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Indian Log on to

April 16, 2010
Volume 2, No. 2
New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine
For free distribution

Bollywood | 48 New Zealand | 8 Heritage | 58

Tete a tete with From the 7 great things
Rahul Bose Police files about India

At a glance
Kishore’s unsong song
A song composed by the
legendary Kishore Kumar in
the 1960s will for the first time
see the light of day in Auckland
next month – through his son
Amit Kumar.

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Law changes Suva’s nightlife

Two months after a new anti-
prostitution law took effect
in Fiji, taxi driver Shiu Kumar
says he sees fewer sex work-
ers along Victoria Parade, the
centre of Suva’s nightlife.
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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 1


A big thank you, dear readers

Indian Weekender humbly dedicates this first anniversary
issue to our readers from the Kiwi Indian community as
well as our growing mainstream Kiwi readers.
We gratefully acknowledge the trust and faith you have
reposed in us and for working with us in helping bring to
the community the latest in news, information, entertain-
ment, and analyses from all over the world.
We would also like to thank our advertisers who believed
in us and stuck with us especially in the early weeks and
months when it was easy for those already
in the business to say that we would not
be able to sustain our effort beyond a few
issues. Your support has been invaluable
and will never be forgotten.
As well as our own creative, journalis-
tic and technological efforts to create a
ethnic multimedia news organisation with
multiple delivery channels in just one year,
and that too in the most trying of times,
it is our readers and advertisers who too
have a big part in making us the fastest
growing and most visible Kiwi Indian news
Today, Indian Weekender prints 10,000
copies* on good stock of paper, certainly
heavier than what most other ethnic news-
papers use. It is published regularly on
every other Friday except in the Christmas
period and some special occasions. It is
distributed free from over 150 outlets* in
greater Auckland and several other cities
around New Zealand. It is also distributed
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The articles on the website are individually
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is doubling every couple of months. The
weekly newsletter has become so popular
that subscriptions have grown 400% in six
None of this would have been possible
without support from you, the reader, who
indeed is the raison d’etre of our existence.
With your support we look forward to
building our content offering over the
coming months to include ever engaging articles, graphics and multi-
media as also business opportunities for Indian businesses, which we
shall announce as we roll them out. We do hope you enjoy reading
this special issue as much as we did putting it together. We value your
feedback, so do write back to us at
Best wishes,
Team Indian Weekender

*All these are verifiable and we will be pleased to share details with advertisers who would be interested in reaching the Indian diaspora both here in New Zealand and in the Oceania region besides other countries.
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2 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

Indian Log on to
April 16, 2010
Volume 2, No. 2
New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine
For free distribution

Bollywood | 48 New Zealand | 8 Heritage | 58

Tete a tete with From the 7 great things
Rahul Bose Police files about India

At a glance
Kishore’s unsong song
A song composed by the
legendary Kishore Kumar in
the 1960s will for the first time
see the light of day in Auckland
next month – through his son
Amit Kumar.

Page 30

Law changes Suva’s nightlife

Two months after a new anti-
prostitution law took effect
in Fiji, taxi driver Shiu Kumar
says he sees fewer sex work-
ers along Victoria Parade, the
centre of Suva’s nightlife.
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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 3

New Zealand

Meet the Iron-willed Kiwi Indian

Dev Nadkarni These are the only three Indians to have completed Ironman, says growing malaise – theft: “I got robbed
Gaurang. while I was out doing an open water
v vv v story is a celebration of the triumph of the spirit. It’s a Gaurang completed Ironman in 16 hours and 44 minutes, which swim with my training mates. My
classic story of complete transformation propelled by little more is not among the fastest, timing wise but is well within the time limit car was parked in the car park by the
than a consuming desire and an iron will to overcome the many allowed for the challenge. “No, I don’t think I am the fastest Indian lakefront in Taupo, and while we were
limits we set for ourselves in our own minds during the course of Ironman in the world, and quite frankly it does not bother me. A race away it got stolen and it had my bicycle
our daily lives. It’s a saga of what sheer determination and grit like Ironman is not really a race when you are dealing with insane in it, the one I was going to use at the
can achieve. distances like this race presents. It is more a ‘challenge’ than a race, Ironman.
Just about a couple of years ago, Gaurang was a typical young it is a testimony to human determination,” Gaurang said. “This happened only 4 weeks out of the
man with a comfortable family background, well ensconced on the event in late January. Despite these obstacles
steady and sure road to professional success but, like many of his I have managed to live my dream of becom-
ethnic South Asian compatriots, paid little attention to physical Overcoming huge odds ing an Ironman and I am proud to say today
fitness. The soft spoken and self-effacing Gaurang is both humble and re- that I am an Ironman, it took me a little longer
“At 93kg, I was obese for my height. My family suffers from alistic about his achievement. “To put my time into perspective; the than expected but I have finished it neverthe-
heart disease and diabetes. One day I just decided I was going to winner Cameron Brown finished it in just 8 hours and 20 minutes less within the allowed time.”
change all that. I set out on a path making a promise to myself to but then he has completed over 25 Ironman races in his profes- More than anything else, he is happy that he
never look like that again and to become fitter and healthier. I swore sional career as a Triathlete,” Gaurang said. has been able to prove a point to other regular
not to ever fall victim to either of these diseases,” Gaurang told “He did not have to learn how to swim from scratch, neither did people around him that nothing is impos-
Indian Weekender. he have to worry about going to work at 8am in the morning. He also sible. “So long as you make up your mind to
Early this year, Gaurang, who had never known how to swim did not have to worry about who would cook his meals after training do something, you can do it. I hope that makes
even as late as last year or for that matter had never run anything or who would go rescue him after he had crashed off his bike about sense,” he said.
more than a short distance let alone a Marathon and never cycled 100km away from home in the middle of nowhere. Gaurang may not be the world’s fastest
much longer than to the corner dairy achieved something that only “He also does not have a ‘proper day job’, Ironman is his job, Indian and is self-admittedly none the worse for
three Indians in the whole world have. he gets paid by sponsors to do it. Which is why a race like Ironman it but he is certainly among the more decorated and
Today Gaurang is one of only three Indians ever to have suc- for a regular guy like me with a fulltime job, who cooks his own awarded one among other participants in the Ironman challenge.
ceeded in completing the gruelling Ironman routine. meals, pays his own way through training and finds his own way For instance, he is the first Indian in New Zealand to receive the
To give a little background, Ironman is a triathlon: A swim, a back home after crashing off his bike, is not a race it is a challenge.” Cameron Brown Award.
bike ride and a run. If that sounds simple, take a look at the length of Two years ago, Gaurang did not know what the Ironman chal- This award is given to any person who completes the follow-
each of these and the time limits a person must complete the routine lenge was. Last year he could not swim – at all. “I couldn’t even float ing events in one sporting season: Taupo half Marathon (21km run),
in: the ultra distance triathlon comprises a 3.8km swim, a 180km in water. I did not understand what it felt like to lose ground under Round the Lake cycle challenge (160km bike ride), Kinloch Tri-
bike and a 42.2km run to finish – which has to be finished back to my feet in water,” Gaurang said. athlon (1.5km swim, 40km ride, 10km run), Across the Lake swim
back with in under 17 hours. But that was not the only obstacle in his path. Gaurang lives in (4.2km swim) and NZ Ironman. Gaurang completed all of that in a
Ironman is an international race and takes place in many coun- Taupo, away from the safety, comfort and love of his family based in single sporting season.
tries across the globe, New Zealand being one of them. The first Auckland and he had to pretty much contend with the challenge all
Indian to complete Ironman was actually a woman – Anuradha by himself, once he decided to take it up.
Vaidyanathan, who did her first Ironman in China. Since then she “Apart from learning how to swim I faced several obstacles. I fell Gruelling routine
has completed NZ Ironman also among others around the world. sick with glandular fever and suffered from chronic fatigue for three Training for an Ironman is hard, especially when you have a life
This year along with Gaurang another man of Indian origin – months, two of which I did no training at all,” he said. and a job to manage alongside, Gaurang said. “I trained anywhere
Abhijeet Joshi, an American resident – competed in NZ Ironman. And of course, he fell victim to New Zealand’s alarmingly between 18 - 25 hours a week. So it was pretty much like this, wake

4 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

New Zealand
up in the morning, work, eat, work, eat, have no option its either do or die. I chose to do, not die! I still have
work, eat, train, eat, train, relax, sleep an aversion to red meat though. I don’t think it is necessary to eat red
and do it all over again if you get my drift. meat. My diet from here on comprised a lot of protein, fat and some
I trained nearly 6 days a week 2 - 3 hours a day. carbs. I was a different picture from here on.”
“I’d either do bike-runs where I’d go for a
30-40km bike ride during the week and after work Family support
and then go do a 7-12km run after that. Morn- When he first told his mother Pratibha he was planning to do an
ings would be a swim. I’d try to do as much open Ironman, she gave him a blank expression, not knowing what was
water swimming as I could in Lake Taupo so I’d involved. In the following months, he remembers his mother say
get comfortable with swimming as that was my several times, “bas kar bhai” because she felt he was “ruining” his
weakness. body. But as time went on, his parents started asking him more and
“Then Saturdays I’d meet up with my training more questions about how his training was going. ‘They stood by
group and we’d do a ‘brick session’ starting with me and encouraged me throughout. I felt that they really under-
a pool swim for about an hour and a half, which stood and supported what I was doing. It makes a huge difference
included a lot of drills and a lot of laps of a 25m when family gets in behind you especially when you are training
pool with our coach Patrick overseeing us. Then for an Ironman, which is a long, hard and lonely journey.”
we’d follow that with a bike ride of about 35-50km His larger family from India joined his parents from Auckland
and a 15-21km run. This would be a 5-6 hours a day to cheer him and complete the Ironman challenge.
in terms of being outside. The last name of this brave design engineer who works on
“Then Sundays would be a long ride. We were geothermal fluid conveyance systems for a Taupo based firm in the
expected to do anywhere between 90Km (shortest geothermal sector, would ring many a bell not just for Indians but
ride) – 180km (longest ride), this would normally be for people all over the world.
a pretty big day. On average at least 6 hours. We did Yes, Gaurang is part of India’s famous Ambani family, which
this week after, week after, week. It takes its toll after controls India’s largest business empire with interests in everything
a while especially when you are not used to such high from petrochemicals and textiles to education healthcare, finance
volume of work so soon. Because Ironman training is so and investment to mobile phone networks and IT.
intense and demanding, keeping body fat on was becom- “My uncle Vinod Ambani who is the President of Reliance In-
ing a challenge for Gaurang. dustries in India was here to see me perform. I was very pleased,”
“I got to a point where I was down to about 72Kg and 10-12% “Eventually I started to get better as I started identifying holes Gaurang said. “I view him as a close family mentor.” By way of
body fat while training which is very low. But because I was about in my eating habits and started changing them. A full recovery for advice to fellow Kiwi Indians Gaurang said, “I would encourage
93kg the year before, a sudden drop in weight was not welcomed by this illness takes anywhere between 8 months to 2 years especially Indians in New Zealand to become more active and participate
my body. During this time, I was on a high carb low fat and very when you are in chronic fatigue mode. I was back into training after with the community at large. Triathlons is a very ‘white’ sport,
little protein diet. I also noticed I wasn’t building muscle which 2 months. I was not fully recovered but I just had to get back as you will not see many Indians or even people of other nationalities
means I was ‘wasting away’ and eventually my performance started failing to achieve my goal of finishing the events I had in mind was participate in this sport. This was the comment I heard over and
to drop even though I was so light which is a good thing when you not an option. over again from all my Kiwi friends not in an offensive way at all
are a triathlete. “I had to be very careful though with my training, getting but more as congratulatory.
“I fell gravely ill with glandular fever which is a viral illness enough rest and eating the right things. In the end I pinned it down “Many have said we have never seen an Indian compete in
caused by the EBV virus. Most people have it in their system but to my eating habits and the way I was raised. As Indians our diets Triathlons before in NZ but good on you for doing it! For that I am
it lays dormant until you are really rundown and low and then it tend to be very high in carbs and fat but not enough protein. I was very proud. Simply put, IF I CAN SO CAN YOU! You can do any-
attacks. A worse case symptom of this illness is chronic fatigue. You raised a vegetarian, but I had to make a choice and this is when I thing so long as you make up your mind to do it. The point is to be
are always tired, and your muscles are always hurting for no reason. started eating chicken. involved in the larger community and be active and make a positive
I was doing no training whilst I was sick, so I did not have a reason “I never looked back since I included chicken into my diet. It was difference to your life, which will flow on to others in your life.”
to be so sore, but I was. very hard in the beginning as I had to battle a lot of morality but you

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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 5

New Zealand

Minister invites Kiwis to tap India’s huge

healthcare, education potential
Dev Nadkarni and innovators were constantly finding ways and There were several confidence building and secu- National MP Kanwaljit Bakshi later told Indian
means to put this infrastructure to use for the benefit rity measures planned to address the situation created Weekender Mr Sibal renewed an agreement with
India’s Minister for Human Resources, Education of common people. For instance, there have been by the spate of attacks on Indian students in that Education Minister Anne Tolley in Wellington to
and Science and Technology Kapil Sibal has urged several working examples of telemedicine already in country over the past year, he said (see accompanying strengthen and broaden New Zealand’s education en-
New Zealand businesses and investors to take a successful operation in many parts of India. report on the minister’s Australia visit). gagement with India.
serious look at the country’s two high growth sectors Detection of eye diseases like glaucoma as well “But I told them to come to India and set up Concluding his impressive address, the well-
– healthcare and education. as monitoring the physiological condition of patients their campuses there – because they would get both spoken senior Indian parliamentarian said the key
Outlining the scale of the opportunity, the minis- was being done remotely with the use of the growing volumes and the right kind of students who they could to business success in today’s environment was not
ter said the entire healthcare system for a whopping mobile phone and satellite communication infra- train and then pave the way for their work and settle- competition but “collaborative leveraging.” He said
1.2 billion people in India was up for grabs in an structure in the country, he said. ment in Australia. I think that makes a lot more sense only those joint ventures would be financially suc-
economic environment that has been fuelled by near The government was in the process of putting and would be practical for both countries. And I’ve cessful, which complement each other’s strengths
double-digit growth for nearly a decade. together legislation as well as standards in place for said the same thing here in New Zealand,” he said. while delivering value to their customers.
Speaking to businesspeople under the aegis of the medical testing and diagnostic equipment in the
India New Zealand Business Council in Auckland on country to bring it up to speed with standards in the

You need $$$ to meet

Monday, Mr Sibal eloquently traced the spectacular developed world.
growth in the Indian economy over the past ten years. That would open opportunities for both invest-
The country even registered 8% growth when the ment in the sector and help the spread of affordable

visiting Indian dignitaries

world was reeling under the financial crisis and was technical equipment not only across India but also
looking to even faster growth as the markets recov- other parts of the developing world.
ered in the near to medium term, he said. “The idea is to build the best possible product for
India has a sizable and growing technically com- the best possible price,” he said.
petent, English-speaking workforce that gives a great Turning to education, the Harvard Law School
advantage to foreign companies looking at investing educated former high profile lawyer and Solicitor Why should members of the Indian diaspora what ought to be a proper public function with free
in the healthcare sector, particularly in the field of General of India turned politician said the sector – have to contend with financial barriers if they entry,” former general secretary of the NZICA,
high technology based diagnostic equipment, he said. particularly primary and secondary education – was wish to meet a visiting minister, politician or Veer Khar told Indian Weekender.
The economies of scale achieved owing to a com- bound to take off in a big way a big boost following dignitary from their country of birth? “This sort of thing is totally unacceptable.
bination of this technically competent work force, low the legislation of the right to education this year. That is the question topmost in the minds of NZICA is the largest Indian organisation and it
operating and labour costs and the huge volume of a The right, now enshrined in the Indian Constitu- a number of Kiwi Indians including community looks like it is being ignored for whatever reason,”
hitherto untapped market provide could provide huge tion, makes it imperative for the state to provide free leaders. he added.
profits for investors, he pointed out. education to children up to year 12. It was a market of At the reception organised by the NZ chapter Mr Thandi also said the organisation wanted
It was this low installed base that was ensuring over 220 million children, he said. He hoped it would of the Global Organisation of Persons of Indian to take up this matter seriously at the appropriate
rapid growth in several sectors of the go some way in addressing the school drop out rate, Origin (GOPIO), one had to pay up to $40 per levels soon involving all NZICA member organisa-
economy and would continue which was as high as 42%. person to meet and mingle with the visiting senior tions, which truly represented different communi-
to do so for years because To a question by Indian Weekender about where Indian minister Kapil Sibal and his entourage. ties of Indian origin in NZ.
of the size of the popula- the money to educate such a large population would There was no other public function that was or- “An Indian community organisation, especial-
tion. In contrast, western come from, Mr Sibal said education, being the re- ganised for the Indian community to meet with the ly one that claims to be global in scope, putting up
markets registered sponsibility of both the central and individual state dignitary. financial barriers by charging people for meeting
comparatively slower governments, would be funded by both govern- Auckland Indian Association (AIA) President a visiting Indian ministerial delegation lacks grace
growth in their econo- ments. A major share (55%) would be picked up by and newly elected New Zealand Indian Central As- and is in poor taste,” one prominent businessman
mies because they the national government while the states would pick sociation (NZICA) Vice Presdient Harshad Patel said requesting anonymity.
were saturated, Mr up the other 45%. This would come from the states’ said it was unacceptable that anyone should have GOPIO office bearer Manjit Singh who is also
Sibal said. revenues in their budgets, he said. to pay to meet visiting dignitaries. “If venue was NZICA Treasurer said he did not attend the dinner
He revealed that He also said that unlike in past years, states had the problem, they could have asked us at AIA – we on a matter of principle: “I thought it was simply
India had the largest healthy balance sheets and had enough funds to be would have gladly made the premises available unfair to charge,” he said.
communications allocated to primary and secondary education. free for a public meeting. But nobody asked us,” National List MP Kanwaljit Bakshi said it was
satellite system Education was now an issue important enough to he said. desirable to facilitate the meeting of anyone of
in the world make or break governments at elections and no state Former Labour Party list member and NZICA Indian origin who wished to meet visiting digni-
government would renege on the commitment to General Secretary Raj Thandi, also newly elected, taries without any strings attached. He said, “no
setting aside funds for education. said he heard of the meeting only two hours before comment” when asked what he felt about oirgani-
With an estimated 330 million English speakers and so could not attend because he was committed sations charging for such meetings.
in the country – now regarded by some as the world’s elsewhere. He also said it was unfair to charge for Despite Indian Weekender being a leading
largest English-speaking nation – the potential for such meetings and that these should be free for ev- media outlet catering to Kiwi Indians and the
modernising educational content is huge. The content eryone, adding that it was his personal opinion and larger Indian diaspora, the publication received
available at present was dated and “uninteresting” for not that of NZICA. no invitation to cover the event in the capacity of
children, Mr Sibal said. But he said, “If the meeting was under NZICA’s a media organisation. Hence there is no coverage
He urged content providers to go to India and aegis, there would absolutely have been no charges of the proceedings of that meeting in this edition.
work with local creative talent to produce more en- for entry. This sort of charging defeats the very This paper, though, was duly invited by the
gaging and modernised educational and instructional purpose of public interaction with important dig- New Zealand India Business Council (see report
content. nitaries.” alongside) for an interaction with the minister and
Speaking exclusively to Indian Weekender after “The right thing would have been for an or- his entourage along with a huge group of Kiwi
his address, Mr Sibal said he had a successful ex- ganisation like the Indian High Commission to businesspeople.
change with his counterpart in Australia. His meeting facilitate a reception such as this one on its own And there was no entrance fee for that meeting.
with Education Minister and Deputy Prime Minister where anyone can meet the visiting entourage at
Julia Gillard was “very positive” he said.

Indo-Australia Education Council to be constituted

New Delhi: A landmark initiative to constitute the These initiatives, together with the expansion The impact of the attacks was visible as the the relationship.
India-Australia Education Council has been agreed of the existing Education Exchange Programme to number of Indians seeking admissions to Australian Later in the day, Sibal discussed with Premier
on by India and Australia, said a government release include all levels of education, are aimed at greater institutes plummeted last year, from 6303 to 3761, a Brumby, the steps taken so far by the Victorian gov-
on Friday. cooperation in the education sector between the two 40 per cent decline as compared to the previous year. ernment to address the concerns of international
A first of its kind, this Council will bring togeth- countries. The federal education department also revealed students. In this meeting, Sibal expressed his deep
er government, academia, business and industry of The discussion between the two ministers also recently that international student numbers were concern on the continued incidents of assaults on
both the countries to further bilateral collaboration in explored various ways to further the strategic part- down nationally three per cent and 12 per cent in Indian students and requested Premier Brumby for
the education sector. nership between India and Australia. Victoria. credible data on the incidents that have taken place
Kapil Sibal, Union Minister of Human Resource Issues relating to the safety and wellbeing of “For an Indian family that sends a young person over the past one year as also information relating to
Development, and Julia Gillard, Deputy Prime Min- Indian students in Australia and other related matters to this country a long way from home, they want to the status of the trials, the charges framed and con-
ister and Minister of Education, Employment and were also discussed. know that their young person is going to be safe, get a victions.
Workplace Relations, Australia decided upon this in More than 100 cases of attacks on Indians were good experience, a great education and they’re going He stressed the importance of setting up an in-
a meeting held yesterday in Melbourne, Australia, in reported last year in Australia, including the murder to be able to go back home and use those skills,” stitutional mechanism for sharing such information.
recognition of the fact that education is central to sus- of 21-year-old Nitin Garg, straining ties between the Gillard said, assuring Sibal of action. He also requested the Premier of Victoria about
tained, inclusive and equitable growth. two countries. They also led to the Indian government The two Ministers emphasised that people-to- extending transport concession to international stu-
Two other landmark initiatives agreed by the issuing a travel advisory asking students to exercise people contacts, including student interactions, are dents and increase in accommodation facilities for
Ministers include setting up a Joint Faculty Develop- caution while in Australia, and were followed by a at the heart of the bilateral relationship, in building international students.
ment Programme as also the organisation of a bilat- flurry of high-profile visits by Australian dignitaries, bridges of friendship and understanding and acting
eral Inter University Convention of Vice Chancellors. including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, to India. as a significant resource for future development of

6 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

New Zealand
Gyan Arora takes over as New
India Assurance head in NZ
One of India’s largest insurance providers,
New India Assurance, which has been in New
Zealand since 2005, has a new manager based
in its Auckland office. Mr Gyan Arora has taken
charge as Chief Operating Officer.
The announcement was made at a cock-
tail function to farewell the outgoing manager
Vinod Kumar Jain and welcome Mr Arora. Mr
Jain had been in New Zealand since the incep-
tion of its office in the country.
Speaking at the event, Mr Jain thanked the Gyan Arora and Vinod Kumar Jain
New Zealand insurance community and the
Indian diaspora for their support and requested The insurance provider is wholly owned
co-operation for his successor. He said he was by the Government of India, and is backed an
satisfied with the achievements of the company A-Excellent Rating by the Leading Insurance
during his tenure. Rating Agency AM Best.
Mr Arora told Indian Weekender he was Founded in 1919 by Sir Dorab Tata, New
excited about building on the work done by his India Assurance Company is the first ever indig-
predecessors and that he was looking forward to enously-owned insurance company in India. In
serving the Indian community’s needs. recent years, the company has not only emerged
New India Assurance provides a wide as the largest non-life insurance company in
range of innovative products to suit individual India (with service network of 1123 offices and
customer needs often tailoring to customers’ 24,000 employees), but is also one of the leading
requirements and has formed long lasting re- insurers in the entire Afro-Asian region with 29
lationships with a large number of brokers and overseas offices.
intermediaries. It has established its identity as Besides New Zealand, in the Pacific region it
a reputed insurer offering excellent services. also has operations in Fiji.

‘Superstar’ Kavinesh to
record track in India
Never in his wildest dreams had Kavinesh Kumar
ever thought that one day he would be called a “Su-

Auckland academic
But the 20-year-old reigning superstar of the
Kaun Banega Superstar series is just that and more
as he now prepares to enjoy the fruits of his labour

gets top Indian honour

for winning the popular TV singing competition last
Fiji-born Kavinesh, of Lautoka, is off to India
on Sunday (April 18) for the experience of a life-
time, spending a week with top music director Rajiv
Mehra and also to record a song.
Given that Kavinesh has never had any training More than thir ty years afte
r leaving Government ministers.
or guidance as far his singing is concerned, he is one Calcutta, a Universit y of Auc
kland “I was ver y humbled to rec
of a few from Fiji to have been able to gain a glimpse BAN GAYA SUPERSTAR: Kavinesh Professor of Mechanical Eng
ineering eive this
has received two of India’s award. There are millions
into the competitive musical industry in India. holding his trophy picturerd with his with highest of Indians
Kavinesh, who plays many musical instruments honours for ex-residents. living around the world so
family, from left: Dad Kamlesh Kumar, to have
including the harmonium and the keyboard, last year Faculty of Engineering Pro been selected is a great hon
Kavinesh, Mum Kanta and younger fessor our. The
won the Kaun Banega Superstar Season 2, beating Debes Bhattachar yya has Hind Rat tan is usually dom
brother Kristifer. been inated by
off more than 20 talented contestants from around awarded the Hind Rat tan Indian’s living in the US, and
(jewel of it is quite
New Zealand. India) for his significant pro rare for it to be awarded to
fessional an engi-
“I’m feeling “I’m really excited about the trip to India and I’m contributions, and in a sep neer. In fact, at first I though
arate t it was a
proud to be from sure something worthwhile is going to come out of it. hoa x until my family convin
event, the Glory of Bengal ced me it
Fiji and to have “It feels good to come from a small island like , for out- was authentic,” he says.
standing contributions by
been able to Fiji and to make a mark on the music scene in New a person of The Glory of Bengal, award
gain honour Zealand and now to do a bit in India. Bengali origin. ed in
Professor Bhattachar yya Doha, Qatar, is given to abo
from such a “From what I gather I will get to see playback established ut 12
and leads a major research Bengalis living around the
prestigious singers perform, which will be a huge experience in centre world, and
which develops composite among doctors and engine
TV show,” itself.” materials. ers, it is
K av i n e s h Kavinesh first developed an interest in music Composites are engineere also commonly awarded to
d light- singers
told Indian at an early age when he accompanied the family to weight materials with sup and actors.
erior quali- Professor Bhattachar yya
Weekend- church in Lautoka, where his dad Kamlesh played ties, used by industry to dev attended
er. the harmonium. elop new both award ceremonies ear
products and technologies lier in the
The first break for 18-year-old Kavinesh came . year.
The Centre for Advanced
two years ago when he rang up radio station Apna Composites Professor Bhattachar yya
Materials operates from a was born in
990 to take part in an on-air singing competition, purpose Calcutta, attending the Un
built facility at the Universit iversit y of
which he won. The presenter then encouraged him to y’s Tamaki Calcutta before relocating
campus. It has engineere to Western
enter the Kaun Banega Superstar competition, and in d new mate- Australia, and then Auckla
the first year, he placed among the top 12. rials for everything from foo nd. He
d packag- joined The Universit y of Auc
As a result, he gained direct entry into last year’s ing to aircraft and medical kland in
devices, 1980.
competition, and the rest is history. collaborating with many Ne
w Zealand Earlier this month he was
When Indian Weekender visited Kavinesh at his and international compan made a Dis-
ies. tinguished Fellow, the hig
Papatoetoe home recently, the lad did not hesitate Professor Bhattachar yya hest award,
is only the of the Institution of Profes
to give a “live performance” there and then for the second New Zealander to
receive a sional En-
benefit of this journalist. Hind Rat tan. About 30 of gineers New Zealand (IPE
the awards NZ ). He is
Listening to Kavinesh sing a Sonu Nigam are giving annually in New also a Fellow of the Royal
Delhi by Society NZ,
number on the keyboard, it is not surprising at all the NRI Welfare Society of a rare honour for an engine
India, at er.
why he was selected “superstar” last year. an elaborate ceremony atte
New Zealand hasn’t heard the last from this nded by – Universit y of Auckland we
young man who isn’t afraid to tackle the odds. bsite
Watch this space.
- Arvind Kumar

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 7

New Zealand

A year of nightmarish crime

Indian Weekender Online editor Arvind Kumar speaks with NZ Police sources to take stock of the progress in
the investigation of violent crime against Kiwi Indians in the past year
Queen Elizabeth termed the year 1992 “annus Navtej Singh was shot dead in his liquor store him or where he is, they should contact Avon- consuming examination of the laptop.
horribilis” in what was one of the most depress- in June 2008. Last month, only one man, out of dale CIB or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111,” Ms Police have also established from examin-
ing years for the Royal family. six, was found guilty of his murder. The rest were Hegarty said. ing text messages that, at times, there was some
The same could be said for Indians in New found guilty on lesser charges. Here’s a police account of investigations sur- tension in the house between Srikranth and his
Zealand for the past one year (or two) as numer- Sixteen-year-old Sai Krishna Naidu was rounding Srikanth’s disappearance: family.
ous members of the community became crime stabbed to death in Manurewa in 2008 while Srikanth’s brother-in-law rang 111 at ap- Police inquiries have established that Sri-
statistics – in some cases – violently, ending with helping out in a family member’s dairy. proximately 1 am on Friday 2 October 2009, con- kranth had not been succeeding in a number of
their deaths. These are just some of the cases of crimes cerned that his brother-in-law had not returned papers he was sitting at AUT and had been not
Murder, unsolved disappearance, road rage, against members of the Indian community which home. He was advised to report Srikanth missing attending classes regularly in the second semes-
stabbing and shooting incidents horrified the made headlines in the daily newspapers and on at his nearest police station the next morning if he ter. For Srikranth to be able to re-sit these papers
community; even more shocking was the justice TV. had still not returned home by then. He reported would have been an expensive exercise.
meted out to some in the instances they were However, New Zealand police do not believe him missing at the Avondale Police station at 8.45 In order to further the investigation into Sri-
caught by New Zealand police and hauled before that Indians are being targeted as a commu- on the morning of Friday, October 2. kanth’s disappearance, a senior New Zealand
the courts. nity, says NZ Police Communications Manager On Friday October 2, Srikanth’s property (a Police Officer (Superintendent) based in Bangkok
Almost exactly a year ago, just as the first Noreen Hegarty. wallet) was located by a cyclist who then contact- travelled to India to make inquiries there with
issue of the Indian Weekender rolled off the “As police do not collect victim ethnicity data, ed AUT who in turn contacted his family directly Srikanth’s family and friends. He was told that
press, journalists from this newspaper were in- I’m unable to say one way or the other whether
formed of a grim situation: a 78-year-old man had there’s been an increase in offences against
been severely beaten following a road rage inci- members of Indian communities,” Ms Hegarty
dent in Auckland. told the Indian Weekender.
Jastmatbhai Patel, of West Auckland, later “However, what we can say is that many
died in hospital as a result of the injuries he suf- Indian people are employed in service roles
fered in the beating. The man convicted of Mr where cash is used – taxi driving, bank tellers,
Patel’s manslaughter was jailed for three years. liquor store ownership, dairies, service station at-
In late January his year, a father of two young tendants.
children, Hiren Mohini, was stabbed to death in “It’s our experience that it’s the role rather
his taxi in the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden by an than the ethnicity of the person working in it
unknown person; the killer is still at large, be- that is vulnerable to opportunist offenders who
lieved to have fled the country. often seek to obtain quick cash through robbery/
Auckland student Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, assault/theft,” Ms Hegarty said.
went missing in October. He is yet to be found; On missing student Srikanth Rayadurgam:
although many of his belongings were found “The investigation was scaled down after
strewn near Westhaven Marina soon after he was several months of inquiries into his whereabouts.
reported missing (Indian Weekender could not The missing person file is still open and if anyone
contact Srikanth’s family for an update). has any information about what has happened to

Victims of mindless violence:

Hiren Mohini (above); the funeral of senior

1st CONGRATULATIONS citizen Jasmatbhai Patel and murdered

liquor store owner Navtej Singh

Anniversary (not police). Police were notified by Srikanth’s

sister and brother-in-law later that afternoon that
they were at Westhaven where they had recov- Srikanth had communicated with a female friend
ered some property. They did not notify Police there that he was unhappy and he missed his life
that they had recovered Srikanth’s wallet from back in India. Srikanth’s friend advised she feared
the cyclist until the following day - October 3. for his safety and that he might harm himself.
In the meantime, Police conducted aerial and She got a text from Srikranth just prior to
With compliments from On your 1st anniversary of sea searches that day – i.e. October 2.
A similar air and sea search was conducted on
him going missing on about September 30 - the
day before he went missing - in which he said he
Saturday October 3 and another sea search was wanted to talk to her one more time.
reaching out to carried out on Sunday October 4. On the matter of the Hiren Mohini homicide
Both the Police Maritime Support and Air investigation:
the Indian Support Units have been requested to - when on
the water or in the air since then - remain vigilant
“This is an ongoing and active investiga-
tion and, while Police have identified a suspect
in an effort to locate a body. and have a Court-issued warrant for his arrest,
community in Police have spent hundreds of hours viewing
CCTV footage throughout the Auckland and Ka-
he is believed to be in another country. We are
working with the appropriate agencies and gov-
rangahape Rd area. Srikanth was seen on K Rd ernment representatives to locate him.”
New Zealand
Prashant Balvekar at 8.07pm before disappearing out of sight in Ed- On the matter of the High Court jury trial
inburgh St for 20 minutes - an area frequented by outcome for the Navtej Singh homicide:
prostitutes and transvestites. He is later seen in K “Police and the Crown brought the prosecu-
Rd before going out of sight. tion to Court and the jury considered all the facts
At 9.49 pm he is seen getting out of a taxi near before them to arrive at the verdicts they did.
You have pulse of the corner of Customs and Queen Sts. He walks Police are unable to comment on the outcome
across the road heading towards Quay St and dis- other than to say it was a robust and comprehen-

Migrant Heritage Charitable the nation at your appears for approximately 10 minutes before he
is seen walking up Queen St, across into Darby St
sive investigation and prosecution.”
On the matter of personal/staff safety in vul-
before walking back across Queen St and getting nerable service roles the generic advice is:
Trust Inc (regd) pen-tip into a taxi at approximately 10.09 pm, which took
him to a taxi stand on Ponsonby Rd.
Where possible, ensure there is an up-to-date
and operating video surveillance system installed
Inquiries to date have been hampered by the in any business premise which may be vulner-
P O Box 251579 fact that Police were not advised that Srikanth able.
had a laptop until 10 days after he went missing. Ensure staff are well trained in how to deal
Pakuranga, Manukau 2140 Very early on in the inquiry, Police requested
access to any laptop Srikanth might have owned
with intimidation/threat - never sacrifice life for
the sake of a few dollars. but were told by his brother-in-law that he did not Where possible, ensure your colleagues know

Growing from
have one. where you are when driving taxis - log into a
Once Police located the laptop, we discov- central system.
Email: ered the activity history had been erased by an Ensure the interiors of shops/dairies are able

Strength to Strength
unknown person in the days after Srikanth’s dis- to be viewed from the outside by passersby – i.e.
tel: +64 9 5348000 appearance. In order to be able to try and recover
some of the deleted material, the Police Electron-
don’t clutter windows with posters/advertising as
this provides “cover” for opportunist criminals.
ic Crime Lab has carried out an extensive time- Install emergency alarm systems.

