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General Marshall
Appeals To Ala.
_, I I
-Spang Reenactme?t Of C. D.
Law ConsIdered By
Governor For WACs Committee
The care of increasing number of The following special sub-com-
casualties arriving in the United mittee on Emergency Legislation
States, together with an acute short- has been appointed from an Inter-
age of nurses and hospital attend- im Committee of the Legislature to
ants necessitates urgent measures consider the reenactment of the
being taken to recruit and rapidly Civilian Defense Law:
train women for service in Army Senaror Vernon LaFayette St.
hospitals, according to General John representing Lawrence and
George Marshall, Chief of Staff of Morgan Counties is a prominent ed-
the United States Army. ucator. A graduate of the Univer-
General Marshall has telegraphed sity of Alabama, Senator St. John
Governor Chauncey Sparks that previously served as State Senator
there is a great need of WACS fo:: for the term 1935-39. He was vice
training in hospital service. Gov- president of the Alabama Education
ernor Sparks has delegated to Hay- Association in 1940-41 and as an
good Paterson, Director of the Ala- ardent Democrat has served on the
bama Defense Council 'and Chief of National Speakers Bureau.
WAC recruiting in Alabama the job ; Senator Jim Smith, Jr., of Colbert
of recruiting women for training County has gained reputation as a
for service in Army hospitals. forward-looking legislator, with a
Chief Paterson, who has already full realization of his responsibili-
contacted district and local recruit- ties to the citizens of the State.
ing offices wired General Marshall Representative Nonnan W. Harris
that he is awaiting his instructions of Decatur graduated as L. L. B.
to go into action; that he can ac- from the University of Virginia and
tivate the program over the entire has been practsing law in his home
State in forty eight hours. In ad- town, finding time to represent his
dition to the Alabama Defense State as member of the Senate 1938-
Council organization which extend~ 42. Again he occupies a prominent
into every county, Chief Paterson I place among the law makers of Ala-
has contacted Mrs. Arthur Heustess Ibama .
head of the Women's Auxiliary of Representative Lonnie G. McPher-
the American Legion in Alabama. son of Fort Payne is not only well
General Marshall's telegram to 'known in his own DeKalb County,
(Turn to page 2-column 2) o but has taken an active part in
sponsoring and directing State leg-
Legion Auxiliary Representative Hunter Golson is
known'throughout the State as pub-
Boosts Salvage I lisher of county newspapers, own-
In Lauderdale I ing the Wetumpka Herald, the Ab-
beville Herald, and the Atmore Ad-
vance. He is a familiar figure in
Mrs. Milo S. Long Chairman of
the Lauderdale County Salvage Spang, Cartoonist of the Montgomery, Ala., Advertiser, in this the Capitol corridors having for-
cartoon interprets the work of the Citizens Service Corps in Mont- merly served in the House of Rep-
Committee assisted by members of
gomery. resentatives from 1939-43, and is
the Americ,an Legion Auxiliary and
Mrs. J. Y. Brame, Director and Mrs. Louis Baker, Executive Sec- conversant with affairs of State.
Post No. 11 collected 27,900 lbs. of
waste paper and a carload of tin retary find time in spite of their many regular duties to take care of
cans in Florence in one day.
The money realized from this
the vast volume of clerical work for local welfare organizations,
which because of war conditions are experiencing diffiCUlty in finding
Huntsville Women
day'S salvage effort was employed sufficient number of volunteers. Untiring Workers
to wire the salvage .depot, install
heating facilities and purchase a The generous bp of the Corps 'seems to' have the magic qualities
Mrs. D. B. Moose, head of the C.
