but whoever wants to bccomo grcnt nmong You must
+Mt 2&26
tuzd whoever wants to be
M r 11:.x? be Youa minister,'
1,u 9:48
rn51,rt 20:27 first among YOU must be tllc slnvc of all." For
" ~ ~even
" ,the~Son
~ of~ mnn came, not to be ministeretl
to miniatel- and to give his soula
J:%ia ransom- in exchnnee for many."
A14u 1k30
46 And they cnmc into Jericho,O But as he
; ~ his
l discipIcs m d a considerabIe crowd were
passing out of Jericho, Bar.ti.rnae'us ithe son
9 3 5 of Ti.rnae'us), a blind3 beggar, was sitting beOLu 438
side the road.' When h e hcnrd it was Jesus
the N a ~ ~ a ~ r c nhe
e ' , startcd
shouting and sayCLU 251
oTgn 1 1 :1
ing: "Son of David," Jesus, have mercy on
me!'" " At this many begnn sternly telling him
to be silent; but he kept shouting that much
~ more:~ "Son~ of David,
~ have mercy on me!"v
19 So Jesus stopped and snIc1: "CALL
him." And
they callecl the blind man, saying to him: "Take
Lu lk.10 courage, get up, hc is calling you."" c" Throwing
offb Ns outer garment, hc l e n p d to his feet
- and went t o Jesus. And In answer to him
Jesus said: "What do you want me to do for
you?" The blind man said t o him: "Rab.b~'ni,~
'''m20:33 let me recover sight,"" " And Jesus said to
1,u 18:41
him: "Go, your Patth has madc you

'41if~vh Thmrcing off, KT3A ; ptllti~~g

on,hIanuamiptr K n ~157
665 (12th centnry nlid 9th or 10111 crlltlu~, rrsprctirely) i
I rlliillg up, S p , c Or, "hns savctl yen."' d S P ~JU~III
?I): 1 (i.


MARK 11:1-11

immediately he recovered sight," and he began "Egi8

Isa 35:s
to follo~vhim on the road."
I?? 4 2 7
Now when they were getting near to 1;:143:8
hIr 8 2 3
Jcrasalem, to Beth'pha.gez and Beth'a- 3+c x : l s
ny" at the mount of Olives, he dispatched two $ ~ . ; ~ ~ ~ q
of his disciples* "rid told them: "Go into the 1t'1'2034
village that is within sight" of YOU, and as soon ;' &27
as you pass into it YOU will find a colt tied, on ~u l ! ) : ~
which none of maillrind has yet sat; loose it
and bring it.' W n d if anyone says to
'IVhy @:;$$&
are You doing this?' say, 'The Master needs it,
and will at once send it orf back here.' " > "dg"
' So they went away and found the colt tied J o h l
at the door, outside on the side-street, and they
loosed it.' But some of those standing there Lu 1 9 2 2
began to say to t b e n ~ :"What are YOU doing
loosing the colt?"" They said to these just as nLn19:33
Jesus had said; and t l ~ e ylet them go.'
"LU 19:s
7 And they brought the coltqtto Jesus, and lq,l;;23
they put their outer garments upon it, and he FMt
sat on it.* Also many spread their outer gar- n~;$ pi?
rnents' on the road,9 but others cut down fo- OAC&:ZG
liageA from the fie1ds.O %nd those going in :i$&2Z13
front and those coming behind kept shouting: +$2:fi$5
"Save, tve pray!"' Blessed is he that comes in
Jehovah'sb name!a loBlessed is the coming Iring- k;>yiT3
domCof our father David!""" Save, we pray," in.rrnr m a d
the heights* above !"d
And he entered into ?,",
Jerusalem, into the temple; and he looked around .,ti::it!!
upon all things, and, as the hour was already
late, he went out to l3eth'a.n~with the twelve.* wt21:10




Literally, "I3o.s:1n'nn,'' KB-i; Ml-YVltl;l ( H o . s h ~ . r a a ' ) ,J7-1'1'B-1";

meaning, "Snve, we pray?' bJeho~.nh's, J:$8+'0L1Lg1b"1Xs21;
Lord's, KBA. C The cornirlg ki~rpdon~
of our. inther Dalid, KECD;
tlio liingrtu~nuf our fnlhcr D ~ I - i dt h f ~ curries
in the nanw of: the
Lord (of Jehovah), ASyh (J73"10-"7'"l*). Wr, "in the h ~ g l ~ t s t


MARK 11:12-23
12 The next morning, when they had come
out from Beth'a.ny, he became hungry."" i3 And
from a distance he caught sight of a fie tree
that had leaves, and he went t o see whether he
wodd perhaps find something on it. But, on
coming to it, he found nothing but leaves, for
it was not the season of figs." I-0, in response,
he said to it: "May no oilc eat fruit from you
any more forever." And his disciples were




15 Now they came to Jerusalem. There he

entcrcd into the temple and started to throw
out those selling and buying in the temple, and
he overturned the tables3 of t h e moneychangers and the benches of those sclling
doves,O IGand he would not let anyone carry a
utensil' through the temple, l7 but he kept
teaching and saying: "Is it not written, 'My
house will be called7 a house of prayer0 f o r all
the n a t i ~ n s ' ?But
~ YOU have made it a cave of
robbers."" I8And the chief priests and the
scribes heard it, and they began to seek how to
destroy him; for they were in fear of him, for
all the crowd mas continually being astounded
at his teaching."
19 And when it became late in the day, they
would pass out of the city. 2 0 But when they
were passing by early in the morning they saw
the fig tree already withered up from the roots."
"So Peter, remembering it, said to him:
"Rahbi,O see! t h e fig tree that you cursed3 has
withered up."a 2 a And in reply Jesus said to
them: "Have faith in God. 23 Truly I say t o
YOU that whoever tells this mountain, 'Be lifted
up and throtvn into the sea,'' and does not
doubt in his heart but has faith that what he

MARK 11:2 4 1 2 :1
MARK 12:2-14
says is going t o occur, he wfll have it so." Thb
abroad.' W o w In due season he sent forth a
I,U 20:s
is why 1 ten YOU, All the things YOU pray and !,;:$;7$
slave to thc cultivators, that he might get some
t T:?
nslr for have faith that YOU lrave practically cYy IIFI.1'7
of the fruits of the vineyard from the cultjreceived, and YOU will have them.* *%nd when i i ~
L~ 20:10 vaters." 'But they took him, beat him up ant1
rwr r stmd praying, forgive' ~vl~ntcvcr
you h a w ?::$::::'IS
*filt21:= sent him away empty.' "nd
ngain he sent
against anyone, in order that YOUR Fallzer who
forth anothcr slavc t o them; and that one they
Is in the heavens may also forgjvc YOFI uorm '~~;,~:,]~,,
on the head and dishonorcd." And he
npig;,"F struck
(:(!I ; I , I X
anothcr, and Ihat one they lcilled;
n:(;fI kl!)
APs 2:7
27And they came again to Jerusalem. And
~t 1 3 3
some 01 whom they beat up
IT0 8:3
as he was walking in the tcrnplcu thc c h i d nzua:g
and some of whom they Irllled. One more he
I d 0 4:Il
priests and the scribes and the oldm men of Inl ~ o5 3 1 had, a brlovcd son.n EIe sent him forth last to
fluence fame to himm?= and bcgan to say to ";!:,;:"
saying: 'They will respecta my son.'P
a ~ r t z r ~ them,
o : t a ? B u t thoso cultivators snid among themselves:
him: ' ' B y what authority do y o t ~do these
'Ps 2%
things? or who gave you this authority3 to do al.u 4 3 2
'This is the heir.' Come, Irt us kill him, and the
thcsc things?"" Jesus said to them: "I will
inherihnccD will br! ours.'" 9 0 they took him
aslc YOU one question. Sow answer me,and I tvjll
Luz0:I.I and killed him; and flung him outside the vineVAC 2 : u
nlso tell YOU by what authority I do f AFSC things," IlMt 21
yard." What will the owner of the vineyard
h ~ 20:15
" Was the baptism by John from heaven' or 'h11'1r':2'
= , j c ~ : z s do? He will come and destroy the cultivators,
from men? Answer me.""" So thcy bcgnn to * ~ ~ ~ ~ " \ ~ ~' and will.
~ let thc!
~ vineyard'
i to o~t h c r ~~1, ~9 i d
reason among themselves, saying: "U. cve say,
O L U 4:21
YOU never mad thls s ~ r i p t u r e 'The
, ~ stone that
From heaven, he will say, 'Why is it, therefore,
Ihe chiof
YOU did not believe him?'0 9 2 But dnre we say, lhU 20'5
comerstone, From Jehovah&this has come to
From men?"-They were in fear or the crowd,
M t a l : o pass, and it is marvelous in our eyes'?""
1.u 20:1?
for thcsc dl hcld that John hnd rcnIIy bccn a
12 At that they bgaan sccking how to seize
prophet." " FVdI, in inply to Jesus they mid: '';;f!?5
h h , but they ienrcrl t h c crorvd, for they took
""We do not know." And Jesus said to them: k\:hy;$
note that h c spolrc the ilI~strnlion~''~
with them
"hTeitheram I telling you by what nuthority I 1.u ?I)()
3- 1k18 i
PJub s:13
do these tl~ings."~
L't! 9:15
PhariAlso he started t o spealr to them with j::$:,jio >;f,y::gsees and of the party followers aP Hemdc to
illustrations:" "A man planted a vine- ;1
LUt Z2: 105 : ~him, to calch him in his speech.'
On arrival
: :,if
~ n r d , ~ + a put
n d a fence around it, and clrag n :i:;&!2i
these said to hjm: "'Tenchcr, wc know ynu are
vat lor the winepress and erected a tower," and ;;,",j;jl
truthful and you do not care for anybody, for
lct it out to cultivators f o r hire, and travclcd Olti:15:2
you do not looIr npon men's 0LItw~rd appearance, h t you teach t h e way of God in line w i t i ~
n WnSy" omit v e m 26, retldinpt: "Bttt if you do not forgive,




nrbttirr \rill

TO$-R Father W ~ I U is i l l ttir

trml>nw~s.'"&C:DSj+~Vg.b Or, l'ynrablnr.t'

~ P B I ' C ~ Wforgive SOUR

nJrbovah, J 7 - f O * 1 ~ 1 4 * 1 7 " 8 , 3 0 ~ ;tho laordl HBA. bOr, '"pnmbLu."

Or, "of the Eerodianu,"

MARK 12:2 1 - 3 7
MARK 12:15-26
and Gad of Jacob'?' Pa I-Ee Js a God, not of the
truth:' Is it l a W to pay tribute to Caesarao $
,$;;; '
; dead," but of the living. YOU arc much misor not? Shall we pay or shall we not pay?'"' ,?,:;!$;I
1.u 13:24
11t 32:32 t&el'l.'jt
a2 1 7
Dctccting their hypocrisp he said to t ham: -hit
1 kl
28 Now one of the scribes Ihat had come up
"Why do you put me to the test?Vring me FI o i , u : ~ . ~ ?
and h e a d them,knowing that he had
cle.nnr'i=usbto look at."" lG Thcy brought ono. "F;,:;!
answered them ri.y:rt~tly,~skccl him: 'Which
And he said to them: "Whose irnagc and in-Mt22:=
commanclmcnt is firs1 of all?''" "' Jeestrs anscription is this?" They said to him: "C~ie"Lu232
m ~ r e d "The
first Is, "ZIcnr, 0 I s r ~ e l.Jel~ovaha
l7 Jesus then said: "Pay back Caasnr'sn
things t o Caesar,aa but God's things to God,"" ,U$ ,;1,;.
J c h ~ v a t ~ ~ ~ y o u r G o c IyourwhoIeI~eart'and
And they began to marvel a1: him.+
k h l l 2:!:%P
with your wholc 8oulh and with your whole
18 Now Sadduceeso came to him, who sny '"dl 20':s
mind and wit11 your wholr strcngth.' '* "l The
~ 1 4
Uc 6:5
there is no resurrectjon," and they put tho qucsMt22:m second iq this: 'YOUmust love your neighbor as
thon to him :' l9 "Teacher, Moses wrote us that *y;b;";g
r1.t l!l:lS
at 5:43
Tl~crcjs no other cornmandmcnt
if someone's brother dies and leaves n mlfc bc- ~ \ c Y i . : ;
i\It 2234
grcatcr than these." "The scribe said to him:
hind but does not leave a cchild, his h r o t h c ~'T
I:n J:P4
"Teacher, you rightly said in line with truth,
should t ~ k ethe wifez and raise up ofipring ''M"' l 2 23
W e is One, and there Is no athcr tllan He>*
f ram her for his brother." SU T l ~ c r cwcrc seven "Fh;;%
this loving him with one's ivhole heart
brothers;O and the first took a wire, but when f l r m % ~ : l e
;l c n k.1; andandwith
om's whoIe understnnding nnd with
he died he left no offspring." 8 1 And tIla second "
~ nud ~this loving one's
toolr; her, but died without leavl~~e;
"Lu 1037 nei~hbor"as oncscll' is rvarth Snr more than all
and the third the same way, 3%nd the scvcn
nLlt 133
the whole burnt offerings nand sncrifi~es."~~
" At
ODP 6:s
did not leave any offspring. Last of all the womthis
intellian also died.* 2s In the resurrection ia which
~ ~ 2 ~ 2 2 2
gently, said 10 him: ''YOU are no!. i n r irom the
of tllcrn will she be w i f e ? For the sewn got. Iler
of God." nut nobody had the courage
AS %vife."r3
2r J e m said to them: "Is not this :L,': $
to qucst.ion him.'
why you are mistaken, YOLT not knowringcithcr 1," m:"
when rnaldng a reply, Jcsus bet hc Scriptures or the power' of God T" For A X 4 1 P'2.29
1;u ma
taught in t h e temple: "How is
when they rise from the dead, ncithcr do they
'2Sa 232
1,. 20:,16
say that the Christ is David's
marry nor are they given in marriagela but are m t u 1 7 : g
1'5 110.1
as angels9 in the heavensVP2 " ~ t concerning ;ko;;;$
spirit' Dnvid himself said:
A$;1;:s;. z
the dead, that they are raised up, did yorr no1 LU X O : : ~ '
Lord, "Sit at my right
Ilcb 1:lA
r e ~ din the hooka of Moses,' in the nccorunl ;ki ;;;2B
1 : hand zmtil I put your ei'lemlesw bcnsath your
' I t # )1:3
about the thornbush, how God saicl to him:
feet." "" David himself calls him 'Lord" but
111- 22:16
'I nrn the God of Abraham%nd God of Isaaco: :$ BhSm
how does it come that h e Is his son?"'







Or, "the cmpewr('s)."

8 pence 2 farthings.

A du.anr' mae n win cqunl to 17c or




tlla Tdrd, K13h. b Or, " i f ~ , "

MARK 12:38-13: 3


And the great cmwd was listening to him

with pleasure. SsAndin his teaching he went on
to say: "Look out for the scribes" that desire to
waIk around in robes and desire greetings in the
market-place@ 3 p and front seats in the synagogues and most prominent places at evening
meals," They are the ones devouring the houses of the widows and for a pretext making long
prayers; these wilI recei;e a heavier judg-





am 2 5 :
41 And he sat down with the sacred treasury' '
in view and began observing how the crowd
was dropping moneyb into the treasury chests;"
and many rich0 people were dropping in many zk; $
coins." 'Wow a POOP
widorvOcame and dropped @Mr
OLu 4:25
in two small coins,d which have very little
value."" 4 5 0 he called his disciples to him and *LU219
said to them: "TmIy I say to you that this poor
widow dropped in more than all those dropping
money into the treasury chests;e" 44 for they all "i",?;!
dropped in out of their surplus, but she, out of &2;;f2
her poverty, dropped in all of what she had,
her whole living."*
IJO 21:4
As he was passing out of the temple one
of his disciples said to him: "Teacher,
see! the kind of stones and the kind of buildings!"" Wowever, Jesus said t o him: "Do you 0Mta4:I
Lu 21:s
behold these great buildings?* By no means Aaer 7:14
will a stone be left here upon a stoneband not au19:44
be thrown do~vn."'
4 t2
3 h d as he was sitting on the mount of


Or, "places of assembly.') Literally, "a copper coin.') e Or, ([the

sacred treasury." d Literally, "two 1ep.t~'"; each lep.tanP being the
srwIlest Jewish copper coin, worth & cent ar 4 farthing. Literally,
"which i s a Roman quadrans." A quadratas equaled & oent or
1 farthing.


MARK 13:4-13

Olives with the temple in view, Peterm and

James and John and Andrewmbegan to ask
him privately:" "Tell us, Jflzen will these
things be, and what will be the sign when all
thcse things are destinedo to come to a consurnmation?"aff 50Jesus started to say to
them: "Loolr out that nobody misleads" YOU.*
Many will come on the basisC of my name,
saying: 'I a m he,' and will mislead many."
Moreover, when YOU hear of wars and reports
of wars,
~ not be terrified; these things must
take place, but the accomplishede endw is not

X "For nation wilI riseb against nation md
kingdom0 against kingdom,+there will be earthIsa19:2
ohIt 21:T quakesmin one place after another, there will.
L U Z I : ~ be
fooda shortages." These are a beginning of
~ L 21:11
.LU a l : ~pangs of distress.*
RMt 24:8
9 "As for YOU, 1001~out for yawselves; people will deliver YOU up to local courtsCand YOU
will be beaten in synagogues0*and be put on the
, ~ 10:17
stand before ggovernors and kings for my sake
for the purpose of a witnessDto them.u lo Also
in all the nations the good news has to be
first.' '"ut
when they are leading
R~ 10.18
YOU along to deliver YOU up, do not be anxious
beforehand about what to speak,O but whatOp;!ji:
La21114 ever is given you in that hour, speak this, for
YOU are not the ones speaking, but the holy
he 4:8
n:15 spirit is.+ l a Furlhermore, brother will ddever
~ M I C T :brother
over to death, and a father a child,@
M t 10:21
will rise in revolt against parents
~ ~ 2 1and
: children
X ~=:I0
and have them put to death;" l a anand YOU wilI be
objects of hatred by all people on account of


Or, "combined end." Wr, '%e stirred up; be roused np." c Or,
"to Lesscr San'he.dxins." d Acco~nplished e n d = ~ i b o g {tel u s ) , KB.

MARK 13:14-426


my name." But he that has cndured to the

finishn* is tbc one that will be saved,"
14 "Howcvcr, when m u cnt;ch sight sf the dls-


tho preacnt timc." eJehavah,

great power and glory.@ " And then he will

send forth thc angels and will gathelmhis cl~asen
ones togc ther from the four winds, from earth's
extremity t o heaven's extremity."
A ~ IZ-L::<I
NOW I ~ K A I ~ N : from the fig tree ns an
a - u 1216 illustration^" this point: Just as soon ns its
1319 young ljr.nnchd grows tender and puts forth its
leavrs, YOU hnorv that summcr is nrar.' "I 1,ilccyk
wise also you, when YOU see thew Ildngs hap~ M L24:s~ pening, know that he is near, nt the doors."
hlr 23:28
;,Truly I say to YOU that tlus ~enera2ion ~vi'illby
~l ~11''1i . 3. 62 1 1 : 2 ~ n o m e n n s p n n a a u . ~ y u ~ ~ ~ i l a I l t h e s e t l ~ i n
and earth will puss mvny, but
,,, ,3:1.~ pen." :" I-Ic;~vcn~
pass away,"
,b: iy;n:5 1
32 "Concerning that day' or the hour no~ L U
1o:m body knows, neither the angels In heavenGnor
, . $~~ t: ~3 6 the Son, b~tthe Father.' 33 Keep looking, keep
1 4 ~ 0 1 3 : l l awalw,' for you do not know when thc apI'TII 5:G
s.' 34 It is like a man traveling
' 1 , ~ zi:34 poinlcd time i
aMt 2 x 4 abroad" t i ~ nlcft
t his house m d gave the nuthor~ L U1 4 : ~ ity to his s l a v e s ~to each one his work, and
,,,:., commanded the doorkeeper to keep on the
match. mTTI~crcfore
keep on the waidl," for YOU
He 3:3
nno 11:4 do not ltnow when the master" of t h e house is
utu 12:6 camiilg,O ~ v h c t h late
~ r in thc day or nt midnight
~ ~21.36
1 2 : 3or
8 at cock-crowingl"r
early In lhc morningj0
in order that ~vlwnhe arrivcs su~dclenlyhe
.Mt ~ : 5does not flncl YOU sIeeping." :' But what I say to
YOU I say to all, KEEP on the watch.''
Now the passover" and thc feast" of 1-m*LC 23:~
-I lenvcncd cnlres was two days Id cr." And
the chief pricsis and the scribes were seeking
. I 2
Jolt 1 7 : s
how to seize him by crafty device and lcill him,'
-!,,I 2 2 9
.I.u 21:27

27-1 4:7

IIch 3:6



~ L =:IT

gusting': t h i n g q h a t causes dc~olntion'~

stmding. Ek: :yil?
where it ougllt not (let the rcader use disccmm ta~:i~
ment) ,G the11 let those in Ju.dc'n" begin fleeing -LU
_ 2.1
to the mountains." " k t the man on tlrc house- +k;;j;
top not conre down nor go inside to takc m y - ~ M L Z ~ \ : I I I
thing out af his house; Is and let the mnn in the *Mt 24:17
field not return to t h e things behind to pick up
his outcr gnrment." "Woe t o the pregnant 'nlt2q:lS
txtornen <and tIlase sudrling a bnlly in lhose 'T Mt
>XI a:m
1s I
ICEEP praying3 that it may not occur'
in winterlime;' lD
for those d t ~ y swill hc days w 2 4 : Z n
of a tribulntienn such as has not occurrecl from '+',$z;
the beginfling of the creation0 whlclt God ereated' until 1 h a t timeb and \vill not occur again." , ~ ~ ~ ~
fact, unless Jehovahc" had cut short the I$;.;;$
days, no flesh would be saved. But on account
of the choseno ones that he has chosen he has o L U G : l a
VMt 24:22
cut short t l ~ cdaysa0
21 "Then, tm, .if anyone says to YOU, 'See! +De13:1
here is the Christ,'* 'See! thcrc he Is,"' do not
believe it,' xZ For false Christs and false proph- 'L, 21:s
ets will wise and will give signs and wondersq ~~~~~:~~
ta lead astray, if possible, the chosen ones." '$:A?$j$'
zJYotr, then, watch out; X have told you all 1 P e l : J
LbTt 7:15
things k f orehnnd,'
ZPe 337
24 "But in those days, after that tribulation,
the sun will be darkened: and l l l o moonq will $:i:zl
not give its light," " and the stays will be fall- ;%:;,
ing out of hcaven?O and the powers which are
in the heavcns will be shaken.' " And then they 9-;;\;y;o
~ a ~ 1 . 3
will see the Son of man" coming in clouds witll tE:i:'
*Or, "cnd," bCitcrnlly, "until
J 7 * ~ ~ 1 0 * ~ 3tlln
, 1 0Lord,
- l s ; KBR.

MARK 13 :27-14



Cnrlc-crowing rrpresented thc third \\*nCch (if tl~e

3 tt.m,), accortling to llic Chrrinn nnd
Ifa~llrnldivision 01tllc nig111,


?light (from 12

n l i d r l i ~ l l tta

MARK 14:2-12
'for they repeatedlysaid: "Not at the feast; perhaps there might be an upraar of the people."" mtB:s
3 And while he was at Beth'n.n;yAIn the house *Lu 19:23
oP Simon" ihc Ieper, as he was reclining at the "cB:&
meal, n woman came with an alabaster case of
perfumed "il, genuine nard, vcry expensive. 3LuRd@
Erealring open the alabast~rcase she b ~ g a nto
pour it upon his head.* Wt this there were
snmc cxprcssing indignation among themselves: J O 1~2 : ~
"Why has this waste of the pcrfumed oil talren
placc?O For this perfumed oil could have been
sold for upward of t h r e e hundred de.nar'i.iu and
been given to the poorlW3
And thcy w ~ r efeei- 3 ~ ~ 4 : 1 a
ing great displeasure at her.' But Jesus said:
, ! ; !2, , ;~+
"Let her alone. Why do YOU try to rnnlce trouble for her? She did a fine d e d " t o ~ v ~ rme.'
d $$#(,
For YOU ~ l w a y shave the poor' with YOU, .and =ghl;::
whenever you want to YQTJcan nlways do them
good, but me row do not have always." She 'gi2$fA
did what he g.ot the opportunity to clo, ehe undcrtook beforehand to put perfumed oil on my
body in view of the burial.' "TrulyI say to YOU, Wtzs:l2
\l%erever the good news is preached in all the
world;" what this woman did shnIl nlso be told 3J0h
as a rerne~lbrance~
of her,"u
o~ A~fo:4
3C t6 : ~
10 And Judnso', one of the twelve, OLuZ2:3
went off to the chief priests in order to betray
him lo th~m.' " When thcy hcnrd it, they re- L~;;!;;r
joiced ancl pvorniscd3to give him silver rnoncy.OOaczeci.l:la
So he lxgan seeking how t o belray him con- Eh%:i5
+ IT^~PG~:t~~:OI B
3.2Now on the first d a y h o f b unIeavenedm%
, ",Tdj
caltcs, when they customarily sacrificed the BF;2:;5
A a1s.nnr"i.n~ wns n silver POIU wurtl~17r, or Hd. 2E. Hence 301)
dc.nnr'i.i oqnrtlrrl $51, or more t l i n t ~L10. h See Matthew 21i: 17,


lpassuver victim, his disciples said to him:

'"'Where do you want us to go and prepare for
you to cat the passover?"" ' W i t h thhnt hc sent
forth two of his disciples and said to them: "Go
OLu 2:3
into thc dty," and a man carrying nn earthenMM1 %:I8 ware vessel 01 water nil1 encounter YOU.* FalLu 22:s
'low him, " nsnd wherever he goes Inside sny to
t h e householder: 'The Teacher says, "Whcl-e is
the gucslchnmkcr for me where 1may cat the
passover""with my disciples?" 'a I n AIIA he will
show you R Jnrgc upper room, furnished in
prcpnrntion; and there preparc for us."'h So
the clisciplcs lvcnt out and they entered the city
and found it just as he said to thcm, and they
prepared fur the pns~over.~
17 After evening had fallen he came with
the twelve: INAnd as they were reclining at
the tablc m d eating Jesus said: "Truly 1 say
to YOU, One of Y O U , who is eatinp with me,
will bctrny me."' I T h e y startcd t o bc grieved
and to sny io him one by one: "It Is not 3, is
it?"" I-I.F snid to them: "It js one of Ynv
bvclve, who is dipping with me into the common bo~vl.' True, the Son of mnn is going
away, just fls it Is written conccrning him, but
woe to that mnn through whom the Son of mnn
is betrayed! 21 tvould have been better for that
man if h e hnd not been born.""
22 And as they continued eating, he took a
loaf, snid a hlcssing, broke it and gave it to
them and said: "Take it, this rncansn my
body."OA And tnkjng a cup, he offered thanks
and gaw It ta them, and they all drank out of
iLO p r And he said to them: "This meansa my


tho srnse of ~ignifying, importing, rsp~rsmting,

Sro 1 Corir~tl~ians
10 : 4.

'blood' of the covenantrmwhich is to bc poured" 'xu
out in hchnlC of many." 2 T ~ u l Iy sny lo YOU, r JZec
P T 31 :31
1 sbs~llby no means drinlc nny more of Ihe FTv'o 7:2%
product OS the vine until that clay when I drink ~fIeh
I s nS3:12
26 23
it newn in the kingdom of God."* ":FlnnlIy, *hit
I,u 2'":"'Y
aftcr sjngrna praises,"' they went out to the 7*1uo
' s J13
t o 11!1
m u n t of olive^.^'
XRn 11:tf
t 26::;~
27 And Jcsus snid t o them: "You will all be an1
LU 8a:3!1
stumblcd, bacnuse it is written, 'I will strike doh 1R:l
L U 15: L
the s h e p h e ~ l and
, ~ the sheep5 will be scattcrecl CcTsa
51 5
about." :'" But after 1 have hccn raisccl up I Zcc 9:2ti
will go ahr:~dof YOU into Gal'i.lcc."' *" But -3:t
.In11 1(;:72
I T 1 1F.31
Pctcr snid to him: "Even if all Zhc atl~ersare + ?Ilt
stumbled, yct I will not be."":'WRt thnt Jesus hTr JG:7
rJcr 9.23
said to him: 'Truly I say to you, You today, &It Z G 3 3
yes, this night, ]=fore a cock crows twice, c w n LJ uo l2~13
you will disown> me three timcs."" But he SLU
r31L 263 1

<<Itnrlr!'; i l ~ n tis, the -c4ne's ncy prnrluc,t, b Or, " h p n s (or

pgnl~i~s)0 An hi~.n.n~a'ic
word nic~nning"~mpn!'~


fozrnd them sleeping, and he said to Peter:

"Simon, are yotr sleeping? Did you not Rave
lo ltccp an the watch one hour?l
!lyf!;;;! strength
" Men, keep on tile watch and p r ~ y i l l aIn
, order
that YOU do not come into temptation. The spirit," of eoursc, is willing, but the flesh is wcfili.'"
3'JAndhe went nway again and prayed, s ~ y i n g
i t , ! 5.17
R ~ 26:-12
the F;amc V,JOYCI.~
"' Ancl again he cumr! ;itld found
'Lu~+:32 then1 slr!cgitrgI1' for their eycs wcrc wejglled
down, and so they did not h o w mhnt to answer
.llAntl hc came the third time nnd said
-;;Eykato thcm:
*'At such a time as this vorJ nl'c slcrping and t n k l n ~YOU? rest! It is ctlotz~h!The
hour has ~ a r n c !Look!
the Son or rnnn is bcPG:.45
trayed into thc hands of sinners." " iC:et up, let
14:31 US go." Look! my betrayer has dmwn near.'"
M 1 26.16
4 3 And immediately, nlhile he was yet spcaking, Judas, one of the twelve, arrived and with
him crow(1.'with s~lrordsand clubs from the
cl~iefpriesis nnd thc scribes nnd I l ~ caldcr men
inllucn~c.~l" Now his betrayer hnd given
; anh lx:3
$ of
them an z l g M sign, saying: "Whocvcr it is 1
kiss, this is he; take him into custody and lead
%:,is him away safely.""" And he cnmc by a straight
course and npproached him and said: "Rabbi!'lC
aSn2D:g and lcisscdo him very tenderly,
ihcy Iaid
@l-uI:w their hantt~<~
upon him and took him into cus-m26:50 tody.' " IHolvever, a certain one ol thow standI,U 22:.:9
ing by drew his sword and struck the slave of
the high priest and cut his ear off.'" d q But in
JohlK:30 response JCSUS said to them: "Did YOU come
out with sivordrs and clubs as against n robber
Eh1t26:55 to armst me?' Day after day 1 was With YOU
Lu 2252
in the tcmplc teaching, and yet you dicl not

began to sny ptwSusely: "If I have to die with Lu
you, I wjll hy no means disown you," Also all .Toll 13,?FI
* ~26;m
the othws began saying the same thing."
J o l ~11:16
32 So they came t o a spot named Gt;th,sern', and he said to his disciples: "'Sit down
here while I pray."" " And hc took Pcter and EhIt
Lu. 22:33
JOh 18:l
Jamcs and John" along with him, and hr! start- nhlt
ed to bc stunned and to bc solvly t r o u b l ~ d ,?nu
~ 26:~~
" And he said to them: "My soul is deeply
P a 42:5
grieved,' cvcn to death. Stay here and kccp on b PS
ka 5 y
the ~ a l c h . ""'"
' ~And going a littlc woys fonvard .Jon
he proccccled to fall on the ground and bcgan 3iJL 2R38
praying Ihat, li it were possible, thc hour might
pass nway from him." ac And he went on to say: "Mt
Ltt 22:11.
"A?hn,u Fnll~cr,~
all things arc possible to you; *doh 20:17
Ro 8 : 15
remove this cup from me. Yet not mknt I: want, Gn
but what you ~ v m t " ' a7And he cnme and Hch22:42

MARK 1 4 : 3 M 9

MARK 14:50-662

MARK 14:63-15 :1
see the Son of man" slltlng at the rjgllt hand'
take me into custody. Nevertheless, thjs m y *Pa2,2;f:
"LU 9 : ~of power and coming with thc cloucls-' of heav[>dlw
the Scripturesuhave been fuliilld."'
unit 26:M
J O 11
~ :si e
SO And they all abandoncdz him and fled." 3.u 22:'fl
n.'" 33 At 211is the higho priest lore his inner
21; n
~ . F ~ IA<r: I~3
garments apart and said: "What further need
But a certcah young man ItfearingR One lincn r I>. A.I 1
"Mkmss do lve have of witnesses?" YOU heard the
garment over his naked" body began to follow :<'g?.y(?G
clops il ~ cvirlm~cc
show YOU?"
him nearby, m d they tried to seize him,@n 2 but e J ~ AIH:
q,L,e,22,::f3 b l a ~ p h e m y What
rt;I aa
" L u Z : ~ ~ They all cond~rnncd11in1 to bc liable t o death."
he left his linen garment behind and got away
m A ~ d m r n e s l , a r l u tda s p i t b o l i i m a n d s o m e
t o cover his whole fnco find hit him with their
53 They now led Jesus away to the h i ~ h OoMrlQ:03
fists and say to him, "Prophesy!" And, slapping
priest, and all the chief priestsu and the olclcr O=ul:5
~ him
~in the
lace, l.hc caurtO a1 tcndants took him."
mcn of influence and the scribes nsscrnblecl.' + ~ ! ~ ~ ~ I ~ ; mmMtu 26:G'i
D 4 Rut Petcr from a goad distance lollorved
Now u7hjlc Pcter was llulow in the courtllim\$h,;:;~~
yard, one of iRe scwnnt girls of the high priest
as far as in the courtyard of the high priest, a<,tr 1 n . 1 5
*I*IL26:69 came," "'and, sccing Pelelm~varming himself,
and he was sitting together with the ]louse ntLu E:55
tcndnnts and warming himself before n bright
she looked stmight nE him and said: "You, too,
#LU n:ss were with the Nnz.a,rene', this Jesus."" G a But
fire. "Wcnntirnethe chief priests and the wllolc
San'he.drino were looking for witness agninst
he denied it, saying: ""Ncithcr do I know him
nor do I ~mderstancl"whnt you Rre saying," and
Jesus to put him to death, but they werr! not un,e:a
went outside t o thc vcstibulc,' ''' There the
uncovering any." 6%any, indeed, wcrc giving
F' ; $;; he
false witness0 against him,* but their testirna- ;t:.$ft
servant girl, a t the a i ~ t i or
l him, slnrted again
nics were not in agreement.' u7Also certain
to say to those gtnntling by: "This is one of
uMt26:71 themmrrD
ones were rising and bearing false witness *altzr;:cx,
70 Agnin he rvas denying it. And once
I.u 2 2 5 8
J O 1~ 8 : ~
against him, saying:
more ater a little rvhjlc those stnnding by be" W e heard him say, 'I
will thlmrv down this temple that was mad^ with
n M t B g 3 gan saying to Pcter: "CerZainly you are one of
them, for, In Pact, you nrc n'an.'" But
hnnds and in three days I wiI1 build another not
5 . ~ 3 he comrncnccrl to curse'' and swear: "I do not
madc with hands.' "" as But neither on these "j:$!,":;:
+ tJr 2925
grounds was their testimonp in agreement. ml'rl:$:7
know this man of whom YOU speak."' 7 2 And
' w'511
u 22 61 immediatcly a coc1r crowed a second time;@and
60 Finally the high priest m e in their midst
Joh 18:27
Peter recalled the saying thnt Jcsus spoke to
and questioned Jesns, saying: ' 9 0 you say
him, "Before a cock crows t,wice, you wilT disnothing in reply? What i s it these arc tc3~tiIying against you?"O "'But he kept silent and fiMcae!B2
'M,t,y$:G own me three times,"" Ancl he broke down and
gave way t o w e ~ p i n g . ~
made no reply at all.+Again the high priest be- +$;Yg3
And imrnedlaiely at dnrvn the chief
Ran to question him and said to him: "Arc you
t h e Chrjst the S o d of the Blcssed One?'"' :$$la,2(:0 7 : l O
priests will1 the oldcr men of influence
"f=u22:66 and the scrjbes, even the whole San'l~c.drin,~
"Then Jesus said: "I am; and rou persons will








OxI L'lightIycladn


Or, "Ineither know nor undclwtuud."

MARK 15:2-16

conducted a consultation,* and they bound Jcsus and led him off and handed him over5 to ';:"rI;,;;;m
PiIn4e." 'So Piiate put thc q ~ ~ ~ s t itoo nhim: w t x.1
I .kt 2'!:M3
"'Areyou thc king%of the Jews?"' In answer t o -1.1, ;
him he said: "That is for you to sny."' * nut Illc $2;;.!



chief priests proceedecl to accuse him of many .;;$A;'"

things." Now Pilate began questioning him b:;2J;<3:,!
again, saying: "Rave you no reply t o mnIce?' &t:&lj;
S m how many charges they are bringing n ~ n i n s ti+rr\ l L 2~;:1::!
you."" But Jesus madc no PurlI~cr~nsrvcr,so ;1 1 ~77:
11 i k 1 0
''I<;l 53,7
Ihnt Pilate began t o marvel."
311 27:l.L
6 Well, from feast" to feast hc usod t o lrx-cL$i:!;R
leasc to them one prisoner, whom they petitioned for." ' At the time tl~crewas tho so-callccl 3;i; g;;;
"Bar.ab'haq'" inbods with the smlitionists tvho
In their seditionGhzd con~rnittedrnurclcr.'.' So ','I,U 1s 20
t h e crowd cane on up and started to mnkc pct i- ..hit 27:1s
tion according to what he used to rlo for thctti.
"Pilate responded to tlicrn, saying: "Do vow
want mc t o release to you the king of thc
Jews?"O lo For he was arwre that hccnuse of OFAg::z
cnvy' thc chief priests had handed him over." 'y; !)$
But the chief priests swung Ihc crowd over onit 27.18
to his mlcasing Ear.ab'bas to them, instearl,' 'nTLn:mr
l2 Again in reply Pilate was saying to thcm:
"What, then, shaII 1 do with him whom you
call the king" of the Jews?"' I" 011ccmom they
cricd aut : ''Impalea
But PiIate wentl2;?;;,
on to say to them: "Why, what crime did 11c nI.LlI ~ l27:%0
;t! !:2L
commit?" Still they cried out all the more: , J ~ , !141.1;
"Impale& him!"* At that Pilata, wisbing to AP",~!a~q?:4~~
satisfy the cro~owd,~
released Bar.ub'bas7lo them, &';,::j$j:i,
and, after having Jesus whippcd, hc handed him u'r2g:z
+Mt 27%
over to be impaled."+
Juh 1 D : l
16 The soldiers now led him off into tllc court~ l f h

MARK 15:17-29
yard, that is, into the governor's palace, and
"'Mtn:n they called ilie whole body of troops toge:eSl~er,"~
and tlwy dccI~edhim with purple and braided
crown? of thorns and put il on him." '*And
started eeeting him: "Good dny," you
I.Ut : a 3
.1uhl!l.3 K i n g o f t h c J c w s ! " l " A l s o t h e y t t ~ o u l d h i E I ~ i m
on I he bend with n rfbd a11d spit upon him and,
' LU 24:52 bencling tficir Icnccs, they would rlo ohcisnncc0
'Mtrn:30 to him.":
Fjni~lly,wlicn they hnd made fun of
him, they stripped him of the pur*plc and put
his outer garmcnts upon him, Anr1 they led
him out to inlpnlcn him.' " Also tllcy impressed
,-:;&?& into service" u passcr-Ry, n cwtain SimonC of
Cy-re'nc, coming From Ihc country, Zhc father
of Alexander and Rufus, t hnl. 11e sl~ouldlift up
">A: gE his torturc stake.""
22 So they brought him to the place "Go1'g.o179



when translated,
Lu 23:.13 tha'"O which
.In11 19:17 P l a ~ e - ' 's,i~HCI'Ctllcy flBicd to
1 Ieb 13~12
[ILU 1:pa
drugged wit11 myrrh," but:
~ ~ h1532
l r

give him !vine3
not take
thcy impnlccln" him and distributed
I P S sa:zl
'Mt 27::M
his garments' by casting the lot nvcr thcm as t o
.l.s 22:1R
";",4p1&3$8who d r a w what." "'I1 mns now the third hotw,cB
and they impaled~him. And ihe inscription
Joll19:1.1 of the chargcJ ngninst him wns tvrittcn above,
,131t n:m
AM: 2 7 : - 3 ~ ''The King of thc J~lt~s.'"
=' Moreover, they imtlu 2 3 : 3
. F O29.19
one on his right
hlt T . 3
11s 1n~r:25 gan to revile him,* w n g ~ i n gtheir hends" and
' ' 1 " 7:3Y
' n ~ t ~ i : g osaying: "Ball! you ~wulcl-bethrower-clown of
nrl. 14-w
the temple and builder of it in thrcc days' time,"
. , I i

%?zVv ( n/:$z,

Ur, "FastLLII(td) an a st.akt ur pole."

Or, "fasten ( ~ d )an n ~ t n l r r !or pole," b RPB I l ~ r !hppcndix nnder

, \ l : ~ t t l ~1e0a: 35. C Third hnur ; ro~~nt,ing
f ihomli, ; t l l n t is, 9 a.m.
KBACD omit verw 23, rlvuli~rg:"And 4 1 1 t h P I T ~ I ~ ~ U wt'ns
I T Pnlfill~d
tlrr~t snys, 'And he m-us wcltnnt:d m~tlr I n x - l ~ s so~lcs.'"-VgSyP+h.

na save yourself by mming down off the torturn
stake.'"= In like manner also the chief priests

MARK 1 5 : 3 W 1

were making fun among themselves with thc

scribes and saying: "Others he snvcd; himsell
he cannot save?'32 Let the Christ the King of Israel now come down off the torture slnke,n lhnt
we may see and believe.""" Even those jrnpnlcdl''
together with him were reproaching him,u
33 When it became the sixth hourc sl darknessE
fell over the whole land until thc ninth I ~ o u r , ~ l ~
And at the ninth hourd Jesus called out with a
loud voice, "E'Zi, E'li, la'$,zo .w.bncJt.llur'ni ?*
which means, when translated, "My God, my
God, for !%?hat
purpose have you forsaken me?'"O
some of those standing near, on llcnring
it, began to say: "See! he is calling EIijah."jn'
"'I But a certain one ran, soaked a sponge wit11
sour wine, put it on a reed, arsd began ~;jving11im
R drink,"" saying: "LEThim bc! Lcl us sep whelher Elijahj comes ta take him down."' But JESUS
let: oul a laud cry and expired.' s @ A ~the
d curtain* of the sanctuary" was rent In two from
top t o bottom." Now, when the army ofIlcerRc
thnt wns standing by lcvitIa IrIm in view saw hc!
hnd expired under these circumstnnccs, he snid:
"Certainly this man was God's Son."'hh
40 There were also 1t1onlen viewing from a
d i ~ t n n c e ,among.
them Mary Mngfdar1ene as
well ns Mmy' the mother of Jarncsr' the Less
and J~%se,~@
and Sa.lo'me,o' who used to ncSoc the Appendix under Mnttl~cw10 : 38, b OF,"Puutenrd on n ntnlrn
or polr." Sixth hour; eour~tirlgflnom B a.m.; ttrnt ifi, '1'3 nilon.
d K i t ~ t lhour;
counting from G a.m. ; thnt i ~3 ,p.111,9 Eli, Eli, lisnlra
arrbrtqthnrri? in the Gal.i.le'nn dirilrrt (IT Ar.a.iilr~'ir,1 Or, "tert~plr."'
R C)tal "~c!~turio!~";
an ofiicer in co~utt,onrl of 1iIl1 $oL(liriw, lha,"s
rrjn of Cod," or, ",s sen of a pil!' 1 Jo'ses, ~ A C S y p , t l ;J o ~ r p h ,
I t l r ~ S y s3oaxe'los,BD.
j Elijah, rJ1'b1en21; rncn~li~~g"irly
nod i s Jnll".

MARK 15:42-16:5
mfnpmy himmand minister to him rvhm he was
in Eal'i.lee, and many other women who had
-LuW:49 come U P together with hinr to Jerusalem."
42 Now as it was a~lrndylate in the after34:25 noon," and since it mas Preparation, that is, the
O L U ~ :day
before the sabbnlll, 'l"thsre came JoseplP
a3:51 of'n,(' n counselor or good st mid in^,
who also himsclf was wniling for the lcingdan~
of God.We toolc courage to KO In bciore Pilale
n ~ e 2 1 : 2 2 and asked for the body- of Jcsus. ""ButPilate
wondered whether he was aIlmendydead, and,
summoning thc army ofYIccr,n he aslced him
whether he hnd nlrcndy clied. '90
after making certain from t h e Hrmy ofllcer,R he g~-anled
A M t m g the corpse to Joseph.' l q Accoldingly he bought
fine linen and took him down, wrapped him in
the fine linen and laid hjmv jn a tombe which
quarried out of a mclc-mass: and he rolled
up lo the door of the memorial tomb.'
47 Brit Mary Mag'dn.lene nnd Maryo the mother
of Jo'sesbU continued looking at where he had
~ 2751
L u $355 been laid."
'Eu 20:s
zl,u 8:2
So when the sabbath"had passed, Mary"
CLU 2 1:10
Mag"da.lene,"nnd Mary" the mother of
James? and Sa.lo'mee bought pcrfu~nesin order
to come and rub him." ' Anrl vely carly on the
nLuwl fwst daya of the wceIr they camc to the memorial3 tomb, when t h e sun" had risen.x "d
were saying one to another: "Who will roll the
J~~ 20:1
stone away from l.he rloor of the mernorinl tomb
for US?" .I But wllcn they look~clup, they beheld that the stone hnd bcm rolled away, alb L ~ x : 2though it
Wlicn they entered
into the memorial tomb, they saw a yout.lgman

O t u 8 9


r Or, "centarion"=xtvrvplm
(krtr.t!y.ri'ntr) ; nn OMCCF i n eomtnnnrl
~rf100 soldiers. bJo'scs, CSyp.ta; J u s r l ~ l ~AYg;
,'tns, KCI(.


MARK 16:6-43
gltting on the right side clothed in a bright robe,
and they were stunned.' He said to them: +F,"h?$jjl,
"Stop hehg stunned. You are laolting. for Jesus
the Naz.a.rene', who was I m p a l ~ d . "He
~ was $FiE;i
raised up, he is not here. See! the place where
they laid him," But go, tell his disdplcs and aftzs:=
Peter: 'Reis going ahead of You Into G~l'l.lee;~
there YOU will see him, just as he told YOU.' " M r l m
30 when they came out they fled f~vrnthe
memorial tomb, for ;b-embling and strong emotion were gripping them. Ancl they told nobody
*mt z8:8
anything, for they were in fenr.1)'
L u 24:9

Or, " k ~ t e n e don a stake or pole."

wnrk~rlwith thrm and baeked np

n(q. iE.

tbe meamgo t h m u ~ hlhc B i p s

Rome lnte rnnnua~riatsand version^^ cantnin n ~hortC O I I C ~ U R ~ O ~
rl Pl,cr Rltirlc 1 B : H, nu f;llloms :
Illit :111 tflc t l l i n g ~tI~nthad been eommnnded they rrlnt,~dbriefly
lo tlin~c!nrni~nrlI'pkr. Further, after Il~csrH i i n c ~ ,Jtwm h j i n ~ ~ l f
wnl 0111 Ils~nilghthrm from t h e ~ x a ttm Ill0 nmt ihc 31nl~*nnd inrnn~ul~ttbltb
~,r.crdninntion of ewlnstmg wlvntion.