8 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


The fragrance of these car hangings will last for more than 3 months.

These perfume sachets will last for more than 12 months and are an attractive and simple way to
freshen linen, cupboards, drawers, wardrobes and anything else you want to delicately fragrance.
7 Reeves Road, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010, New Zealand
Tel/Fax: + 64 9 577 5788; Email:;
Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 9
New Zealand

Indian taxi drivers skeptical about in-cab cameras

Dev Nadkarni
Though Taxi Federation executive director Tim
Reddish has been quoted as being “delighted”
by Transport Minister Steven Joyce’s move to
get taxis to install cameras in them, the wider
community of taxi drivers is not unanimous in
the acceptance of the initiative.
Last week Mr Joyce said that following
talks with officials and a industry reference
group, he would recommend to Cabinet that
taxi companies be required to fit cameras in the
larger cities across the country. The Minister
will take proposals to Cabinet in May.
“While there are a number of issues to be
considered all parties agree that many taxi
drivers no longer enjoy safe working environ-
ments – particularly at night and particularly in
our main centres,” Mr Joyce said.
“While I do not want to pre-empt discus-
sions with my Cabinet colleagues, it seems
that mandating for taxi cameras in our largest
centres would bring the greatest benefits and
would be widely supported by the industry.”
The officials advising the minister have Though taxi drivers have wanted safety
reportedly quoted research from across the measures for a long time, the issue assumed
Tasman that installing cameras have caused as urgency earlier this year following the brutal
much as a 70 per cent decline in violence di- murder of Indian taxi driver Hiren Mohini in
rected at taxi drivers. Auckland on the night of January 31. This was
But some taxi drivers Indian Weekender the second incident in just over a year when
spoke to were not convinced that the move another migrant taxi driver Abdul Rahman
would provide any increased security. One Ikhtiari was murdered in Christchurch.
driver working for Corporate Cabs, one of the “We are very concerned about the safety
more up-market taxi companies, who did not and security of taxi drivers. There has been, as
wish to be named, said these measures were we know, two tragic incidents of taxi drivers
inadequate. being murdered in recent times. There has also
“Unless there are changes in the law and been other assaults and … a number that aren’t
strong deterrent punishment for violent crime, reported and we’re at the point, I think, where
these things are bound to continue. Lenient the importance of taxi driver safety must result
sentencing is the biggest problem here. Violent in this change,” quoted the minis-
criminals know they can get away with light ter.
sentences. That is what must be tackled. Mea- Even since the Mohini murder, attacks on
sures like cameras and shields are expensive taxi drivers don’t seem to have abated. Last
band aid measures,” he said. month alone there have been three violent in-
Another South Asian driver with a low cost cidents on taxi drivers in the city of Tauranga
taxi company, also requesting anonymity said alone, including the attack on a 55-year-old
the cameras were no guarantee of safety espe- driver who had serious facial and head injuries.
cially when a passenger is under the influence “The costs of installing and operating the
of alcohol or drugs. “The camera will make cameras would be met by industry,” the min-
no difference in defending the driver. It may ister said. He indicated that the cameras would
help catch the culprit but there is no way the cost between $1000-1500 apiece. This would dealing with the problem: Transport Minister Steven Joyce with members of the
driver’s safety or life can be guaranteed by a inevitably result in a fare hike of about 30c a taxi driver community in Auckland. Also in the picture is National MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi.
mere camera,” he said. trip, according to some sources.

Ethnic and mainstream Moa helps turn your iPhone

media exchange notes into a powerful business tool Before Apple released the iPhone, few saw the decided to set a goal towards creating some of
Indian Weekender was privileged to be part of the ethnic media forum organized by the potential of mobile as a mature computing plat- the best iPhone apps. Moa Creative is also ex-
Office of Ethnic Affairs in Christchurch on March 27. form. There was a wide array of devices, op- ploring the potential of other mobile platforms
As an important part of its engagement with ethnic communities, the Office of Ethic erating systems and builds too including Android and Windows
Affairs got together media practitioners from both ethnic and mainstream media at the event. numerous to keep track of. 7.
The forum provided a platform for journalists, reporters, media workers and journalism This created a restricted eco- “What gives Moa Creative
students from ethnic sectors to exchange ideas and gain knowledge on the ethics and stan- system and apps had to be made it’s edge and set it apart was it’s
dards of journalism, broadcasting and advertising besides other practice codes. The overall for a particular device. There dedication to create a company
aim was to gain a better understanding on how to operate in the media world in the current wasn’t any serious development solely focused toward build-
New Zealand context. for the mobile with a view to it ing mobile apps,” says director
It proved to be a worthwhile opportunity for ethnic and mainstream media to have a face- being a full fledged computing Rohan DeSouza, who also built
to-face open dialogue to discuss different perspectives of journalism, exchange working ex- platform of its own. all versions of the www.iwk.
periences, share thoughts on what news meant to them, what parameters they chose to select The advent of the iPhone website (the full, mobile
news and the standards they follow in reporting as also maintaining objectivity and balance. was a paradigm shift for mobile and iPad versions).
Noted media academic and journalist, Prof. Jim Tully, Head of the School of Social Politi- computing, its array sensors The Moa team also has a vast
cal and Communication at the University of Canterbury in his keynote address, said New and technologies that were in- array of skills and experience
Zealand’s ethnic media was vibrant and tended to concentrate on a mix of migrant issues, troduced set it apart from the available at it’s disposal. From
copious amounts of news and views and content about assimilating in the new country. devices on the market with developers with early mobile
Dominic Sheehan, Chief Executive of the Wellington-based Broadcasting Standards Au- technologies 5 years ahead of its software experience through
thority gave an excellent presentation on how the Authority works, the complaints process competitors at the time. to development of incredibly
and answered a number of questions from the audience. The success of the already complex 3D games, web appli-
Other participants included Helena Wang (from the Chinese paper titled New Zealand dominant iPod and an already cation and interface design Moa
Messenger), Dr. Ted Zhang (a columnist), Yoon Ha Park (youth leader representative of the established iTunes store further Creative has begun to set a stan-
Korean community), Coen Lammers, deputy editor of the Christchurch-based Press, Nicki boosted the availability of soft- dard of apps that few can hope to
Reece (Plains FM96.9), Dr. David Robie (Associate Professor at AUT University) and Indian ware for the iPhone and gave it a huge leapfrog compete with.
Weekender editor-in-chief Dev Nadkarni. ahead of competition. For more visit or
Deborah Lam, National Operations Manager of the Office of Ethnic Affairs and the or- Moa Creative an Auckland based team of de- email Rohan at
ganisation’s Ethnic Affairs Adviser Claire Phillips also spoke at the forum. signers and developers spotted the potential and
maturity of the Apple’s iPhone as a platform and - Indian Weekender news desk

10 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


In a perfect
world, everyone
would speak
your language.
In the meantime, we’ll do our
best to make New Zealand
feel like home.

And no one’s more at home in the New Zealand market than us. With 170 years of branches. Some of them know what it’s like to have moved from another country so
experience in this country, we know it well. We also know that not everyone has been they’re always willing to give a helping hand. We also support Indian festivals like
in New Zealand quite as long as us. Which is why, as much as we understand the Kiwi Diwali, Holi and other celebrations. Why do we do all this? Because we know banking
culture, we’re dedicated to getting to know yours. Because we value you and want to is hard enough without having to deal with cultural barriers. To chat to a familiar face,
ensure your needs are always met, we have Indian staff throughout our New Zealand call 0800 744 485 or email

ANZ National Bank Limited ANZ0209IW

ANZ0209IW 360x265.indd 1 12/04/10 4:11 PM

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 11


Obama backs India’s Tata Tea, Pepsico sign MoU

Headley access request for health beverages
Washington: US President Barack Obama has
assured Indian PM Manmohan Singh that he Mumbai: PepsiCo and Tata Tea Limited Friday signed a non binding Memorandum of Understand-
is “fully supportive” of India’s request to seek ing (MoU), with the intention of exploring the formation of a joint venture in the area of non-
access to Lashkar-e-Taiba operative, David carbonated ready-to-drink beverages, focused on health and enhanced wellness.
Coleman Headley, media reports said. More details will only be available once the definitive agreements for the joint venture are final-
Headley, who is currently being held by US ized and executed, which is expected to be done over the next few months.
authorities, has admitted his connection with the The transaction will be subject to corporate and statutory approvals as may be required.
26/11 Mumbai terror attack in 2008 that killed The proposed joint venture is not intended to conflict with any existing arrangements of either
more than 160 persons. party.
According to reports, Obama, however, said Tata Tea is a leading player in the global beverages market with significant presence in over
that legal issues had to be taken care of first. This 40 countries. It has begun its journey of transformation into the ‘good for you’ liquid beverages
suggests that is still not clear when and under company with the launch of Himalayan, natural mineral water and T!ON an active refreshing drink
what circumstances, Indian investigators would made from fruit juice, tea extracts and ginseng.
get to question Headley. PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to become the country’s largest selling food and
“President Obama is sensitive to India’s beverage business. The group has built an expansive beverage, snack food and exports business and
that Pakistan must act against 26/11 attackers to support the operations are the group’s 41 beverage bottling plants in India and 3 Foods plants.
need to question David Coleman Headley. They and action must be taken against Lashkar-e-Tai-
are working through their legal system,” said ba, which orchestrated the Mumbai attack.
foreign secretary Nirupama Rao.

Suspects in German
Obama also acknowledged India’s concerns
During his one-to-one meeting with Singh, about Pakistan misusing military aid, reports
Obama reportedly agreed with Indian’s stand added.

Swiss hotel giant forays Bakery blast identified

Mumbai: The two main suspects in Pune’s Indian Mujahideen (IM).

into India
German Bakery blast have been identi- He, however, did not reveal further
fied and will soon face arrest, Maharashtra details of the report.
Home minister RR Patil said Thursday. The ATS report on the German bakery
The Maharashtra Anti Terror Squad case was submitted on Wednesday to the
(ATS) has identified the two suspects, with state government by newly-appointed ATS
at least one hailing from south India, Patil chief Rakesh Maria. The report has been
said in a statement in the state Assembly. forwarded to the Centre.
One of the suspects is believed to be a The German bakery was targeted on
relative of Riyaz Bhatkal, the founder of the February 13, which left 17 dead and several
IM. others injured. It was suspected to have
Patil added that the ATS has collected been targeted because of its popularity with
vital clues and the blast conspiracy was foreign tourists.
hatched by the Laskar-e Toiba (LeT) and

DD claims ‘Karm Yudh’

Kolkata: The curtains were raised on Thursday 120 and 1200 rooms; In Kolkata they will have 147
as its blockbuster
night for Kolkata’s first 5-Star Deluxe hotel in rooms, ranging between Classic, Swiss Business
around 8 years, Swissôtel Kolkata - Neotia Vista, a Advantage, Swiss Executive Club and Suites.
plush new property at Rajarhat, attached to the City Their tariffs begin at around 7500 INR (170
Centre 2 shopping mall, here. USD) per night for the Classic rooms and go up
The hotel, constructed by Harshavardhan Neo- to around 14000 INR (320 USD) per night for the
tia’s Ambuja Realty Group, will be operated by Suites, which they have nine.
Swissôtel Hotels and Resorts, a subsidiary of Fair- The hotel will also house four restaurants and
mont Raffles Hotels International Inc. which is bars, advanced business solutions in 17,023 square
owned by Kingdom Holdings and Colony Capital, feet (1,581 square meters) of meeting and banquet
LLC. space, equipped with high-speed elevators and a re-
Strategically placed at only three kilometres juvenating Spa & Fitness Centre.
from the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Internation- One of the prime attractions of the hotel will
al Airport, the hotel cuts the distance to the airport be a unique rooftop swimming pool with an unob-
at just a few minutes. structed view of the skyline overlooking the airport
Neotia says, “The location for the Hotel is pretty runway.
unrivalled; being this close to the NSCB Interna- The hotel is designed by architects Kapil and
tional Airport it will provide tremendous conve- Jayashree Bhalla and their team at Studio for Envi-
nience to the business travellers.” ronment and Architecture (SEARCH), as part of a
“Also this is probably the first time in eastern project including the mall and an adjacent residential
India that a hotel is attached to a shopping mall, this complex.
is the latest trend and it provides a great advantage The design of Swissôtel takes its inspiration
to the guests, especially to the guilty travellers who from the Sunderbans, one the most unique ecosys-
need to take back presents to their homes,” he says. tems in the world.
Siding away from the recession song, Neotia Apart from Asia, Swissôtel, which already oper-
says, “Ambuja is deeply committed to the people of ates four hotels in China and one that is coming up,
Bengal and despite the economic slowdown we are says Eastern Europe and the Middle East are other
pushing to reaffirm the faith in our economy.” areas that are looking up.
According to Neotia, the project, took an invest- Swissôtel operates in a model where the hotel is Mumbai: Doordarshan is all set to air one of its same values, virtues and a love for idealism
ment of around 150 Cr. INR (34 million USD) and developed by a local developer and they take care biggest serials ‘Karam Yudh’, said the channel where they also fall in love and get married.
approximately 3 years to complete. of the management and daily operations; Huck says, on Sunday. Till now they have quite nicely balanced
The 10-year management contract was signed “It’s a practical model and works great for us.” The serial, to be aired April 15 onwards, is their respective responsibilities, yashwant as a
in September 2009 between Swissôtel Hotel & Swissôtel Hotel & Resorts was founded in 1980 being shot in Mumbai’s Future Studio. husband, father and a politician and Shivangi as
Resorts and Bengal Ambuja Housing Develop- by Swissair and Nestlé and in April 2001, was pur- Deputy Home Minister Yashwant Chauhan a wife, mother and a responsible police officer.
ment Limited Pvt. Ltd. (BAHDL) which is part of chased by Raffles Holdings Limited. (Harsh Chhaya) and his wife DCP Shivangi Their family consists of three more members,
the Ambuja Realty Group in India belonging to the The hotel is likely to be launched in the second Chauhan (Vaishnavi) are well known for their son Rohit, daughter Pallavi and most important-
Neotia family. week of May, after Swissôtel authorities have per- honesty, idealistic values and untainted careers. ly, Head of the family and decision maker-Maa
Worldwide, Swissôtel operates hotels between formed their quality checks. They meet in college, where they share the Saa (Rohini Hattangadi).

12 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |



New Zealands Biggest Asian Supermarket
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Fresh Trevally Fresh Snapper Mussel

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Vermicelli 500g Milk 500ml Basmati Rice 5 kg
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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 13
Sachin’s Gwalior double-hundred
C’wealth Games work celebrated by Wisden Cricketer
completion on time: Gill London: Sachin Tedulkar’s historic double-hundred against South Africa in Gwalior has been cel-
ebrated by a front cover tribute from The Wisden Cricketer magazine.
Kolkata: Union Sports Minister MS Gill on “Though the sum sounds hefty for a poor The world’s best-selling specialist cricket title made a late decision to change its original cover
Wednesday said preparations for the Common- country like India, the government prioritized image to commemorate Sachin’s landmark innings.
wealth Games (CWG) in October in New Delhi the security aspect to ensure safety of its people Magazine editor John Stern explains: “This was a defining innings both in terms of it being the
are going on in full swing ‘satisfactorily’. and delegates from other countries,” said the first double hundred after forty years of one-day international cricket, but also because it confirmed
He said, barring the main Jawaharlal Nehru sports minister. Sachin’s unmatched skill, endurance and appetite for the game after 20 years as an international
stadium, where the ceremony will be held on He said the government had already tested cricketer. An astonishing performance by one of the game’s true greats. “
October 3, all other stadiums are to be completed the security system during the recently-conclud- In the accompanying story, by Indian writer Dileep Premachandran, the magazine reveals Ten-
by the end of April. ed four international events dulkar had told Virender Sehwag that he felt the achievement was possible after his unbeaten 163
The main stadium, which include World Cup in New Zealand last year.
where football and other field hockey, Commonwealth “It will eventually happen if I am destined to do it,” he told his opening partner.
events will also be held, is shooting and Commonwealth After the peak had been scaled in Gwalior Sachin returned to the dressing room and told
expected to be completed in boxing. Sehwag: “I got what was destined.”
another two months time, On India’s performance
by June end, he added. in the World Cup hockey, Gill

Rekha receives Padma Shri

Gill was addressing said the country stood eighth
sportspersons at the Netaji despite the government’s all
Indoor Stadium here, where out effort for improving the
he also opened the 3rd standard of games includ-
Indo-Bangladesh Bangla ing hiring chief coach from
Games in which some 400 abroad.
athletics from Bengal and Gill, however, stressed
Bangladesh will vie for on unity among the players
medals in ten disciplines in and officials required for im-
ten venues in the next three provement in the standard
days. of hockey. He said groupism
He said the hockey would only harm the reputa-
stadium was an ‘outstand- tion of India and doom the
ing architecture’, which prospect of the game.
was appreciated by the Regarding two new
participating nations in the recently-concluded franchises of IPL T20, Gill said he would not
World Cup for field hockey. comment on cricket now.
On security aspects during the Common- Gill also assured to look into grievances of
wealth Games between October 3-14, Gill said Archeri Association of India regarding inad-
the government already spent about Rs 350 crore equate equipment despite sanctioning of Rs 2
for setting up close circuit cameras in the nation- crore for buying gadgets.
al capital to watch movement of people or any Earlier in the day, Gill formally opened an
suspect. astro turf for hockey at SAI complex at Salt Lake.

IPL crosses over 100 million

viewers in 14 matches
MUMBAI: The third edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has managed a cumulative reach
of 108 million viewers in just 14 matches, demonstrating that the T20 league is fast replacing other
cricketing content as the hottest property.
The IPL in its inaugural edition had reached 77 million viewers in 14 matches, and then gone on
to amass 96 million viewers in its second season.
The third edition of the IPL, currently on display, took 10 matches to reach 100 million viewers
compared with 51 matches in the first season and 23 matches in the second season, signaling the
growing popularity of the T20 format for TV viewers.
Tam data, in fact, shows people are tuning in to the games even on weekdays and not just on
weekends or holidays. Interestingly, the top-rated match this year was recorded on a Wednesday as New Delhi: Actor Rekha was conferred Padma The first set of the Padma awards were pre-
the contest between Mumbai and Delhi earned a TVR of 6.24 on 17 March. Shri award by President Pratibha Patil at the sented on March 31, where actor Aamir Khan
The average TVR this year is 4.69, which is slightly lower than the TVR of 4.97 in the first year. Civil Investiture Ceremony-II, at Rashtrapati and musician AR Rahman were conferred
In the second year, the TVR was 4.52. Bhavan here on Wednesday. Padma Bhushan.
It is somewhat surprising that 40 per cent of the IPL’s viewership is coming from the 35+ TG. Actor Saif Ali Khan, boxer Vijender Singh, Meanwhile, from sports, Saina Nehwal,
The SEC split is relatively even, as indicated by the Tam data. sound technician and Oscar award winner Resul Narain Karthikeyan and Virendra Sehwag were
- Team Pookutty and ace car racer Narain Karthikeyan given Padma Shri awards.
were also conferred the Padma Shri, while NRI Padma Awards, the country’s highest civil-
hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal, music composer ian awards, are conferred in three categories,
Ilaiyaraaja and top businessman Vindi Banga re- namely, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and
ceived Padma Bhushan. Padma Shri.
Mrudangam exponent Umayalpuram K Si- The awards are given in all disciplines/ fields
varaman, former RBI Governor Y V Reddy and of activities, viz. art, social work, public affairs,
nonagenarian artiste Zohra Sehgal were hon- science and engineering, trade and industry,
oured with the Padma Vibhushan. medicine, literature and education, sports, civil
Other Padma Bhushan awardees included service, etc.
cardiologist B M Hegde, nuclear scientist Bikash ‘Padma Vibhushan’ is awarded for exception-
Sinha, historian Bipin Chandra, kathak expo- al and distinguished service; ‘Padma Bhushan’
nent Kumudini Lakhia, panchavadya exponent for distinguished service of high order and
Kuzhur Narayana Marar, versatile artiste Mallika ‘Padma Shri’ for distinguished service in any
Sarabhai, banker N Vaghul, eye specialist Noshir field.
Minoo Shroff, music composer Shrinivas Khale, The awards are announced on the occasion of
sarangi player Ustad Sultan Khan and Ayurveda Republic Day every year.
practitioner E T Narayanan Mooss. This year the President approved 130 awards
Sculptor Arjun Prajapati, versatile Assamese including 13 in the category of Foreigners/ NRIs/
dramatist Arun Sarma, liver transplant special- PIOs.
ist Arvinder Singh Soin, social worker Deep These comprise 6 Padma Vibhushan, 43
Chandra Joshi, businessman Deepak Puri, Mani- Padma Bhushan and 81 Padma Shri awards.
puri Ras exponent Haobam Ongbi Ngangbi Devi There are 17 women among the awardees.
and noted Indologist of German origin Hermann - Indian Weekender news desk
Kulke, were among the Padma Shri recipients.

14 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 15

India Business
Mercedes launches E-Class Coupe in India
Mumbai: Mercedes-Benz India on Wednes-
day unveiled new Mercedes E-Class Coupé in
India in the premium automobiles segment.
Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director and
CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, said: “The
E-Class Coupé makes an unambiguous state-
ment about a lifestyle characterized by beauty
and sophistication.
“With its expressive styling, premium
equipment, state-of-the-art technology and high
safety standards, the New E- Coupé meets the
needs of young individuals looking for a car that
is athletic, striking and passionate. The vehicle
rounds off the automotive product range and
targets a clientele for whom style and individu-
ality is of significant importance”.
The new petrol engine combines efficiency
and effortless power delivery with its 3.5 litre
engine V6 engine offering 272hp at 6000rpm.
With a drag coefficient of just 0.24, this is
the world’s most aerodynamically efficient se-
ries-production car, claimed the company.
Priced at Rs. 54.83 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom
Mumbai), the new E- Coupé will be retailed
through Mercedes-Benz Dealerships across the

Vodafone rings 100 mn Samsung launches

subscribers in India ‘Frrrunch’ refrigerators
Kolkata: Electronics major Samsung India on “At Samsung, it is our continuous endeavor to
Kolkata: Vodafone Essar, one of India’s leading best products and services to our customers.” Wednesday announced the launch of its 2010 enrich the lives of our customers by introduc-
cellular service providers, on Thursdsay an- Starting with about 28 million subscribers 5-Star rated ‘Frrrunch’ range of refrigerators ing innovative features in our products as in
nounced that it has crossed the landmark of 100 across 16 circles in May 2007, Vodafone Essar comprising of 19new Direct Cool and 43 new the case of the Frrrunch range which seeks to
million subscribers in India. today has 100 million customers and its foot- Frost free models. ensure longer lasting freshness in stored fruits
With this achievement, Vodafone Essar print has extended to all the 23 circles in the Aptly titled ‘Frrrunch’, as the refrigera- and vegetables.”
becomes world’s 5th operator with 100 million country. tors offer the advantage of ‘fresh and crunchy’ According to the company, the most energy
customers in a single country. “In addition to voice and text, Vodafone fruits and vegetables through optimum mois- efficient refrigerator range in the country today,
Vodafone has also increased its market will also work on investing in platforms that ture control that enables them to stay fresh for with a 5 Star BEE rating, the Samsung Frrrunch
share to strengthen its position as India’s second will enable the delivery of internet and data ser- a longer period of time, claimed the company. Refrigerators come fitted with the LED Light
largest operator in terms of revenue. vices to a large part of the country. Vodafone Announcing the launch of the new 2010 System, which is energy efficient and saves
“This is a significant achievement for us and will also continue to increase investments in Frrrunch range of refrigerators, R. Zutshi, power.
reflects the trust customers have bestowed on new business areas like enterprise and carriers Dy Managing Director, Samsung India said,
the company,” said Marten Pieters, Managing business,” Pieters added.
Director and CEO, Vodafone Essar. Around 60% of the company’s customer ad-
“In the past three years, we have invested ditions now come from upcountry areas. Voda-
over Rs. 20,000 crores to expand our operations fone has a distribution reach of about 1.2 million
to service customers in India. We will utilize outlets.
our global and Indian experience to deliver the

expor ts go up by 34.8%
India’s India’s imports durin
g February, 2010
exports for $ 25057 million
New Delhi: India’s were valued at US
or ded a 34.8 representing a
Februa ry 2010 rec (Rs.116 082 crore)
US $ 16 091 r cent in dollar
percent increase at grow th of 66.4 pe
are d to February 20 09 r ce nt in Rupee terms)
million as comp terms (56.4 pe
for February ports valued at US
whereas the imports over the level of im
th of 66.4 percent . 74198 crore) in
2010 showed a grow $ 15062 million ( Rs
n as compared to mu lative value of
at US $ 25057 millio February, 20 09 . Cu
d April, 20 09 - From the very first issue the Indian weekender has
February 20 09. imports for the perio
s US $ 248401 always been sought after reading in my household,
February, 2010 wa
g February, 2010 4 crore) as against amongst my friends and clients. It is always very
India’s exports durin million (Rs. 1180 12
$ 16 091 million (Rs. n (Rs. 1289412 When I first arrived satisfying when you receive feedback not only
were valued at US US $ 2870 99 millio in New Zealand four
was 34.8 per cent negative grow th ago I was very disap years from clients but others that I come across, that
74547 crore) which crore) registering a pointed to see the sta
ms (26.7 per cent Do llar terms and Indian diaspora news
papers here. Being a
te of the there have been following my articles. Therefore
higher in dollar ter of 13.5 per cent in journalist one alway senior as an advertiser and contributor I congratulate the
n the level of US $ e terms over the s loo
in Rupee terms) tha g 8.5 per cent in Rupe critical eye. The Indian ks at a newspaper with a Editor and his team for having put together a news-
58822 crore) durin ar. Weekender is in a dif
11941 million (Rs. lue same period last ye league. From the first ferent paper, which is well read and has so many diverse
mu lat ive va for April 20 09 - issue itself the comm
February, 20 09. Cu Th e tra de de fic it ment and professiona it- and informative topics. Well done and I look
riod April-20 09 s estimated at US lism of the editorial sta
of exports for the pe February, 2010 wa were evident in the ch ff forward to my continued association both with the
s US $ 152983 ich was lower than oic
and editorial treatmen e of stories, in the layout
to February-2010 wa $ 95418 million wh t. The desire to constan Indian weekender and its readers.
crore) as against 114721 million - Oliver Pereira, insurance adviser,
million (Rs 727345 the deficit of US $ improve is also appa
rent. The Indian Week tly
llio n (Rs. 774585 08 -Februar y, 20 09. a real newspaper not ender is columnist and advertiser, Auckland
US $ 172379 mi during April 20 a vehicle to print retail
ist eri ng a ne gative grow th tisements. Happy Fir adver-
crore) reg st Birthday, Indian W
Do r terms and
lla er – and wishing you eekend-
of 11.3 per cent in many more to come.
pe e terms over the
6.1 per cent in Ru - Roy Subir Kaunds,
same period last ye

16 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

India Business

Volkswagen brings Godrej to acquire Indonesia’s

Passat to India Megasari Group
Kolkata, April 6 (IBNS) Godrej Consumer
Products Ltd (GCPL) on Tuesday announced
focused approach to identifying acquisitions
that represent a strong fit with our business,
that it has entered into an agreement to acquire both strategically and operationally.
PT. Megasari Makmur Group and its distribu- “We have also developed strong processes
tion company in Indonesia. to manage and integrate these acquisitions. We
Megasari Group manufactures and distrib- look forward to working with the Megasari team
utes a wide range of household products to take the company to the next level along
including household insecti- with creating a platform for other
cides, wet tissues and air Godrej products in Indonesia.”
fresheners. Megasari Group’s prod-
Commenting ucts are market leaders
on the acquisition, in Indonesia in most of
Adi Godrej, Chair- the categories that the
man, GCPL, said: company participates
“Megasari Group in. With a market size of
provides us a strong around US$345 million,
New Delhi: Volkswagen, Europe’s largest car Neeraj Garg, Member of Board and Direc- platform to establish a it’s the fourth largest House-
maker, on Wednesday announced the launch tor, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen significant foothold in Indo- hold Insecticides amongst the
of the Passat TSI and Jetta common rail diesel Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd said “The Passat TSI nesia, which is among the largest emerging markets, after China, India
engine. and the Jetta common rail diesel engines are so consumer markets in Asia. Given Megasari and Brazil.
The Passat will now come with the world well refined that not only will they provide su- Group’s leading position in household product The acquisition will enable Godrej to lever-
renowned TSI Petrol Engine. This engine from perior driving experience but also decrease fuel categories in Indonesia and the Godrej Group’s age its strengths in the Insecticides and Aircare
Volkswagen is known for Maximum power consumption and lower emissions.” strong presence in this category in India, we market.
with minimum fuel consumption. The Passat 1.8 L TSI is priced at Rs 19.20 believe this acquisition will provide significant The per capita spend on Household Insecti-
TSI engines are compact, high-powered and lakhs, ex showroom New Delhi. The Jetta 2.0 L synergies and create value for shareholders.” cides in Indonesia is almost thrice that of India,
use less fuel thereby offering an enjoyable and diesel Comfortline is priced at Rs. 15.92 lakhs He further said: “As an emerging market with larger share of growth from formats like
involving drive, while cutting fuel consumption ex showroom, New Delhi. multinational, this acquisition is an important Electricals and Aerosols and modern trade
and CO2 emissions. step in our global 3 by 3 strategy – presence in being the dominant channel.
3 continents – Asia, Africa and Latin America Hence, the deal will provide platform for
through 3 core categories - home care, personal launching other Godrej home care and personal

Rolls-Royce, L&T tie up

wash and hair care. Over the last few years, care products in Indonesia.
we have been following a very disciplined and

for N-power I si nc






ary and its succ
Weekender for
ratulate Indian sful journey in
its first annivers i cultures together to the Kiw
se r and a read
A s an In dian event organi y to sh ar e
Indians. and priorit I think the Indian Weekende
ally ap prec ia te your efforts re ad er s. IW ’s r is one of the best
I re w ith periodicals focussing on the
cultural events ive larger Indian Com-
the pre and post also interesting and informat munity we have here in NZ
he r fe at ur es ar e th e new sp ap er is - it is newsy, topical
ot of and has something for eve
The web edition ere efforts. I wish rybody. In a very short
to the readers. or y of yo ur sinc time, it has probably becom
s st e a “must to read” for
another succes st for a bright most of us.
er all the very be
Indian Weekend adership in the coming years.
future and huge - Ashok and Pratiti Bhat,
ic Magic Group Auckland
  allela, SB Mus
- Govardhan M

on your
dia n W eekender plauds
the In et ap
lations to dge Bask
Congratu ary! The Knowle ard to working
1st anniv vour and looks forw archival partner in
a h
your e e h you as a researc ork.
gethe r w it e g rea t w
re. K eep up th rn,
the futu Winterbu
e K ee t a nd Lindy Basket NZ
- Dav Knowled

Mumbai: Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T), sive nuclear capability over the last 34 years
India’s leading engineering and construction which rivals that of any country. India is a key It is i
company, and Rolls-Royce, the global power strategic market for Rolls-Royce and I am very mend ndeed a d
systems company, have signed a Memorandum pleased that we are working with Larsen & the b ation to elight to
i c p
of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation to ef- Toubro, one of the country’s most pre-eminent to De rth of Th elebrate en a few
fectively address the projected need for light engineering companies. v N e In th
dian e first a words of
to th adka
i r W n
water reactors (LWR) in India and internation- “Our skills and capabilities are comple- and a s fine pub ni and th eekend niversar com-
s li e er. C y
ally. mentary and I am confident that we can forge us th a w eb p c ation, t ea m fo redit of
e w
LWR technology is in use in over sixty per a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.” with scope to age. This hich ca r introduc goes
i n
cent of civil nuclear power plants operating M V Kotwal, Senior Executive Vice-Presi- Wee n New Z be conn publicati be read ing us
kend ealan ected o in
worldwide, said the company on Thursday. dent and board member, L&T, said: “The agree- cles a er is
p d and with n has giv print
The two companies have agreed to collabo- ment brings together rich experience and will that s nd intere acked w with In each oth en
rate on areas including nuclear instrumentation effectively leverage the strengths of both the the W o many o sting vid ith news, ia. The I er,
e e f u e o clips. nforma ndian
and controls, engineered products and systems, companies to tap rapidly emerging opportuni- scree kende s look It tiv
n. W r f
reactor components, engineering services, in- ties in India, UK and rest of world. We welcome ell do appears orward t is not sur e arti-
- Vas n e ,I o n th o th e prisi
service reactor support and waste management. this opportunity to work together with Rolls- u Ha ndian W e shelf or day whe ng
The cooperation with L&T for instrumenta- Royce, a highly-reputed, technology-driven tang
n o n you n
New der!   r PC
tion and controls will form the first operational company.” mark
et, A
phase of this relationship to bridge the gap in The agreement between Rolls-Royce and uckla
L&T follows the recent bilateral Civil Nuclear nd
the existing supply chain in support of India’s
ambitious new build program. Cooperation Declaration by the Indian and UK
Lawrie Haynes, Rolls-Royce, President - Governments, which enables UK and Indian
Nuclear, said: “India has developed an impres- industries to engage in civil nuclear commerce.

