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The Free Second Passport Guide

The Free Second Passport Guide

How to get a Second Citizenship and a Second Passport
In an era when governments are imposing more and more draconian regulations on
their citizens, a second passport is citizenship insurance.
Having a second passport can dramatically increase your personal and economic
freedom. Having dual citizenship or even multiple citizenships is an important step
in internationalizing your life so that no one government owns you.
Having asecond passportcan drastically increase your personal and economic

The Free Second Passport Guide

Are you outraged every time at the airport when you wait in line to be searched and
run the gauntlet of security? Do you feel that there are just too many things that just
dont seem to be based on common sense or an understanding of what is required
of citizens to remain free?

Most people just shrug their shoulders and blindly accept the movement away from
the concept of the individual rights and responsibilities and the steady movement to
the intrusion of the state? If you are some of the few that see these trends for what
they really are, then it is up to you to take steps to ensure your own freedom.

Maybe it sounds unpatriotic, but its quite the contrary. Human history can and does
repeat because of human weaknesses. Changes in societies can take on a
momentum of their own as powerful agendas work at odds against foundational
values and principles. Sometimes, entropy-the physical rule that seems to best
describe the processes of nature-comes into play.

As a conscious being, you do have choices.if you are aware of them.

In fact, an intelligent person keeps an eye on future trends and considers options to
different potential scenarios. Just look at how the world of work is changing and how
so many people will be having multiple careers. One could say that change and
adaptation (entropy) is all about developing our potential although we all crave

The Free Second Passport Guide

Indeed, this fear of the unknown seems to be driving pressures for governments and
economies to be more concerned with security than development and

Fear of change and the unknown future seems to be driving

pressures for governments and economies to be more
concerned with security than development and
advancement. That would more than likely mean less
individual freedoms.
If you find yourself nodding in agreement, then there are some simple things you
can do to help hedge against the forces that may reduce your personal freedoms.
One place to start the process is to create the ability to diversify your exposure to
potential risks.preferably before they happen.

How to Get a Second Passport and Second Citizenship (linked to order page)
will show you how to help guarantee your physical freedom as well as provide a
foundation for becoming a global citizen.

Not only can a second passport help enhance your freedom, but it can help you
leave a better life for your children and their children, by giving them citizenship in
the best countries possible. Citizenship is a totally random thing that we get
bestowed with by no choice of our own. Yet it can shape our entire lives. And it
subjects us like serfs to the changing whims of those in control of the plot of dirt we
were born on by accident.

Life isnt all about money, and more money doesnt always mean more freedom. As
more and more people have the opportunity to experience other cultures and
societies, ideas of what may be best for them may change. For example, the
economics of less developed countries have forced the preservation of many

The Free Second Passport Guide

wonderful human ways to live that the more advanced economies have left behind
usually as a result of changing values and the blind pursuit of consumerism.
There is a large increase in the amount of expat citizens from first world nations as
they become residents and citizens of less developed nations. This is largely due to
exchange rates but also motivated by seeking other ways of living. Indeed,
nowadays, you can have it both ways.
Modern benefits such as the internet, cable TV, cell phones, modern medicine are in
full swing in all of the less developed nations. So, you can be on Skype talking with
friends and family or watching the latest HBO features while living in a completely
other culture. Its not for everybody, but it is a growing trend.

The Free Second Passport Guide

What if Scenario
Dont tell me it cant happen here. The world has been rather stable for the past
generation but if history is any indication, unexpected and seemingly impossible
things can happen.
If your country moves into a period of chaos, you may not be able to travel. Who will
give you refuge? With a second passport, you will have more options. While
some might suggest that having more than one passport makes you a slave to more
than one place, a second passport actually allows you to engage in what I call
government arbitrage pitting governments against each other to compete over
you. By acquiring a second passport, you can achieve the peace of mind that you
always have another place to turn to. It gives you an escape hatch in times of
economic or political chaos.

Its getting harder to get a second citizenship and passport.

Places like Switzerland and Singapore have made it harder to get a second passport
from them because the worldwide demand for second passports is increasing.
Wealthy Chinese, Russians, and Middle Easterners realize the value of diversifying
beyond their own countries, and for example many Americans overseas are learning
the hard lesson of just how much a government can limit your options. A Swiss
business can have a distinct advantage over an American business just in being able
to do business in more places around the world, and with fewer restrictions. A US
passport can even be a strike against you in a tough situation. Not only couldhaving
only one passport limit your travel options in an emergency, but citizens of the
United States, United Kingdom, and select other countries are more likely to be a
target in attacks. Even in times of peace, have fun getting into Iran with a US
passport, and forget about doing business there.

The Free Second Passport Guide

Avoid Passport Scams

Unfortunately, there are those folks for some reasons who dont want to leave a
paper trail and have brought about a shadow passport industry. Some of the scams
to watch out for are: Diplomatic passports; Cancelled economic citizenship
programs; Camouflage passports; Gray market passports and some others
Reading How to Get a Second Passport and Second Citizenship will help you
avoid any of those shady deals.

The Free Second Passport Guide

What to look at when choosing second passport?

We can show you how to filter out the best places and types of passports to
How to judge the quality of the travel document.
Financial opportunities
Tax obligations
Respect for the issuing country
Ability to hold multiple citizenships

The ways to obtain a new citizenship

Economic Citizenship: Usually the fastest and easiest way to get a second
passport. Most countries are always interested in new immigrants who can help
create jobs. To qualify usually takes proven experience and enough capital to
start up a new enterprise. Indeed, residency is usually predicated on starting a
new enterprise within a specific period of time.
Naturalization: This is where you build up residence time before becoming a
full-fledged citizen. Residence requirement periods can vary from country to
country. That is where it is key to know which countries can best meet your
requirements. As good planning will provide less time stress, once you know
where you would possible settle if things work out that way, you can obtain a
residence visa, which usually requires at least 180 days in country to qualify.
Over a few years, you can earn full citizenship.
Citizen by Descent: Certain countries offer ancestral citizenship to those who
can prove family ties to the country. For example, if you can prove you have
ancestral and family ties in Italy, for example, you can get Italian citizenship.
However, as Italy is a member of the European Union, you can then have
access to all the countries in the EU.

The Free Second Passport Guide

Dual Citizenship
Nations vary in their attitudes toward dual citizenship. Some reject the concept
outright; others allow their citizens to take out a second citizenship only in
selected countries. The U.S. State Department discourages U.S. citizens from
retaining or applying for citizenship in another country because "dual nationality
may limit U.S. government efforts to assist nationals abroad.
The department also warns that "dual citizenship can present a security issue
whether to permit access to classified information which affects recruitment,
employment and assignments." Indeed, if you have children who apply for a job
with a defense contractor in the USA, a parent with dual citizenship can be a
factor due to security clearances.


Globalization has opened up some very important opportunities. Indeed, there is
over $40 Trillion in assets being held in the global offshore financial industry.
Some of the most important businesses and people have diversified financial, real
estate and citizenship aspects of their lives. Doing this is not an act of disloyalty
or dissatisfaction. Rather, becoming more international has definite benefits,
even for the individual citizen.
Growing populations, huge multinational companies, technology, low cost travel
and exposure to other cultures is a positive trend for those willing and interested
in learning about world outside of our normal stream of consciousness. The world
is rich in diversity and opportunity for those who take the time to become
informed. And that is one of the main objectives of our company.
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