M n n n ~ a i p tL (Codex Regins, af the Rth crntul~)c a n t n i n ~both

~ ~ r l r ~ c ~ l u a inf
n rtwo
~ s Mark I6 : S ; @ring flrat thr! ~llo'rtrr ranrluaion
:mrl tllon Ihc lon~cl-,prefixing to cnch c o ~ r l i ~ ~ ino nnotr? to sny
l l ~ t ~ il~rbsr!
J,!IRHIIRVA nlne c I U T Ein
~ ~~lomr!quilrtrlrs, wl~ilccvirlcnilg
!lot rcrofi.nizin~vilher conclusion as ~utho~~itnlivc.

Ccrtnin ancient mannscripts ( ACL)) nntl vrrsiona (VgSp-+pp)
add tltc! Iong conrlnsion, IIII~: n~hicllHftSyaBrrn o m ~:t
R Aetcr hr, rose early on the I i r ~ tdny oS tIiu week he appeared
flmb to Nary Jixg'da.lene, froni w11t>u1hc hnct cxprlled seven deNOTE :
ORho went and reported to tIloae wlio h n ~ llwcn with him,
Mnrlc 2 : 2B : '(I11 the account &nut A#bi'n,thnr tha high priest."
ns they .rvcco triourning and weeping., But Lltoy, rnl~cnthey hcnrd
The llnl~nllvng ~ I I FQ r ~ e kphrase in the originnl text is liere t ~ ~ n n s ho linrl ctltno to life and had llcttn v l e a ~ h d hy hur, ditl not believe,
Intcd is, ."wlrcn A.bita.thnr was high primt." 13nt hisloi~icnllgthis
12Alo~covcr,after these things: Ilc npprrlr~c1i r ~nnoth~rform to
i s an error, for the account at 1 Sa11111el 21 : 1-R RIIOWX
two of tbcm walking along, a s tl~eyw c r ~tmvvling into t l ~ ecounrlhilnrlcrh the mn af Ahih~bwns then tl~ch i ~ l tprim~,nnd not
try; l 3 nlid they pame back and rcprtrd tu tlie rc!sf. Neither did
Al~inthnr tlir son of Ahirneleeh. This mny mplrtnn ~ v h yn aumbm
t h y beticw t h ~ s e . " Bnt later hc npl~~nretlto the eltven themor rnrly tcattlrll suthori tics omit the nhovo pllt~~rrr,
narnely, Jrnnnselvca ns they w w e reclining at the trihlc, nntI hc reproved their
N I T ~ P ~Dp
P I !I7,
I t ( r l , b J ) , Sya; and it i~ not I'onnrl in the correIl~nkof faith and h a r d h ~ w t e d u c s ~l ,,c c t ~ u ~they
~ ! did not believe
tilioruling piwanpH at Matthew 12: 4 nnd Lulcu : 4,
~ I I O A Uwho llnd 1)eheld him now roissrl 111) froin tha dead. l-nd
tllem : I'r70 into xll the worltl n ~ ~ ~ l j ~ yod~ n ~ cc ls ~ t l ~ Thr! ~iinilar(Ti.eek ~truclllra oocurs at Xnrk 12 : 26 and Luke
30 :37, whem JVE llevr translated it, "in tho nccomlt nbnut the
i ~ ~ ~ l ~*,ii
l i xi~ rd b ; ~ i i
I li0vt1h11~11,"SO IIPPI! n t Mark 2 : 26, to r l i m i n a t ~tlir Iiiutn~-ir,nlinTI<, f l i r ~ r %
not believe will be condr-nl~~t~ll.
I1vr:urncy of the ~ x p m p i o n"when dbintlur r n a liigli plaicst", me
uiqn:ns ~villncmulpany those Ilelievilhg: I3y tllc uso oJ' nlg name t h ~ y
t14lw rrndrr i t : "in tllc amant n h u t h1)intl)nr thr I r i ~ hpriest.'"
\r.rll rxpcl demons, tbep mill speak with to~ltpra,l%nd tvi2h t h d r
'I'Eue IIPIICUIpnwirrrlgc to wnbh Mark r e f e ~ur.rmm: in t l chnpter
Itfinds tI1q nil! pick up serpents, nrrd IItlwy drink anything
I Sn rnurl 21) wflicll conws imnkerlint~ly tlrfo~~c
tha cl~nptrrthat
rlrndly ~t v+i.illnot lmrt them at nll. Tlvap wilt I:ly their hands npon
l y i v c ~ [in t,Itr? i~nnnurlt af the first exploits o f Ahit~tt~ar,
who later
~ i c I rpersona, atld these mill hecomt! well,"
~lirlI~ocorneT~rarl'shigh priest after Uuvid boonn~oIring o f I~lrael.
10 So, tlicn, the Lord J e ~ u s ,nfter t ~ n v i n~pnlccn
to them, was
3 5 : 11,12; 2 Snrnud 15 : 2.1-'28,36,30; 1 Kings
tala-n up to hcnven and sat down nt the riglit hand of God, 2"!l!hey,
2 : 28,27,
nccordi~gly,wrnt out and preucheii ercrywherc, whila the Lord


LUKE 1:12-21-

OYA-Cl ~9:s~ ~ ~ v n h ' s ~ a n g e l h p p e a r e d , s t n n d i n ~ n t t h e r l

~c 10:3 s l d ~
of the incense altar. But ZecIi.a.ritah beI
*JK 6:%2
came troubled at the sight, and fear fell upon
n ,I
AI: jdh:fl
him.* l 3 However, the anpyl said t o him: "Have
1 .IT
Whereas many have tried thcir hand at
O l ~ ~u 1 7 no fear, Zech.a.rilah,because your supplication0
eompiljng R statement of the fncta' which
naa had acceptance," and your wife Elizabeth
are given fuI1 credence among us," just as u1T13:16
will be the mother of a son ta you, nnd you are
those who from the beginningh became eye- aIJOm I:T
to call his name John.'** And you wiH have
I l:[io
wi tnesseskand attendants of the messagen' de- ;OJ,
*I:: I:ns
joy and great gladness, and many wlll rcjoice"
livered these to us, I resolved also, bwausc I +:3$36
*.I 0s 3 7
over his b i ; l5for he wlll be great before
have traced all things from the start with RC- ,
@I*ll 7:.<1
Jch0vah.c" But he must drink" no wine' and
curacy,"~ write' them in logical orc1erqto you,
drlnk at a11,O and he will be Rlled with
most e x c e l l c n t ~ e . o p h ' t l u s , ""thnl: you may #hc24:3
: 11aly spirit right from his motller's womb:
Ador 1:s
know fully the certainty of the things which
La and many of t h e sons of Israel will he turn
Cn 6%
you have k e n taught ~ r a H y . ~
k""' 4:3.43 back to Jehovah" their God. " Also he will g o
B1.u 9 3 0
5 Pn the days of I-Ferod? king of'a, there
before him with Elijah'~"~spirit and power, to
P M 1 l:14
happened to bc a certain priesP named Zcch-a- O.'""M
to chlldmno
? turn~ back~ the hearts'
~ of fathers
ri'ah"" of the division of A-bi'jnh,""nnd he had ~ ~ ; ~ i ~ ? l , o
and the disobedientD ones to the practical wisa wlfeo from the daughters of Aaron, and her ;;:;
dom of righteous ones, to get mady for Jehoname was Elizabeth. " They both were right- %
~ n h , l L prepared people,"@
YCh i%!):It3
eousO before God because of walking blame- b P h p m
18 And Zech.a.ri'ah said to the angel: "How
1st 1flm17
lesslym*In accord with all the commandmentse ?1:&!i15
IH.11 am I to be sure of this? For I am nged' and my
I10 4 .I9
anrl legal' requirements of Jehovah.[lk But they mt;,":;:"
wife Is wclf dong in years," '@In reply the angel
hnrl no child, because Elizabeth continued barg
Dn 0.21 snid to him: "I am Gabriel: who stands ncar
ren," and tlley both were well along in years. = ~ r?:lo
11cbl:14 before God, and I was sent forth to speak with
lcLRi 20:3
8 Now as he was acting as priest In the asyou and declare the good news of these things
si~nrnentof his division* before God, accord- *lcqh24:19
to you. *-ut, laolt! you mill bc silent* and not
Em 2.197
ing to the solemn practice of the pricstl y ofice ; :$ zili
able to speak until ihc clay that ihese things
jt became his turn to offer incense" when he
inke place, because you did not believe my
L ~ l1 2 ~
~: ~ s
entcmd into the smctuasy" of Jehovah;cl( and CNU
words. Just the same, they will bc fulf~llcdin
1 t
all t h e multitude" of the people was praying ,:~,yils
their nppointed time." 2 1 Mcant ime the people
outside at t h e hour of incense." To him Jcho- ~ r i s:a
m u ~ : 2 3 continucd waiting for Zech-n.ri'ah: and they
began to wonder a t his delaying in the sanctu* Thc Incasngp, K13AJl7; Jehovnhb ~rord,Jln, b Zcrh.n.ii'nh, J7-3M321;




hrh,n,t-i'ns, K13ri ; meaning "Jlei~~criil~rssd

hy J n h '< A. bi'jah,
A.hitn, MRA; meaning ''My i ~ ~ t h risr Jnh". d Jehovah,
J 7 - 1 7 ; l h e T ~ r d ,KRA. e Jehovah, J7-ls; tho Lord, KBA,




the Lordls, KEA, b RCB Mntthew 3 : 3, f o o t ;the Lord, Nnh. d Jchov~tll, , J q - l e ; the
tiord, Hnh. Elijah's, 317*189zl; rtlenning ('My Uotl ie Jah",


~ i u b ~ 0f ,Jell~vnh, J T f i $ ~ l " l "

LUKE 1F 22-34


ary. PP But when he came out he was not able

t o spenlr to them, and they pcrceivcd that he
had just seen a supernaturalAsight0 jn the sanctunry; and Ile kept making signs to thcm, but
remaincd dumb,"' When, now, the daya of his
pitbIic s ~ r v i c ewere
~ fulfilled,+he want off to his


Jsliovnh, J7-'8; the Lord, ~ 1 3 A .b lliternlly, "lkc.'' 0 Jehovah,

J7-1"ta-1flthe Lard, KBA. W e e nIntthr!w 1 : 21, footnoteb.


.Lu 18:4

am 1:zo

24 But after these days Elizabeth his wifec
became j)reg.gnsmt;"and she kcpt hcrself secIud- chCt
l i e 12:l
cd for fivc months? saying: " "This is thc wpay
Jchnvnh" has deaIt wit11 mr! jn tllcsc days
when tie II;IS given me his attention to trtkc
away illy reproach0 among mcn."'"
26 In herh sixth month the a n p l Gabrle14
wns sent forth from God to a city of G;tt'i.lcee
named rlazra.retll, 27 to a virgino promisclcl in
marriage to a man named Soscph oS David's
ho~wc;nnd the name of the virgin* was Mary.'':'
2%nd when he went in beforc her he said:
"Good dnyk hifihly favored one, J e h a v a l ~ ~is' ~ ~
with yo^."^ 2D But she was deeply dlsturhed at
thc saying and began to reason out what kind of
greeting this might be. 30 So the nngcl' said to
her: "IIave no fear, Mary, for you h a m found
Invor' with God; "I and, look! you will conccivc
jn your womb and give birth to a son,%nd you
nloeto cnll his name Jesus.dX8 2 Tills one will be
grentWnand will be called Son of the Most I-Iigh,
ancl Jehovah" God will give him the thronemof
David' Elis fathcr,O 8s arid he will be king over
the house of Jacob forever, and thcrc will be
no cndo of his kingd~m""~
31 13ut Mnry said t o the mgcl: "1.low Is this


LUKE 1:3-8

to be, since I am having no rrlations" tvfth a

man?"" " 51n answer the angel said to her:
"FToly spirit' will come upon yott, ~ l n dpower of

the Most High will overshndow' you. For that

rcason also what is born will bc cnllcd holy:
1 .I( I tl I I:? I: God's Son." 30 And, look! Elizabeth your rclative
,%P nx
31 { i has also herself conceived a son, in her old age,
anrl Illis is the sixth mont 11 Tur hcr, t l ~ cso-called
I. e
Ill-;,. 1 1 :.w
zT*becausc with God no dcc31u .%, 'btlrrm w o r n a ~ ~
Inratiana will be an impossjtsili ty."' 3R Then
1 ' !
Mary said: '%leak! Jchovah'sh" slnvcn girl! May
.1vr ,\A: 17
11: trike placc with me nccording to your dcclaZcc
MI ,R! :m! IE
~ . r i11:20
ration." At that the angel cicp~rlcdI'coin her.
It ISn I : 1 1
~ I A Va : i g
39 SO Mary rose in these days nlld traveled
into thc mountainous country with hnste, t o a
citf of 3udahP and she entcrcd into the home
h ~ 7r~ 1 4
onri. ro:1- of Zech.a.ri'ah and g-reetedFElizabeth. " Well,
as Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the
infnnV in hcr womb lcnpcd,' nnd Elizabeth was
filled with holy spirit, 4' nncl she ckdlcd out
@,l A 5:2*1
and said: "Blessed arc you nmona wamr . I~1.27 1c1~1dIy
it: nnd Messed" is the fruit':' of your womb!
" I S o how is it that this privilege is mine, to
' ~ f ~ ~ ~hnve
j a i the mother of my Lord mmc to me?"
" For, look! as the sound oi your greeting fell
upon my ears,>the infant in my ~rjomhlcaped
too, is she that
oh 3:2n with great gladness.* 4 R I-I~ppy,
UIKeb 11:11 believed, because there tvill be n complete perk ( ; ~ ,LY:l4
forrnnncen 01 those things spoken to her from
o l t ; l t l :{ 1 ~ 46 And hlary said: W y soul magnifies JehojJ4hlillR
':and my spirit cannot kccp from k i n g
a2Sn 1A.k
I,? ,l,i:a
overjoyed-t God" my Snvior;O' '"because he
'17 L 1 :?
hns looked upon the low positiotl of his slave
,~,,,i, a

glrl.l.mFor, look! from now an all generation9 zk; 7i2n
will pronounce me happy;' " bccnuse the power- m,$J";d:,l
ful One hns done great deedsQfor me, and holy
js his name,'
and for gencratjons af tcr gene-G :kI;$;){~ 3:12
ations his mercy3 is upon those who fcnro him.'
I-Ie has pcrforrned mightily with his arm, he
has scnttercd abroad those who are haughtyn
in thc intcntion of their hearts." u3 I-Ic ; ;has
: ; ; ;*
brought clown men of power from thrones and
cxaltcd lowly ones;* he has fully sntisfled hun- 0a[,,~ ; E:m1;5~ 7
grJP ones wit 11 good" things and he has sen 1 away u23:?j'7
empty those tvho had ~vealth.~
" I I Ie has come
to the aid of IsraeI his servant, to call t o mind :;;:,
just as he once said t o our foreIatiiers, to Abraham and to his seed,@ for- g~gj;;
ever."' Thcn Mary remained with hcr about 2cRj;;
three months, and returned to her own home. g:!:~&
37 The timeo now became due for Elizabeth 7k,"2!.?j
to givt, birth, and she became the mother of a ,p$:3;i
son. OdAnd the neighbors and hcr relatives @$;$::i;;
heard that Jehovah1'L had mngnifled his mercy
to her, and they began to rejoice' with her. kpsz;9
"" And on the eighth dayC they came 10 circurn- :";",y;'?
cis? t h e young child," and they tvrre going to ~C . GT O17:12
call it by the name of its falher, Zech-a-ri'nh. ggp;;
" But its mother objected and said: "No, indeecl! but he shall be called John,'v1 At this
they said t o her: 'There is no one among your
relalivas t h n t is called by this name." 'b2Then
they went to asking its father hy signs what
he wantcd it to be called. ""And he nslced for a
1,nblet and wrote: "3ohnYs its nnme." At this *LU1 : ~
they a11 mwveled. "'Instantly his mouth was
opened and his tongue loosed and he began to
spenk, blessing God. ""And fear fell upon all
-a OF," ~ f f ~ p r i r tb~ Jehovah,
the Lord, nBb.

LUKE 1:66-79

in their neighborhood; and in the

whole mountainous country of Ju.cle'~all these
things bcgnn to be talked around, and all that
made note of it in their hearts,-' saying:
really ~vjll this young" child be?" Far
0I.u ti:l
Ac:c 3n:2
the hand:" of Jellovaha nlas indeed with it.
1% P0:17
67 And Zech.a.ri'aheits father was filled with
P,IOC L 2%
2 17
spiritVloand he prophesied: saying:
1 I C ~1:.18
''Blessed be Jchovaha the God of Esr~el,'be11~41:13
Ps 73 1H
11j6.18 cause hc has turned his attention and per:'; 2 : fibmcd clelivcrrmcem toward his people. "" And
he has rniscd up a mighty saviorb"'for us In the
-1 Sa 2 1 0
s'1 1 ~ : p
house of David his servant, '"just as he, through
~ J V 23:d
I ~
,JerJII:lO the rnoul11 of his holy prophets from of old,'
J h 9:74
ol! R salvation from our enemieso
miAu 10119 has spolcen
0J.u 6.22
and iron1 thc hand of all those hating3 usj*
72 t o perform the mercy in connection wjlll ozlr
~ 5 . x lorerathors and to call to mind his holy covePs ll)6:45
~ I , L L z~.%lj
nmt,crl thc oatha that he swore to Abraham
unc 2:30
our Iorcfather," 1.0 grant us, nftcr w e have
A C ; ~ ZZ.EG
,lor L1:5
been rescucsd Prom t h e hands of enetnics, the
privilcgc of fearlessly+ rendering sacred sew,,,,.
1 Il.l>
!i:l'i ice to him :? with loving-kindness and rigl-htcousR1ulllGzS ness' I ~ f o r e
him aH our days.' :': But as for you,
'fin 4,4
y o m ~ gchjltl, you will be caIlcd n prophet of the
m a 40:s Mos1: 1-Iigh,for you will pioneer bcforc Jehovnlp
Blnl 3:1
or~lLll:= t o malre hls ways ready: " to give lmowledgeo
01 salvation to his people by forgivenessc of
Thn >
I::I17: ~ thejr sins,' " because of the tender compnssion
OJ,u 1 ~ 3 4 01our GodnWith f his compassion a daybreak wiI1
*'1'9 107:10
I R ~~ : 2 visit W A from on high," " to give ligl~tto those
sitting in rl~rltncss':and death's shndow,' to diX l t ,1:16
our feet pros~mus1yin the way of peace."
those living

?$ ;

., ,,,:,,



nJelto~ah,J7-Iq;f h ~ Lord,
Hl3A. bliternlly, "rniscd up a hmn of

LUKE 1:8&2 :11

80 And the young child went an growinf and
getting s t r n n ~in spirit, and he continued in the o[f
deserts until Ihe day of showing l~ilnselfopenly
to Israel.

3from inC athose



a decreeA wcnt forth

for 011 lhe inbab.

iled'? cnrth to be registerccl; (this first regis.
tration" tool<place when Qui.ridi.'l~swas gover.
nor of Syria;) and all people ~ v m tIraveIinp
to be rc~islaiqcd,each one to hjs owvn city.'
Of coursr, Jastllrhc also wcnt up from Gal'i.le~,
out of t h city
~ of Naz'a-reth, into'a, lo
L u ?:.I1
David'sG city which is called Betl~'lc.hem,~-"
k. 1.-:101?
cause of his bcing a member of the house and .C:c
ISn r c: I
.family oT D n ~ i d "0
, ~ get reglster~dwith Mary, nMlr!
r l s:o
who Ezad brml given him In marriage as promised,' at present heavy tvith child." '] While they
were thcre, Zhe days came to the fulI for her
to give birth. ' And she gave blrtl~to her son,
t h e firstborn, and she bound t ~ l mwith cloth
bands and laid him in a mangw,"because there
was no place for them in thc lodging-room.b
8 There wcw also in thnt snmP country shepherdsC living out of doorsc and keeping watches
in the night over their f l ~ d a"nd
. ~ suddenly
Jehovah'stll(angel stood by tllcm and Jchovah'sen
glory glenmerl" around them, nnd they became
very fearful. "'But the angel said to them:
"Have no fear, far, look! I nm declaring to YOU
good news of a great joy that all: the people !fill
have,O " bccnuse there was born to YOU today


a Or, "Rrrt~tctnt.." b

Or, "gttrst-cf~nrnl~~~~."
R8rc nrnrk 14 :14. Or,
In tho llclda.'" "dhovnh'e,
the Lord's, #Bti.
Jehocnl~'s, dl-L-"-lk; the Lord's, K H i l .

LUKE 2: 12-22
a S ~ v i o r ,who
jsn ChristC the Lard,hca in
C T A ~ ?::n
~ 2
this is a sign lor YOU: YOU
b T s 3 Lk!l!
c,zt: $:I!)
tvill find an infnnt' bottnd in clot11 bands nnd
oh+*2' :li
lying in a rnangcr." ' W I Isuddenly
thcre came
"Lu G : c
20 he with t h e atlgcl n multitude' of the hcat~c11lyg
pmi~inaCo(il' ilild sayi~lg:1 ' "Glary"
nLu ~ ' 1 : f l in the hcigl~ts"nbovc! to Cad, mcl tlpon anrl.I~'
*hrc!I.[; I ~I:!I
among men of ~ ~ o d - \ v i I I ~ ~ ' ~ ~ " '
21111 1 1 , 1
13 So \.hen tllc nngek had departcd from
IL;P 2 ..I:
thcm into hcrlven, ihc shepherds hcgnn snyinl:
to one another: "Lct us by all mems go 'oler~
I.IH:l 10 Beth'le.hern nnd see this thing that hns tnkcn
hlr 1 1 : I t l
V,!JI~ r$T:l1r
(;.I? plncs, which Jchoviihvl' has made Iri-101l.nIn us.'"
And they went wiih haste and Cound Mary as
c-nl 1 :?)
n1.u l!?,,,q
as Joseph, nllrl l h c infant lying in Ihc5 man1 ~ I 1 I1 , 9 ~ ~
Err. l 7 When they snw 11, thcy made known the
saying that had bccn spoken to them cancerning this young child. And all that Ilcard marvclcd aver the thinm lolit them by t l l ~shephcrcls, '"but Mary bcgnn to prcscrve all Il~cse
sayings, drawing conclnsions in hcr n ~ l t ~ c l . ~
rI,u :I:%-,
Then the s11epherd.r; rwnt back, glorifying'
praising' GoA." for all the things they 11eard
;?$;1 I$;:.::
and saw, just as thcsc had k n told Ihcm.
21 NOW whcn eight days" came to thc full
LC 12::)
G R - I : ~ forcircumcisinghim, hisnamewslsnl~ac~lled
# ~ 1 : 2 1 J c s u s , ~the
~ name cnlicd by the angel bcfore
IIC wns eonceivcd in the \l7arnb.*
22 Also when the days for purifying then1
, according to the Paw oP Moses came to the Pull,

1 3 ~


a Or, g

r i ~t o l,~.'' b ''ChGst flw Lnr11" (CAri*.tos' k ! j r r i o ~ ) 1,iIc~ly

r c l ~ d i l of
l ~ the nchrraw ,711t.1~hi'nI~
Ihtll isr '*J(.Eloj r f i h ' ~ I'1iyi~t,''nq in Sylji. In ~ I I P s ~ ~ t t lwc n the
~ Oruclr K ~ p ' t u . l ~ . ~ i n t
( L S X ) ~cbarlthr! Rali?c I-lr>l)~'crvr x l ~ l ' r w i u rnt
~ Ltullc!~~(srtic>~rs
.I : 20.
S p p r~lso Nnllluel 24 :fi tr~r{l j,*lcc :!: 21;. Or, " R I ' H I ~ , "
0 1r~~~~~~
~ ~
~ v l ~ o ~ tupl)rores."
e J c I ~ a v r ~ l ld7-4~AU-"fl
; the h r d , Mil:\. Or,
"ltcnrt.'" S ~ r rbItitthcw 1:21, l'ootnotcb.

LUKE 2:23-35
they brought him up to Jerusalem to present
hfm to Jehovah,ao just as it is written in ,le- n$tyi&
hovah'sh law: W e r y male opening R womb 31-11 10:11
must be called@holy to Jehovah,"na and lo
offer sacrifice a m d i n g to what is snld in thc P:X 2 2 ;
law of Jehovah, "A pair of turtledoves or two Pr;UY 3:r1 ;1:i1
young pigeon~."~
N U 12:Y
25 And, look! there was a man in Jerusalem
named Sim'e.on, and this man was righteous
and reverent: waiting for TsraeI's consolation," :A,"f,f,R
and holy spiritmwas upon him. Furthcl.more,
it had been divinely revealed to him by t h c holy ;:;;;,ye
r . ; ~.1:1:rs
?:!Slk 2 5.2
spirit that he WOUICE not see death3*hfore he -r,,bl
had seen the Christ" d Jehovah-B 87 Unrler the ;:",!;?
power of the spirit" he now came into Ihe tern- ,j;;l,j!,!
ple; and as the parents brought the young child
Jesus In to do for it accordi~gto the custornnlqy
practlcc of the law,'
he himself received it uld*
into his arms and blessedh God and sald: npflac:zr
2o ''Now, Sovereign0 Lord,co you are letting
your slave go free in peace4 according to your
declaration; So because my eyes3 have seen your o::;I:rj:;2!9
means of saving' that you have made rcndy I I ~ C ! . ~ : I . L
in fhc sight3 of all the peoples,'
n lighto for ..:'L-lll s u 11i:n
removing the veiP from the nations" and a
glory of your people Israel."" And Its father :].a w:ae
a~ndmotherQcontinued wondering at t l ~ cthings Ei;U, ':?
being spoken about it. 84 Also Sirn'e-on blesscd
them, but said t o MaryD its mother: "Loolc! Acd4;:2{
this one is laid for the fall and the rising againROAr,
m r r n R:14
of mmy in Israelhand for a sign" t o be talked :{?eli$'
against aVyes, a long sword3 wjll be run gyl;y
through the soulf of you yourself), in order that

LUKE 2~36-46
the reasonings of many hearts may be unam2:m





" ,Tt~hovnb,dP-"; the

Lord, MBA. Jehovn11's Jt*"; tlw Lord's,

NHA. Sovereign Lord, HRAJt7; Jehovnh,
d Or,
tlhi~ nntions for n rerelation." Or, "tlw resurrcrtion." f Or, "IIPc."

husband f o r scvcn ycars from her virginity,

37 and she tvas a wirlowQnow eighty-four ycars
b l ~ h
old), who was never missing' from the temple,
m A c 2 6 : ~ rendering sacred scrvice night and d a p with
fastingsUand supplication^,^ :IH And in that very
OLu 4:31
hour she came near and bcgnn returning thanks
to God& and spcalting nbozrt the childb to all
those waiting for Jcrusalcrn's deliverance."
39 So wllcn they had cnrried out all the things
Mr 1243
I ~ u 2 : s according to Ihc lawn aS Jehovah,' they \vent
Lu tu24:21
#Le 1 2 : ~ back into Gal'i.lee to their own city Naz'a.reth."
*Lu 1:26
40 And the young child continued growing: and
getting strong," hcjn~:fillcd with wisdom, and
*lSa2:26 God's favorh continued tipon him.
41 NOWhis parents ~VCTEaccustomed t o travel
De 1 6 ~ 6
from year to year to Jcrusalcm4 for the feasP
*2m3 3 3 of the passovcr.
And when he became twelve'
years old, they went up according to the customg of thc feast and complctcd the days.
@Joa4:fl But when they mere returning the boy3 Jesus
remained behind in Jcrtisalcm, and his parents
did not notice it. " Assuming H ~ a he
t was in
the company traveling t o ~ e t h e r ,they covered
am194 a day's distance' and then begm to hunt him
up among the relalivcs and acquaintances.
4 s But, not flnding him, ihcy returned to Jerusalem, making n diligent scarch for him. 4R Well,
alter three days they founcl him In the temple''
,sitting in thc midst of the tcachcrs and listening
Jehovnh, J7-9.'*-1@.17; 1 1 1 ~Lord, AIrgSya-P, LiicraUy,



36 NOWthere was Anna a prophetess,DPhanPu.eI's daughter, of Ash'er'sh tdlx (this woman
was weU along in yenrs, and had lived wi2h a

"nbont hint" Schornh, Jl-"; Ihc Lord, W B h

LUWI 2:47-4:4


LUKE 3:5-16
to them and questioning them. But all those
straight." Every gully must be filled up, and
listening to him were in constant amazement at
nfr 1 :3
every mountainQand hiT1 leveled down, and the
his understanding and his answers,* 4 X Now when *F;&,5ggg x u 8:32 curves rn~wtbecome straight ways and the
they saw him they mere astounded, and his moth- Eb$?;5
rough places smooth ways;O and all hurnan4
cr said t o him: "Child, why did you treat us
will see the saving means of God.' "'
Tsa 5230
this way? Here your father and I in mental dis1 DI~u5:19
?Therefore he began to say to the crowds3
tress have been looking for you." 4 g But he said
traveling out to be baptized by him: "You offto them: "Why did YQU have to go looking for
O J f i h 7 : ~ spring" of vipers, who has shown you how to
me? Did YOU not know that I must be in the o p s 26:s
Zi:, flee from the coming wrath?$ Therefore Wohouse" of my Father?" 60 I-Iowver, they did not
duce fruits0 that befit repentance. And do not
~ L U
grasp the saying that he spolre to them."
start saying rvithin yourselves, 'As a father we
L u 18:34
51 And he went down with them and came to
GL~1.7:2S have Abraham." For I say to YOU that God has
Nm1a.reth,3 and he continued subject4 to them. ~~~$~~
power to raise up children to Abraham from
Also his mother carefully kept all these say- ,g;g;l
'~ l c~~ ~ : these
& Indeed, the ax is already in
ingsa in her heart.' 5%~d Jesus went on pro2o
at the root of the trees; every tree,
gressing in wisdomo and in physical growth and ~ A 6:s
therefore, not producing fine fruit is to be cut
~ I S A
in favor with God and meno
Pr :<:4
"i!: down and thrown into the fire.""
Ac 2:47
lOAnd the crorvds wo111d ask him: "What,
In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tinbe'- x~
14:18 C a e ~ a rwhen
, ~ Pontius Pilate was govthen,
shall we do?"'" In reply he would say to
ernorO of Ju.dera,' and Herodc" was district$:;?
m o h l ~ them:
: ~
"Let the man that has two undergar;
Ac 10:2
rulerd of Gal'i.lee, but Philip his brother was %
2co s.14 ments share with the man that has none, and
district rulerd of the country of It-u.rae'a and
let him tliat has things t o eat do the same.'"
1 3LU:ij:g 3:27 l a But even taxC collectors came to be baptized
Trarh.o.nirtis,and Ly-safni.aswas district rulerd
of Ab.i.le'ne, " in the days of chief priest Anhas
and they said to him: "Teacher, what shall we
and of C a ' i a . ~ h a s ,God's
declaration" came to
'g; ::-jzZ do?"n l a E;le said to them: "Do not demand anyJohn the son of Zeeh.a*ri'ahDin the wilderness. ,%4&
':?$:"& thing more than the tax-rate."' Also those in
@ ~ c 2 1 : - 1 2 military0 service would ask him: "What shall
So he came into a11 the country around the
we also do?" And he said to them: "Do not
Jordan, preaching baptism of those repentinge *k;;ig
for forgiveness of sins," just as it is written nix;
harass anybody or accuse*anybody falsely, but
in the bookg of the words of Isaiah the prophet, O ~ ~ ~ " o B
be satisfied with YOTJR provisions."
"A voice of a man crying out in the wilderness,
15 Now as the people were in expectation and
the way of Jehovah,' MAKE his roads
were reasoning in their hearts about John:
m ~ 16:16
he perhaps be the Christ?"" '"ohn gave
a Or, "things." b Or, "the emperor.', F H a o d Antti.pas, son of
7 , ~ 2&dl
I-rerod the Cheat. d LiterxIly, "tc'tmrch"; R tei~itorialprince for
saying to all: "I, on the one hand,




the Roman emperor, literally, "baptism of rcpenta~~cc." Jehovah, J7-10,12-15,",18

t]le Lord K B ~ ,

010, "all

flesh,>'b Or, "wages."

LUKE 3: 17-27

baptize POW with water; but the one stronger
than I: am Is corning, the lace of whose sandals
L am not fit to untie. H e will baptize YOU people


LUKE 3 : 2 P : 2
the son of Mel'chi, the son of Ad'di, the son of
Co'sam, the son of ELma'dam, the son of Er,
?"the son of Jesus,a the son of'zcr, the son
of Jo'rim, the son of Mat'thnt, the son of Levi,
:'"the son of Sy'me.on, t11c son of Judns, the son
of Joscph, the son of Jo'nam, Ihc sot1 of EJi'aIrim, the son of bIer1e.a, the son of Men'na, t h e
m i s a ~ ~ hson
of Mat'ta-tha, the son of Nathm,l{ the son
t l l < t l .1:17
~ ' son of
* n , ~ d : i 3 of Davjrl,l "'the son of J e s ' s ~ , ~the
w:rl 4:21
.h 2 . L 1 Othed,l*nthe son of Bo'az,' the son of Sal'rnon,ca
the son of Nah'shon,' " the son of Arn.min'a;,'$l,43r,
dnls,rlA the son of Ar'nl,er the son of Hez'ron,u
1 :
tlic son of Pe'rez,V the son of Judah," IJIhc son
w(:lb 2'I:m
X(:(-?~I 21; of Jacob,~the son of Isaac,Y thc son of Abra](>I1 :+:I
ham,y.the son of Te?ah,* Ihc son of Na'horrP
y ~ ~ 2: p
11:n d a the son of Se'rug,' the son of Re'u: the son
A(:+! 1 l
6f Pe'leg,k the son of E'ber,I the son of She'lah,m
'(:r l l . r J
30 the son of Ca-i'nan,' the son of Ar.pha'xad,"
1I T
: the son of Shem,+the son of NonhF3 the son of
l l ' t l I.''?
~ c c:tr i GH L~kmcch,~'
" the son of Me.lhu'sc.lah,~ the son
IGi" 1I:llb
1r1c:r 11:14 of E'noch," the son of Ja'red," Ihe son of Mall(:<. 11:12
ha'ln.le.eI,v the son of Ca.i4naan,'v 3B the son of
,Gp 1l:ln
;; : ; Enos,x the son of S e t h , ~the son of Adarn,'sz
rc ;c- 5:3r the son of
Now Jesus, f
d of holy spirit, tttrned away
.I Crom the Jordan, and he was led about by
11) spirlt in the wildernoss" for Carty days:
X(;V A:7
wlli!~ being tempted by the I=r~vil.~
Furthernt,, P:la
y! ; P 5:mi
more, he ate nothing in those days, ~ n dso,
when they were consummated, he felt hungry.

with holy spirit and fire.' l 7 I-Iiq winnowing

shovel is in his hand to clean up hls threshing- hFL;;P15
floor completely and to gatliervhe whcat into $:%;I
his stol~house,but the chaff he will burn up ,+?&!",:E
* R I ~1330
with firc*that cannot be put out."
18 Therefore he also gave many other exhor12%
tnl ions'' and continued declaring good news to
the people. l g But Herod" the district rtrler,"for D r ~ 2u3:7
being reproved by him concerning I.?'diaas
the ~ v i f cof his broth& and concerning all the OMt 14:3
wjcked deeds" that Rerod didRCL
co adrlecl also this
to fill those deeds: he locked John up in p r i ~ o n ."Mrs:l7
21 Now when all the peopIe were bapiked,
Jesus' also was baptized and, as hc was pray!;:;,
h g , the heaven' was opened up z 2 and tlre holy *
spirit in bodily shape like a dove canlc down *Lie
upon him, and a voice came out of heaven:
"You are my Son,the beloved; I have approvedo 0LU10:21



hIr 3

23 Furthermore, Jesus himscll, when he corn- :

rncnccd his rvorkjb' was about thirtyu yeam old, .
k i n g the son,' as the opinion was,c of Joseph,O Q J U ;&
the son of I-Mi, '* the son of Mat'that, thr! son
of Levi, the son of Mel'chi, the son of Sanpnn.i,
the son of Joseph, 2%the
son of Mnt.t~.thi'as,the
son of A h o s , the son of Na'bum, the son of
Es'li, thc son of Nag'ga.!, Pa the son of Ma'ath,
I he son of Mat.h.thi%s, the son of,
son of Jo'sech, the son of Jo'da, " the son of
Jo.m'm, the son of Rhe'sa, the son of Zc.rubtba-bel,"the son of'ti.eI,aA
tho son of Ne'ri,
n 8 0 0 Luku 3 : 1, footrlotes0~d. @Or, ''commcncod to tenth." =Or,
" n ~ it m a cstnblished by law."

:::F :z,

" Litrrully,



RJ3VgS\%TfR; Jo'xe(s), h317J18yfl. b Jo'hr4, HBSyS.

Kn't~, Hl<Sy". d ~ d ' m e . i n ,B; Ad'min, kt, Itlam, ADSyPI1g; o~~
Rnn~,-l Cl~ranirlcs2 : 0 ; nlatthcw 1:3,4. f U o111itu "the son of
c~i.i'nnn", in Iinrnlony with Gene~is1 0 : 24; 11 : 12, lfi*1 ChrnrricI~s
.I: ,IR. 3'ha tln~uurung I,a a corruption nl' ~ h worrl
o'nn'), ~o
I.lint the text mny h r ~ v erend here : "tllr! son or the Cha1dr:t~n A16Hco Genesis 10 : 22,24; 1 Clirolriclcs 1: 17,18,


LUKE 4:3-16
At this the Devil said to him: "If you arc!
son of God, tell this stone to bcmme n 308P of
t)rcnd." ' But Jesus replied to him: "It Is nrrilIcn, Man must not Live" by lllrad alone.' "I*' S g z ! m
" So he bought him up and sholvcd him n l the
Icingdoms of the inhabited" earlh in m inslanl 1hc17!fl
of time;' " and the Devil said to him: "3 will 3Ac17:al.
give you all this authority' and thc glory oi :f;!,?k2
them,because it has been d~livercdt o rnc ntld i;;/;
lo whomever I wish I give it,' You, lhcrohrc, v;y; ;:
if you do an act' of xvorship" heforr! me, it 11411 I.IC,II .t:~:t
nfl be yows." Vn repIy Jesus said to him: "It
is written, Tt is Jehovahb your God'' you must rtRxma
uporship, and it is to him done you must rcnrler
sacred service.' "" No~vhe led llinr into Jertl&:!::*
snlem and stationd R i m upon thc bi~lllcmclnt , ~ ~ t ' ~ $ ' "
of the temple" and said to him: 'TIE you are n '"'1.u l"10
son d God, hurl yourself down f r o ~ nbcrc;"
l o for it is written: 'He will give his angcls n
Of :ll
charge concerning you, to preserve you,'o and,
'They wjll carry you on their hands that you
may nevcr strike your foot against n stone,"" 'neRI:lP
'"11 answer Jesw said to him: "It is snicl, 'You
must not put Jehovahh your God to thc test,' '":-,ik;~;;:
lnSo the Dcvil, having consummated nl1 the
temptation, retired from him until ~ ~ n o t h econr
U H P4:15
venient time.*
14 Now Jesus returned in the potver3 of thc
spirit into Galri.lee."And a good report concern- *gi;!f
ing Iiim spread out througl~all the surrotinding
country,* lWlso he began to tcnch in 611elr *Aclo:.77
nTfin m : ~ a
synagogues, being held in honor by
16 However, he came t o Naztn.reth," whelp " M t a : D

h I ) \ ' g S y p a d d : "But bp w e r y worrl oE Goti." J 7 - R ~ 1 0 * ~ ~ l f l 1 1 r add:

["ltut Ily c ~ c q d h b gpraceedil~gIrnnl J r l ~ u v i ~n\outl~.")

unit, J7-'" the Lord, SEA.


LUKE 4 :17-26

he had been reared, nnd aceording to his mtstorn on the sabbath dayO he entered into the
synagoguelo and he stood up to mad aloud.
" J O ~ 1:B
So the scroll of the prophet Bainh" was handed him,and he opcnerl thi? scroll and found the
place ~vllcrcit was writien, l k"dehovah'sfi spir1'L~23:116ito is upon me, hecausc llcl' nnointcd mc t o dc*Lu14:13 clarc good news to tllc poor,'<t l scnt
rnc forth
to P ~ G E - ~ C I IR release 10 the caplhcs a~da rc6 : ~cowry of sight to I IIC blind," to send tlze crushed
ones anfay with a release," " to pprench Jeho'Isn61:l
n n :I:M
CTsn 5 s : ~ vah's" ac&t?plnblc ymr.""" :"With that hc rolled
Isa 615
up the scroll, handrcE It beck to 1Ele attendant
ancl sat down; and the eyes ol nlI in the s p a cIau 4:44
~ T C ~il~tc~ltly
fixed" upen him. " Then
'Ac 6 3 5
he started to say lo them: "Today I h b scripF.3Co
:;? ~LIR'? that YOU just h car&' is f uI fi I led,"*
22 And they nll lsegnn to givc I~vorablewitDLula:m ncssC about him and l a nlarvcl at the winsome
words' proceeding out of his mouth, and they
were saying: "This is n son of Joseph, is it
not?lYa:'JAt this he said to them: "No doubt
YQW will apply this illustrzttionu to me, 'Physicure? yourself'; the ZhingsQwe heard as
; : cian;
l~appcnedin Cn.pcr'11a.urri:'do also here
.?,%I 9:13
in your native territory." *' But he said: "Ceru.atla:sr tainly X tell YOU illat no pmphct i s acceptd
3jfh6& in his native t ~ r r i t o r y .P~T o r instance, I tell
, ~ L U I S : ~ YOU in truth, TIIFI'F W C ~ Cmany wirlowso in
Israel in the clays of Elijclh, whcn the heaven
was shut up three years and six months,(' so
a grcat fnminr! fc1Z upon all t h e Iand," 2n yet
" )fl\
:7,i: that
J c I s ~ : ~Elijah
wassent l o n o n e o I i h o s e w o n ~ e n . b u t'~, JT-f ~ . ' ~ f i % " R m n r ~tlllr
~ t Inrrl'~,
~ ~ ~ ~ ; EC l3h. b Hc, nB,Z ;

Jlsmargin. 8 J , l l ~ ~ ~,7:-1tr;
~ ~ htlw
k , IA)I'I~'Y,
HBA. d Literrtlly, "scripture which is in TOWH cnr3." * Or, "pnmblc."

LUKE 4: 2 7 - 4

LUKE 4:3S-5:4


only to Zar'e.phatha# in the land of Zi9on to
a widow. Also there were many lepers* in "Mt =:a
Israel in the time of EElisha the prophet, yet

none of them was demsd," but only Na' OLU n 4 1

the man of Syria WZS."~ " Now a11 those hear- D"is:lr
ing these things in the synagogue became filled
with anger: " anand they rose up and hurried "LU 23s
him outside the city, m d they 1 4 him to the
brow of the mountainb upon which their city
had been built, in order to throw him down
headlongab"But he went through the midst of b ~ l
*Jab 8:5n
them and continued on his way.'
Jell 10:39
31 And he went down to Ca.per' a city
of Gal"i.lee, And he was teaching" them an the OJoh ?:IT
sabbath; and they were astounded' at his way w w t p B
of teaching, because his speech was with authorit.y.."' " Notv in the synagogue there was a :$;I,%;:,
marl with a spirit,* an unclean dernon,cOand he :$; 4;!;
shouted with a Ioud voice: Y d "Ah! what havtl 150 4:l
we to do with you," Jesus you Naz.a.rene'? Did u l17:la
you come to destroy us? I knowAexactly who AJaa2:fo
you are, the Holy One4 of God,"' But Jesus eP,R;$;O
rebuked it, saying: "Be silent, and come out of
him." So, after throwing the man down in their ,h; :;g
midst, the demon came out of him without
hurting hims " At this, astonishment fell upon @m
all, and they began to converse with one ~ n other, saying: "What kind of speecho is this, o*CIRfs
because with authority and power hc orders
the unclean spirits, and out they come?'*" So * ~l:rm
the talk concerning him went traveling out inm,,c
to eveely corner of the surrounding country."


r.itcmllv, "Sa.r~p'ta.'YThe Greek forrai of the city hy this nnmo.

Orl ''hill.'"
Or, ''with an nnclean demon spirit." Or, porrsibIy,
"wit11 nn inspired utterance of an unelenn demon." Sce Xurclation

16 : 14.