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 17

Ever since I first visited India in the early 1980s, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done I was impressed by the journalistic and design quality of Indian Weekender when I visited
and found a plethora of English language newspa- and wish you a very Happy First Anniversary. New Zealand last year. I have been following up now and then reading their web edition.
pers and cheap paperbacks, I have admired Indian Your paper has been a joy to read. I wish you the Their progress has been excellent and I congratulate them on the occasion of their first an-
journalists and journalism. best of luck in the many years to come. niversary.
I understand the media business in India has ex-
panded vastly since then and the standard of the - Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, National List MP Manohar Singh Gill, Minister for Sports, Govt of India
newspapers, judging by their websites, has done so
as well. We congratulate the Indian Weekender team on completing first year of its publication and
Indian Weekender follows in this fine tradition, Namaste and badhai! Congratulations on a suc- wish them a long and successful venture in media. Ethnic publications play important role
though its stick-to-the-facts Kiwi style uses far less cessful year, and all the best for the many years in bridging ideas between countries of origin and countries of residence and Indian Week-
colourful English. It unashamedly contains much ahead. It’s wonderful to see small businesses run ender has been playing that role successfully. Best wishes.
news and backgrounders about India, about which by Indians do well in New Zealand, and to see the
there is little in the New Zealand media, as well as community grow and prosper with it. Praneet Kaur, Minister of State for External Affairs, Govt of India
local interest stories. Some of these are unafraid to Aaron Bhatnagar, Auckland City Councillor, (Im-
raise controversial issues. migrated to Auckland in 1980 with family)
Indian Weekender operates in a highly competitive
environment, thus giving readers plenty of variety - Aaron Bhatnagar, Auckland City Councillor, Our heartiest congratulations to Indian Weekender for first anniversary. Keep up the good
and choice. I admire editor Dev Nadkarni’s deep (Immigrated to Auckland in 1980 with family) work of bringing India and New Zealand relations closer.
knowledge of Pacific and wider Asian affairs. My
best wishes to them both for the next year. Sukhbir Badal - Deputy Chief Minister, State of Punjab
Our heartiest congratulations to the Indian
- Nevil Gibson, editor in chief, The National Weekender team for coming up with this excellent Congratulations to Indian Weekender from the people of the state of Haryana. We wish you
Business Review product rich with information, good and positive success in creating understanding between the people of India and New Zealand and helping
reporting and excellent commentary. I am sure it in exploration of the business opportunites in both the countries
will go a long way in projecting our Indian com-
munity in a positive light in New Zealand. Bhupinder Hooda – Chief Minister, State of Haryana
Namastey to the readers and staff of the Indian
Weekender. Congratulations on behalf of the
citizens of Auckland City for completing your first - Prithipal Singh Basra, Felicitations on reaching an important milestone in a difficult year. Indian Weekender must
year of publication – well done! You have not only Community Leader help bring our diaspora’s talent and investment back here in India to participate in the
survived but thrived in what have been very tough spectacular growth of our economy. There is much that our diaspora and the countries they
economic times. This is a credit to the manage- live in can do in helping our economy develop faster and meaningfully raise the standard of
ment, editors, reporters and all other staff. The I have seen Indian Weekender grow from the first living among our people.
Indian Weekender offers the Indian community edition and I am pleased at the way they have
around Greater Auckland a wonderful service, in put their wholehearted efforts to bring this richly Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister, Delhi
particular through your website. The coverage of deserved success. It is positive in projecting the
events affecting your people, such as the Mohini migrant perspective and always there to cover
inquiry and Fijian and Indian political stories and encourage community events. I congratulate Weekender is committed to excellence, quality
has to be commended. Can I wish you all the best their efforts and wish them every success as they As a strong supporter of the growing Indian and attention to detail. Your team is profes-
for the many more years ahead. Thank you and complete their first year. contribution to this country I did not doubt sionally creative, and has the ability to print
Dhanyawad. that there was a place for a further quality matter that would catch a reader’s eye; has a
community newspaper. So it has proved to be clear understanding of the importance of every
- John Banks, Mayor of Auckland City - Roshan Lal Nauhria with 12 months of professional journalism and advertiser and reader; has the willingness
a growing readership. The publishers have to work in partnership with others especially
shown skill and innovation with a focus on treating the client with respect and listening
It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the Congratulations on your one year anniver- timely news, a range of writers, and eclectic to their needs; and last but not the least; is
Indian Weekender on reaching it’s first birthday! It sary!  We have found the Indian Weekender a content leavened by Bollywood legend. The approachable, has a sense of fun and humour
is testament to the dedication and hard work of all very useful medium to convey our messages to the last issue illustrates a broad spread of adver- rather than the “my way or the highway”
associated with its publication that in its short life, Indian communities right across New Zealand.  It tising support from suppliers, financial houses approach. We at CFI Ltd look forward to be
the Indian Weekender has carved out a firm niche has been wonderful to see you growing so rapidly and educational institutions.The decision to associated with Indian Weekender in the long
for itself amongst the ethnic media. Of course, all despite launching during the economic down- produce an online issue gives a significantly run and our best wishes are always with them
the hard work in the world has to be coupled with turn.  The huge range of articles available on greater reach to the paper.
contemporary and interesting content from across your website is impressive, and we enjoy receiving Sometimes we overlook the influence of the – Ram Iyer Director CFI Ltd, Auckland
a broad range of news categories. This assists in the regular email newsletters. All the best for the press in shaping public views. I certainly
the attraction of a wider audience, but also gives future from the Southern Institute of Technology. believe that Indian weekender will make a
a fuller and rounder picture of India to those from lasting and beneficial impact on its readership The New Zealand Vedanta Education Society
outside the Indian community. Furthermore, the - Haley Hughes, Southern Institute and the community at large. Messrs Gupta Inc, with its President, committee members,
format of reporting - punchy news bites - dis- of Technology, Invercargill and Dhillon are to be truly praised for their including supporters and well-wishers
tributed via the internet has also contributed to its efforts.” congratulate and thank your paper on its
rapid growth. In all these respects the Indian Week-   first anniversary celebrations. May you grow
ender has excelled. Dear Dev, – Dr Richard Worth, former magnanimously in strength and wisdom in
Member of Parliament enlightening the world.
As the Chief Executive of Waitakere City, I have Congratulations on the first anniversary of Indian
been directly involved in assisting the City’s resi- Weekender and a special issue for celebrating - Shanta Naidu (President, New Zealand
dents connect with both our resident Indian com- this remarkable milestone you and your staff On behalf of everyone here at SPROUT, we Vedanta Education Society Inc.)
munity, as well as directly with India. In the latter have fulfilled. As one of New Zealand’s most would like to sincerely congratulate you
case, and as an Indian Kiwi, I am very aware of well-known and successful Indian newspaper on your recent completion of one year as a
the significant opportunities for NZ businesses as and online media, this letter is true recognition community newspaper. We commend each of Kudos! The Indian Weekender has been a very
the Indian economy continues to grow at around of your achievements both personally and on you for your dedication and hard work. You readable mag right from the very outset. In
8.5%. We have already seen the recent and sig- behalf of the Office of Ethnic Affairs for your deserve to be proud of your achievement. You sharp contrast to many other publications,
nificant increase in trade between NZ and China hard work and contributions made through the have proven the skeptics wrong and accom- one rather looks forward to each issue, and
as a result of the China/New Zealand Free Trade paper in the past one year. I understand you have plished what most said was impossible. It takes one is not disappointed. There seems to be
Agreement (FTA). It is now pretty common knowl- developed not only a successful Indian newspaper special dedication and perseverance to get something for everyone, be it recipes, a section
edge that NZ would also stand to benefit in a in New Zealand, but it is considered one of the through such a demanding job every fortnight. for children, regional news, Bollywood gossip,
similar fashion through focussing on Asia’s other most popular ethnic newspapers in the country. We see lot of similarities between SPROUT sports, etc. An incisive editorial section rounds
economic powerhouse - India. Indeed, I’m heart- Business success such as yours not only helps and Indian Weekender, as both the organisa- off a fine newspaper. The vibrant colours make
ened to see that the NZ and Indian governments are contribute to New Zealand society’s prosperity tions are community oriented, apolitical and the paper attractive and the tri-colour of the
working assiduously towards this end. as a whole, it also helps other New Zealanders born out of passion. There is no doubt that Indian flag emphasises the fact that the news
understand that there are diverse ways of doing your achievements will be spoken of for some published is of a secular nature and ties up
- Vijaya Vaidyanath business and serves as an inspiration for young time to come and that the admiration for your very neatly with the paper’s name and image.
Chief Executive of Waitakere City ethnic New Zealanders, in particular young accomplishments is felt by all of us within
Indian journalist students. The work you and Indian community as well as the general - Nilima Kalambi
your staff undertake , is of great value to the local public. We once again congratulate you and
Today’s media climate is not an easy one in which Indian community of Auckland, but also contrib- wish you the best as you embark on your next
to start a new newspaper. It is a tribute to the utes to the development of ethnic media; helping exciting adventure. Your achievement is an Congratulations to the publishers, editor and
vision, energy and media, business and technical New Zealand ethnic media to become more glob- example to us all. Keep it up! the team of Indian Weekender on the first
skills of the team that the Indian Weekender has ally aware and more accepting of diverse ways of - Team SPROUT anniversary of the newspaper. It has been an
taken off and stayed in flight. It fills a real need doing things. I would personally like to thank you honour and privilege to be making my feelings
in New Zealand for quality journalism on issues for the valuable work you do and to acknowledge heard to the public on issues concerning the
of interest to the growing Indian community and that work as an integral part of New Zealand‘s First of all a toast to Indian Weekender on Indians through this newspaper. The newspa-
their friends and associates. Congratulations and increasing involvement in the ethnic sector. your first anniversary to the good times you per has been well appreciated by the Indian
happy anniversary to the whole team. have had and the ones you are yet to make. Community for its quality of contents and
Well done and kind regards Cultural Forum of India Ltd, an event manage- professional presentation. I wish to extend my
- Joris de Bres, Deborah Lam ment company operating out of Auckland, good wishes to the team for the future.
NZ Race Relations Commissioner National Operations Manager is delighted to be associated with the Indian
Office of Ethnic Affairs Weekender as a reader and advertiser. Indian - Ram Rai, Auckland

18 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


o n e ! ! ! Team Indian Weekender

e l l D
u r a n c e
i f e I ns
u r a n c e
l t h I ns
Hea t i o n
P r o t e c
r t g ag e
M o
t e c t i on
m e P ro
Inco o v e r
n e s s C
a l I l l
Cr i t i c

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 19


Fiji media in turmoil ‘Fiji coup leaders think

The Fiji Times Limited will not immediately
comment on the contents of the draft Media Industry
Development Decree, which is asking for radical re-
strictions on the freedom of the media in the country.
Managing director Anne Fussell said: “It would
Media outlets could be fined up to $F500,000 (
$344,000) and individual journalists up to $F100,000
($69,000) and be jailed for up to five years if they
failed to comply with the decree’s dictates.
Offences included such “crimes” as criticising
they are above the law’
be premature to make any comment on what action the government and even failing to run bylines, Mr Suva: The president of the Fiji Law Society says a government decree giving coup leaders immunity
Fiji Times Ltd will be taking in response to the pro- Pankhurst said. Foreign media ownership was also from prosecution shows those in power think they’re above the law, reports Radio New Zealand
posals in the draft Media Industry Development restricted. International.
Decree particularly as we have been informed that all Officers were empowered to enter newsrooms The decree gives total immunity to all involved with the coups in 2000 and 2006.
the points raised at the meeting by the various people and seize any notes, documents, or equipment. The head of the Fiji Law Society, Dorsami Naidu, says it could be in response to a failed bid by
and organisations who attended will now be taken “Soldiers overseeing the media is a characteristic the military to challenge a court decision awarding compensation to a man who was tortured during
into consideration. of a dictatorship,” Mr Pankhurst said. the coup in 2000.
“The document raised some critical commercial “There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning with “This decree basically does away with all actions, or all events that may have oocured, or that
issues for us that need very an increasingly unsavoury may be before a court or a tribunal or any body which would be seeking any form of damages, com-
careful consideration. Today regime that deserves to be pensation, or any claim against the present regime.”
(yesterday), at the discus- Media outlets could be isolated and condemned. Mr Naidu said the decree makes a mockery of the regime’s claim that the judiciary is independent
sions, we made representa- “Far from restoring de- Meanwhile, Samoa’s prime minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has criticised the Fijian ad-
tion on some of those issues fined up to $F500,000 mocracy, it is heading in the ministration for it passing a decree granting itself immunity from prosecution.
opposite direction.”
and offered alternatives. We
hope those proposed changes
($344,000) and indi- Mr Pankhurst said the
Mr Tuilaepa has told the Savali newspaper that the move by the administration d by Commodore
Frank Bainimaram is an admission of guilt and is straight out of an aspiring dictator’s rulebook.
will be adopted,” she said.
“Our company has had a
vidual journalists up to Media Freedom Committee
would continue to offer what-
The Fiji immunity decree applies to a list of so-called political events of the last decade, includ-
ing the coups of 2000 and 2006 and the incomplete probe of the extra-judicial killings in the after-
very long association with Fiji $F100,000 ($69,000) ever support it could to col- math of the 2000 mutiny.
and we remain 100 per cent leagues working in increas- Mr Tuilaepa said the decree was predictable as the regime is digging in for the long haul after it
behind the country and its and be jailed for up to ingly difficult circumstances. did away with the constitution and sacked the judiciary.
people.” The Fiji Times reported
In New Zealand, acting five years if they failed that the head of the Fijian
Prime Minister Bill English
said the Government would
to comply with the justice and communication
ministries Aiyaz Sayed- Leaders give themselves immunity
be concerned if there was
a crackdown on the Fijian
decree’s dictates. Khaiyum said censorship of
the media would end once Suva: Fiji’s President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, It said the immunity will apply to a list
media and was seeking more the Media Industry Devel- has issued a decree giving full immunity of prescribed political events, starting with
information. opment Decree 2010 was in place, though a former to those involved with the 2006 coup, and what it calls the purported civilian takeover
Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama yes- publisher of the Fiji Sun newspaper said the media also for the coup in 2000 and the attempted of the government in May in 2000 and the at-
terday issued a new media decree which Newspaper decree was worse than expected. mutiny at the Fiji army barracks that year. tempted mutiny at the Queen Elizabeth bar-
Publishers’ Association chief executive and New Russell Hunter, the first of three Australian pub- The decree, dated 22 March, states that racks later that year.
Zealand Media Freedom Committee secretary Tim lishers to be deported in 2008, said Fiji’s media had absolute and unconditional immunity will be It said the immunity will also cover the
Pankhurst described as “highly oppressive”. already suffered in the past year from the censorship irrevocably granted to government take-over in 2006, and the abro-
It was clearly aimed at totally muzzling an rules imposed under the public emergency regula- Fiji’s leader Commodore Frank Baini- gation of the constitution.
already repressed media, he told the New Zealand tions. marama, his predecessor, Jona Senilagakali, The 2000 coup perpetrators, led by
Herald. He said the industry would not survive if the and a former president Ratu Josefa Iloilo, George Speight, also gave themselves im-
“We would be concerned about a media crack- planned Media Industry Development Authority who last year abrogated the 1997 constitu- munity for their actions but Commodore
down in Fiji... it does look a bit consistent with how went ahead. tion. Bainimarama later reneged on the deal and
the regime does business, but we would like to get a “There is no possibility whereby journalists can It extends the immunity from criminal had them arrested.
clearer idea of what they have actually decided before dispute or challenge decisions of this body. It is very or civil prosecution to members of the mili- The 1987 coup leader, Sitiveni Rabuka,
we make too much more comment,” Mr English said. clear that is cannot be challenged in court, criminal tary, police and prison service, and all others had his immunity enshrined in the constitu-
Mr Pankhurst said the regime was cementing in or civil.” acting under official orders. tion.
place emergency regulations imposed a year ago that The decree said, however, that those who Pacnews/ Radio New Zealand Interna-
have seen censors installed in newsrooms. –Fiji Times, NZ Herald, IW Online have already been found guilty of crimes tional
will not be given immunity.

Media call to soften penalties in

proposed Media Decree Fiji’s administration to strangle
Suva: The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation’s
(FBC) News director says proposed fines in the
draft Media Decree could put most media or-
He said they’ve made it clear to the Attorney
General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum their concern
that the Decree’s provisions could be misused
press freedom: DFAT
ganisations in the country out of business. against media outlets in future. Canberra: Fiji’s administration have unveiled plans media freedom by Fiji administration , which took
The breaching of proposed content regula- “They may be well intentioned now but what for a crackdown on the media in which journalists power in a 2006 coup, is a matter of concern.
tions could lead to organisations being fined will it be like in the future in an environment could be jailed for five years and newspapers fined “We are concerned with reports that . . . the
up to half a million Fiji dollars or fines of up to where there are political parties involved? How $F500,000 (US$259,000) for inaccurately report- interim government is attempting to censor media
$100,000 (US$52,000) and up to five years in it could be used by governments or opposition ing news an Australian government agency says organisations . . . that prohibit reporting that is
jail for publishers, editors or journalists. parties at the time to get at the media and basi- offends “good taste and decency”. against the public or national interest,” a DFAT
Stanley Simpson said they are urging the cally frustrate us or divert us from reporting in Draft rules unveiled this week would estab- spokesman said.
government to make the fines and imprisonment the public interests. lish a powerful new agency Australian Press
provisions less harsh. -PNS that could seize any docu-
ments from the media,
Australian Press Coun- Council executive secre-
tary Jack Herman said the
cil executive secretary
Games plan still on track for Fiji
force editors and journal- decree marked another step
ists to disclose confidential by the Fijian administration
sources, and force the media Jack Herman said the to inhibit the freedom of
to publish statements dic- Fiji’s journalists.
Suva: Preparations put into training for the were still a number of possibilities to look at.
tated by the agency. decree marked another Through this decree,
Disputes involving the and by putting soldiers in
Common-wealth Games will not go to waste, “Our preparations for Delhi are continuing agency’s powers would be step by the Fijian ad- newsrooms, it was attempt-
the Fiji Times reports. until we have the opportunity to study the CAS
Fiji Association of Sports and National decision in detail,” Lakhan said.
diverted from Fiji’s courts
to a special tribunal where
ministration to inhibit ing to control the news by
intimidation, he said.
Olympic Committee president Vidhya Lakhan “In the event the Delhi Games door is closed,
told Fiji Times there was the 2011 Pacific Games then the preparations for Delhi, I am hoping,
normal rules of evidence
would not apply.
the freedom of Fiji’s Opposition foreign
affairs spokeswoman Julie
in Noumea to work towards.
The Court of Arbitration for Sport had rein-
will be rolled over to preparations for Noumea
2011, where our contingent will number close to
The scheme is contained journalists. Bishop said the decree
in a draft media industry was designed to crush free
forced Fiji’s ban from the 2010 New Delhi Com- 500 in 27 sports. development decree that speech and entrench the
monwealth Games in October after dismissing “As yet we have not received any reasons would also prevent foreign media companies such regime. “I would expect the Rudd government to
its appeal. from CAS which according to them will be for- as News Limited (publisher of The Australian) step up its calls for Fiji to hold elections without
The CAS ruling against the FASANOC was warded to us in due course,” he said. from owning more than 10 per cent of individual delay.”
announced a fortnight ago. “Once the detailed decision is received, we media organisations. Press freedom organisation Reporters Without
The Commonwealth Games Federation will study it and then decide what other avenues News Limited’s Fiji Times newspaper is facing Borders said the decree was “an authoritarian
banned Fiji when its membership in the Com- are available for our athletes.” closure under the new rules. imposition by a regime with no democratic legiti-
monwealth was suspended. - According to Australia’s Department of macy”.
However, Lakhan, who has been fighting Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the erosion of -
hard to get Fiji to compete in India, said there

20 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |



• 10% of New Zealand’s
BeTTeR HeARinG iS CloSeR population suffer from some

THAn You THinK. level of hearing loss.
• More than one in three New
Hearing loss is a serious health issue that can affect Zealander’s over the age of 65
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• Over 95% of hearing loss cases
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are easily resolved with help from
years before they act. Yet it doesn’t need to be this way. a hearing specialist.
Over 95% of cases are easily resolved and it starts with a • Men are much more likely than
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If you’re finding it hard to follow conversations in a crowded room, or if you find yourself constantly turning up the
radio or TV – then it may be time to take a closer look at your hearing. At Bay Audiology, we offer our clients a
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offer quality, personalised service in your local area by experienced hearing professionals. services of Bay Audiology, take a few
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Introducing Kartik Iyer. 1. Do people seem to mumble

when they talk to you?
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lifestyle in Mumbai, India, Kartik and He is passionate about audiology conversations, especially in
his family moved to New Zealand and brings with him a wealth of social situations?
3. Do people complain that you
in 2006. Originally trained in India, knowledge on offer to the Waikato
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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 21

Fiji Special Report

Prostitution law changes Fiji’s night life

By Shailendra Singh trade, Moore adds. Although the new law may help
Downtown Suva’s streets such as this one have been “ease the problem”, the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre
Two months after a new anti-prostitution law took favourite haunts of sex workers after dark for years (FWCC) says that sex work is more than just a police
effect in Fiji, taxi driver Shiu Kumar says he sees matter and needs a “more sustainable” approach.
fewer sex workers along Victoria Parade, the centre Those who go into sex work often do so because of
of Suva’s nightlife. But while this has had a negative poverty and lack of access to education, adequate
effect on his nighttime fares, he is nevertheless happy housing and job opportunities, activists say.
about the law. “Prostitution becomes a means of survival,” says
“This is a good law,” he says, adding that over the FWCC coordinator Shamima Ali. “To be able to curb
years he has been disturbed by the sight of more and prostitution, we need sound economic policies which
more young women taking to the streets. offer better opportunities for women.”
It is not a view shared by everyone, though. Critics Poverty is the major cause of prostitution, Ali
of the decree say that at best it is a stopgap measure asserts, and prostitution will exist as long as poverty
and at worst it could increase the risk of contracting exists.
sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, and of Economics lecturer Dr Kumar puts it this way:
violence against sex workers. “While prostitution is looked down on by society,
“Prostitution is a social redistribution mechanism Even those living with sex workers are now liable prostitution -- especially when it comes to foreign there are some positive outcomes from it that cannot
and to try and forcefully stop it can lead to some under the new law, which took effect on Feb. 1. nationals, police say. be denied.” He cites the example of single mothers
dire consequences,” says Dr Sunil Kumar, a senior Section 230 of the law’s prostitution offences says In February, the Fiji police conducted raids and who do not earn enough from regular work, or those
lecturer in economics at the University of the South that a person living on sex-work earnings or persis- arrested nine Chinese nationals with invalid travel who do not receive state social support. Some of them
Pacific in Suva. tently soliciting faces a jail term of up to six months. documents. Among those caught were seven women turn to sex work to feed and educate their children,
Kumar is not wholly convinced by the 2009 Previously, this offence was a mere misdemeanor, who were engaged in sex work, officials say. he says.
Crimes Decree that government officials say is with imprisonment and the possibility of corporal Fiji police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa So- Perhaps people are being too judgmental, Moore
aimed at modernising Fiji’s criminal justice system punishment (for males) for subsequent offenders. komuri says that it is usually harder to arrest and points out. “They do not consider the fact that some
to make it compliant with the Rome Statute on sexual “Selling or buying” minors under the age of 18 charge foreign nationals as they have “fixed clients” people are willing to work in the sex industry (and)
enslavement, the Committee on the Elimination of years for immoral purposes is now punishable by 12 and usually operate from inside nightclubs, bars, and they would like to receive the same conditions of em-
Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the years’ imprisonment. Previously, these fetched a two- private premises. “It is well- organised,” he said. “It ployment other people do. They do not always want
Convention on the Rights of the Child. year jail term, with or without corporal punishment. is a racket.” to be rehabilitated or saved.”
In announcing changes in laws on sex work, At- Brothel keepers face five years of imprisonment Those caught often produce valid papers for Moore says her group supports what sex workers
torney General and Justice Minister Aiyaz Sayed- as well, or a fine of $F10,000, or both. This used to be being in the country, Sokomuri added. in Fiji want - safe working conditions and the decrim-
Khaiyum had said in January: “As the laws stand a misdemeanor too. But Peni Moore, spokeswoman for Women’s inalisation of the industry.
now, it is only the prostitute that gets charged but Although statistics are hard to come by, a recent Action for Change, says that the law has only crimi- Adds Dr Kumar adds that while the new law is
the person procuring those services does not (so) the survey by the Fiji police yielded a tally of 116 sex nalised prostitution and forced it to go underground. not an entirely negative development because it will
males get away while the females get locked up.” workers in Suva and in surrounding areas. But this This means sex workers would be even less willing act as a deterrent and protect minors, more needs to
“This (decree) brings about gender equality in our figure leaves out the foreigners in the local sex indus- to seek medical care, adding to the health risks they be done to address the root causes of prostitution,
criminal justice system,” he had added. try. face. such as poverty and unemployment.
For sure, the new decree now targets people who Police records show that between 2003 and 2008, Increased policing, harassment and exploita-
hire sex workers and all those who benefit financially only 11 cases of prostitution were brought to court. tion of street-based sex workers are other pos- - Shailendra Singh heads the University of the
from the trade, such as brothel operators and pimps. The low figure reflects how difficult it is to prove sible unwanted side effects of criminalising the sex South Pacific’s journalism programme in Suva

Boundaries are indicative only


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Manukau - 261 2555

22 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

NZICA elects new Bollywood dance fest on again

committee for 2010-11
A total $15,000 will be up for grabs at this $15,000 in total at stake and up to $300 each
year’s annual Bollywood High School Dance for the preparation of the show.
Competition to be held in Auckland in August. “This is going to be the biggest and the best
This year’s event, named “Fusion 2010”, ever show to date. The best ever show for the
will be held on August 7 at the Logan Camp- third decade.”
Indian Weekender honoured at AGM bell Centre – the 12th year for the high school
dance bonanza.
The competition takes place with around 30
High Schools from all around Auckland. This
And, as every year, it will be an exciting consists of a total of 350 students participat-
and new venture for students to participate in ing in conjunction with 3000 plus rocking fans
and the organizers expect record entries this each year.
time. The hand behind the success of the Bol-
“Every year, we come up with a theme lywood High School Dance Competitions is
name and students are encouraged to choreo- Binesh Sumer, who knows just the right ingre-
graph their dance moves to the theme chosen,” dients to turn every event into a memorable
one of the main organizers, Deepa, said. one.
“Our rules and regulations have changed The managing director of Desi Interna-
this year which gives more students to partici- tional Showbiz, and guitarist for “His Masters
pate and which will also, encourages students Orchestra” has been in the showbiz for over 34
to put in that little extra effort to make this years.
competition much bigger and harder for the With a history in music and a family of
judges and audiences to judge.” musicians daughters Deepa, Neera and son
The high school dance competition has Shivnesh who have been entertaining the
been held annually and has been the most suc- crowd with their voices, area trio sensation of
cessful and the most wanted show over the the South Pacific.
past decade. This show is the only Bollywood Having organized the competition for 11
event which has been successfully held in New years in a row now, Sumer knows just how to
Zealand over the past decade attracting 30,000 get the crowd rocking. Thirty different High
people plus at the Logan Campbell Centre. Schools from all around New Zealand look
“This year we are celebrating the 12th forward to this event to showcase their talent.
Delegates, life members and observers from Giri Gupta accepted the honour on behalf of Annual Bollywood High School Dance Com- Schools and Colleges encourage their stu-
all over New Zealand attended the 84th annual Indian Weekender. petition in a much bigger and exciting way to dents to participate in an event that promotes
general meeting of the New Zealand Central Earlier, Prime Minister John Key com- mark the successful event held over the past a better understanding for different cultures.
Indian Association (NZICA) on March 27 mended the Indian diaspora for its hard work, decade,” said Deepa, who is a key member of This competition is open to all people of all
at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre in Auckland. dedication and the importance it lays on educa- the musical family behind the show. ethnicities.
NZICA is the largest and oldest Indian organi- tion, saying that the community has contrib- “This music and dance festival is to ensure Apart from the culture events, Binesh has
sation in New Zealand. uted to the country’s development for over a that the people of New Zealand and all multi- successfully organized International Film
The day long meeting also hosted Prime century. cultural ethnic groups join hands, understand, Stars Nites attracting top celebrities from Bol-
Minister John Key, the Leader of the Opposi- He said there was anticipation about the foster, human rights, become a good citizen, lywood industry to perform in New Zealand,
tion, Phil Goff, Auckland Mayor, John Banks, proposed free trade agreement between the promote and respect each other religion, Australia and Fiji.
Members of Parliament Kanwaljit Singh two countries, on which negotiations are ex- culture, and businesses for a ‘united’ New Desi International Showbiz has given plat-
Bakshi and Dr Jackie Blue as also Labour MPs pected to start later this year. Meanwhile New Zealand in this Western world for the better- form to over 30 different high schools, 3000
Chris Carter and Dr Rajen Prasad. Zealand’s exports to India have tripled in the ment for our young ones.” students and witness by some 3000 rocking
Indian High commissioner, His Excellency past decade. The dance competition is open to stu- fans for the past 11 years in total.
Admiral (Retd.) Sureesh Mehta, attended the Labour’s Mt Roskill MP and Opposition dents of all ethnicities in high schools in New This show has also been viewed by more
afternoon session and addressed the confer- Leader Phil Goff said he was proud of Kiwi Zealand. than 1.3 million audience on Mirchee TV over
ence. Indians’ talents, which needed encouragement. “Each year there is an increase in cash prize the past six years.
The annual general meeting concluded Auckland Mayor and Supercity mayoral candi- and so to mark the celebration and to make this - Indian Weekender news desk
with the election of office bearers for 2010- date John Banks also addressed the gathering. the most memorable event for the family and
2011. Cambridge resident Paul Singh Bains, Among others who were elected to NZICA’s friends and not forgetting all the students and
JP, was elected President; Harshadbhai Patel various committees for the current annual term teachers, we are giving away cash prizes of