can opener with motor attached of the miraculous pitcher. No sooner is it emptied than it is again D. volunteer office in Huntsville and
The depot is managed my Mrs. Tom full, seeming never to lose its capacity for additional work. Mrs. M.ilton Anderson, Chairman of
Gibbons, President of Florence Uni the Citizens Service Corps, like the
No. 11, American Legion Auxiliary proverbial busy bees have many
and members of the AuxHiary. C. D. Policemen Clothing Drives shining hours to their credit. These
Tuesday has been designated as women staged and directed two suc-
"Paper Day" in all the Florence The City of Sylacauga, Alabam'!. Support your various drives for cessful welfare-warfare drives and
schools and the school hauling the boasts that 2 of its very best police- clothing as there has been a num- a Red Cross Drive. They are al-
most paper to the depot on that men are men trained as auxiliary ber of requests from British Relief. ready making preparation for the
day receives a banner. At the end policemen in the Civilian Defens Russian Relief and China Relief for next Red Cross Drive. Under their
of the year, the school that has program. C. D. policemen and fire- clothing of all types as these coun- earnest leadership, the entire com-
had the banner for the greatest men have been recognized through- tries have not been manufacturing munity has participated whole-
number of weeks is given a War out the country as a most efficien wearing apptrel and there are many heartedly in the Civilian Defense
Trophy. and praiseworthy group. I destitute cases. program.

Sheffield Citi'zens .Alabama Lab~r Supply Committee . CItizens Service

Win Service Bars' , . Meets To Discuss Imminent Problems Stressed By Chief
~or Fine Effort Carl Griffin, Chief of War Ser-
Vices, Alabama State Defense Coun-
As a recognition of unselfish and cil is reminding Directors of Citi-
untiJ:mg_service,~Jack J. Caruthers;._ zens Service COl;PS- that much work
Commander of the Sheffield, Ala. - needs to be done in the field. ,of
,Citizens Def" .has 'awardeli citizens service, which -is being en-
Service. Bars to L19Yd S. Carter, larged daily by th~ returning ser..
Frank 'L. BarClay:' 'Charles Ruggles, vicemen and servIcewomen.
Miss June Caruthers, Miss Sarah Mr. Griffin is spending consider-
Hughes, E. Harris Ross, W. Burt ',- ble time in the field, making per-
Whitfield, Miss'Cora L. Caruthers, sonal 'contacts with, Service Corps
Miss Lelia Riley, Mrs. A. J. Malis- Directors throughout the State to
pino, G. D. Hampton P. B. Swoopes discuss their proI:llems with them
(col) and William Watkins (col). and assist in setting up committees
Lloyd S. Carter was awarded a to inform and aid the returning
1,000 hour Service Bar. He has par- veterans.
ticipated in the Civilian Defense
program for eighteen months and
is" now serving as' "Chief Air 'Raid Vets Assistance
Frank L. Barclay who received the
Program Outlined
1,000 hour' Service Bar is a Zone To Alabamians
Le'ader, who 'started as a Senior
Warden. He zealously attends all REPRESENTATIVES SKETCH
meetings and has taught a Fire NATIONAL, STATE AND
Fighters Course. .LOCAL BENEFITS
Charles 'Ruggles .another winner
or" the 1,000 hour Service Bar is a Outlining the veterans assistance
Senior Warden, who was active program from the national, state
during' the practice blackouts. He and local angle, Capt. George Mur-
made 'all 'signs for the new Salvage rah, chief of the personnel division.
Depot.' . Selective Service, speaking to the
Miss June Caruthers and Miss Rotary Club in' Montgomery, gave
Sarah Hughes were presented with a thumbnail sketch of what Con-
2:000 ,hour' Service Bars for their gress has done p,'uaranteeing the
efforts in behalf of the salvage pro- veteran getting his old job back un-
gram~ .. 'Throughout the summer der the GI bill of rights, of Gov-
they' gathered;' sorted, and baled ernor Sparks' state advisory com-
waste' paper in' the Contest for mittee and of the information ser-
Housewives, a "man-sized" job and vice for veterans it prOVided, and
h'atd 'wo'rk, too. ' also the duties of the county ser-
.E. H'an:is Ross>WhO proudly wears vice officer and the local selective
his 3,000 hour .Service Bar is <;:;uo service boards in "channelling" the
tOdian of. Property. He was special- veterans to the agency through
ly activit during the practice black- which they would receive the proper
outs, the D-Day Program and is assistance.