3SAftcr gettlng up out of the synagogue

he entcred Into Simon" home. Now Simon's
mother-in-law was afflicted with a high fever,
and they made request of him for her.' a* So he
stood over her and rebuked the fever: and it
left her, Instantly she rose and began ministeri n g to them."
40 But when the sune was setting all those
wvho had peoplc sick0 with various diseases
brought thcm to him. By laying his hands upon
each onc of them he wouId cure themb Demons also rvould come out of many; shouting
and saying: "You are the Sone of God." But,
r~hulrinrrthem. he would not permit them to
hccause they knew himu to be the



when it became day, hewent out

Rut the crowds
and proceeded' to n lonely
began hunting about for him and came out as
tar as hc was, nnd they tricd to detain him from
going away from them. ' 9 u t he said to them:
@LuR:3fi "Also to other citieso I must declare the good
~ J " ~ news
~ ; ~of, ,the klngdomo of God, because for this I

,Ld 6 :?,I
NU 15 R

mr .u 7 : ~
0 Mt 43.7

klr J : M



was sent forth."" d"ccordingly

hc went on
preaching in the synagwuesu of Jude%."
On nn occasion when tho cmwd was press3 h g close upon him and listening to the
word of God he was standing besick the lake
of Gen.nes'~.ret.~' And he saw bvo boats
docked a t thc lnkeside, but the fishermen had
climbecl out of Zhcm and wcrc mashing off their
nets." Woing nboard one of the boats, which
ivns Simon's, he asked him to pull away a bit
from Im~d. Then he sal; down and from the
bont* he begnn teachlng t h e crowds. When he
stopped speaking, he said to Simon: "Pull out

LUKE 5:s-15



LUKE 5 :16-26
to be CUM
coniinued in


men Jet down YOUR

nets" for n calcb." But Simon in mply said: *.hh
" I n s t r u c t ~ r ,for
~ a whole night we toiled nnd 'r-a8:m
toolc nothing,* but a t your biclding I tvill lowcr "dnh21:3
t11c nets." "Well, when they did this, they cncloscd n great multitude of fish.'- In k t , thcir c N u l l : m
nets begun breaking open. So they motioned
to tiwit. pt~rtt~ers
in the other lmnt5 to come and -John:G
assist Ihem;" and they did come, and they fjllrcl 'Job 2f:s
both boats, so that these began to sink. Sct:inr:
this, Simon PcterVfell down a t the knees or !John:?
deana, saying: "Depart from me, bccnuac I nm
a sildul man, Master."&+T o r at the catch of l k n ~ ~ 2 0
fish which lhey took up astonishment over- ??;';i?,,
whelrnrd him and all those with him, !*and n%ll;ii
likwvisc h 2 h Jamcs and John, ZcI~'c.dcc's"'.1111121:2
sons," who Ivem associates d Simon. But J c s ~ ~.':::jsig
said to Simon: "Stop W i g a h i d . From now
on you will be c~tchlngmen alive."' l1So they '\;\fA$
brought tbo bonts back to land, and abandoned
everything and follo~vedhim."
M r 4:20
12 On a furthcr occasion while he was In one LU
of the citias, Iooli! a man full of leprosy! When
hc cnughf sight of Jesus he fell upnn his Cacc
nnd b c g ~ c dhim, saying: "Master," if you just
want lo, you can make me clean."* ' V n d so, 'E!y:Z;,
stretching out his hand, he touched him, snying: '" want to. Bc made clean." And immedlnlcly the lcprosy vanished from himmy
l%nrl, h e
gavr! Zl~a man oivlers to tell nobody: "B~ltgo
off nnd show yourself t o t h e pricst," nnd nol lie "E:P
an nffrring! in connection with your cbnnlsing, )Lcl.l:lO
j t ~ s tas Moses prescribed, for the purpose of a
~vitnessto them,"'
Rut the news about him 'k:E"I:41,
was sprcrtding the more, and great crowds
to where it is deep, and

would come together to listen nnd
. Mr
h 2
~: ~ L of
~ :tl~cir
sicknesses." l"1o\r7everb he

retiluwwntin thedeserts and prnyinq*

17 In the course of one or the days he was
tcttch3ng, and Pharisees and tcachcrs of the law
who hncl come out 01 every villn!:o of Gnl'i-lec and
Juadr,'n and Jerusalem were sillitlg t herc; and
Itl% 1039
P O W I I mas
thew for 11irn 1 o do heal3 1 . ~4 i : lq
, Ing."" "And, look! mcn carrying on n Iwd n man
who was paralyzed, and t l ~ c ywcrc seeking a way
bring him in and placr? Izim before him.* I-0,
hIr 3:3
not fit~dinga way to bring him in on ~ccoutlt
of the ct'o!lrd," they climbed up to ihc roof a ~ d
through t l ~ ctiling they let
down with the
1it.lle bed a m n g those in front of J e s u ~ 2U, ~And
IVIICH he saw their faith he said: "Man, your
sins are forgiven you."" " Thereupon t h e scribes
nnrI the Pharisees started to rcason, saying:
ish this
that is speakina blnsphernic~?"~
M r 2:7
sins except Go# alone?" 2 " ~ t
'JA ;\,1:7
1% ~ z : G
thcir reasonings, snid in an1's H I ' I : ~
i I
R W C lo
~ tlzem: "What are YOU rcmoning out in
~ s nI I n
i,,,.la 25 uorm h ~ a r t s ? ~Which is easier, ta say, 'Your
1 ?\ !+ :I
,,,,,, !, , sins arc forgiven yorf,' or to say, 'Get up and
a l k"' ?Eut
' in order for you to lrnow that
, ~thtr~ ~Son
of man has authority on tlic earth to
O M t 4:24
forgive sins-" he said to thc paralyxed'' man:
'T say to you, Get up and piclc up your little
'Wnd instnntbcd nnd be on your way
ly he rose up before them, plckcd up what fie
used to 3ic on and \vent o f f to h i s home, gIoidfy*krtw
ing God.' hen an ecstasy scizrrl anc and all
Ilr 2:12
nnd t,hey began to glorify Gad, and they hecame
filIcd with fear, saying: "We have scen strange
J l ~ ~ ~ f i : ~

= h l r 1 .I'i


thing3 today!''r-



the Lord's, HEA.

LUKE 5:27-38
27 Now after these things he went out and
beheld a tax" collector named Levi sitting a t OLu?:m
the tax ofice, and he said to him: "Be my folIoiver."" 'Y And leaving everything bchind he
rose up and went foIlotving him. 29 Also Lcvi
spread a big reception fea* for him in his 3Lu
house; and there was a great crowd of tax collectors and others who were with them reclining
at the meal.@ At this the Pharisees and thcir 0;; :;!
scribes began rnurmurjng to his disciples, say- t u 1 5 1
ing: "Why is it you eat
drink wjth tax collectors and sinners?"' In reply Jesus said to A;\:'
them: ''Those who are healthy do not need a LU15:2
physician," but those who a m ailing do." 3 Y I mLu+1:2:3
'BI t ~ : I P
have come t o call, not righteous persons, but
~lhrl0 : 1 3
sinners to repentance."*
33 They said t o him: "The disciples of JohnmeLuaO:d
fasto frequently and ofier supplications, and so ordu1 8 : ~
do those af the Pharisees, but yours eat and
drink."* "Jesus said to them: "YOU cannot 'Mtg:ld
make the friends of the bridegrooma fast while M r 2:18
the bridegroom" is with them, can YOU?' a Yet ~~$' & "5'
days will come when the bridegroom 1141 in- ,h,liz;!;
deed be talcen away from them;" then they wiI1
; ; ; : ; ;*$,
fast' in those days."m
36 Further he went on to give an illustrationh 'full
,rq,ll l e : a
to them: "No one C U ~ Sa patclr from a new outer m,?,:\,2:!i?:3
garment and.sews i t onto an old outer garment;
but if he docs, then both the new patch tears
away and the patch from the new garment does
not match the old.' Moreover, no one puts new -?$$;
wine into old wineskins; but if he docs, then the
new wine will burst the wineskins," and it will "Job
be spilled out and the wineskins trill be ruincd.' ':4g;?,
But new wine must be put into new wine"the sons of the bridechn~uber." b

Or, 'lpara~~lo,~'

skins, No one that has drunk old wineQwants

new; for he says, 'Thc oldo is nice.' "a
Now on a snbbath he llappened to be passing through malnfields, and his disciples
were plucking: and cating the heads of grain,
rnl~btngti~crnwith their h a n ~ l s'. At
~ ~ this some
;I:>? of
tthc Plinriwes said: "Why arc you doing
~ E Y
2'1 to
"ut Jet ~ r ,I : ~ what is not lawful* on the
ElIt 12 2
men with him got hunwy?' 'How he entered
SI I- 2.2.;
into t h hotlsc
of God and received the loaves
*lsn21:0 of prcsentationl'* and atc and gave some to the
men with him, which it is lawfrtl for no one to
cat hrtt for Ihc priestsnonly?"" "nd
he went on
Mr2 28
to SRY to them: "Lord of the sabbath is what
the Sono of man !s.'jV
7 ;1%
G In the course of another sabbath' he entered
' L L I I:!, [mi
.I,III ! l : r o
into the synngogue and began teaching. And
thcrc was a man prcscnl: whose riglit hand was
w it he red.^ The ~cribcsand the Pharisees were
#LU l,l:l now wntching" him closely to sec whether he
wouId cure on the snhbath, in order t o find
some way to accuse him." Hc,horvcvcr, knew
*,zI/;:tf thcir reasonings,' yet hr! said to the man with
thc witl~ercdhand: "Get LIP m d stand in the
ccnter." Ancl hc rose and toolc his stand." Then
Jesus said la them: 'T 15k YOU, IS it lawful on
to do good' or to do injury, to
!$;:ythe sabbatho
.trill 7:2:$ S ~ V C
a sot11?"cQ 40 And after 1001ranrr 3:4
j n ~arouncl at them all, he said to the man:
"Stretch out your hand." H e did so, and his
hnncl was restored." But they became filled
with madness, and they began t o talk over with
one anotllcr what they might do to Jesus.e
41i2::'-* Nico, HBSyP; nicar, ACVg, Or, "tllo showhrcad." a Or, "life."



LUKE 5 : 39-4 :I1


LUKE 6:12-23
52 In the progress d these days he went out
into t h e mountain to pray; and he continued
the whole night in prayeP to God." l a But when :$: E:j
it became day he .called his disciples to him ~ l n d
chosc' Irom among them hvclve, whom 11c nlso OLU 10:4a
namedGapostles: * l4 Simon, whom he also namcrl ??,!:':?
Peter, m d AndrewC his brother, nnd Jamcs" :;;h;jo
and John," ruld P h i l i p and Bar.tholbo.mecv,' ' s11b.?:17
and Matihew' and Thomas,Q and JnmesJ tbe ':i:'!.?i!?
fr11111 :le
son of ALphaclus,O and SimonVvho is ~allr~cl
"the zcalo~~s
one","" 1" and dudas" the son or '',~{111 1,1:2a
J m e s , and Juclas', rvhe turnccl tmi-




4Mr 219

17And he came clown with them and took

his station on a lweT place, and there wns a
great crowd of his disciples,@ and a rent mu1ti- OLU 8:s''
tudc7 of pcople' from all of Ju.depnnnd Jcrusa- ?2l!jp
lein and tllc maritime country of Tyrc and
Zltdon, who came to hear him and be Ilealed or
their sicknesses? ls Even those troubkd with OMr " T
unclean spirits were cured." lU
And all the crowd OLU7:fl
were secking to touch him, because powermwas . M P S : m
going out of him and healing3 them all.
20 And hc lifted up his eyes upon his dlsciplcs
and began to say: "Happy are YOU poor," be- nj:FjIJ
came uoms is the kingdom of God. 21 Happy Jlls 2:s
are YOU who hunger3"now, because YOU will Zk::;?:
be filled. Happy are YOU who w f e p now, because YOU will laugh. ZP Happy are YOU when- p;!i:;;':3
ever men hatec" YOU, and whenevcr they cx- d
A R I Lr ; : ~ o
1 1'C 3:
clude you and reproach0 YOU and cast YOUR or,,,
name out as wicked for the sake of the Son of
man. 2"ejejee in that day and leap, lor, look!
YOUR reward3 is great in heaven, for those sere nAe 1:Ig
the sRme things their forefathers used to clo


Or, "2c.tortes"; rnenning "zcnlot ; enthnsiast",


LUKE 6:24-36
50 the p r o p h ~ t s .P4~Brtt wwc to YOU rich" per??; if;?
c011:zi sons,' b@cnuscuov am havinl: YOUII consolation
*Am G:I
in fliV." *" Woe to l'ou who w e filled up now,
r e l i t 6:2
because YOU will go hnnjiry.'' Woc, Yon who
T,U rtj:zs
OJ01l r 3.5
are lauyhing now, Rccnuscl YOU will mourn and
.Isn &iI3
C p r 14:12
weepqY Woe, whencvrr all mr!n spcak ~ v d of
*>lit 2:11
YOIJ,"far I hings lilw I his are what Iheir fore3,lr 1.<:6
n,;$I:3JQ:lO 4:s fathers did to Ihr! fnlso pt'oph~ts.""
27 "But I say la vorr who nrc lislcninp, Con"Mt5:44 tinue 1.0 lovc POUR cncmics," t o do good0 t o
O J J ~ I14:26
those hathg3 You, '"to bless those cursing'
t la:\ 27:4
TOIT, to pray for thosc tvlto clo you injury.'
pr 25:11
,2;T$$o "To him that ~lrikmyolr on the one chcekm
offer the other also, and fmrn lrim that takes
6 : ~ away' your outer garment do not withl-iold even
the mdergarn~ent. Give lo cvcryonc asking
youp m d f m l the one taldng your things away
not ask them back, Also just as You want
;;",1;\6 do
to do to YOU, do thc sump way lo them.*
~ 7 6:s
: 3 2
5 2 And if you love lhosc laving you, of what
oLu15:io credit is it t o YOU? For cvcn the sinners0 Iave
ITI 5:s
those loving them," "And if YOU do good to
those doing good to YOU, really of what credit
is it to YOU? Even the simlcrs [lo thc same?
31 Also if SOU lend without intel.t3stc to those
~e 15%
from wlvharn YOU hope to ~.ecejve,of what credit
is it to YOU? Even sinncrs Imd without interest
+Mt5:42 to sinners that they may get back as much.'
53 To the contrary, canlinuc! t o love YOUR ene@ps37:26
mies and to do good and l o lendm withoul: inFr 20:al.
terest, na1: hoping for anything back, and rouR
reward will br! gl-cnl., ~ n r you
will be sonso of
toward the
~ 1 7
tmthankful nnd wickcd. Yo Continue becoming
compassionate, j t ~ s tRS Youn F~tberis cornpas'?ih5$sionate.*

r ;

LUKE 6 : 3 7 4 6
37 "'Moreover, stop judgifig, and YOU will by
no means be judged;" and stop condemning, and ",E,Z"Gf:52
YOU will by no means be condemned. Keep on
releasing, and YOU wilI be released." Practice brsi SH:F
giving, and people will give to
They will nhIl6:14
~ 11:25
pour into YOUR lapsa a fine measure, pressed lPr 19:17
d o ~ m ,shaken together and overflowing. For
with the measure that YOU are measuring out
+ ~ 7 :t2
they wilI measure out to YOU in return."'
M r 4:24
39 Then he also spoke an illustrationb to Jas2:IJ
them: "A blind man cannot guide a blinda man, 3J0119:18
can he? Both will tumble into a ditch, will they
not?@' O A pupil is not above his teacher, but 3Mti5:14
everyone that is perfectly0 instructed will be @Joh17:23
like his teacher."l Why, then, do you look a t *yt,:f!26
the straw that is in your brother's eye, but do 301115:20
not observe the rafter that is in your. own eye?* "Mt7:3
'2 How can you say to your brother, 'Brother,
allow me to extract the straw that is in your
eye,'O while you yourself are not hoking at the :G+;i34
rafter in that eye of yours?* Hypocrite!" first ~ L 12:1
extract the rafter from your own eye," and 'Pr18:17
then you will see clearly how to extract t h e
mrt 7:5
straw that is in your brother's
43 "For there is not a fine tree0 producing 3 ~ ~ 9 2 : ~
rotten fruit; again there is not a rotten tree
producing fine fruit.' *4 For each tree is hoxvn rpt;!6
by its own fruit.@For example, people do not mhft 1 2 s
gather figs0 from thorns, nor do they cut grapes OLu13:6
off a thorn-bush. 4"
good man brings forth
goodo out of the good treasure-f
his heart, $yt$$$
but a aviicked man brings foi-th what is tviclced
out of his wicked treasure; for out of the
mt u : 3 4
heart's abundance his mouth speaks.*
Ro 8:5
46 "FVhy, then, do YOU call me Waster!c


Or, "bosoms."

Or, "parab1e.j'

Or, "Lord!"

LUKE 6:47-7: 8
Master!' but da not do the things I say?*


4 7 Everyone that comes to me and heam my

words and does them, I will show YOU whom
dns 1.22
he is like:" He is like a man building a house,
n ~ 72.4
who dug and \vent dorvn deep and laid a foundaC,? A1i50 tiono upon the rock-mass.* Consequently, when
a flood" arose, the river dashed against that
house, but was not strong enough to shake it,
because of its being well built.h9
the other
E$t:2? hand,
is like a
PPe 1:5
man who built a house upon the ground without a foundation. Against it the river dashed,
and immediately it collapsed, and the ruin* of
2:20 that house became great."'"
ihlt 7:ZI
When he had completed all his sayings in
~ h I 8:s
the hearing of the people, he entered into
OJoh 4%
C a - p e r ' n a . ~ ma. ~
~ a certain armyDofficer'saO
O L 23:47
slave, who was dear t o him, was ailing and
was about to pass away.* When he heard
about Jesus, he sent forth older men of influ@Lu23:51 ence of the Jews0 to him to ask him to come and
bring his slave safeIy through. Then those that
came up to Jesus began to entreat him eamestly,b saying: "He is worthy of your conferring
OLu I1 -42
this upon him, "or he loves" our nationo* and
*AC lO:2
OIAU 21:12 he himself built the synagogueD for us."
Jesus started off with them. But when he was
not far from the house, the army officera had
OLU 11:5
already sent friendsmto say to him: "Sir, do not
bother, for I am not fit to have you come in
under my roof.u F o r that reason I did not consider myself worthy to come to you. But say
the word, and let my sewant be healed. nFor
I, too, am a man placed under authority, having





Or, "oentnrion('s)'~; over 100 soldiem.

Or, "with haste.''

LUKE 7:9-19

soldiers under me, and I say t o this one, 9 e an
your way!' and he is OH his way, and to another,
'Come!' and he mmes, and to my slave, 'Do
this!' and he does it.'" CiTelI,when Jesus henrd "hft8:8


LUKE= 7~20-29

t o Bay: "Are you the coming one or

are we to expect a different one?""" a0 When
they crime up to him thc men said: "John the
%I I ,.p,,2
baptist dlspntdred us to you to say, 'Are you
, ,
thcse things he marveled at h h , m d he turned
the corning one or nre \ve to expect another?' " C
m I ~ ~ "In
~ ~ : trl ~
t n thour be cured3 many of siclrnesses
to the crowd foElowing him and said: "I tell
YOU, Not even in Lsrzel have fe found so weat
and grievous diseases nnd wicked spirits, and
a faith."# And those that had hecn .sent, on; ; ? -7;;
granted nlnny blind pcr.sons the favor 01.seeing.
getting back t o tile house, fo~u~cl
the slave in rc<~!~..c
" Hence In answer he sJd to the two: "Go
. ~ H:IS
good health.'
Y C ) ~ : way;
report to John what YOU saw and
11 CloseIy following this" 11e tr~lveledto a
heard : the blind ' arc receiving sight, the lame
I.;:\ .I":?
city called Na'in, and 16s disciples and a. great:
nre walking, Ihc? Icpers are being c l e w e d and
crowd were traveling with him. l2 As he got
the deaf are hearing, the dead we being raised
near the gate of the city, why, look! there was
up, t h e poor arc being told*. the good news;'
1 12 :
a dead manrn being carried out, the onlya- ~ ~ [ ~ ~ ? J ; i T
2 4 nnd '~vhocver
has not stumbled over me, hapI M t 11:s
begotten sond of his mother. Besides, she was a
hit 11:li
py is he."'
widow. A considerable crowd from the city
24 W h e n tlze messengers0 of John had gone
was also with her. 13And when the Masterb
away, he darted to say to the crovils concerncaught sight of her, he was moved wlth pityw ';:#,
ing John: "What did vow go out into the wilfor her and hc said to her: "Stop wccplng."* ;,$\;s
dcmcss t o behald? A reed being tossed by the
With that he approached and toucl~edthe l~icr,
InMt11:7 wind?-' *"What,
thcn, dld you go out to see?
the bearers stood still, and he said: "Young ;:y;; ;$;
A man dressed In soft garments? Why, those
Inan, I say to you, Gel up!"cn l%nd the dend ,T';I, 1 I :a I
8 ~ A c 1 7 : 2 a in splendid dress and existinga in luxury are in
man sat up and started to speak, and he gave ~ 7 , ~ ! ~ * ~ ~ 13:a
royal houscs.' Really, than, what did YOU go
him t o his mother.a Now fearg seized them
ottt to sce? A prophet?" Yes, I tell YOU, and f a r
all, and they began to glorify God, saying: "A ,
*Mt 1 1 : ~ more than a prophet.'
This is he concerning
g r ~ a prophet'
has been raised up among LE,"+ ~ . L24:iq
am sending forth m y
, >"1:
h1 9
and, "God has turned his attention to his peo- ,,II ~rl~l
before you," to prepare your way
h l r q2
l'4'1~ messenger
pie.'- l7 And this news concerning him spread f:!:':!;:;?'
AI.,:I .i0':3
ahend of you," 3 :B Iten YOU, Among those born
hlt 11.10
out into dI of Ju-de'a and all the surrounding&
1 of women there i
s none greatert than John; but
;::;' ~ r 1t r.u
I . II
.11~111 2
n pcrson that is a lesser one in the kingdomof
18 Now John's disciples reported3 to him ="'18:JG
(And all the peaGocl is grcatcr than he is.'"
about all these Ihings.' l5 So John summoned a
they heard
certain bvo of his disciples and sent thcm to the .;t,;l&
and were
*h~ I :!I
1 ::\z
a Closely folIou,it~gthis, BA ; OH the fallowir~gday, HCD. b Or,"thc!
* Or, 4blard." A rliflarcnt onr, NB; another, AD. mBnoBer,BA;
Lord." Or, "TTnlrc up!'"
Ox, "the only son.lP
Or, "him."
I I r l i lPr+t.r*ntoup, nl). d LiirmlIy, ."before your face.''

t ~ u Mastera
: ~

L * . / t b .I 1:23





LUKE 7:30-40


baptizedQwith the baptism of John."'

PBut the f$i%m
Pharisees md those v e m d in the law dlsw- L ~a:ra
g a r d d the counseP of God to thcm and were Y A c z o : n
* A @1 % ~
not baptized by him.)'
RO 10!3
31 '"With whom, therefore, shall: I cornparc
the men of this generation, and whom are thoy
l i l c ~ z ?"
~ They are Like young children sitting nMt n:l@
in a market-place and crying out to one nnother, and who say, 'We played tlie flute for
YOU, but YOU did not dance; we ~vailcd,but
YOU did not weep.'" 33 Correspondingly, John the A * t l l : 1 7
baptist has come neither eating bread nor OLII t0:34
'1-Ie h a s a demon." IML
"The Son of man has come eating and drink5fi::!!
ing? but you say, 'look! a man glattanous and &;:,'i!
given to drinking wine, a friend of lnxg collcc- $ii?
,!;,:, 1
tors and sinners!" 36 All the same, wisrlomm,y;:;:g,l
stands vindicatedQ by all its children.'"
36 Now a certain one of the Pharisees kept
asllring him to dine with him, Accordingly, he
entered into the house" of the PIlariscc nnd rc- ' M t m
clined at the table. And, look! n woman" who n L i i f i a
was known in the city to be a sinner, lentmctl
that he was talcing a meal in the houw of t h e
Pharisee, and she bmught an alabaster' case ';!;:%7,
of perfumed oil, a s and, taking a psition behind J u l l 1 2 : s
at Ilis feet, she wept3 and started to wet his o"epSt:O
feel with her tears and she utould wipe them
off wilh the hair of her head.3 Also she tcndcrly 32u a1:28
kissedh his feet and o i I ~ dthem wilh the pc18- "PRp12i
fumed oil. an At the sight the Phnrbce thnt invited him said within himself: "This man, if
he werc n prophet,+would know who and what OJo1\ 4:19
kind of woman it is that is touching him, that
she is a sinner."' "O But in reply Jesus said to *Lul6:a


hi: "'Simon,~Ihnvesornethingtosaytoyow"
"Tcachcr? say it!"
$1 "Two men were rlrhtors to a certain lender; the one fvaq in debt for Ave hundred denar'i-i,ambut the othw for CITCy. 4"Vl?cn they
did not have anything wit11 which to pay back,
hc freely forgnvc' them boil^. Thcrcforc, 1vhic1-1
of them will lave him thc inorc?" In answer
Simon sflid: "I suppose it is thc one lo whom
he freely f o r g ~ v ethe more." IIe snid to him:
"YOU j ~ d g c dcorrc~tly.'"~With that he turned
to the woman and snid to Simon:O "Do you behold this woman? I enlcrcd into your house;
you gave me no tvatcr" lor my icet. But this
woman \vet my feet with llcr tears and wiped
them off with her hair. " You gnve me no kiss;'
but this woman, from the hour that I came in,
did not leave off tenderly kissing my feet. 'Tau
did not ol1'"y
head lvi th nil;" but this woman
oiled my feet with perTumcdmoil. 4 7 By virtue
3f this, I tcI1 you, hcr sins, great though they
are," are
because she did an act of
great love; but he who is forgiven little, loves
iittle.*'oasThcn hrsaid t o h e r : "Yoorsinsare
forgiven."' " A t this those reclining at the
table 1~1thhim starter1 to say within themselves: "I%'ho js tlliij man \~rhoeven forgives
sins?"' "But he said to the woman: "Your
faith" has saved you;"o your way in peace.""
Shortly nftcrwnrds he wcnt journeying From
city to city H I I C ~ from v i l l n ~ e to village,
preaching and declaring the good news of the
kingdom of God,* And the twclve were with
hi, , %nd certain womenn that had been cured

oh 1 3 : ~I-Ie said:


rs 1033
ISZ 43:m

Isa 1 T:22


SIC2 6 s
l c o 1s:E
FS 4 2 7


rs 92.113



41T1 1 3 4

> I t 9:3
lL lU rSr21
.LU 18+3

.IIL 9 : z
R T r 5:31

h t r 1052
Lu 17:19

LU 1a:4a
ISa l:17

I ,u 4:4Sr

M r 15:40

- 1:14

One de.na8i.n~eqnalcd 12a or 8d. 2Y. Mcnco RVB hundred den n f l i i equaled $95, or about i l 7 .

LUKE 8 ~ 1 1 3


LUKE 8:14-23
but these have no root; they belleve far a season, hut in a season of testing they faU a~vayP
As ior f hat tvhich fell nmong the thorns, these
nrc the ones that have heard, but, by heing
carried away by nnxictics
\vcalth and

of wicked spirits and sicImesses, Mary0 the socalled "Mag'da-Iene", from whom seven demons
4P;$.I:b lii
had con= out," %ad'navthe wife of Chu'- : ~ [ ~ f : : ~ o
za, Herod's man in charge, and Su-san'na and
nlany other t m e n , who were ministering to
rrt .1 10
them from their belongings.
?cn l - ' . m plcas~ams"oF
this tile, they are completely
4 Now when a great crotvd had collected tocl~olcccf
nothing t o pcrfcction.' l5 As
1 "1:1.15
gether with those that traveled to him from
n.hlicl f i : b j ]'or ilrnt on thc right soil," these are the ones
city after city, he spoke by means of an iIIustIi:lt+ alter h a ~ r I n gthe !old with a right and
tration:a' "A solver went out to SOW Ilis seed. 'F{5?,?j3
,qnncl 11rxrtP rctain it and bear fruit3 with enf
Well, as he
sowing, some of it fell nlon,gsiclo
J,u 21 : l o b cl~rfince.7'
ITPI>9 2
the road and was trampled dotvn, and Ihc birds
I '
16 "No onc, nftcr lichting a larnp,O covers it
\lr ~j:'4l
of heaven ate it upY Some other landed u p o l ~'hZ/;:j1
i IPI, li):zu will1 PI vessel or puts it underneath n bed, but
Ztc 3:lO
the rock-mass,: and, after sproutjng, it d~~iecf-""
hc puts it on n lnmpstand, that those stepping
up because of not having moislure.' ' Some 0th- $
: M r d.21
ill may llchold lhe light." *'For there is noth'A"*'!:"
er fell among the thorns, and the thorns tirat
ing hidden that will not become manifest, neiI,I\I)II;!:,:a
grcw up with it choked it off.# ' Somc other fc1I p
altythirlg carefully concealed* that will
"I~;,: J:?,L I
upon the good soil, and, afler sprornllng, it pronever llecaxnc known and never come into the
duced fruit a hundredfold."' As he told these "gh)q;R
hil' d:aa
opcnBn Thcr~fore,pay attention t o how Yorr
Ihings, he proceeded to call out: 'Xet 11im Ihat
Ilslen; for whocvcr hns, morc will be given him,
om1 IS:D
has ears to listen listen.""
but whocvcr does not have, even what he imRlt' 4:0
9 Rut his disciples began to ask him what this
agines he has jvlll be tnlren away from him.""
illustrations might mean." l o He said: "To You Ahlb13:70
M r 4:10
19 NOWhis mother and brotherso came to:T , ~1I ~ . 3 3
it is granted to understand the sacred secrets of
:1.1 I:
ward him, hut they were unable to get to him
the kingdom of God, but for the rest it is in
~ P C ~ U Sof
C Ih e crowd.* " 13o\wver, it was
&LC 15:
in order that, though looking, #,@
t o him: 'Your mother and your tsmththey may Iook in vain and, though hearing,
I .lb~tta:m~ r nre
s standing eutsidc wanting to see you.""
they may not get the meaning."l Naw t h c ~;;;$;;:I
a'r 3:m
h t t:j:la
lrply hc raid to them: " M y mother and
illustrationa+means this: The seedg Is thc word c,\r:I..'5
my brothers arc these who hear the rvord of
of God." '? Those alongside the mad w e the oms,o ; ~ , " ~ ; ~ ~ 'V112:?@ God nnr] [lo it"'
that have heard,' then tPle Devilx" comes and ?!;:ld
22 In the course of one of the days he .and
lakes the word away f rum their hearts in orclcr J:U 221
discip11)s ~ o into
R boat, and he said to
that they may not believe* and he saved."
t h c othcr side of the
" Those upon the rock-mass are ihc ones mllo, nnrl
'"~ut as they were
hlr .1-:Ki
when they hear it, rewive the wolrl with joy,
s~lilinghe fell aslccp. Now a violent windstorm
Or, "pamhle (s) .I1
dcsccndcd upon the lalce, and they began to fill




LUKE 8:2/'2
up with water and to be in danger." e4 Finally 'z:$Z
they wcnt to him and roused him, saying: "Instructor, Tnstructor: we are about to perish!""
; : 2 5%
Rousing himself, he rebuked4 the wind and the
raging of the water, and they subsided, and a
calm set in. PB Then he said to them: "Where p
is YOUR P ~ j t h ? ~But
' struck with fear, they
marveled, saying to one another: "Who really
is this, for he orders even the winds ~ n dthe
watcr,O nnd they obey him?"#
26 And they put in to shore in the country of "'4:4"
the Ger%.senes,a which is on the ~ i d copposite
Galfi.lce.+27 But as he got out onto land a cer- +%kt:?
tain man from the city who had dcmons met
him, And for a considerable time hc had not
worn clothing, and he was stay in^, not at home,
but among the
28 At the sight of Jmus
he cried alo~tdand fell down b c f o t ~him, and
with a loud voice he said: "What h a w I: to do
wlth you,' Jesus Son of the Most Hlgh God? I "1,!:z:,ls
beg you, do not torment" me."' 2D (For he had
been ordering the unclean spirit to come out of z$y;6;;3
Mr 5:7
t h e man. For over a long. timc it hncl held him
fast,' and he was repeatedly bound with chains *F!h?j6
and fetters under guard, but he wouId brtrst Joh5:6
the bot~dsand be driven by the demon into the
lonely places.) mJessus asked him; "What is
your name?'' Hc said: "Legion," bccause many
clcrnon~l had entered jnto him." And they OMrZ9
kept entreating' h i not to order them t o go am5:10
away into thc a b y s m s2 NOITEL herd of a con- "RQIo3
stdcrable number of minePwas feeding thcre '&:$$
BDVg;', K ; Qnd.n.r~nrs',A8ya.D. Those
nf I3(>1,',which i s now rnrirlicrl by Tl;avfnn, n ruin on the sea o f
Onl'i.leoJe cn~tcritshore, opposite Milng'(Ia,lrt, fi miles from Jordan's
nnininca into tho lake. b Or, '%ha dcepWn-Ramnn~LO : 7.
n Tter'n.satca,




; 21


LUKE 8: 33-42
on the rn~untain;~
so they entreat4 him to permit thcm to enter into those: And he gave them
pcrrnission. "en the demons went out of the
man and entered into the swine, and the herd
rushed over the precipice into the lalce and
dromnedao But when the herders saw what
had happened, they fled and reported it to the
city and to the countryside.'
35Then people turned out to sct3 what had
happened, and they came to Jesus nnd found
thc man from whom the dcmons came out,
clothcd and in his sound mind: slttlng at the
feet of Jcsus, and they became S e n r f ~ l ,iM' ~Those
who had seen it reportedn to them how the
demon-possessed3 man had been made we1l.a'
Sa all the multitude from the surrounding
country of the Ger'a.senesl' asked him to get
away from them, because they were in the grip
of rea at fear." Then he wcnt aboard the boat
and turned away. "However, Ihc man from

whom the demons had gone out kept begging

to continue with him; but he dismissed the man,
bhfr 5 : I D

OJoh 1:"
"Mr ~0



on your
home, and
kcep on relating what thjngs God did for you."P
Accordingly he went away, p r o c 1 a f rn i n g"

t t h r ~ t t g h o ~the
~ t whole city" what things Jesus
did SOC him.'
40 When Jesus got back, the crowd received
him kindly, for they were all expecting him."
But, look! a man named Ja9.nt.s came, and
this man was a presiding officer.' of the s p a Rogue. And he fell at tlre feet of Jcsus and began to entreat him to entcr into his house,"
bccause lw had an only-bcgclttcnc daughter
about twelve years old and she was dying,*

Oi; "had bccn snved."

See reitse 28, foalnotea.

Or, ('nn only."

LUKE 8 :43--55
As he was going the crowds t h m g ~ dhim.' eMrS-*
And R woman, subject to a flow of blood3 for 3hmE
twclvcl ycnrs, who had not h c n able l o get a
cure" from anyone:
approached I'rom hchind "Lu
t-, ~ 9.20
and touchcd the fringe*('of his outcr gnrmont,' ,E;:;fk
and instantly her flow of blood stopped. " So *rnltg:zl
lllr 5 27
Jesus said : "Who was it thnt touchrd me?""ClhIr
W h e n illey were all denying it, Peter snid : "Instructor," the crowds3 are hemming you in and ?k;$;l:
closely pressing you."" 'Tet Jestls sr~id:"Some- -Xr 5391
onc touchcd me, for I perceived that p o ~ v c r ~ 5:17
went out of me."" 47 Seeing that sllc Ilnd not ' + ~ 5.32
mcnpcd notice, the woman came trembling and
re11 clown before him and disclosed bcfollc all
tho people the cause for which she touched him
and how she was healed instantly." 4 Y But he Dh'r5:33
said to her: "Daughter, your faith has made
$ISa 1:I?
you wef1;b" go your way in p e a c ~ . " ~
.M t 9:22
49 Wbfle he was yet speaking, a certain ~ e p -n%r5:34
resentative of the presiding officer of thc s p a gogcte came, saying: "Your d n u ~ h t e rhas died;
do not bother the teacher any longer.'" 0
1 ;y;z;$5.,,
Ilearing this, Jesus answered him: "Have no hfrs:<G
Rn 4.17
f a , only put forth faith: and shc will
When he reached the house he did ,1011 IL:II
not ict anyone go in with him cxmpt Peter and AA,c 713.3g
JoIzn m d James m d the girl's father and mother." na 'nut people were all weeping nncl beating ";:!3g:$h
tl~emselvesin grief for her. So 11c said: "Smr nLu~7 3~4 r s :
~vecgjng,for she did not die but is sleeping."" .lob m . 1 3
At this they began to laugh at him scornfully, 21-11
*Wc 2:7
becnuse they lmew she had died.* " But he took ~ ~ ~ &
her by thc hand and called, saying: "Gir1,O get J,O,3:;4
up!""" " And her breathdArctur~led,and she +;;;f:.;l



-Lu 1.1 ::1

r n l l~t r : ~

n i I. I( .T





hi^. r;:s

"hit lc1:Il



Mr 0:14



011, dLllnrct~tm;
tn~scl." Or,
UP, l l ~ p i s i l ; life-force,"

"hncr ~nvudyak" a Or, "wnlro up 1"



~ ~


and performing cures evcry~vhcrc.~

7 Now I-Icrod the district rulermhcnl*d of a11
thc t11in~;shappening, md he wns in rea at perpluxity because of iis bcing said by somc that
John had been raised up from thc dead,' but
l>y otlicrs that Elijah had appuarPd, hot by still
others thnt some prophet of men of ancient
times had risen.a "Hcrod snid: "3011n I beheucled.' Who, then, is this about whom I nrn
hcaril~gsuch things?" So he wns scckhg" a
chance ta see him.
10 And ~ v l ~ ethe
n apostles rchrncd they recountecl to him what things they had done. With
that he toolc them along rind witlldrew to privacy* into a city called'i~da.'JI But the
crowcls, getting to Icnow it, followed him. And
he reccivcd them kindly and began to speak to

hTr k12


LUKE 8 :56-9: 11
rose6 instantly, and he ordered o me thing to be
given her to eat.' ""Well,her pnrcnis wcrc beside thcmsckes; but be instructed them to tc13
no one what had happened.
Then he called the twelve tojiethcr nnd gave
them power and authority'' ovcr all t h e dcmans nnd to cure0 sicknesses.'' "nd so 11c sent
ihcm forth to preach Zllc kingclom'"of God and
to hml," ' and he said to tIlcrn: "Carry nothing
For the trip, neither staff nor food-pouch' nor
Ijrcnrl, nor silver money; ' ncif,Ilcr Iinvc two unYOU enlcr into n
[ I ~ ~ i ~ g r ~ ~ ~ t But
n ~ n wl~crcvcr
IIOIIIC, stay thcre and Ieava from there.' Wnd
~ v l l ~ r r people
v ~ r do not receive you, on going
: Zhat city3 shake thc dust off Youlr fcct
for the purpose of a mritness ngainst them.",:
'; Then starting out they lvcnt through thc territoiof from village to village, declaring. the good

01;"tho tc'tmrclz"; sea Luke 3 :1,foatnotaacld.

LUKE 9: 12-22
them about the kingdom of God, and he henlcd
those needing a cure? l2Thcn the day started "Zf2?44
to decline. The twelve now came up and said to J o h s : 2
him: "Dismiss the crowd, thnt they may go into
the vlllagcs nnd countryskle round about and
procure lodging and find provisions, because
out here nJe are in a lonely place."Ql3But he Oi:!
said to them: "You give them something to Joh6:5
eat."' They said: "We have nothing more thnn '2x1 4:42
five loaves and two fish~s,"unless perhaps we @r",uAl;?
ourselves go and buy foodstuffs for all thew
people."' They were, in inct, about five thou- u$:+$&7
sand men, But he said to his disciples: "IInve d o h ~ : 9
them recline as at meaIs, in groups of about
fifty each.'" "'"And they did so and had them u3:;4ii9
all recline, lU Then taking the five loaves and
the two flshes he looked up to heaven, bIcsscd
them and bmke them up and began to give
them to the disciples to set before the crowd."'
So they an ate and were ~atisfied,and the soh 6:11
surplus that they had was taken up, twelve
2 ~I*:=
baskets of fragments."
18 Later, while he was prayjng alone, the dis- GE,I,':iy
ciples came together to hirn,fi and he questioned ~ u h G : l 3
them, saying: "Who are the crolvdts saying
MT 8:n
that I am?"'"lPIn reply thcy said: "John t h e AMtlR13
Baptist; but others, Elijak,band still others, thnt
some prophet of men of ancient times has aMt n s : ~
risen."P "Tl~cnhe said to thcm: "You,thougtl, r PlIr
h ~ 3Br15
who do YOU say I am?" Petcr said in rcply :' ,;!f,6::
"The Christ@of Cod." Then in a stem tall< ~~~~~~~6
to them I-re instructed them not t o be tcIling
this to anyW y , " '? but said : "The Son of mnn r$v; ~ $ 0
must undergo many suffcringP and be rejected olio s:is
a Or, '(tho di~cipleawere with him,'' nut B rends: "The disciples
vanre upon I~rm.'' bElijah, Jt"s'Hnax;meRning W y God is Jabs'.

LUKE 9:2333
by the alder men of influence and chSef priests
and scribcs and be kiIled and on the third' day
be raised up."'
23 Then he went on to say to all: "If anyone
wants to come after me, Jet him disownmhimself and pick up his torture stakesa day niter
day and follow me c ~ n t i n u a l l y?+
. ~For whorver
l l it; but whoa j ~ , l~o,11 wants la stwe his s o u l ~ ~ w ilose
ever loses his soulb for my sake is the one thnt
a man benefit
?g;: will s w e ItBAReally, w h ~ does
J01) 1 2 . s hirnsclP if hc gains the wholc world but loses
his own self ar suffers darn~ge?O2 D For whoever
bccornes nshatned of rnc and of m y tvords, the
,\c I:IS
Son of rnnn will be ashamcd of this one whca
he arrlves in his glory and that of the Father
and of the holy angels,' But I tell uou trutlz'$;\0$3
fully, There are some of those standing here
that will not taste clcath at all until first they
see th c Icin ~ d o m
of God. "m
28 In nctual fact, about eight days nfter these
words, hc took Peter nnd John and James along
and climbed up into a mountain to pray.'
Mr n:2
lrI.:n34:~ 2Wnd as he was praying the appearance" of
his face became different and his apparcl becarnc glitteringly bright.c* "'
Also, look! two
w r 9:3
men wcrc conversing wit11 him, who were Moses
and Ell j a l ~ , ~31' These appeared with glory m d
;:42 $!: began
tnllring about his departured that he mas
otAa9:44 destined9 to fuEfiTl at Jerusalem.
Now Pcter
and Zhose with him were weighed down wit11


2 1% I :16


slecp;Vbut whcn they gat: fully awake they saw

his ~ 1 o r f and t h e two men standing with him.
33 And as these were b e j n ~
separated from him
Peter snid to Jesus: "Instructor, it is line for us

See Appendix tmdrr hhtbhew 10 : 3A. b 010,

"life?' * Or, "rvhitc,''
Or, "exit; rleceose"; as at Eebrews 11 CI: 22; 2 Peter 1:15.

"Lu 21:7

to be here, so let us erect three tents, one for

you and one for Moses and one for Elijah," he
not realizing what he was sayingb at Brat as he
was saying these things a cloud formed and
began to cover them protectingly. As they entered into the cloud, they became fearful.'
And a voice came out of the cloud: saying:
"This is my S D ~the, one
~ that has been chosen. mPs
xDc 3835
Listen" to him."# S%d as the voice occurred Isa 421
Jesus was found alone." Brat they kept quiet 'hItA C 3:za
and did not report to anyone in those days m y Lu
Joh 13:28
of the things they saw+U
LIr 9:s
37 On the succeeding day when they got "hlt
All' 9:9
down from the mountain a. great crowd met
him." "And, look! a man calIed out from the
crowd, saying: "Teacher, I beg you to take a
look at my son, because he is my onlyv-begotten,b+ 3"d,
behold! a spirit* takes him, and
suddenly he cries out, and it throws him into
convulsions with foam, and it scarcely withdraws f ~ o mhim after bruising him. "And 1
begged your disciples to expel it, but they could
not."" In response Jesus said: "0 faithless
and perverted generation, how long must I continue with YOU and put up with YOU ? Lead your
son over here."" 48But even as he was approaching, the demon dashed him to the gmund
and violently convulsed him. However, Jesus
rebuked the unclean spirit and healed the boy
and delivered him to his father.' 'Well, they
all began to be astounded at the glorious powera of Gad.
Now as they were all marveling a t all the
things he was doing, he said to his disciples:
44 "Give lodgment t o these words in YOUR ears:

Or, "at the majesty.')

Or, "my only one."

LUKE 9:45-55

for the Son of man is destinedmto be delivered

into the hands of men."" "' ut
they continued
without understanding of this saying. In fact,
it was concealed from them that they might
not see through it, and they were afraid to
;:;92 question him about this saying."
46 Thcn a matter on which to reason entered
among them, namely, Who would bea the greatest of i l ~ e r n ?*' ~J e u s , knowing the reasoning
O L U ~ of
~ ~ t Jh ~ i rheartsla took a young child, set it beside him* "* and said to them: "Whoever xe'
this young child on the basisc" of my
;nfr9:37; ceives
~ C C C ~ Vme
~ S too, and wl~oever receives
J O I l 12 44
A C S : ~ ~me receives him also that wnt me forth. For
he that conducts hirnselE as a lesser one among
all of YOU is the one that is" great.""
h l r 9:37
49 In response John said: " h s t r u c t o ~ ,we
#~u10:17 saw a certain man expelling demons* by the
*NU f l : use
of your name and we tried to prevent" him,
because he is not followingc wit11 m."' "But
Jesus said to him: "Do not m u men trv to m e A$E;2;iventAhim, for he that is not against Y&U i i f o r
"Aft 17:22
Mr 931


1 for


51As the days were now coming to the full

him to be taken up,a+he firmlyset his face
3:16 to trawl to Jerusalem. 52 So he sent forth meso J ~ s 2 : w s e n g e r ~ahead
of him, And they went their
into a village of Sa.mar'i.tans:
to make preparation for him; 5 3 but they did
not receive him, because his face was set for
730h 4:9
OLU 1 4 : ~traveling to Jerusalem." 6 4 T h e n the discipleso
uNr 3:17 James and John* saw this they said: "Master,&
:!$* do you want us to tell fire* l o come down from
Ee 13:13 heaven and annihilate them?'' " But he turned

a Or1 '(Who was." b Or, "is to be.''

e Or,"Lmd,"

OrJ "going,"

Or, "for his

LUKE 9: 56--10:6
and reproved them. So they traveled to a
diderent village.
57 Now as they were traveIlng on the road
somcone snid to him: "I will follow you to
wherever you may departanUOR And Jesus said "Mts:19
to him: "Foxes have dens and birds of heaven
have roosts, hut the Son of man has nowhere
to lay down his head."* Thcn hc said to an- AMes:zo
other: "BFmy follo\ver." The man said: "Permit me limt to leave and bury my fnther."o oMt%al
" But he said to him: "'Let thc dmd' bury their 'Fu;e,Z,':21
dead, but you go away and declare abroad the
kingdom of God."@ And still another said: mMP s : a
"I wlll follow you, Master;&but Brst permit me
to sny good-bye" to those in my household."'" ' ~ ~ l J
02Jesus said to him: "No man that has put
his hand I o n plowu and looks n t the thin- be- q"klJ
hind' is well fitted for the kingdom of God.""
After these things the Master' desig- '"c'"'
nnted swentyCn others nnd sent them *F
u 31:18
forth by twos in advance of him into every city
and phce to which he himself was going to
come. 'Then he began to say to tlicrn: "The
harvest:4 Indeed, is great, but the workers' are p
few. Therefore b e p the Master of the harvest ;;yhy;
t o send out worl<ers"into his hawsat, "0 forth. *dcr 9'.ifi
Look! I am sending YOU forth as lambsg in AM1Co10:18
among woIves. 'Do not carry a purse, nor a
food-pouch,' nor sandals, ancl do not embraceC iQi9
anybody in greeting along the road, Wherever "z1u4:29
YOU enter Into a house say first: 'May this
house l~nvepeace.'* O And jf a SriendQf peace A1saaS:D
Mt 1o:la
is there, y a m peace will rest upon him."ut
if J-u9.4
no such one is there, it will turn b ~ c kto Y O W . " JJoh
a Ors r r I ~ r d ?b Or "bo~~se."
ORc~cnty,WyP; ~cventg-two,BDVg



ByCea. d

Lilcmlly, Ason!"

