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E X P L O R E . I N N O V A T E . S U C C E E D

We are

explore. innovate. succeed.


Mrs. Kusum Lata Goyal


Education is like a vast ocean that is fed by many rivers and tributaries. The
construction of a singularly exceptional campus in Shimla that will house an
institution committed to innovation and holistic teaching is the A P Goyal
Charitable Trusts humble contribution to that ocean.

At A P Goyal Shimla, we look at personal development in terms of sargam. Just like

mastering a single swara will not result in making music, we feel that simply
concentrating on one subject will not allow a student to harness his or her full
potential. To expand the analogy, the way proficiency with all seven swaras is a
prerequisite to forming a harmonious whole, we believe that, in order for a
student to grow into a well-rounded, mature member of society, he or she should
be exposed to the entire educational spectrum.


Late Sh. A P Goyal


Theres something magical about the hills...

Pine covered crests that stand majestic beneath a starlit canopy.
Crisp cool air that fills your lungs, mountain mists that caress your skin.
Where the only sounds are the only sounds are those of the birds
Or the happy gurgling of the stream.
The only scents those of the pine & rhododendron
Carried by the forest breeze.
A paradise of contentment, without any city cares
Where nature works its magic on the mind, body & soul!!
Where nature nurtures young minds......


Nestled at 5,000 Meter in the most breathtaking picturesque hills of Shimla


Prof. Celia Desmond

Prof David Ross

Prof Petr Sueve

Dr. Piyush Sinha

Education: Masters Degree

- Electrical Engineering,
Carleton University, Ottawa,
B. Sc. - Mathematics
& Psychology, Queens
University, Kingston. Ontario,
Ontario Teaching Certificate,
Ottawa Teachers College,
Ottawa, Ontario

Head, Department of
Management, University
of Southern Queensland
(Australia) Director,
Worthseeing Pty. Director,
Lanstor Pty. Memeber,
Australia Nano-technology

Professor and Head

of the Department of
Environmental Economics
at the University of
Economics, Prague in the
Czech Republic. He holds
Ph.D. degree in economics
from the University of
Economics, Prague

B.Tech (IIT), M.Tech & Ph.D

(Ohio State University),
Intel Corporation Portland,
Oregon (USA)

Prof. (Dr.) Vithala

R. Rao

Prof. (Dr.) V. K.

Prof. S Sen Gupta

Dr. M.J Xavier

Dean & Malolt Professor

of Management, Cornell
University, 351, Sage Hall,
Ithaca, New York.

(B.Tech-BHU, M. Tech
(IIT Kanpur),
Ph.D (USA) ExDean & Director, IIT, New
Delhi, IIT, Kanpur.

Chairman & Managing

Director Quest HR Solutions,

Director at IIM Ranchi.


Acharya Shri.
Dr. Chandra Bhushan

Sh. S.N Swaroop

Prof. R.C.Malhotra

Prof. Nand Dhameja

Formar professor of
Patna Univeristy and
world renowned preacher
and authority on VEDS,

Executive Director
International Centre for
Excellence (South- South
Co-peration )
Hony. Secretary IIPA

Known for his works in the

field of Applied Mechanics
B. Tech, M. Tech and Ph. D
from United States
Former Director of IIT, Kanpur
Also, Founder Director of IIT,

Indian Institute of Public

Administration (IIPA); New
Delhi, Senior Consultant
(Financial Management)
Professor at IIPA, MDI, ICAI,
NPC New Delhi
Designed and organized
in-company training
Trained professionals at
International Programmes
& workshops sponsored by
World Bank, International
Labour organization, Asian
Productivity Council, ICPE etc.

Prof. A.K. Koul

Dr. A.S. Bais

Prof. F.B. Khan

Dr. T.V. Sairam

Ex-Vice Chancellor, National

Law University, Jodhpur,
Head of the School of Legal
Studies and Research
Expert in matters regarding
International Trade Law
and International Economic
Institutions, Jurisprudence
and Constitutional Law

Ex Honble Surgeon to the

President of India, Ex Deputy
Director General of Health
Services, Ministry of Health &
Family Welfare, Govt of India,
New Delhi.