now helping in. the.salvage progra)n. "With an approximate 12.50G,000
·W. Burt Whitfield has been given men in service now, it will take the
a 3,000 Service ,Bar for uninterrupt- _:iN IMPORTANT FACTOR IN MEETING MAN- combined efforts of these variou<;
ed service w!th the $heffieid' Giti- .?OWER PROBLEMS of farm and factory is the State organizations," Captain Murrah
zens. Defense Corps. During the Labor Supply Committee, appointed by Gov. Sparkf. stated, "to prove to those men that
&u~iner he .furn~shed .a truck for The committee, which has waged war on absenteeis!'!~ the American way of living was'
the waste' paper driyes and donated worth fighting for by prOViding op-
arid worked to solve pressing manpower shortages in .portunities for the returnin'1 vet-
the building .for use as a new sal- various fields, is shown above: left to right, lower, Er-
v1J,ge depot.. eran, instead of making of him a
nest L. Marbury, War Man· Jwer chief for Alabama' problem."
.. ·Miss CQra .L. Caruthers has the Frank R. Broadway, head of the Department of Indus-
distinction of:a gold 5,000 hour .ser~ (Turn to page 3-coluilll 2 )
trial relations and committee chairman; P. O. Davis,
vice Bar, -which is the reward. for
continuous and faithful service
Director of Extension; upper, Haygood Paterson, who
Though she serves as clerk for the heads Alabama's Civilian Defense setup; Col. James '.1;'. Scout Troop War
Citizens'·'De:fense' Corps office, her Johnson, Jr., State Selective Service Director; and Van Effort Recognized
dllt~es .are .manifo~d and include Buren Gilbert, D;,rector of Public Safety. (State News-
many activities outside of the rou- photo.) For full cooperation and sunpor';
tine conduct of the office. She of the war effort through Civilian
planned' ·arid." directed the D-Day Defense activities, the Childersburg,
Program;':'assisted with the waste GENERAL MARSHALL These recruit? will be trained fo:' Ala., Boy Scout Troop, has been
paper contests;'lmd played a large assignment to a partic1..lal'ly named presented with a service award.
part· in developiiJ.g the new salvage (Continued from page 1) army hospital including the one lo- This Boy Scout Troop commanded
program.. Her willingness, loyalty, Governor Sparks read: cated in Alabama. While we could by the Rev. M. L. Young has been
and' untii'ing efforts places her in "In the Fall of 1943 I appealed not guarantee that no other as- active' in scrap paper and metal
the front tanks of 'Civilian Defense to the Governors to conduct a cam- signment will ever be given the drives, the sale of War Bonds and
workers.. ' paign for the personnel, the army platoons organized for specific Gen- Stamps and has rendered fine ser-
Miss Leila Riley, Mrs. A. J. Malis- nee(jed in the Women's Army Corps. eral Hospitals, it is our intention vice in every home front activity.
piiio, G. D. Hampton, P. B. Swoopes Now we urgently' need WACS for to make the assignments as perma-
(col)' and William Watkins (col) our sixty general hospitals. nent as possible.
were awarded' 500 hour service bars "Y6ur leadership in recruiting "If you will sponsor such a cam· mation, including arrangements to
for" meritorious' service with .the women for four such platoons will paign, I shall send som~ne to give place the army recruiting service
Sheffield Citizens Service Corps. be .a great service to the Army. your aide all the necessary infor- at your disposal," -

Pintlala School Capt. Paterson

Sponsors Activ~ • ObligaHons For 1945 ",'iAnd Staff Win
Many demands will be made on the American people during the
Defense Program year 1945. Many pbligations will have to be met-obligations to coun-·: Recruiting Title
try, obligations to the men carrying the fight on foreign soil, and, ob- Montgomery's U. S. Army Re-
School (Montgomery County). has
assumed responsibilities and put ligations. to one's self as an individual citizen. Paramount in the latter cruiting Station led all Stations in
int'o operation a program that gives category is the obligation, as an individual, to profit by the bitter ex- the States of Alabama, Tennessee,
it first place among participants in perience of the last" few weeks, and supplant over-confiqence, com- and Missi!?Sippi, in WAC recruiting
home front activities. placency and optimism, with the determination that our armed forces . last year.