Or, ""it,"

LUKE 10:7-19
' M t l O : l l ? S o stay in that house,'eating and drinking the
: " ~ ~ l things
~ o i ~ they provide: for the worker' is worthy
ICO 9:4
his wnges, Do not be transferring from hause
l('o 9 9 4
"Also, wherever YOU cntcr lnto a
city and they receive YOU, eat* the tlllngs set
" 2
'?lofr4 : a before m u , " nnd curen the sicke ones in it, and
go on telting them: 'The b a d o m " of God has
nlt 3:z
liu 10.8
come near to YOU,' l-ut
whcrcver YOU cnter
into n city ~ n dthey do not receiveo YOU, go
out into its broad ways and say: l1 'Even t h e
dust that got stuck to our feet from YOUR city
we wipe O M against YOU.' Nevcrthclcss, keep
AC 18.6
this in mincl, that t h e kingdom of God has come
near.' '" I tell aou that it will be move cndur*Ln 4.6
~ cxe
k is:@ able for Sodtoma in that day tl~nnfor that city,

13"Woe to you, Cho.ra'zin!" Woe to you,

because if the pou~erful worla
that havc talten place in YOU had taken place in
Tyre and Zi'don; they would long ngo have repented sitting In ~nclrclothand ashes, l4 Consequently,
it will be mare endurable for Tyre
* ~i1:22
and Zi'don In thc judgment than SOT I-OU,' And
OGE 11:4
you,, will you perhaps be exnltccf'l
i'I,u 1F:23
to heaven? Do\m to HadesR" you will come!@
16 "He that listens' t o YOU Iistcns to me too.
And hc that disregards YOU disregards me too.
' ;\+Fi$O
-lob 5 : ~
Moreover, he that disregards mc disregardse
IUII 13:m
~ I O 12:4?
~ I
also him that sent me forth."
.Io:I 15:23
r r h 4:5
17 Then the seventyb returned with joy, saying: "Mnstcr,a even the demons nre made sub'hCl6:lg
ject' to us by the use of your name," At that
fiil,u 2 2 3
14:rz he said to thcrn: "I began to behold SnlanD
011 12:31
already fnllcn" like lightning from heaven.
l e Look! I have glven YOU the authority to tram1:
- l:-I4
La-u 0:10


1 1 1 ~


KRhJm; Slte'ol, JTml&.

b Seventy, MSyF; amenty-two,
01; "Lo~d,"

1111 V g S y T 4 G .

LUKE 10:20-28


ple underfoot serpents and scorpions,' m d over

all the power' of the enemy,m and nothing mill g:,'Fi;"&
by any means do YOU hurt. "Nevertheless, do E(;c:t:la
1's !)?.I3
not rejoice over this, that the spirits arc mndc
subject to YOU, but rejoice because uowa namesA
have been inscribed in the h e a ~ m s . ' ) ~In that :k; $;!2
very hour he became overjoyedo in the holy ;zTf;,i:s
spirit and said: "I publicly praise you, Fnthcr, ;;;; ;;
Lord of heaven and earth, because you have 11,,1? 12:m
carefully hidden these things from wise+ and El:??'
intellectual ones, and have revealed them to Pi:l.k\',:,T:
bnbcs."' Yes, O Father, because to do thus ,;;:;J;f::,
came to be the way approved9 by you. All 3 ~ t c
things have been delivereda to me by my Father, and who the Son is no one 1rnott.s but the
Father, and who the Father is, no one knows' mJa"c",$;s
but t h e Son, and he to whom the Son is willing
to reveal him."
23 With that he turned to the disciples by
themselves and said: "Happy are the eyes that
behold the things aou are beholding." "'For I "Mtla:la
cay to YOU, Many prophetso m d kings desired* ?$:T:g
to seen the things YOU are beholding I)ut did not
scc them, and to hear the things Tau are hearing but did not hear them."
25 Now, look! a certain man versed In the
LaiP rose up, to test" him out, and said: akltP:m
'Teacher, by doing what shall I inherit eveir
Insting life?"@ He said to him: "What Is writ- ~ L 1U~ 1 8
ten in the Law?' How do you rend?" " In nn- +$
swer 11c said: " ' Y ~ u m u s tlove Jehovah&your my)p
God witbyour whole-heart m d with your wholc y

end-wit11 y w ~hole-strength?-~md~with
nLu 1(i:x9
your whole-mindlo
v d , 'your. neighbor' as "ni'l?;?:
yourself.' "' 2 s He said to him: "You nnsrvcrcd
the Lord, KBA. b Or, 'life?'

LUKE 10:29-39
correctly; 'keep on doing thh and you will get
Wre 2P:ll life.' "*
.lnli 17:s
29 But, wanting to provemhlmself righteous,
y t u 18:14
the man said to Jesus: "Who really is my neigh,71du10:s
30 In reply Jesus said: "A certain man
'Zu 1G:1.?
OLMfs:33 was going down from Jerusnlcrn to JerichoQ
3 3 : ~ and fclIn among robbers, who both strlpped him
and gave him a b c n l i n ~ ,and went olT, Icaving
him half-dcad. Now, by coincidence, a certain
priest was golng down over Ihnt rond, but,
when he saw him, he wcnt by an the opposite
side. " Lilrewise, a Levite also, when he got
dervn to The place and snlv him, \vent by on the
opposite sicle. '' Bctt n certain SamaritanoAtrav,
eling the mad came down to him and, at seeing
him, he was- moved with pity. " [ S o he ap4iso1:6
him and bound up his woundsr4pourm L u 165
+Jns5:ie ing oils' and wineCupon them. Then he mozrnted
EJuh 2:3
him upon his own beast and blmoughthim to m
inn and took carc or hlm, : ' U n d the next day
he took out two de.ntir'i.i,lLgave tlzem to the fnnkeeper, and said: 'Tnlce care of him, and whatever y y o spend besides this, I will repay you
when I come ~ R C I C he1.e.""' W h o of thcse three
to you to hnvc made himself neighbop
;&;$g seems
to the man that fell among the robbtrrs?" H e
said: "The s n c t h a t nclcd mercifully toward
him" Jesus then said to him: "Go your way
'J~h13:17 and be doing' the snme yourself.'"
38 Now as they were journeying he entered
into a certnin village, Here EI certain woman
$ named
~ Marthao'
i him as
~ guest into the
house. "' 'This woman also had a sisteF called
y o h38:3
=:I Mary,O who, however, sat dorm at the feet' of
~ !~ ' the Master" and kept listening to his word.





Equaling 34e or la. 5d. Or,'%ord!'

LUKE 10:40--11:8


Martha, on the other hand, was distrnctednlan?:sr
with attending to many dutics. So, she came
near and said: Waster," does it not matter" to AMr4*
- 0: :
you that my sister has left mc alone to attcnd to
M f h l1:24
t h i n ~ s ?Tell
~ her, therefore, to join 1n helping o t u 8 : 3
rne.jV1 In answer the Mastern sdd to her:
JJO :v::z
1.10 5-14
"Martha, Martha, you are anxjo-' and dis- +lco7:%
turhcd about many things.@ " A fcw things; :!$t4$m
thouglz, are needed, or just o m b For her part,
Mary chose5 the good" portion: ~ n itd will not
be taken away from her."
Now on the oecasfon of his being in a
certain place praying, when he stopped,
a certain one of his disciples said to him:
"Mmter,' teacho us how to pray,' just as John
also taught his disciples." Then he said to ~ $ ; , ~ l ~ Woh
"Mt 9.32
~t i'l a
Ehcm: "Whenever YOU pray? any, 'Father, let .fas4:3
your name be sanctified.' Let your kingdom &,C,'[?:
us our bread' for the day accord- Ag;3$,j3,i1,
ing to thc day's requirement. And forgive us Fa%';;,"
Mr ; l : x
for we ourselves also forgive everyE~;z&
one that is in debt" to us; and do net bring us e o n z:ia
nn 7:14
into temptation.' "*
3 l t 6:10
5 Furtl~erhe said to them: "Who of YOU will '"
~ P 712:4
S9 3
have R friend" and WEN go to him a t midntght OT.U
and sny to him: 'fiend, loan me three lonves, $:;:,?
a bacnuse R friend of mine haq just come to me
on R journey and I have nollifng to sct bcfore M~$;6&&M sn3
him'? And that one from inside says In reply: Lu
ICO 10:13
'Quit making me trouble.' Tfle dooP fs already $
+"~;3:%c$z : 2 2
loclced, and my young children are with me in ?$g;$
bed; 1 cannot rise up and give you anything.' ~ r I - i : 6
I teII YOU, Although he will not rise up and
Jnh 3.2
givts lrim anything because of being his friend,
IrMt j2':Z9
" Or, F'Lnrd." h ACVgSyCP4arcarl : "Ono tIiiag, though, is nee-





sary," But HB and other texts rend aa ~ b o v o .

certainly because of his bold persistenceohc will

get up and give him what thinm he eccds. Accordingly I say t o YOU, Keep on asking,"and it
will Ire given YOU ; keep on s~clting,~
and YOU will
find; kcep on knocking, <mdit will be opened to
YOIT.l o For everyone asking receives, and weryone seelring finds, and lo everyone lrnoclcing it
will be opend, Indeed, whrch father is there
among You who, if his son* asks for n. fish, will
perhaps hand him a serpent instead of a Bsh?
" Or if he aIso asks for an egg, will hand him a
scorpion? "herefore, if YOU, nlthough being
wWicI~ed,know how to give goodmgll'is to YOUR, how much more so will t h e Father in
hcnven give holy spiriv to those asking him!"
14 Later he lvas expelling a dumb" clemonP
After the demon came out, the dumb m m spoke.
And the crowds marveled. 'But certain ones of
Ihctn said: "He expels the demons by mcans
of Re.eI'ze.bub"O the rulcr of ihe dcmons."'
However, others, to tempt h!m,began seeking a signo out of heaven from him. Knowing
their imaginations he said to them: "Every
lringdorn divided against itself comes to desolationlo m d a home dividecl against itself faElsaA
l%o if Satan is also dividetl ngainst himself,
how wiIl his kingdom stand?O Becnusc! You say
I expcl the demons by means of Be.el'~a.bub.~
it h by means of Be.elrze.bubRI expel the
demons, by whom do POUR sons" cxpel Ihern?
Because of this they will bc judces of YOU.
r n But if it is by means of God's finger@I expel
the demons, the kingdom of God I~nsredly
overtalcen ~ o u . ~ ~ ' W haestrong
man," well
armed, guards his palace, his properties con-

LUKE 11:2222
tinue in peace. " 'Et when one stronger' than 'it;


he is comes against him and conquersa him, he ;:;;;;is

takes awny his fuU armamcnt in which he was 3ri.l rz:n
trwzsting, and he divides oilt thc things he despoiled him af. 23 I+ that is not on my side is
against me, and he that does not gather wit11
me s c a t t c r ~ . ~
J I ! ) ~12:m
24 "'When an melean spirit comes out of n
man, it passes throulgh parched places in search
of refrcshment, and, after iinding none, it says:
'I wjll return t o my house out of which I
moved.'" 'n And on arriving It finds it swept nML12:4a
clcnnri ~ l n dndorned. ?" Then it gms its way and
takes along scven diffemntl'spjrits more wickecl
than Itself, and, after getting inside, they dwell
there, nncl the final circumsl,nnces of that man
bccome worst, than the first."o '7 NOWas he tvns
saying tl~csethings a certain woman out of the
cro~vdraised her voice and gaicl 1:o him: "Happyo is the womb' that carried you and the
brensts that you ~ucked!'~%uButhe said: "No, L U r:.IN
rather, 1tnppy are those hcnring the ~vordl~
of R$;
God and I<ecpjng it!"
Isn 4s 1'1
hl l 7 . 3
28 Whcn the crowds were mnssjng together, hrt
he started t o say: "This generation is a wiclcerl 'I""':"''
generation; it looks for a slgn."But no sign will '!T:t,':G
bc givcn it except the sign of J ~ n a h". ~For just
as Jonah" bccame a sign to t l ~ cNinevites, jn
tIlc same w ~ will
the Son of Inan be also to
this gencrntion," s1 The queen* of the south will
be raisecl up In the judgrncntRwith the men of ~ I , U ~ ? : . S O
this generation and will condemna them; be- ~ ~ 2 : l
causc she came from the ends of the earth to o,rna 1o:zs
hear the wisdom of Sololnon,c"but, loolr! some- ":t:!?:f
thing moren than SoIornon is here. The men !;\"&O


Cnoccupi~d,swept clem, D. b Or,"ntller."

LwKl3 11:3-3
nf Nineveh wlll rise in the judgment with this
generation and will condemn it; beenust! they
1.cpcntcd at what Jonahq preachcdib but, loot!
:fill l ~ : . l 1 someilling moreP fhnn Jonah is here. :'%fter
al-u 11:3n ligllting a lamp; n person puts it, not in n vnult
. ~ ~ 6 : nor
~ s undcr a measuring basket, but: upan the

:j:;il:i$ 11 1:y Iiunpstmd,' tlmt thosc stepping in may bvhoId

~ I I C jiglit. 34 Tile 3:mp of the body is your cyeFv

CVhcn your eye is sincere,n your whole body is
also bright;' but whcn it is bad,b your body Is
dark.3* ""c
alert, therefore. Perhaps thr!
"art f ; : 2 ~
] i ~ h that
is in you is clru.lcness.' *':Thcrclorq
2Lu ?::52
.:~IL ~ : ; 7 it your whole bocly" is bright with no pnrt at
311 dark, it rvill all be as brlgtltn as when a Itlmp'
CI,u I:,:#
gives you light by its rays."
37 When he had spolrcn this, a Phnsisce rea u 7 ! m qu~stedhifntodinc~
with hirn.So hewentinnnd
reclined at the table. '* I-Io\vever, the Pllarisee
was surprised n1: sccing that he did no1 Ilrsst
wnsh'!0 before the dinner. "'But l l ~ eMnntcrli
said to hirn: "Now YOU Pharises, YOU cleanse
thc outside of thc cup and dish, but thc inside*
G.\C 3::~;
of YOU is full of plundcr and wicl~cdness."~
'* Unc,alL ::2s
L l r c l l;lj:!FJ reasonable3 persons! he that made Ihp outside"
.nzll, a:i:,c,
mndc also the insirlc,did he not? "'Ncvcrlheless,
?$! Ffim R ~ V Cas giftsJ"01 mercy the things that are in:
side, and, loolz! all elhcr things are claan'' n h u t
YOU.@ But woe to you Pharis~es,because sou
give the tenth of the mint and the na and of
ORa.ltl:2 cvcry other vegetable," but YOU pass by the
nIdu16:13 j~~stice'
and the love' of God! These things you
wcrc under ohligntion to do, but those other
things not t o omit." 4 x Woe to YOU Pharisees,
J 011 'i:24

e p I~1'1~18


e t)r, u*siiiipI~
1 ntl one wny ;
forns; pnmns!' b
c .Ljtcr~Hy,
"he I ~ I I Snrbl fl~utbnptized"

IJr, '*lo YOU,"



Or, "wicked;
Or, "Lord!'

LUKE 11:44-53
because you love the front seats in the syna-



4 5 h a m e r a certain one of those versed* OCU1O:*

in the Law said to him: "Teacher, In saying
these things you also insult us." Then he said:
"'Woe also to YOU who are versed in the Law,
because YOU load men with IoadsO hard ta .Ocne:s
be borne, but YOU yourselves do not t o ~ ~ c h
the loads with one of POUR fingers? I r Woe to '*t=4
YOU, because YOU build the memorial tombs of
the prophets, but YOUR forefathers killedn @J,Joh7:25
them!" 4SCertainlyyou are witnesses of the ""23:n
deeds of YOUR forefathers and yet YOU give
consent to them, because these killed" the 'Ac7:Ba
prophetsb but YOU are buiIding thdr tombs.
On this account t h e wisdom" of God also said :
'I will send forth to them prophets and apoeties: and they will kill and persecuteo some of o~ ~At1:2
them, so that the blood a1 all the prophets" *l*lH:z4
spilled from the world's fot~ndation~
may be re- OLU
quired fmm this generation, '' from the bIood ,IJ,~ 11:~
of Abelou clor~m to the blood of Zech.a.ri'ahc'"g $&
who was slain between the altar and the A2ch24:2Q
house.'@Yes, I tell YOU, it will be req~lilrdfrom OZCh 24:a1
this generation. "'
T'Voe to aov who arc versed in
the Law, because YOU took away the key of
knowledge;@mu yourselves did not go in, and "RQ a:20
those going in m hindered!"" So rvhen he 'Mt
went out from there the scribes and the PhariI
see$ started in to press upon him terribly and OLU l":If
to ply him with questions about further things,


of assembly?' a Literally, "killed them."

lying in watt for him, to catcho something out

of his mouth,
In the meantime, when the crowd had
gathcred togcther in so many thousnnclsn that thcy were stepping upon one another, he started out by saying first to his dis~1.a13:21 cipics: "Watch out for thc yeastD of the PhariBut there is nothing
. ~ T 'L l: ~ f i SPCS, which js
cnrcfully conccnlcd that d l 1 not be revealed,
that will no1 become known."
' ~ : ~ :and
, ~secret what
things YOU say in the darknlr.1,I.U H 1.1
i(:o JI:L
ncss will IR heard in thc light," and what YOU
whispcro jn private morns will be preached on
* ~ t l a : r n the housetops.' "orcover
1 say to You, my
nf,It 14:IIl
friends,'-' Do not fearn ~ I I O S who
kill the body
~ J u I 15:14
OLtl 21:2lj
and after this are not able t o do anything
&Lull :,L.-,
more," But I will indicate to YOU whom to
fcnr: Fearo him who after killing has authority
Jlull.l,l!:'<~to throw into Gebhen'nn.flm+
Ycs, I tell YOU, fea19
ri~;::!? this One, " Plvo sparrows sell lor two coins of
cnl'l 2!r:%d
small vnlue,0 do i l ~ e ynot? Yct not one of them
faraotlen before Gad: But even the hairs*
of Y O U I ~hcnds are all numbercd. Have no fear:
YOU are worth more 1han many sparrows.'
A C z i:n I
8 "I sny, then, to YOU, Everyone that achow1f0:8 c A ~ c s . : his ~ c E I c F in me before men, the Son of
man will also acknowledge his belief in him
bclorc the angels of God.A PBut he that dis&
:;1,nguz otvnsq
a ~ 22:(i1
MC beCorc men will be disowned before
Ihc ~tngelsof G0d.O And everyone that says a
word against the Son of man, it will be forgiven
I J 2.23
him; but he that commits blaspl~emyagainst

m L u ~ : a Onr

gogues and the greetings in the market-places.fa0 aMt 2 3 1

4 + Woe to you, becaw vow are as those memorial3 tombs which w e not in evidence, so that QLua4!@
men walkupon themand donot hotvit!'" **tm:n

* Or, "places

LUKE 11:54-12 :10

d i ~ , ,

.itrrnlly, "in n i ~ ~ i n ( l s . " Ot., "in pnblio; nitlio~~t
Litrrnlly, 'Lnpenk into tlrc cnr:' d See Elnttl~ew 5 : 22, ootnolec
l~iternlly,"for l\vo'ri.n79n11ns.sntri.on equnli~~g
3h fartl~ings

LURE 12:11-21
the holy sptrtt will not be forglven '.ti
But 'gtr\s;gs'
when they hrlng YOU in before public assem- I J S:JO
bliesa and government oflJcjnls and ~uthorities,
do not become anrious about hotv or wllat"
YOU will spcnk in defense or what YOU will say;" I , , ~~ I :I I
l2 for the holy spirit' will tcnclz" you in that A!il:h"7:2:
n11'0 5:7
very hour 1h e things YOU ought to say."*
13 Thcn a certain one of thc crowd said to
him: "T~.ncl~cr,
tall my brother to divide the inheritance with me." ' W e said to him: "Man,
who appointed me judge" or npporlionerc over 'Job
A* 7 : 2 i a
YOU P C ~ ' S O ~ S ? "lDThcnhe said 1.0 Ihcrn: 'a
the alert and on guard against every kind of
because even whm R person has 3Pr28:la
an abundance his lifeCdoes not result from the lJnh3:30
things Re possesses."* "W
' hti
thnt. hc spoke m "'T1B:T
to them, saying: "The land of a 8Lula:a
certain rich man produced well. Consequently, he began reasoning within hirnsclf, saying:
'What sl~allI do, now that I have! nowhere to
gather my crops?' l8 So he said: 'I will do this:
I will tenr clown my storehouses nnd huild bigger ancs, nnd there I will gather a11 my grain
and all my good things, IQnd X wlll snyv to my +FrZ'ltl
soul: "Soul, you have many good things laid
up for many years; take your ease, eat,' drink,
$2 :F;D
enjoy yourself." '' ='But God said to him:
'UnreasonnlsIe one, this night3 Lhey are demand- :;i J;;+
ing your soul* from you.' Who, then, is to have .f;;<;$
the thin^ you stored up?" So it goes with :;;;!b;i;l
the man that lays up treasure for himself but
' G:IS
is not rich toward Clod.""
Jns a:L


alitn.nllg, 'kynagowes!' bAlloat bow or what, HBAT:; nhout

how, VltSyc.l< anljout what, Sya. a Or8 "divider." Or, "pnmble."


LUKE 12:22-44
22 Then he said to his disciples: "On this account 1 say to YOU, Quit being anxlaus nbout
YOUR soul+ as t o what YOU will eat or sbout
bodies as to what you wiIl wear:' 2 T o r
c;;,";a~71 YOUR
souIa is worth rnorc? than food* and the body
O ~ $ \ ~ ~ ; ; ~clothing.
~ t h a n 'Wark well that the ravcnsb
neither sow3 sced nor rcap, and they hnve neiaRo12:m ther barn nor slomhouse, and yet God SmdsO
them.' Of how much more rvorth are rou than
~ i r d s ?26~Who OP YOU by being anxious can
isii9 Iadd
a cubit to his l I f ~span?" '"If, themfare,
lrlYnucan not do Ihc lcast thing, why bc anxiousU
nbout the remaining things? ' 7 Mark well how
w l f i : ~t~
h e Iiliesgra\v;' they neithertoil nor spin; but
I tell YOU, Not even Solomon in all his glory0
wns arrayed as one of theseon281f, now, God
thus clothes the vegetationGin the field that today exists and tomorrow is cast into an oven,
how much rather will hc dothe you, you with
AMtO:QIJ little faith!" f l So quit aceking what votr might
cat and what YOU might drink, and quit being in
OMLaSI anxious suspensetol"Sarall theseare the things
the nations of the world are eagerly pursuing,
but YOUR Father knows YOU need thesc things.'
Rlt O::U
I * ~ I aIiI: r a
Nevertheless, seek continually his kingdom,
M l t 6:3R
and these things will bc added to uorr.'
3 1'1 4:s
32 "Rave no Tenr; little flock, because YOUR
*" D
1 s, ~di::T
~ t l l : f l Father has approved of giving YOU the kingL u 2:29
1: 1 1 dom.*
"Sell' the things belonging t o YOU rind
*nu la):?! fiive them as gifts* of mercy." Make purses for
L Y 1S.22
A. :.:"ourselves
that do not wear out, a ncver-falling
AC 4 3 1
the heavens," where a thicf does
(11,~l I I :mil
L L1n:n
get near nor math consumes. For where
W t . ci:20
' 11 )
YOUR treasure is, thcre YOUR hearts will be alsom0
Ohlt 6.21

Or, "lif0.1'

LUKE lZ:35---P6
35 'Zet YOUR l o b + Be girded and




lampse be burning, ""and YOU ~ O U T S C I V ~ Sbe

Pike men waiting for their master when hc rc- I,!III 213
turns&from the wedding," so that at his arriv- -hit %:s
ing and knockingu they may at once opcn to ItAe3:20
him, Happy are those slaves wl~omt h e masIcr on arriving finds watching!' Truly I say to
YOU, Re will gird3 himself and make them rc- n ~ u h13:4
cline at the table and wiIl come alongside wd
minister t o themA "B And if he arrlvcs in the
second watch, even if in the third, nnd flncls
thcni thus, happy are they!# But know this, OMr 1395
thnt If the householder hzd known a t whnt hour
thc thief would come, he wouId have kept
watching and not have let his house be broltcn
Into.* '"You also, keep ready, because a t an ny;f%$v
hour that YOU do not think likely the Son of 21-P s:la
I((* It]: 15
man 1s coming.""
l R 1 l 2 t:.1.1
41 Then Peter said: 'Waster,c are you saying hll 25 T:l
this illustratiand t o us or aIso to alI?" 'Wnd 2:!h;i!id:l
1 3:l2
~ ~
the Masterc said: "Who really is a faithfrtlo
stewa~d,0'rt discreet one, whom his master will ';ph2:2,,
appoint over his body of attendants t o kccp lpe,l:10
giving them their measure of food supplies at
the proper h e ? " 4aHappyis that slave, if his ",M:Tj;j:
1-11 I9:l-r
rnmler on arriving &ids him doing so!' 4* I telI *Mt
yotr truthfully, He will appoint him over all his
belonging^.^ '"
But if ever a slave in that position nz,t5$::4"3
should say in his heart, M y master delays comIng,'OAand should start to beat the menservants :$ %
:t'; 17
and the maidservants? and to eat and drink nnd "1.h
*8tlle master of that slave will tE222e
come on a day that he is not expecting him and



Or, "brenb away; d~parh." See Philippinns

1 :23, footnoteb.
"Or, "wcdtling fcrasLJF Or, ''Lord," d Or, "pnrnble," Or, "housernnuager."


LUKE 12:47-41
*Mtakm in an hour t h ~ hc
t does not know,' and he will
punish him with the greatest severitya and
eMt24:51 assign him a part with the t~nfnithful,~
4 T Then
that slave that understood t h e will of his master but did not gel: ~.cadyor do In line with his
be bentcn
' ~ will";will ~
~ wit11~many strokes. '"But
the one that did not undcrstandl' nnd so did
A C 1730
;Ins 1.22
things deserving of ~trokeswill bc beaten with
Jns 4:17
few.' Xndecd, cvcryone to whom much was
*l'Yi 1 ~ 1 3
much will be demanded of hirn,O and the
D N I ~~ z given,
one whom people put in chnrgc of much, they
l c o l ~ : ~49
~ "I came to start a fire4 on thc earth, and
IML 10.34
aoh lr:31 what more is there for rnc to wish if it has al&,":i";& ready k c n lighted?' Indeed, I have a baptismo with rvhich to be baptized, and how I am
distressed until it is finished!O 5' Do You
; + being
imagine I came to give peaec on the earth? No,
J ~ I12:27
.BI,C 7 : ~ indeed, X tell YOU, but rnthcr division."Tor
;ith:!:g from now on there will he fivc in one house
"$$'& l.l:ac; divided, three ngainst two and two against
threedob 3 They will be divided, fathef' against
son and son agninst father, mother against
QJoh 3 4
daughter and dnughter against her mother:
I mother-in-law against hcr [laugh tcr-in-law and





daughter-in-law a ~ a i n s ther mother-in-law."*

54 Then he wenl, on to say ~ l s o
l o the ci-ow&:
'When YOU see R cloud7 rising jn wetern parts,
at once you say, 'A storm is coming,' and it
turns out so." And when you see that a south
windA is blowlng, Tau say, 'Tllcrc will be a
heatwave,' and it occurs. uo Hypocrites, YOU
know how to examine the outward appearance
of earth and slcy, but how fs it YOU do not know
hootv t o examine this particular time?O Why
cut him in ttr,a."

LUKE 12:58-13:8

do YOU not judged also for yourselves what is OLu18:G
righteous?+" For example, when you are going +?;,";;30
with your adversary at law to a ruler, get to
work, while on the way, to rid yourself of the
dispute with him, that he may never hale you
before the judge, and the judge deliver you to
the court0 oficer, and the court oficer throw 3AC17:34
you into prison.'" " "1.11
you, You will certain- i$;,2,i3
Iy not get out from there until you pay over 2~2.2;
the last small coin of very littIe vaIue."a"
~1 18-34
Mr 12:42
At that very season there were certain
ones present that reported to him about
t h e Gal.i.Ie'ans* whose blood Pilate had mixed u ~ c 5 : 3 7
with their sacrifice~.~SO in reply he said to aAc7:el
them: "Do YOU imagine that these Gal.i.le'ans
were proved worse sinners*than all other Gal-i- "Joh9:2
le'ans because they have suffered these things?" "*~28:4
indeed, I tell YOU; but, unless Yau repent," ?Lu16:30
YOU will all likewise be destroyed." Or those
eighteen upon whom the tower in Si.lo'amho m"8:6
fell, thereby killing them, do YOU imagine that
they were proved greater debtors than all other
men inhabiting Jerusalem? No, indeed, I tell
you; but, unless YOU repent, YOU will all be de*Eze1 8 : ~
stroyed in the same way."'
6 Thw he went on to tell this illustration :@OLu 14:7
"A certain man had a fig" tree planted in his @Lu21:29
vineyard,"" and he came looking for fruit on it," :I","azDi9
but found none.* ' Then he said t o the vine- " ~ b l ~ i ; ;
dresser:O 'Here it is three years* that I have
come loolring f o r fruit on this fig tree, but have *Le 1 ~ 3
found none. Cut it do\m! Why really should it
keep the ground ~seless?'~In reply he said to O f i 2 : 4
him: 'Master, let it alone4 also this year, until *2;"zeF;f,l




Literally, "the last Zep'tod'; each lop'tota being worth A cent or

Si.lo'am, KBA; Slilo'ah, J1?JS, Or, "parable,"

4 farthmg.


L U 2.20

But in response the presiding" oficer of the

synagogue, indignant because Jesus did the
cure on the sabbath, began to say to the crowd:
"There are six days on which work0 ought to
be done; on them, therefore, come and be cured,
and not on the sabbath day."" '"ISowever, the
E' ;?;:
;2ilo Mastcrb answered him and said: "Hypocrites,
~ o h ~ : 1 does
not each one of YOU on the sabbath untie
RO 1 0 2
his ox or his ass from the stall and lead it away
to give it drink?a lawas it not due, then, for
this woman who is a daughter of Abraham,+
OJohll:44 and whom Satan held bound:
loolr! eighteen
years, to be Ioosed from this bond0 on the sabDLU14:l
bath" day?" l 7 Well, when he said these things,
OLu 21:15 a11 his opposerso began to feel shame, but all
the crowd begcan to rejoice at dl the glorious
things done by him."
18 Therefore he went on t o say: "What is the
of God lilre, and with what shall I corn*Ps 104'12
It is like a mustard grain that a man
m e 1 7 I ~pare it?"lB
Eze 31:G
na 4:12 took and put in his garden, and it grew and bemAc 10:lZ
o ~ o15h:.1 came a tree, and the birdsa of heaven* took up
*h,: i3$i2lodging in its branches."'"
oMr 5.22

LUKE: 13:9-19
I dig around it and put on manure;' and if
then it produces fruit in the future, well and
good; but if not, you shalla cut it down.' "*
10 Now he was teaching in one of t h e synagogues on the sabbath. l1 And, look! a woman
with a spirit? of wealmess for eighteen years,
and she was bent double and was unable to
raise herself up at all. '"hen
he saw her, Jesus addressed her and said to her: "Woman,
you are released" from your weakness." la And
he laid his hands on her; and instantly she
straightened up," and began to glorify God.'



Or, "must."


LUKE 13:20-30

20 And again he said: "With what shall I
compare the kingdom of God? *"It is like yenst,O OlCo 6:e
which a woman took and mixed withn three
large measuresb of flour until the whole mass
c ~ 19:s?1
was fermented."')
22And he journeyed through the territoryo
from city to city and from village to village,
teaching and continuing on his journey to 3em- a h ~ ~ p .
salem.' ""Now a certain man said to him: ";$g,
waste^,^ are those who are being saved"few ?"O
Mc said to them : Z4 'Zxert' yourselves vigol.ous- 7I.r!rjt;l; !t :ti
ly to get in through the narrow door,@bccnuse 3t!:,'2j,
many, I teLl you, will seek to get in but wiII not
be strong enough," z5 when once the householder ?;:'
has got up and locked the door,O and YOU start oJ(lh lo:I
to stand outside and t o knock at the door, saying: 'Sir,c open to us.'* But in answer he will ikg;Ej;l
say to YOU: 'I do not know whcrc row arc t u rr:o
from.'* 2G Then YOU will start saying: 'We ate +Pa
and drank in front of you, and you taught in ran 53:0
our broad ways,'" eT But he will speak and say D$",T;~3,
to YOU: 'I do not know where YOU are from. 1'11 1:lo
Get away from me, all aov rvorkcrso of unrighteeusne~s!'~" There is where om wccp- ;t;;;;,la
ing and the gnashing of YOUR teeth0 wiIl be, I;3!:;;zp
when YOU see Abraham' and IsaacO and Jacob
and dl the prophetsc in the kingdom of God,'
but yourselws thrown outside. 29 Furthermore,
pmp1e mill come from eastern parts and lvcst;i,!;;::,l,
ern, and from north and south,@and wit1 recline
at the table in the kingdom of God: "'"And,=L:lrr.;s
1,u ''.?:ti
look! there are those last who will be 8 ~ tand
, A.
I?* !)
x>;t I!\.N
there are those first who will be last.""




lrlr 1[ M L

Literally, "three sa'ta [or, sc'nhs)." A au'tor,

or se'ah equaled nbonk a peck and a half. Or, "Lord,'*

a Litfirnlly, 'Chidin." b



byc n :



31 In that very hour certain Pharisees came

up, snylng to him: "Get out and be on your
wny from here, because I-Ierod" wan.ts t o kilI
you." ' A n d he said to them: "Go and tell that
Sox, 'Look! I arn casting out demons and acmrnplishing curw torlny and tomorrow, and the
f E~irdday I shall be finished.'"' :I3 Nevel-theless,
1 must jouimcy on today and tomorrow and the
lollowing clay, because it is not admissibIe for
a prophet to be destroyed outside of Jerusalem."
~ J~rusalem,DJerusalem, the kille? of the
prophets nnd stonerG of those sent forth to

her-how oftcn I wanted to gather your children l o ~ e t h e rIn the manner that a hen gathers
her brood of chicks under her wings, but YOU
*Mt 28:,97
er3n [J4):25 people did not want it!' .i%oalt! YOURhousee is
y;;:;::, ~ b ~ n c l a n ctod YOU. I tell YOU, You will by no
means see me until YOU say, 'Blessed is he that
I Inu
.MI Ila:?n
... . comes in Jehovah'sc name.' ""
And on an occasion when he went into
M t 2.l::lO
l A l l l!v::!q
-I the house of a certain one of the rulers
.lull 12 I R
O L Z I 2:1:5'1 of thk Phnrisccs on the sabbathn to eat n meal,'
l41,il 7::4li
they wcre closely watchhg him, And, look!
there wns before him a certain man who had
dropsy. So In response Jesus spolre to those
versed In the Law and to the Pharisees, sayOSOh 5:10 ing: "Is it IRWIUI on the sabbath to cure0 or
'ME 12:lO not?"" But they kept silent. With that he took
Lkr 1 3 1 5
Juh i : 2 3
hold of the man,healed him and sent him away.
And he said to them: "Who of you, if his son
1 JR%2k5
ox falls into a cist~rn,"
wilI not immediately
I rc 22:4
nhlt 12.11 pull hlm out on the sabbath day?"d Well, they
were not able to answer back on these things.


Ilerod An'ti,pas, Rnn of llrrod the Q.rcnt. See Luke 3: 1.

"bo made perfcct,j" Jehovah's, JT-"lz" the Lord's, KBB.


LUKE 14:7-16


7 He then went on t o tell the invited men an

illustration,aO as he marked how they were
choosiny the most prominent places for themselves, saying to thern:O "When you are invited by someone to a wedding feast, do not lie L u m 4 "
down in the most prominent place,' Perhaps +przs:C
someone more distinguished than you may at
the time have been invited by him, %d he that
invited you and him wilI come and say to you:
'Let this man have the pIace.' And then you will
start off with embarrassment to occupy the
lowest place.@l q u t when you are invited, go ?p",":z:3'3
and recline in the lowest place," that when the
man that has invited you comes he will say to :;",:A4
you: 'Friend," go on lap higher.' Then you will ~ L U1 5 5
have honor in front of all your fellow guests.* ":g$;O
For everyone that exalts himseIf will be
humbIed and he that humbles himself will be





* .,

12 Next he proceeded to say also to the man &3kiTx

that invited him: "When you spread a dinnera6f:;",';
or evening" meal, do not call your friends, or ~ L U~0:46
your brothers or' your relatives or rich neighbors.* Perhaps some time they might also invite you in return and it would become a repayment to you. IaBut when you spread a
feast: invite poore people, crippled, lame, blind;' ~OLuL 22:1
l4 and you will be happy, because they have 3De 1429
nothing with which to repay you. For you will Job 3136
Pr 3 2 8
be repaidA in the resurrectionoo of the right- 3Lu

eous ones."
15 On hearing these things a certain one of


A n I t S:BG

OJoh 5 2 9
doh 11 :2d
Ae 2435

the fellow guests said t o him: "Happy" is he

who is a t the feastb in the kingdom of God."'
said to him: "A certain man was
a Or, "parable." bLiterally, "who eats bread.'' ELitcrally, "hkn

m 14:17-28

spreading a grand evening meal, and he invited

manyom17And he sent his slave0 out at the
hour of the evening meal to say to the invited
ones, Come,%ecause all things are now ready.'
I s But they all in common started to beg off.*
The first said to him: 'I bought a field and need
* ~6:24
J","hXi::oto go out and see it; I ask you, Have me ex$;:* cused.'&* l W n d another said: 'I bought five
O A c 15:lo yolceo of oxen and am going to examine them;
1 ask you, Have me excused.'a" '"Still another
o t u 17:32 said: 'I just marriedAa wife0 and for this reason
I cannot come.' So the slave came up and reoJoh12:38 porteda these things t o his master. Then the
l-iouseholderbecame angry and said to his slave:
'Go out quickly into the broad ways and the
lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor
:;T9 and crippled and blind and larne.'O " In time the
Ac13:46 sIave said: 'Master, what you ordered has been
1m 1 : Z G
done, and yet there is room.' aUrtd the master
'P,',$F1, said to the slave: 'Go out into the roadst and
the fenced-in places, and compel them t o come
w2cos:m in,that my house may be filled." 2d For I say
to YOU people, None of those men that were in"Nt8 3 2
;2;3 vited shall have a taste of my evening meal.' ""
Ireb 3:19
25 Now great crowds were traveling with
rJJoh 1255
" "If
u.rohrl:as him, and he turned and said to them:
anyone comes to me and does not hate0 his
and wife and childreno and
g:$& brothersandandmother
sisters, yes, and even his own
he cannot be my disciple.* 27 Whoever is
Ite 12:11
his torture stakec and coming af5
ter me cannot be my disciple.* 2s For example,
I,U 9 3 3
, r :a 6:14, who of YOU that wants to build a tower" does
not first sit down and figure out the expense:





* Or, '.Please
rbt Matthew

let mc be excmed."

10 : 38.

Or, "life." E See Appendix nn-

my d i s c i p l ~ . ~
34 "Snit: to be sure, is fine. But jf even thc




salt loses I t s strength, with what will it be

mixed?' :" It is suitabie neither lor soil nor for
manure. PeopIe throw it outside, Let him that ( 0 1
has ears to listen listen."
Now all the taxa collectorsn and the sin- 4%; ~ ~ & O
ners* Icept drawhg near to him to hear$;;;;;;
him. Conscq~cntly,both the Pharisees and thc 1-11 i n 2
*l'l'l 1: I5
scribes kept muttering, saying: "This man wel- tlmt
comes sinners m d eats wiili them."" T h e n i:?ifi'
; r ~2:12
he spoIre this illustrationRo to them, saying: 4~u
"What man of YOU with a hundred sheep,' on
losing onc of them, wiIl not leave the ninetynine behind in the wildarncss and go for the amend:i1 ,
lost one until he finds it?' AncI when he has E: izi:;
found I t Irc puts it upon hL shoulders and relY
joices.4 "And when he gets home he calls his
friend$' and his neighbors" together, saying t o ;f,.t;t;
thcrn: 'Rejoice with me, bccnusc I have found 'b~t,r A : l i
ILfl t2:15
my sheep that was lost," I tell YOU that thus rlu


Or, "pn~-nblc.~

LWKE 15 :&I9
thorn win be more joy in heaven over one slnncr that repents than over ninety-nine righteous
CPr 50:lP ones who have no need of repentance."
L U 5:nz
K "Or what woman with ten drachma&coins,
IT she loses one drnchrnnn coin, does not light a
0Joh f&:3 lampo and swccp her hause and search carefully
until she finds it? "And when she has louncl it
she calls the women who are her friends and
neighbors together, saying: 'Rejoice! wit11 me,
bccnusc I have found the drachma%coin Ehnt I
QJoh 3:29 lost.' '
I tell YOU, joy"" arises among the
O L U 1H:fn nngelsQf
over one sinneP that mpcnts."*
=El>h .<:lo
'hll k1.2
"A certajn man hnd two
hrr 2:! ;
2 I'I 2 1B
sonsBn"'And the yotlnffer of them snid to his
U M t 21:28
fnther, 'Father, give me the part of the properA D e P1:17
ty that falls to my shnre.IAThen he divldcd his
bMr 12:44 means of livingP to them, l 3 Later, after not
rnany days, the younger son collected all things
fGe a24
nnd traveled abroad into a distant land,' and
Q t u1d:l
there squanderedmhis property by living with*Pr 29:s
out saving anytl~ing.' l4When he had spent
dcr 2:s
RO 121
everything, a sewre famine swept throughout
that land, and hestnl-ted to be in need. IIe even
went and attached himself to one of the cili~ L U
1n:llr zensmof that land, and he sent him into hls Aclcls
*LC 11:7
*Pr 33:21 to herd swine." ln And hc! used t o dcsire to be
OclC J2.11
21;..10 filled wit11 the car011 podsq:which the swine were
l1Cl H:.17
ZCh .!.1:12 eating, and no onc would give him mything.'
J n b .?,{:27
17 "When he came to his sensesn he snid:
Ps 25: 1 1
PI' 2'4:I.i 'Howmany hired men of my father are aboundJer 3:l:
d e r 50:G ing with bread, while I am perishing here fiwm
LA 3:,31)
1.u 1Y:13 Enmine! l 8 I will rise nnd journey to my father
1 J o 1 :I
OLLI 2 1 : ~ and say to him: "Frrther, I hstve sinned" against
o d o l ~l.9!1
heaven and against yo~t.b* l RI am no longer

LUKE 14~29--15:T
to see if he hrrs enough to complete it? P9 Otherwise, he might lay its foundationn but not have lPJ0h31:N
the funds to finish it, and nll thc onlookers
might stnrt to ridicule him, :lo saying : 'This man
started to build but had not the funds to finish.'
" Or whnt king, marching to meet another king
in w a P does not first sit down and take counscl OJne a1
whether he is able with ten thousand troops to
cope with thc one that comes against him with
twenty thot~sand?3z If, in fnct, hc cannot do so,
then whilo thnt one is yct far away he sends
out a body of ambassadorsb and sues for pence.' WX;;;~
L , ~1 1 . 5 ~
" mils, you may be surc, norlc of you t h a t does
not say good-bye to all his belongin@ can be i\;Erij:iO

.An Atb : drnchmn was wort11 ubout 150 or 7d. 2f. b a r , "in your
night.'' A , a t 1 Samuel 20 :I, L S X . 8 Caroh potls=cknrtrbP, E p .

LUKE 15:2 k 3 0
worthy d being called your son* Make me as
one of your hired men,'" 2 u Sa he rose and went
to his father. While he was yet a long way off,
his father caught sight of him and was rnovecl
with pity, and he ran and fell upon his ntxk
and tenderly kissed himP Thcn the son sdcl ey,S,"24%:s
to him : 'Father, I have sinned against hcavcn
and against you.* I am no longer worthy of ;;;;:;; ;;:$
being called your son. Make me as one of your
=!But the father said to his slaves:
'Quick! bring out a robe, the best one, <and 01% 3 ~ 1 3
ril: 10
clothe* him with it, and put a ring' on his hand 16a
and sandals on his feet. "'d
bring the fat- .[;'5it'aa
tenedu calf, slaughkrc it and let us eat and en- ,;fL?,;:,
joy ourselves, " because this my son was deadnLli 11;:31
but has come to life* again, he was lost but 11ns !'$,:;?
been found.' And they started to enjoy them- ;:I;; ;i
l,:[)l\ 5:4
I W 3: 1
25 "Now his older sonAx ~ a sin the field; and
as he came and got near the house he henrd a
music concert and dancing.O SO he called one 3~;;?,#
of the servants t o him a d inquired what these 1c11k z s
things meant. 27 He said to him: 'Your brother* 'Jolt 10:18
has come, and your fathere slaughteredC the "~nnB:e
fattened calf, because he got him back in good
health.' But he became angry" and was rm- @R* m l g
\rrilling to go in. Then his father came out and
began to entreat him." In reply he said to his m a a m
father: 'Here it is so many years I have slaved
for you and never once did I transgmss your
cornmandmentP and yet to me you never once =LU 23:m
gave a kid for me to enjoy myself with my
friends.* But as soon as this your son* who :F;pl:p


a Or, "in your sight" Bs at 1 Snnlnel 20: 1, LXX. b M n k e mc aa

one of your hired men, RBI); but these rrorde am omitted by
AVgSya-P. C Or, "sacrifice(d)."

LUKE 15:31-16:s
your means of living with harlotsoo
nrrivcd, you slaughteredn the fattened calf for
him.'* Then he said to him: 'Child, you have
always bcen with mc, anrl a14 the things that
are mine arc yours;O I ~ t t t t we just had to en*Jc1{'
joy ou~wlvcsand mjoiccp k a u s e this your
t)rothcr was dencl but has become alive, arid he
WHS lost k ~has
t bccn founcl.' "'
Thcn he went on to say also to the disciples: "A ccrtah man was rich and he
and this one was accused to
; 15:13 h i ~ da ~tcward,"~
hirn as llnndling his goods .rvzqtstefully.' ' So he
cnllcd him nnd said to him: 'What is this I hear
about you? IIfind in the accounr of your
srcwardship, far you can no longer manage the
110 11:15
2 1 : ~:):lo
hoi~se.' T11en the steward-aid
to himself:
I tt.13 k13
11,,11 ]:!:I7 'What: Ftm I to do, seeing that my master will
1 1 ' ~4:.>
ttlkc the stewnrdshil:, away from me?" I am not
olio 1:lrr
strong enough to dig, I am ashamed" to beg.
Ah! I know what I shall do, so that, when I
am put out of the stewardsl~ip,people will reUPrIn:o ccivc me into their homes." OAnd calling to
him each one of the debtors of his master he
pcocccclcd to say to thc first: Wotow much are
you owing my rnastcr?' " He said: 'A hundred
nTL@hl:Obath-mcasurcs" of olive oil.'o He said to him:
nJoh lt45 'Tnlcc your writteno agreement back and sit
clown and quickly write fifty.' ' Next he said to
another one: 'Now you, how much are you
owing?' H e said: 'A hundred COY-measuresc
of wheat."I-Ic said to him: 'Take your written
agreement back and write eighty.' aAnd his
master cornrncndcd the
though unA bath mns u liquid nlcnsnrc cqnal to 8 gallons
m OF,La~n~riflce~I."



:1 r1nnrt.u

1.2 pin&, 0 A par, lvhctll~rfor mlib or" liquids, cqnaled

Or,"house ~l~aringcr!'

rfD 1:111lona

righteous, because he actcd with practical wisdom;* because the sonsb of this system of thingsa
are wjscr in a pyactical way toward their o m
qeneration than the sansQof tl~clightDare.'
9"Also I say to YOU, Make friendsc7for your- Cl.\l
+Jult 12,35
selves by means of the unrighteous riches,lJn!I?/;:
so thnt, when such fail,' they may receive you ;;;;l:,f
into t h e everlastin$ l o The
pcrson Enithf u13 in ~t.hatis l ~ m tis faithful also 4%
in much, cmd the person unrigt~teousin what is :f%'!lff?'
least is trnrighleous also in
l 1 Therefatoe, E,',i''j',:2
if YOU havc not proved yoursclves faithful in nLyy$f;
connection with the unrighteous richqb who
will entrust YOU tvith what is tnrc?* ' = A n d if 'E!h,%$
YOU have not proved yourselves faithfuI in connection with what is anotherk,O who will give 4k&?8t8
YOU wllnt is for youl-sel~es?~
' W o house servant can be a slave to trvo mnstcm; for, either he
will hate the one and lavea the other, or he will w0h316
stick to the one and dcspisc the other. You
+ ~ 8t : ~
cannot be slaves to God and to ricl~es."e+
14 Now the Pharjsecs, rvIla tvere moneylovers, were listening to all Zl~eseIhings, and
they begrtn to sneer at himrnl B Consequently hc m.E\?iid
said lo them: "You are those who declare yaur,:,
selves righteousf before men," but God knows ?;:$$
YOUR hearts;" because what Is lofty among men 1.u w:!)
Ollu 17.1
is a disgustinf thing in Gocl's sight."
1) lSn l Lr:7
1 1 '11 ZHIO
16 "The Law and the Prophets were until ? ~ : I I i;::?o
John.' From then on the Icingdom of God is 1'5
r~ 1s:ri
being declared as good news, and every kind 'ii:82::'k
OF persong JS pressing forward toward it."




