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ZERO CONDITIONAL (if + present simple, present simple)

1. Complete the sentences with the zero conditional form of the verbs in
the list.
be bite buy donate drink get go have got help not sleep
a. Look at this offer. If you _________ two packets, you _______ the third
packet free.
b. If I _________ too much coffee, I ____________ very well.
c. Be careful of that dog! It _________ if you ________ near it.
d. People usually __________ money if there ___________ an international
e. If he ______________ a problem, his sister always ___________ him.

2. Write sentences to explain each situation. Use if or when + zero

0. There are often droughts in Africa, so people cant grow food.
People cant grow food if there are droughts in Africa.
a. Many people havent got water. They often get ill.
If people
b. You see sad images on the news. Its depressing.
I feel
c. Animals which become extinct are lost forever.
We lose

FIRST CONDITIONAL + if/unless (if/unless + present simple, will + infinitive)

3. Complete each sentence with the first conditional form of the verbs.
a. If I (not/succeed), I (not/be) happy.
b. Some animals (not/survive) unless we (save) them.
Some animals
c. People (continue) to die of hunger unless we (help).
d. If you (not/invite) her, she (not/come).

4. Rewrite sentences a-c. Include the words in brackets.

a. People dont protest, so nothing will change. (unless)
b. We need to act. More animals are becoming extinct. (dont)
c. We must reduce air pollution or pay with our lives. (unless)

FIRST AND SECOND CONDITIONAL (1st: if+present, will) (2nd: if+past simple, would)
5. Complete each sentence with the first or second conditional form the
verbs. (Think about the probability of the event for each speaker).
a. Cleaner: If I (be) president, I (work) really hard.
b. President: If I (be) the next president, I (not/work) at all.
c. Hollywood star: If Nicole Kidman (call) me, I (invite) her for dinner.
d. You: I (invite) Nicole Kidman to dinner if she (call) me.
e. Millionaire: If I (buy) a yacht, I (travel) to Australia on it.

THIRD CONDITIONAL (if + past perfect, would + present perfect)

6. Write sentences using the third conditional.
a. If / they / phone / us / we / prepare / a meal for them.

b. The concert / be / better / if / the group / play / some old songs.

c. I / not recognized / him / if / you / not tell / me / who he was.

d. If / the emergency services / come / sooner / more people / survive.

e. If / he / leave / school / at sixteen / he / have to / look for work.


Choose the correct answer.
a. If you had driven / drove / drive to work every day, it affects your carbon
b. We would have bought solar panels if they would cost /had cost /cost
c. I will ride / would ride / had ridden my bicycle to school unless it rains.
d. If you care about the environment, dont waste / didnt waste / wont
waste water.
e. If I were you, I will buy / had bought / would buy organic vegetables.