Prof. F.B. Khan is a professor

of Mass Communication
at Jamia Milia Islamia
University. He is known
for his innovative in
photography, Journalism.

Ph.D, M.Phill , M.A, M.Sc ,

DIM , DLF , DIAP (Paris)
President & CEO , Nada
Centre for Music Therapy.

Professor Dr. Ashwani Kumar

Ph. D; MBA; Post Graduate
Defence Studies (NDC)
(Former Governor of Nagaland and Manipur,
Professor Jindal Global Business School, Director
CBI and DGP Himachal Pradesh)



It is traditionally believed that the best learning and

teaching takes place in serene, secluded and sylvan
surroundings. Keeping this in view, AP Goyal Shimla
University is ideally situated in the lap of Himalayas and
centuries old summer capital of British India.
We have a beautiful campus and a highly qualified
faculty. Strong linkages with business and industry have
helped us in introducing the latest syllabi and
curriculum. Technical and scientific subjects are taught
by professionals having field experience and in-depth
understanding of modern day academic requirements.
Apart from imparting professional knowledge, emphasis
is laid on personality development, character building
and inculcating participation in co-curricular activities,
sports and outdoor adventure excursions.


Our placement and training department ensures quality

placements in leading organisations as per performance
and potential of each candidate.

Prof. (Dr.) Anand S Goyal

Society is changing rapidly in ways which will have a profound

impact on the role of universities. The 21st century students are
generally facing problems due to use of obsolete technologies
in their syllabus leading to availability of lesser percentage of
opportunities in ready employment Key to meeting these
challenges is the need to build on the alliances and collaborative
partnerships with business, industry, Government and other
research institutions. Here at A P Goyal Shimla University, our
emphasis is on following points:


1) Adopting most up to date syllabus of international standards

keeping pace with latest technologies required by the industry
with the help of renowned industrialists and academicians
forming part of our Board of Studies.
2) Adopting Special plans, programmes and strategies to secure
higher qualities of education and high pass out percentage of
our students.
3) Imparting specific skills appropriate to requirement of the
industry, creating awareness about jobs opportunities in
different segments and conferring personalized attention and
quality education on each of our students to make them
versatile for shouldering responsibility in multiple fields and
achieve 100% placements.
We are striving hard to develop the required capability,
improving quality and competence in our students that will
make them valuable for their organization, society, nation and
the entire mankind through green and sustainable ways of
In keeping with this philosophy, the University is committed to
ensuring that its communities of interest are well informed of its
goals and activities. Our challenge for the future is to build on
this strong base to establish ourselves firmly among the world's
leading universities.
We solicit your benign support in this Endeavour.


Prof. Anand Goyal holds Ph D in Civil Engineering from IIT

Bombay, ME (Structures-I Div.) from Thapar University, MBA,
LLB, PE (Surveyors), IIA (Partly), Structural Designer Licensee for
structural design of multi storied structures from BMC,
Membership of M.ASCE, FIE, FIV, FIS, and experience of around
47 Years in diversified disciplines of Civil Engineering which
includes Research work under CSIR and IIT Bombay (published

around 11 technical papers in National and international seminars and

journals), Structural Design and execution of around 110 multifarious
projects in Government departments after selection through UPSC in 1975.
After resigning as Chief Engineer from IDSE, He joined Reliance Industries
Limited as consultant for Reliance Corporate Park at Navi Mumbai,
Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention & Exhibition Center at Bandra
Kurla Complex, Retrofitting of HN Hospital and construction of new hospital
block under Reliance foundation and peer reviewer for Structural Design of
'Antillia' the famous residence of Mr. Mukesh Bhai Ambani at Mumbai. He
holds the distinction of interfacing with foreign architect firms such as
Perkins-Wills of Chicago, TVS Engineering of Atlanta, Walter P Moore USA,
Valode-Pistre of Paris and other engineering consultants through personal
visits and interactions.
Empanelled as Advisor on the Interview Board of Union Public Service
Commission, Dholpur House, New Delhi for selection of Class I Gazetted
officers of Govt of India. He has acted as External Examiner for project work
of B Tech students of IIT Bombay. He has worked as Principal of Engineering
Colleges for 5 years under North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon,
Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, Nagpur University, Nagpur and
Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Hamirpur, before joining this