Mr Giri Gupta after receiving the honour on behalf of Indian

Weekender. New office bearers of NZICA after the election:
Ratilal Champaneri (past President); Raj Bedi (Assistant Secretary); Rajeev (Raj)
Singh Thandi (General Secretary); Paul Singh Bains (President); Harshad Patel (Vice
President); and Manjit Singh (Treasurer).
(Vice President); Rajeev (Raj) Singh Thandi JP were: Amritbhai Vasan (Constitution & Legal
(General Secretary); Raj Bedi (Assistant Sec- Advice); Ashok Darji (Law & Order-Crime
retary); and Manjit Singh (Treasurer). Prevention); Ashwin Gulab (Wider Repre-
Ratilal Champaneri (past president) was sentation-Social and Cultural); Ganges Singh
Ne wspapers ca y showed that
granted life membership for his services to the (Honours, Awards & Life Membership); n be friendly, an You have certainl
NZICA. Gurpreet Kaur (Women’s Forum), Kaushal oriented as pr d community- Cong ratulations. op po rtunities and
oved by your pa one may seek
Weekender in per The Indian in dif ficult times ty of interna-
The relationship between New Zealand and Dhar (website co-ordination); Madanjeet the past one ye pudding.  The varie
India is fundamental to New Zealand’s future Singh Bange (Health and Welfare, Human focussing mor ar. Thank you the proof is in the an d the local mix
e on positive co for m Fiji to India
amazed with th mmunity ne ws tional stories fro or mation tool
and economic wellbeing. The growing com- Rights and Race Relations); Prithipal Singh e speed you ha . I am de it a valuable inf
munity of Indian New Zealanders highlights Basra (Immigration); Ratilal Champaneri articles on your ve published ne of content have ma y is also a superb
on-line ne wspa ws -line director
the importance of bilateral trade and invest- (Funding, Planning & Budgets); and Tarun to share the in per. It also help for many.   Your on tio n. We co uld do more
formation to wi ed us e infor ma
ment between India and New Zealand, Mr Raj Pragji (Youth Forum). giving the link der community int roduction to fre nd lac k of oppor-
rather than se , just by s especially arou
team is doing nd in g full article. Yo for social concern to immigrant
Thandi, the new General Secretary said. The meeting concluded with dinner excellent work ur ent, and education
The NZICA honoured Indian Weekender and entertainment provided by impromptu – keep it up. tunities for employm de r mu st become a
Indian Weeken
populations.  The rk upon con-
during the AGM proceedings for the publica- performances from members and friends rnalism and emba
tion and website’s positive reporting of Indians besides youngsters from the community. – Dr Guna Mag leader in great jou s. My best wishes
esan, JP, our communitie
Senior Scientist
, Scion, Rotoru cerns that affect ure.
and Indian events in New Zealand. Publisher - Indian Weekender news desk a ess and a bright fut
for continued succ – An n Pala

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 23

Hanuman Jayanti celebrated with fervour Slain taxi driver’s family gets NZ citizenship
The Guru Raghavendra Bhakti Prachara Peeta’
of Auckland, organised Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
on March 30 at the Mount Roskill War Memo-
rial hall.
The function started at 7:00pm with ‘Sank-
alpa’ by R. Satyanarayanji. He also performed
the special pooja and blessings were given to
the secretary of the Peeta Srikant Kolli and the
Bhajana mandali members on the commence-
ment of their first monthly Guru Bhajans.
The chairman of the Peeta gave an introduc-
tion of Peeta’s objectives to the public and also
the importance of holding the function. Sri H.N.Ramachandra.
The four part programme consisting of The Peeta appreciated the voluntary services
various poojas, chanting and singing con- offered by all the devotees in making the func-
cluded with the felicitation of elderly devotees tion a very successful one.
by Peeta members as a token of their invalu- The day ended with Maha Mangalarati and
able services to the community. They were Sri. Prasadam.
R.Satyanarayana, Sri Gangadhar Salimath and - Bhuvanendra Bhupala

Slain Indian taxi driver Hiren Mohini’s wife have investigated his residence and questioned
Falguni Mohini and daughters Yashvi and Hetvi flatmates.
have been presented with their citizenship certifi- The police department is believed to be fol-
Income Tax Returns cates in Auckland on March 26. lowing up leads with their counterparts in China
The certificates were presented at a specially where the alleged killer is believed to have fled.
GST / FBT/ PAYE Returns organised ceremony at the offices of National Meanwhile another Indian taxi driver has
Member of Parliament Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi been robbed at knife point and pushed out of his
Annual Accounts last Friday. vehicle in Auckland last Saturday. The police are
Trust Accounts Hiren Mohini died of injuries inflicted on him still investigating. The taxi drivers and transport
(Under Special Conditions) by his killer passenger in the early hours of Febru- ministry officials are meeting again this week to
LAQC Set Up & Tax Refund ary 1. He was tearfully farewelled on February 4 propose new measures for the safety of drivers
Company Formations Contact: Raymond Yim - IRD Tax Agent at West Auckland’s Waikumete cemetery and cre- on the job to be presented to Parliament after the
matorium by family members who were joined by Easter holiday break.
Mob: (021) 683 450 hundreds of colleagues, friends and neighbours. In the months since Mr Mohini’s brutal killing,
Nearly two months after the brutal killing of two other taxi drivers have been reportedly been
Hiren, the killer still remains at large and is be- involved in violent incidents at the hands of their
lieved to have fled the country. Media reports passengers in the city of Tauranga.
have said the police have identified the killer and - Indian Weekender news desk

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Ph:(09) 6276404; Fax: (09) 6276402, Mobile: 02102532607,
Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |
Kaun banega next superstar? ASB’s insurance campaign spreads awareness
After the huge success of Kaun Banega Su- ing them together and helping to either form or
perstar 2009 (Season 2), Dreamz Productions cement an identity for themselves. And having
proudly announces Season 3 of New Zealand’s established that, the community can and will
popular and the biggest Indian singing chal- have more confidence in itself to forge new
lenge. pathways.
Auditions are on again for the singing “Our last season of Kaun Banega Super-
bonanza, which promises to be a fun filled en- star has succeeded by bringing two groups to-
tertaining TV show combining a masala of great gether. With the combination of older songs, it
music and eager contestants. brings in the parents and older viewers, but the
This year again, the NCBT Kaun Banega young contestants on the shows have enticed the
Superstar will be a launching pad for many younger viewers to make such shows extremely
wannabe and trained singers who can sure see popular with families.
themselves on the big screen and win some “These are one of the few shows that can
prizes. successfully bridge the generation gap. With
As in previous years, NCBT and Dreamz NCBT Kaun Banega Superstar, we aim to
Productions will again surprise the winning Su- bridge together not only the young and older
perstar with an awesome prize to cherish. population of the Indian community, but also
“It’s not just about producing a locally-made to help preserve the rich heritage and song-tra-
product to expand our repertoire,” Dreamz ex- dition that has always been an integral part of
ecutive Dr Rachel Singh said. Indian culture.
“For Dreamz, we have a vision that goes “Being a long way from India, we hope that
far beyond simply providing a singing com- our show will provide a much-needed and en-
petition. We have a genuine desire combined tertaining slice-of-home for all New Zealand
with a golden opportunity to bring a commu- Indians, from those who are recent arrivals to
nity together. NCBT Kaun Banega Superstar is those who have been here many generations.”
nothing short of an ambitious community out- Dr Singh said NCBT Kaun Banega Super-
reach programme that will provide a forum for star would provide stability for the Indian com-
community interaction.” munity in New Zealand to rally around and
Dr Singh said community interaction was an indulge in a piece of home.
essential component of any healthy society and The show is open to anyone who can sing in
by producing this show, Dreamz gives the local Hindi and Bollywood Indian songs will be the
community a focal point to rally around. range on which they will be judged on.
“We provide the potential for people within “Once we get into the semi-finals, the show
that community to come to the forefront, armed will involve viewer-voting where the audience
with only their singing talent. It is our belief that at home will have an important say. The con- Felix Lee, Head of Migrant Banking at ASB Bank and community
when a community sees that some of their own testants will be competing for fantastic prizes leader Pirthipal Singh Basra launching the campaign.
can ‘make it’, they rally around them and give as always.”
support. Auditions for NCBT Kaun Banega Superstar An Insurance Awareness campaign was making sure that the community is well protect-
“They do that because those people provide commence from May 2010 and the show will launched by ASB Bank in the community ed with the right kind of policy options.
an inspiration for them. And for a community, run weekly until the Grand Finale. temple at Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe on March The campaign, which was co-ordinated
inspiration can be a powerful force for bring- - Indian Weekender news desk 21. from various places of worship ran from March
Felix Lee, Head of Migrant Banking at ASB 21 to April 11.
Bank and community leader Pirthipal Singh Mr. Lee said ASB bank was always been

Unity the message in family day

Basra launched the campaign. there for communities and will always strive
Dev Dhingra, the bank’s Business Devel- to make banking easier. This campaign was
opment Executive introduced the campaign to launched not for sales but to make sure that the
the Gurudwara sangat and outlined the fact that community is well protected, he added.
Dynamic young people from India, South leyball. In addition to this, carom board and insurance is very important and should be con- Mr. Basra said ASB bank had been reliably
Africa, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Fiji, Sri Lanka and table tennis continued to be occupied with par- stantly reviewed in light of circumstances. working for the community for a long time. He
New Zealand came together to organise Family ticipants waiting for their turns throughout the This campaign has proved successful as a fa- also urged the community to get your insur-
Fun event which was free for community (all day. The kids were equally entertained with cility for the Indian community to know about ances reviewed, as insurance is an extremely
youth and their families) to participate. giant park games and bouncy castles while the importance of insurance and avail of it. Dev important aspect of life.
The youth were either at high school, tertiary adults also joined in the fun to have their face Dhingra and Insurance manager Jas Talwar
institute or have recently graduated; they belong painted. provided their expertise and their experience in - Indian Weekender news desk
to at least three different faith groups. Concluding the day with Holi, the day’s cel-
Hindu Youth Foundation (HYF) and the ebration was rounded up in the colours of Holi
New Zealand Hindu Students Forum (NZHSF) to celebrate unity and brotherhood with every-
jointly celebrated Race Relations Day with fun,
games and Holi (Hindu festival of colours) on
Sunday, March 21, at the Hindu Heritage Centre
in Mangere, Auckland.
one sprinkling colour and water on everyone. It
provided an opportunity to forget all differences
and indulge in fun.
It is one occasion when sprinkling coloured
Akash Rampal selected Youth MP
Participants of all ages, nationalities and powder or coloured water on each other breaks National MP Kan- as he had also applied to be my Youth
background enjoyed the day. Chief guest all barriers of discrimination so that everyone wal Bakshi has MP and I know that Paula has picked
Andrew Pragnell, an advisor with the Human looks the same and universal brotherhood is re- selected Papa- a great candidate to represent her.” Mr
Rights Commission, shared some insight into affirmed. Everyone present on the day joined in toetoe resident, Bakshi said.
what Race Relations Day is and spoke of its the fun and celebration of the occasion to con- Akash Rampal Maungakiekie MP Peseta Sam Lotu-
origin. Andrew has 15 years’ experience of clude the day on a high note. as his Youth MP. Iiga has chosen Onehunga High School
working on race issues around the Asia Pacific Success of the HYF Race Relations Day Akash attended student Monisha Singh. “Monisha is a
region and he shared some personal insight into Celebrations has been crowned to the organis- Papatoetoe High bright young girl and I am sure she will
race relations with people present at the official ing committee of young volunteers who dem-
School, and is represent Sam and Maungakiekie well,”
opening. onstrated sheer dedication and commitment to
now studying for a Mr Bakshi added.
Bevan Chuang, Settlement Support Co- this event despite family commitments, studies,
ordinator for the Auckland Regional Migrant religious celebrations and even pre-planned va- Bachelor of Engineering at the Univer- Youth Parliament 2010 is an oppor-
Services, shared her experience of being a 1.5 cations. sity of Auckland. tunity for young New Zealanders (16–18
generation New Zealander. The team was a true mix of Aucklanders Akash will take up Bakshi’s seat years) to learn about New Zealand’s
Not first generation who migrated from from North Shore, West Auckland, Central and when Youth Parliament sits on July 6 democratic process and participate in
Hong Kong nor born locally to be second gener- South Auckland. While the team is taking a and 7, 2010. “Akash is an outstanding public decision-making. During Youth
ation, a situation that most young people identi- break to relax, event coordinator, Kedar Vakde candidate who is confident, ambitious, Parliament, Youth MPs debate legisla-
fy themselves with in. She went on to commend commented that “this is only the beginning”. and extremely bright. He is interested in tion, sit on select committees and ask
on the use of the Hindu Heritage Centre premis- Hindu Youth Foundation is committed to environmental issues and has a splen- parliamentary questions of Cabinet
es for conducting church sessions as the perfect making Race Relations Day an annual event for did list of achievements for a young Ministers.
example of building race and faith relations. their calendar. man his age. He will bring many talents Meanwhile, their Youth Press Gallery
Kicking of the day, Andrew, a keen sports HYF thanks all sporting teams for their par- to his role as my Youth MP.” Mr Bakshi colleagues report on their activities and
enthusiast, played a game of soccer making sure ticipation and cheerful spirit of fun & games;
said. make sure they are held accountable to
he participated in the fun activities organized all members of community who participated, all
for the day, affirming his strong thoughts and stall holders and generous donors from commu- Two of Mr Bakshi’s colleagues have the public. In May 2010, the Minister of
support for the use of sports as a development nity, sport associations and gives special thanks also picked Youth MP’s of Indian origin. Youth Affairs, Hon Paula Bennett, will
tool for communities and individuals. Such was to the Sangam Association and the Hindu Waitakere MP and Cabinet Minister Hon announce the Youth Parliament 2010
the organization that no one was turned away Temple Society for supporting the young team Paula Bennett has chosen Waitakere Bill to be considered.
disappointed. and a very special thanks to the Hindu Council resident Sunil Sharma as her Youth MP. - Indian Weekender news desk
The sports day was a success with teams of New Zealand. “I had the pleasure of interviewing Sunil
registering for soccer, netball, cricket and vol- - Indian Weekender news desk

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 25


Ek Sham Ghazal Ke Naam Health magazine for

hit with the audience South Asians launched
Community and charity organisation SPROUT, munity; to raise awareness
which is known in Auckland for the BollyworX of health risks affecting
classes it runs for the Indian community has South Asian community
launched HealthGuru, a magazine directed at and to advertise oppor-
the South Asian community. tunities for indoor and
The “healthy lifestyle” magazine was outdoor activities that
launched on World Health day, April 7. “Health- promote physical well-
Guru is all about Healthy living, healthy activ- being, says a media
ity and healthy eating and is published quarter- release from the pub-
ly,” editor Ram Lingam said.
Ranjna Patel (QSM), executive trustee of
East Tamaki Health care inaugurated the maga-
zine before an audience of distinguished guests.
“With this HealthGuru magazine, SPROUT
hopes to create community-wide health aware-
ness and make a targeted impact in those com-
“Going by what District Health boards tell
us, its bad news on the health front for the South
Asian community with our high levels of car-
diovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.
“SPROUT sincerely hopes this magazine
will go a long way in creating health conscious-
ness among Indian and other South Asian com- Ranjana Patel WITH THE FIRST
munities,” Mr Ram Lingam, who is also an
Indian Weekender columnist, said.
The purpose of this magazine is to create lishers.
health awareness in the South Asian commu- This quarterly magazine will be distributed
nity; to promote practices that include physical through leading retail outlets and also avail-
activity as a means to achieve better health out- able online in a webzine format on SPROUT’s
comes; to promote active and healthy lifestyles website
among all age groups through physical activities - Indian Weekender news desk
and outdoor pursuits to the South Asian com-

Ek Sham Ghazal Ke Naam, the first ever Ghazal Jagjit Singh for the TV serial ‘Sailab’. Viraj Maki’s
concert lived upto its expectations, at the Dorothy execution of this Ghazal can only be termed as ‘ex-
Winston Theatre in Auckland on Saturday 10th ceptional’. Not only did he sing it to perfection, but
April. It was the culmination of nearly six months also did full justice to the essence, of the mood, of
of efforts by Ghazal enthusiast Nasir Mirza, with the song. Harish Khatnaur, is a name synonymous
the support Sangam School of Music. with Ghazals in Auckland and he did not disappoint
The evening started off with Mirzaji reciting the his followers with the ghazals ‘Diwaron se milkar’
holy verses to invoke the blessing of the almighty and ‘mehfil mein rang’. He is an old hand at judging
and set the tone for the evening. Prof S D Madhur the pulse of the audience and made sure that the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
then rendered a couple of Ghazals with ease and ‘ethos’ of the evening is maintained. We offer you a full package management service, from finding new tenants, to
pathos that had the audiences in mood for more. Credit must be given to the musicians, Basant
It was wonderful listening to Prof Madhur and Madhur on Tabla, Hemant Thakar on Keyboards, dealing with contractors.
his renditions of ghazals like ‘Kahan aake ..’. This Shivam on Base guitar, Surbhi Sharma on Violin
was followed by Shobha Pathak rendering the ever and ample support from Prof Madhur and Arun
popular ‘Aaj Jaane ki Jid na karo’ perhaps indicat- Khotkar on Harmonium. They switched gears and
ing to the audience that the concert was going to be tempo to match the singing with ease and never LANDLORDS
a long one and that they should not even think about once did any one of them let the tenet go haywire. With our innovative online system you have access from anywhere in the world to
leaving the seats for the next couple of hours! It is worth noting that the set design by Mirzaji was all your rental statements and more with it just being a click away.
Sandhya Rao’s rendition of the Ghazal maestro, wonderful and the backdrop he created gave a feel
Mehdi Hassan’s ‘Ranjish hi sahi’ was a treat to the of real ‘Ghazal ‘ evening happening somewhere in
audience’s ears. Mehdi Hassan is known to sticking the Indian Subcontinent.
to classical singing while rendering his Ghazals and Perhaps the evening belonged to the young star COMMITTMENT
Sandhyaji’s classical training was in ample evidence of Ghazal singing in Auckland, Roshan. The way Something you don’t hear too often now days,but we give you ours! To maintain
when she rendered this Ghazal with ease! She was he sang ‘Chand angdayin le raha hai’ was proof that
equally at ease with her other ghazal ‘Game firaq we are blessed with an upcoming artist who will service levels, return calls, emails etc...
ke kisse’. shine in the coming years and we are lucky to have
Kanika Deish was not only soulful but very me- him amongst us. Rest assured that the Ghazal scene
lodious with her presentation of ‘Mujshe tum nazar will be incomplete without him in future. The
gira to rahe ho’ as well as ‘Apko bhul jaye’. She put Artists were honoured with a traditional Shawl for SERVICES
her smooth voice to excellent use while creating the gracing the evening which also had the presence of Find new tenants, Maintain existing, maintenance, dealing with contractors,
longing potrayed in the song and the evening was the Indian High Commissioner H.E Admiral (retd)
set to be a hit. Sureesh Mehta among the audience. reference checks, property inspections and much much more...
Mirzaji, had the audience tapping when he sang The clock was moving fast and nobody re-
the evergreen ‘Mehfil mein bar bar’ by Ghulam Ali. alised that it was well past 11 pm when the curtain
He has an understanding of the language which had to be drawn on a wonderful evening, but not
helps him to apply the proper weight on every word before Arun had the audience spell bound with
that is sung as well as taking the right amount of Jagjit singhs ‘Shola hun bhadkane ke gujarish
pauses, to create an immediate impact on the audi- nahin karta’. This Muzzafar Warsi’s ghazal aptly
ence. He sang his Ghazals with a great panache and describes the internal conflict of one’s mind and
the audiences responded immediately. the conflict facing Mirzaji of ending the program
Arun Khotkar’s rendition of ‘Phir chidi raat, with so many songs yet to be sung! Guess, it will
baat phoolon ki’ along with Sandhya Rao brought be some other ‘Sham’ when we can hear more from Please contact
back memories of the film Bazaar for which it was these artists. Till then the memories of this ‘Sham’ Naveet Prasad - Partner
rendered by Talat Aziz for the legendary composer with remain with you – as the couplet goes;
Khayyam. The poet Moinuddin Maqhdoom had kabhi khamosh baithoge, kabhi kuchh gungu- +64 21 489 269
penned this wonderful Ghazal which sounds har- naaoge maiN utna yaad aaoonga, mujhe jitna bhu-
monious even today! laaoge.
Nida Fazli gave us the wonderful Ghazal ‘Apni - Prashant Belwalkar
marji se kahan jaye hum’ sung by the evergreen

26 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |




inclusive of all taxes

P&O Cruises
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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 27
The management and staff of Radio Apna Inc I would like to wish you and your team a Indian Weekender is providing an important What a breathe of fresh air Indian Weekend-
would like to wish Indian Weekender happy good luck for the future. service to the Indian Community, not just in er has been! We thoroughly enjoy the posi-
first anniversary you have taken the market by NZ but beyond. It is an excellent product. The tive tone of this newspaper and the manner in
storm and wish you all the best for the excellent Dhiru M Patel, Public Relations Officer, Auck- selection of stories is great. It is a must read for which it projects our community in really good
work done so far. Keep up Indian weekender ! land Indian Association Inc me. It is amazing how far Indian Weekender has light. The user-friendly format of the newspa-
come in just one year. Congratulations on a job per makes it all the more endearing. We wish
Shaiyaz Mohammed, General Manager, well done. many more editions of this fun filled informa-
Radio Apna Congratulations on reaching this important tive newspaper, which is, enjoyed by our entire
milestone. We wish you the very best in your - Shailendra Singh, Head Journalism family. And all the very best on its first anni-
pursuit of excellence in journalism and new Programme, University of the South versary.
I am really pleased that Indian Weekender has techniques of digitally delivering content. Pacific,Suva, Fiji
completed one year with a high note. It has - Anuradha Ramkumar, Creative Director
gained a dominant position in the minds of Laisa Taga, Editor-in-chief, Islands Business The Auckland Marathi Association congratu- Anuradha’s School of Indian Dances.
Auckland Indians and emails of so many indi- International, Suva, Fiji lates Indian Weekender on the completion of
viduals. Your newspaper has played a very im- if its first year. It’s a fantastic achievement es- East Tamaki Healthcare congratulates Indian
portant role in promoting our community to the pecially as it achieved this landmark in a very Weekender for successfully completing its first
wider audience. We wish you all the success for Kindly do accept my Heartiest Congratula- difficult year, in tough market conditions. Best year of publication! We congratulate the man-
the years to come tions for highly esteemed Newspaper in New wishes for a long a successful publishing life. agement and staff for bringing to us quality
Zealand. Blessings. Do keep up your good work that has already news updates from within and outside New
Ilango Krishnamoorthy, President, Muthtamil achieved a lot of goodwill in the community, Zealand. The potpourri of news from Indian
Sangam Inc. – M Iqbal, community elder, Auckland particularly the timely interesting weekly news- subcontinent has been a delight to read and
letters and the regularly updated website. must say that the content and design teams have
Indian Weekender has blazed an amazing done a great job during this first year of publi-
I am very happy that Indian Weekender has trail in a year that had little hope for any new - Auckland Marathi Association Inc., cation. Keep it up! Indian Weekender’s prompt
completed a very successful first year. venture. It is testimony to the team’s commit- P.O. Box 64369, Botany Town Centre, East and periodic electronic circulation is very in-
Your newspaper has played a very important ment to editorial and creative work as well as its Tamaki, Auckland formative and attractive and it brings to our
role in our Indian Community. We wish you all business acumen. Logical systems wishes the computer screens, the latest news and popular
the success in the coming years Indian Weekender team the very best and a long While Auckland now has several local newspa- events in beautiful words and illustrations.
and successful publishing life. pers to serve the public, and act as an indicator Indian Weekender has distinctively created a
Vai Ravindran, President, New Zealand Hindu of public opinion, on this occasion, it makes me niche for itself amidst numerous newspapers
Temple Society - Daven Naidu, Logical Systems, very proud that the Indian Weekender is not only publications of the region and has reached out to
Eden Terrace, Auckland a newspaper which is the brainchild of the new every Indian in New Zealand both through print
wave of Indian migrants but is also one backed and electronic media. We wish you success for
Congratulations to you, your whole team and by experienced professionals in the mass media. your future publications! Yours sincerely
Indian Weekender to celebrate the first anni- Congratulations for celebrating first anniversa- This newspaper is very significant as it provides
versary of the publications. Your Indian Week- ry – you have grown so fast in one year. Thank analysis of the news, articles and opinions, in - Ranjna Patel, Director- East Tamaki Health-
ender was and will be a great newspaper. The you for supporting all the Indian communities depth reports, as well as several interesting mag- care Group of Companies
quality, layout, variety and the contents were and representing our community in particular. azine style columns and features besides news. I
superb. I enjoyed working with you and you congratulate the Weekender Team.
have provided a great service to our association. - S Subbiah, Muthamil Sangam - Aaron Kashyap
On behalf of the Auckland Indian Association Barrister and solicitor

We are an Indian based financial consultancy

H - Honesty
A - Authenticity
R - Reliability
VALUES L - Leadership
E - Ethical
Level 8 Outsource IT Tower, 44 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland
Ph: 09 377 42 38, Fax: 09 309 5598, Web:
Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |
Swaminarayan Temple celebrates second anniversary
The ISSO Swaminarayan Temple at Papatoetoe
celebrated its second anniversary from Friday
April 2 to Sunday April 4. The campus has already
become a landmark and is frequently visited by
people of Indian origin for a variety of activities
carried out here. ISSO organises cultural classes
for the young, health awareness programs, gar-
dening for healthy eating, weddings, discourses
and many other community and religious pro-
On the first day, cultural evening was orga-
nized. It began with melodious bhajans led by
Swami Bhajanprakashdasji and many other devo-
tees. The whole environment became serene and
pious. It was followed by a play named “Hriday
Parivartan” – change of heart.
The story depicted how the poet Ladudanji,
who loved material possessions, was transformed
to the divine Saint Brahmanand Swami by Lord
Swaminarayan in the early Nineteenth century
Gujarat. The play was performed by devotees and
was directed by the priest Ravibhai Shastri. It was
praised by one and all in the audience. Evening
concluded with prasadam. Over 500 people at-
tended the evening.
On Sunday 4th April, the day started early the completion of 2 years of the temple.
with the Abhishek “pious bathing” of the idols Dr. Kanti Patel, Chairman of the trust, thanked
at the temple. The Saints of the temple – Swami all the volunteers and presented a Certificate in
Ramkrushnadasji, Swami Bhajanprakashdasji recognition of services to Mr. Suresh Amin, who
and others joined in the ceremony. After the ab- is a dedicated volunteer. Swami Ramkrushnadasji
hishek, the idols were decorated and the Annakut blessed the gathering and spoke about the impor-
– Mountain of food – was offered to the deities. tance of temples as a place for eternal solace and
Annakut included lots of varieties of savories and mental peace.
sweets made in the temple and also brought by Acharya Maharajshree Koshalendraprasadji
devotees. The idols and the whole temple premis- was scheduled to be the Guest of honor during
es were decorated and wore a very attractive look. this whole celebration and many devotees were
Guests from Australia, USA, UK and other eagerly awaiting his arrival. Circumstances pre-
parts of New Zealand along with a large number vented his arrival but he sent a video recording
of Auckland devotees attended the events. At the which was shown to the audience. After the Arati,
time of Annakut arati, K. S. Baxi, Rajen Prasad – everyone took the Mahaprasad. Over 1000 people
Members of Parliament gave their best wishes on attended on Sunday.


After Hours: East Tamaki Healthcare
Accident & Medical Centre
160 Bairds Road, Otara, Tel: 274 3414 Fax: 274 0676
Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 29

A rare Kishore Kumar classic comes to NZ

A song composed by the legendary Kishore Kumar mean to you?
in the 1960s will for the first time see the light of
day in Auckland next month – through his son I have been supported by the audience that has
Amit Kumar. been appreciating my work and my presentations,
Amit Kumar will be in New Zealand on May 1 which has inspired me to bring Amit Kumar live to
for a one-off show, “Yeh Zameen Ga Rahi Hai – a them. This would be another tribute to Kishore da
tribute to Kishore Kumar and R D Burman”, at the and Pancham da but it has different flavor because
Logan Campbell Centre, and he has chosen the oc- this time it is Kishore da’s own son and I have great
casion for the world release of his latest album Ley pleasure and privilege to present this to Auckland
Chalo. music lovers.
The title song of the album, “Ley Chalo …”
was originally composed by Kishore Kumar in his Where are tickets available and what do
heyday in the 1960s. they cost?
Ley Chalo has been mostly a family affair The tickets are selling very fast (thanks to all media
with lyrics by Kishore Kumar’s wife Leena Chan- partners) and I am proud to offer all music lovers
dawarkar, with composition and direction by Amit an international show at local price. We still have
Kumar and his brother Sumeet. some tickets of VIP which has reserved seating but
Singers are Amit Kumar, Reema and Ma- people with big groups and individuals can still buy
karand Patankar and music by Richards, Kashi and tickets in the general category which are priced at
Jitendra Kulkarni. $30. We can offer some specials only to charity
Local radio personality Gopal Bhatia, the man groups. For more information call 09 624-6330.
behind Amit Kumar’s Auckland gig, said the singer
was keen to launch his album in New Zealand.
Gopal was in Mumbai recently to finalise arrange-
ments for Amit Kumar’s visit to Auckland. music in the air: Gopal Bhatia, the Tickets Available at:
Gopal also had the opportunity to visit Gouri man behind Amit Kumar’s Auckland gig with . Rockyz Minimart - Papatoetoe
Kunj, the home of Kishore Kumar, where legend Amit Kumar at the Kishore Kumar Bunglow . Quality Mini Bazaar -
made his music. Papatoetoe
Here, Gopal relates his experience of his visit to his family… . Auckland India Sweets -
Kishore Kumar’s bungalow to meet the Ganguly
family: Otahuhu /Dominion Road.
Amitji is very humble and very kind and he sounds
and talks like a born artiste and is very passion-
. Century Video - New Windsor
1. Why did he choose New Zealand to ate about his music and Baba’s music (Amitji ad- . Relienz Forex -
launch the album? dressed Kishore da as Baba) and feels great and Dominion Road
blessed that he is the son of legendary Kishore Ashaji . Curry Mantra - Hillsborough
When I was discussing and interviewing him he Kumar. I met Leenaji, who is also great personality and many more music di-
. Spice Valley - New Lynn
mentioned about this album, so I thought I would and told me many stories of her experience of being rectors of the industry.
request the producer Makarand Patankar and Kishore da’s wife and I felt very much touched with
. Video & Tailoring – Lambie
Amitji if it can be launched in Auckland during his some of the anecdotes she shared with me. Being a Kishore Kumar / R D Burman Drive, Manukau
live concert on the May 1, and both of them agreed “bhakt” for so long, what does the show
to it. Will Leena ji be accompanying him on
After meeting him in India recently, surely you show to New Zealand? Who would be the
must know the popular numbers he will be singing female vocalist sing in this show? Will his
. . . Main ekh panchhi matwala re . . . Will he be show be backed by his own orchestra or
taking requests from audience?
with local musicians?
After meeting Amitji I got to know that he likes
Leenaji asked me if I would call her for my next
to interact with audience and I am sure looking
tribute show to Kishore da and I said yes I would
at the response he would love to sing what people
love to have her and Sumeet. We will be having local
want to listen. For sure I know he is going to sing
female singers of high calibre - along which Shweta,
Yeh Zameen Ga Rahi Hai and Bade Acche Lagte
Manju and Vidya, and myself, Makarand and of Plug N Go Drive - Automated Driving Recorder with Dual Cameras
course Amitji would be singing and we are having
Bollywood music industry’s top class musicians Be Safe in Taxi and Record Everything Inside & Outside
What is Amit Kumar like – his personality, who have performed with Kishore Kumar, Lataji,
Recorder with Dual Cameras

“More people opening up to spirituality” The New Plug 'N' Go Drive Twin cameras view, Wide angle view Compact and
extremely affordable, No incident is too small to be unnoticed, captured digitally,
Automated driving recorder. The Plug 'N' Go Drive allows drivers to mark video
and scenes of interest for future review, it's your automotive digital eyewitness.