The schools, too are at war, ac- shall never again experience the harassing fear of a shortage in ma- Capt. J. H. Paterson; Jr., ·com-
cording to Dr.' Clarence Dannelly, teriel. For the customary New Year's resolution to refrain from some manding- officer and his staff .of 28
Montgomery County Superintendent assistants al'e proud· of the 'fact that
personal indulgence, let us substitute the spirit of determination to con-
of Education, and the Pintlala hundreds of women from Central
tribute to victory by unstinted service in every activity on the Home and South Alabll,ma are· now wear-
The Junior Red Cross of Pintlala Front.
School, which sponsors all student ing the uniform of the Women's
war activities, since' our c0untry Army Corps as the result of their
The announcement by Chairman Krug that WPB is opera,ting'
went to war has sold $100,000 worth on the theory of an indefinite period of war with Germany, sho~ld be To establish its record, the Mont-
'of War Bonds; collected tons of accepted by every citizen who has left the production lines as a. i.han- gomery office competed with re-
waste paper, scrap iron and tin; date to· return to his or her post. . .
made gifts for Veterans Hospital; cruiting stations in . Birmingham,
and gathered a sUbstantial amount Memphis, Nashville, Tenn., and
Salvage drives will have to be acceyerated. The shortage<:6f. tin Jackson, Miss.
of clothing for the Russian Relief. and paper continues. In every home, office and plant extreme care The .year 1945 will present Ala-
Last year alone, the children of should be exercised to prevent the waste of these commodities. bama's capital city station with the
Pintlala Junior Red Cross estab- more difficult job ' of recruiting
lished for their financial goal in The drastic rationing of processed foods and meats, just announc- mainly for women to train. or ·serve
War Bond DrIves the purchase of ed by OPA, must bB accepted as an indication that there is a long and in specialized fields of medical tech J

a jeep, but they so Iar surpassed bitter fight ahead for 19411.. We can contribute a civilian's share to nology, but Capt. Paterson feels cer-
the amount that their sales total- victory by conserving food and discountenancing black markets. tain his recruiters will be able to
ling $12,395,95 bought 10 jeeps. meet the cl;1allenge.· "The job ahead.
Enough of the pupils are bond 0: There will be War Lo~n Drives during the year. As with previous of us is a big one," he declares, "and
stamp purchasers to give the school War Loans the issues offered must quickly be over-subscribed in the it will become bigger as our battle
the right to fly the "school-at-war" spirit of patriotism. casualties. increase and more women
flag. are' needed to work in Army hos-'
In 1943-44 the Pintlala School Since Pearl Harbor Civilian Defense has been diligent and vigilant pitals, but the success we have had
won a plaque for being the first. in every Home-Front activity. Its. members' have contributed to the in the first few days of. 1945 has
school to enroll its students 100 pe. success of War Loan Drives, Salvage campaigns, and its auxiliary fire- encouraged us greatly until· we feel
cent in the Junior Red dross. men and policemen have responded promptly and served unstintedly .confident we can continue to enlist
Victory Gardens flourish in this .n emergencies. our share of WAGs each month."
district and families of the' school The current recruiting campaign
children pJanting them have real- Civilian Defense, dedicated to service on the Home Front, will is de~igned to obtain for service in
ized considerable profit from this meet its obligations during 1945.-From Civilian Front. the . WAC women who either are'
activity. already trained or desire to receive,
Mrs. Mary McLean Whit-, wh-· trai:ning in specialized jobs i,ri the,
has served the organization as field of medical technology.. Women
teacher-sponsor since its beginning 7th War Loan Drive' tl:aihed in varidus clerical cap:lcitie>
also are being sought for enlis':-.