S Y H ~ Fof
I I Ithings= uMv (11i.011') Hllh; ~ > l l t(o.lakmt), J 1 7 r Z R .
"thc tnnmmQn of ~ ~ ~ ~ r i g l ~ t r ~ t ~Lit~rnllg,
~ n e s s . " "overInsting trnts." d Or, "~rl~at
is your o ~ m . "eJditerillly, "n~nnuuon,"
Or, .'wl~t, justify youluelves."' g 01; "and eveqone."

OP, 1mm

Indeed, it is easier for heaven and earth to

pnss awayo than far one particle' of a letter
of the Lawmto go unfulfilled."
18 "Everyone that divorces0 his wife and
OLu 18 11 marries anotl~cr
commits adultery,' and he that
nJoh 4:17 marries a woman divorced from a husbanda
"M 5:nz
MI I1P!)
commits adultcry."
h'li. 10.11
19 "To continue: A certain man was rich,"
r L u 12:18
and he used to clothe himself with purplc and
'Job R:RJ linen, enjoying himself from day to day with
Ja.c 5:s
magnificence," 3"But R certain beggarmunnmcd IO:SA
@LIII B:P3 Laz'a.rusba used to be put at his gntc, lull of
~ L 1u9 : ~ ~ulcers " and desiring to be filled" with the
O L U 2221
31 .il t 8.23 things dmppinfi from the tableQ of thc richa
O P h p 3::
man. Yes, too, the dogso would come and lick
OMt 1597
hjs ulcers. " Now jn course of time the beggclrn
aJoh 1:51
?:in dicd and he was carried off by the angels0 to
OLl! I(l:ll
mlsn Kt I6 the bosom*positionpof Abrd~am,"
tifLH.l t
"Also the rich mnn died' and was buried.#
one 2:n
fl.1011 1%,40 ' U n d in HadcscVteVliftcd up his eyc3,O he
alto D:5
existing in t~rrncnts,~'
and Re saw Abraham
DLti l[i:23
in the bosom positien~
e311 2.t3q afar off and Laz'~.rusl'~~
'Lu 2.1:1!4 with him. 24 So hc called and said: 'Father
u.\c .L,k.I$ Abraham," have mercy on me and send Laz'aw"[L .'! !I
rash t o dip the tip of his linger in water and
coal my tonguc, becnuse I am in anguish in
4hIl9:12 this bl.?zing fire.'' ?a But Abraham said : 'Child,
hlt l3:m
rcmember that you received in fuII your good
OLu 18:ZO thlngs in yaur Ilfetlrnc, but Laz%a.rusho correspondingly the injurious Ihings. Now, however,
O A C 4:98
he js having comfortc here but you arc in
Hcb 1!11
QJnh R:17
*ls;! 4O:R
l lJc1 :25
mi: I : ] ! )

Or, " p n r nlnn." b Lnztn.ra~,HPA ; 21:l.e.rr'zar (nlcnning 'W~latlis

hrtpcr") , 3 ", a Hu'CI~Y,Etllh,l:'L SIIC'OI,J8-8J0-19; ~ ~ . ~ P P ' I I U S ,
Vg, d And wua burred. Ant1 ill ~ l n ' r l r s hc, BA; nnd wns buried in
1 ln'rlcu lie, K ; and he wns 1)1wic*rl i i ~thc im-fet'wvs. Eut be, VA,
l%asom p ~ l l i t i ~m~ ;wbcn rcclilling in h n t of nnotllcr un the
firllnr!coz~elrnt n meal.

LUKE 17:7-19
rooted and planted in the sea!had it would

m 16:26-17 :6

anguish.' And besides all thcsc things, a great by;,Ta;T;
chasme hns been fixed between us and Y O ~ Jtnoo:az
people,' .w that those wanting to go over finm
here to rot! pwple cannot, ncithcr may pcoplc
cross over from there t o us,'"27 Then he said: ttaCa 6:14
'In that event I ask you, father, to send him la
the house of my father, " for I have five brothers, in o~clcrthat he may give thcm a thorettgh
witness," Zhnt thcy also should not g e t into this "cs:l3
place of lo~.ment.' 2" But Abrnhnm said: 'Thcy
have hIoses- nnd the Prophets; Ict them Jislcn I]-u
te these." "' Thcn he said: 'No, indeed, father L t t u2f:m
Abraham, but iT someone from tlre deadh goes .':; A1!7:
to them they will repcnt."
But he said to -1-u 17:s
him: Tf fthcy do not listen to MosesJ and the '
Prophets, ncithcr will they he persuaded' if
some on^ r i s ~ ~[ram
' ~ ' the d ~ a d , " ' ~
8 . m ~ o1l2:
Then he said to his disciples: "It is
unavoidable that causes for falIingq JRO a:33
~ I l o ~ d come.'
Nevertheless, woe to the one ';!$!2
t h r o u ~ l ?wllom they come!" It ~vould: be of 1co 11.19
more advantage to him if n miIlstone were sus- ";\rItt~ ,%:24
~ , 11
pcnded from his neck and he were thl-om into llc 2.14
the sea than for him to causc onc of these llttle
ones to fall. V a y attention to yoursclvcs.
If your brother commits a sin give him a rcproof, and if he repents" f o r ~ i v chim."
* Even ?:;,P;y2,
if he sins scvcn times a day ngnlnst you and hc ';; p;
comes back to you seven timcs, saying, '1 re- ~1 1,r:15
J:IS 5.19
pent,' you must stforgive him.""
tlhlt 121 21
5 Now thc ~postlessaid to the Master:a 'GQf
ve 1Co 13:4
cts more faitlz."" a Then the Mastera said: "If' nMrs:a
Eph 2 %
you had faith the size of a mustard seed, YOU
wodd say to this black mulberry
'Be up-


Or, ''Lord."

b Or, "this sycnmint!


obey w o ~ . ~
7 "Wha of YOU is there that has a slave5 plowing or minding the flock who will say to him

when he gets in from t l ~ cfield, 'Come hcrc at

once and recline at tllc tnhle'?' "ather, will he
not say lo him, 'Get something ready for me to
have my evening meal, and put on an apron
and minister'Dto me until I am through eating
and drinlring, and afterrv~rdyon can eat nnd
drink'? " 1Wc will not feel gratitude to the slave
because he did the t h i n ~ smsigned, mill he?
So YOU, also, when you have done nll the
things assigned to you, sny, 'We are good-for~
~ I n a t we hnve done is whnt we
ought to have done.' "
1.1And wl~llehe was traveling to Jerusalem
he was pamin:: through thc midst of Sa.mar'
and GaI1ialee," And ns he was entering into a
certain village ten Icprous* men met him, but
they stood up afar off. ""And they raised their
voices and said: '"JSLL~, instructor^ hnve
mercyu on us!" " And when hc got sight of
them he said t o them: "Go nnd show yourselves
t o thc priests."* Then as they were going o f f
thcir cleansing occurred. One of them, when
he saw he was healed, turned back, glorifying4
God with n loud voice, '"And he fell upon his
face' at Jesus'" feet: thanking him; furthermore, be was a Sa,rnar'i.tan.- l7 In reply Jesus
said: "The ten were claansed: were they not?
Where, then, are the other nine? l B Were none
found that turned back to give glory to God
but this man of anotIrerhnation?" "I' And he lsaid

LUKE 17:20-30



to him: "Rise and be on your way; your faith

# ~9-22
has made you well."a#
Mr 5:34
20 But on being asked by the Pharisees when
the kingdom of God was coming* he answered M r g;
Lu 219
them and said: "The kingdom" of God is not 3Joh
coming with striking observableness, neither ghlia;y
will people be saying, 'See here!' or, 'There!'"
For, loolr! the kingdomo of God is in YOUR :$%;$
hTr 1.15
Lu 19:ll

22 Then he said to the disciples: "Days will ;

come when YOU wiU desire to see one of the Jnh 12:n
Cul 1:15
days of the Son of man but YOU will not see it.' + ~9:15
2 z And people will say to YOU, 'See there!' or, &
'See here!" Do not go out or chase after them." @ $ ~ : $ ~ ~
24 For even as the lightning,# by its flashing,
shines from one part under heaven to another * M t 2 4 : n
part under heaven, SO the Son of man' will be. * D a m 3
2 s First*however, he must undergo many sufferings and be rejected by this generation," D,M,rg;:
2Woreover, just as it occurred in the days of Lu9:zX
Noah," so it will be also in the days of the Son * G e 7
of man:
they were eating, they were drink- OMF24:3
ing,' men were marrying, women were being OLUn:"
given in marriage: until that day when Noah OLu 2034
entered into the ark? and the Aood arrived and m e b 9:4
destroyed them all.' PBLikewise,just as it oc- +$,:;
curxed in the days of Lot: they were eating, eGe 19:15
they were drinking, they were buying, they
were selling, they were planting, they were xGe 19:24
budding. ""Et on the day that Lot came out gpfj!f7
of Sodorno it rainedo fire and sulphur from #$;:gg
heaven and destroyed them dl." aOThesame ;2,l::,?
way it will be on that day when the Son of $
;: I:T
man is to be revealed.0#
W O h 12:38

Or, '%as saved you."

Or, "is among YOU."


LUKE 17:31-18 :7

31."On that day let the person that is on the

housetop but whose movable things are in the
house not come down to pick these up, and the
person out in the field, let him likewise not re%
the ~
* G s 1 8 : ~ B turn to the things behind. 3
Whoever seeks to keep his soda
OM^ 20:33
I O : ~ wife0 of Lot."
safe f o r himself will lose it, but whoever Ioses
LU 9 9 1
it will preserve it a1ive.O "I tell rrou, In that
Joh 1 2 : s
O L U I S : ~ night3 two men will be in one bed; the one will
be taken along, but the other will be abanAMt 24:40 doned?
There will be two women grinding
at the same mill; the one will be taken along,
4Mt2424:41 but the other will be a b a n d ~ n e d . " ~
Xo response they said to him: "Irhere, M a ~ t e r ? " ~
+Job39:30 He said to them: "Where the body is;' there
B M E2 4 : ~ also the eagles0 will be gathered t ~ g e t h e r . " ~
Then he went on t o tell them an ilIusGLu 19:11
trationaq with regard to the need for
them always to praya and not to give up," "say$:$;:$:
,:*;; ing: "In a certain city there was a ccrtain judge
416 that had no fear of God and had no respecto
Col. 4:2
O L U ~ O : for
~ ~ man. "ut
there was a widore in that city
O L u 21:3
and she Irep-1: going" t o him, saying: 'See that
RJ,~, 11:8
*Mt5:25 I get justice from my adversary at law." Well,
for a while he was unwilling, but afterward he
said to himself: 'Although I do not fear God or
QJohS:34 respect a man:
at any rate, because of this
widow's continually making me t r ~ u b l eI, ~will
see that she gets justice, so that she will not Beep
*Jgls:Is cornin9 and browbeating me to death."'e
OJoh 5:30
Then the Master" said: "HEAR
what the judge:
although unrighteous, said!" Certainly, then,
der20;l2 shalI not God cause justicet to be done to his



Or, "life." b KBA omit verse 36, reading: "Two Inen u6ll be in
the fidd; one will be taken along, and the other will be abandoned."
-DVgSy8.P. C Or, "Lord." d Ox, "parable." Or, "a f i s h . "

LUKE f8:8-17
chosen9nes who cry aloud to him day and "tu33:a
night:) evcn though he is longsuflcrjng toward
thcrn? * X fell YOU, H e will cause justice to be ~:c.(l:lfl
done to them speedily.' Nevertheless, when the 1' :;k
Son of man arrives, wil! he really fEncl this
aAc a8:irt
faithamon the earth?"
9 Rut he spoke this illustrationh also to some o,,
rvho trusted in themselves that they were rrt::;i;
righteous" and who considered the rest ns not h- HO io::i
ing:* l o "TWO men went up into the templeq to %I::I'$?.?:
pray," the one a Pharisee and the other n tnx* "k$;L!,,,,
collcctor. The Phariseea stood" and b c p n lo $-I;:T!
pray these 1hing-s to himself: '0God, I illank
you I am not as the rest of men, extortioners,
unrighteous, aduIte1~rs,3or even as this tax ;kt!::$
coElccto~.~ fastEtwice a week, I givr!the tenth 2q,;L:
of :ill t i~ings1 ~:cquire."" But the tax collcctor F A C I:I 2
stnt~dingat a distance was not willing cvcn to bhl L 23:23
raisc his eyes heaventvard: but kept beatlng mIsndo:la
his chest,* saying: '0 God, be gmciow to rnc R -Lu23:48
xillner,'"" l4 1 tell YOU, This man went down to fF:z;??
his home provedn more righteous" than that
man ; because everyone that cxnltq himself will hit 21:31
bc humiliated, but he that humbles himself will






Idnb 22:21)
be exalted.""
run 2:11
15 Now people began to bring him also their ~ ~ , ! . ~
infantsc fol* him to touch these; but on seeing ll'c":"
it thc disciples began to reprimand them."
However, Jesus called the infants to him, snylng: "Lct the young children come to mc and
do not try t o stop them. For the kingclom of
God belongs to such kind of person^.^ lr Truly blCo14!20
I say t o YOU, Whoever does not receive the kingdam of God like a young child wUl by no means
gct into it."+
~s @:3

Or,"find fnith," b Or, "'parable." Or,"chiildlm!'

? ~ 2

18 And a certain mleP questioned him, saying: "Good Teacher, by doing what shall I inOLU m14 hcril? everlasting life?"' '"esus
said to him:
mwt 3 ~ 1 6
"'Why do you call me good? Nobody is gmd,
hxi- 1I D:~T
*nlr 19:17 except one, God: "'YOIFlrnow the commandhlr 10:18
*Ex 20:14 ments: 'Do not commit ncIultcry,'Wo not murIIC 5 : ~
not steal," Da not bear P~lsecvitncss,~*
Ol,U 273111 der:"
fat:hcr nnd mother.' ' I b a' Then he
I have kept from youth on."'
OEx 20:15
rJr 3:ltl
a After hearjng that, J e s u ~
snfd to him: "'There
Ue 5:20
nbout you: Sell all the
ORU Z k 1 2
things you 11n1~and distribute to poor people?
Uc 5:lG
nrr lo:sn and you will have trcnsrn*~in the heavens; and
come be my follo~~~cr.""
Whcn hc heard this,
h i t 19.21
hIr 10:21 he became quite sorrowful, lor he was very
1,U 12:,%3
1'l.i 6 3 9 rich.c' ""esus
Pookacl at him nnd mid: "Now
d1,u 2I:I
" M t 1322 dificr~lta thing it will be for those with money
h I r lrl:22
sne 6 3 2 to make their way into the kingdom of God!*
Ps 10 ,:E
iis easicr, in fact, for a cnmc1 to get through
Pr 11.25 '"I
~t 1!1:23 thc eye of a sewing nccdlc than Cor a rich man
to get into thc kinpgdoin of God."' Those who
*M C~19!21
DLU 13:lO beard this said: "Who possibly can be saved?"'
zT He said: "The things impossible with men are
rice 1 8 : ~ possible with God."O '@
But I'eter said: "Look!
3er 132:17
we have left our own things and foI~o~vecl
29 H e said to them: "Truly I say to YOU, There
is no one who hns left house or wife or brothers
Q De 33:9
Mr 10:m or parents or children for the sake of the king+fJi ~
O 19~29
t~42:10 dom of Godd '"that is not certain to gct many
Mr 10:30 times morc in this period of time and in the
CBPs 1G:lO
PS 22
coming system of thinasj~everlasting lift."+
k 31:m
Ps d l : 9
31 Thcn he toolr tile iwclvc n.;idc and said to
Ps 69:21
them: "Look! wc are going up to Jerusalem,
Isa 53
Mlc 5:l
and all t h e thjnm written by means of the
!Lee 9:9
ZPC 1 1 : ~
Zec 13:7 ,prophetsmas to the Son of man will be corna System of things=alrhv (ni.on'), HBA; nSlY (o.lrrRm'), 3".

OLU 2313

LUKE 18:32-19 :4

LUKE 19: 5-15

position arid climbed a fig-mulberry tree in order t o see him, because he was about to go
through that way. W o w when Jesus got to the
place, he loolred up and said to him: "Zac.chaeroLu19:8
US; hwry and get down, for today I must stay
in your house." With that he hurried and got
down and with rejoicing he received him as
guest. 13ut when they saw it, they all fell to
muttwing,m saying: "With a man that is a sinner
~ L 19:z
he went in to lodge." 9 u t Zac-chae'us" stood
up and said to the M a ~ t e r "Look!
the haLf of
my belongings, Master,a I am giving to the
12:s poor: and whatever I extorted from anyone by
false accusation I am restoringe fourfold."" At
I Z : ~ this Jesus said to him: "This day salvation has
come to this house, because he also is a son of
Q J O ~ I8:33
Abraham.O" lo For the Son of man came to seek
OLu 23:37
#LU 13:16 and to save0what was lost.'""
Ac 3 2 5
11 While they were listening to these things
HO 4:11
Ga :<:7
aLuzo:19 hc spoke in addition an i l l u s t r a t i ~ n because
4Et5:&16he was near Jerusalem and they were imagining
that the kingdom of God was going to display
Ro 5:s
ikelf instantly." l e Therefore he said: "A cerIT1 I :15
fain man of noble birth traveled to a distant
AC 1:6
land to secure kingly powerCfor himself and to
2Th 2:l
Calling ten $lavesa of his he gave
O J O ~
8:34 return."
'Da business
~ them
~ ten ~mi'nasd
$ and~toId them:
till I come.'@l4 But his citizens0 hated' him and
mft25:ls sent out a body of ambassadors after him, to
+ J O r~: u
say: 'We do not rvant this man to become king
~ P 2:2
Mt 23:37 over us.3e
15 "Eventually when he arrived home after
having secured the kingly power? he command-


pleted." S Z For instance, he will be delivered up

to men of the nations and will be made fun* of *rsa z : ~
and be treated insolently* and spitg upon, ""and i:s,",z$:5,
alter scourgingAhim they will killo him, but on :;gg?
the third day* he will
H0'1vever, they ;F$.,';
did not get the meaning of any of these things, ~ r l 0 I 3 4
but this utterance was hidden from them, and
they were not understanding the things said." "f::2ig6
35 Now as he was getting near to Jerichea a OHeb 1130
certain blind man was sitting beside the mad
begging.* aC Because he heard a crowd traveling *;if g;:
through he began to inquire what this might
mean. " They reported to him: "Jesus the Naza.rene' is passing by!"Qa At that he caIIed out, *m10:47
saying : "Jesus,O Son of David, have mercy on 3Joh
me!"' 89 But those going in advance began to uhlt 20:30
tell him sternly t o keep quiet. That much more
he kept shouting: "Son of David, have mercy
on me."" 30 Then Jesus stood stillo and com- a.g;:;ji;
manded the man t o be led to him.' After he got gg;;
near, Jesusa asked him: ""What do you want
me to do for yo^?"^ He said: "Master,b let me 3Mt20:32
recover sight."" 42 So Jesus said t o him: "Re- ""t20:33
Mr 10:51
clover your sight; your faith has made you #MtaO:34
well."c" '"nd
instantly he recovered sight,* *Mr IO:SZ
and he began to follow him, glorifying God.DGk:2:$f
Also all the people, a t seeing it, gave praiseS 'Ack47
to God.
And he entered JerichoA and was going A~rtm29
through. N o w here there was a man
called by the name Zac.chae'us,@and he was a o L u ~ ~ s
chief tax collector, and he was rich. 3tVell, he
was seekingo to see* who this Jesus was, but !J",";$%l
he could not for the crowd, because he was
smdI in size. So he ran ahead to an advance


aLiteraIly, "he."

Or, "Lard."'

Or, '%a saved you"

a O r j L'L~rd.'Jb Or, pa~able.'j c Or, "secure z Idngdom."
mi'na, la @reek silrer money unit, equaled about $16.20 ors3 6s. 6d.
Or, "the kingdom."

LUKE 19:16-27
cd to be called to him thest! dnves to whom hc
l ~ a dgiven the silver money, in order to asccrtnin wlsnt they had gained by b u s i n ~ ~activity.'
I " T11cn ihe first one presented hisnsclf, saying:
'Lord," your mi'na," by trading, went up to t r n
lP SO he said to him: 'Well danc, ~ o o c l ' ~
slave! Because in a very small mnt ter you have
proved yourself faithful, accept authority" over
ten citics.'" Now the second cnme, saying:
'Your mi'na,b Lord," made five rnl'nns.'lh'"' IIc
said to this one also: 'You,too, be in chnrge of
flve citics.'" But a diflerent once cnme, saying: ' L ~ r d here
, ~ , is your mi'na,Qthat I kept laid
nn7nyin a cloth. YOUsee, I was In rear of you,
because you are a harsh man; you take up what
you did not deposit and you map what you did
not sow.*O 2 2 J-Ie said to him: 'Out of your own
mouth' I judge you, wicked slave. You Irnew,
did you, that I am a harsh man, t~lcjngup what
I did not deposit and reaping what I clid not
sow?" xqIence why is it you did not put my
silver money" in a bank? Then on my arrival
I would have coIlected i t wit11 interest,"
24 "With that he said to those standing by:
Take t.hc mi'nah from him and give it to him
that has thc ten rni'na~.'~"86 But they said to
him: ' L ~ Y I he
, ~ has ten mi'nas!'b- Pwl
say to
YUU, TO everyone that has, more will be given;
hut from the one that does not have, even what
he h a will be taken away.' n M o r ~ ~ ~ thcse
enemies5 of mine that did not want me to bccomc king over them BRING here and slatzghter
illem beforc me.' "l
Or, "hlnatci*!' b R ~ c hmi'nn, n Grcclr uilrrr rnonpy unit, cqunled
nht~ul#lfi,2O or $3 6s. 8d. Or, "ariotl~er w e . " gym rends: "the
l n ~one."

LUKE 19r 28-43

2R So, after he had said these thinm, he begat?
d ~ ; ~ ~ ~toatravel on ahead, going up to J ~ r u s n l e m . ~
2R And when he got near to Bcth'pha.ge0 and
OLu24:50 R e l , h t n . n ~
at the mo~mtnin cnllcd Mount of
sent forth t,wo of the disciples,'
hc 1 : ~"saying:
into the village that is within
+bit 2l:L
~t 11.1
~igllf.of YOU, and in i t nCt~rvorr pass In YOU
will find a colt ticd, on which none of mnnBind
QUi21:2 ever sat. Loose it and bring it.'""B~ut if anyMr 1 1 2
onc nslts YOU, Why js it YOU are loosing it?'
yorr must speak in this way: 'The Master" needs
*Ps90:10 it,l
s:: So those who were sent fort11 departed
M1 21::l
1 :
it just as he said to them," :'" But as
*Mt 21:C
bfr j l : , ~ thry were loosing the colt the o\vncrs of it said
1,U 21:13
to them: "'Why are You loosing the colt?"'
nhlr 11:s
They said: "The Mastep needs it."' "And
they led it to Jesus, and they thrcw thdr outer
AaKlWls gnrments upon the colt and sct Jesus upon it."
hit 21 :7
h1r 1 1 : ~
As he rode0 a l o n ~they kept spreading their
.loll 1S:ld
o x ~ ~ n : n outer garments on the road.' ar As soon as he
r M l al:n
got near the road down the Mount of Olives all
BL~23:t t h multitudeo
of the disciples started to rejoice
with a loud voice conccrning all
t h e powerful works they had seen," "saying:
* l , u z : z s "Rlessed is the One comjng ELS the King3 in
n ~ n n a : l l Jphovah9sh name!' Peace in heaven, and glory
in thc heights ab~ve!"~"
" DIowcver, some of the
~ ~ ( 5:l.l
h h Pharisees from the crowd%ald to him: "Teacher, reprove your disciples."' Rut in reply he
said: "I tell sow, If these remained silent, the
nHnba:ll stonesuwould cry out.*'
41 And when he got to a nearby position, he
a a ~ sill
the city and wept' over it,O I P sayjng: "If
in this day the
+ ~ ~you,~ even
~ you,
; ~ had, discerned"
b J~hovah's,J ~ - 1 8 ~ 2 1tho
Lard%,NBA. a Or, "in fbe
n Or, cLlro~d,'l




things having to do with peaceo-but now they OJoh l4:m

have been hid from your eyes." 4 3 B ~ C R U
S ~'$f$'Y4
days will come upon you when your encmicse O A ~ 1 3 ~ 1 0
will build around you n fortification" with
pointed stakce' and will encircle' you nnd dis- sro~,
tressa you from every side, ** nnd they will dash
you and your childrenA within you to the $!i:;5?9
round,^ and they wiII not Ienve a stonc upon
n stone+ in you, becausc you did not discern 2;i+!o,:?;.;:$;
ihc time of your being In~pected."~
21 .r*
45 And he entered into the temple and started WI lan h10:7
ler H:12
to t11ro.r~out those who were selling," " saying >PP IO:IS
to them: "It Is written, 'And my house will be ?:?!?"
o house of praycr," but YOU made it n csve' oil 1
L A - . "



-MI '2i iZ
47 Furthermom, he went to teaching daily in
thc temple. But the chief priests and thc scribes U'y~t,;,:;,?
PS 031s
Isa F8fi:T
and the principal ones of t h e pmple were seek- *drr
Ing to destroy lfirn; Is and yet they did not find "i:: ::i:j
the effective thing for them to do, for the peo- 'if6:L:::{
ple one and all kept hanging onto him to hear
e ~ ~ ra : m
Lu 5X::l8
On one of the days while he w&q teaching the people in the tcmple and dcclaring the good news, the chief priests and the
scribes wit11 thc older men of influence came
near,' 2and they spoke up, saying to him: "Tell + M t a l : D


by what nulhority you do these things, or

who it is that gave you this a~thori1.y."~
a In
repIy he said to them: "'I will also aslr YOU a
question, and YOU tell me:" Was the baptism "$!%%
of John0 from heaven or from men?"' T h e n
among themselves they drew conclusions, say- :g)&
ing: "If we sag, 'From hemen,'" he will say, oJoh3:ls
'Why is it YOU did not believe him?" a But if we
say, 'From men,' the people one and all wiLl

LlTJKE 20:7-18
stone us,O for they are persuaded that John4
bMF X1:9
1.11 T,ZJ ~VZF a prophet."'
So they repliccl that they did
OMt 21 'r6
LL:?Z not know its sourcc.' And Jesus said to them:
Neither am I telling YOU by what authority I
110 I:ZL
?c:n .1:3
do these thingsmVm
0.f 01) L ,I2
9 Then he stnrted t o tell the people this Illusml 2t:27
tration:" "A man planted a vincyard3"and let it
out to cultivators for hire find he traveled
abroad for consldcrable timc." loBut in due
TPr 2:21
m i l t 2 1 . 3 season he sent out a slavea t o the cultivator^,^
hlr 121
*?ru!7:13 that they might give him some of the fruit of
d ! : h ,lG:15
the vineyard. Thc cultivators, however, sent
CIAC 1:5z
away empty;' dter beating him u p . O l1
bMt 21.y he repeated and sent them n different slave,
Mr Il:L
That one also they beat up and dishonored and
away empty.' Yet again he sent a tIrircl;@
eno !I:m
this one also they wounded and threw out. At
this the owner of the vineyard said: What shall
1 do? I will send my son the beloved." Likcly
lz:9 they wlIl respect" this one.' ( W h e n the cultivators caught sight of him they went to reasoning with one anolhcr, saying: "l'11Is is the heir;
let US k1Il him, that the inheritance0 may he*$! :$? come ours.'* l 8 Wl tl-r that they Ihrew him outsidc"the vineyard and lrilled" him. What, therc;;;:,;512fore,
will the owner of the vlneyard do to
.hftzl:39 them?" 'We w311 come and destroy these cultivators and will let the vineyard out t o others,''
On hearing this they said: "Never may that
happcn!"O l-ut
he looked upon them and said:
"What, then, does this that is written maan,
'fifl'S:m 'The stone which the builders rejected,' this
1- 2:f
m{: :ij$ has become the chief cornerstone'?" l8 Every"NfiH:"
anc falling upon that stone will be shattered."



Or, "punblo,"

LUKE 20:32-46
As for anyone upon whom it falls,# it will pulf2:a1 leave chiIdren behind, but died off.* s 2 Lastly,
* ~n:t44
verize him. "*
*Mt22:m the woman also died." d3 Consequently, in the
19 The scribes and the chief priests now
resurrection, of which of them does she become
sought to get their hands on him in that very
wife? For the seven got her as wife."OD
hour, but they feared the people, for they perM r 12:%&
Jesus said to them: "The children of this
ceived that he spoke this illustrationam with m u 21:29
01things" marryo and are given in mar+
them in mind." '"And, after observing him n,M;:g
3s but
those who have been counted
closely, they sent out men secretly hired to preKF 2 0 3 5 worthyt of gaining that systemo of thingsao and
tend that they were righteous, in order that
mil 5:m the resurrection" from the dead" neither marry
they might catchAhim in speech, so as to turn *Lull:%
mEp1r 1-21
fact, neither
Heb 1:2 nor are given in marriage.'
him over to the government0 and to the au- 3*~25:1
are like the
thoritymof the g o ~ e r n o r . ~And these men ques- :g2zE
by being
, $ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ " ,
tioned him, saying: "Teacher, we know you Mr12:13
a7 But that the
speak and teach correctly and show no pardead are raised up even Moses disclosed, in the
J O 1:
tiality, but you teach the way of God on the
~ot138:7 account about the thornbush,* when he calls
basis of truth:' Is it lawful for us to pay tax gkzaz
Jehovahclc 'the a d of Abrahama and God of
ORO 9:7
to Caesarb or not?"" ""nut he detected their ;
and God of J a c ~ b ' 3. ~W e is a God, not
;g,":g Isaac5
craftiness and said to them:" 24 "Show me a a n 1 t x : i 7
the dead, but of the living: for they are all
W t 2298
:t",h&,5a"Whose image and inscription does M Z 12:75
living from his standpoint."eM " "In ~0Inment
it have?" They said: "Caesar's."* " IT@said to "hT'It"Z:20
Mr 1 2 : ~
bMt22:aO some of the scribes said: "Teacher, you spoke
them: "By all means, then, pay back Caesar'so
well." For no longer did they have the courage
things to C a ~ s a r but
, ~ God's things to God."' * $ ~ ~ $$
~+ ~
t o ask him a single question.
2G Well, they were not able to catch him in this
@Ex 3:6
41 In turn, he said to them: "How is it they
saying before the people, but, in amazement at
that t h e Christ is David'so son?* '2 For
a ~2222
his answer, they said nothing."
*nu 22:41
M r l m David himseLE says in the book of Psdrns:
27 However, some of the Sadducees? those
'Jehovahf said to my Lord, Sit at my right hand
who say there is no resurrection, came upAZs and
until I make your enemies a stool for your
questioned him, saying: "Teacher, Mosesv wrote ,A,C,g$
44 David, therefore, calls him 'Lord'; so
us, 'If a man's brother dies having a wife, but
this one remained childless, his brother' should ' G e m 8
how is he his son?"
take the wife and raise up offspring from her
45 Then, while all t h e people were listening
far his brother." zZAccordingly there were
to~ the ~disciple^:^
4 6 "Look out for the
seven brothers; and the first took a wife and
oleo 1:20 scribeso that desire to walk around in robes and
died childless." So the second, 31 and the third
took her. Likewise even the seven: they did not
* See Lake 18 :30, footnotea, h Or, "sons.') C Jehovah, Ju111-1S~21
Ihc Lord, KBA. d Or, "when he say#: 'Jehovnh the God of Abraa 01; "p&r~ble.l'b Or, "the emperor." A coin equal to 17c or 8d. 2f.
I~utn.'!' e Or, "living to him:'
The Lord, KJ3k.
LUKE 20: 19-91






LUKE 20:47-21:lO
Iilce greetings in the market-plaasn and front
seats in the synagogues and mmt prominent
placcs at ev~ningOmeals:
and that devour :@&gja
the bouscs of the widows and lor a pretext Mr 1238
rnalce long prayers. These wjll rcccive a heavier
Now as he looked up he saw the richu R o m
dropping their giftso into the treasury OJOh4:lo
chestsab+ Then he saw a certain needy widow + M r l a : a l
drop two small coins of very 1itt.l~valuec there," aMr12:42
a d 11e said: "I tell YOU truthfully, This widow: nllllough poor, dropped In more than them O A C k l
all.' For all these dropped in giftsQot of their xE;;di::$
surplus, but this woman out of her wmt dropped
*Mr m4.4
in a11 the means of living she lmcl.""
Lu 12:15
5 Later, as certain ones were speakjng concerning the temple, how it was adorned with
beautiful stones and dedicated tlr ings," he said:
"As for these things that YOU are beholding,
the days will come in which not a stone upon nIglee,:$o
a stone will be left here and not be thrown ~j;:~
down."" T h e n they questioned him, saying: jLa2:F
"Teacher, when will these things actually be, kCZi2
and what wiII be the sign when thcsc things
arc dcstined"~ occur?"" He safd: "Look out :i;'t zi;>+L
that you are not misled;@for many will come on ,;;TE
the basis of my name, saying: 'I am he,' and, OEr>h5:rl
21 11 2.3
'The due time has approached." Do not go after ?TI
them. Furf hemore, when YOU hear of wars
and disorders, do not be terrified.@For these;?:$:'
things must occur first, but the accomplishedo z
k 6:;
MI- 13:1
end does not occur immediately,"
10 Then he went on to say to them: "Nation
Or, '"plnccs of ns~cmbly.'~b Or, "'the ~ o r r c dtreasnrg." tLit~rolly,
"two I~p'tn"; each Zep'ton being ~rorth $ eent or 4 farthing.


ORe 6:s
*Tsa 2 9 5
lie 6:12


Qr, L'contributedto the gifts."


LUKE 21 :11-23

witl risen ngninst nation,"and kingdom against

kingdom,* L L and there will bc great enrthquakes9 and in one place aftcr another pcstilenccs and foodo shortages, and Ihcre will be
fearful sights nnrl from hcavcn great signs.'
l2 But before all of these things ppcplc will lay
their hands upon you and pcl=sccute'Votrtr,delivering YOU up to the synagoguesq and prisons,
YOU bcing haled before kings mcl governors
will turn out to
for the salre of my name."
YOU for thc purpose of a ~vitness.~"Therefore
settle it in YOUR hearts not to rehearse beforehand how to make YO^ d d e n ~ c ; ,"~ Oor I will
give Yorr forceful speechb and wisdom which
all YOUR opposcrs0 together will not be nblc to
resist or dispute.+ lCMoreover, YOU will be delivered up cvcn by parents and brothers" and
reIativcs and friends, and they will put some of
vorr to denthlm 'land YOU will be ohjccts of
hatred by all persons because ol my name."
l a And yet not a hai?
of YOUR headsU will by
any means pcrish," I9By endurance'' on YOUR
part YOU will acquire YOUR SDUIS.C*
20 "Furtlzermore, when uow see Jerusalem
encamped armies, thcn understmcl that the desolath@ oP hcr h8.s drawn
near." Then Ict those in'a begin flccing
to the me~ntajns,~
and let those in the midst of
her withdraw, and let those in the nearby regions not enter into her,' because these are
days for meting out justice" that all the things
written may bc fulfilled." Woe t o the pregnant
women and the ones suckling a baby in those

nr, %be stirred up; IH! l n l ~ ~ cup."

d bLiterally, "n mouth?' *Or,
"t'11tnro lives." Sec r'lratthe~vLO: 28. *Literitlty, " d n y ~o f vengea


LUKE 21:24-35
days!' For there will be went necessity upon -Mt2**9
the landa nnd wrath on this pcoplc, 'hand they eDe 28:g.1
will fall by the edge of the sword ~ncIbe led 2a7&:1,
captive jnio all the nations," and Jcn~snlcmwill ;tCyz;
hc tramplcd on by the nations,@unljl the ap- OLU 23.2
*EX@2 3 : n
pointed times* of the nations are fulfillecl.l"
na 2 5
25 "Also thcrc will be signs in sun' and moon u R ~ G : 1 2
ancl stars, all-1 on the earthr' a n ~ ~ ~ iof
s l rna- OJoh3:31
tians," not Ictio~vingthe way out bccnwe of the
roaring of the seaa and its agitnl ion,( zn while salt. aml:xl
1J 21
men become fajnt out of fear" ant1 expectation oXTr
of the things coming upon the inhnbilcd ~ a r t h '?&'?::?4
for the potversc of the heavens will be shaken.' 'J"i,"i27
And then they will see the Son of mann corn- j;;
ing jn n cloud" with power and great ~lory.",
'"But as these thjngs start 10 occur, raisc your- %
se1vc.s cmct and lift YOUR IleadsC up, because o ~ o;fi4
YOUR dclivcrmce@

getting near."'"

*A11 2-I:JO

; v ~ t13,lH
29 With that he spoke an jllustrationd" to Mr
them: "Notc the fig treem and all the other 4c23;;.!,q
y o When they are already In the bud, by
observin~it You know for your.wlves that now ;;A; :;+%
the stlmmcr is near.* 31 In this WRY YOU also, 0x121:xt
when you see these things occurring, know that
the kln~clornof God is near.' 3 2 Truly I say to +Mr1399
YOU, This generation will by no means pass
away until all things occur.' "'Hcav~nand "Mt24:W
Mr f3:SO
earth will pass away," but my worcls will by =nlts:la
U M ~
24:no mcnns pass away.#
Mr 13:3E.
34 "But pay attention to yourselves that Y ~ U R
hearts nncvcr become weighed down with overeating and heavy drinking and anxieties of life,e
and suddenly that day be instantly upon you* *z::iy3
as asnarc? For it will come in upon all those "120 l l : B
Or, '4cnt+tli."b B refids: "are fnfflll~dand wilt br.PTc Or, "Soracs;


Or, "l)~)tlmhlc." Or, "1~11xit!tie~

ovcr livelihood."

LUKE 21:36-22 :11

dwelling upon the face of all the earth.O 9u Keep
awakc, then, all the time making supplication
that YOU may succeed in escaping nlI these
things that are destined to occur, nnd to hold
YOUR position before the Son of man.""
37 So by day he would be teaching En the
ternple,"uut by night he would EO old and lodge
on Chc mottntnin called the Mount of Olivcs,'
".And all tiic peoplemwould come early in the
day l o him in the temple to hear him,
New the feaste of the unleavened cakes,
the so-called Passover,"was getting near.
Wlso the chief priests and the scribes were
seeking the eflcctive way for them to ~ e rid
t of
*Mt m:4
M r 1 4 2 him, for they were in fear of the p~oplc.# But
I,u 20:19
O J o l l 1327 Satano entered into Judas? the one called Is01,u 22:47
* > t i 2~2.; carT.ot, who was numbered among the twelve;'
h:r 14:lO
Joh t;:;a
' a n d he went of and talked with the chief
Juh 13:2
priests and temple captains about the effective
way to betray him to them. Well, thcy reOAc 796
and agreed t o give him silver rnoney.OO
uzec I1:lZ
W t 26:15 a So he consented, and he began to seek a good
I'ri 6 3 0
Jude 11 opportunity i o betray him to them without a
crowd arotlncl."
7 The day of the unIeavened cakes now arrived, on which the passovcr' vlctim must be
and he dispatched Petcr and John,"
saying: "Go and get the passover ready' for us
to eat." 'They said to him: "Wheredo youwant
us t o get it ready?" 'We said to
when you enter into the city a mRn carrying
an earlhcnware vcssel of water will meet YOU.
follow him into the house into whjc11 he enters.'
"And YOU must say to the landlord of the
'The Teacher says to you, "Whcre is the
guest-room in which I may eat the passover


LUKE 22 :12-24
with my disciples?" ' l2 And that man will show
YOU n lnrge upper mom furnished. Get it ready
there,"" "'So they departed and found it just "Mr14:15
RS Ilt? had said to them, and tlzcy got the pass%It %:I9
ovCr ~ ~ l d y . *
3 4 At length when the hour came, hc rccllned LU lkr2
at the table, and the apostles with himma
I n And
'$: TF:
he said to them: 'Thave greatly desired to eat
this passover" with YOU before 1 suffer; la for AlCo5:7
I tell 1'011, I will not eat it again until j t becomes
fulfilIed in tlie kingdom of God."P And, ac- !2&%??3
cepting a cup,' he gave thanks and said: "Takc OPR1% 117
thism~ n pass
it from one to the other nnlong ;2;\%:9,
youcsclves; *TorI telI YOU, From now on I will ?A;<:%
not drink again from the product of the vine
;gz ;;;23
until the kin~domof God arrives."'
~ n 71:31
3ils 5:la
19 Also he toolr a loaf," gave thanks, blmlce it, ire l:11
and gave jt t o them, saying: "Tlsis meansrLmy .:F2%1?6
body' which is to be given in Yourr behalf. Keep
doing this in remembrance of mc."""' Also Ihc ~ ~ ; & ? ~ ~
cupA in the same way after they had the eve;:;;
ning meal, hc saying: 'This cupq rncnnsa the ;;;;
new' covenant' by virtue of my blood? which 6r\c 3 25
PIC0 tfi.16
is bo bc poured out in YOUR bcl~all.~'
'3 er 3i:31
21 "But, Imk! the hand of my bctraycr" is $E,?;g1'
with me at the table? *Because t h e Son of ~~~~i~
rnRn is going his way according to what is 2fP$2iT
marked out;' all the same, tvoc to that man $c;;;::1,1,
through whom he is betrayed!" So they start;~;,"i2&
ed to cliscr!ss among themselves thc question -rs
of whlclr of them would rcaIly k the one that *$'dh'?3%
Olna 53
was about to do this."
Do 9:26
24 However, there also arose a heated dispute "?,j:"&
Or, "id'; in the sense of signifying, importing, representing.
b DIt onlit the word^, of verses 1D,20, "whir:h is t o be gircn .
peurod out in your behalf."-KRAVgSyP,


among them over which one of thcm seemd

to bbc greatest. Z5Euthe said to them: "The
1:40 lkingso of the nations lord it over thcm, and
oJahl:12 ~IIQSC having authorityo over them are called
4Benelactors'.b" YOU,
though, arc not to be that
is the grcntcst nrnong
uou b e m e as the youngest, nnd the one act1 IQI, t 1.7 ing ns chief as the one 27 For
e v t 20 3.
~ , I:M
a which one is greater, the one reclining at the
table or the one rninistering?l Is it not the one
at the table? But I am in YOUR midst
; I k(,l)4: 15
m2:i:t 7:13
( 1nn:3,1
1 :
28 "However, YOU are the ones t h a t have
I r ~ l ,8 , n stuckmwith me in my trials;' " and I make a
al:,U 12:'ra
covenant with YOU, just as my Fatlzcr has made
2.t 1 2.12
.1 its ::5
R covenant* with me, for a kingdom: "that
;,:;,!,'3 YOU may eatA and drinko ~t my table in my
kingdom: and sit on thronesg to judge the




lwclve tribes of IsraeleQ

31 "Simon: Simon, look! Satan*has demande1c0
~ io:za
to have YOU men to sift YOU as wheat." 8"ut
1 12 2 ;
made supplication" for you that yom
' ?:'
faith may not give out; and you, when once you
hove returned, give support to your brothers."o
W J O I I 17.15 s3 Then he said to him: "Maqtcr,'* 1 nrn ready to
01,u 23:111
march with you both into prisono and into
M r I IC.!~)
dcath."" Eut he said: "1 tell you, Peter: A
soh ;.i::~t
~ ~ ~ ~ 2
$ , will
~ 7 not crow today until you have three
denied knowing me,"'
3.5 He also said t o them: "When f sentD YOU
forth without purse and f ood-pouch and smdals,
YOU did not want for anything, did yorr?" They
said: "No!"" 38 Then he said to t l ~ c m :"But now
let the one that has a purse tnlrc it up, likewise
also a food-pouch;and lei: the one having no
of011 1 3 : ~



Or, "serving."

Or* "Lord."