Meera Naganadan, head of the Brahmakumari The Plug 'N' Go Drive is useful for law enforcement or personal use, Fleet
Management, Accident reconstruction, Professional fleet and car racing driver
World Spirituality University, says more and training, and student driver training.
more people were increasingly becoming fed up
The two cameras plus audio channel provides a "third eye" observer. It also
of materialism in this world. features on board digital video recorder with GPS, Speedo readings and
Ms Naganadan, head of the Brahmakumari external alarm trigger, an SD Card which allows for re-enactment and replay of
video and audio, Continuously records video in a loop and saving time before
mission in Malaysia, was in the country recent- and after an accident.
ly as part of a lecture tour of New Zealand and Features
Australia. Camera - 2 Camera. 1.3M CMOS digital sensor.
“People are now more receptive to spiritual- Resolution - 640X480(VGA) up to 30fps(dual mode 10-12fps).
GPS - Built in GPS
ity compared with in the past,” said Ms Nagana- G-sensor - Built in 3 dimensional sensor (Impact, quick start, quick stop)
dan adding that more people should take advan- Data storage - SD memory card (min 512MB - max SDHC 32GB)
Audio - Built in mike
tage of the Brahmakumari mission’s services to Power / consumption - DC12-24V(Cigar jack/fuse) / 1.5A
enhance their lives. World Spirituality: Bhavna Shukla,
The Brahmakumari World Spirituality Uni- left, co-ordinator of the Brahmakumari opera- Contents:
versity started in 1936 in India and today has tions in New Zealand, with Meera Nagananda, Main system (including install stand).
Cigar jack power (including the cable)
8500 branches in 120 countries – with a total head of the operations in Malaysia, pictured in AV cable.
900,000 members worldwide. Emergency button included.
The Brahmakumari service was based on Auckland this week. SD memory card.
User manual (CD).
four basic principles, explained Ms Naganadan. In New Zealand, there are more than 350 Product Code: PNGD
• Spiritual knowledge; members based in Auckland, Wellington,
• Rajayoga meditation; Christchurch and Dunedin.
• Values; The New Zealand centres offer free medita- ORDER INFORMATION - Product Code: PNGD
• Service to humanity. tion classes for the community for an hour seven
The practice of Rajyoga helps people live days a week. Voluntary contributions keep the CONTACT US NOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER
a peaceful existence, which sits well with the organization running smoothly.
aims of the movement : to bring world peace Their motto: “When I change, the world Daven Naidu (09) 3025930 Mob 021929247
with of mind. changes.”
“Our works and services is not a religion, but Those wishing to take advantage of the ser- Krishna Kumar (09)6368084 Mob 0275266773
Ambury Court Business Park
is totally non-profitable, non-governmental and vices offered by the organization should contact Unit 4, 1 Porters Avenue Vasu Kunapuli (09)3666405 Mob 0212369403
non-political,” Ms Naganadan said. Bhavna Shukla on 09 579 5646, or email: Eden Terrace
“It is open to people from all walks of life or contact Sushila Dass Auckland
who want to improve their lives and their very on 09 525 7649.
existence.” - Indian Weekender news desk

30 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 31


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32 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |
Government by Greed

Qarase stuck with coup debts

Subhash Appana
In my last article, focus fell on Qarase’s infamous Reports at the time clearly stated that postal ballots Then amidst intense lobbying, Speight pleaded rights didn’t end there.
Agricultural Scam that drained Fiji of some $25m were brought in towards the end of count in several guilty to treason and was sentenced to death on There were afternoon volleyball matches on
at a time when 40% of the population lived below cases – often not in sealed boxes but in brown 18/2/2002. This was immediately commuted to sand followed by kava and card sessions. And on
the poverty threshold amid a slumping economy. paper parcels. Was this being done in response to life imprisonment by the virtually never-changing Saturdays, loved ones were transported on gov-
The aim of the man and his advisors was to con- signals from progressive counts? never-elected Attorney General, Qoriniasi Bale. ernment vehicles to provide the missing dimen-
tinue his hold on government, this time through In a third baffling outcome, incumbent Labour While the lobbying and power-bargaining sions of home comfort. One can only contrast
the ballot box, no matter what it took. stalwart, Lavinia Padarath, narrowly lost the was being played out, Speight’s surroundings on this with South Africa’s use of Robben Island as a
Numerous complaints arose regarding the va- Nausori/Naitasiri Open Constituency. When the converted island of Nukulau had been made penal colony for dangerous prisoners and political
lidity of the 2001 elections. An FLP press release postal ballots were first verified in this case, there totally un-prisonlike by Qarase’s interim govern- subversives during apartheid.
noted, “the long delays in beginning the count, were only 89. However, when they were later ment. For the purposes of this series, we need to Many innovative attempts were made to ratio-
particularly in the Central Division, the bringing in brought in for counting, the box contained 511 look at Nukulau Prison to understand Qarase’s nalize away the fact that the tragic heroes of Fiji
of unverified postal ballots part way into the count, unverified postal ballots which had already been sympathies and the role Speight and his men were not really being kept away. This had to be
the extremely high number of invalid votes and the opened! Lavinia couldn’t hide her disgust when I played in his ambitions. done to appease coup-supporters and ward off
uniformity of ticks on ballot papers.” Doubts were talked to her about this. Nukulau Prison negativity towards Qarase’s government which
also raised about the “conduct of the election and SVT leader Filipe Bole also mentioned process Nukulau Island lies less than 10km off the had effectively ridden to power on the back of
the neutrality of electoral officials/clerks.’’ discrepancies and, in particular, the inordinate 3 coast of Suva and was for a long time a favourite Speight’s coup and the demise of his men.
To substantiate this, three cases were high- day delay in commencing counting. Why did we picnic spot for the more sea-loving folk of that One intriguing story being spun was that Major
lighted. In the tight Suva City Open Constituency, need this delay anyway? Complaints aside, Qarase capital city. Steeped in history, the island was curi- Ilisoni Ligairi (a Cakaudrove man) could leave the
the number of votes posted by the District Officer became elected PM in September 2001, but only ously chosen by the Qarase government to house island at any time on assessment missions on the
at the beginning of count was 10,765. The actual with the support of the coup-spawned CAMV. the coup perpetrators of 2000. Many at the time back of a shark! The province of Cakaudrove has
number of ballot papers found inside was 12,261. This immediately saddled him with a whole lot of thought it a good choice as it was separated from a special affinity with the shark which is revered
Nobody was able to account for the additional IOUs and secret undertakings to fulfill and deliver the main land. and traditionally seen as a totem God. There were
1496 votes. This was the constituency where Dr. on. Few realized that it was chosen for more many other spinnings of this sort.
Tupeni Baba’s New Labour Unity Party had been Coup Trials obvious reasons – it was idyllic for hiding a group This is how Qarase allowed/arranged punish-
attracting record crowds and polls predicted a The very first problem Qarase encountered of public outcasts while rewarding them out of the ment for the thugs who violated Fiji in 2000. Those
NLUP victory. was how to handle the perpetrators of the 2000 public eye – a Fijian version of the biblical purga- who supported these men saw this sojourn as both
In the Tailevu North/Ovalau Open Constitu- coup. A total of 34 travel black-listed coup-people tory. Speight & Co. plus their misguided CRW a test and a reward for their bravery and patriotism.
ency, officials declared over 10,000 votes at the had contested the 2001 elections. And they had all goons were thus put on holiday on Nukulau under And the tropical holiday lasted more than 5 years
beginning of count on Monday. On Tuesday, supported Qarase for PM. George Speight’s trial the guise of imprisonment. until the Bainimarama coup of December 2006.
“while the count was in progress, more boxes were came first in February 2002. In this first batch Accommodation comprised cool newly-built More will follow.
brought in with (the count being) revised by offi- were Timoci Silatolu, Josefa Nata and a number of Fijian bures under coconut palm trees. There was
cials to over 14,000’’. That was 4,000 votes over CRW renegades. Speight’s trail to court had been TV, internet access, modern toilet and sanitary - Subhash Appana is an academic and politi-
the initial mark! long and full of intrigue. facilities, white sandy beaches for strolls, warm cal commentator. The opinions contained in this
Focus also fell on the administration of postal On 27/7/2000 he was finally arrested as he blue seas for leisurely swims, access to fishing, article are entirely his and not necessarily shared
ballots. Standard practice was to verify all ballot tried again to defy an army check-point. On etc. And no work! Food, laundry, etc. was all taken by any organizations he may be associated with
boxes at the beginning of count so that no addi- 4/9/00 he appeared in court fully expecting to be care of by the prison system. After all, these guys both in Fiji and abroad.
tions could be made as counting progressed. released; magistrate Salesi Temo sent him back. had to have prisoner rights as well. And these Email

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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 33
The Intellectual dishonesty of Indias’ pseudo secularists
We received over 40 letters in response to this article. Here is a selection:

I am really impressed by the clear and concise manner the writer has put his point across. I do not
find this honesty in the journalists of the day, whether in India or away.
From the Editor – Jeevan Vidyarthi

It’s time we put paid to the Indian rope trick

You have articulated brilliantly the views of a majority of Indians. A couple of editors of well known
journals have written how Hussain has been subject to harassment and threats and why he has
chosen to leave India for a ‘secular’ Qatar.
One of the many characteristics that define Indian-ness no matter where in the world is – Anand Sirur
the tendency of large numbers of people to believe in the supernatural.
The sheer range of the belief systems prevalent in India and now being exported all Very well articulated. It’s seldom to find honesty in writing these days, everything’s all so politi-
over the world thanks to easier travel links and instant communication technologies is cally correct and dishonest. I hope there are more articles like this in the future.
bewildering, to say the least. – Sundar Rajan
From astrologers and charmed talisman vendors to jet setting yogis and gurus,
there is an unending stream of the purveyors of esoteric “sciences”, charms, “redis-
You couldn’t have put it better. I only wish you had also mentioned that it is not only the politicians
covered” secret knowledge systems and formulas for spiritual uplift, to list only a few, and power mongers but even some highly respected intellectuals – some of them Padma award
emerging out of India and travelling the world. winners – act as votaries of such scum.
And like anywhere else in the world, the temporal world is never far from the highly – Gourang Kodical
rarefied spiritual one – especially so in matters of pursuing fame, the trappings of
wealth and a fierce desire to spread influence not so much in an evangelical fashion as
much as in a style redolent of a multinational corporate, complete with trained franchi- India is a multicultural,multi-ethic and multi-religous nation.Though dominantly Hindu the idea
sees offering packaged nirvana in a range of flavours and courses. All for a cascading of genuine secularism is critical for the country to survive and thrive and bring back the glory
range of prices, directed at different classes of clientele. the country has lost over the last five centuries. While the issue may seem small and of little
Levels of education have nothing to do with beliefs. It is only the degree of the fear consequence,I agree that these Pseudo-secular views are not good for the country.We as Indians
should have the courage to stamp this behaviour out and concentrate on nation building in earnest.
of the unknown within the individual that mostly drives this. The examples of Indian
– Sanjay
celebrities, politicians and common people alike who have added an extra alphabet like
an ‘e’, ‘ k’, ‘r’ or ‘a’ in their names to “improve” their luck factor after advice from such
practitioners are legion. It is essential that the same yard stick be applied to M.F. Hussain, Salman Rushdie,Taslima
It gets even more temporal. In an increasingly competitive spiritual world it Nasreen,and the Danish Cartoonist The peudo secularists keep harping on the artistic freedom of
becomes imperative for these players to stand out, position themselves differently from M.F.Hussain alone, for whom money is the sole consideration, irrespective of the insult and harm
one another, hire public relations agencies and spin doctors to place themselves in he is causing to the harmony , among the people of India.
editorials and take out advertisements in the media with all kinds of inducements and – Rabindra Nath
In fact that is exactly what has been happening in ethnic Indian media outlets in Excellently written. Silent majority of Hindus in India ask these questions,but pseudo secular multi
media won’t project their views, becuse they will not be favoured with Govt. advertisements.
New Zealand. Huge advertisements of gurus, babas, astrologers, yogis and tantriks fill
– R. Venkatesan
a substantial volume of the advertisement space in publications catering to Indians and
people of South Asian stock in New Zealand, Indian Weekender included.
It is not that such beliefs do not persist in other cultures – sure, there are ads Rotorua celebrates Race Relations Day with soccerfest
for clairvoyants, palm readers and soothsayers even in the mainstream New Zealand Congratulations to organizers of this event, this definitely will help harmony among all New Zea-
media. But it is just that they are far more pronounced in South Asian culture, which is landers, remembering and feel proud of their own identities while respecting others.
what makes this whole business stand out so prominently and at times embarrassingly Subra M Subramaniam
when these agents of the spiritual world try to outdo each other with promises that are
plainly ludicrous. Didn’t even know a day like this existed. We need more initiatives like this to promote racial
This problem became so serious in India in the early 1950s, that the nascent Indian harmony.
R Gupta
Parliament passed an act to legally curb ads that promised magical remedies. It is
called the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954. Prom- Rotorua scientist among top 100 Indians in the world
ising magical remedies, therefore, is prosecutable under Indian law. Even so, people We received hundreds of letters in response to this article. Here is a selection:
find creative ways of circumventing the law and the Indian media is awash with such We congratulate you on your selection as one of the distinguished 100 Indians, who serve as bridge
ads. between the world communities non politically, let your service continue by the grace of Lord
In any case, there is no recourse to such a law here and so astrologers and tantriks, Buddha.
mostly those visiting here from the Indian subcontinent, have a free rein to promise the – Ven.Dr.Bhikkhu Bodhipala
moon (and alter your stars). For publications like ours, there is no case for legally re-
fusing paid ads so long as they do not outrage public decency or cause public disorder. I’m a resident of Canberra,Australia and a Tamil speaking person who grew up in Mumbai. Con-
They are like any other advertiser since they are paying for the space they hire. gratulations on the honour bestowed on you.
– Chandra Rangnath
The embarrassingly overpromising nature and tacky quality of these ads that have
been appearing here even prompted Indian High Commissioner Admiral (Retd) Sureesh
Mehta to publicly state at a function in Auckland last month that Indian papers must Can National chew all that it has bitten off
eschew carrying such ads, even offering to subsidise the publications to compensate National has taken cautious steps in its first term, understandibly so. It understands the difficulties
for lost revenue. in a sudden change in policy of 9 previous years. Fundamentally the economic, social, political
A week later, a mainstream television news channel carried out a sting operation policies of National have been in the right direction, but “Is it enough?” will be the question in
catching some of these so-called astrologers and tantriks on camera doling out highly voters (read national supporters) mind when they vote next year. Labour supporters on the other
questionable remedies to the programme’s actors. hand would be intact but a bit unhappy that their leaders have been weak opposition, but do they
Subsidy or not, Indian Weekender, starting this anniversary issue, has now taken a have a choice.
decision not to accept for publication ads that make magical promises and remedies, – Sanjay
using guidelines under the Indian Drugs and Magic Remedies Act for reference.
The burden of love
– Dev Nadkarni I dont think there are many city bred men that would even part take in this ritual - too soft and
havent been taught to appreciate a village bred girl. This love will definitely last a life-time. Well
– Marissa

Indian Weekender Volume 2 No 2

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34 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


What an amazing first year it has been

At the very beginning of my career in journal- Indians. later, it has stuck by that dictum and has been in a new publication that wouldn’t last beyond
ism, my boss, editor Anant Pai – known to mil- While little about migrants appears in the widely appreciated by the community – and a couple of issues; logistical and administrative
lions of Indians growing up anywhere in the mainstream media in New Zealand or for that even honoured by the most important Indian or- issues; the economic recession … the list was
1970s and 1980s as the legendary ‘Uncle Pai’, matter in any country where immigrants are a ganisation in New Zealand – for it. endless.
the father of Indian comics who created the im- comparatively new phenomenon, when it does The economic and business analyst pundits But the wise move of quickly adding digital
mortal Amar Chitra Katha series and Tinkle it tends to be in a less than complimentary light. told us that the timing for launch could not have offerings paid off well. A full blown website
magazine – gave me some sage advice. In fact, that was a subject of animated dis- been worse. “Wait for a year,” one said. “Just followed rapidly by an iPhone, smart phone
“Young man,” he said. “At some point in your cussion at a forum that brought hold on till things begin to look up,” was and now an iPad version, the addition of a sub-
life you will be consumed with the ambition of mainstream and ethnic the general refrain, owing to the scriber newsletter and a state of the art free web
starting your own publication. Remember, when media together dark clouds of the global business directory for Indian businesses went a
God wants to destroy you, He will appear in in Christchurch financial meltdown long way in establishing the brand and making
your dreams and ask you to start a magazine.” last month in that had gathered Indian Weekender the most visible and accessed
That quote came to my lips instantly when which Indian menacingly all the Kiwi Indian multimedia brand – complete with
Giri Gupta first spoke to me about his dream Weekender par- way to the horizon text, graphics, audio, video and a growing list
of starting a new publication for Indians in ticipated. with all their grim of e-business options available for delivery on a
New Zealand. When I repeated Mr Pai’s wise It was impor- foreboding. range of devices.
words Giri said, “But I think if we are sincere tant to enhance But the eternal op- This, accompanied by compelling content, is
of purpose and hardworking we can persuade, the feel good timists at Kiwi Media what has catapulted the Indian Weekender brand
convince and win over God to our side, to bless factor of living in Group rightly surmised beyond Auckland and New Zealand. Readers
us and help us achieve this dream.” a country far from that the only direction in India, Fiji, Australia, the US, the UK, the
It was hard not to be enthused by his opti- home, to celebrate to go in the worst period Middle East and some 33 countries access our
mism and strength of purpose that had a strong life as a migrant in a recession is up – you digital offering in substantial numbers that have
undercurrent of practicality and business nous. and helping in can’t go any lower. The doubled every three months since launch.
Over several meetings, which also saw useful whatever small examples of successful None of this would have been possible
inputs from his friend and business associ- way in the process products launched during without the co-operation, positive response,
ate Bhav Dhillon, a game plan for publishing of assimilation. an economic recession are encouragement and the loyalty of our valued
company Kiwi Media Group and Indian Week- This was not always legion, the legendary iPod readers and advertisers, to whom our deepest
ender was launched in late 2008. happening in the included. So we soldiered on thanks are due.
The two men left the planning of the design media outlets ca- regardless and here we are one Standing on the threshold of our second year,
and content mix entirely to the creative team tering to Indians in year later, having survived the we would like to think God has been on our side.
that rapidly fell in place soon afterward. But New Zealand. There storm and now riding the slowly I haven’t the heart to call my visionary former
they had one guiding principle that they wanted seemed to be a preponderance of negative re- rising wave of the economic recovery. boss Mr Pai – now living in graceful retirement
everyone in the team to be mindful of: make a porting in our ethnic media, which needed to be Like all start-ups the early days were fraught: in Mumbai – and tell him that his advice can
conscious effort in projecting the positive side countered – that was the general consensus with hard to convince advertisers who were constant- sometimes be proved wrong. Not that my fine
of things especially in matters relating to Kiwi which Indian Weekender began. And a year ly warned by competitors not to waste money one-time mentor won’t be happy.

The Taliban of Untouchability

Rakesh Krishnan Simha

The petty blacklisting of actor Amitabh Bachchan for being the brand ambassador of Gujarat exposes India’s
pseudo secularists for what they really are – a bunch of intolerant demagogues.

It’s a full-time job staying abreast of the colourful denim because they are both made in Gujarat.” were killed in the riots. foetus with sharp weapons. The media has not both-
epithets that come spinning out of India’s political That remark was not far off the mark. The How many times have you read that Hindus too ered to question Setalvad for this horrendous lie.
landscape. The latest one, “Taliban of untouchabil- Congress shouting brigade objected to Bachchan’s were killed in the Gujarat riots? Has there been one * Dumping of dead bodies into a well by rioters
ity”, coined by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra presence at a government function in Mumbai, and – just one – story, among the thousands, about some at Naroda Patiya.
Modi, is interesting in its sweep. party workers ripped off posters of his actor son NGO setting up a camp for the families of the 254 * Killing of foreign nationals who were on a
The term is the perfect label for India’s pseudo Abhishek. The controversy is likely to erupt again Hindus killed? At least I haven’t. visit to Gujarat and got caught in the riots.
secularists who are trying to brand Modi –plus on May 1 when Gujarat observes its golden jubilee. And that’s the crux of the matter. India’s secu- But the Goebbelsian propaganda has worked.
anyone and everyone associated with him – into Bachchan will be taking part in the lavish celebra- larists will be out of a job if they reveal that Hindus Many middle class Hindus were overcome with
a political untouchable for his alleged failure to tions that the state government has planned, and were killed as well. For them, the riots were a revulsion after hearing stories of the riots, espe-
prevent the retaliatory killings of Muslims in 2002 the Congress has warned the star’s presence in the pogrom, no less. For that reason they keep talking cially the fictitious one about the pregnant woman.
following the murder of 57 Hindu pilgrims in celebrations will again bring him in the line of fire. about Muslim deaths alone. The liberal elite continue to associate Modi and the
Godhra, Gujarat. Shrill sloganeering was a hallmark of Congress To be sure, the killing of Muslims is to be con- Hindu parties with genocide and murderous acts
This gaggle of pseudo secularists comprises politics even during M.K. Gandhi’s days, but now demned. Muslims are equal citizens of India – no they never committed.
sundry communists, Congress leaders, fringe aca- it is totally replacing informed debate. The party more, no less. However, because of the pseudo Such utter disregard for the truth is having ex-
demics, Muslim activists and sections of the media. apparently is so frustrated at Modi’s popularity in secularists’ communal tilt, the killing of Hindu tremely dangerous consequences. Several terror-
The pressure exerted by this group has been so suc- Gujarat that it is willing to blacklist the entire state. pilgrims in Godhra is being airbrushed out of the ists apprehended by the police have revealed they
cessful that Modi has become a four letter word for In the eyes of India’s pseudo secularists, India’s picture. If at all Godhra is mentioned, the purvey- were motivated to create terror cells and blow up
some of India’s liberals. most prosperous and peaceful state is a rogue. In ors of lies coldly dismiss it as a Muslim backlash innocent people after reading about the so-called
And in tandem with Christian fundamental- fact, the Congress has declared it will be boycotting against Hindutva. The same yardstick is not applied pogroms.
ist senators in the United States, this group has the jubilee celebrations. to the Gujarat riots. Hindu fundamentalism, rather May 1 will reveal how far the Congress will
even managed to influence Washington to ban the Lost in this haze of McCarthyism and out- than Hindu anger at Godhra, is to be blamed as per go in baiting Modi. For all you know, the Congress
democratically elected Indian leader from entering right lies is the real picture. Take the number of the handbook of our warped secularists. coterie might well slap a ban on Amul butter. After
America. (It’s another matter that America really those killed in the riots. Initially, the pseudo secu- The same bunch applauding the Special Investi- all, in 1975 the same party got Kishore Kumar
has no locus standi here, as it is an entirely domestic larists claimed 2000 Muslims were killed. Of late gation Team (SIT) for its marathon 10-hour grilling songs unofficially banned from All India Radio
Indian issue.) the figure has been inflated to 3000. Who knows, of Modi is ignoring the fact that the agency had in because the singer refused to perform at a Youth
The latest salvo by the anti-Modi nexus has 20 years from now it could snowball to a fantastic 2009 censured NGOs and foaming-at-the-mouth Congress rally.
been fired at veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan, number. activist Teesta Setalvad who campaigned for the Isn’t it bizarre that we are living in an age when
whose only ‘fault’ was endorsing Gujarat tourism. But facts tell a different story: riot victims. The SIT told the Supreme Court that India’s greatest actor is treated like an untouchable
The Congress, in a 21 century reprise of McCarthy- * In its issue dated 20 May 2002, India Today Setalvad invented macabre tales of wanton killings. for becoming the Brand Ambassador of an Indian
ism, has gone after the 67 year old actor, demanding weekly reported the Gujarat toll at 972. In this, India Indeed, many incidents of killings and violence state, while another actor Shahrukh Khan is feted
that Bachchan clarify what he thinks of Modi’s role Today included the 57 Hindus killed in Godhra. were cooked up, false charges were levelled against for saying “Pakistan is a wonderful neighbour to
in the 2002 riots. * In May 2002, Nagpur’s The Hitavada reported then police chief P.C. Pandey and false witnesses have”?
Even by the low standards of political dis- 936 people killed – nearly identical to India Today’s were tutored to give evidence about imaginary in-
course in India, the Congress’ malice pushes the tally if you remove the Godhra figure. cidents, the SIT said. It also found no truth in the - Rakesh Krishnan Simha is a features writer at
boundaries of generally accepted conduct. By their * In a news item dated 11 May 2005, the Indian following incidents widely publicised by the NGOs Fairfax New Zealand. He has previously worked
rulebook, anyone and anything associated with Express quoted Congress leader and Minister of and repeated ad nauseam by the media: with Businessworld, India Today and Hindustan
Modi is considered polluted. As the indefatigable State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal’s statement * A pregnant Muslim woman Kausar Banu Times, and was news editor with
BJP leader said, “Next they’ll ban Amul butter and before Parliament that 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus was gangraped by a mob, who then gouged out the the Financial Express.

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 35


It is dedicated teamwork that has made Indian Weekender what it is today. As well as the fiercely committed core team that conceived the idea
and continues to inspire and propel the enterprise, IW owes its popularity to an equally dedicated set of contributors, media partners – and
of course the acceptance of our growing numbers of readers like you. On these pages we introduce you to the team that not just makes IW
possible – but also makes it the No 1 Kiwi Indian multimedia publication in New Zealand.
The silver haired bespectacled man, Giri Gupta, management expertise, ability to build meaningful from online editor Arvind Kumar (to Dev’s right) of ebiz and ecom options on our digital offerings
started it all. Merely harbouring a dream can never associations everywhere and can do attitude have who has long and rich experience in journalism to bring value to our readers and advertisers never
achieve anything. Turning it into reality by build- kept the team charged up to face the challenges of with the Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Waikato Times, New before seen in the Kiwi Indian marketplace. Watch
ing a team and putting in place the right kind of the crucial first year. Zealand Herald and several Fairfax Media publica- this space!
environment to make it possible is key. Giri, who Editor-in-chief Dev Nadkarni (top right) has tions. He is now chief sub-editor at NZ Rural Press. To Bhav’s left is Tanmay Desai, the baby of
had for long dreamed of a positive, feel-good, cel- worked in a range of media as a journalist, editor, Arvind’s grassroots contacts in both the Indian and the team but a designer par excellence. His formal
ebratory newspaper for the Indian community here cartoonist, teacher and much else on three conti- Fijian Indian community in NZ are invaluable and graphic design training and experience in working
in New Zealand waited patiently for years to build nents. His experience and skills in writing, pho- his reporting of sports and community events on with leading New Zealand media is what has
a team. And when it came together, his drive and tography, editing, multimedia content creation and IW and IW online have brought a unique local brought all the design sophistication, colourful
commitment saw to it that the dream turned to leveraging content have been invaluable in turning flavour that readers always look forward to. outlook and snazzy layout to IW, which has been
reality in just a matter of months. IW into a successful multimedia entity. Dev also Below him is IW’s resident tech whiz Rohan so greatly appreciated by readers.
At the centre is Bhav Dhillon, whose energy, writes for mainstream NZ media including the Na- DeSouza. As IW’s chief technology officer, Rohan Below Tanmay is Zulfikarali Thrikannur, our
vision, entrepreneurial nous and sheer tireless tional Business Review (NBR), the New Zealand has spearheaded the design and implementation of logistic expert without whom IW cannot reach the
drive not only put together the building blocks of Herald and publications and websites in Australia, a mind-boggling range of interactive features on 160+ points of distribution in greater Auckland
the fledgling enterprise but carefully plotted the across the Pacific region and the European Union our digital services and the adaptation of digital and many more across New Zealand. To his right is
road ahead. His speed and forward planning often on Pacific and South Asian matters. He is also a content to smart phones, the iPad and our archi- Amanjyot Singh, the newest member in our graph-
leaves the team out of breath. While the rest of the frequent commentator on television and a consul- val content on the Knowledge Basket NZ database ics team.
team deals with the nitty gritty of the next story tant on Pacific regional projects of organisations that is accessed by NZ’s most prestigious organi-
or the next issue, Bhav is planning what the enter- like the United Nations, besides others. sations. The man who web mastered the TV3 And below, we are proud to present our valued
prise will look like six months down the line. His The editorial leadership on IW online comes website is now engaged with developing a number contributors.