Ms. Priyanka Goyal



I would like to welcome you to A P Goyal Shimla University. Located in the scenic
mountains of the Himalayas, A P Goyal Shimla indefatigably strives to provide its
students with a world class education in an environment of creativity and tranquility.
What is fundamentally unique about A P Goyal Shimla is our holistic teaching philosophy:
We do not think that the mind exists as an independent entity, but, rather as an individual
part of a more complex whole. This is why we believe that it is just as important to
exercise the body and spirit as well. We also unnervingly believe that gaining knowledge
of just one particular subject is not enough in today's hyper competitive world. Hence,
besides providing its students with a faculty par excellence, We also offers yoga classes
and breathing technique tutorials along with the opportunity to choose from a wide
range of foreign language options.
Our aspires to be the epitome of the comprehensive educational institution for the new
century. Through the merger of an integrated teaching philosophy with innovative
course content, we are confident that our student will not only develop but thrive as well.
We aim to produce nothing less than the next generation of Indian and global leaders.




Prof. Binod Kumar

Dr. K.L.Chopra


Digital e-learning in the fresh avatar ensures students do not miss

out any details. This has been achieved by a boundless culture of
learning through e-books via e-classrooms. You would be
attending classes traditionally but to allow you to refer back the
lectures, they shall be available on the Wi-Fi cloud within the
Campus. Internationally planned Campus will have Hi- Tech
Lecture Rooms with Interactive Digital Boards and Projection
Systems. We are also residential with organic food supplements as
meals. The whole Curriculum has been designed keeping your
best learning experience in mind and your whole experience shall
also include exposure to Foreign Universities. Personality
Development shall be all around and in Extra-Curricular activities
you will have Swimming Pool, Sports Centre, Yoga, Meditation,
Nature Trail and Music Therapy both within the Campus and in
surrounds of Shimla.

A P Goyal Shimla University Campus is the place which you have

ever dreamt of. We truly believe in Educational Excellence in the
Lap of Nature and certainly Where the Nature Nurtures Young
Minds. About Dr. (Prof.) Binod Kumar: He has held positions of
Professor and Head of Behavioural Sciences at IIM, Calcutta,
Chairman N.C.T.E. (NRC), Govt. of India, Director FORE School of
Management, New Delhi, Chairman International Council of
expansion of Maharishi Universities in U.S.A., The Netherlands and
all over the globe, Director of I.M.T., Ghaziabad. Started his career
in 1963 as Research Associate of Harvard University. He was also
Fulbright Scholar at University of Kansas, USA. He has done
consultancy and lectured all over the Globe viz. USA, Canada,
Japan, China, Australia, Russia, European Countries, Singapore,
Malaysia etc. covering all the continents of the world.



As the Chief Mentor of A P Goyal Shimla University I, take this

pleasure of inviting you personally to apply for the admissions. The
University campus is situated at the worlds most famous and
scenic hill station i.e. Shimla, in the State of Himachal Pradesh in
India. Our University is situated on Shoghi-Mehli Road in Shimla in
the enchanting natural surroundings of dense forests, rivulets
and waterfalls.