has never failed to attend a meet-
(Continued from page 2)
ing during the three years of its Washington, - The Seventh War me.nt. Complete information con-
existence. President A. Sidney Coleman sub- Loan has been tentatively set for cerning enlistment either for ,ser-
Jack Hornady of the Nin~h Grad:;) stantiated Captain Murrah's state- the latter part of Mayor the. first vice in the field of Illedical tech-
h -.S directed all stamp and bond ment by saying that the Rotarian of June, the Treasury Department nc10gy or for duties,.of a cl~rical. na-
s·des. was doing all he could to create op- has revealed. ture may be obtained by visiting,
portunities for returning veterans, • Probable Slogan of the drive is, writing or telephoning the U. S.
Pintlala Junior Red .Cross offi- but declared that as a club the or- '''Guns or Lives?" Army'Recruiting Station, 308 Bell'
C81'S this year are Jean Davis, Von- Building,' Montgomery, or·tue U Sf
ganization had indicated that it
cile Pettus, Edward Cook, and Wal might undertake "something" more Army Recruiting Sub~Station, 135
don Hall. Rae Ve11abl:, Pr8sid:n worthwhile.
U. S. Armed Forces New Custom House. Mobile.
of the Pintlala Gil:ls 4-H Club is ~ ~

Total 11,900,OOQ
I" '

the capable reporter. Col. Chalmers Speaks , .

Other active leaders are alsJ Col. Franklin S. Chalmers, region- Washington. - The armed forces
Wyoming Reports
members of the 4-H Club. Among
them are: Jeln Davis. s;;cretalY vi
al Veterans' Federal Employment
representative of the Fifth U. S:
of the United States now number 17,935 Assigned
11,900,000. Of that number 8,100,-
the Defense Cou,1ci, and song lead- Civil Service Regional Office, At- 000 are in the Army; the remain- Cheyenne, Wyo. ' - Nearly 20,000
er of the 4-H. Club;. Rebecca Hat- lanta, addressed the general public der in the Navy, Marines ana CoastWyoming citizens volunteered for
field, 4-H reporter; Edward Cook at 8 o'clock Wednesday night at the Guard. civilian defense aCtivities 1n the
rcpo-rter for the boys' 4-H Club, City Auditorium. All recent legis- 1943-44 biennium, and 17,935 were
T~e fig'utes are as of November 1
who is in charge of collections of lation affecting vet"ntns, including 1944, and were compiled for us~ inassigned to specific duties' in vari-
stamps and bonds for the scho:;l; the Veterans' Preference' Act of 1941 a report to the Senate by War Mo- ous '~ranches according to. the 're-
Jean Stubbs, secretary of the Girls' and the G. I. Bill of Rights was dis- bilization Di,rector Byrnes. They port' of' the State Council' pf De-
4-H Club and also secretary of cussed and the part the Federal were cited in emphasizing the "re-fense just submitted to Governor
the Montgomery County Council of Government plays in the adminis- Lester e. 'Hunt' by George O. H::u-
markable job in mobilization" since
4-H Clubs; Paula Mills, 4-H vice- tration of them was explained. 8'e1', exe'cutive director.
1940, when the military strength of
president; Waldon Hall" anothe~ Col. Chalmers has recently been the country was 700,000 in all Registrations in the various di-
collector of stamps and. bonlis for retired from the infantry and has branches. The 11,900,000 is a _netvisions included citizens defense:
the school; Voncile Pettus, repre- se,rved overseas in both World War corps; 9,20'1'; citizens' service": corps,
figure after giving effect to, 1,500,-
sentative to the Red Cross Council I and World War II. 000 discharged and killed'. 7;422'; civil air patrol,' 34;' aircraft
meetings in' Montgomery; Diwid Lowell J. Black, business manager warning service 132 'and forest fire·
Dean, president of the Boys' 4-H of the War Manpower Commission "It's not enough to buy oonds fighters service 1;143.