Farida Master Padmini got her M.Phil from Waikato University Rashmi Shenoy portal Oped News. It’s a measure of his standing in
in 2006. Her second book, ‘An Elusive Dream: journalism that his stories have been used as refer-
Farida started her career Multiracial Harmony in Fiji, 1970-2000’ was pub- Rashmi writes for IWK ence at Canadian think tank Global Research and
as a cub reporter with lished as an online publication by VDM Verlag, in her spare time. She by the anthropology department at the National
Stardust, and then was Germany. Fijian Studies Journal has been publish- was born and brought University of Ireland, Maynooth. In 2007, Simha
editor of the largest selling ing her papers in its recent issues. Her articles for up in Bangalore and has joined Fairfax New Zealand as a features writer.
Bollywood magazine. the Indian Weekender are based on her research been in Auckland, since
She then launched a city and experiences.’ 2001. She enjoys travel,
magazine titled `Citadel’ in movies, reading, writing, Ruby Dhillon
Pune – the longest surviv- Prashant Belwalkar good music, single malts
ing city magazine in India. & Margaritas and good Ruby has been consis-
Farida was next asked to launch the glossy `Society Prashant is a professional company of course. Her most recent travel destina- tently writing simple and
Fashion’ and host the Ford Super Model of the with a high creative capa- tion has been the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers easy recipes from our first
World contest, India, that discovered the sizzling bility. A computer engi- in the South Island of NZ. Rashmi believes in pro- issue through her popular
model-actress, Bipasha Basu. Farida then moved neer by profession, he is moting women entrepreneurs and believes very cuisine column. Since
on to editing the eight page daily supplement of actively involved in com- strongly against cruelty toward animals. While she is not a professional
Times of India’s Pune edition. She has also written munity work, through the talking about women she says “A woman has to chef, her simple style goes
an iconic doctor who built a state-of-the-art hospi- Migrant Heritage Chari- work twice as hard as a man to get half the recogni- down well with readers
tal in India. Currently, she is the Features Editor of table Trust Inc (MigHT-i). tion he gets… luckily it’s not very hard.” who find the instructions
`The Aucklander,’ a community newspaper with He is also a keen sports easy to follow and the ingredients easily available.
The New Zealand Herald. enthusiast, an avid traveller and a theatre personal- Ravi Mehta The feedback from our readers has been awesome
ity and is passionate about Indian culture and roots. – many have begun scrapbooks, cutting out the
Oliver Pereira Prashant has been contributing to Indian Weekend- Ravi Mehta is direc- recipes for easy reference. Ruby also is deeply
er since inception mainly through the sports and tor, Professional Finan- passionate about working with young children to
Oliver is one who has jour- community pages. Prashant also presents regular cial Solutions Limited, a improve their basic numeracy and literacy skills.
neyed across the world radio programmes on Planet FM and has per- company set up in April She volunteers for this cause and has started a pro-
from India and finally formed and organised several plays in Auckland. 2003, which provides gramme aimed at young children who need help
arrived in Auckland in He has always been interested in public speaking various financial services and support during their early, formative years.
1996. Though qualified and presenting and Indian Weekender has given under one roof. Originally She is currently working on forming a charitable
as a mechanical engineer him an opportunity to explore his talents further, from Ludhiana in India, trust where she can harness support from the wider
and with a master’s in he says. Working for the government in promoting where he was a practic- community to scale up the effort to help young
marketing management he the exporting companies has given him the oppor- ing Chartered Accountant, he migrated to New New Zealanders. She is a proud mother to Abheet
realised very early that his tunity to contribute meaningfully not only to the Zealand in 2002. PFSL offers mortgage broking (6) and Aksheen (9), who along with their dad
career was that of a solution provider. So started his social sector but also to the commercial one. services, insurance broking services, accounting provide her with the inspiration and drive to go out
career in sales and he has never ever looked back and taxation services, financial advisory services and work with young children. She can be contact-
after that. Over a period of twenty years his sales Rām Lingam: including KiwiSaver, business planning, and per- ed by email at
career took him through the engineering, leasing, sonal financial planning.
asset finance and banking industry. Getting finally Rām is from Mumbai, Ravi has passed various taxation and business laws Subhash Apanna
into the insurance field was his true calling and India and has been in exams in NZ and strives to keep my knowledge up Subhash Appana is an
his business has largely grown through word of New Zealand for more to date, which he also shares with Indian Week- academic and political
mouth. The Professional Advisers association of than decade. He is a keen ender readers in every issue. “During last one year commentator who began
New Zealand nominated him for the Adviser of the Indology enthusiast and I have made an honest attempt to share my knowl- writing columns way
year 2008/2009. His regular columns have been has specific interest in the edge and opinions on a range of personal financial back in 1991 when he
deeply appreciated and he has a growing number wisdom traditions of India. issues. I hope readers have benefited from those,” joined the University of
of readers following them. Despite his awe and love he says. the South Pacific as a
for India’s antiquity he is lecturer in management
Padmini Gaunder a realist and likes to bring relevance to historical Rakesh Krishnan and business studies. His
facts only to become self aware about our identity. focus has largely been on
Padmini Gaunder who Rām has been long associated with the Chinmaya Rakesh Krishnan Simha Fiji even though he has on occasion written about
was born in India got Mission where his passion for the sacred study of is a journalist with 15 Japan where he spent close to 6 years studying, re-
her MA (Madras Chris- ‘Vedanta’ and related interests like Indology got years experience. He searching and working. His research has led to the
tian College) in 1965 nurtured. He believes that much of our wellbeing started his career with presentation of a number of papers at international
and became a lecturer at lies in our wisdom and understanding of the world New Delhi-based Busi- conferences in Fiji, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne,
Queen Mary’s College, inside and outside ourselves. Rām also voluntarily nessWorld magazine, and London, Hanoi and Singapore. This has inevita-
Chennai (Madras). After manages some community projects promoting later worked in a string of bly resulted in publications in respected interna-
her marriage in 1966 she health and wellbeing in the South Asian and Indian positions at other leading tional journals. Subhash began writing from the
came to Fiji. From 1967 to communities. In his professional life he is a learn- media houses such as very second edition of the Indian Weekender and
1998 she taught in high schools in Fiji. The major ing designer. India Today, Hindustan Times, Business Standard continues to contribute regularly to an established
part of it was at Jasper Williams High School in and the Financial Express, where he was the news readership.
Lautoka. Her book, ‘Education and Race Rela- editor. He has also written for development agency
tions in Fiji, 1835 to 1998’ was published in 1999. OneWorld South Asia, Indian website eSamskriti.
She has been living in New Zealand since 2000. com, NRI magazine India Empire, and US news

36 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 37


In tune with the universe

From being down in the dumps, personally and professionally to soaring high in every sphere of her life, Angelique Jurd talks
about her enlightening journey that turned her life by 360 degrees. The Publications Editor, Times House Publishing shares her
happiness mantra with Farida Master.
Angelique Jurd couldn’t believe her eyes as she mess, took up chanting. wasn’t working,” expounds the die-hard Bruce The lady who is at complete peace with herself
saw the car speeding on the opposite side of the However, three month later she had a little Springsteen fan. So she went home and took says that her seventeen-year-old son chants out of
road swerve through the yellow line at breakneck crisis of faith. control. She simply told her husband, ‘I can’t do choice, and funnily enough some of his friends
speed. “I am the kind of person who needs to see this anymore.’ He said ‘ok.’ They parted! also request him to chant for them. Neither is she
It happened so quickly. The collision of cars results,’’ she openly admits. Angelique was left with a debt, three kids, a stranger to her colleagues occasionally popping
on the wrong side of the road. The other car in “So I told myself that I wanted a sign in the cats, dogs, a collection of 300 cds of her favourite into her cabin and happily asking her to chant for
front turned 180 degrees and came hurtling next one hour. It’s funny that I American singer-songwriter some special results!
towards them. For a few moments all the four wanted proof not in a month’s and chanting. To add to the On a more serious note, she explains that the
passengers in the car stopped breathing. time but in just sixty minutes. chaos in her life, she got fired core of SGI Buddhist philosophy is the potential
When she finally opened her eyes, she saw I remember I was in a particu- from her job. of every individual to lead a happy life.
that both her children in the back seat and her larly bad mood that morning. Though on hindsight she “Chanting is about being in tune with the
partner who was in the driver’s seat --- were ab- At exactly five minutes to an thinks that’s the best thing universe. Whether you chant, meditate, pray, it
solutely safe, without a scratch! Though all the hour, my mobile rang. It was that happened to her. It is about having a spiritual compass and being
passengers in the other two cars were in a very Laura Louise calling from helped her to take stock of true to yourself. It’s like devoting yourself to the
critical state. Howick. She wanted to know her life. laws of cause and effect through sound,” she says
When her daughter who was travelling with if I needed any guidance or in- “If there was one thing I shedding some light on the laws of the universe.
Angelique’s parents a couple of cars behind, formation. Apparently, Linda always wanted to do since I Talking about her enlightening spiritual
walked up to her mother, she just collapsed out had called her from America. was twelve years old, it was journey she says, “Often I’d make a list of things
of shock! I couldn’t believe that I was paint pictures in the mind, we wanted and then chant as a family. A classic
Something had miraculously saved them. looking for a sign and I got it. If like Bruce Springsteen did. example was of our house. With three kids, cats
Even the serious crash unit, the police and the she’d called ten minutes later, I always wanted to be a and dogs, we needed at least four bedrooms, two
fire brigade found it difficult to believe that they my life probably would have writer,” she traces the very lounges, two bathrooms, a swimming pool, a spa
were the victims in the car that had been com- been different, ” she concedes. raison d’ etre of her exis- and a good school zone of course! Soon enough
pletely battered. That’s how she discovered tence. we got a house that fitted all our requirements.
Angelique says it was chanting. the practice seven years ago! On most days she chanted The same went with my job. I made a list of all
Just moments ago all of them had been chant- But it wasn’t as if every thing `Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo’ the things I wanted in an ideal job and six months
ing in the car and the proud mother of three had was hunky- dory right from the half an hour in the morning ago I looked at the list and realised I have it all!
put her chanting beads beside her when her life start. “The more I chanted for and half an hour in the “Of course this doesn’t mean that chanting is
passed by in a flash. my husband and I to be happy, evening. Soon, she was very like a magic wand,” she points out. “In fact in
Cut to the beginning of the fascinating story the worse it got,” she comes clean about being purposefully creating her own destiny. Buddhism we believe that every obstacle should
how Angelique’s life took a ‘dramatic turn stuck in a bad marriage. She met a new man she could easily connect be seen as an opportunity to make your life
mainly because of the practice. The Publications Till one day she happened to be at a Bruce with. His marriage had broken down as well better.
Editor, Times House Publising says she discov- Springsteen show. Caught in the middle of the and cupid played its part to the hilt. Now Angel “To be honest, it doesn’t matter which path
ered chanting quite by chance. pouring rain she had a moment. “It struck me that can’t stop smiling as she looks at her beautiful you take as long as you have faith and take a path.
It was on her American friend Linda’s recom- I was really miserable. My life was a complete amethyst engagement ring that her fiancé has just A change in a single person can change the whole
mendation that Angel whose life was a complete mess. I had a job I hated and a marriage that just slipped on her finger. nation,” she concludes.

38 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 39

Anniversary Special
Shahrukh Khan’s theatre of the absurd
Shahrukh Khan has developed a penchant for hurting Indian sensibilities. Now, by describing Pakistan as a good
neighbour, the actor has hit a new low.
Shahrukh Khan is among the most famous the Indian Muslims are a fifth column within from the jehadis of 26/11. cricket,” he said in a press conference. Anyone
people in India. His popularity and influence India who will one day overthrow the Hindus To the neutral observer Shahrukh seems to who has seen Ganguly and Dravid bat in 2010
now extend well beyond the reel world. As the and complete the ultimate aim of Pakistan, be saying that it’s okay to live with Pakistan tor- would think Buchanan is mad. Shahrukh did
owner of the IPL cricket team, Kolkata Knight which is to recover the lost ‘glory’ of Hindu- menting us at will. For people like him, a can- not reprimand Buchanan for snubbing Indian
Riders, he has become a power player in the stani Muslims. So when Feroz Khan rubbished dlelight vigil, a minute’s silence, the odd rant on players.
high-octane world of Twenty/20, which is fol- Pakistan, there was a great deal of heartburn, Facebook is more than enough secularism for In fact, in a series of leaks during IPL 2009,
lowed by hundreds of millions of people world- bewilderment and anger among sections of the the week in question. someone claiming to be a Kolkata Knight
wide. The likes of Brendon McCullum and Pakistani elite -- from As R. Vaidyanathan, Riders team member said the Australian coach
John Buchanan, both cricketers are known to the (now grounded) analyst and professor of and trainers regularly abused the Indian players.
genuflect at a mere signal from him. Congress rocket scientist down Things haven’t gotten any better finance, Indian Insti- Wanting to sideline Ganguly, Buchanan spun
politicians and their children queue up to get his to the humble talk tute of Management- an elaborate theory of multiple captains, which
autographs. Clearly, Shahrukh wields power. show host.
in 2010. Shahrukh is the only team Bangalore, wrote after was promptly forgotten once Ganguly was fired
With power comes responsibility. Celebri- However, by shoot- owner in the IPL who publicly – es- the Mumbai attacks as captain. You’d be excused for thinking this
ties from minority communities have an even ing off his mouth, in 2008, our pseudo was some Australian tournament. Not surpris-
bigger responsibility because they – often un- Shahrukh is undoing
pecially on Twitter – flogs his dis- secular elite has got it ingly, the team finished at the bottom of the
wittingly – become the face of the community. all the good work satisfaction with his team’s and even all wrong. According table.
Things haven’t gotten any better in 2010.
This is something the late Feroz Khan under-
achieved by Feroz
Khan and other truly
indi- vidual cricketers’ performances. to him, the attitude of
this class is that “if we Shahrukh is the only team owner in the IPL
Four years ago, responding to a provoca- secular Muslims like He has been reduced to a farce. are slapped on both the who publicly – especially on Twitter – flogs his
tive Pakistani TV anchor, the legendary actor him. In fact, he has cheeks we should feel dissatisfaction with his team’s and even indi-
said, “India is a secular country where a Sikh developed a penchant bad that we do not have vidual cricketers’ performances. He has been
Prime Minister and a Muslim President are the for making absurd statements such as “Pakistan a third cheek to show. reduced to a farce.
pride of the nation, unlike Pakistan which was is a good neighbour to have”. No sane person “Such is our strategic thinking in this Shahrukh Khan must keep his mouth shut
created for Muslims but where Muslims are would say something as outrageous as that. complex world since … the elite don’t think if he cannot say something useful. Sure, as a
killing each other.” One doesn’t have to reel off statistics to prove through issues. Better to be simple in our talks movie star, publicity is his oxygen – after all,
Feroz Khan’s statement mattered because that Pakistan is by no means a good neighbour and vicious in our actions rather than the other there’s no such thing as bad publicity – and
it went a big way in reinforcing in the Indian to have. Nearly every bomb blast in India – and way.” controversies magically transform his tired
Muslim’s mind that Pakistan is indeed a disas- increasingly worldwide – can be traced back The actor’s record in hurting Indian sensi- tearjerkers into hits. That’s his prerogative. But
ter. Coming from a popular Indian Muslim, it to Pakistan. In fact, after the murderous attack bilities remains consistent. Last year, when the he should stop insulting the memory of Indians
drilled home the message that Indian Muslims on Mumbai by Pakistani terrorists who killed IPL cricket tournament was temporarily moved who are victims of violence abetted and encour-
should not look at Pakistan as some sort of 173 people, including 54 Muslims, there is no to South Africa, he replaced the highly popular aged by Pakistan.
promised Islamic land west of the border. reason to treat Pakistan with kid gloves. With Sourav Ganguly as skipper and foisted McCul- Dancing at weddings may be a handy source
To be sure, the statement did send the his sweeping statements, Shahrukh is insulting lum on his team. of income, but Shahrukh must not forget that he
Muslims of Pakistan into a tizzy. Ever since the the memory of the innocent civilians who were Buchanan, his Australian coach, publicly owes his wealth, fame and adulation to India,
creation of Pakistan, the people of that country brutally killed and the commandos and police- insulted Indian players. “Sourav, Dravid and where millions love his movies.
have believed – more in hope than faith – that men who died in their attempt to free Mumbai Laxman have reached the twilight in T20 - Rakesh Krishnan

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40 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


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Indian Wee
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& be in dra Free
w fo

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 41

Anniversary Special

Indians can make whatever they want of NZ

Michael Field
A long time back in Samoa, there were legendary the way in which the Samoa relationship with this power of the belief in culture and art that those in yet I know a Blockhouse Bay intermediate school
stories of people leaving for New Zealand. Every- country has so radically changed. Prayas hold close to them. No, its not a patronising Mumbai born kid who I would swear is set some
one knew the merits of moving off to a new land, Prayas’ ideological head, Amit Ohdedar, wrote admiration, rather it’s a recognition, born in part day to be a prime minister of New Zealand, or a
indisputably colder than Samoa and a good deal an interesting play last year, Khoj, which managed of a long experience of the New Zealand way, that Nobel Prize scientist. Maybe both, she has that kind
younger, filled by palagi, or white people, with little to discuss the Indian New Zealand experience in Indians in the longer run, will be as important to of talent.
culture but insufferably arrogant. terms of how a chap approaches the toilet. this country as anybody else – and certainly as im- And she’ll bring a millennium or two of Bharat
Leaving was such a wrench, accompanied with While the general topic gives me pause to smile portant and perhaps greater than my Irish/English culture with her, and she will be as Kiwi as Jonah
many tears and (on a train to Delhi, I photographed that amusing forebears. Lomu.
much grief at Faleolo airport. Go there now, sign “Gentleman will lift the seat” in Indian Rail It is hard to understand Indians who complain
and you would swear it was just an extension of the toilet), I was uneasy over Khoj. about New Zealand and its attitudes toward them. In - Michael Field is a senior journalist with
Auckland bus service. People now come and go Not from an Indian perspective, but knowing the short term, I can see the point; the job discrimi- Fairfax Media. A long time India lover, he has
between Auckland and Apia as a matter of weekly that the white New Zealander, might see in it a justi- nation infuriates me and the occasional outbursts of been visiting the country frequently indulging in
routine. fication of their own superiority. crude racism are outrageous. his passion of travelling in trains and writing and
“Tofa,” some one calls, “see you next week… A good review in The Listener – the indisput- Yet, there is another side. This country, perhaps photographing his travels. His latest book, Swim-
“Or the week after and who knows where, but, hey able White Man’s cultural totem – suggests my fears the planet’s last, is the classic tabula rasa. Indians ming with Sharks, an account of covering the South
man, whatever.” were wrong. can make of this country whatever they want. Pacific, will be published by Penguin in August.
Samoans, occupied by Germans and New Zea- Others in Prayas bring a passion for the culture We make of it what we can; no matter the origin
landers in the colonial era, are now busy colonising of Mother India, a kind of missionary zeal trying to or the race. No, the Southern Alps will
New Zealand. I’ll concede it hasn’t been a painless overcome the poor New Zealander lost in a set of neve r overshadow the Himalayas
process. For all that though, it is striking that New beliefs which says this is god’s own country.
Zealand is a nation where we give all races, in the I am mostly left in awe at the
end, a go.
No, it is not perfect. I’ve seen at close quarters the
aching, ridiculous discrimination against Indians
when it comes to seeking employment. Each time I
see an Indian taxi driver, or an Indian security guard
I curse the stupidity of the nation of my birth for the
wasted opportunity that each represents. We never
quite seem to learn not to repeat the wastage with
each new migrant.
Isolation, the central dominating reality of life
here, blinds many to the opportunities that the latest
band of migrants brings to New Zealand. In other
words, I know why Indians have such a hard time
getting jobs. So did others before them; it is the result
of a stupid, blind, irritating feature of the secret su-
periority of the soul of white New Zealanders.
I admire people like Prayas, the Auckland
Indian theatre group trying to reach and change that
insular heart of New Zealand. It is a hard slog, but
far from an impossible one if you were to reflect on The cast of Khoj

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42 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


APN Print congratulates the Indian Weekender on its first anniversary

and is proud to be the printer of this great paper.
APN Print wishes Giri and all associated with the Indian Weekender
a prosperous next 12 months.

APN Print — total print solutions

Whatever the style of a customer’s newspaper, magazine, catalogue, brochure or chosen piece of print material, APN Print offers a total print solution
from first point of contact through to delivery in both New Zealand and Australia.
The largest printer in New Zealand — with an extensive offset, web heatset/coldset and sheetfed printed capability — APN Print Hastings can proudly
boast the Hawke’s Bay Today, Wairarapa Times Age, Dannevirke News and Central Hawke’s Bay Mail among the many titles produced from its
Karamu Road premises.

Customer priority
Be it a basic short run or challenging large-volume job, APN Print New Zealand general manager Dan Blackbourn says “customer first”, “quality” and
“on-time delivery” at a good price are his team’s clear goals.
“Our seven New Zealand sites — which combined provide a contingency unbeatable by any other printing company — each has a dedicated customer
service support representative whose role is to specifically liaise directly with each customer, discuss the needs of the job and ensure that it is handled
professionally and with courtesy,” he says.
“We assign an account manager to each of our customers, to build and maintain a great working relationship, as an integral part of our customer
service support.”

Highest standards
Mr Blackbourn says APN Print — with full buy-in from all staff — has a conscious quality commitment.
“This has entailed purchasing new equipment and extensive training for all staff. Our goal is an end product of print perfection. We believe that with
our mix of processes and production capacity, we are ideally placed now to push the capabilities of the APN Print brand further with direct clients,
print brokers and agencies.”

Pride In Print
APN Print’s quality push has been soundly recognised by the firm’s continued high achievement in the annual Pride In Print Awards. In the most recent
event, APN Print earned five prestigious gold medals and seven highly-commended citations.
The company’s coldset division produced a strong performance, with gold medals going to APN Print Hastings (Hawke’s Bay Today) as well as APN
Print Tauranga (Bay of Plenty Times) and APN Print Christchurch (both for The Star Weekend and Lifestyles magazine). Highly-commendeds were
also earned by APN Print Tauranga (both for The Daily Post and Bay of Plenty Times) and APN Print Ellerslie (New Zealand Herald). In the company’s
heatset division, APN Print Manukau earned a gold medal for its production of the Foodtown Magazine, as well as highly-commendeds for its work
on The Fox Collection, New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, Taste and Summer Sara Sixteen Plus.

Apprentice of the year

Further reflecting the company’s commitment to training and quality standards, APN Print’s Richard Hughes was named New Zealand’s Print
Apprentice of the Year in 2009. The reelfed sector printer being named ahead of other top binding and finishing, digital, paperboard and packaging,
screen and sheetfed contemporaries.

Environmental care
Notwithstanding its endeavours to achieve print excellence, APN Print is also leading the environmental drive for newspaper-print operations in
New Zealand through its early commitment to the EnviroSmart and Enviro-Mark campaigns. Both programmes enable businesses to achieve “a
truly clean, green, sustainable New Zealand”. In addition to the benefits this brings to the environment, there are also cost-saving efficiencies to the
company through such facets gas recirculating water discharge.
“Overall, accreditation will both benefit the environment and help our cause commercially. So, if possible, we’d like to be ahead of any Government
or regional bylaws that will be introduced in the future.”

Giving something back

APN Print is also strongly committed to doing its bit in the community, with tens of thousands of dollars raised for charity each year through ambitious
fundraisers since 2006.

call APN Print on 0800-111-222 or go to our Website

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 43

Anniversary Special
What makes a columnist?
Subhash Appana’s take on the joys and aches of being a commentator
I take this opportunity to answer a question much. Some have commented that I appear to
that almost every columnist has had to field at be a supporter of the Bainimarama coup or at
some stage in their lives. As one writes, readers
take notice and the more regular the writing, the
It is a labour of love that comes from an internal least an apologist for it.
All of these are way off the mark. I have
greater the interest in knowing about the col- drive to make a difference. My journey as a never hated anyone in my life even though I
umnist as well as what makes him/her tick. In have referred to Qarase as Darth Vader of Star
this anniversary column I attempt to share with columnist continues, and if in some humble way it Wars fame. That’s because his moustache, voice
readers what triggered my interest and contin- and upper-body profile have reminded me of
ues to make me tick as a columnist. opens up new avenues of thinking, the effort will that dark knight. More to the point, Qarase was
I realised way back when I was a little boy in doing a lot of bad things for the long-term stabil-
Taveuni that I liked listening to stories from my not have been wasted. ity of Fiji.
mother who was an avid reader of Hindi novels. I continue to be against the rearrangement,
Every time my father made a trip to Suva, one abuse and circumventing of established systems
of the must-get items was books for my mother name of John Ipo wrote a strong piece in the opinions”. That, to me, was a vote of approval of governance in Fiji by the Qarase regime. He
from Desai Bookshops. Little did she know Pacific Beat against sporting engagements with from what was the highest authority in my life at was steadily institutionalizing a complex system
that her pleasure was far surpassed by my own the pariah apartheid state of South Africa. And the time and I never looked back. “Have opinion of plunder in the name of “Fijian interests” by a
because I knew that sooner or later she’d tell us I engaged him in a prolonged debate in the same - Will write” became my motto. cabal of connected individuals. Every institu-
those stories. university publication. When I returned to Fiji and joined USP tion that he touched was used to siphon funds to
Then I came across Phantom comics at my I guess that was the beginning of my writing in 1991, writing took a back seat until I was a small group of individuals in the name of the
paternal great-grandmother’s house and it was opinion columns. At about the same time, I used again goaded to write – this time about the larger Fijian community.
one of the highlights of my almost regular visits to write short pieces for the Letter-to-the-Editor “Iraq Problem” and its link to US oil interests. And there he was, presiding over the country
there. There came a stage when I used to disap- column of the Fiji Times whenever I felt strong- After that, a number of USP colleagues simply as PM despite a track record littered with finan-
pear with Phantom, Hero and Devil for hours in ly about something. These however, were not “pushed” me to continue writing. cial shambles and failures. My Greed columns
the huge wooden building that housed Nani and columns by any stretch of the imagination. In those days life at USP involved drinking/ are aimed at identifying, analyzing and reveal-
her youngest son. My passion for writing opinion columns in eating parties that began on Fridays and almost ing to the public how this sophisticated system
After that, reading became a hobby, and it earnest was aroused while I was pursuing my invariably dragged into Sundays. There were so of plunder was made to work. A large part of
was therefore, only natural that I’d start writing. MA at Sophia University in Japan. An avid many chickens, ducks and goats that fell prey to my academic training and research provides the
At school my essays always invoked praise fan of famed Chicago Tribune columnist Mike our group of competitive carnivores. We would tools needed for this.
from teachers. This fondness for reading and Royko, I got into a public debate in the Japan engage in unending debates that inevitably got To those who have written to me with en-
writing followed me into university where I won Times after criticizing a Royko column that heated at a certain stage – before the singing. couragement, there is no greater reward for a
the Pacific Writers’ Forum’s inaugural short- over-dramatized the ‘hegemonic peril” posed The seeds for my columns usually came from columnist than when a reader acknowledges his
story competition in 1985. After that, I wrote by Japan’s economic success at the time. there. writing. It is a labour of love that comes from an
a number of short stories that remained in my This made for some interesting comments After the coup of 2000, I began writing with internal drive to make a difference. My journey
room. and discussions with my colleagues at univer- renewed vigour and that has now spilled over as a columnist continues, and if in some humble
At that time, the fallout from the 1981 Spring- sity. At one stage, the redoubtable Professor into my pieces in the Indian Weekender. Many way it opens up new avenues of thinking, the
bok tour of New Zealand was still an issue for Robert Ballon commented in class, “I can see have asked me why I continue to target ousted effort will not have been wasted. That’s what
heated debate. A Solomon Island student by the some of us are getting into the papers with our PM Laisenia Qarase and why I hate him so drives me as a columnist. Stay tuned!

Nation Building must be inclusive and on firm ground

Gopinath Mavinkurve
The Maoist movement has reached menac- been in deep slumber over how to be fair to the
ing proportions in India. Last week, militants displaced inhabitants of the land, where the
killed over 70 police personnel prompting the country needs to set up a dam or an airport,
Home Minister to resign – something that or a mining company! Tribal populations are
was not accepted by the Prime Minister. But facing displacement because of some natural
the Maoist movement is gaining ground. And resources that lie under the earth upon which
no indigenous movement can gain ground they grow their vegetation and subsist on
without some form of grassroot support. It meagre means that nature provides.
has long been known that these militants draw But we have a dilemma here – if industri-
sustenance from the dispossessed millions alisation has to progress and large investments
in India’s remote rural and forest areas, who in steel/mining companies that global indus-
have been left out of the spoils of India’s near trialists like Lakshmi Mittal dream to set up,
double digit growth. This article by no means have to become a reality, we need to address
provides the answers – but looks at how greater this issue. We cannot wish away the original
inlusiveness in policy could help. inhabitants of these interiors, the tribals or just
Whenever an urbanite like me, who has drive them away. Bloodshed can be avoided by
been making a living in the city of Mumbai, sitting down together with them and resolv-
takes a vacation to visit Goa with its pristine ing these issues. Unfortunately, we cannot
beaches or the serene Hill-stations of Himach- produce more land – nor can we produce more
al Pradesh in the northern India, or wildlife the financial sector liberalisation did begin in presented an enormous opportunity for devel- Mahatmas like Mahatma Gandhi! So what’s
parks of Gujarat one wonders how long would the early 1990s, ironically when the foreign opers and builders to jump into the fray, which the way ahead? I guess it is for the industry
it be that future generations would be able to exchange reserves dipped to an all time low they did aided primarily by the dangling carrot heads to work along with the central and state
enjoy the pleasures of unspoiled nature? In of a few weeks’ needs, the thrust needed to of corporate tax exemption for 15-years for governments to work toward an amicable so-
our quest to make a decent living, we have put give a boost to the manufacturing sector by newly set up SEZs! lution by way of a good rehabilitation policy,
up with cramped apartments in a cluster of way of a giant leap, came about at the turn of After a flurry of activity in the years fol- so that we can have those new industries up
high-rises and traversed congested roads that the century, in the year 1999, when the idea lowing the opening up of this sector to private and running, providing jobs and producing all
cities call “highways”, perhaps to retain that of Special Economic Zones, was conceived by participation, over 300 SEZ projects were ap- those goods, that we urbanites are used to and
sense of humour in public life. the Indian government, and with the hope that proved by the government spread all over the simply cannot give up.
We are all ambitious. We want to grow – it would prove to be an “engine for growth”. country! The booster shot had indeed worked This is that “inclusive growth” that is es-
and fast! Our GDP needs to run, if we want to The idea was simple – all the existing and it was soon time to experience the side- sential right now. So when industrialists roll
be in the race with the neighbouring dragon export processing zones (then) were set up by effects of the industrial Viagra – reports of out the red carpet for their guests at the in-
country. Our measure of progress is linked to the central government and at that juncture, farmer protests, land-grabbing, exploita- augural function of their plants, we can hope
this magical figure that the government pub- the government had no intention to invest any tion, unfair means, local strong-arm tactics that the carpet has not been reddened with the
lishes after ensuring that all our citizens are further in new zones, nor did it really wish to to evacuate marginal land owners, politicians blood spills of the sacrifices of the original
‘economically active’ producing things that we maintain existing ones forever. The govern- and activists leading big time showdowns (like inhabitants of the land on which we build our
ought to consume – consumer electronic prod- ment was already convinced by the argument Nandigram) ruled media headlines. The SEZ future.
ucts, white goods, packaged foods, soft drinks put forth by industry bodies that it running policy came under fire. - Gopinath Mavinkurve is a manage-
and of course watch movies, IPL cricket businesses or industries was not their domain But was the policy really flawed? In my ment professional, specialising in Foreign
matches at grounds across the country. and it was best left to specialists in their re- humble opinion, it isn’t. In fact, SEZ or no Trade Policy, Export Incentives, setting up of
We also want global investors to come in spective fields. There was no provision in the SEZ, the rehabilitation policy for project af- Export Oriented Units and Special Economic
and set up their industries in our vast country law to allow private participation in setting fected persons (PAP) has not been addressed Zones in India. He works for a multinational
so that our teeming millions have jobs to pay up such zones – the SEZs allowed them to at all for any industrial or infrastructural de- electronic manufacturing services company
for the goods we want to sell them. Though participate in the growth of this sector. This velopment of states. State governments have in Mumbai.