LiternlIy, "For nothing I"

LUKE 22 :3 7 4 0

LUKE 22:51-62
and cut off his right ear.o" *'But in reply Jesus
sword sell his outer garment and buy one. For
rIr 14:47 said: "Lrcr ft EO as far as this." And hc! towchd
I tell YOU that this which is written must be
Soh 18.10
him." 62 Jesus then said to the
o,rul~I z:do the ear and I~enlecl"'
accomplkhcrl in me, namely, ' A n d hr! was reckanlt 2r;:sz
oncd with lawless ones.'" For that ~ ~ k l i cconh '$f{;,j;
J C ,Y X
~ : ~ I chief priests nnd captains of the templeo and
older men of influence that had comc there lor
cems mc is !laving an accomplishmcnl,"C a s Then C LuL ~1K::Il
him: "Did YOU come out with swords and cIzrbs
they said: "Masterra look! here are two
against a r o b l ~ r ?"~While I was wit11 YOU
swords." Efe said to them: "It is enough."
~r la:# as
temple' day after day aou did not s tmtch
39 On going out he walked as customarily to
*JoH7:30 out YOUR 11;inds against meam
But this Is POUR
thc Malrnt ol Olives; and thc! disciples also folrJ011 1227
the ~ u t h o r i t pof darkness,"'
in:11 hour-ad
Iowed him.' 4VIaving comc to Ihc place he said + ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a.Tuh
$ l:13
to ihern:O "Carry on prayer, that vow do not
orsa 53:7
54 Then they arrested him and leda hlm off
3;;; :
Ac 5:32
entw into temptation." 4 1 And he himself drew
and brozrght him into the house of the high
away from them about a stone's throw, arrd
g;.:;: priest;" but Pcter was fol1owing at a clistancebQ
Mr 1 1 : ~ 6 6 When Ihcy lit a fire in the midst of the courtbent his knees and began to pray," "saying: x?J;:7;{
.loll 1R:15
"Fatlwr, i l you wish, t u r n thb cup aside from
yard and sat clown together, Peter was sitting
4 JOtl 1g:lg
me. Neve~Zhclcss,let, not my rviIl,"but yours lfjEt!,5;,
/ 0~,,1,18:11 in among !hem.' " But a certain servant girlo
saw him sitting by t h e firelight and looked him
take place."' Then an angel"from heaven ap- ;
; i;;:?,;
and said:'
"This man also wtrs with
peand to him and strengthened him. But getmz:zgover
tina into nn agony he continued praying more lk;;,Le
him." But he dcnled it,a saying: "I do not know
And after a short time anearnestly;* and his sweat became as drops of AJnh 12:n
Mr 14:m him, womnn."*
other person swing him said: ' Y o u also are
blood fnlIing to the ground." 4 u And he rose &%:$$"
from p r a y ~ r went
, ~ to the disciples and found c A c ~ : l ~
one of them," But Petessaid: "Man, I nm not.""
And after a b u t an hour intervened n cerlain
them slumbering from griefV0 and hc said to +;:::;if[:
them: "I-low can You sleep?"Risc and carry on OJoh 1 1 13
other m m began insisting confdmtl y : "For a
prayer, that YOU do not enter into temptation."' +t:E%$i
certainty this man also was with hlm; for, in
47 Whjlc he was yet speaking, look! a crowd,
7!'4":;!:' Joh18:26 fact, he is R'an!"' a But Pctcr anid:
and the man called Judas, one of the twelve,
"Man, T do not 1rnrl.r~what you are saying." And
was going before them, and he approached Jeinstantly, while he was yet speaking, a cock
BFP t ' t : ~
sus to ltIssmhim:
But Jesus said to him: "Ju- Joh
uyt26:74 cm'~ved.~And the Masterb turned and looked
h l r 14:n
das? do you betray t h e Son of man with a o ~ n h 6 : T l
.luh18:27 upon Peter, and Peter recalled the utternncc of
kiss?"' When those about him snw what was
the Master1' when he said to him: "Before a
going to happen, they said: "'Master,n shall we *E:$;ij
cock croivs today you will disowna mc three
strllre with the sword?'" m D Acertain one of "Luzx+B
nlr 14:=
And he went outside and wept bit1
them evcn did strike the slave of the high priest
-a Or, "TAord.''b Verses 43,44 art! contninerl in ~ D V g s p but
, are
a IlVg read: "him," b OF,'"Il~rd,"C Verse 62 is omitted Ily It,
omitted by BABY' and N (corrected rending),





LUKE 22:63-23:5
LUKE 23 :6-18
63Now the men that had hima in custody behere." On hearing Itbat, Pilate asked whether
gan to make Im' of him, hittingmhim;' "'nnd
the man was a Gal.i.le'an, ' and, ~ f t e rrtsccrtdnOAC&m
nfler covering liim over thcy would ask and .;;try;:%
ing that he was f ro~nthe jurisdiction of Herdsao
say: "Prophesy, Who is it that struck you?"" *art at;.(&
he sent him on to Herod,n who was also himself
And they went on saying many other t h i n g
in Jerusalem in lhcse clays.
in blasphemy' against him.
8 When IJerod saw Jesus he rejoiced greatly,
4 : ~
66 At length when it became day, tho nsstsmfor over a considcrnblc lime hc was wanting to
~ L U
AMt 14:l
bly of oldcr men of influence of the people, botl~
seen him becausc of having heard" about him,
Mr 6:24
chief priests and scribes, gathered together,"
~ f ~ l f ; 2and
~ l he was hopingo to see some sign0 perand thcy haled him into their San'hedrino hnll," ;;fF&;;47
formed by him. $'Now he bcgan to question him
saying:" "If you are the C h r i ~ ttell
, ~ us." But
with a good many words; but he made him no
he snid to them: "Even if I told row,' YOU
the chlcf priests and the
bpay;: a n s ~ e r 14q-Iowcver,
\vould not believe it at all. CB Moreover, if I *JM;~I,I;I,;~
,,. 3 ~ ~ 7 5
zip nnd vehemently accus+Ac 2537
questioned POW,' YOU would not answer at all, m.!;:h:!il:2
ing him,' Wlcn I-ferod together with his soldiep
OIM 9 7
I-lolvcvcr, from now on the Sen of man" will ,$;:,?;?
discredited him," and he made fun' of
p;$!$ guards
be sitting a t t h e po\verful rig11Y'handr of God."' ,;:
him by clothing him with a Zlriglltb garment
l o At this they all said: "Are you, thc~.cfow,
and sent him back to Pilate. B01.h Herod and
thc Son of God?" He said to them: "It is for %
Pilatc" now became friends0 with each other on
YOU t o sayn that I am.'? '"They
snid: "Why do ~IJrlC#:34
that very day; for before Ihat they had conwe need further witness? For we ourselves have
tinued at enmity bctween themselves.
heard it out of his own mouth.""
hFr n:r
1 5 9x
13 Pilate then called the chlef priests and the
So the multitudeo of them rose, one and ~ ~ ; ' : ' $ , ~ ~ ~ ~ L 2u4:m cuIersD and the people together and said to
nI1, and led him to Pi1ate.O * Then thcy ,:!;
them: "You brought this man to mc as one Instartd to accuse him: saying: "This man we fif~1$1,
citing the pcople to revolt, and, look! I exfound subverthe our nation3 and forbiddingartlined him in front of YOU but found in this
the paying of taxes" to C a c s d and say in^ l ~ cr-%x : ~1 I
*Soh 18:B man no grounds*for the charges You are bringhimself is Christ3 a king."'
Now Pilatc ~slced<;:;k2;:!:?
ing against him. '" In fact, neither did Herod,
trim the question: "Arc you the king of thc "2!h,::",,1$19
for he sent him back to us; and, 100k! nothing
Jmvs?" In answer he said: ''It is for you to 'Mt
deserving of dcath" has been conlrnitted by him.
RTr 12:17
say."' 'Then PiIate said io the chicf priests
l e I will therefore punish* him and release him."c
J O 193
nnd the crorvds: "I find no crime In this man."
But with their whole multitude they cried out,
But they began to be insistent, saying: "He
saying: "Takc this one away, but release Barstirs up the people by teaching throughout all
* H e r d An'ti-pns, son of Hrrncl tho Qrc!t, Ssr! Luke 3 : 1. bOr,'gD even starting out from Gal'i.leeo to onoh




llim, HBlIVgTt; Jesus, A s p . a Or, 'lthcir 8na'ke.rlrin."'

"the Sight h o d of the power." d Or, "the anpcrar."'


"splendid" CE3AIt omit vcrsc 17, mndung: "NOW he was nnder necessity to release one laan to thetn fiwnl fenst to feast."

LUKE 23 :19--31



ab'basOto us!" l9 (Which man had been thrown

into prisone for a certain sedition0 occurring o ~ ~ , tg;?
in the city and for murder.")
Again Pilate OAc3:14
OMt 2'3320
called out to them, because he wanted to re:
lease Jesus.' Then they began to yell, saying:
"Impale him, impale" him!"" $ T h e third time J O 19:12
he said to them: "Why, what evil did this man ; B ~ ' , " h l ~ $ ~ ~
do? I found nothing deserving of death in him;
I will therefore punish him and release him."" "E:Ez
2 3 At this they began to be urgent with loud
voices demanding that he be impaled;" and their
voices began to win out.* 24 So Pilate gave sen- #Job f9:15
tence for their demand to be met:' P5 he re- *Mrf5:15
doh X9:IB
leasedn the man that had been thrown into OPr17:15
prison for sedition0 and murder and whom they oAC19:40
were demanding, but he surrendered Jesus to
a ~ m:x
their will."
26 Now as they led him away, they laid hold
of Simon,@a certain native of Cy.rerne,corning
from the country, and they placed the torture
stakeb upon him to bear it behind Jesus.O But bJ",'hlfg?&
there was following him a great multitude of
the people and of women who kept beating
themselves in grief and bewailing him. Jesus
turned to the women and said: "Daughters of
Jerusalem: stop weeping for me. On the con- 3Joh5:1
trary, weep for yourselves and for YOUR children,+ ""ecause,
look! days are comingo in ?%$,5;,Zj
which people will say, 'Happy are the barren
women, and the wombs that did not give birth gt;-1;J4
and the breasts that did not nurse!'@aa Then
they will start to say to the mountains," 'Fall %Isfi2:19
140 10:8
aver us!' and to the hilIs, 'Cover us over!' 3 1 Be- ReB:lG
cause if they do these things when the tree is
Or, "fasten(ed) on
thew 10 : 38.

a stake or pole." b See Appendix under


LUKE 23 :32-44
moist, what wiIl occur when it is withered?""
Jer 25:29
32 But two other men, evildoers, were aIso
IPP k17
*Is&~i3:la being led to be executed with him.* 3 U n dwhen
they got to the place called "The Skull", there
o ~ u 2 4 : 7 they impaledaO him and the evildoers, one on
19:18 his right and one on his left.b0 3" Furthermore,
*psn:18 to distribute his garments, they cast lots.'
Ira 53:l?
And the people stood looking 0n.O But the
Mr 15:2.1
Fte 17z:io
XLIIE~Swere sneering, saying: "Others he saved,
let him save' himself, if this man is the Christ
O*lc13:17 of God, the Chosen0 One."*
Even the soldiers
mMt 27342
M r q : 3 1 made fun" of him, coming close and offering
YPs 22.7
#FS 6 9 : ~ him sour winet" " rand saying: "If you are the
OJo113:17 lcing of the Jews, sav& yourself," 38 There was
also an inscription over him,c "This is the king
* M t of
~ the
M r 1.5326
soh 19:19
one of the hungD evildoers began to say
DE7r 6:ll
abusivel? t o him: "You are the Christ, are you
~t a2k~4 :4m
ms 16:32 not? Save yourself and us," '% reply the other
OEph5:ll rebuked4 him and said: "Do you not fear God
OJoh 522 at all, now that you are in the same judgment?'
And we, indeed, justly so, for we are receiving in fulI what we deserve for things we did;
but this man did nothing out of the way." "d'
he went on to say: "Jesus, remember me when
+Re 12:s
he said to
m12:10 you get into your kingdom."' "
'z'gi;: him: "Truly I tell you today, You will be with
~ P 72:s
S12:4 @, ,
44 Well, by now it was about t h e sixth* hour
~ s 2.51
Re 213
6 5 : ~ and yet a darkness fell over all the earth until


Or, "fastened on a, stake or pole." bBDSyS omit from verse 34

the opening words : "But Jesus was saying : 'Father, forgivc them,
for they do not know what they are doing."'--KAGVg5yC.P.
=''In letters of Ureek and Latin and Hebrew"; added by NDVg
Syp, but omitted by BSyY.cC. d Pazbadisc, HBAJl1~lS~l"a garden
of Eden, J 1 7 1 ~ ~See
denegis 2 : 8,10,15,1.6, L X X , Sixth; counting
from 6 a.m., that is 12 noon. Hence the ninth hour=3 p,m.

LUKE 23 :45-56
the ninth hour.' *%because the sunlightDceased $:; ::jf
entlrely; then thc curtain* of the sanctuaryaO
was rcnt down the
And Jcsus called
:I Z : I Q
with a Ioud valca and said: "'Father, into your nr,:lI\~
hands I entrust my
When he had said m!/,Y$ :?g2'
this, he expired.' u7 Because of seeing wlzat ac- A)'u
o ni t 2 x 0
curred the armyO oficexi)" began to glorify God, ;$,;/yi2:2
saying: "Really this man was righteous."O0
R' And all thc crowds that were gathered togethcr there for this spectacle, when they beheld the things that occurred, began to return,
smiting thcir breasts, 4Woreover, all those
acquainted with him were standing at a d i s
tame.' Alsa women, who together had followed
him from GalYJlee, were standing beholding mgE;;t
a ~m
t s
these things.m
Mr 10:40
50 And, loolr! a man named Josephjmwho was
a member of the Ssnthe.drin,c a good and righteous manothis man had not voted in sup- Mr mS.
port of their dedgn and actionH-he was from *g1,''3:?i? city of the'ans,d" and was DJ(~IL
O J O 3;l
~13 :B
waiting for the lcingdom of God;DBB this man OC:e49:lB
MI. 1 5 ~ 4 3
went to Pilate and asked for the MJPof J e s u ~ :;;;h&z:,
n8 And he took it downD and wrapped it up in o l ~ c ~ ~ : ~
' I R 5n:a
flne linen, and he laid him h a tomb" carved shrtzr:ss
h I r 15:.1G
in the rock and in which no man had yet lain..
"4 NOWit was the day of preparation," and the hlr 15.42
evening light of the s;tbbElt he ww appronching.~0.1;frh
011 5 :IF,
But the women, who had come wjtl~him out
of Galq.lee, follo\vd down and took a look at
the memorial tomb and how his body was laid,.
"Wandthey went back to prepare spices and per-


OF, dltemple." b Or, "centurion"; in co~nlnnndof 100 eoldicrs.

Or, "n connsclor; n senator.'' * Or, "Jew."' * Or, "and Sabbath

wns drawing on,"


W 24:l-12


fumed oils."But, of course, they rested on the

sabbathn nccording to the cornmandmmt.O
On the first day of the week, however,
they went very early to the tomb: beari ~ i gthe splces they had prepared." '' But they
30hN:l Sound the stone rolled nway from the memorial
tomb,O nnd when Ihcy cntercd lhey did not
+Mr16:5 flnd the body of the Lord Jesus.&"' While they
were in perplexity over this, look! ttvo men in
flashing clothing stood by them," 3 s the worn.
cn became frightened and kept their faces
turned l o the ground, the men said t o thcm:
"Why are you looking for ihe living* One
among thc dcad? Plc is not hemj but has been
**."Itm:T raised up."" Rccall how he spoke to YOU whlle
he was yet in Galti.Fec,' a saying that the Son
iMr 16:7
oJoh 10:10 oL: man must be delivered into the hands of sinn,Jg;,!;;; ful men and be impaled('*and yet on the third
hlr A:JI
day rise."" So they called his snyIngs to mind,"
Lu 9:PZ
,md they returned irnnz the memorial" tornba
3 'LFI
Kloh 2 . 3
and reported all these things t o the eleven m d
@ M t r a 8 to a11 the
were the Mag'da.1ene
M a w the mother of
n:m Jzunes.O Also the rest of the womenQwith them
~ L u 8:2
were telling the apostlcs these things. l1 However, thcsr! sayings appeared ns nonsense to
~ ~and thcy would not belicve" the tvon~en.
But Pelcribrose and ran to the memorial tomb
'30h 20:T and, stooping fonvnrd, he beheld the bandages"
aJ0h20:s alone. So he went off,O wondering within himself at what had ~ c c u r r e d . ~
nc 5 : u

OJoll 10:18



b II nnd
mD and moat Old Lnlin vcrsions onlit "of the I ~ r Jcsus7'.
~ ~
"He is nnt here, but hns been raised
5 Old L n t i u Q C E ~ O onlit
up7'.-KnA. 0 Or, "fnstcncd on n ntnke oy pole." d D h nnd
S Old Lntin rersiona o ~ n i"Erom
tho mrlnorial LonllP"' 8 D, 4 It ver~ i m and
s 1 Vg omit verse 12, but KBA nnd many others contnin it.

LUKE 24: 1%24

13But, look! on that very day two of them
were traveling to a villagc scvcn and a half
milcsa distant from Jerusalem and named Emm a ' ~ '''
~ and
, ~ they were conversing with each AMrle:m
otherb over all these things' that had come
about. Now as they were conversing and disr *LUn:zz
cussing Jesus himself appmachcdi' and began
tr~tvclingwlth them; "'but their eyes were kept
from recognizing him.' "1-Ic said to them: *;;11,2:$4
"What nrc these matters which vorr are debating brtwvccn yourselves ns you wnlk along?"
And they stood still with sad" faces. '"In an- "Mt6;1@
srvcr thc one named Cle'o.pasU said to him: 'Joh1t1:B
'ahre you lodgingnby goursdf in Jcrirsalem and uL~21:3T
so do not know the things that have occurred
In her in thcse days?" ''' And he said to them: a ~ ~~2.3
"Whnt thlngs?" They said to him: "The things yJ2$i1
concerning Jesus the Naz.a.rmc',*who became "A",l\!iid
a prophet powerful in work and word3 bofoore oJoh 1:1
God and all the people; q0 and how our chief
priests and rulersDhanded him over to the sen- oJoh3:1
tct~ccof death and impaled1' hirnaP?'But we +Ac3:13
were hoping that this man was the one destinedo to deliver Israel;' yes, and besides all z?:l,rm
these t-hings, this makes l;he third day since
these things occurred, Pa Moreover, certain
cvomenmfrom among us also astonished us, be- @piE!
cause they had been early to tho memorial
tomb P%ut did not find his body and they came
saying thcy had also seen a supernatural sight
of angels, who said he is alivc. " Further, some
of those wlth us \vent off to the memorial tomb," " ~ , * h 2 $ ~ ~
and they found it so, just as the women had
said, hut they did not see him."


Tiitcrully, "~ixtystades"; each stndo nn eighth

"fa~trncrlon n atnke or pole.'>




25 So he said to them: "0senscIcss ones and

in heart" to believe on all t h e things the
a?? :o:m prophets ~poltc!* Was it not necessary far
r,o 3.1
"1's 23
the Chrjst to suffer these things and to enter
Isa 53
into his glory?"' And commencing at Moses"
J O ~ Im a
:\c 1;:3
I(:-, 15:3 and all Xhc Propheis* he interprclcd to them
things pcrlaining to himself in 1111 the Scrip!;X?:"j
Finally they got close to the villngc! where
:o r ~ : i a
were traveling, and he made %a ii he was
NU S I : ~
rh' Z?:L~
-traveling OIE farther. "'BIICthey uscd prcssure
upon him, saying: '"Stay with us, bccnuse it is
15u 40-10
n : ~
toward evenitlg and the day bas nlrendy dcJvr3:S
!:j$: f;jzf clined," With Iliat hc went in to stay wllh Ihcm.
70 And as he was reclining with lhcm nt the
k;,";2& meal
he took the
b l e s d it, broke it nnd
"At that Xhcir eyes
el (:n 1036
wcrc fully opcnec?' and they recognized him;
* XI,. t,:dl; and he disappeared from tl~ern.~
" And they
said to each othcr: "Were not our hcarts burn2/$f,%A719
ing" as he was spealring to ~ r son the road, as
O J Q ~5:m he was fully opening ;up the Scripture'q to us?"
31 And In that very hour they rose ~ n rctumed
to Jerusalem, and they found thc cleven and
those with them assembled together, "'saying:
'Tor a fact the Masterh was raised up and he
ulCo1 5 5 appeared to Simon!"" 35 Now thcy themselves
describd the evcnts on the road and how he
became known to them by the breaking of the

WLU 9 1 6


' J o h

36 While they were speaking of these things

he I~lmsclf stood in their midst and sald to
"May YOU have peace."c* "But they


a Burning, HBA; veiled, 13; heavy, Sy8.p; dull, Lntin MS. 2;

I~lindeed,c. b Or, "1.m-d," 8 D nnd It versions omit "n11d m i d ,

LUKE 24: 38-50

LUKE 24:51-53
and he lifted up his handsa and blessed them.
As hc was blessing them he was parted from
thcm and began to bc borne up to heaven.&*
52 And they did obeisance" to him andb returned
to Jerusalem with great joy.' 33 And they mere
1 continually in the temple blessing God.e


were terrified, and because they became frlghtenedu they were imagining they beheld a spirit. DMt14:w
,Is So he said to them: "Why are YOU troubled,
and why is It doubts came up in YOUR hearts?
*'Tee m y harlds and m y feet, that it Is I myself ; feel" me and see, because a spirit docs not "$'!::::i4
-have fleshe and bones just as YOU behold that I "oh 1~1.4
0 Nl)llSym omit "rind kjinn to bc lmrnc up to bcaven"; but
have." 'OAnd as he said this he showed them
A1 l d ' V ~ s y Prontni 11 thr words. b l)TtSgs oillit "did obeisance to
Ilis hands and his feeta 4"ut whilc they were
hiill n~~tl";
but A13CYgSylBcontain tho words.
still not believing' for sheer joy and wcrc won- bGc45!26
c I2:l.l
dering,' he said to them: "Do ~*ou
have .some- Jnwtl
thing there to eat?""= "And they handed him a ~ : ~ ~ t l ~ ~ ~ j L
piece of broiled fish;w '%d he took it and ate ,t,;~,?,'f:~
* G C '1~15
it' before their eyes.
( : c 4!) 10
44 He now said to them: "'These are my K"y:!'
r>e W:J5
words which I spoke to YOU while I was yet a,k;;3;i;:;
with YOU,* that all the things written in the law
of Moses0* and in the Prophetsgu and PsalmsAO;~!z;;n
, J O ~ 1:4a
about me must be fulfilled.'' 4 T h e n he opcncd a,J<!jl
nXJs 2:i;
up their minds fully to grasp the meaning of the
S c r i p t u r ~ s , ~and he said t o them: "In this O~;;I~J~V;~l
way it is written that the Christ would suff~r
and rise from among the dead on the third
day,' " m d on the basis of his name repentance o h z: 1~
for forgivenesso of sins would be preached in &':':!'$:
all the n a t i o n s m 4 r t i n gout from Jerusalem, :1:$
** you arc to be witnessesu' of these things. $i;r,$,,"d
'UAnd,look! I am sending forth upon you that ,fi!:;
which is promised3 by m y Father. You, though, r;:t 3:i-i
1 :.I.
abide in the city until YOU become clothed with 0;ir.
.,(,h 15:n
Ale 1 :9
power from on high."*
%llrlt 14:16
50 Then he led them out as far as Beth'a-n~,~



TlIt8y9.C omit t.ersc 40, but KBA:S~~ ~ o n t n i tit,

~ b F i ~ hand a
hancycomh, \'gSyP.c and IIanusc~ipts ESXl\@; flab, Nl3ArJRyn,
evidently through an 00crSjght 01 the additional words duc to au
alliteration in the o r i s n d Grcck text.

OR0 7:14

AJas l:18

Originally= the Wordbo%as, and the Wordb7 :g55;4

was with God,"' and the Wordb was a god."+

This one was originallya with God,c+a All things
came into existence through him, and apart from orsa

14 50 the Wordm became flesh0 and resided
among us, and we had a view of his glory,@a
glory such as belongs to an only-begotten son
OJoh 1 3 7 from a father, and he was full of undcserved3
OJoh 4:23 kindness and trut11.~ (John bore witness about
him, yes, he actually cried out-this one was the
speakersaying: "The one coming behind me
Q LU 3~1.6
has advanced in front of me, because he existed
+colI : I ~ before me.") 'Tor we all received from out of
Cot 2:9
m ~ 1:6
~ hhis fullness,' even undeserved kindness upon unXDe 4:44
,,:. deserved kindness." " Because the law was given
Mases; the undeservedo kindnessi*and
z$;tE$ through
came to be through JesusO Christ.
no s:ls
oJoh 4:24 18 NO m a has seen .God3 at any time;" the only*Job 8:32
begotten godaAwho is in the bosom positionowith
~ L33:20
IJ, 4:lz the Father is the one that has explained him.'
AJuh 1:1
19 Now this is the witness of John when the
bPr 8:30
L, 16:za Jews sent forth priests and Levites from Jeru*R,r:i$:gsaIem to him to ask him: "Who are you?""
'O And he confessedQand did not deny, but con2;;:
g: fessed:
"Lu 335
"I am not the Christ."# "And they
OR0 11.2
rtJ0113:~q asked him: "What, then? Are you EIijah?"e3*
AC 13.h
And he said: "I am not." "Are you The Proph*&la14:s
et?7)e3And he answered: "No!" 2Vherefore
OAc 2:IG
said lo him: "Who are you? That we may
"5jgi+$25 give an
answer to those who sent us. What do
316 you say about yourself?"* 23 He said: "I am a
voice of a man crying aloud in the wilderness,
'MAKE the way of Jehovahb straight,' just as
Isaiah0 the prophet said."O 24 Now those sent
forth were from the Pharisees. " So they questioned him and said t o him: "Why, then, do you
the Lord,
God, K B C S ~;PSon, MgSyC. Jehovah? JT-14*15-20;
KUA. c Elijah, Jl71lsj21;meaning ''My God is Jah".

O J o h 6:51


him not even one thing came into e ~ i s t e n c e . &~

What has come into existence by means of +J",";;
himo was life," and the life was the lightu of
men. And the light is shining3 in the darkness,"
but the darIrness has not overpowered it. There
arose a man that was sent forth as a represent- I J ~;5p
ative of God: his name was John." This man zjzk i:izl
came for the purpose of a witness," in order to ";$
bear witnessa about the light: that people of all
kinds might believe through hirn.O He was not ;&$&
that light,' but he was meant to bear witnessm
about that light. OThe true light" which gives $;1";,:3
light# to every kind of man was about to come ;~~g;\
into the wor1d.g 1He was in the world,g and the *Isa 49:O
worldg came into existence through him, but the
worldg did not take note of him. l 1 He came to
his own home, but his own people did not take
him in.' l e However, as many as did receive him, *Lu 1g:14
to them he gave authorityo to become God's chil- @Job 5:n
because they were exercising faith in his ",R?;$
name; and they were born not from bloodh or



Literally, "In (At) a beginning." b Or, "Logos." (Transliterating

khyo;, KBA) =Literally, "the God." "A god? In contrast with
"the GodJJ. See Appendix (page 773) under John I :1. This
agrees with the Greek text by Westeott and Rort at verse* 3,4,
also the Vg text according to Jerome, edited by Tlrordsrrorth and
White, 1011. f See Natthew 3 : 1, foolnotec. World=r.6opo~
( kos'mos) , KBA ; D ~ I Y(o.lakm') , 5 1 7 ~ ~ 6 . Literally, "hloode."

JOHN 1:1 G 2 5
from a fleshlp will or from man's will, but from

JOHN 1:26-38
baptke* if you y o m I f are not the Christ or tMt21:s
Elijahm or The Prophet?" John answered a M t f 6 : l l
them, saying: "I baptize in water, In the midst" *LulT:21
of YOU one SS standing whom you do not know,# #M"s:l
a7 the onc coming behind me, but the lace of
whose sandal I am not worthy to untie."'
2 @ These things took place i
n Eeth'a.ny" across
thc Jordan where John was b a p t i ~ i n g . ~
mt a:6
Isa 53.7
29 The next day he beheld Jcsus coming to- ACS::;~
ward him, and he said: "See, the Lnrnb" of God j$p5:;lg
that takcs away the sinoPof thc wertd!t* "T 33011
is thc one about tvhom I said, Behind me there o:;&y$:,.:l,i
comes R mnn who has advanced i n front of me, 1 3 0 3,s
because hc existed before me.' Even I did not *4;&t,"B
know him, but the reason why I cnmc b~ptizing c o i 1:'17
in watcr rvns that he might be made manifest
to I ~ r a e l . " ~John also bore witncss, saying: g,","slf
"I viewed the spirit coming down as a dove out F!i;
A C i(i:,i
of heaven, and it remained upon him." >"ven
I did not know Iiim, but the very One who sent *Mt
nrr 1:1o
me" to baptize in water sajd to me, 'Whoever &U,?i2
jt is upon whom you see thc spirit corning down
and rcrnaining, this is the one thnt baptizes in
holy spirit ." "+ And I have seen it and have "y;ct,gl
borne witncss that this one is the Son of God,"" ; ;!,
35 Agnin the next day John was standing with OMt3:17
two of Ilis discfples, ""andas h e looked a t Jesuso OJahk18
walking he said : "See, the LambAof God!"
R e 5:12
the two disciples heard him speak and they Sollowed Jesus. ""Then Jesus turned and,getting a
view of lhem following, he said te thcm: "What
are YOU lool~ingfor?"o They said to him: "RabTl~isncthfn.ny was on the enstcrn hnnk of Jordan a few m i l a
Brtb-~11e'nnnnd i s msrkcd hy the rnodcrn vilEnge o f Bottong.
World =xhn~ras kos'tnos), PIBA; PhY ( a . F ~ A r n ' ) ~PT; P l W
( c ' T ~ ~ Rn
, ~ r l l l l i ~ l"enrth")



JOHN 1:39-49
bi,- (which means, when translatd, Teacher,)
*?+Ti- 9:s
where are you staying?" ""He said to them:
"Come, and you will see," Accordingly they went
and saw where 11e was staying, and they stayed
with him that day; j t was about the tcntll hourma
l.ctv7* the brother of Simon Peter wns one
:{fp2:iz rofa And
the two that heard what John said nncl followed Jesus.'"' Firstc this one found his own
xlsna:ra brother, Simon, and said to him: "Wc have
P g 2:2
found the'ah""(which means, when transIsu 45:l
@Jnh=:31 lated, Christ) .da r P He led him to Jesus. When
*Johz:E Jesus lool~cdm
upon him he said: "You are
Simon the son of John;" you will be called
O1co I:12
*Mt 1B:lS Cephas"p7* (which fs transIated Petcr) .a
Mr 3 : ~ 43 The ncxt day he desired to depart far Gal'i$;?M:i",t k g lee. So Jesus found Philipo and said to him: "Be
m y foIlotver."" " Now Philip was from Bethsa'i.da,Oe from the eityO of Andrew and Pcter.
awrg:aa 45 Philip found Nn.than'a.el and said to him:
oAcT:20 "We have found the one of whom Moses: in
the Law,*and the Prophetse wrote,' Jesus, the
son of Joseph, from Na2a.reth.j' " But NaGe 49:10
thanra.clsaid to him: "Can anything good come
O.Ioh 19:19
mrsn 3.6
of Nda.reth?"O' Philip said to him: "Come
. J P ~27:s
Jcsus saw Na-than'a.el coming toJ W 3:3:1~ and see."
1:ze 24:23
ward him and said about him: "See, nn IsraelMIC 5.2
ite for a certainty, in whom there is no deceit.""
t s Na.thanta.el said to him: "From what source
do you know me?" Jesus in answer said to
him: "Before Philip called you, while you were
a:12 under the fig tree,O I saw you," do NaOthanfa.el
Counting from aunrisn o r 6 a.m, ; hence, 4 p.m, Litcmlly,
Or, "early ncxt morning," according to Sya and 3 It. d Or,
"Anointed One!'
J o l ~ n ,HBTt; Jo'na, AVgSya-P. An hr-ama'ic
rlnme (Kepha), hrrc in tho rnas~ulinegender, m in the Gyrina
rr~nnuscriptsat Mnttbcm 16 : 18; which see. g Pe'tros, nHA; menni ~ <'a
g piece of rock; n stoneJ,,

JOHN 1:50-2:lO
answered him: "Rabbi, you are the Son of God,
you nrc Kin@ of Israel."' '"Jesus in answer said
to him: "Bccause I told you I saw you under- :kAIL
neath the fig tree do you b ~ l i c v c ?You
~ will see m.lnh ":az
things greater than these." " H e further said to
him: "Rlost trulya J say to YOU men, You will
scc hcnvcn opened up and the angcls3 of God ns- Oho12:16
cending9 and descending iovthe Son3 of man."u
Now on the third day a marriagea celehra- :&:yG::$
tian toolt place in Ca'nnAof Galli.lee, and thc
jI I I I I ,I:,I~;
tnothcr of Jesus was thcrc. ' Jcsus nnd his dis- A;~;y
To11 O1.3
ciples were also invited to the marriageq celc5i,i
bration. "Whcn the wineo ran short the mother' 4::;
of Jesus said to him: "They have no mine."
$Bitt JCSUSsaid to her: "What have 1 to doe 'FmSnlo:lo
1 1 i 1 17:lH
with you, ~ o r n a n ?My
~ hour has not yet M y l : Z 4
come."' His mother said to thosc ministering: PI; ';
"Whatev~rhe Sells YOU, do.'" fl As it was, there lr(#c41:55
were six stone water-jars sitting there as required by the purification* rules of the Jervs, *g;l;!rPa
each able to hold two or three liquid measuresac
iJesus said t o them: "Fill the water-jars with
water," And they filled them to the brim." n M t o l a
&Andhe said t o them: "Dmw some out now
and take Et lo the director of the fcast." So they
toolc it. When, now, the director of the feast
tasted the watee that had bwn turned into wine aJoh 4:48
but did not know what its source was, althougtl
those ministering who had drawn out the water knew, thc director of the feast called the
bridegroom and said to hi rn: '"very other man
puts out the fine wine first,* md when people @Lu6:31,
arc intoxicated, the inferior. You have reserved


Litcrnlly, "Truly, t r ~ i y . ' ~Src Appcndix under Matthow 8 : 29.

Ench liquid Incnsare wne likely the bnth,=B gallon^ 3 quarts
1 2 pinls. Sce 2 Ghonieles 4 : 5, L X X , Or, T n t l ~ cscrri~eof."
(Job 33 : 23)

JOHN 2:lI-23
t h fine
~ wine until norv," " hs~~sus
perfarrncd this
'Jn1'7:az In Cn'na of Galtib1ec'.' as the beg inn in^ of his
-.Ti~r2 0 3
signs: and he m n d ~hls g l o r p manifesl, nnd lzis
&I,:$ !):I
3011 1 :1+1 disciples put thcir faith in him.
.In11 11 >lo
qnrt mrs
62 After this he nnd his mother and brothers'
. l V L 'I.!:{
clotvn to Cn.pcr'!~a.urn,"
'E, I " : T , I rind his disciples iv,ve~~t
many clays.
I ~ 2.c:rn
~ I , ; . ~ ~ ~
. I O ~ I ,,:,
1 1 : ~ ~ 13
~ Now the passover'" of the Jews was near,
and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. And he found
~ ~ ~ l $ $ , : ain thc templen tliose selIing cattle and slicep'
and doves nnd the money-brokers in Ihcir
-~Mt2X:la seats."
So, after lnnlrinfi a whip of ropes, he
Nl' 11:15
t u 13:.15 drove all those with the sheep and cat1le out of
rlle temple and he poured out the coins of the
la:m nloncy-changers and overturnecl their t n l ~ l e s , ~
And he said to those selling the dovcs: "Take
A P E &3!7
zcc 1.1':21 these things away from here! Stop making: the
house of my Father a houscd of mer~handise!"~
; :4
His disciples called to mind that it is written:
'Fcnla f u r your house will consume me."'
18Therefor~,in ansiver, the Jcws said t i
"What sign' have you fo show us, since
hit ~ G : I
Jcjh 3.2
doing tElcse things?" l" In answcr Jesus
J OIL .1:.1q
.fojr 0:an said to them: "Bl*ccnkdown this temple,amand
"MI ZR:l3l
in three days I will raise it up." 2[b Thcrclore the
MI ~;..I(I
Blr I.l:nn
Jews said: "This tcmplenVwas built in iorty4~11
*1('0 t7 ' 1 l r
six years, and will you raise it up in three
" But hc was talking about the templea*
, : days?"
*' When, though, he was raised up
T,u 2,l:H
.!oh 1 ~ : l af rorn the dead, his disciples called to mind'' that
J 011 Y :2G
.I,>I, : ~ . ! 1 he used to say this, nnd they bcliwed" the
Job 3 15
Scriphre and thc saying that Jesus said.
23 However, when he was in Jeruselcrn at
r,roh d:ds the passover, at its fcast," many people put
:.llfi 7 3 1 their faith in his nume,O viewing his signs that



4 1

or, L1mnct~nry:'

JOHN 2:24-3:13
JOHN 3 :12-23
*ice 2:14 people do not receive the witness we give." le
he was performing, Z 4 But Jesus himself was not
entrusting' himself to them because of his +Job B:15
I have told YOU earthly things and yet YOU do
knowing them all 2b and because he was in no
not believe, how tvill YOU believe if I tell YOU
need to have anyone bear witness3 about man, OJoIh 338
heavenly things?' lS Moreover, no man has
BMt 9:4
for he himself knew what was in man.@
ascendeds into heavenoa but he that descended
Mr 2:s
AAc 2:3?
olcola 47 from heaven, the Son of mannol 4 And just as
Now there was a man of the Pharisees, :0,:,t";'
up the serpent in the wilderness,'
Nic.o.dekuso" was his name, a ruler" of the ~ j ~ ~ ; j 2 ~ + ~ $ ~Moses
: lifted
so the Son of man must be lifted up, '"hat
Jews.O T h i s one came to him in the night and FJ",",";
J O ~13 39
said to him: "Rabbi: we know that you as a DJoh
W o h 5:QB everyone believingo in him may have ever1as.t4:31
ing Iife.
teacher have come from God; for no one can
OJoh 5:42
16 "For God -loved0 the.-worldam
so much that,
perform these signso which you perform unless OJoh 6:14
.oJoh 8:23
he ga@- his,only-begotten- ~ o n ,in _ord.der_-thai
Gad is with him."' a In answer Jesus said to 'y>:?&,le
him: "Most truly I say to you, Unless anyone oJoh
everyone exercising faith in him might-not-be.
destroyed but have ever@ ting:l-~e.~
For God
is borni again, he cannot see the kingdom0 of ";g+,;'i
God."'rnus said to him: "Row can a Ga6:15
for him
Eph 2:5
" J o h 1 2 : ~ to judgeY the world, but for the world to be
man be born when he is old? He cannot enter IP, 1:23 '
into the womb of his motheP a second time
$T savedau through him. l 8He that exercises faith
o . i : l ~ in him is not to be judged." He that does not
and be born, can he?" " Jesus answered: "Most D R c:e
*Soh 5 2 4
JOII G:-10 exercise faith has been judged already, because
t r u l y ~ n 1 e s anyone
is bornn from
Soh 20 31
oJoh 130
R ~ ~ : Ihe has not exercised faith in the name of t h e
w a t e u u w l o he &a%
has been born from
only-begotten Son of God. LaNow this is the
basis for judgment, that the lightn has come
the flesh is flesh? and what has been born from
the spirit is spiritno DO not marvel because I o:~k&!&
into the world but men have loved the darkness
told you, You people must be born again. The Ga 6:s
Af,"!,"$h13 rather than the light,* for their works were
~ i n d a *blows where it wants to, and you hear ' ~ ~ ~ C , l , ~ ~ l
i~;;?, wicked. 2 0 For he that practices vile things
OJoh 3:J5 hates the light0 and does not come to the light,
the sound of it, but you do not know where it A c p 2
OEph5:13 in order that his works may not be repr0ved.O
comes from and where it is going. So is everyWall 1417
"But he that does what is true comes to the
one that has been born from the spirit."@
1Co 2:11
9 In answer Nic.o.dc'mus said to him: "How
light,+ in order that his works may be made
can these things come about?"" lo ln answer xLuk34
manifest as having been worked in harmony
Jesus said t o him: "Are you a teacher of Iswith God."
rae1 and yet do not know these things?* l1 Most OJOh
#JoII 9:N
22 After these0things ~ e s & and his disciples
tmly I say to you, What we know we speak and R0 2:20
OAc 1:8
went into'ang country, and there he spent
bJoh 4 3
what we have seen w e bear witness of, but YOU
some time with them and did baptizing.@="13ut


a Wind=m$u

(pnees'ma), KBA; the same Cheek word elsewhere

translated "spirit".

World= r . 6 o ~ r r ~(kos'mos) , KBA; 0 5 1 ~(o.bkm'), J1rs18;also

in verses 17,19.

JOHN 3:2436
Johnh also was baptizing in Ae'non near Sa'lim, ' M t m
because there was a great quantity of water
there, and people kept coming and being baptized;# " for John had not yet been thrown into 'M's:Q
3AO 8:3
*nit I I : ~
25 Therefore a dispute arose on the part of L U b % ' s
t h e disciples' of John with a Je\v concerning u ~ u 7 : 1 8
r T:3
ptlrification." " So they came to John and said -I M
I I O 1u:aa
to him: "Rabbi, t h e man that was with you @Job 1:7
acmq the Jordan, to whom you have bornc 0)) 1:m
witness,O see, this one is baptizinf and all are :f$,;:t5
going to him." 2 T h
m v e r John said: "A mnn f;;:i];'l
cannot receive a single thing unless it has been :fit);;
.I 14
given him from heaven.' z 8 YOU y o ~ t r ~ e l v
~ s J.IUII
4,!oIi 1;20
me witnesso that I said, I am not the Christ," .I~. I:w.,
but, I have been sent forth in advance of thal ' ~ ~ ~
one." I-Ie that has the bride is the bridegroom.* $(;,"i:,:13
However, the friendz of the bridegroom, when "&;12P;i3,
he stands and hears him, has a great deal of h5;l;
joyO on account of the voice of the bridegroom.
This, indeed, has been fulfilled as my joy.' aTsn9:?
P U That one must go on increasing:
but I must ~ ~ ~ &
J 11lr 8:23
go on decreasing.""
31 Hc that comes from above is aver all U
others," He that is from t h e earthQis from the [$;;
earth and speaks of things of the earth.* He ~.JOhA 1:s
IS 13
that comes from heaven is over all others.ab
What he has seen and I-lemd, of thi he bears ?:;~'g:'::
~vivitness,' but no man is accepting his witness.@"~~{,.2~1a
He that has accepted his witness has given his i:",
For the one iE;l3;$R
seal"' to i t that God is be.'
whom God sent forth speak's the sayings of o;$~,;:$
LU IO.:~:!
God,' for he does not give the spirit sparingl~.~"
n5 The Fatherz"loves the Son and has givcn all f?$,'L7:?
3.Irlll 8:.I Y
things into his hand."""e
that exercises OJotr 111.28

JOHN 4:l-12
faith+ In the Son hns everlasting life;m he that
disobeys the Son will not see Iife," but the wrath
II.,JI,~ n:,47
of God scmnins upon him.'
WRr! 2:s
E I I 2:3
When, now, the Mmtern became aware that
4 t h e Pharisees had heard that Jesus was
making and bnptizin go more disciples' than
Johnnlthough, indeed, Jesus himself did no
bnpr izing hut his disciples d:d- 31~c
lcft Ju.defa
and clcparlcd again for Gal'i.lee. ' Eut it mas
necessary SOY him to go through Samaria.'"
J O9h5 ~2 ~ R
"Accor~linglyhc came to the city of Samaria
caIlcd Sy'ct~ar'jnear t h c A d d that Jacob gave
f?!," to Joseph his son." " In fact, Jacob's rountain
Ivns thcrc. Now Jcsus, tired out from the journcy, was sitting at the fountain just as he was.
; ~ o Tl~e
hour was nhout the sixth.c
7 A woman of Samaria came to draw water.
Jesus sald to her: "Give me a drink."* "For
O,M,L&?I;' his disciples had gone off into the city to buyo
foodstuffs. ) ThcrcPore the Sn.mnr'i-tan womnn said to him: "How is it that you, despite
I ~ e l na~Jew, ask ma for a drink, when I am a
s ~ ~ n z a r ' l ~ t~ornnn?~"For
Jews have no deal'%/.
1.11 8 5 2
jngs wit11 Sa,rnar'ibtans.)d + '" In ,answer Jesus
,:, said t o her: "If you had lmozvn the free gift'
oof God nnd w310"itis that says to you, 'Give
Is11 42:i3
mrt a drink,' you would have asked him and
hc would have given you livingO ~ a t e r . " ~
said to him: "Sir, you have not even a bucket
,1cr 2:l:l
lor drawing m t c r and the tvel1 is dccp. From
%<.C I 1:s
l i ~ 7 ~ 1 7 wllnt source, therefore, do you have this living
+ n i t l a : l 1 water?
YOU are not greater" than our>I! H:53
fnlller Jncoh, who gave us the tvell and who





* Or,

" h r d . " b Shc'rljein, SyR. Srr! Arts 7 : 1.6,Eontnoteb. Conntf'rort~n~tnriavor li n.w. ; ltrnrc 12 o'clock nuon, d KL, and 5 L:skin
v~brsionso u ~ti ttiv wor~lsin piircnt ttcrcs. Hnt KAVgSyP.s inrlude.

JOHN 4:13--25
hImseH together with his sons and hIs cattle
clrmk out of it, are you?" In answer Jesus
said to her: "Everyone drinkin6 from fhis 0J0h77:m
wnier will get thissty again. 4'SVI1oeverdrinlts
from tllc water that 1 will give him will ncvrr
get thirsty at all," but the water that I ~villgivc '.!;:!;$:
him will become jn him a fountain of waterA nThtl 53:11
bubbling up to impart everlasting life." 'The
Ivornnn said to him: "Sir, give me this waler,O qDot%\
so that I may neither thirst nor lcccp coming
over to this place to draw water."
16 I-Ie said to her: "Go, call your husl~ancl
and come to this place." I 7 l n answer the worn- oAca,I)
an snid : "I do not have a hu~band."~
Jcsus said
t o her: "You said nrell, 'A husband I do nnt w:r i l : o
have.' In For you have had five hu~sbnncls,and
the man you now have is not your husband. ]',$,I;:
This you have said trtlthfully." ' T h e woman 7:;l;;ila
said to him: "Sir, I perceive you arc a prophet.' ;y;+;!,:p
'"Our foxef athers worshiped in this m ~ u n t a i n ; WLLI
: ~ 1: I i
1'1'1 2:H
but YOU people say that in Jerusnlaln is the o21ci
place where persons ought to worship."'" Jesus ",'a:l$j:9.r
snicl to her: "Believe me, tvarnan, The hour is ,!t;,~'sl,
coming when neither in this mountain nor in *f;:L:;Tl
JcrusaPern" will YOU people worship"the Fathcr. B;$;
Oe YOU l m h i p what YOU do not I c n ~ w ;
~ iattv:t:a
O \ 1:13
worship what we know, because salvation" orlg- C:I& 5:1
innles with the Jetvs.- 23 On the contrary, the I'$:l1:;,f{'*
hour is c ~ r n i n gand
, ~ it is now, when the genuine ?,;',
worshipers 1t7?illworshipo the Father with spirit'$:;:;!?;!
and t r u l l ~ for,
, ~ indeed, the Father fs hoking
for such kind to worship him, P4c_G~d0
is a 0~~11115:213
*Lr d::i
and those worshiping him must war- 13:: m:18
xhlp with spirit and truth."" ? m ewoman said :?2%'"
to him : "I know that Mes.silah' is coming, who $:;T:.l
m Or,'%od is spirit?'


JOHN 4 : 2 M Q
is called Christ. Whcncvcr that one arrives, he
will declare all things to us opcnly." Jesus
Dt::iE;g said to her: "'I who am speaking to you am he."O
27 NOWat this point of time his disciples
arrived, and they bcgan l o wonder Ismause he
was spealring with n womnn. Of course, no one
said: "What are you loolcing for?" or, ' m y
do you talk with h c r ? 7 u T l ~ ewoman, therefore, left her water-jar nnd wcnt aff into the
city and told the men: '"'Come here, see a man
that told me all the things I djd. This is not
the Christ," Is it?" "They went out
l s a 2 : m of the dty and bcgnn corning to him.
31 Memwhilc the disciples tverc urging him,
Woh6:E saying: "Rabbi: cat." "'
But hc said to them:
"I have food to eat of which YOU do not Icnow."
Therefore the disciples l~cgnnsaying to one
another: "No one has brought him anything to
~t k.1
eat, has he?" Jesus said to them: "My food0
6:s is f o r me t o do the wlll* of him that sent me
and to finish 111s work." :In You sny, do you not,
that there nre yct four months before the haro ~ e 1 4 : 1 5 vest0 comes? Look! I say to YOU: Lift up YOUR
eyes mi2 view the flclds, that they nre white for
harvesting.' Alrcady the reaper is receiving a
OyT01112:X reward and gathering lruiP for cvcrlasting lire,
~~o 4:u SO that the sower" and the reaper may rejoice to% :?iii gether.' '? In this respect, Indced, the saying is
true, One is the sower and nnother the reaper.'
YOU to rcnp what YOU have spent
g 6 noI dispatci~ed
Others have labored,a and YOU
tlhc 1 0 ~ 3
I r e 192 have entered into the benefit of their labor."
39 Now many of the Sa,rnur'i.tans out of that
f6:53 city put faith in him" on account of the word
of the woman who saId fn witness: "He told
me aU the things I did." 4 0 Therefore when the


,. ,:,

JOHN 4:41-52
Sa.marri.tans came to him, they begnn mldng
him to stayo with them: and he stayed there
two days.' 'l Consequently many more believed
on account of what he said," "and
they began
to say to the woman: "We do not believe any
longer on account of your tdk; for we havc
h e a d for ourselves and we know that this man
is for a certainty the savioP' of the world."
43 After t h e two days he left there for Gal'ilee. 4 4 J~SLIS
himelf, however, bore witnessO that
in his owr~native land a prophet has no honor."
UThrm, therefore, he arrived in Gal'i-lee, the
Gd.i.Ietansreceived him, because they had =en
a11 the things he did in Jerusalem at tlle feast,'
for they also had goneD to the feast.
46 Accordingly he came again to Ca%a of
Gal'i.lee, where he had turned the water into
wineahNow there was a certain attendant oi
the king whose son was siclrBin C a . p e r ' n a . ~ m . ~ ~
4r When this man heard that Jesus had come
out of'a into GaI'i.lee, he went aff to him
and began asking him to come down and heal
his son, for he was at the point of dying. 4 A HOWever, Jesus said to him: "Unless YOU peoplc see
signs* and wonders, YOU will by no means be
lieve." 4D Tlze attendant of the king said to him:
"Master,&come down before m y youngO child
dies." ~ " ~ S U Ssaid to him: "Go your way;" your
son lives."' The man believed the word lhat
Jesus spoke to him and went his way. " But
already while he rvas on his way down his slave5
met him to say that his b o p was living."
&%erefore he began to tonqt1il-e of them thc
hour in which he got better in health. Accord-


JOHN 4 :53-5 :10
ingly they sdd t o him: "Yesterday a t the
seventh hour" the fever*left him." b3 Therefore
i h c lather lcncw it was in the very houru that
Jcsus said te him: "Your son lives." And he and
1.~34 his wllole household b e l i e ~ e d . ~AAgn this was
4Joh 2:ll t11c swond signPJcsus performed when he came
out of 3u.dc'a into Gal'i.lec.
After these things there was ae feast' of the
XEh$?, 3 Jews? and Jesus went up to JerusalemJ
1; : ; ; ; :"
' Now in Jcrusalcm at the sheepgate* there is
w u :: ;:18 a pool' Aesi~natedin Hebrewb Beth-za'tha,~with
Tlr 1 l i : l
,Ir,jl ::I3
five coE~nnnc1es."A In these a multitude of the
Jr)tl li L
.I,,), I I :ja sick, blind, lame and those with withered mem, J < l ! l 12: 1
hrm, was lying down.L1 But a certain man was
'*F1'Exitltcrc who had been fn his infirmity for thirty*?Sll :!: 13
tl.jqlli 14r:a3 eight years. 'I Seeing this man lying down, and
being aware that he had already been infirm a
*Lu13:ft Iong time,' Jesus said to him: "Do you want to
g$R:2,;,q bccome sound in health?"' The infirm man answered him: "Sir, I do not have a man to put
me into the pool whcn the water is disturbed;
but while I am coming another steps down ahead
of me." JCSUSsaid to him: ' G e t up, pick up
cot and walk."' W i t h that the man imnit. 211
bccame sound in health, and he
Ac 3:7
picked up his cot and began to walk.
NOW on that day It was a sabbath.@ There"na4:lA
fore the Jews began to say to the curedQman:


Cnut~ting fmm ~unriseor 6 n.m.; hcacc I p.m.'ic,

rntt~er,n ~ ~1101
t l tllc purr Elr-brew. An'ie nnmc, rnrn~ling
of tlw nl~vc" K). I%Zr,q r ~ n d"l3ct'i.dn",="bou~e of
IIstrl~bg". NI1DSyc o ~ t ~ vcrw
4, rutldii~g:.'l;or nn nngcl of the
I L ) N ~ [or, J r l ~ n r n l ~wozlld
rolntc down into the pool Emiu smson to
Irvtaal,n nntl tlisturlr tbr! wnttbr; t l ~ rtiwt onc thm to step in after
Ilrv tli~tl~rV~nncr!
o l the alttcr \vould bcrotnc sound in I~eolth t ro~n
wllr~luvcrrlisrnsn i t rrns by rvhiul~ha wss nfflictcd!-AltVgY.CSyP.