Club; William Nolan, secretary- in Alabama, introduced Col. Chal- However high we heap 'em; The State has 75 Incal defense
treasurer of the Boys' 4-H ClUb; and mers on behalf of Montgomery Pos; We've wasted your and my 'bonds councils serving 72.3 per cent of the
Lural Greer, songleader. No. 2 of the American Legion. Unless when bought we keep 'em." Wyoming population. '

State Council JUDGE DEESE Placement Clinics Lt. Col. Sheahan

Encourages Use Of For Handicapped Attends Meeting
Enriched Products Citize-n Of Month The fifth Regional Office of the Of Ala. Fieldmen
U. S. Civil Service Commission and Lt. Col. Paul R. Sheahan, Indus-
Mrs. Mary Carolyn Young, Execu· the State Departments of Vocational trial Protection Officer of the
tive Secretary of· ·the Alabama Nu- Rehabilitation in the States com- Fourth Corps Area of the Army,
trition Council in her New Year prising the Fifth Region-Tennes- Atlanta, Ga., praised the Alabama
letter to County Council Chairmen see, South Carolina, Georgia, Flor- Fieldmen's Association for the fine
advised that many County Councils ida, and Alabama-have performed volunteer service rendered by its
are starting the year off ·with work a commendable service in holding members in the State's War Inspec-
on the enrichment program. clinics for the placement of the tion Service program.
Mrs. Young explained that the physically handicapped. The first Colonel Sheahan came to Mont-
national enrichment regulation of ten clinics held in the above men- gomery to attend a meeting of the
white flour and bread is effective tioned states resulted in the place- Fieldmen's Association January 12th
in wartime only and does not pro- ment of 1,500 handicapped workers in . order to discuss with them the
vide for the enrichment of degerm- in war jobs in which workers were reinspection of certain plants. This
inated corn meal and grits but that urgently needed. program, originally carried on by,
the Alabama Law which goes into Army personnel, has been most sat-
effect February 1, 1945 requires the
enrichment of degerminated corn
Auxiliary Firemen isfactorily handle'd in Alabama by
civilian volunteer inspectors, ac-
meal and grits as well as white Auxiliary firemen from five neigh- cording to Col. Sheahan.
bread and flour. boring towns were called December While in Montgomery, Col. Shea-
The State Department of Agricul- 10 to assist in extinguishing the han visited the State Defense Coun-
ture and Industries is designated as fire in the huge auditorium of the cil office to confer with Director
the agency to enforce this law. Fox Theatre in Burlington, New Haygood Paterson and H. B. an-
Since the Alabama State Nutri- Jersey. Eight persons were drews, Chief of Civilian Protection.
tion Council sponsored this law, it evacuated wi);hout casualties.
is calling on the county councils to by that he started when Dale Coun-
aid in its enforcement by contact- mailed to the people of the county y men and women began going into
ing State Commissioner of Agricul- and about 55% of these were re- the service. He admits it is about
ture, stressing the importance of en- turned with contributions ranging to run away with him, but he's go-
forcement; by getting stores to sell from one dollar to three hundred ing to stay with it because it gives
enriched products; and by encour- dollars. The response for each of him so much pleasure and means
aging the public to ask for enrich- these drives was prompt and en- so much to the Dale County boys
ed products. Gains First Place thusiastic, making it possible to in service. This hobby beats any-
send check in full settlement to thing I have ever seen, for persist-
For County 'In State Headquarters on the very first ency, consistency and hard work in
Aux-Volunteers State War Chest day of each successive drive. keeping it going and for the cheer
This plan distributed the quota it is bringing to Dale boys all over
Denver, Col. -Robret E. Harvey, Frank O. Deese, for the past ten uniformly among all the people of the world. Judge Deese writes every
director .of the Denver Defense years has served as Probate Judge the county. No community was serviceman and woman from Dale
Council announced that 571 badges of Dale County. Born and reared in overlooked in the appeal and none County twice a year, on July 4 and
have been presented to the auxil- Dale, he has taken an active part failed to make a generous response. on Christmas, and many of them
iary firemen and policemen of Den- in the life of the county and is Judge Deese believes that when a more often.