44 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


Dr. Mohinder Paul
Vivek Varma
021 818022,
Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 45
Milestones of year one
Indian W eek en de r
ma k es its de bu t Bennett launches new Indian paper

David Robie
po -
more recently,
ith bo th ec on omically, and
rongly in New ainly because
m ed ia ol d ha nds feat ure st kly newspa- litically. en possible m genuity, hard
Fiji l In di an w ee “T ha t ha s be in
nationa r propensity for
Zealand’s new Social Development Ministe Indians’ great ltu ral values
la un ch ed by iv al in A uc k- e to th ei r cu re
per ol i M el a fe st or k, ad he re nc to an y cu ltu
at the H w assimilate in
Paula Ben nett e in na te ab ili ty to
entit y.
land today. an Week- th ng their ow n id
r D ev N ad ka rni of the Indi r at the while yet preser vi ibutes of Indians in New
Edito coordinato tr
“It is these at ans – that we at the Indian
er jour nalism -
ender is a form South Pacific and chief report al an d – K iw i Indi
e ly Ze h to celebrate.” com munity to
University of th Singh is a former Fiji Dai Weekender wis
T ha ku r R an jit m ni st fo r th e ap pealed to the “interac-
is he r an d cu rrently a colu Nad karni th e paper with an
Post publ come in vo lv ed in
Fiji Times. by K iwi be
32 -p ag e pa per, published fo r th e tiv e discou rse”. feat ured a st ri
king layout
The of 80 00 ed iti on om
had a pr int ru n The fir st , a graduate fr Editor Dev Nad karni says the pape
Media Group, ai m ed at an increasingly ar t di re ct or Tanmay Desai or ke d as a de- trying to give well-rounded content
r is come by.
d is in by previously w pro-
first edition an t of about 120,000 Indians AUT U ni ve rs ity w ho
ald. duced for the people who live away “But our management saw that
competitive m
arke ew Zealand Her t from is probably the best time - we are
al an d. ar ke t in - signer for the N focused on the Indian cr icke their original home.
bottom and we can only go up.”
at the
New Ze an d th e m fr on t pa ge an d on its “There are columns writ ten by expe
uckland The
dealing to New
Most live in A ijian com munity. am – cu rrently ood with the NZ success of on IT needs for businesses, taxa
rts Another challenge to compete with
st ro ng In do -F in g th e te tion, is another long–established newspap
cludes a r will be ch
alleng ly w
tour – and Bol Millionaire feat ured in a stor
y mor tgages and all the valuable info er,
The new pape an Newslin k newspaper, e fil m Sl um dog m er on fir e”. tion that Indian experts living in NZ
rma- Indian Newslink, which is distr
d In di th iwi su m need.
long-establishe “Set ting the K local fortnightly around New Zealand and
r fo rt ni gh tly. ci fic M ed ia headlined on included national news, “For women, child ren and youn
g a circulation of 65,000, according
an ot he
G up ta to ld th e Pa T he ed iti ne w s, bu si ness, people, we have separate sections to its
Publisher Gir i nd er ai m ed to do a “t ra ditio n” , Indian hu m ou r, the first time in the newspaper here
. For website.
dian Weeke news, ity news,
Centre the In g th e “m an y untold positive finance, opinion, com mun two-page spread have two pages dedicated to child ren
, we It also has similar objectives, aimi
better job in ru an com munity successes. events, a only. to be a platform for Indian com mun
ctivity”, rasoi, ges of Bolly wood news These talk about Indian values. ity
stor ies” about
Indi re op po rt u- “produ se ve n pa issues and to raise the profile of the
ans have th at ra of Fiji news an d “sexiest luck y “There are also comics and illustra- com-
“We K iwi Indi of both worlds and most of a fu ll pa ge devoted to the tions for child ren,” he says. munity.
e best with f.
nity to have th rt unity too,” ess Kat rina Kai
m ad e th e be st of that oppo
. mascot” – actr Star ting the newspaper during
us have editorial Centre global economic dow ntur n is a chal - Violet Cho, from Burma,
Nad karni told
readers in the
a hund red coun
- - Pacific Media lenge is the 2009 Asian Journalism Fellow
s, as in ov er for the group, says Nad karni.
“Over the year ld, people of ethnic Indian “A lot of people say it’s probably and on the Asia-Pacific Journalism
e wor rce to reckon the
tr ies around th ow n to be a fo worst time to launch the newspaper. course at AUT Universit y.
tio n ha ve gr Ev- Violet Cho on the Karen website
extrac erybody talks about the economic
dow n-
turn, which makes advertising hard

Editor lifts bar for NZ ethnic media

The chief editor of a new community news- lection and community coverage along with and is a
paper catering for the Indo-Fijian and Indian co-director of the Knowledge Basket
“cricket and Bollywood”. Pacific database.
diaspora in New Zealand has vowed to raise The Indian Weekender has captured a
the bar in ethnic publishing. Nadkarni said it had been especially
claimed third of the readership in the Indian challen
Speaking at a national Diversity Forum ging launching a newspaper in New
diaspora of 110,0000 people – catering for Zealand
seminar in Wellington today (August 24, amid a recession.
readers with cultural roots from Fiji, India, “People said we were either fools or abso-
2009) on the new Asian media, Dev Nadkarni South Africa and the Indian subcontinent lute brave
of the Indian Weekender challenged main- hearts,” he said, but the newspaper
countr ies of Bangladash, Nepal, Pakistan and was rapidly
stream media to make better use of skilled but becoming consolidated.
Sri Lanka. “We aim to feel the pulse of the Kiwi
marginalised ethnic minority journalists. The newspaper has also added a website Indian,” and
“Good and experienced ethnic journalists engage with the wider commu- and this week added a mobile nity.
are languishing as bus drivers, supermarket phone-based edition.
shelvers - or at the best, subeditors,” said Nad- Other speakers in the annual forum,
Nadkarni, a former coordinator of the hosted by the
karni at Wellington’s Te Papa museum. Human Rights Commission and
University of the South Pacific journalism markin
His newspaper has been able to tap into g the fifth year of the NZ Diversity
programme and a journalist from Mumbai, Action
Indian journalism talent neglected by the Programme, included Chinese media
has carved out an innovative publishing niche editors
mainst ream media when the newspaper was and a researcher.
since he migrated to New Zealand.
launched in Auckland in March. He founded Pacific Business Online,
Twelve editions later the paper has already -David Robie is an Associate Professor
played a key role in developing the web-based at Auckla
impressed with bold layout, strong news se- nd University of Technology and the
edition of Islands Business news magazine,
Director of Pacific Media Centre

June 1 , 2009 August 1 , 2009 September 1, 2009

March 20, 2009 July 15 , 2009 August 24, 2009

Indian Weekly e-newsletter Mobile smartphone IW participates in September 1, 2009

Weekender website launched launched version with short Ethnic Media Forum, IW signs up with NZ
launched url Wellington database.

46 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

Milestones of year one

Master blaster Virender

Sehwag and the world’s
greatest batsman Sachin
Tendulkar sign on Indian
Weekender memorabilia
in Wellington.

Indian High Commissioner

Admiral (Retd) Sureesh
Mehta with the Indian
Weekender team at a
reception in Auckland.

Ethnic Affairs Minister

Pansy Wong at the Indian
Weekender booth during

Indian Weekender
the Migrant Expo

launches online ed
Media and dive
Monday, June network, NZ Human R ights
15th, 2009 Com mission
New Zealand’
edition w w s newest Indian pr int fort ni
dianw ghtly has laun
Editor Dev Nad ched its online
paper’s editori karni says this
al team w rote w as a re sp onse to reader
shoving ou r pr in its s’ re
int content onto June 12 edition that “Rathe quest. The
aim is to both the web as mos r th
complement an
d supplement t publishers te an merely
component.” ou r pr int effort nd to do, ou r
“Many of ou r pr with an online
with video and int stor ies will
au have the added
balance betwee dio versions. We hope to gr dimension of multimedia,
n form and func ow the online
Mr Nad karni tionalit y.” edition into a
sibilit y of includ said he is also discussing with
in mainstream m
readers in both g some of its news stor ies th edia the pos-
its pr int and on at may be of in
line editions. terest to Indian

January 22, 2010 February 1, 2010 April 16, 2010

October 27 , 2009 March 27, 2010 April 12, 2010

IW presents cheque IW holds first IW is felicitated by IW launches Business iPad edition of IW’s first
for Samoa Tsunami public engagement NZICA during 84th Directory anniversary issue
Fund to Samoan Prime in Auckland for AGM in Auckland launched
Minister in Apia on new Indian High
behalf of Auckland Commissioner
Indian Community

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 47


‘I dream in English’
Rahul Bose is someone who gives more importance to cerebral roles than six-pack abs. An
actor, rugby player, singer, social worker…he is a ‘hero’ in truest sense. He chats up with
Sreya Basu on his new film The Japanese Wife.
You seem really excited about The
Japanese Wife. What is it all about?

This is the story of a school teacher Snehmoy

and his Japanese pen-friend Miyage (Ch-
ingusa Takaku).  They exchange marriage I think and dream in English…have got my
vows through letters and they nurture their training in English. But I believe when you
relationship for 17 years and that too without are an actor and doing films then language
meeting each other once.  The film is based should not matter. A taxi driver must know
on their love, happiness, misery…basically how to drive a taxi.
it’s a lind of love poem put into celluloid.
How do you rate yourself as an actor?
We have mostly seen you represent
the urban male. Do you think the Satisfaction comes a little higher than your
viewers will accept you as a village performance. I have a ‘sleep peacefully at
night’ yardstick to rate my performance.
school teacher?
There are nights when I can sleep peacefully,
there are two-three nights when I get
The first time Aparna told Konkona (Sen
Sharma; daughter) that I am going to play
this role, she said: ‘Look, this guy is from
a Bengali village. He speaks in a rural You are into so many things-films,
Bengali village dialect. Then he speaks sports, social service-what exactly
to his Japanese wife in a rural, Bengali, are your expectations from life?
village dialect in English. There’s no You are too choosy when it comes to will do so. It goes into the centre of innocence
way! Then guy’s characterization is very signing a film. What convinced you to that is still left in us. I believe this film is My expectation from life is that every
shy, very introverted, extremely invisible do this one? the last test of the Indian audience…to see day I spent on this earth should be full of
and Rahul! He won’t be able to do it!’ if they have become completely bloated with satisfaction. And my satisfaction comes
Three weeks ago Konkona saw the film and the PR madness that we call cinema. from giving my 100% in what I love,
The Japanese Wife is twice a love story.
called me up and said wonderful things. whether people around appreciate that or
Forget me being in it; just feeling the script
So I have got the ‘pass’ remarks from the Talking about your kind of cinema, not. Of course, it feels great if people praise
will be sufficient. It talks about a part in
filmmaker’s daughter, and there’s nothing what kind of films do you enjoy and appreciate your efforts.
all of us that is innocent, where people still
left; the film has to be a superhit. As it is the believes that there will be no corruption; if doing? You seem more comfortable in
film is going to 55 countries across the world. a person says he will call you tomorrow, he English-speaking ones…

Deepika is the face of

Sony Cyber-shot
Mumbai: Actress Deepika Padukone last with so many common factors between Cy-
week was appointed as the brand ambassador ber-shot and Deepika which appeal to the
of Sony Cyber-shot cameras. youth instantly.”
The same day (Wednesday), Sony India The year-long contract will see the ace
announced the launch of its Cyber-shot actress promote the ultra cool & trendy range
‘Super wide shot Supermodel Campaign’, of Cyber-shot cameras.
while introducing Deepika as the Brand Am- “It is a matter of great pride for me to be
bassador for the category. associated with a cult brand like Sony. Cy-
Great synergy will be witnessed between ber-shot comes in ultra cool, stylish design for May, September and January 2011 semesters
Deepika Padukone and Cyber-shot cameras and classy colours, which is a perfect match
as both are like ‘Super models’ being cool, to my personality. I am totally enthralled
dynamic and highly fashionable. Hence, the by the technologically superior features. I
campaign has been named ‘Super wide eagerly look forward to make a
shot Supermodel’ campaign, positive contribution to the
said a company spokesper- brand imagery of Cyber- MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
son. shot cameras and fulfill NZ’s largest MBA (Level 9), weekend classes and top lecturers
Majors in • Finance • International Business
Masaru Tamagawa, the expectations from • Marketing • Operations and Logistics
Managing Director, Sony this association,” said
India, said, “We were Deepika. Earn NZD50k in an IT career
looking for a Brand Am- Sony will make Bachelor in IT (includes Diplomas Level 5 and 6)
Graduate Diploma Level 7 (includes National Diploma Level 7)
bassador whose person- an investment of Rs
ality could mirror this 50 crores towards INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS
experience and give it a marketing activi- Majors in • Accounting • E-Business • Management
• Marketing • International Trade
materialistic form. Deepika ties with Deepika Diplomas Level 5 and 6, Graduate Diploma Level 7
is a free spirited, bubbly, Padukone which will Bachelor or Postgraduate Diploma in International Business

young girl who at the same include Television TOURISM MANAGEMENT

time is extremely talent- commercials, print NZ’s biggest industry
Diplomas Level 5 and 6, Graduate Diploma Level 7,
ed and a profession- campaigns, Bachelor of Tourism Management
al. The associa- outdoor and
tion seemed shop-front HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT
17000 workers needed in the industry
obvious display. National Certificate in Hospitality Level 3
Barista included
Personal attention for academic success
Bachelor of Hospitality Management
Graduate Diploma Level 7
Subject to NZQA Approval

48 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


Basmati Rice Krishna Chakki Dairy Dale Milk

Atta 2 For

$11.99 $4.99 $5.00

5kg 5kg 2 lt

Rolling Meadow Golden Circle Kiwi Soft Toilet

Butter Juice Paper

$3.99 $3.99 $5.49

500g 3 lt 18 rolls

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 40 Coronation Rd, Mangere Bridge 636 8424
29 Hall Ave Otahuhu 276 6161
Open 6am to 9pm 7 days
Supervalue specials from 19th to 25th April
Hall Ave Otahuhu ph 2766161 and Mangere Bridge 6368424
Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 49

Govinda shakes leg with Mithun Not scared of horror films: Ehsaas
Mumbai: Children are generally found scared
of watching horror films, and child Artist
Ehsaas Channa was no exception.
But she does not find horror films scary
anymore! Why?
Simply, because she is one of the few child
actors to have worked in maximum number of
horror films.
“Earlier I was scared of watching horror
films, but after having acted in few I do not
fear anymore” says the brave girl.
Ehsaas, who had worked in various horror
films like Vaastu Shashtra and Phoonk, is
now set to be to be possessed again by the evil
spirit in Ram Gopal Varma’s Phoonk 2, slated
for April 16, release.
Phoonk 2 also stars Sudeep, Amruta
Khanvilkar, Ashwini Kalsekar, Neeru Bajwa,
Amit sadh and Rishabh Jain.
The film is directed and written by Milind

Mumbai: It was time for some “mauj masti” on Da sportingly followed suit.
the sets of Zee TV’s Dance India Dance with As if this wasn’t enough, Govinda made
the baap of comedy and dance, Govinda paying
a visit!
The superstar is reported to have left the au-
a special demand saying, “I have forever seen
Terence Lewis give detailed comments after
every dance act but never had the chance to see
Dancing kids gherao Remo’s car
dience holding on to their bellies with his witty him live in action. Terence, I want you to show Mumbai: At the recent Mumbai auditions of its Chandigarh, Lucknow, Indore, Baroda & Jaipur.
wisecracks and the house was flooded with us your moves.” dance reality show for kids- DID Li’l Masters, In Mumbai, the frenzy knew no bounds, what
seetis each time Chi Chi took to the floor. Unable to refuse his favorite Govinda, Zee TV decided to delight the 9000 children & with as many as 500 fami- lies
Not the sort to pass up a golden opportunity, Terence brought the house down with a jazzed their parents who had queued up outside a school landing up the previous
the judges Remo, Terence & Geeta insisted that up street-style dance to ‘Kya Kare Kya Na Kare’ in Kandivli with a surprise visit by their favorite evening from neigh-
Grand Master Mithun Chakraborty shakes a leg from Rangeela. dance master Remo D’souza. boring towns with
with Govinda. On public demand, Govinda joined him on Little did the channel know that this would “gaddas”, food,
Without the slightest nakhra, Chi Chi broke stage and together the duo danced to the actor’s result in a scenario where Remo’s car would be water - all set for
into a lively street dance to his evergreen hit popular dance hit ‘Kisi Disco mein Jaayein’ …! frozen at one spot, unable to budge for over an a night-cap on the
‘Main Toh raste se Jaa Raha Tha’ and Mithun hour with kids flocking all around it, dying to road outside the
show Remo their much-rehearsed moves. audition venue!
Remo was completely overwhelmed by the
accuracy with which little children were aping
Arshad-Dia promote ‘Hum Tum Aur Ghost’ the moves they had seen in the 2 seasons of Lux
Dance India Dance. He couldn’t believe his eyes
Mumbai, Mar 30 (IBNS) Actors Arshad Warsi and Dia Mirza when a couple of kids began performing the ex-
recently came together to promote their forthcoming tremely difficult stunt dance “B-boying” in front
film ‘Hum Tum Aur Ghost’ at PVR Select City Walk, of his car, standing on their hands and kicking
Saket. The movie is directed by Kabeer Kaushik and away vigorously.
produced by Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti. The Special security had to be called for at every
movie released all over India. school where DID Lil Masters conducted its au-
ditions in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Nagpur,

Anupam Kher auditions Ranvir goes underwater

Ahmedabad for Actor Prepares despite phobia
Ahmedabad: Actor-director Anupam Kher re- Apart from the fulltime acting programme,
cently interviewed candidates seeking entry to ‘Actor Prepares’ in Ahmedabad has also been
his acting school ‘Actor Prepares’ in Ahmed- conducting workshops for teachers, dancers and
abad. teenagers.
The interviews and auditions were held at Kher will be taking classes when the course
Cambay Grand, the centrally-located 5-star commences.
hotel of the Cambay hospitality group. Apart from Kher, the school has a trained
“I believe that acting, like any craft, can be full-time faculty of teachers to teach the craft
taught, learnt and perfected,” said Kher, who of Acting. Other subjects, which will be taught,
has won innumerable awards in a career span- reflecting the holistic approach of the Actor
ning 25 years encompassing almost 400 films. Prepares programme, are Yoga, Dance, Martial
‘Actor Prepares’ opened last year in the city Arts, Voice and Diction etc.
after establishing a presence in Mumbai, Chan- Actor Prepares Ahmedabad is sited on a
digarh and London. landscaped 2.5 acre campus on the Ahmed-
Two batches of students have already passed abad-Gandhinagar highway opposite Nirma
out after completing the three-month fulltime University.

Mumbai: Youngistaan’s heartthrob Ranbir phobia, Ranbir performed an entire underwater

Kapoor has played many different characters sequence, which took over 4-hours to shoot,
starting from a lover-boy to a Casanova to an with ease and like a true professional. In fact, he
honest salesman; but for the first time ever he did not even let the production crew know about
will be seen in a fantasy-adventure act in Pepsi his phobia till after the sequence was completed.
The Game’s Level I that goes on air this week on While performing yet another tough se-
TV (March 31 onwards). quence of climbing a high wall to pull out a few
In an industry where it is easy for stars daggers, Ranbir hurt his hand.
to demand for body doubles, Ranbir chose to But with the famous Kapoor blood in his
perform his own stunts, something that he has veins and with his will and determination, he
never done before. went ahead and completed the shot!
Sources reveal that in spite of having a water

50 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


‘We just want to make money’

Rajat Kapoor has become an expert at wearing too many hats at a time. An actor, director, writer, model, anchor…
he speaks to Sreya Basu in Kolkata on how films compromise with quality for making money. 

member the telephone number of the place even ...Do you agree? Very different. In a film it’s the camera and script
Photos by Avishek Mitra/IBNS

after 30 years though I never need that number or that’s doing everything…you just have to ‘be’
call at that number.  Similarly, Blue Mug is also a It depends you know. Because it villages also you (there). The camera captures you. In a theatre you
concept that is printed inside someone’s head. have folk theatre, you will find them if you go to perform. It’s such a great joy to be on stage, to direct
As far as we know, all of you (Vinay Pathak, small towns of south of India. Even in Bengal there’s a play, to see it happen…it’s a different high.
Sheeba Chadha, Munish Bharadwaj and you) jatra. Is it not for the common people? Theatre is for In today’s time, don’t you think people
are playing yourselves, while Ranvir Shorey everyone…be it the so-called common people or are more comfortable in walking into a mul-
and Konkona Sen Sharma are playing patient the elite class; but in different forms. But yes, the tiplex to watch a movie than go for a play?
and doctor. So how have you woven the script? kind theatre we do…the Proscenium theatre…that Cinema is a form that aims to reach a large number
Ranvir is playing a guy who has lost his memory. of course, only a certain section of the society can of people; and it’s not only in India, it’s anywhere in
And in his contrast, we are playing ourselves. Like, afford to come and watch. the world. Also because theatre limits itself by its
I am playing Rajat Kapoor…what are the memories very presence. You can make 700 prints of a film,
he is made up of…small incidents, big events…he  So your theatre is for elite people? but we can’t make 700 prints of this play (The Blue
is a part of all of that. And we are presenting our Mug). We have to go city to city to perform.
personal memories to the audience. I don’t think so. It’s all about the habit of going to  
  theatre; not necessarily the elite. Looking at a form But in reaching out to larger number, don’t
And does this spontaneity come naturally? of art like that is a bit problematic. It’s like saying films compromise with quality?
Your play The Blue Mug is getting huge
classical music is for elite people. Is it? If you have,
response in every city where it is being No…it comes through practice, rehearsals. Nothing for example, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi coming to It does compromise. That’s why we have so many
staged… is spontaneous…you have to practice it. It is an act perform, probably you will go, people of your class craps everyday. But then, there are very crappy the-
that you achieve only after you rehearse for long will go, I will go…may be a common man will not atres also. So even though we don’t have to suffer
Yes…the response is overwhelming. It feels great to hours. Spontaneity, improvisations start after that.  go. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand from economically, we make such bad films. Why
see the audience being able to connect to the play. Bhimsen Joshi; because when he listens to that he do we do that? Because we are mediocre people. We
Ballentine’s Leave An Impression has arranged Okay, given a chance, what are the memo- responds. It is part of his tradition as much as it is don’t want to work, we just want to make money.
for a seven-city tour for The Blue Mug. We have yours…may be more! In South India the common And that’s why we churn trash and we subject
ries you would like to forget?
already staged shows in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune men are trained in classical music. In a Kerala people to watch these trash.
and Kolkata; next are Chandigarh, Delhi and Ban- village when there’s a kathakali performance it’s
I think every man should forget all the memories
galore. common man who will probably respond to the per-  There are takers for these ‘trash’…
that make him sad, bitter…create hatred inside him.
This is the only way to be happy and have a better formance more than you and I. Because for him it is
This play is all about memories? life. part of their worship…ritual…life. Yes, but that’s a vicious circle. We always say we
  make films because audience wants to see these.
In this play there are memories that have left a deep You are into both films and theatres. How But we never gave them a choice. So how do we
Theatre has always been seen as some-
impact on you, as well as those which are mundane. different are the two mediums? know they want to see these (films)?
Like, my father had a printing press and I still re- thing exclusively for the elite mass...

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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 51

Ranvir Shorey turns Punjabi doctor Kissing not new for me: Aruna
Mumbai/Kolkata: Actor Ranvir Shorey will be seen father, Michael, know that there is up and that they Mumbai: The slinky femme fatale
playing a Punjabi doctor in his next film ‘Tina Ki better have the money or else! of Hindi film ‘Prince’, Aruna
Chaabi’. Tony, a small time crook and gangland “inform- Shields, is yet another British Indian
Produced by Kosmik Films Pvt, ‘Tina Ki er” par excellence, informs the dos of Tina’s inheri- lassie to set foot in Bollywood.
Chaabi’ is written and directed by Amit Saxena of tance and both Basu and Teddy realize that the key The actress is increasingly
‘Jism’ fame. to all their problems lies with Tina and the key to the gaining popularity for her provoca-
Newcomer Geetanjali Thapa will be seen as locker! tive kissing scene with the “Prince”
Ranvir’s leading lady in the film. And thus begins the quest for Tina’s key. aka Vivek Oberoi.
This comic caper has been shot at Tangra in An innocent doctor, Jag Prag Singh, a man Aruna is the first lady to make
Kolkata’s China Town, apart from Bangkok and seeking answers to add meaning to his otherwise Vivek’s cheeks turn red in reel life
Mumbai. empty life, also gets pulled into the rollercoaster ride with her confident approach while
Recently Ravir and Geetanjali were seen having and in this riotous and hilarious journey. Tina and shooting for the scene. The kissing
a gala time at the publicity shoot of the film, while Prag’s paths collide. scene is apparently Vivek’s first kiss
photographer Amit Asher went on clicking the duo. They find themselves working as a team due to in films.
Ranvir plays Dr. JagPrag Singh, a Punjabi doctor circumstances, dodging not only Teddy and Basu but On asking Aruna about her
armed with stethoscope and doctor’s bag. also the ultimate villain Hanifa to get her inheritance. confident kiss scene, the gorgeous
The film tells the story of a group of people As well as finding answers to their questions on life lady replied, “It was not something
who find themselves in situations that threaten their in general. new for me; I had done such scenes
survival, and as they try to get out of their respective And just when it seems that things could not earlier as well so the experience
messes, greed and karma take over, hurling them to- get any worst, ‘Junior’ is accidentally killed and the counts.”
gether into situations that border on the ridiculous in events spiral out of everyone’s control, in a cascad- In the action thriller Prince,
this caper comedy. ing series of darkly hilarious encounters.The film is she is tough espionage agent Maya
It all starts when “Cochin Hanifa” a Bangkok- slated for release in June. who performs all her own stunts
based Indian gangster, sends his reluctant gangster including bike bungee jumps and
son – “Junior Hanifa” to collect unpaid dues from free falls.
various people in Kolkata (India) while at the same Bold and fearless stunts by
time, a young woman, Tina, gets news of her father Aruna made the whole cast and
Michael’s untimely death while in hiding overseas. crew go ga-ga over her daring at-
Michael has left Tina an inheritance: 50million titude. Aruna is qualified in stunts
rupees, in the form of raw diamonds, in a train station like Fire-Arms, Martial Arts,
locker in Bangkok. Cable, Bikes & Cars, Scuba diving,
These two seemingly unrelated events act as sky riding and gymnastics.
catalyst and set in motion a series of events that will Not only adventure sports,
ultimately change the lives of all the characters. Of Aruna has got her feminine side
course, Tina is a gambler and also owes money to the intact too with dancing skills like
Hanifa. belly dancing, dancing with snakes,
Set in Tangra (Kolkata) the only true ‘China Flamenco.
Town’ in India, three people, namely – Tina, Basu & Kumar Taurani’s film ‘Prince’
Teddy will soon discover that when you owe money stars Vivek Oberoi, Aruna Shields,
to Hanifa, you can run but you cannot hide. Nandana Sen and Neeru Bajwa.
And when ‘Junior’ comes calling, the wily Basu
and Teddy, back-stabbing ex-employees of Tina’s

IndiaÕs leading public sector bank with a presence in five continents

spanning across 25 countries will soon spread its wings
Bank of Baroda (New Zealand) Ltd
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114 Dominion

A.K.S. Bhadauria Satish Vermani

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Mobile: 021 866 756 Mobile: 021 261 3632
52 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |
Tanushree Dutta: Being blunt
Chaitanya Padukone

“Honestly, I don’t follow the game of cricket,” admits a

‘blunt’ Tanushree Dutta who feels she has ‘scored’ well Things you need to
in her upcoming psycho-thriller ‘Apartment’ directed by
Jagmohan ‘Jags’ Mundra. KNOW
About us
Best of
Even as the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa titled ‘ Theeratha Vilaiyattu Pillai’ But the Dutta
Shetty and Preity Zinta are actively patronizing damsel is defensive. “Its not a complete remake

IPL cricket-teams there are those showbiz celebs of ‘Bachna…’.But among the similarities is the
who don’t connect with the intricacies of the Casanova hero (Vishal ) who simultaneously flirts
batting game. Former ‘Miss India’- Universe’ Ta- with three nubile girls of different backgrounds.
nushree Dutta , known for her outspoken nature My lead character is not a female NRI cabbie

belongs to that league. “Honestly, I don’t techni- but an athletic ethnic Tamilian sports-girl who

cally follow the cricket-game, which is such a belongs to a poor family.
massive international mania. So I hardly watch There were lots of Southside offers when this

the televised matches. But I do recognize and movie released a few weeks ago. But I have still
respect the celeb-cricketers,” shrugs the Bolly- not finalized any of them,”claims the sensitive
wood heroine, who recently celebrated her birth-
day (19th March).
Until recently, the dusky Dutta was seen in
Bong bombshell who is unlike those who latch on
to some celeb, just to snatch media focus. “For me
the guy has to be someone who turns-me-on, not
her short-crop blunt cut hair-style which she has just by his hot looks, but also by his sense of witty
flaunted in media magnate producer Nari Hira’s humour, savvy intellect and his caring concern
upcoming psycho-thriller ‘Apartment’. This time for me. Unless there is the right chemistry I don’t
too, Tanushree who was appreciated for her intense think I will emotionally connect with a male
performance in the recent horror flick ‘Rokkk’ has buddy. As of now, I am comfortable with my own
a blunt reaction. “Eminent UK based hair-stylist ‘single’ company,” she shrugs Meanwhile the
Guy Kremmer whilst in Kolkata insisted that he glib Dutta is aghast over media speculation there
would experiment with my hair-style and give me is a “lesbian undercurrent” with her flat-mate co-
a new short crop look. Since I was to play an air- actor Neetu Chandra in ‘Apartment’. “ For heav-

hostess who gets victimized in ‘Apartment’ I felt en’s sake it’s an apartment with multiple bedrooms
it would go with my chic character, I agreed to it. and we are literally ‘apart’. Rather I am shown
Even ‘Apartment’ director Jagmohan Mundhra ( going cosy with co-star Ronit Roy. There is even a
of ‘Provoked’ movie fame) instantly approved of it drenched romantic song in the rains. Ever since I
when he met me, much later. started my acting career with ‘Aashiq Banaaya…’
It was by sheer coincidence that I merited this , a ‘rainy’ song was perhaps the only missing link
different look,” she chuckles. Not many are aware in my spectrum of scenes. Now I guess, I am a
that the same Tanushree has played Deepika Padu- full-fledged Bollywood heroine,” chuckles Ta-
kone’s ‘remixed’ character in the Tamil version of nushree with this jestful repartee.
the Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Bachna Ae Haseenon’

Vindu turns ‘Funk-Key’ 2nd Decoder

for Pepsi
Only *
Mumbai: One has seen Vindu Dara Singh in Pepsi The Game,” he added.
many avatars, ranging from Lord Hanuman to Sources reveal that it was Vindu who named
the winner of Bigg Boss but no one expected the his character ‘Funk-Key’ as he found the look
well-built man to play a tiny gaming character. extremely funky and he is shown guarding a
In the second level of Pepsi The Game that key that Ranbir has to find to reach his Pepsi
breaks on TV on Thursday (April 8), the tall and and the hot WOW girl, Jacqueline
muscular Vindu will don a never seen before Fernandez.
look… that of a 1-foot tall gaming character – - Indian Weekender
‘Funk-Key’! Bollywood Correspondent
Vindu aka Funk-Key will pose the second

Zee Punjabi
challenge to Youngistaan’s heartthrob, Ranbir

In the first level of Pepsi The Game, Ranbir

$ 95
gets stuck under water and in the second level,
Sanjay Dutt - the Game Master sends his under- Add *
sized champ, Funk-Key to stop Ranbir from
getting closer to his Pepsi. on
While Ranbir doesn’t find tiny Funk-Key
a threat initially, wait and watch what happens
when hundreds of Funk-Keys appear in front of
Speaking about his look in Pepsi The Game
Level 2 and the shooting experience, Vindu
said, “When Pepsi guys approached me with the
concept and a sketch of the look, I asked them if
they’re making the Indian version of Star Wars!
I had to wear a funky orange, silver and green
costume, which was quite heavy and I had to fly
wearing the same in one of the sequences using
harness… so, it was tough but lots of fun”.
“Pepsi The Game is a big-budget, high-
value production with a lot of special effects
to make me look much smaller and create
hundreds of clones. I am glad all the hard
work has resulted in a great looking and
entertaining concept that has never
been seen on the Indian television
screen. So watch out for me
as Funk-Key in Level 2 of

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 53



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PO Box 91748, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1030
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54 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

Personal Finance

Financial stress no less than physical stress

Oliver Pereira
Stress is a physical and emotional response • Another basic need is regular cardiovascu- covered, come what may, is one of the best & debts including mortgage commitments in
to the demands we face in our everyday lives. lar exercise. This is good for the mind, forms of stress relief there is. case you are unable to work for an income due
So, in this way, it’s as old as we are. It is a not just the body, providing a way to release Insurance can’t guarantee a life free of ac- to a disability.
natural part of how we survive and cope with tension and pent-up frustrations. cident or misfortune, but it can help policy-
situations but, left to get out of control, it can • Meditation and other relaxation techniques holders cope with the financial consequences Benefits of a Trauma Cover - It’s a fact of
have serious consequences for our health. can promote self-control and calm, of unpredictable events, giving them and their life that we all get sick, and sometimes seri-
People tend to talk about ‘stress’ as if it blocking out daily stresses and providing families peace of mind that help will be at ously.
were all bad. It’s not. If there is a perceived ways of escape. hand should the worst
threat to our safety, it triggers a primal re- • Yoga, Tai Chi and happen. The cost of recovery from an illness like
sponse that leaves us with heart pounding, similar disciplines Some of the most cancer or heart attack can have a huge fi-
mind racing and primed to escape danger. provide gentle, low- common forms of nancial impact. There are different serious
When the stressful situation ends, hormonal
signals switch off the stress response and the
impact exercise,
incorporating con- So how do we personal insurance
are Life cover, health
medical conditions that are covered, such as
cancer, heart attack, stroke etc. On suffering

deal with stress

body returns to normal. trolled breathing and cover, income protec- one of these conditions a lump sum is paid
But in our modern society, stress doesn’t promoting relaxation tion, trauma cover out - to help you cope with the consequential
always let up. Many of us harbour anxiety and poise. and permanent dis- financial impact on your lifestyle, family &
and worry about daily events and relationship
issues. Stress hormones continue to wash
through the body at damaging levels. Re-
• Massage therapy
provides soothing,
deep relaxation and
and keep it under ability cover.

Benefits of a Life
Benefits of Permanent Disability Cover -
This cover pays out a lump sum in the event
search now shows that such long term activa-
tion of the stress system can have a hazardous,
can improve important
physiological process- control, rather Cover - This cover
provides monetary
of total permanent disablement through acci-
dent or illness.
even lethal, effect on the body, increasing the es such as circulation. support & financial Financial responsibilities are one of the
risk of obesity, heart disease, depression and
a variety of other illnesses.
• Mental health ben-
efits can be derived
than letting it stability to the family
and loved ones you
more common causes of stress. Planning for
unexpected events that may result into finan-
Specific causes of stress in people’s lives
might include excessive noise, traumatic
events, financial responsibilities, work and
from spending time in
the natural world.
Activities such as
control us? leave behind. This is
to help pay for mort-
gage repayment, day
cial difficulties is well worth considering.
Just talk to your insurance adviser to ensure
you have the right insurance cover.
study deadlines, lifestyle changes and general tramping, gardening, to day living expens- The above information has been provided
unpredictability. golf and observing es, raising children to serve only as a guideline to assist in evalu-
So how do we deal with stress and keep animals in the wild are etc in the event of a ating your insurance needs. You are encour-
it under control, rather than letting it control all ways to connect with nature and premature and untimely death. aged to do your own research before arriving
us? improve your state of mind. at any decisions.
Benefits of a Health Cover – Avoids long
There are, in fact, many and varied ways It’s also easier to relax knowing that you delays in waiting for treatment in the public - For further information, please contact:
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Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 55


Barrister and solicitor
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Mobile: 0274 857 302 Phone: 09 623 8277 Fax: 09 623 5177
56 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

Has cricket hit all other sports for a six?