."A," D n n ;



JOHN 5: 11-21

"It is Sabbath, and it is not lawful' for you to +Ex
De 514
carry the cot." l1 But he answered them: ' m e Ne 1 3 3 9
Jer 17:21
very one that made me sound in health said to M
t 12:2
me, 'Pick up your cot and walk.' " laThey asked LMUr &2
him: "Who is the man that told you, 'Pick it up
and tvalk'?"* IS But the healed man did not
know who he was, for Jesus had turned aside,
there being a crowd3 in t h e pIace. l4 After these
things Jesus found him in the temple" and said
to him: "See, you have become sound in health.
Do not sin* anymore, in order that something
worse does not happen to you." ' T h e man went
away and told the Jews it was Jesus that made
him sound in health. lBSoon this account the
*Mt t:1:14
Jews went to persecuting* Jesus: because he odoh
was doing these things during Sabbatho l7 But Woh 7:22
he answered them: "My Father has kept work2:1
ingg until now, and I keep working." l8 On this OGe
Isa 40:26
account, indeed, the Jews began seeking all the Isa
J O h 9:4
more to kill kirnjA because not only was he Joh 14:lO
breaking the sabbath but he was also calling aJoh ?:I9
Joh lo:=
God his own Father,+ making himself equal' 0doh
to God.
19 Therefore, in answer, Jesusa went on to say
to them: "Most truly I say to you, The Son cannot do a single thing of his own initiativqbc
but only what he beholds the Father doing.E
For whatever things that One does, these things
the Son aIso does in like manner, Z T o rthe
Father has affection0 for the Son" and shows
him all the things he himself does, and he will
show him works greatel* than these, in order
that YOU may marvel. a1 For just as the Father
raises* the dead up m d makes them alive: so
a Jesus,

KAT7g; be, B.

Or,"thing original with bh."