ver. The badges cost approximately known far and wide for h:s civic cause that possesses merit is pre- "To do this he had to have the
$600, and were purchased with funds and philanthropic activities. sented fairly and truthfully to the military addresses of each, and pa-
subscribed by Denver citizens inter- War Chest Chairman people of Dale County they will re- tiently he has compiled this list
ested in defense work. Auxiliary For three years Judge Deese has spond as a unit, giving as they have through the assistance of the ser-
police~en received 375 badges; 196 served as Chairman of the Dale prospered. vice men and their families. When
went to the firemen. County War Chest Fund. Directed The success of the three War a man goes into service the Judge
by him, the loyal and patriotic cit- Chest Drives confirms him in this gets his' name and then communi-
In Flanders Fields izens of Dale County have for three
consecutive years mailed a check in
belief, for each year Dale County
has not only raised its quota, but
cates with his family to learn his
military address. The family al-
In Flanders fields the poppies blow full payment of Dale County's quota has far over-subscribed it. ways responds promptly, answering
Between the crosses, row on row, on the first day of the drive. Letters To Service Men on a postcard. The Judge then puts
That mark our place; and in the Judge Deese has used the same Judge Deese has had numerous this address in a special book and
sky unique plan for raising the county's hobbies during his lifetime, but his sets up a card in a special index
The larks, still bravely singing, fly, quota each year. Because of labor principal hobby is trying to be of where the current address will al-
Scarce heard amidst the guns below. and gasoline shortages, he decided service to the young men and women ways be quickly available. Then he
We are the dead. Short days ago to conduct the County War Fund from Dale County who are now in writes this soldier or sailor a letter
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset campaign without the usual com- the armed forces of this country. and encloses a "Courtesy Card",
glow, mittees and without the usual coun·· A columnist of the "Dothan Eagle" signed by the 'Judge of Probate,
Loved and were loved, and now we ty-wide speech-making tours. For who knows the Judge well talks Dale County, Alabama, U. S. A.',
lie three weeks prior to the drive, he about him informally and with the saying he would appreciate any
In Flanders fields. publicized it by front-page articles warmth that such a personality courtesy shown the bearer who is
in the county paper, The Southern would inspire: known 'to be a reliable and reputa-
Take up our quarrel with the foe! Star, which goes into practically all "Mr. Frank O. Deese is the pro- ble citizen' of Dale County 'and de-
To you from falling hands we throw the homes of Dale County. In the bate judge of Dale County and he serving of the favorable considera-
The torch. Be yours to hold it first article, Judge Deese explained is a gifted and eloquent soul, with tion of all persons whomsoever'.
high! . the purposes of the War Chest and a capacity for making friends "And as for giving these cards to
. If ye break faith with us who die appealed to the people of the county quickly and permanently. I visited all Dale County servicemen, whether
We shall not sleep, though poppies to give it their support. The sec- him in his office at Ozark for an white or black, Judge Deese ob-
grow ond article explained his method of hour the other day and I can't pos- serves: 'so far as I am concerned,
In Flanders fields. making contributions by letter. The sibly tell you about him in one par- any man or woman from Dale
By Lt. Col. John D. McCrae. third, published at the time the let- agraph, so I'm going to stretch ou~ County who is in uniform helping
(Written during the second bat- ters went out over the county, ask- this piece. Judge Deese isn't 40 and win this war is a scholar and a gen-
tle of Ypres, April 15, 1915. The ed the people receiving the letters he won't see 60 again but he is as tleman'. They all want these cards,
author, whose home was in Mon- to place their donations in the en- spry as a Commando and the movies he says, and when one is lost he is
treal, Quebec, Canada, was killed closed addressed, stamped envelopes could use him to portray a typical promptly asked for another one.
on duty in Flanders, January 28, and mail them back promptly. Southern geni1eman like no other The NegrOeS are especially proud to
1918.) About four thousand letters were man could. Judge Deese has a hob- have these 'showings'."