IPL seems to have sounded their death knell
Prashant Belwalkar the players are employees of the respective organisa- the people and branding or rather celebrity endorse- fun-packed jamboree!
tions. Later, some of the corporates joined the band- ment took root in India. What were football associa- It is not that corporates have not supported hockey
India has a proud history in Hockey winning the wagon in forming sporting clubs and employing tions, hockey associations, badminton association, or football; take a look at what Tata’s tried to do with
Olympic gold six times in a row (8 overall) since 1908 people on the sporting ability, yet sports have always and tennis associations doing during this period? super soccer in late 1980s or Sahara did with hockey
when hockey was included in the Olympics for the remained an amateur field until the advent of IPL. Why were they not in the race to grab a share of the in late 1990s. But the lack of administrative struc-
first at London. The Indian football team too had a Credit to BCCI spoils? Despite producing world champions in bil- ture, apathy of players and self-indulgence has been
golden run since Independence when they won the The credit for bringing money in sports must go liards (Michael Ferreira, Geet Sethi to name a few), the cause of the state of affairs for these sports. It is
gold in Asian Games in New Delhi and Jakarta and to BCCI. Till the late 1970s even cricket was in no badminton (Prakash Padukone, Syed Modi), tennis not the IPL or cricket that has driven them to state
in between also managed to reach the semi-finals in better shape than hockey or football in India. Crick- (Amritraj Brothers, the Krishnans), Hockey (pargat of despair but its own doings that have contributed to
Olympics held at Melbourne in 1956. Yet, it is the ets were paid daily allowance for appearing in Test singh and others), football, the respective associations the sorry state.
Indian Cricket team that is the toast of the nation as Cricket (ODIs had just began and were not played never had the visionary people to take advantage of It’s all up to the sports bodies
it sits on top of the Test rankings and is in the top 3 of in any structured form in India till 1980). The only the changing situation. How many astro turfs have Unless the sporting bodies themselves don’t
the ODI rankings while winning the inaugural T20 bonuses these players got were paid leave from the we invested in since the game of hockey changed? create a structure and succession planning for the
world championship. respective employers for appearing in Ranji trophy How many football clubs boast world class pitches? sport and a feel good factor for the sponsors, it is not
BCCI is now accused of killing other sports at the matches or Test matches. Kerry Packer changed all Why has there been no investment in infrastructure going to be easy. Take the case of West Indies cricket.
expense of cricket with its introduction of IPL, a fun that when he introduced the World Series of Cricket as BCCI has done? The once famed cricketing isles are today suffering
filled jamboree of T20 cricket based loosely on the in Australia and roped in top cricketers to play in co- No champion for other sport due lack of structure, infighting and general apathy.
English Premier League (soccer). Has IPL managed loured clothing, white ball and play under lights! Sud- Sadly, there was no Gavaskar amongst the foot- Take New Zealand’s own example, the Olympic
to snuff out all other sports in India? Or is it a tempo- denly cricket elevated from a 5 day tedious spectacle ballers or hockey players who would fight for the teams have been winning golds in several events, yet
rary phenomenon? to a 1 day entertainment sport! Not only did the au- right of players to enjoy the spoils. For Corporates it they are not sure of sending a bigger team next time as
Let us first understand the origin of these games dience love it, TV channels across the cricket loving is always an ‘economic’ decision to promote brands they are lacking funds. How easy it is for them to crib
in India before we start making a judgment on the countries also loved it! The ICC quickly stepped in through sports and they quickly found that the foot- about Rugby getting all the spoils (and rightly so!)
state of affairs. The British officers as a part of their and Kerry Packer was made to back track for a sig- ball, hockey, badminton had no formal structure Yet, they are looking at their own structure and
pastime in the colonies spread the game of cricket, nificant share of the TV spoils, but it sowed the seeds in place to take advantage of the money coming in promotion before blaming anybody. Hockey India
hockey and football (soccer) throughout the world. of commercialisation of cricket faster than anybody sports. Hockey, despite being branded the national and India Football Association also need to take a
Kolkata was the headquarters of the British rule and it had imagined. BCCI was quick sport (though that was only because we had won 6 closer look at themselves before pointing finger at
is no wonder that all the three forms of the games have to see the poten- tial golds and not because it originated in India), was in Cricket. It does not help when your sports minister
its origin in this city. Kolkata was the and joined the tatters due to infighting and overindulgence of offi- also joins the bandwagon of cricket bashing, when he
place where first field hockey cials who had no interest in taking the game further. himself was at the helm of Hockey and contributed
tournament was held in Despite football being the most popular sport in to its downfall.
1895 (Beighton Cup), the world, in India it sadly never took off as the na- FIH (International Hockey Federation) is on the
the first football club tional structure was in tatter and despite hosting the record stating that the recently concluded hockey
was formed (Mohan third oldest tournament in the world since late 1800s world cup was the most ‘commercially’ success-

Bagan, 1889) bandwagon of making money. Sunny Gavaskar had (Durand Cup), football never enjoyed the structure ful tournament in its history and they would like
and the first cricket match earlier made sure that the spoils of the cricketing vic- that cricket did. Again, the excessive meddling of to involve India in all future programmes. But is
between Madras and Kolkata (1864) was also there! tories are shared with the players. Winning the world non-playing administrators killed the promotion of Hockey India listening and ready to take advantage
In fact the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club is cup of 1983 only triggered the appetite of BCCI and sports. of this? The often repeated accusation that cricket has
known to have been in existence since 1792! Given the Champions Trophy victory in 1985 further con- On the other hand BCCI, had enough cricketers all the money is a myth as the ‘commercial’ success
that all the three started at the same time why it is firmed the interest of BCCI that it was backing a amongst its ranks and astute businessmen to support of Hockey world cup has proven.
that today cricket is far ahead of others and despite winning horse. it and making sure that the structure and national So, to round up, if other sporting bodies take a cue
winning the hockey gold six times and being declared India was undergoing a sea change in 1985, and team selection was done on a more concrete basis. from BCCI, and instead of just thinking that the asso-
the national sport, hockey and football continue to for the first time, corporate sponsorship was not a One may find fault with the quota system and rota- ciations are fiefdom of power, start actually creating
flounder? The reasons can be traced on several fronts. pariah. Reliance quickly joined the bandwagon and tional system of BCCI, but it least ensured that all a formal structure for the growth of the games, there
All the sports have been in an amateur form the first World Cup outside England was hosted in the states, regions have a representation and hence are enough youngsters interested, but is anybody
in India, be it cricket, hockey, football or badmin- India under the sponsorship of Reliance Industries. cricket took off as a national sport and was played willing to give it a go? Or are we still going to debate
ton. The government has often encouraged sports The airwaves in India were also opened up in 1991 in every street corner. BCCI took advantage of this till death on national TV and keep procrastinating
through employment quota based on sporting ability and the economic boom that started since 1992 only and though it was a reluctant member of the first T20 about cricket’s influence? It’s a commercial world;
as well as promoting teams. The armed services have added more wealth in to the sporting world and more world cup, the victory in South Africa only increased wake up before it’s too late! Till then enjoy the spec-
encouraged sports. Railways, Port Trusts and several TV channels to the air. Marketing companies were its appetite for more. Then the formation of ICL only tacle of IPL3!
government enterprises have sporting teams wherein looking at avenues where they could reach out to fuelled its ambition to create IPL. Thus was born the

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 57

Seven amazing facts we
could tell our kids about India
India, it is often said, is not a country but a book ‘Ignited Minds’that “Ancient India was
continent. From north to south and east to a knowledge society and a leader in many in-
west, the people are different, the languages tellectual pursuits, particularly in the fields
are different, and the country is different. of mathematics, medicine and astronomy.”
India is so complex that it baffles anybody So what if India had a glorious past? What
who tries to define it in a few words or even now? In response to such relevant questions,
pages. It becomes increasingly difficult Dr. Kalam offers wonderful advice to create
talking about India and put it all in some 800 a knowledge society in India and calls for
words, especially with NRI kids and NRI using our ancient scriptures with the modern
teens who are born or brought up overseas scientific methods to create a new source of
and who know India mainly through media. knowledge that is useful for the generations
“What makes a nation, is the past, what to come.
justifies one nation against others is the past”, 4. India has the biggest democracy in the
says the noted historian Eric Hobsbawm. world – Spanning an area of 3,287,263 square
Hence, when talking of a nation, it becomes kilometers, India is a vast country and in-
very imperative that the past should also be cludes dry desert areas, evergreen forests,
talked about as much of India’s glory lies in snowy Himalayas, a long coast, and fertile
the past. The past of India is as fascinating plains. With a billion people, the Republic of
and interesting as among countries and civi- India is the world’s largest democracy. Over
lizations, India is perhaps the oldest and the a fifth of the world’s population is crammed
most ancient. into a subcontinent. A Wikipedia article even
The heritage of the past plaited with the says that ‘A serious claim for early demo-
contemporary dynamism of India has left ev- cratic institutions comes from the indepen-
eryone spellbound despite her alluring con- dent “republics” of India, sanghas and ganas,
trasts and striking features. Here are seven which existed as early as the sixth century
things we could tell our kids about India’s BCE and persisted in some areas until the
past and present. fourth century CE.

“India is an ancient civilization with a

rich heritage. It has a vast storehouse of
knowledge in various fields, but general
awareness of much of it is inadequate.”
- Indian Planning
Commission report 2001

1. India has a continuous, living civilisa- 5. Culturally rich and economically power-
tion - India is a tens of thousands of years ful. India is blessed with a rich culture and
old country with a rich heritage, legend and heritage. Take a tour to India and you will
history. One website claims India to be 34000 find how the rich history, languages, religion,
years old. The people of India have had a con- arts and crafts, performing arts and cuisine
tinuous civilisation since 2500 BCE going by play a key role in forming its rich culture and
the Indus valley civilisation. The city of Va- traditions. These days India is economically
ranasi (Benares) is one of the world’s oldest powerful too.
and continuously inhabited cities. 6. Diversity – There are many Indias within
2. Ancient India – Land of wisdom Aware- India. India has diversity not only in people
ness about ancient India being a knowledge but also in religion, languages, cloth-
society, the university being an Indian inven- ing, music, arts, dance, architecture, food
tion and the different knowledge streams is habits, customs and culture. Virtually every
just the tip of the iceberg as far as the knowl- major religion has a strong connection with
edge tradition of India goes. Adding on to India. Buddhism was born in India, so were
this, Swami Vivekananda remarks “In phi- Sikhism, Jainism, and of course Hinduism.
losophy we are even now head and shoulders The Zoroastrians, the Jews (living in India
above any other nation, as Schopenhauer, the since 600 B.C.), the Muslims, the people of
great German philosopher has confessed. In the Baha’i faith, all are found in India in sub-
music India gave to the world her system of stantial numbers.
notation, with the seven cardinal notes and 7. Land of many races- India is truly a
the diatonic scale, all of which we enjoyed as complex nation and composite of cultures
early as 350 BCE, while it came to Europe and races – that’s why it is often referred
only in the 11th century. In philology, our to as a subcontinent. First, there is a differ-
Sanskrit language is now universally ac- ence between ‘race’ and ‘ethnic group’. Race
knowledged to be the foundation of all Euro- is used to denote people that share common
pean languages….” physical and genetic traits. Whereas ethnic
3. Ancient India – a knowledge society. India group denotes people who have common cul-
was a knowledge superpower. In 2001, a stra- tural, behavioral, linguistic, ritualistic, or re-
tegic taskforce report was published by the ligious traits. There are 2000 or more ethnic
Planning Commission of India titled “India as groups in India and according to anthropo-
a knowledge superpower”. In the foreword to logical records has more than 6 or 7 races.
the report, the Deputy Chairman of the Plan- India and her culture is thus rich and
ning Commission of India mentioned that diverse and as a result unique in its very own
“India is an ancient civilization with a rich way. What else could we tell our kids about
heritage. It has a vast storehouse of knowl- India?
edge in various fields, but general aware- To make your comments about what else
ness of much of it is inadequate.” Another you would tell our kids, please go online and
member of the same planning commission add them at the end of this article in www.
who later on became the President of India
– Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalām – elaborated in his

58 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |


Why do we need a personal financial plan?

We all know that future is uncertain. If we look at present economic conditions prevailing around globe, this
statement looks even truer. Majority of people were not prepared for the crisis, and have faced consequences.
Financial planning is important for every one of work, we can buy car on hire purchase if neces- management, some people call it insurance plan- pay to retirees is uncertain. We must prepare
us. But some of us wrongly think that financial sary. For other items, taking debt is a bad idea. ning. In risk management we decide as to how ourselves for our retirement. What sort of invest-
planning is only for wealthy individuals who We should postpone our decisions of buying much risk we are capable of absorbing and how ments, we should put our money into depends on
have lots of income to spare. The reality is the other big ticket items like expensive TVs till we much should be passed on to others. There are our goals and risk profile. Knowledge and Guid-
fact that financial success does not only depend have enough cash to buy those. The finance com- two types of insurance planning, General and ance can help us to achieve our long term goals.
on great income, but also on sound financial panies make very clever moves convincing us to personal. In general, we decide on protecting our The fifth aspect covered in a Financial Plan
planning. go for debt. The items bought using debt cost us a valuables and in personal, our income earning is Estate and Tax Planning. We should plan our
Financial planning gives us direction for lot more than their cash capacity. Careful plan- affairs in most tax efficient manner. Tax evasion
future so that we can avoid costly mistakes such value. Normally by the ning is needed in de- is illegal but tax minimization by planning and
as incurring too much debt, wrong debt struc-
ture, ignoring retirement opportunities provided
time the debt is paid
off, these items become If necessary, debt ciding about what type
of insurance covers we
structuring our affairs is no way a crime. Simi-
larly we are to leave this world one day and pass
by an employer, not having enough liquid funds
when we need it, or having inadequate insur-
worthless in value.
Even for necessary should be considered should have. We should
not be over insured as it
our legacy to our children. Trust, wills, enduring
power of attorney, what we should have and are
ance . Knowledge and proper guidance greatly
enhance our chances of financial success.
items where we do take
debt, we should try to only for those items is waste of money. But
we should not be under
those adequate is covered in a personal financial
All of us want our future to be secure, want retire debt at the earli- insured as well, as it Everyone has got unique circumstances.
our money work for us, and for this reason, finan- est. All extra savings which grow in value is a big risk which we There cannot be any general rule which can
cial planning is very important. should be diverted to will be carrying. The be applicable to all. A personal financial plan
There are many aspects which are covered pay off debt unless over time like houses. concept of insurance is indeed a personal one and is based on one’s
in a financial plan, the first one being Financial we can earn an after is very simple, differ- present financial position, age, future earning
Management. We must prepare ourselves for tax return on the extra ent people contribute capacity, goals etc. It helps one to accomplish
various stages of life, marriage, having a family, savings which is more towards a common pool various milestones of life.
buying a home, retirement etc. A financial plan than the interest paying on debt. The extra risk of funds. Those who contribute only and do not One of most important steps in successful fi-
will start with budgeting. A budget allows us to we are taking should also be taken into consider- receive any claims are fortunate ones and those nancial planning is getting started. If started at
decide how much we can spend and how much ation while deciding whether to use extra money who take claims are unfortunate. So we should early age, it can help to give our life, focus and
we can save. We should always strive to save to invest or to retire debt. never consider the premium paid by us as waste goals which we are to achieve in our life.
some money for future. We should think care- Similarly for making investments, taking of money rather we should thank our stars.
fully while buying big ticket items. Getting into debt may be a good idea as long as you are confi- The third and fourth aspect covered in a fi- - Ravi Mehta is an Auckland based Finan-
debt should normally be avoided. If necessary, dent of making more than what you pay in terms nancial plan is Retirement Planning and Invest- cial Advisor and can be contacted on ravi.
debt should be considered only for those items of interest. This is the concept of using other’s ment Planning. We all are to retire someday. It is A disclosure statement as
which grow in value over time like houses. Or money for your own gain. How much debt one wrong to assume that state will fund our retire- required under Securities Act 1988 is freely
the debt should be used for education as educa- should take and debt structure should be care- ment needs. In New Zealand, dependency ratio available on request.
tion normally increases our income earning ca- fully planned with the help of a financial advisor. (ratio of retirees to tax payers) is on the rise. In
pacity. Similarly if we need a car to commute to The second aspect that is covered is Risk future, how much Government will be able to

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 59

MigHTi continues its journey DAHI KEEMA
Migrant Heritage Charitable Trust Inc (regd) continue in the coming year through several
also known as MigHT-I shares a theme programmes lined up this year. We will kick
common with this esteemed paper. It cel- off with the popular ‘Nadbrahma 2010’ in Recipe by Ruby Dhillon
ebrates its anniversary with Indian Week- its new edition. This will feature noted artist
ender. Nearly a year ago MigHT-I started from both, the Hindustani as well as Car- Ingredients:
its public involvement through its inaugural natic music. This will be followed by a clas-
programme ‘Samaa’. The journey has con- sical vocal concert ‘Swar Ninad’, a first in • 1kg- Lamb/Mutton mince • Whisk curd in a bowl with cinnamon and
tinued since then with several wonderful New Zealand featuring renowned vocalist
programmes and workshops. Pt. Ganapati Bhat, a disciple of Shri Basa-
• 2- Onions chopped clove powder.
In the year that went by, MigHT-I was varaj Rajguru in August. Keep a watch for • 4tsp- Ginger paste • Heat oil in a wok add onion, sauté until
lucky to receive tremendous support from details. The annual ‘Sharad Punam’ festival
like-minded patrons in the community for will see a programme ‘Chandane Shimpit
• 4tsp- Garlic paste brown, add the ginger and garlic paste.
which it is extremely grateful. MigHT-I Ja’ featuring local artists to celebrate the • 1cup- Curd • Stir for 30 seconds then add green chillis
successfully hosted the first ever meeting evening!
of Hindustani & Carnatic music in the We plan to host the first ever ‘Basant’
• 1cup- Water and stir.
programme ‘Naadbrahma’ which was fol- festival aptly titled ‘Rang Basant’ in No- • 4 to 5- Green chillies chopped • Add all the remaining powders/masalas
lowed by ‘Sharadache Chandane’, a musical vember, where we hope to bring all the
journey of Marathi Natyasangeet performed Indian artists under one roof for an evening
• 1/2tsp Cinnamon powder to the onions and fry until its dry and the
by the eminent ‘samvadini’ artist Shri Jayant of classical Indian music. MigHT-I theatre • 1/3tsp- Clove powder liquid has evaporated.
Bhalodkar. It followed this with an im- will also host a HINDI play at the Festival of • 1tsp- Red chilli powder • Now add the whisked curd, and bring to
mensely successful programme; ‘Sangam’ Arts in October. It will continue its commu-
featuring the renowned Benares Gharana nity involvement through the radio channel • 1tsp- Garam masala a boil.
maestro, Pandit Vikash Maharaj and his son ‘NABHOVANI’. • 1/2cup – frozen peas • Add mince, frozen peas with water and
Prabash Maharaj. The start of the year 2011 will see 2 more
In between, MigHT-I also hosted radio popular programmes, ‘Samaa 2011’ featur- • 1/2cup- Coriander chopped bring it to a boil, cover and simmer until
play ‘Suryachee Pille’ and conducted work- ing classical Indian Dance forms presented
shops across the region involving Indian by various dancing schools in the region
• 2 hard boiled eggs the lamb is cooked and dry.
Music, youth and senior citizens. MigHT-I which will be followed by ‘Sangam 2011’ • Salt according to taste • Serve with the hard boiled eggs cut into
theatre also participated with its own pro- featuring Pt Vikash Maharaj once again.
duction ‘Mrs Maniben R Patel’ in the first We are keen to get the public involved in
two along with chopped coriander.
ever ‘Short + Sweet’ festival in Auckland. all the programmes and they can contribute
It continues to host the bi-weekly radio towards the success of these programmes in
programme ‘Nabhovani’ for the benefit of a variety of ways. For details keep in touch
community. All this has been possible in a via email: or check our
short span of time due to the dedication of website
the artists and the continued support from Check out the radio programme on
the community. planet FM. Frequency : 104.60 Wed: 9.25
MigHT-I is glad to inform that its vision pm and Sunday: 11.00 am.
of spreading the rich Indian Heritage will

p e n
O ys

(Fully Licenced Restaurant)

Dine In - Takeaway
Dinner: 5.00pm till late
Lunch: 11.30 to 2.30 Thur-Fri

D/317 Ti Rakau Drive

(next to Thai Flame)
Ph: 09 273 5002
Ph-Fax: 09 273 6009
60 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 61


Long Necklaces
Half Necklaces
Pendant Sets
Single Naka Pendant Sets
Double Naka Pendant

Mon - Fri: 10.00am - 5.00pm Sat: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Sun: 11.00am - 4.00pm
62 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |
Anniversary Special

At the time when the country’s newest and

favourite news and entertainment magazine for
Kiwi Indians was being conceived a year ago,
plans for a different form of news dissemination
were also gaining ground.

The Indian Weekender print edition came its online Business Directory – complement- the young publication to quickly foray into community and noticed.”
into existence a year ago – bringing with it a ing its free Classifieds and Events section and alternative content delivery systems other The introduction of a video channel into
unique f lair of news presentation which “has daily news– making it the complete package – than print. And so the right investments in the website brought in the best world and
been like a breath of fresh air” in a commu- all this while maintaining a close connection time, effort and finances were made to come local content for Indians through hand picked
nity which has been subjected to a regurgita- with the community. up with a state-of-art multimedia website fol- videos aim to entertain and inform. With
tion of tired news from some of the existing Not to mention its growing list of sub- lowed up by smartphone and iPad versions – the introduction of the Business Directory
media. scribers to its daily and weekly e-newsletters. all that in the space of less than a year.” the Indian Weekender online has now made
While the print version of the Weekender “In this day and age of a growing internet The technical force behind the online it very easy for businesses to get noticed
made instant impact, its online edition (then savvy generation, a fresh approach to dissem- version of Indian Weekender is Rohan deSouza, through to the wider Kiwi Indian community
known as had taken its ination of news to the community is the most who is continuously upgrading and enhanc- and also world wide attention. Its basic listing

The making of
first steps and was crying out for attention is a completely free service to the community.
with its bold approach to gathering and pre- The website has had received accolades
senting news and entertainment to the bur- for it’s excellent design and presentation.
geoning and news-hungry Indian community. It has grown from a modest beginning to
The newspaper gave New Zealand Indians become the most viewed websites online
thought provoking features, entertainment with its online viewership more than tripling.

a complete digital
and news analysis far removed from the or- The mobile website
dinary trail while the online version concen- has gained a substan-
trated its efforts on giving its readers fresh tial viewership making
community news items to read every day – a it one of the the most
concept never utilised before in the commu- viewed ethnic website
nity. on a mobile device. To

news media
It wasn’t too long after that the print and add a feather to it’s cap it
online versions eyed each other, courted for is now a regular Google
a while and decided to marry – an alliance ing features news and Google mobile news provider
which is today seen as the most formidable on the giving it a world wide presence.
force in the Indian media market in New website for The website will continue to grow and
Zealand. it to remain evolve and give Kiwi Indians the best in En-

Since then, the online version of Indian m a r k e t tertainment, Information and Business for the
Weekender, also featured as, leaders. future.
has been at the forefront of breaking big news “Indian The team at Indian Weekender believes
items to the Indian community. We e k e n d e r the online version complementing the print
A recent case that comes to mind is the online is edition is the way forward.
January 31 killing of Auckland taxi driver not only the In the coming months, a whole new range
Hiren Mohini, who was stabbed to death in best news of ebusiness and ecommerce services will
the Mt Eden suburb. The news item, picked service that be launched tailored for Indian businesses
up and loaded online by Indian Weekender logical option,” says Arvind Kumar, online taps into the Pulse of the Kiwi Indian but in New Zealand where they will be able to
group editor-in-chief Dev Nadkarni, spread editor of also a community portal for everything the partner with a versatile news medium like the
like wildfire and was picked up by several “We’re proud to have taken the lead as community wants,” Rohan says. “It features Indian Weekender print and digital editions
major news organisations from around the far as the online Indian news media in New an Indian events calendar that gives you all and leverage its immense popularity that is
world. Zealand is concerned.” details about local events and even helps you growing by the week.
It is this sort of promptness and “go-get- Says Dev Nadkarni, Weekender group find your way to your destination with it’s in- Indian Weekender is planning a range of
ter” attitude, coupled with the innovative fea- editor-in-chief: Today’s content consumer formative Google maps and street view. It’s digital products and services to give innova-
tures and archives that have made the Week- demands information and entertainment classifieds and jobs aimed at the Indian com- tive options to Indian businesses never before
ender’s online site a one-stop shop. through a plethora of media channels, most of munity allow users to use a free service to seen in the Kiwi Indian market place.
The latest launch by the Weekender team is them digital. It was therefore imperative for get their classifieds and jobs out to the wider Watch this space and stay tuned.

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 63



Celebrating 1 year of
being the pulse of the
Kiwi Indian community
Indian Indian Indian
May 1, 2009 Indian
May 15, 2009 Indian
May 29, 2009
Volume 1, No. 4 Volume 1, No. 5 Volume 1, No. 6
New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine

Indian Election Special | 10-11 Bollywood | 21 - 25 IPL2 | 11 Bula Fiji | 12 Bollywood | 32 Business | 5 Fiji | 12 Bollywood | 16-20
The complete picture of the rough and Dino, Bipasha, Bowlers shine, stars Reinventing Fiji tourism’s Preity Zinta NZ firm ties up with Sugar turns bitter as Priyanka, Shaan
tumble of the world’s biggest election Malaika and Kareena fade: the complete magic mantra Ambani Group EU cancels allocation & John
IPL report

At a glance
WHEN INDIANS FOUGHT At a glance At a glance
Ramdevji’s herbals in NZ
ALONGSIDE KIWIS Building bridges with India NZ-India Business

Renowned Yog ex- A Kiwi company is leading the An Indian delegation of business-
ponent Swami Ram- brigade in forging ties with Indian people meets with New Zealand
dev’s range of herbal companies as both countries get government officials for informal dis-
range of products serious about the FTA. cussions in the lead up to the FTA
will now be available Page 2 Page 4
in New Zealand.
Page 2

Neighbourhood community Tension in Jalandhar

Swine Flu - What to do

We begin our new series on com- Punjab and some parts of North
Its the new scare thats gripping the munity centres with the 30-year-old India were gripped by protests and

world. We look at its hows and whys centre at Sandringam and meet with violence after the killing of a Sikh
and find out what should and should its dedicated members. religious leader in Austria
not be done to keep it away. Page 24 Page 7
Page 2 Pg 27
Know your rights Unique commnity initiative
Fiji has it; India doesn’t
What are your rights when you are A community project aims to
Fiji Hindi unites Fiji Indians irre- questioned by the police? Our new provide free funeral services for
spective of region or religion. India legal columnist answers your its members and their families in
can’t claim such a single, unifying questions. Auckland
language. Page 26 Page 23
Page 13

Shaadi-Byah Land a job in recession

Interest rate: to fix or
Arranged love or lovingly arranged? Expert advice on how to find a job in
Indian Weekender’s personal Heritage columnist Ram Lingam this bleak recessionary times. Don’t
finance columnist weighs various takes a close look at the workings of miss the interesting case study.
options of fixing mortgage interest the Indian marriage. Page 27
rates. Page 31
Page 26

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Leading arranger & restructurer of banks & insurance
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Indian Weekender | May 1, 2009 1 Indian Weekender | May 15, 2009 1 Indian Weekender | May 29, 2009 1

Indian Indian
Indian July 24, 2009 Indian August 21, 2009
Log on to Volume 1, No. 10
Log on to Volume 1, No. 12

New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine

Business | 3
Busi Making new records | 144 Finance | 26
Fin Fiji | 13 Event | 20 Festivity | 31
The billion dollar man Sumeet Tappoo Rea all about
Read Peter Foster’s Waitakere goes Ganesh
saving for your bomb Bollywood comes home

At a glance At a glance
India in nuke sub club IW now in Wellington
With the launch of India’s first
Your favourite magazine is now
nuclear submarine the country joins
available in the capital. Global Vil-
an elite club of just six nations. The
lage Unlimited will represent Indian
latest acquisition will have an effect
on the balance of power in South Weekender for its Wellington based
Asia. Page 7 content, distribution and advertising.
Page 4.

Time for Fiji nationalism Rasalingam, Khoury honoured

If, at the time of independence, The handsome contribution of two
multiracialism was considered the Auckland men to ethnic affairs in
answer to integrating the different New Zealand was recognised and
ethnic groups in Fiji, today after celebrated at a special function in
four coups that have led to a coup the city this week.
culture, the answer perhaps is Fiji Page 7
nationalism. Page 11
Here comes colonialism 2.0
A new Bachchan coming up?
The industrialised east was colo-
There are rumours once again of the nised by the nations of pre-industrial
stork visiting Abhishek and Aish- Europe. So is it unreasonable to
warya Bachchan. And this time the expect a backlash from the west now
know-alls say it’s not just hearsay. that wealth and power are surging
Ash is not only swelling up with back to India and China?
pride but has a little bump on her Page 14
belly too.Page 25

Are ETFs right for you?

7 steps to better trading
If you find the tasks of analysing
To turn trading from a hobby into an and picking stocks a little daunt-
income-producing exercise requires ing, exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)
a plan that sets objectives and may be right for you. Our personal
employs strategies to achieve them. finance expert explains.
Indian Weekender finance columnist Page 25
explains how in easy-to-follow steps.
Page 27

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Indian Weekender | July 24, 2009 | 1 Indian Weekender | August 21, 2009 | 1

Indian October 17, 2009
Log on to Volume 1, No. 16
New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine

DDomestic violence | 3 In Focus | 24 Bollywood | 31

More Indian families Mahatma Gandhi Ranbir Kapoor
involved Centre

At a glance
Concern for Srikanth
It’s a fortnight since AUT student Sri-
kanth Rayadurgam went missing under
mysterious circumstances. Despite a
community wide awareness campaign
and searches, the investigators have
drawn a blank so far. Page 2

Fiji artists in Auckland

Five contemporary artists from Fiji came
together for an exhibition in response to
Fiji Day, 10 October. Well aware of the
turbulent events happening at home,
the exhibition is a personal response to
current issues facing the country.
Page 10

The magic of the sari

It can either ingeniously conceal the ex-
tra flab, or it can accentuate the curves
of the female form – the humble sari has
remained a traditional icon of Indian
feminity. But, is the world mourning the
dying art of the sari? Page 12

Golden opportunity lost

Tipped as the energy secretary in
Barack Obama’s Cabinet, Sonal Shah
was about to become the crown jewel
of the Indian diaspora. But a vicious
smear campaign, a 21st century version
of McCarthyism, by desi fringe academ-
ics and bigots stalled a stellar career.
Page 15

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We are recogni
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Loans AIG
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Indian Weekender | October 17, 2009 | 1

Indian Indian
Indian February 12, 2010 Indian Log on to
April 16, 2010
Log on to Volume 2, No. 2
Volume 1, No. 23
New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine New Zealand’s first Indian weekend magazine

Trade | 6 Mus 13
Music| Bollywood | 20
India-NZ FTA Saro duo
Sarod Amruta Patki
Bollywood | 48 New Zealand | 8 Heritage | 58
progresses regale NZ
regal Tete a tete with From the 7 great things
Rahul Bose Police files about India

At a glance
Kishore’s unsong song
Indian Weekender A song composed by the
launches FREE legendary Kishore Kumar in
the 1960s will for the first time
online business see the light of day in Auckland
next month – through his son
directory... Amit Kumar.

Let customers find you Page 30

through their computers
and their mobiles – FREE! Law changes Suva’s nightlife
Two months after a new anti-
Visit prostitution law took effect in Fiji, taxi driver Shiu Kumar
says he sees fewer sex work-
for details ers along Victoria Parade, the
centre of Suva’s nightlife.
Read more on page 5
Page 22

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Indian Weekender | February 12, 2010 | 1

Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 | 3

64 Indian Weekender | April 16, 2010 |