JOHN 5 :22-34
,,L u,
:,, the Son also makes those alive whom he wants
to.* 2 a For the Father judges no one at all, but
J o b 6:44
committed all the judgh? to the Son?
$;,"?:;JOII 2 3 5 23 inhas
that all may honor the SonAjust as
Ac 10:42
they honor the Father. He that does not honor
Ire 4 5
the Son does not honor the Father who sent
bLu10:16 him0 2 t Most truly I s a to
~ YOU, He that h e m
andbelieves him that sent me has
e ~ e r l a s t m ~ i f e ~ ~ n d - h - e d o ~ s ~into
c ~ -jj~dgme
OJ0h 1l:Q
+JOII 3:16
Job 6:4J
25 "Most truly I say to YOU, The hour is com~ u 3:74
8h: a
ing,O and it is now, when the dead* will hear the
ant 3:19
WlCo 12:52
voice of the Son of God and those who have
o~oh6:51 given heed will 1ive.O '"For just as t h e Father
has in himself the gift of life,&so he has granted
to the Son to have also in himself the gift of
@Johf0:18 1ife.a
hnd he has given him authoritya to do
.Da 7:13 judging, because Son of man" he is. Zs Do not
marvel at this, because the hour is coming in
IsaE:8 which all those in the memorial0 tombs* wiII
$:E:g hear his voice and come out, those who did
~~~~~~~~5 good things* to a resurrectiono of lie:
2 4 : ~ judgment.' a0 I cannot do a single thing of my
Ei$,liE own initiative;bo just as I hear, I judge: and
*E2:;zjthe judgment that I render is righteous, because
I seek not my o m will but the willh of him
Isa 55:4
that sent me.
IJo 5:6
Re 3:14
31 "If I aIone bear witness$ about myself, my
+Job 8.14
m ~ 3:1t7
is not true. a P There is another that
blr 9:7
bears witness about me, and I know that the
:;;gim witness which he bearsm about me is true.
iE::jg 83You have dispatched men to John, and he
has borne witness to the truth.@"3 4 However, I



a Or, ('in himself life.'"ee

with me."

Rumma 6: 23.

Or, "thing original

JOHN 5 : 35-47


do not accept the witness0 from man,D but I

OJOh 7:7


say these things that YOU may be saved." "at #Job 11:4a
man was a burning and shiningO lamp, and aou Ophp2:15
for a short time were willing to rejoice greatly
in his lightmn"
" But I have the ~vitntnessgrcatcr 1?;;:25


'B ot~lits"God".

After these things Jesus departed across the

sea of Galfi.lee, or* But a great
Lu 9.10
crowd kept following him, because they were
beholding the signs he was performing upon
those who were ill." 3 0 Jesus went up into a
*ML15:29 mountain," and there he was sitting with his disofur111359
O J O ~7
: ciples.
NOW the p a s ~ o v e r , ~the
" feastGof the
Jesus raised
1,e 21:2
N U 2.;:18
his eyes and observed that a great crowd was
tic IF:]
corning to him, he said to Philip: "Where shall
a c h 2:13
j4ok "??53 we buy loaves for these t o eat?"a However, he
was saying this to t e s t him, f a r he himseJf knew
what he was about to do. Philip answered
him: "Two hundred de.narri.ia worth of loaves
is not enough for them, sw that each one may
4Mr 6-37
oJoa s:se get a littleu0 One of his disciples,O Andrew
the brother of Simon Peter, said to him: "Here
I is a little boy that has five barley loaves and
two small fishes. But what are these among
SO many?"+
10 Jesus said: "RAVEthe men recline as at
Lu D:19
meal." Now there was a lot of grass in the place,
Therefore the men reclined, about five thousand
in number,e So Jesus took the loaves and,
a hK~f1t4:43
4 : ~
giving thanlrs, he distributed them to
L u 9:14
those reclining, likewise also as much of the
hlr 14zL3


than that of John, for the very works that my hir6:20

Father assigned me to accomplish, the works ZPe 199
themselves that I am dding,O bear witn&s about :;,"2$25
me that the Father dispatcheda me: Also the
Father who sent me has himself borne witness air i:11
Joh 6:27
afjout me." You have neither heard his voice at ,T oh 8:18
any time nor seen his f i g ~ r es8, ~and YOU do not ~ ~ : ' ~
have his word abiding in YOU, because the verysf; ; : ;"OJ
one whom he dispatched YOU do not believe.
39 ""You are searching the Scriptures,"+be- 3.Tch
~ I S Rn:20
cause YOU think that by means of them YOU ;+il;:;i
will have everlasting life; and these are the 1 ~ ~ 1 : i o
very ones that bear witness about me.@'O And *Dc18:15
yet YOU do not want to come to me that YOU
may have lie.'
I do not accept glory from B ~ o h ~ : l l
men," '%but I well know that YOU do not have *lTh 2:6
the love0 of God in YOU." I have come in the :;g;&43
name of my Father, but YOU do not receive
me; if someone else arrived in his own name,
YOU t v o ~ l dreceive that one. 44How cm YOU
believe, when YOU are accepting glorya from uJ0ti*'43
one another and YOU are not seeking the glory
that is from the only God?" " Do not think P 1 c 0 4 : 5
that I will accuse YOU to the Father; there is oneal:%
one that accuses YOU, Moses,?in whom YOU Gh2i$9
have put YOUR hope. In fact, if YOU believedQoJoh*6p
Moses YOU would believe me, for that one wrote
about me.' 4 7 But if YOU do not believe the writings of that one: how will YOU believe my y",ig
L , Q ~ : ~ ~
Ac 26~22
@Lu 16:3L


JOHN 6:1-14

fishes as they wanted." "But when they

" ~ ~ l , 4 $small
had their fill" he said to his disciples: "Collect

*RIr 6:4L

the fragments that remain over, so that nathing is wasted." I ' Therefore they collected them,
and they filled twelve baskets with fragments
*mt 1 4 : ~ from the five barley loaves which were left over
by those who had eaten."
14 Hence when the men saw the signs0 he
performed they began to say: "This is for a cera

A d~.nar' was worth about 17c 01' 8d. 2E.

JOHN 6 :15-27'
tainty the propheto that was to come Into fhc Dgz:;,5
world." L1 TherueforeJesus, realizing they were
about to come and seize him to makc him king, j;=;;$o
~t 11:s
withdrewA again into the mountain all alone.
16 When evenjng fen, his djsciplcs wcnt down Ag:;:j;3
to the senf0 and, boarding a hoat, thcy set
out across the sea far Ca+per'na+urn.Well, by IEI,~?
now it hnd grown dark and Jesus had not yet
come to them, Also the sea began io be stirred
up because A strong wind was blowing: lWotv4%,
ever, whcn lhey had gone about tllrcc or four *;E::R,
miles,%thcy hcheld Jesus walking upon the sea
and getting near the boat, and they became
he said to them: "It is I; have
no fear!"' Therefore they were willing to lake mg&4;$
him into the boat, and directly the boat was at *;;wg
uhft 14:.w
the lmd to which they had been going.'
air 6 5 1
22 The next day the crowd that was standing
on the other side of t h e sea saw that there was
no boat there except a little one, and that Jesus
had not entered jnto the boat with his disciples
but that only his disciples had Icft; " but boats
f ram'* arrived near the pIncc where *Job
thcy ate the bread after the Mnsterlq~lndgiven
thanks. Pd Therefore when the crowd snw that
neither Jesus was there nor his disciples, they
boarded their little boats and came to Ca.perra r t 4:13
na.urn9 to loolrUfor Jesus.
25 So when they found him across tht sea
they snid to him: "'Rabbi? when [lid you get OMt2-39
here?" Jcstls answered them and snid: "'Most
truly I say to you, You are loolring for me,not
because wou saw signs? but bccnusc YOU ate 3Joh7a
from the loaves and were satisf cd, 'B Work,
'Literally, "nhnut twenty-fise OF lhirty ~tndca"; s stilde eqaaling
a furlong or aighlh of a mile, b Orl "Lord.')

JOHN 6:28-39
the food that perishes: but for the food
that remains far life everla~ting,~'
which the
ol man will give YOU, for upon this one the
even God, has put his seal' of a p p r ~ v a l . " ~
28 The18cfore thcy said to him: "What shall
h ; ~
uredo to worlc thc ivorks of God?'"a I n answcr
Jesus said Io thcrn: 'This is tl~cwork" of God,
ZL'L' 1.17
that YOU C X C I ~ C ~ S faith'
in him whom that One
onc 5 : s
~ncl r ; : ~ ~sent forth." ")Therefore they said to him:
1 f u A:53
on11 1 2 . 3 ~ "What, then, Is the signe you are going to perh t r 8:12
I,, 11:16 form, in order for us to see it and bclicvc you?
30h 21%mq >at ~vorlcnrc YOU going to do? 3' Our ion+
"1:' ' G 15 fathers ntc the mnnna" h the wilderness, just
Nit 11 7
~ ~ 0 . 1 5as it is wrillen, 'He gave them brcad from
I rfn 103
*tI% 7~;:%,1 heaven to cat.' "* " Hence Jesus said to them:
lie 2.7
"Most truly I say t o YOU, Moses did not give
you the bread3 from heaven: but my Father
*Joll3:IG does give' YOU the real bread from heaven.
" For the bread of God is the one who comes
down from hraven and gives life to the world,"
34 Therefore they said to him: "Master,&
QJoh 4 1 5 givea us this brcad."
35 Jesus mid to them:
am the brend of
;$ life." He that comes to me wi11 not gct hungrya
at all, and hc that exercises faith in me wiIl
never gct thirsty at all.A9 9 u t f have said to
YOU, YOU have cven seen meh and yet do not
'j,O;gig believerno Everything the Father gives me wiIl
come to me, and the one that cornm to me I
+'J",9,9%;+:4 will by no means drive away,' because I have
iI:kd 0 Z.I!t
l;;z7come down from heaven to do, not my will, but
the will of him that sent me.'8 This Is the will
J c)ll
of him that sent me, that I should low nothing
out of all that he has given me but that I should
c ,hut omitted by t ~ A I t s y ~ , a ,
a Or, 4SLord,"b ~ IBD;

0.Iolr 1 7 3
" ~ t tf i : ~
1,11 10.42
: I Son
Itt) 6:Z'i
m i l u ,I:II
ChTl 3 2 7


,,, ,,:,,

JOHN 6:40-53
resurrect* it a t the last day.@** For this is the ?{,"; $2":
will of my Father, that everyone that beholds
the Son and exercises faith in him should have ;j;;. pjf:
wcrlnsting Me, and I should&resurrect him at



the last day.""

1Co 15:52

41 Therefore the Jews began to murmur at ,;:&:&1

him because he said: "I a m the bread that came
down from heaven," 42andthey began saying:' ,,,thlrF::%
-lob 17.3
"Is this not Jesus3 the son of Joseph," whose -'>ln r : l h
t i 5.21
father and mot11eF we know? How is it t h a t -.Ij ~h
now he says, 'I have come down from hcavcn'?'"
" "Ln answer Jesus said t o them: "Stop murmuring among yourseIves. 44 No man can come
to me m~lessthe Father, who sent me, dmivs
h h , " and I will resurrect him in the last day. hi;;:
*' It js written in the Prophets, 'And they will ,,,, u:ln
all be taughtb by Jehovah.'co Everyone that has $,;:i!.w
heard the Father's teaching and has Icnrnecl" 'J-J11117:la
comes to me.* N o t that any man has seen the d:F)h$;,
Father, except he who is from God; this one
has seen the Father.e ';Most truly I say to YOU,
3f,; ;
H c that believes has everlasting life.'
J O ~L : ~ B
%Ir)l\ XI6
48 "I am the breadu of Life.
fathers ate the manna* in the wilderness and *Juh Q:31
yet died. " This is the bread' that comes down ?2co 9:10
from heaven, so that anyone may eat of it and
not die. " 1 I
the Iivin& bread that came down =Job
from heaven; if anyone eats of this bread hc
will live forever; and. for a fact, the bread thnt
1 shall give is my fleshs in behalf of the life of 3Joh 8 : ~
the \vorld."=
olleb 1 ~ 1 0
52 Therefore the Jews began contending wjth
one another, saying: "How can this man give .,~,h 3 : ~
us his flesh to eat?"" S" Accordingly Jesus said i2j;i;j:
Or, "nill." b Or* "bc those taught," 0 Jeho~nh, J r ~ R , ~ v ~ " ~ ' 7 ~ l e


m a l ~ I n ;God,



JOHN 6:5&66
to thcm: "Most truly I say to POW, Unless
aJoh 4:i-I YOU eat the flesh of the Son of man m d drinkd
, J o b 3:2fi
his blood, you have no life' in YOU. .64 He that
*dub 14 19
feeds on my flesh and drinks my bIood has
Ts81 PC: 19
t ilfn~g,and I sh~111 resurrectmhim at
. ~ ~ 5, h?:i c v ~ ~ ~ l ~ s I
,loll 1 3 ? ?
, b.l I the last day; ln lor my flcsh is true food, and
my blood is true drink. "'; He that feeds on m y
?(, ,2
oJoll 1.1:Ifl flcsh and drinks my blood remains in union3
j;;,? with me,and I in union wit11 him.' 5 7 Just as the
living Father sent me forth and I live because
of thc Fall~cr,he! nlso that feeds on me, even
&?!; [hat one will livd' becausc of me.*5 g This is the
bread that came down from hcaven. It is not as
wllan YOUR forefathers ~ t cmd yet died. He
*Joh M i that lccds on this byead will live forever."'
These things he said as he ivas teaching in a
OAC o:2
r;ynay;oguc"at Caaper'na.urn,
GO Thcl~Colv many of hL disciples, when
thay hcard this, said: "Thls speech is shocking;
cnn listen to it?"n But Jesus, knowing in
J O Il:A
~~I : ( I U
himself that his disclples were murmuring about
this, said lo them: "Does this stumbleA YOU?
" W h a tlthereforc, if you behold the Son of
W O ma17
man ascending2 to where he was b e f ~ r e ?a3~It
~ o 1t :$:is
is the spirit' thnt is Iife-giving; the flesh is of
41; l>.,IS
no use at all. The sayings that II have spoken
,,:,,l i,:,;
to YOIJ arenLspiritm and aren life. " But there
@l'* 1lq:.'0 arc some of YOU that do not believe." For hi1'1. 1:23
Isn :,'3.11
tially Jesus knew who were the ones not be1c:o 2.13
lieving and who was the one that wot11d betray
1 17
#PI L '1
hc went on to say: "This is rvhy I
.toll 2 : ~'nhm.' "90
Jull E:l:ll
YOU, No one can come to me z m l m
him by the Father.""
' 1
ti6 a v i n g to this many of his disciplesE\.vent
off to the things behind' and would no longer



Or, "111~nn,"

JOHN 6 :67-7: 10


walk with him." " Therefore Jesus said to the nJ",t$i$6,

twelve: "You do not want to go also, do YOU?"*s;?
0 e Simon Peter4answered him: "Master,%
Whom G Mm~ i 6
1Mr 8:29
shall we go away to? You have sayings of ever- +,c
lasting Bfe,' and we have believedJ and come 0~01112:38
to know that you are the Holy One of God,"@@F;,l;,2,4
Jesus answered them: "I chose YOU twelve,"$?;&
did I not? Yet one of YOU is a slanderer."bou
' He was, in fact, speaking of JudasO the son D J O ~
of'i.ot; for this one was going t o @Job 13:26
' ~ v ~2 6t 9 4
betraya him, although one of the twelve.
Now after these things Jesus continued
walking about in Gal'idee, for he did not
want to walk about in Ju.dera, because t h e Jews
were seeking to killn him. "owever,
the feast '?Yh!&
of the Jews: the feast of tabernacles," was OJo11":3i
*T,c 23:M
near. aTherefore his brothersq said ta him: o$;;~;:i;6
"Pass on over from here and go into'a, in nlr E 3
Lu 8:10
order that your disciples also may behold the ~~h
works you do. For nobody does anything in &$g
secret* while himself seeking to be known pub- +"J',"t!:&,
licly. E you do these things, manifest yourself
to the world." "His brothersa were, in iact, not z$t$ia
exercising faith in him. "erefore
Jesus said Lug:2O
to them: "My due time is not yet present, but
YOUR due time is always at hand." The worId "%;$&,
has no reason to hate you, but it hates me, because I bear witness0 concerning it that its CJohs:1.7
works arc wiclred.# You go up to the feast; #;$: 7;!yg
I am not yet going up t o this feast, because my
due time has not yet fully come."' So after he *;;;2;;g
told them these things he remained in Galfi.lee.
10 But when his brothers had gone up to the
feast, then he also went up himself, not openly
a 010,"Lord."
Or, "devil,"


JOHN 7:ll-23


but as in secret. l1 Therefore the Jews began

lookingn for him at the feast and saying:
"Where is that man?'' And there was a lot of
subdued talk about him among the crowds.
Some wouM say: "He is a good man." Others
QICo15:33 would say: "He is not, but he misleads' the
crowd."* '"0
one, of course, would spealr about
of people's fear of the
;$; ;
13oh 9:22 Jews."
doh 12:412
J O ~ W : ~ H 14 When by now the feast was half over,
Jesus went up into the temple and began teach+Lu19:4 ing.' 'Therefore the Jews fell to wondering,
saying: "Ho~vdoes this man have a lcnowledge
oRo16:17 of letters, when he has not studiedaO a.t the
~ tF:Z
1 3 : 5 4 s c h o o l ~ ? " t~" e s ~ ~ , in turn, answered them
and said: "What I teach is not mine, but beLU 4:2a
A C ~ : I ~longs to him that sent me.' l r If anyone desires
to do His will," he will know concerning the
oJoh18:19 teachingo whether it is from God or I speak
own 0riginality.O lU
He that speaks of his
his own glory; but
J O ~8
3 2 8: ~
he that seeks the gloryhf him that sent him,
~ u
O 12:49
nc 1:1 this one is true and there is no unrighteousness
#Lu &:I5 in him. lB
Moses gave YOU the law,' did he not?
. ~ s:43
~ h
But none of YOU obeys the law. Why are YOU
* ~ 2334
seeking to kill me?"" " The crowd answered:
"YOU have a Who is seeking to kiIl
AC 7 5 3
In answer Jesus said to them: "One
n o 2 : ~ YOU?"
A h I t 1%14
deed I performed' and You are all wondering.
4Joh 8:48
2 2 For this reason Moses has given YOU the cir3oh
it is from Moses, but that
L u ~ 9 it is from the forefathersx-and
YOU circum:iE :$14 cise' a man on a sabbath? 2 s If a man receives
on a sabbath in order that the
\:i;* circumci~ion
law of Moses may not be broken, are YOU vionJoh11:56

OX, "when he has not learned."

Or, "You axe demonized."

JOHN 7: 2 4 - 3 5
lently angry at me because I made a man cornpletely sound in health on a sabbath?" *' Stop "JOh 5 9
j u d ~ i n gfrom the outward appearance, but judge ORa
35ah 8:16
with rightcouse judgment."O'
P r 21:23
25 Therefore some of the Inhabitnnta of Jcru- 2?2'.3'::&
salem began to say: "This is the man they are i;k,"::t5
secking to kill:"
is it not? '"And yct, see! he 2bi;k :;%
is speakit~gin public" and thcy say nothing to
him. T l ~ crulcrsg have not comc to k n o ~ vfor a D J O ~1 2 : a
certainty that this is the Christ, l ~ n v cthcy?
On the contrary, z v e know whcrc t l ~ hman
Is from;"y@t when the Christ comes, t ~ oanc is 4E;24;35
to know where 11e is fram. " T l ~ ~ m f oJesus
criccl out as he was teaching In thc temple and
said: "YOU both h o r v me" and know where I
nm from. Also I have not come of my own
initiative,"' but he that sent mc is real,* and ~ : ~ ~
YOU do not know him.' =" I know him," becnusc :;%;%
I nm n representative from him and that One ,J,I;:;:~
sent me forth." " Hence they began seeking to J D i~:i5
get hoId of him,&but no onr! lnid EI hand upon *
him, bccause his hourbhad not yet comc. ; Still,
; : : : , . ; :O
many of the cro\vd put faith in him,' and they .;I;",:%
commcnccd saying: "When the Christ nrrivcs? Juh 10.42
he will not perform more signso' than thjs man i$,I;jg
OJah 9.16
has performed, will he?"
rnlrxt 1 2 : ~
32 Thc Pharisees heard the crowd murmur- 'JU"11:47
ing thcse things about him, and thc cliief priests
and the Pharisees dispatched oficers to gct hold
of him. Therefore Jcsus said: "I continue a
littlc while Iongcr with rot' before I go to him
that sen1 me." You will hunt tor me,' but "Oh
J O 11316
YOU will not find me, and where I: nrn you can- *,P,ri?&
not come."' "Therefore the Jews said among; ; ;n &:iF
themselves: "'Where does this man intend going
if we shall not find him? IIc does not intend to


JOHN 7:3G-49
to the Jews diversednLamong the Grceks
1 ' 1 :
and tcnch" the Greeks, does hc? :'" 'What does
0 . 4 ~1:1
this saying mean that hc said: 'You will hunt
for mc, but you will not find me,nncl where I
nm you cannot come' ?"
37 Now on the last day, thc grcnt day of the
L'l(l13 .7:+3
C ~ S ~ ~ was
V Csta~rl*ng
S U S rlp nncl 11c cricd out,
' 1 % 1 5.7:l
i s Ihirst.y,' Icl 11im come to
@!I 2.': 17
o 1,- s.: I:! IIIP and drjnlr." "* I-Ie that puts faith in me:
c>1>c I'l.15
just as the Scripture has said, 'Out from his
n611f\ 5:zn
inmost part streams af living n'nter' ! ~ ~ l l l
h n 1'' '1
1 I
. flow."'"':'' I-Iorvever, he said this conccrninl: the
IArc 17.1
spirit which those who put h i i h In him were
, ,
#,,,,,I.I:H fibout to receive; f o r as yet thcre was no spirit,*
Jesus had not yct bcen glorified.*
'lJ;;;'',;;;: bccnusc
Tllcrcfore some of the crowd that heard Ihese
AC 2.17
*Jnll !?:lo words began saying: "This is Sol. n certainty
nrw rs ts TIE Prophet.'"
Others werc say in^: "This is
Jr)lt ]:?I
, : , the Christ." Eut some were saying: "TIC
, $ ~ ~ l ~ ~is~ 'not
~ o actually coming out of G;ll'i.lcc, is he?"
the Scripturc said that the Christ is
; ; , I::~FIas not
; from ~the offspring"
O ~ l 3~: ;
of Dnvid,Ob and
011C 1:lII ?:I
rvhcre David
02S? 7.12
used to be?" '"Therefore r i zlivlslon over h:rn
tFcvclopec1 anlong the clv~vd."''"~~rncof them,
I < , f~ .!
though, were wanting to get hold of him, but
no one did lay his hands upon him.
I J l l 271
45 Thcrefore the oficerf; went back to the
0Jol1 !]:I8
l o : l g chicf priests and Pharisccs, and the latter said
to them: "Why is it YOU did not bring him in?"
*"The o~Xccrsreplied: "Ncvm*11rt.r; another man
spolcen like this."' In turn, the Pharisees answered: "You have not been rnislcd also, have
one of the rulers nr of the Pharisees has put faith in him, has he?" '"ut

,, ,,:,,







Litel-ally, "to tho dispersion,"

JOHN 7:50-8

: 14


crowd that does not know the law axe accursedo

people." "'mus: who had come to him
previously, and who was one of them, said to
them: 'Qur law does not judge" a man unless
first it has heard from him and come to know
what he is doing, does it?" 5 2 In answer they
said to him: "You are not aIso out of Gal'i-lee,O
are you? Search and see that no prophetu is t o
be raised up out of C-nl'i-Ice."&
1 2 Therefore Jesus spoke again to them, say- *Is* 49:6
o h 1:5
ing: "I am the lightAof the world. He that Jdoh
OAc 2:20
Iollows me wilI by no means walk in darkness?
but will possess the light of life.'"
Hence the 0130 2:s
Pharjsees said to him: "You bear wibess about
yourself; your witness' is not true."
In an- +Jah 531


~ J 3 S y sonlit verses 53 to chapter 8, verse 11, which rcad ( e t h

solric 1-ariations i n thc rnlioua Gwclc texts and versions) as follows:


('SO they went each one to his home.

"But Jesus went to the ~nonnt of Olives. Z A t daybreak,

h o ~ e r c r ,he again presented himself at the temple, and all
t h r people I~egnn toliking to him, and he sat down and llegan
to teach thelll. " Now the scribrs and the P h a r i s e ~ sbroaght a worna n caught a t adultery, and, after standing her in tlieir illidst,
' they snid to hini : 'Tearher, this wornan has b p ~ l icaught in the
act of com~nittingadultery. V n the Law Moses prescribed for us
to stone such kind of u-omen. T l ~ a t ,really, do you sayt' Of
course, thrp were saying this to put hi111 to the test, i n order to
have souietlting with which to accuse him. But Jcsus bent down
a n d began to write with l ~ i sfinger in the ground. When they
persisted in nslring hi~ri,he straiglitened u p and said to thcm:
'Let the one of Y O I i that is ~ i n l r s sb~ the first l o throw a storie a t
her.' And bending over npain he kcpt on writing in the ground.
But those who heard this began going dnt, one by one, starting
with the older men of influence, nnd he mas left alone, nltd the
wonl:ln that was in tlieir midst. l o Straightening up, Jesw said to
her: 'n70innzi, where are they l Did no one condemn you'!' l 1 She
snid: 'K'o one, sir: Jesus said: 'KAther do I condemn you, (30
your way; from now on prnctice sin no more."~UT7gSyh~.

swer Jesus said to them: "Even if I do bear

witness about myself, my witness is true, because I know where I came from and where I
am going. But you do not know where I came
from and where I am g0ing.O l6 You judge' ac,
" ~ ~ cording
\ ~ ;to~the flesh;"" I do not judge any man
OJoh9:39 at all.* le And yet if I do judge, my judgment0
*Lu 1 2 ~ 1 4
oh 3:17
is truthful, because I am not alone, but the
" 19:7 Fathers who sent me is with me.* l7 Also in
YOUR own Lawo it is written, 'The witness0 of
OJOII u : a l
two men is true.'n laI am one that bears witness
Dc 10:15
~t ls:16 about myself and the Father who sent me bears
M t 2ti4G0
2c0 1 5 1 witness about me."" I D Therefore they went on
IIeb 10:28
to say to him: 'Where is your Father?'' Jesus
A,TOI, 5:37
7,P,c$,17 answered: "You h o w neither me nor my
FatherobIf YOU did know me, aou would know
my Father also."' aOThesesayings he spoke in
@~r12:41 the treasurp as he was teaching in the temple.
But no one laid hold of him," because his how'
$; ;igZ3had not yet come.
21 Hence he said to them again: "I am going
and YOU will huntP for me, and yet YOU
oh 1k33 will die in YOUR sin.' Where I am going YOU
cannot come," z 2 Therefore the Jews began to
say: "Ile will not kill himself, will he? Because
u o h 7 : 3 5 he says, 'Where T am going YOU cannot come.' "'
he proceeded to say to them: "You are
O J O 3:31
the reaImsb below; I am from the realmsb
Col 7'1
OJO~'LZ:~Iabove.$ YOU are from this world;o I am not
+Job 15:10
oh 17.6 from this world.' Z 4 Therefore I said to YOU,
Joh 18:36
IJO 4 5
YOU will die in YOUR sins.' For if YOU do not
@ B e 18:4
SEze 1 8 : ~believe that I am he, You will die in voua sins.""
2 T h e r e f ~ r they
began to say t o him: "Who
are you?" Jesus said to them: "Why am I even



The Father, BAVg; he, ~ D s y s . C b, Or, "thinga"


JOHN 8 :2 6 4 9
speaking to YOU at all?" I have many things
to spcalc concerning YOU and lo pass judgment
upon, As n matter of fact, hr! that sent me is
but, and the very things I llealrI from him I
am spcalting in the world."" ': Thcy did not DYll
grasp that Iie was taIlcit~gto them about thc ,'I(II, :M,I
F R ~ ~ Ifl
Jesus said: "When once YOU :t:i; i?j;2
have lifted up" the Son of man," then YOU mill $;;,?!::
know that I run he," and that I do nothing of4,:?;,!:,
my own jnitialive,"Qbut just as the Father ,':I;/;;;;;
taught rnc I spoalc thesc Ih ings."'" And he t h a t 'Juli .?:I1
sent me is with me; he did not abmdon me to
myscli, bccnuse I always do thc things pleasing v o h 4:33
to him.""
As he was speaking these things, .JJ Ot lhi ::.$I
many put fnith in him.'
J U I I 10,
1. I:.ISla
31 And so Jesus went on to say to the Jewsm3f"ll '2*!'
that had bclicvcd him: "If YOU remain in my
word," vozr are reaIly my dlscipIcs,3 ":and you >.ram e : n
will Icnow the truth: and the t ~ u t hwill set Ynw 9J4111 1 1 : ~
fret.""" :I!' TIICYreplied to him: "We are Abrahnrn'sO oflspr ing-d
never have rve been :I?;: 7~::~
slaves to nnybody."Ho~vis it you say, Tou will ;:;:,;
become free'?" Jesus a n s w c ~ dthem: "Mosl. ~7;"?:,;
truly I sny to am, Every doer of sin is a slave0 ,J;L? I 2:
of sin.+ H W o r e ~ v ethe
r l slnve docs not remain ?~1,"3~:'"
in the household forever; lhr! son remains forever.' "Therefore if the Son sets YOU free, Yorr P;!>&;;2B
will bc nclunlly free." I know Yorr are Ahm- ;,:;t,"i;;
hnm's al'fspiiing;l~but YOU nrc scclclllg t o killw & t ; i l ~
me, bccausc my ~ w r dHIBICCS
no progress among .(;;,.I ntl
YOU.' What things I havc seen with my Father T*ijph?f19
1 spcnk; and YOU, therefarc, do the things YOU
have h e n ~ r lfrom murz Satkrtq.'j ':'"In answer
they snirl l o him: "Our father Is Abraham."" *E:ft$
Jesus said lo them: "'If uou arc Abraham's






I lmrti heen saying to


chl1drm-i~do the works of Abraham. '@But

now YOU are sccktng to kill me, a man that
has told YOU the truth that I heard from God."
Abraham did not do this. You do the works
YOC'R father."" They said to him: "Wc were
not born iram f o r n i c n t i ~ n we
; ~ ~hnve one Fa!. I6 ther,' God."
I S : ~I'I,H
423esus said to them: 'Tf God were YOUR
>i:bl 2H-l
Fntlrer, YOU ~vouldlove me," for from God I
T J O 5:1
cnnle forth and nm hem. Neither havc 1 come
"Jnl) In:lM of my oi~rtlinitiative'. at all, but that One sent
'Jot1 3:tA
s It YOU do not ~ O I tvhnt
JOI, &,.u me forth.' 4 g W h y i
=rtu 8.7
onr IO.*
tvord.' "'ou
are from YOUR father Ih e DcviP
?fit:$j4 nnd YOU wish to do thc desiresc of Y O U I ~Pather.*
one was a manslayer when he began," and
2; :j;jl! That
nl.lo :1:n
1-1, did not stand fast in the -truth, because truth
is not in him. W h e n h c speaks the lie? hc speaks
to his own disposition, because he is
: ~
0 ~ 0 1 1 8 : s ~a liar" and t l ~ c
fathcr ol the lieaaA'"ncc~use I,
+LU 2 2 : ~ on the other hand, telI t h e truth, YOU do not bcfoh 0:s 1
o ~ I ~ ~licve
~ . Ime."'" Who of YOU convicts me of sin?"
+ZCu 3.21
If 1 speak truth, why is it YOU do not kliave
rne? "He that is from God listens to the sayings of God.' This is why YOU do not listen, be':;:,':8J7
y~;;;? cnuse YOU are not from God."'
48 In answer the Jervs said to hjm: "Do we
rightly say, You are a Sa.mar'i.tan"* and
a demon?jtb* Jesus answered: "I do not
"'Cu 10m211
a demon,tg but I honor my Father; and
nhlal 1.u
YOU dishonor me. "But I. am nat seeklnq glory
A; ; : ; " ,? 1 P c p : 2 3 for myself;" there is One that is seeking and
judging. 61 Most truly I say to YOU, If allyone
observes my word, he will never see dcnth at
mTlic lie, .Im1;it, uBYg. Or, "'nnd nrc demonized."' a Or, "I sm
O J Q ~mfi


~ i o ~lcnho~~ized."'

Or, "seed."

JOHN 8 :-1

J O E . 8 :52-9 :4
all,"@ The Jews said to him: "Now we do OJoh 5 ~ 4
know you have a demon.n' Abraham died,@also doh 11:26
the prophets," but you say, 'If anyone observes @Ge25:8
my word, he will never tasten death at all.' *Zec
" You are not greater-than our father AbraI
ham, who died, are you? Also the prophets *h1'4:1a
died. Who do you claim ta be?" 5 4 Jesus answered : "If I glorify" myself, my glory is nothing. It is my Father that glorifies me, he who ~ ~ 3 . 1 3
YOU say is Yowe God, 6%and
yet wou have not a ~ o 7:28
known him.* But I know himbbAnd if I said I !l$$gi:i
do not know+ him I should be like YOU, a liar.u "KO34
But I do know him and am observing his word.
" Abraham TOUR father rejoiced0 greatly in the OAGnm
prospect of seeing my day,m and he saw it and :&:%
rejoiced."' 67Therefore the Jews said to him: z;!$g
"YOU are not yet fifty years old, and still you
have seen AbrahamlHb"Jesus said to them:
"Most truly I say to YOU, Befare Abraham0 :$,"jl$
came into existence, I have been,"e# "There- Joh17:5
lore they picked up stones to hud them at Ph 3 6
him;* but Jesus hid and went out of the temple. IJO
Now as he was passing along he saw a man *f.,"1,"i$?31
blind from birth." And his disciples asked ,gh$i:8
him: "Rabbi, who sinned: this man or his $;\$;
parent^,^ so that he was born blind?" Jesus oEx20:5
answered: "Neither this man sinned nor his
parents, but it was in order that the works of
God might be made manifest in his case.' "e
must work the works of him that sent me while @j-"$ $3;
it is day;@the nighta is coming when na man @AclC:g
a Or, "you are demonized." b You have seen Abrahnmf BBVg; has

Abraham seeu you7 NSyS. a 4 have been=Gy& ~ i p (engo'

itfter thc a'orist infinitive clause wlr 'Ab~adrpyeudoficr~and hence
rendered in the perrfaet indefinite tense. It: is not the
snme as ?I fiv ( h a ohd, mea~iing"The Being" ox "The I Am")
at Exodus 3 :1.4, L X X .

JOHN 9:Z17
can work. AS long as I am in the world, I am
.Job 8:12 the world's light."" After he said these things,
he spit on the ground and made a clay with the
saliva, and put his clay upon the man's eyes*
M r 8:23
*2Ki 5:10
and said to him: "Go wash" in the pool of
(which is translated 'Sent forth').
1st 8:6
L U I ~ : ~And so he went off and ~ a s h e d and
, ~ came
LZKi 5:14
back seeing.O
OAc 7 : n
8 Therefore the neighbors0 and those who
4Ex 4:11
~ ~ 1 4 6 : sformerly used to see he was a beggar began
Isa 2918
to say: "This is the man that used to sit and
Isa 42:7
beg, is it not?" 'Some would say: "This is he.'"
Others would say: "'Not at all, but he is like
him." The man would say: "I am he." l o Consequently they began to say to him: "How,
oh 9 : ~then, were your eyes opened?"'
He answered:
"The man called Jesus made a clay and smeared
@ ~ o h 9 : 7 it on m y eyes and said to mej 'Go to Si.Xo'ama@
and wash.' I therefore went and washed and
gained sight." lZAt this they said to him:
"Where is that man?" He said: "I do not
13 They led the once-blind man himself to the
Pharisees, l4 Incidentally it was Sabbath on the
day that Jesus made the clay and opened his
l5 This time, therefore, the Pharisees also
$:lo tool<up asking him how he gained sight." He said
to them: "He put a cIay upon my eyes, and I
washed and have sight." l6 Therefore some of
the Pharisees began to say: "This is not a man
from God, because he does not observe the sabbath." Others began to say: "How can a man
*Jab p a
mJoh lb:41 that is a sinner perform signs" of that kind?"
So there was a division" among them, I7Hence
they said to the blind man again: "What do


Si.lo'am, wBA; IShi.lotah,


i3w Isaiah 8 : 6, LXX,

JOEIN 9 : l W O
you say about him, seeing that he opened your
eyes?" The man said: "He is a prophet.""
J o h 4:19
18 I-Iowever, the Jews did nat belleve con1
celmlng him that he had been blind" nnd had O J o h 1 o m
gained dght until they called the pwents of the
man that gained sight. l9 And they asked them:
"Is this Y O L son
who YOU say was born blind?
How, thcn, is it he sees a t prcscnt?" Then in
answer his pnrcnts said: "We know that this is
our son nncl that he was born blind. " But how
it is he now sees we do not Imorv, or who opened
his eyes we d o not how. ASK him. 1-k is of
age. HI- m t ~ s st p a k for himself." ns His parents
said these things because they were in Pearo OJoh
J 01) 18:3S
of the Jews, for the Jews had alrendy comc to E'0,",2f.'"
an agreement that, jf anyone confcsscd' him alJol:9
as Christ, he should get expcllcd from the conla:"
grcgalion.' "Tllis is why his parents said: "FL 'JOh
Joh 16:2
is of age. QUESTION him."
24 Therefore a second time they called the
man that had been blind and said to him: "Give
glory to God;' we know that this man is a
sinner." Pb I n turn he ans~vercd:"Whethcr he *:~gjp
is a sinner I do trot know. One thing 1do know,
that, whereas I was blind, I see at pr~sent."
2o Therefore they said t o him: 'What did he do
to you? I-Iow did he open your eyes?" p r He
anslvered them: "1 told uow nlreacly and y ~ t
you did not listen. W h y do YOU wa~aEto Rear
it again? You do not tvant to become his disciples" alsro, do YOU?" P s At this they reviled 0John:18
him and snjd: "You are a disciple of that man,
but wc are disciples of Moses. "' Wc know that
God has spoken to Moses, but as for this man
we do not know where he is from," ""In answer the man said t o them: "This certainIy is

JOHN 9 :31-10:3
a marvel,' that YOU do not know where he is
from, and yet he opened my eyes. N L Wc know
tTs( ; t ; . i ~ that God does not listen to sinners," but If any.
1 1 9 one is God-fenring and does his will, he listcns to
1sa 1:15
. J , , ~ 11 11 this one.' 'H From 01 old it has never bccn heard
$1,8 that anyone opencd the eyes or one boi-n blind.
If this man wcre not from God: he couId do
* l T s :,,:I5
f i c r t l : ~ ; nothing at all." "'In nnswer they snid to him:
u.1 ull 5:3G
"You rvcra altogether born in sins: and yet ore
you teaching us?" And they threw him out!
33 J c n s heard that they had thrown him
out, and, on find tng him, he said: "Are you putting faith in thr! Son%f man?" JVThc mnn anMt ~3
swered: "And who is he, sir, that I may put
faith in him?" HT Jestts said to him: "You have
seen him and, besides, he that is speaking with
oh a:%
yo11 is that one.'" 'Ten he said: "T do put
I p A c l Q m faith in him, Mnster."a And he did okisanceg
t o him. And Jcsus said : "For this judgmentca
-rnl113:47 I came Inla this world: that those not seeing
'Ml lL:2.5
might see and those seeing' rnighl: become
Thosc of the Pharisees who were with
A r 2326 blind."
'Alt 121.1
him heard these tlsings, and they said to him:
311 15:I'I
if:,"'IVe nre not blind also: are wc?" 41 Jestrs said
13:22 to them: "If wov wcrc blind, you tvnulrt have
AGc l i : Z _
no sin. But now YOU say, 'We see.'' You13 sina
I:u 4:13
T;n 3:l.l
b30h 10:7
"Rlost truly I say to YOU, He that does
.PI! ?:IS
not enter into the sheepfoldA t hruugll
o J U I I 10:7
'Mt 26.32 the door3@
but climbs up some othcr placc, that
and a plunderer. "ut
hc that
;M r L l d : E
of the
o.Juh 10111
to this one,
- L I ~1*17
and thc sheepa listen to his voice, and he calls
.;oh $25
01 i t 1.~:6
o,T;I, 1453 his own shpcp by rlame3 and Peads them out.



"sir; Lord."

Y OHN 10F 4-17


When he has got dl his otvn out, he travels
befo1.e thcm, and the sheep followeA him, be- .:arl,I.:a
\.It 8:rl
cause they know his voice. A stranger3 they ci.:,,~,
will by no means fo1lo.r~but will flmb from "i;?';:;:
him, because they do not lrnow the vojcc' of 't;,l;Tg
strangers." Jesus spoke this comparison to
them; but they did not grasp what the things
mJoh 10:m
mcant that he was speaking to thema0
7 Therefore Jesus said gain: "Most truly I
say to YOU, I am the door0"of the s l ~ c c p . ~All sJoh
3fr1h 10:10
those that have come instead of me are thieves
and plunderers;" but the sheep have not lis- Jur!>c14s
tened t o them.' 1 am the door;O whoever cn- ~ ~ ~ : ~ G I
ters through me will be saved and he will go In
and out and find pasturage." l o The thicfPdoes %/'$ti1'
not come unless i t is to steal and slay and destroy." have come that they migl-rt have life '$:,"2:!?
and might have it in abundance. l 1 I am Ihc
right" s h c p h ~ r dthe
; ~ ~rightn shepherd surrcn- m;:;o!?,:l,4
ders his soul" in bebaIE of the sheep.v2 T l ~ c
hired man,who is no shepherd and l o whom the ;;;;lei317
1r1,rl n:zo
sheep do not belong as his o m , beholds the wolf
coming and abandons the sheep and flees-and
the tvaltC snatches them and scatters themw- "ZeQlt:l@
" fbecausc he is a hired' man and docs not care *Ipos:2
for the sheep," l4 I am the righth shepherd, and i$i.:f
I Imow my sheepA and my sheep Irnow me,*$;:,:,;'";iy0
" just as the Father knows mc and I know t h e 1,ln 5 21)
Fntllcr;" and I surrender my SOUPIn behalf
of tllc sheepmm
16 "And I have other ~ h e e p , ~ W h l care
h not :i$1",$2y
of this fold; those also I must bring, and they
will listen to my voice, and they mill hecomc
one flock," one shepherd.' l7 This is why the ~ ~ & ~ ~ ~
Fathcr loves me,' because I: surrender my ,Jj:f,*~7,:~~

x::t i'';;

,,, ,,:,,

n Or, "flt~c.'' b Or,


JOHN 10:18-30
i:;zg"!jg soul,@ in order thnt I may rcccive it again.
~h 0.9
18No man has takpnakif away from mc, but I
fret: 519
surrender it of my own i n i t i a t l ~ e .I~have auwco8:6
tl~wifyto let go of it, m d I haw authority"
~ ~ 2 . 2 1 to receive it againo The commandmenf?
OJoh 12:49
-3011 1
~ this
I received Sronz my Father."
19 Again n divisionmrcsulicd among the Jews
of these words, :"Mnny of thcm were
hm a demonAend b mad. Why do
$' :\?
Lu 7.33
YOU listen to him?" fi Others would say : "These
"Mt 3 3 4
are not the sayings of a dcmanlzedo man. A demon cannot open blind' pcople's eycs, can it?"'
Ps W:8
R ,
,,,,:, 22 A6 that time tllc feast of dedication took
EaT;g place in Jenlsnlcm. It was wintertime, 23and
Jesus was wnllting In thc temple in the colon.Job 5:2
nade* of S ~ l o r n o n . ~**; ThereTom the Jews en3 :
circled him and began to say ta him: "ITOW long
are you to kecp our souls In suspense? If you
nMc2663 are the Christ," tcll LIS outxpolrenly." 26 Jesus
answered them: "I told you and yet Tau do not
eaoh s:a
'"J",kfgbelieve. The worksQvhich I nm doing In the
name of my Fnthcr, these bear witness about
1 JI?4 5
me,' Za But you do not believe, becausc YOU are
o ~ o h21:16 none of my sheepmm
" My sheepL' listen to my
'Lu E : 6
J O ~ I10.3 voice, m d I know them, and they follow me."
*b!r 4 : a
I give thcm everlasting life,' and they
i$y,"h"6::$ will by no means evcr bc deslroycd,D and no
,-&; 2% one will snatch tl-rcm out of my handem '"mat
my Fatherwas glven me js something greater
0~~11114:28than all othcr tbings,c" and no one can snatch
+3oh l7:2
them out of the hnnd of the Father." a0 1 and
~ J O 17:24
~ I
xJoll 17:11 t h e Father arc one."""



. ..

bHns tnkcrk, HRP.'" t n k ~ a ,r)VgSy#--P.O'lWhat

BVg, with rvfiicb kt, with rL nliglit vnvintion, ngees. Rut
AIESyS-p read: "alp Ipnthc~., xrE~o Ilns girvn rr~tr tlbcm, is greater
llran all othe1-i~''d Or, 4'nrc n t u~lrty."

? a3Or, 'qife!'


JOHN I0:31-11 :2
31 Once more the Jews lifted up stones to
nrr 14:3 the Mastcrn" and ndped his fcct dry with her
stone him," Jesus replied to thcm: "I dis- ' J o ~ ~ ~ g .Mt26:7
Job 123 hair, mhosc brother Laz'a.rush was siclc. "Thereplaycd t o YOU many fine rvorks from the Father.
fore his sisters dispatched word to him, snyFor which of those works arc YOU stonlng me?"
ing: "Master," scc! the one for whom yon have
The Jews nnswvered him: "Wc nre stoning
affefionO1s sick." But when Jesus heard it
you, not for a fine work, hut for blasplrcmy,"' O$2i1
O J Q ~12-33 he said: "This sickness is not with dcath3 as its
even because you, dthough being a man, make ~ l t ~ ~ m ilMr 5 3 9 object," but is lor Ule glory of Gotl.' in order
yourself a god."" "'Jesus answcrcd Il?em: "Is "Job
that the Son of God may be glorified tl~rough
P I ~ P"
it net written in your Law, 'I saicl: You are
aMr l0:21 it."
gods'?0A :la If he called god^'^ those againstn 2;;
5 NOWJesus lovedu MarthaQand her sisterD
n , \ ~23:M
whom the word of God came, and yct the Scrip- ?FjS,'%
and Laztn.rus.h '' Ehtvev~r,wIwn he heard that
ture cannot bc nullified,' ?"dovarl sny to meh 2y1:;t,
he was sick, tl~cnhe actually remained two days
whom the Father sanctified" and dispatched > . I ~ Y . I ~ aJot~fO:~Oin thc plnci? whcl-c he was. :Thcn after this he
in to the world, 'You bIaspheme,V~,ccnuseX saicl, LII1
t, j k 1 7
said to 1I1c disciples: "Let us go into Ju.dc'a
I am God's Son?W" If I I
not doing the L V O ~ ~ S " J " ~ ~ , - ~ ' ? ? ~
again." 8 The disciplcs said t o him: "Rabbi, jrrfit
of my Father, do not believe me. '9 But if 3: am .,J,OI;
lately the Ju-debas: were seeking to stone you,'
doing thcrn, even though yo11do not l~lieveme, oh 15.21
and arc you going there again?" "esus anbdleve the tvoi-I<s,"in order that uou may *Joh14:30
skvercd: "Therc are twelve hours of daylight,
grasp tlze fact and may continue knowing that
are them not? If anyone wallts in dnylight' he
the Fntl~cris in union with me nnrl I am in
does not bump against anything, bccnusc he
union with the Father."' a" Thercforc they tried *Johl7:al
t11c light" of this world. Uul. if anyone
'R:?;? sees
again to seize himin but he got out of their ',"l:Z:
in tile night; he bumps against some'fg;
thing, because tile light is not in him."
~ C So
I he w ~ n off
t again across the Jordm to
11He said thcse things, and after this hc said
the place whcre John was baptlzingAat first, afohl:28
to t l ~ e m : '%m'a.rus1vourfriend has gone to
and hc stayed there. And many people came
rest, but I nrn traveling there ta swal~enhim
to him and they began saying: "fohn: indeed, O M 1 "
slcep."" '"Therefore
the disciples said to
A C 1x36
did not perform a single sign,@but as many
1 C O 7:39
~ , ~he has gone to rest, he will
1<C015:6 him: ' ' M H s ~ . c if
things as Soh1 said about this nlnn were all 0 $ $ , " , ' ~ ~
l('o 15:15
lilil get well,"ci Jesus had spoken, hawcver, about
t r ~ c . "'"And
many put faith in him there.' '"J",",!?:,
his denlh. But they imagined he mas spenking
New there was a certain mnn sick,O 3Ack37
1 o A c l o : o about tahlng rest in s1eep.O:lA"'
thnt time,
Lx'~.rusc"of Beth'a.jzy2 of the village :i~o,h,i'i$T
o.Jorl 123
of Mary'!' and of Marthag her sister, ? It was, in -LU
''Lw'a.r~sI)has died.' "and I rejoice on om
= 10:33
fact. the Moly that poured pcrfumed3 oil upon1 1 6 : ~
Joll'J:25 account thnt I was not there, in order for you
a Or, "tn," b Or, "of him!'
~ L ~ W ' ANBA;
~ ~ UEB
l l e,. ~ ' m r(menning
Or, "Lard." b See vcrao 1, foatnotec. C Or, 'LJew~.l' d Org "ha




Wad is I~elper"),J7-'"lb1ls.

will be snvcd,"

JOHN 11:16-30
t o believe, But let us go to hjm." 1e Therefore
T h o r n n ~who
, ~ was called "The Twin": said to OJDbS0:2d
his feIIow disciple^:^ "Let us also go, that we 0 ~ 0 h l a : ' l
may die with him."
17Consequently when Jesus arrived, he found
he had already been four days in the memorialOVomb. IR NOW Bet11'1l.n~ IVEIS near Jerusn- ~ ~ ~ , ! ~ ; 1 7
lem a t a distnn~eof about two rni1es.a l" Accord- ;;: 2;;;2
jngly rnnliy of the Jews had come to Martha
and Mary in order t o console Ihem concerning ,Ical
Jrilr %I1L
their brother. Therefore Martha, when she i! l.{!~'!b
heard that Jesus was coming, met him; but
Mary" kept sitting at heme. ?' Martha therefore said l o Jesus: 'Master,Vf you had been
here my brother would not have died. ""And
yet at present I know that as mnny things as +;!;;;
you ask God for,P Gad mill give you." '"
Jesus J r a l l I 1:
,Inh 5;?9
said to her: "Your brother will rise.'" 24 Martha
2 I: 1
liu I;.:
said to him: '" Imow he will risa in the rcsur- 1c.n 15:da
rectionm on the last day.'' YVesus said to her: 2::':,,':',2'
"I am the resurrectionmand the life.ovfl He that 2;;
exercises faith In me, wen though he dies, w i l l
come t o life,"and everyone that is h i n g e and ;I;;$;:
exercises Inlth in me will never dic at aal Do V O L
you belicvr! this?" ?7 She said to him: "Yes, n JIJc1
c , t ~ 5:21
Master;" I have believed that you are the Christ
the Son of God, the One coming into the 0;;:\3jj
. 1 , , 1 ~ 1..19
world."' zn And when she had said this, she went
off and callcd Mary her sister, s:rying secretly:" ""fii::{7
"The Teachcrl is present and Is calling you."
The latter, when she hcnrd this, got up quick- F; J;jr;
ly and was on her way t o him.
311s 3:1
30 Jesus had not yet, fn fact, come into the
village, but hc was still in the place where





"near Jcrasnlem nbout flftrcn strides awnf'; rt atnda

equaling B of a mile. b Or, "Lord," a Or, "lht comes to IiPo.''
a Literally,


JOHN 11:3 1 4 3
Mnrtha met him. 41Theref0re t h e Jews that
were with her in the Ilouse and that were consoling her, on seeing Mary rise quicldy and go
out, followed her, supposing that shc was goafoh 11:17 ing t o the memorialh tomb to veep there, " And
so Mary, when shr! nrrivcd where Jcsus mas and
caught sight of him, fell at his feet, saying to
him: "Master,n If you had been here, my brother would not have died."' " Jesus, thercforc,
s o h r,:m when he saw her weeping and the Jews that
came with her weeping, groaned vehcmcntlyb
and became troubled,' and he said: "Whcre
soh 13:21:
have YOU laid him?" They said to him: "Master,larn
come and see." Jesus gave way to tears.'
M t 53:3
the Jews began to say: 'Tee, what
t u 12;1r,
~ r o b ~ i .a
~ f! ~f e c ~ o n l ~ e u s e d t o h ~ v e f o r h i m ! " ~ ~ ~ u t
oi them said: "Was not this man that opened
*Job 9:n
the eyes* of the blind man able to prevent this
one from dying?"
38 I-Ience Jesus, after groaning agaln within
himself, came to the memorial' tomb. It was,
~t 2 ; : ~ s
In fact, a cave, nncl n stone was lying against it.
riu1 1 :.1 3
a q ~ ~ ~ ~ s'TAKE
a i d thestonega~vay."
.To11 S:2Y
the sister of thc d~ccnscdman, said to hini:
. ~ ~ ;:o:L
AC 1:i:L'I
~ now he must smell, for he has
oJuh20.1 " M a s t ~ r ,by
been dcad four dnys." 'O Jesus said to her: "Did
I not tell you that if you would believe you
aJoh 8:s
would see the glary of God?"" Therefore they
took the stone arvny. Now Jesus rnisecl his eyes
heavenward and said: "Father, I thanlr you
have hcrlrrl mePo42True,I knew that
y you you
hear mc; but on account of the
JOII I T : ] .
4.5011 crowd+ standing around I spoke, in order that
they might helicve that you sent me forth."m
' U n d when he had said these things, he cried

* Or,"Lord."

Literally, "with his spirit,"

JOHN 1 1 : 4 U 5


out with a loud voice: "Laz'a.mrs,ao come on

4 4 The man that had been dead came out
with his feet and hands bound" with wrappings,"
and his countenance was bound about with a
cloth. Jesus said to them: "Loose him and let
him go."
45 Therefore many of the Jews that had come
to Mary and that beheld what hc did put faith
in him;* " Cut same of them went off to the "Joh
doh 10:42
Pharisees and told them the things Jesus did.i QLu 18:31
" Consequently the chief priests and the Phari- oJo h 1242
A d:l5
seesc assembled the San'he-drinoAand began to ~A&Tt
say: "What are we to do, because this man per- Mr Id:1
f o m many signs?c0 48 If we let him alone this :Jnh
J0lr 7:31
Joh 12:19
way, they will all put faith in him, and t h e Ac 4: 16
Romanso+will come and take away both our DAc
4 P n 9:26
placeb" and our nation." &"ut a certain one oi Ac G:13
them, Caria.phas: who was high priest that X o h 18:13
year," said to them: "You do not knoiv anything at all, " and YOU do not reason out that
it is in YOUR interest for one man to die" in behalf of the people and not for the m7hoIenationc
to be destroyed." " This, though, he did not say
of his own originality," but, because he was
OAc 5:11
high" priest that year, he prophesied" that Jesus C,Yoh
was destineda to die for the nation, " and not oIsa
l d o 2:2
3Joi1 13:33
for the nation only, but in order that the chil- LAC
dren%f God who are scattered abouta he might Ga 13:t17
also gather together in o m A " Therefore from Eph
E h36
that day on they took counsel to kill hirn.O
'2Ch 15:19
54 Hence Jesus no longer walked about pub- EX
I ,e 23:5
28: 16
licly among the Jews, but he departed from Ku
IIC 1 G : l
there to the country near the wilderness, into J u h 2.13
a city called E'phra.irn,+and there he remained doh
J o h 6:4
3 o h 12 1
with the disciples. G q Now the passover3$of the O J o i l 1 2 : 1


Pee rerse I, footnotec,

Or, "temple,"

JOHN 11:56-12 :8
Jews was near, and many people went up out
of the country to Jerusalem before the passovcr
in order to cleanse themselves ceremonially.
7:11 sG Therefore they went to looking for Jesus" and
they would say to one another as they stood
around in the temple: "What is YOUR opinion?
That he will not come to the feast at all?" As
it was, the chief priests and the Pharisees had
given orders that if anyone got to know where
he was he should give the information, in order
that they might get their hands on him.
Accordingly Jesus, six days before the
passover: arrived a t Bethra.ny, where
::;* :!ii3 Laz'a.rusaU was whom Jesus had raised up from
J,;k $!/& the dead.O Therefore they spread an evening'
OLu 10:38 meal for him there, and Martha" was rninister* ~ : ~ ing,
~ : but
~ Lazra.rusa was one of those reclining
10:39 at the table with him.' %ary,O therefore, toolc
a pound of perfumed oil, genuine nard,' very
Ado11 ll:2
costly, and she poured it on the feet of Jesus
P ~ 2;:
t 47
F: :$.:,0 and wiped his feet dry with her hair." The house
zh1;:;2Ubecame filled with t h e scent of the perSumec1
0~01113.5 oil. But Judas'i.ot,~
one of his disciples:
who was about to betray him, said: ""Why was
*$;6:,Jdu7:4G it this perfumed' oil was not sold for three hundred de.nar7i.i*and given to poor people?" fl I-Ic
Re 18:13
said this, though, not because he was concerned
@Rols:zG about the poorlR but: because he was a thiefe
O p r 2ii.25
and had the money-box and used to carry off
the monies put in it. Therefore Jesus said:
Col 3:s
"Let her alone, that she may keep this observance in view of the day of my burial. For Yorr
have the poor' always with YOU, but me YOU
fiIr1.1:7 will not have always."
a Set: John 13.:1,foo.tnotec. h Or, $51 or $ZO/G/B;


crlualing l'ic o r 8d. 2f.

JOHN 12: 9-20

OJolI la:1a
9 Therefore a great crowd of the Jews-got
to know he nras there, and they came, not on
accnr~ntof Jestzs only, but also to see LazPn.rusn whom he raised up from the dead.' ' T h e n30hIf:43
chicf priests now took camsel to kill LafaantsacO.'olI Il:T
also,* L1 bccau~.eon account of hinl rnmy of the 'EL l,:!,
Jews were going there and putting faith in
rfo l 7:31r
Jot1 11:44
12 The next day the great crotvd that had
come to the feast, on hearing that Jcsus 1va.s r.l,alt 2q:40
coming to Jel-usaIem, l 3 took the branches of 1A1r l11.3
palm trees" and went out to meet him. And they
began to shout : "Save, we pray you!"' Blessed %
is he that comes in Jehovah k c name: even the ;
Israel!"' "But when Jesus had found
a young ass," he sat on it, just as it is writ- AT[. i 1.7
ten: "I-Iave no fear, daugl~terof Zion," Look! &I b!I6??
your king is coming,' seated upon an ass's colt," "'F: iiij"
'These things his disciples toolr no note of at
first,' but when Jesus became glorified," then Ek;\,l$:i
they called to mind that these things were written respecting him and that they did these



things to hirn,O
17 AccordingIy the crawd that was with him
when he called Laz'a-msa' out of the memorial0 "Jul'
tomb and raised him up from the dead kept
bearing w i t n e s s
thii account the crowd, 'Ft jfiii:
because they heard he had performed this sign,
also met him. 'Therefore the Pharisees* said 'LU
among themselves: "You observe YOU are getting absolutely nowhere. See! the world has
ItJah 3 : a ~
gone after him"'
J o l ~11:~18
20 Now there were some Greeks' among those



Sm John 11 : 1, footnotec. b Lit~mlly, "'na," KDA;

K3-FWliT (Ih.slrtr.?ttd) or variations, J7-14~Ms-10.
a Jchovnh's, JT-1%


the hrd's, KBA

JOHN 12:21-44
thnt cnmc up to \vurshlpo at the feast. 91 These,
nJQh ~ 4 4therefore, approached Phllipa who was from
11:21 13eth..saJl.daoof G~l'i.lec,and they began to requmt him, saying: "Sir, me want t o see Jesus."
o ~ ~ ~ ' l ~ " l l came
~ i I iatld
p toId Andrew.@Andrew and
PhiIip came and told Jesus.
23 But Jesus answcrcd them, saying: "The
bout hns conlc for thc Son of man to be glariy:t $:2; fied." " Most truly I say to you, Unless a kernel
0hl.L 1k.l of wheat falls Into the ground and dies, it reRrl 7 i:!i mains just one Ptcrncl; but if it dies,$ it then
bcars much fruit.O He that is rand of his soula
destroys it, but he that hates3 his souln in this
world~ will snfcgunrd it for everlasting lie.'
IL ~
olip 1!1:::a
1f anyone tvould minister0 to me, let him fob
mjoh 14~3 ]OW me,and where 1 am there my minister u7i11
J u 1 t4:l-l
1 7 : N be nlso.VIf anyone would minister to me, the
will honor him. " Now my soulQis trouRJoll
~ 1 %~1: . i~ Fntllcr
rq 4213
what sl'lall I say? Father, save me
WLu 12:CiD
1.14 22::13 out of this hour." Nevcrthcless, this is tvhy I
"M1.I 17
have come to this hour. :Tather, glorify your
name," Therefore a voice* came out of heaven:
"I both glorified it and will glorify it again."
29 I-Icncc the crowd that stood about and
a7.u 22 43
a.loh 11 42 heard it began to say it had t h ~ ~ n d e r e Others
P I 3 t l 11:12
rAll 10 I:{ hcgan to sny: "An angel has spolrcn to hirn.''O
.I nil
,, , 11 ;L U 111~IISIVCI' JCSUS said: "This voice has tscurred, not on my account, but on YOUR ac,
Q A C ? ~ : : : ~ c o ~ l t i t . ~Now there is a judyinf
of this tvorld;
ziz;:i'iig now thc m l c P of this world" will be cast out.'
'y(:j12.;;R 5 2 And yet T, if I nrn lilted' up from the earth,
zm.1.21wilI CII-~IV men of nll kindsb to me."' 33 Tkis he
I ;a 3:l.i
was really saying to signify what sort of deatllQ
I lrt~iT a
he tvns n130ut to die." Therefore the crowd an)V :!I :?2
nc5:3[1 swered Rim: "We heard from the Law that the


Or, "lifo."

Or, "all nun?'

JOHN 12:35--46


Christ remains forever;' and how is it you sag ;'F8g>2

that the Son of man must be lifted up?"Who pa3g4
is this Son of man?"" ""esus therefore said to na -:a[
them: "The light3 will be among YOU a little ;!%?$h
whiIe longcr. Walk while you have the light," ?;ePr?%
so that darkness does not overpower You; and
he that walks in the darkness does not ltnorv
where he is going. 3G While YOU have the light,
exercise faith in the light, in order to become
V E P5:a
sons of light."O
Jesus spoke these things and went off and hid
from them. I7Eut although he had performed
so many signso before them, they were not put- O-4~4:16
ting faith in him, S8 so that the word of IsaiahJ 0"C":28
the prophet was fulfilled which he said: "Jehovah," u7ho has believed-ou
r ~ p o r t , ~and
" t o :Zh2$;z1
wl~om has the arm of Jehovah-een
revealed?"O+ " The reason why they were not able ?g; $::
to believe is that again Isaiah said: "He has no 10:16
blindedQ their eyes" and he bas made their 2gi3;A1
hearts hard, that they shouId not see with their
eyes and get the thought with their heartsGm d 3Joh14:~
turn around and I should healo them."* " Isaiah OAC
*lsn B:10
said these things because he saw his glory," and kF::$E
he spoke aboul: him. "'All the same, many even
of the rulers actually put faith in him, but because of the Pharisees3 they would not confess OAc15:s
O 7
~ :n
him in order not to be expelled from the congre- "JJol~
gation;" 4 3 f o r they loveda the glory of men more cJah 1335
* J Q ~5:44
than even the glory of God."
RJ 2:ao
44 Ilowcver, Jesus cried out and said: "He
that puts faith in me puts faith, not in me only,
but in him also that sent me;" 4%and
he that be- "Mt
; . I ~6:i7
holds me beholds also him that sent mcmS40 1 d;;t:2:;
Jrhouah, J8,10-14,1s-1\
Lwd, Kl3-k. &,J7-Q*L2-24~16-20;thr:
Lortl: NDA. c Or, "believed ~l-llnthe 11eartl Iron1 us."

JOHN 12 :47-13:7
in order
OJoh 2 1 9 have come as a lighto into the world,@
Job 8:12 that everyone putting faith i
not reJ O h 8:s
main in the darlmess. But if anyone hears my
o ~ o h18:31 sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge"
him, for I came, not to judge the world,' but
He that disregards me
to save0 the world.
and does not receive my sayings has one to
judge him. The worde which I have spoken is
IIeb4,:12 what will judge him in the last day;"49because
rLu 10.16
I have not spoken out of my o ~ v nimpulse, but
the Father himself that sent me has given me
OJoh13:N a commandmento as to what to tell and what to
*De18:18 spealr.#
Also I know that his commandment
Yo11 8:38
~o113~1:10meansa everlasting life. Therefore the things I
speak, just as the Father has told me them, so
* JOII~ $ ~ ; ~I $speak them."'
Now, because he h e w before the feast
O M t 26:2
of the passoverq that his houn4 had come
A J O ~7 3 0
i;f::$jy3 for him to move out of this world t o the Father,
Jesus, having loved4 his own that were in the
G o 2 : ~ world, loved thcm to the end."
So, while the
1Jo 3:16
evening meal was going onle the Devil having
already put it into the heart of Judas',
soil of Simon, to betray him,' he, knowing
?:;:*Ac5:3 the
that the Father had given all things into his
hands and that he came forth from God and
was going to God: "got up from the evening
lco l5:m men1 and laid aside his outer garments. And,
Heb 2:8
x ~ h p 2 : ~taking a towel, he girded himself." jAfter that
he put water into a. basin and started to wash
m u 7:44
O J O I ~ I ~ the
: ~ ~ feet* of the disciplesu and to dry them off
with the towel with which he was girded. %d
~ J O ~ I Z Z : ISO
he came t o Simon0 Peter. He said to him:
are you washing my feet?": In an*gt,".j:!



JOHN 13:s-20
swer Jesus said t o him: "What I am doing you
do not understand at present, but you will urnderstand aftcr these things." Peter snicl to
hitrt : "You will certainly never rvasfl my feet,"
des~transwered him: "Unless I IWII
have no part with me." " Simon Peter said to ;(1;,!;2@
him: "Master," not my feet only, but also my 111.1) t o m
hands and my head."'=l o Jesus said to him: "He oJoh l g : a
that has bathedA does not nwd to have mare A ~ ; , ~ ~ a z
than his feet washed, but is wholly c1can.O And gJollls
YOU men are dean, but not all." '"~e
lme~v,indeed, the man betraying hirna0This is why he dJoh8:84
said: "Not all of YOU are clean."
12 When, now, he had washed their feet and
bad put his outer garments on and laid himself
down at the table again, he said t o them: "Do
YOU know what 1 have done to YOU? '"YOU address me, 'Teacher,' and, W~aster,'a and you
speak rightly, for I am such.+ l4 Therefore, if I, $F,",:i
althougll Mastera and Teacher: washed YOUR war: J:I
ieet,O YOU also ought to wash the feet of one @Lll":m
another."la For I set the pattern for YOU, that, "E:?;lo
just ns I. did to YOU, YOU shouId do also.# lU
Most OIPc
h c 2:lR
truly I say to YOU, A slave" is not greater than ~ t s t t1im2n
'11 1 2:s
his master, nor is one that is sent forthb g~ealer&o/3:13
than the one that sent him.' l T I f YOU know y,:z!.l
tticse things, happy YOU are if YOU do them." ?i,:E\i;;y
I R I am not M h g about a11 of YOU ; I ltnow the
a r t 7 :I
ones I have chosen." But the result is that the Ddns
scripture is fulfilled, 'He that uscd ta feed on a;rr 2 5 : ~
my bread has l i f t d up his heel against rne.jq ;$
l^ Prom this moment on I am telling you beforc
it occurs,' in order that when it docs occur
may believe that I am he. "" Most truly I say to *h,!;,;Lj,?,
YOU, He that receives anyone I send receives me Jnli I G : ~
a Or, 'Zord.'"
Or, "nor is an apostle (tnessenger, envoy)?'



JOHN 13:21-33
nlso. In turn, he that receives me, receives also
mMt 10:40
hTt 25:.1n him that scnt me."@
2 1 After saying these things, Jesus became
la:m troublcd in spirit, and he bore witnessm and
said: "Most truly I say to uorr, One of YOU will
.!'\:1 . 2~ : m betray me."' ??The disciples began to look at
O ~ C;1no111~1*,
being at n loss as to which one he
A v 1:tG
4lh1121i 22 meant.'
was reclining in front of Je
Lu 2 2 : 3
sus' bo.som one of his discipIes, and Jesus lovedJ
.lo11 211.2 him.' z4 Therefom Simon Peter nodded to this
one and said to him: 'Tell who it is about whom
he is spcnking," 25 So the latter leaned back
upon tllc breast of Jesus and said to him:
''Mnster,13 who is it?" 'UTheref~rc
Jesus answarrd: "It js that one to whom I shall give
the marsel that I dip." And so, having dipped
thc mersel, he toolr and gave it to Judas, the
son of Simonu IsacnrYtot.z 1 And after the morsel
then Sntano entered into the latter." Jesus,
~ l l l 1i h : a
la w::* t h c r e f ~ t ~ c
, to him: "What you are doing
J O h ci:;n
get: done more quiclrly." 2a However, none of
l I l o ~ ereclining at thc table0 knew for what purpose hc said this to him. "om@, in fact, were
mat x:le
Imagining,slncc JudnsQwas holding the moneybox," that Jesus was telling him: "Buy what
tllings wc nccd for the feast," or that he should
give something to the poor. Therefore, after
he reccivcd the morsel, he went out immdintely, And it was night.
31 Hence when he had gone out, Jesus said:
+ J o h l m "Now tllc Son of man is gIorified,@
and GocI is
Jo!i 14:13
lrcs:11 glorifiwl in connection with him.= And God
~ will; llimself
~ he will glorify
him inrrn~liately..P3Liitlechildren? I am with
YOU a little Ionger. You will hunt for m
e,' and,




Or' "prcfcrr~d!'

Or, "Lord!'

Or, "by

menna of himn

JOHN 13:34-14 :7


Jews, 'Where I go YOU cannot come,' I say also to YOU at present. 2

1 am
giving YOU a new c~mrnandrnent,~
that YOU
love one another; just as I have loved You, that
YOU also love one another." S%y this all will
know that YOU are my disciples,O if YOU have
lovea among yourselves."*
36 Simon Peter said to him: "Master,a where
are you going?" Jesus answered: "Where I am
going you cannot follow me now, but you will
folloxv afterwards."* Peter0said t o him: "Master," why is it I cannot follow you at psesent?
2 will surrender my soulb in your behalf."'
Jesus answered: "Will you surrender your
sotrlb in my behalf? Most tmdy I say to you, A
cock will not crow at all until you have disowned0 me three times.""
"Do not let Y Q U ~heartso be troubled.
Exercise faith in God,O exercise faith
also in me. In the house of my Father there
are many abodes.' Otherwise, I would have told
YOU, because I am going my way t o preparea
a place for YOU. Also, if I go my way and pre2T1 4:1
pare a place for YOU, I am coming againx and ItlCo
will receive YOU home to myself,*'that where 2Co
1Th 4:16
2T1 4:8
I am YOU also may be.' And where I am going +1Th
Y Y n h 1l:lR
YOU know the way."
AJoh 1k36
5 Thomas' said to him: "Master,&mredo not CXIt 11:27
Imotv where you are goingahHow do we know no
IIeb 9:8
t h e \?ray?" Jesus said to him: "I am the wayo 3Joh 15:26
and the truthw and the lifeowNo one comes t o +Joh
J o h S:32
the Father except through me." If You men mJr,l~
S o h Yi:3
had known me, YOU would have known my Ro
A C 2:10
Father also; from this moment on YOU knew -.Toll
Ac 4 1 2
him and have seen him."*
#Soh 8:19


just as 1 said to the


Or, LrLord.f' Or, "life!j

JOEIN 14:8-20

8 Philip3 said to him: "Master,* show us the

Father, and it is enough for LLS." Vesus said
to him: "I-Iave I been with aou men so long
a time, and yet, Philip, you have not come to
know me? EIe that has seen me has seen the
'JOh 12:4:>
2 ~ r 1 4 : 4 Father also, Hutv is it: you say, 'Show us the
Col 1.19
Father'?"'" Do you not believe Paat I am in
r r p r 1.3
unionG with the Fathcr" and the Fatlzer is in
;')"I,1(>11 :,1fi.sI
Ol$ union with me?' The things I say to YOU men
I do not spealr of my o m originality;@but the
Father who remains in union with me is doing
"J$; ,7$,6 his works.' l1 Eel ieve me that I arn in mion with
the Father and the Fathcr is in union with me;
otherivisc, believe on account of the worlrs
5:x t!~ernsclves."~ Most truly I say to YOU, He that
exercises faith in me, that one also will do the
works that I do, and he will do worl~sgreater
than these, because I a m going my way to the
*J1t21'21 Father.' r%Rlso, whatever it is YOU ask in my
3 \ C ? "1
name: I will do this, in order that the Father
RIr 11 21
L U 1i:9
may be glorified in connection with the Son.@
J u h 19:lG
If YOU ask anything in my name, I will do it.
I ,
f i 15 "If YOU love' me, YOU will observe my
cornrnmdments;" '%d 1 1vii1 requestQ the FaZj;:;;;;;
and he will give YOU another helperhoto be
?": EilQ ther
m u 2 ~ with
YOU forever,' l7 the spirit of the truth,*
J o l ~15.26
3uh I G : ~ which the world cannot receive,' because it nei*>It 10:20
~ ~ 1F:13
, h [her beholds it nor knows it. You knozv it, because it remains with YOU and is in YOU. Is I
shall not leave YOU berea~ed.~"
I am coming to
cJoh 15:19 YOU.
lilinle longer and the world' will behold
r l r t 28.23
chIt23:39 me no rnore,O but YOU will behoId me,' because
+,lolll W C
o,ic 2 ~ 4 I live" and YOU will live.@2o In that day aou
a m i c 013.2%
n4lI know that I am in union with my Father
and YOU are in union wit11 me and I am in union

Clrl 'dL~rd.!f$ Or, "pa~-acletej comforter."

Or, "orpl~nns."

JOHN 14:21-31
world to know that I love the Father, I am even
with YOU." He that has my commandments " ~ ~ ; ~ : ~
doing just tlie way themFather has given me
and observes them, that one is 11e who loves
commandment to. do." Get up, let us go f r q
me,* In turn, he that loves me will be loved by O,;:n"
my Father, and I will love him and will pIainly
nJas 332
"I am the true vine,' and my ~ a t h c ii
show myself to him."
U P S 80:8
Jer 2:n
22 Judasp not'i.ot, said to him: "Mas~ h f t l s : i 3 bearing fruit he takes away:
and every one
ter,a why is it a fact that you intend to show
Hcb 138
bear more
OAc 10:13
youl-seIf plainly to us and not to the world?"* *zl\;;:l
a h 13:lQ Iruit.
of the
2a In answer Jesus said to him: "If anyone loves
J o h 17~17
me, he will observe my word, and my Father
Eph 5:26
YOU.' Just
will love him, and we shall come to him and
as the branch0 cannot bear fruitp of itself un,*"R",hA1iil
make our abode with him." He that does not up';&!+
less it remains in the vine, in the same way
love me does not observe my words; and the ;&yz
neither can YOU, unless YOU remain in union
word that YOU are hearing is not mine, but be- IJO z:24
Re 3%
with me.@ am tbe vine, YOU are the branches.
longs to the Father who sent me.*
AJoh 5:lg
IJO 2 : ~ He that remains in ranion with me, and I in
Joh 7 3 6
25 "While remaining wiih YOU 1have spoken J O 12:m
union with him, this one bears much fruit,* be"P,lol,;:z
these things to YOU. " But the helpcrlbathe holy OJoh
1-u 1 3 7
cause apart from me YOU can do" nothing at all.
spirit which the Father will send in my name,
P ~ 4:13
If anyone does not remain in union with me,
that oneC ivvilI teach YOU all things and bring LU 24:49
he is cast out as a branch and is dried up, and
back t o YOUR minds all the things I toId ~0u.O
men gather those branches up and pitch them
I leave YOU peace, I give YOU my peace.*+I $;1",::6
* M ~ 3 : 1 0 into the fire and they are burned." ' If YOU recof 3 3 5
Reb 6:4
do not give it to YOU the way that the world 2Th
main in mion with me and my sayings remain
gives it. Do not let YOUR hearts be troubled nor
in YOU, aslr whatever YOU wish and it will take
let them shrink for fear. 2a YOU heard that I
place for YOU.* a My Father is glorified in this,
said to YOU, I am going away and I am coming
that YOU keep bearing much fruit and prove
back to YOU. If YOU loved me, YOU would reyourselves my disciples.@""ust as the Father
joice that I am going my way to the Father, E"p",?$;,5
loved mea and I have laved YOU, remain in
because the Father" is great& than I an^. z9 So :co
~~ol13:35 my love. l o Lf YOU observe my commandment^,^
IJuh 1425
norv I have told YOU before it occurs," in order g;,"$::g
YOU will remain in my bve, just as I have obthat, when it docs occur, YOU may believe. "1 ~ ~ r . z 4 : 2 5
+Joh8:29 served the commandments of the Father' and
Joh 1339
shall not speak muchd with YOU any mow, for ~ ~ h l s . 4
remain in his love.
the ruler0 of the world is coming. And yet he ~ ~ h ~ ~ j ' l
11"These things I have spoken to YOU, that
@Job 16-24
has no hold on me,# S1but, in order for the i:,?::j::
~o1117:13 my joy may be in you and YOUR joy may be
1Jo 1:4
"his - is r n y _ ~ ~ m - a n d m e n @at
3 Or, "Lord."
b Or, "pnraclete; co~ilforter." "That one"; in the
@ A C ~ ~ : I S made full.@'






masculine gender to agree with "hclper" in the same verse.

ally, "many things."


Or, "prnnes." b Or, "produce."

JOHN 15 :25-16 :10
YOU love one~no~~.thrjwstOass1_havel o v e ~ y *Yrhlg3i4
my Father.* But the result is that the word
3011 s:r12
la No one has loveo m f e r than this, that m e 3539 written in their Law is fulfilled, 'They hated me
PS m : n
,.Tnh 17:%
me should surrender his soul"" in>o ~ u h 1 6 : ~without cause.'' 2G When the helperam arrives
~ A 2:41
friends.". l4 You are my frienhs if yo=
-,.,on 19.12
that I rviI1 send aou from the Father: the spirJ O 1-236
I m commanding YOU.* lZ I no longer call YOU %' !5??l1
ito of the truth0 whidl proceeds from the Fa2,",,2$:,,
slaves, because a slave does not know what his ~j~~~~
ther, that oneb will beam: witnessD about me,O
PlJo 5 : 6
master does. But I have called you friends," be- *:21:,::452"3
27 and YOU, in turn, am to bear witness,' because
Lu 2 1:48
cause all the things I have heard from my @ ~ u 1 2 : 4
AC 1:s
YOU have bew with me from when I began,
h c 5::12
Father I have made known ta YOU." ' T o v did A2\1;;1;6
"I have spoken these things to YOU that
not choose me, but I chose YOU, and I appointed AC 20:27
YOU may not be stumbled." Men wiIl
YOU t o go on and keep bearing fruit4 and that ~ 4 ~ ~ ; l ~ : 2 ~ M l 2410
JUII li~:29 expel YOU from the congregation.^ In fact, the
YOUR fruit should remain, in order that no mat- ~;pl$:;~
hour is corning when everyone that kills You
ter what YOU ask the Father in my name he ISO 4:lo
will imagine he has rendered a sacred scrvice
might give it to YOU.
to God." But tlwy will do these things because
17 "These things I command you, that YOU
A C ~ G : T ~they have not come to know either the Father
love one mother."
the world hates0 YOIT,
or me.* 4Nevertheless, I have spoken these
m u know that it has hated me before it hated
no 1 0 9 things to YOU that, when the hour for them arICa
YOU.^ lo If YOU were part of the world: the OJOII ii:s
=doh 1 3 : ~rives, YOU may remember I told them to YOU.*
world would be fond of what is its own.' Now x1Jod:5
J o h 14:29
"These things, however, I did not tell YOU at
bemuse YOU are no part of the world,# but 1
became 1 was with YOU. Eut now I nm
have chosen YOU out of the world, on this ac~ J o 733
to him that sent
and yet not one of
count the world hates YOU.* ao Bear in mind the 'L~6:22
doh 13:s
YOU asks me, 'Where are you gohg?' O But beword X said to YOU, A slave is not greater than
cause I have spoken these things to YOU griefA
his master. If they have persecuted" me, they O * c 8 : 1
has filled YOUR hearts. ' Nevertlheless, I am tellwill persecute YOU also;O if t h e y have observed u$~,$;,
ing YOU the truth, It is f o r POUR benefit I am
my word, they will observe POURS also. 21 But Lu 6:ao
going away. For if I do not go away, the helpthey will do all these things against YOU on acm J ~ 2 : 1 eraoo will by no means come to YOU; but if I
count of my name, because they do not know
do go my way, I will send him to YOU. 8And
him that sent me." " If I had not come and AMt
that oneb arrives he will give the world
spoken to them, they would have no sh;O but OJDh
J O 9~: d l
Ica 1$:24 convincing evidence concerning sin and concernanc 10 35
now they have no excuse for their sin: 2s He + ~ ; s l ~ ~ ~ 7
m h ~ 12:sl
ing righteousness0 and concerning judgment: *
that hateso me hates also my Father." " If 1 W o h7:lz
an11 8:2L
Vn the first place, concerning sin,@
because they
had not done among them the works that no 150 2:23
xlsa 62:6
l o then mncernone ebc did," they would have no sin;* but now xg;lh,7?i7
ing righteousness," because I am going to the
they have both seen and hated me as well as *aoiin:el
JOHN 15:13-24




Or, "life?'

Or, (Iparnclete; comforter." {Tllhnt or1eJ7;in the mnscrlline pender, ta agree wit11 "he1yer~"inJohn 16 : 26 ; 16 : 7. C Or, .'synagogue."

JOHN 16:11-21
Father and YOU wiIl behold me no longer; l1 then
concerning judgment," because the ruleP of ;2a$;:5:1
h ~ 12:18
this world has been judged.
J O h 12.31
12 "I have many things yet to say to YOU, AC 5:e
Ac 10.42
but YOU are not able to bear them at present.* *bjr
However, when that one@arrives, the spirit lCO
of the truth,On he will guide YOU into all the :$; g;:;
truth, for he will not speak of his own impulse, oh 1 5 : ~
but what things he hears he will speak, and he
will declare to YOU the things corning.n That
onea will glorify me, because he will receive +;::;I
from what is mine and will declare it to ~0u.O033.34 2
the things that the Father has are mine.' +y;;;;;;
That is why I said he receives from what is oh l7:lO
mine and declares it to You. le In a little while
YOU will behold me no longer: and, further, in
a little while aou will see me."
17 Therefore some of his disciples said to one
another: "What does this mean that he says t o
us, 'In a little while YOU will not behold me, and,
further, in a little while YOU tvill see me,' and,
'because 1 am going to the Father'?" l 8 Hence
they were saying: "What does this mean that
he says, 'a little while'? We do not know tvlzat
he is talking a b o ~ t . "IVesus
knew they were
wanting to question him, so he said to them:" *Lug145
"AreYOU inquiring among yourselves over this,
because I said, In a little while you will not behold me, and, further, in a little while YOU will
see me? **Most truly I say to YOU, You will
weep" and wail, but the world will rejoice; YOU #h.rt !as:=
will be grieved,* but YOUR grief will be turned 'Lu5:35
into joy.n A woman, when she is giving birth, oBZt
L u a:41
J O h 20:20
has grief, because her hour has arrived;" but ,
a trThtlt one'$; in the masculine gender, to agree with "helper" in
versc 7. b B omits "what he is talking about'?

EMt 7:7
Joh 14:13
Joh 15:16

'Job 14:21

Heh 12:6
Judc 21

n d o l ~3:13

Moh 13.3

when she has brought forth the youngo child,

she remembers the tribulation no more because
of the joy that a man has been born into the
world. " You also, therefore, are now, indeed,
having grief; but I shall see YOU again and lrom
hearts will rejoicejp and no one will take YOUR
joy from YOU. And in that day YOU will ask
me no question at all.' Most truly I say t o YOU,
If rou ask the Father for anything he will give
it to YOU in my namemaa d Until this present time
YOU have not asked a single thing in my name.
Ask arid YOU will receive, that YOUR joy may
be made f dl."
25 "I have spoken these things to YOU in comparisons." The hour is coming when I will speak
to YOU no more in comparisons, but X will report to YOU with plainness concerning the Father. 28 In that day YOU will ask in my name, and
1 do not say to YOU that X shall make request'
of the Father concerning
27 For the Father
himself has affection" for YOU, because YOU
have had affection for me" and have believed
that I came out as the Father's represesltative.'
28 I came out from the Father and have come
into the world. Further, I a m leaving the world
and a m p i n g my way to the Father."*
29 His disciples said: "See! now you are speaking with plainness, and are uttering no comparis0n.O 30 Now we lrnotv that you know all things'
and you do not need to have anyone question
By this we believe that you came out from
God."" 31Jesus answered them: "Do YOU believe at present? " Look! the hour is coming,
indeed, it has come, when YOU will be scattered
each one to his otvn housen and POW will leave
me done; and yet I am not alone, because the

JOHN 17:12-23

Father is with me.* SS I have said these things to *JOhs:B

YOU that by means of mea YOU may have peace: u ~ h ~
In the world YOU will have tribulation,' but 0Ac7:10
checr up! I have conqucr~dthe world.""
2 ri8:37
Jesus spoke these tl-rings, and, raising lJu.I:4
his eyes to heaven: he said: "Father, OAcl:I1
the hour has come; glorify your son, that your 0;:; :;$
son may glorzy you,O according as you have +Da?:14
nrt qns
given him authority over all flesh,' that, as re- nzt 2s:is
gards the whoIe number which you 5nve given &?&$
him: he may give them everlasting life. 'l This mi$P$&
means everlastingC Me,* their t a k i n ~in kn&- *$c13:4"
edge of ~ 0 1 1the
, ~ only true God."f@ nf t h m
~ e 'rco ~ : d
ITh l : 9
whom you sent farth,* JesusC
- ' I have 3hc
glorified you on t h e earth, having finished the :%!?:%
work you have given me t o do," So now you, ;Ec :$i$i
Father: glorify me alongside yourself with the OJahm7
glory0 which I had alongside you before the 3Ac7:2
nJoh 18:38
worldo was.'
ayot~i : ~
6 "I have made your name manifest t o the gEf'$it
men you gave me out of the wor1d.O They were
yours, aRd you gave them t o me, and they have H e b 2312
observed your word. They have now come to
know that all the things you gave me are from
you; because the sayings that you gave me I
have given to them, and they have received
them and have certainly come to knew thal: I
came out as your representative, and they have +Joh
.T oh 12:49
believed that you sent me forth.*
male re:ii$!
quest col~cernislgthem; I make request," not uJoh17:15
concerning the world: but concerning those "IJ0 5:19
because they are yours,
you have given me, lU
and all my things are yours and yours are
mine," and I: have been glorified among them. x ~ o h ~ 6 : W
Also I am no longer in thc world, but they


AJoh S:3s
doh 10:s
Hel-r %:I3
03oh 18.9
1Jo 2:10
1Jo 5:lR

OR0 9 9 2

+Ps 41:9
Joh 12 18

Ac 1:2o



Or, c'in union with me." Ws, "their I I ~ O R ~ I YOU."


OAc 20,X
3Ac ti:?

OJoh 18:X

Z 1i;

Eph 5 2 6
1Th 5:23

Heb 13:l:
1Pe 1.22

are in the worldu and I am coming to you. Holy

Father, watch over them" out of respect for
your own name which you have given me, in
order that they may be one just as we are.'
l a When I was with them I used to watch over
them" out of respect for your own name which
you have given me, and 1 have kept them, and
not one aP them is destroyedQxcept the son
of destrwcti~n,~'
so that the scripture has been
I ~ l f i l l e d .l ~
3 But now I am corning to you, and
I am speaking these things in the ~vorldin order that they may have my joy in themselves
to the full." 1 have given your word t o them,
but the world has hated them. because thev are
no part of the world just as' I am no p j r t of
the ~wrld."
15 "I request0 you, not to take them out
of t h e world, but to watch over them because
of the wicked one.' "'They
are no part of the
world just as 1 a m no part of the world. " Sanctify3"them by means of the truth; your word0
is t r ~ t h . ~ "Just as you sent me forth into the
world, I also sent them forth into the
l9 And I am sanctifying myself in their behalf,
that they also may be sanctified by means of

20 "I male request: not concerning these
only, but alsa concerning those putting faith in
me through their word; 21in order that they
may all be one, just as you, Father, are in
union with me and I am in uniono with you,"
t h a t they ~ i s omay be in union with us,' in
orcler that the world may believeCthat you sent
me forth. Also I have given them the glory
which you have given me, in order that they
may be one just as we are one.* I in unioll

JOHN 17:24-18: 7
with them and you in union with me,=In order
that they may be perfected" into one, that the
world may have the knowledge that you sent
rnc forth and that you loved them just as you
loved me." 24 Father, as to what you have given "KO 6:17
mc, I wish that, where I am,they also may he
with mc,O in order to behold my glory which ;/4;.:
you have given me, because you loved me before the world's fornda-tionP" ?" Righteous Fa-?
ther, the world has, indeed, not come to h o t v
you, but I have come to know you, and thcsc I:O 13:s
have come t o h o w that you sent rnc forth.' ,"'Jj,':
" And I have made your name knwtvn to them Jolt 16 2f
and will make it known, in order that the loveo
with which you loved me may be in them and
*doh la:e
T in union with them.""
1to H::W
Having said these things, Jesus went out U ~ l h3 1 7
with his disciples across the t.vinter torrentn of Riflron" to where there was a ga