Welcome to A P Goyal Shimla University, a diverse and

vibrant community dedicated to discovery, to making
knowledge matter, and to developing all of its members to
their utmost potential. The courses here offer the most
dynamic, responsive, broad, and engaging range of
knowledge in the modern world. Encompassing every
discipline of study and holding the seeds of new
disciplines and new forms of knowledge within everything
we do. We uniquely position our students for success. First,
we come together to Shimla, a beautiful and sophisticated
center within one of the most exciting and exotic cities in
the world. As the years unfold, students join with a
distinguished faculty and with one another to contribute
to the advancement of knowledge, and to engage in
unfettered inquiry that can span across the globe. We lay
the foundations that make our students global citizens, as
well as the scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors,
analysts, programmers, attorneys, scholars, and teachers
who lead our world forward. I cant think of a better place
to live and learn.




Mrs. Trisha Sharma

Dr. Ajit Nedungadi


The paramount thrust is to create an international

academic bridge by blending the advanced knowledge
and modern teaching tools of the West with the rich
traditional values, culture and heritage of the East. The aim
can be achieved only with the support and guidance of all
those whose help the A P Goyal Shimla Universitys School
of legal studies and research team has been seeking and
would be seeking. I welcome all those who are going to
share the feeling of satisfaction with the success of the A P
Goyal Shimla Universitys school of legal studies and
research and thank all those who have extended and
would continue to extend their valued support in
achieving our mission.



Studying law develops ones knowledge base and helps

whether you are in business or service. We Provide
excellence in Legal education and produce quality lawyers
with good principles and great human values.

Welcome to A P Goyal Shimla University, a diverse and

vibrant community dedicated to discovery, to making
knowledge matter, and to developing all of its members to
their utmost potential. The courses here offer the most
dynamic, responsive, broad, and engaging range of
knowledge in the modern world. Encompassing every
discipline of study and holding the seeds of new
disciplines and new forms of knowledge within everything
we do. We uniquely position our students for success. First,
we come together to Shimla, a beautiful and sophisticated
center within one of the most exciting and exotic cities in
the world. As the years unfold, students join with a
distinguished faculty and with one another to contribute
to the advancement of knowledge, and to engage in
unfettered inquiry that can span across the globe. We lay
the foundations that make our students global citizens, as
well as the scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors,
analysts, programmers, attorneys, scholars, and teachers
who lead our world forward. I cant think of a better place
to live and learn.


Education is a channel, a process or a device to develop

the potentialities of the individual to enable them to
grow into decent citizens. Education guides to meet
challenges of life with courage and with humour. A joboriented education makes the students capable of
seeking a job according to their aptitude, ability and
competence. Our University boasts of a wide variety of
courses on a semester basis, thus enabling educational
opportunities for all the students to enhance their
overall personality.


Engineering is to society
what calcium is to the
human body. It continuously
strengthens our pre-existing
knowledge of design and, as
calcium ensures healthy
bones and teeth, engineering
ensures a healthy and
sustainable environment for
human kind.

Our School of Engineering & Technology is amongst the leaders of the new
generation of engineering colleges.

Highly qualified and experienced faculty drawn from nationally &

internationally reputed institutes.

Excellent faculty-student ratio

Ultra Modern Laboratories

Continuous faculty development programmes

Collaboration with leading overseas universities and international faculty

and student exchange programme.

B. Tech Courses

Masters Courses

B. Tech (Civil)
B. Tech (Mechanical)
B. Tech (Computer Science Engineering)
B. Tech (Electronics)
B. Tech (Electrical)

M. Tech (Civil)
M. Tech (Mechanical)
M. Tech (Computer Science Engineering)

4 Years
10+2 (PCM) from a recognized Board
and as per HP State Govt. norms

Eligibility - B. Tech from a recognized University

M.Sc (Physics)
M.Sc (Chemstry)
M.Sc (Maths)
Eligibility - B. Sc from a recognized University

Eligibility - BCA from a recognized University
Duration 2 Years



B. Arch Course
B. Arch
5 Years
10+2 (PCM) from recognised Board
and as per CoA and H.P State Govt. Norms


Our School of Business Management
attracts high achievers with excellence
in accounting, entrepreneurship,
finance, management & marketing.

Management Courses

We create business knowledge, and nurture keen minds

to lead organizations and serve society. By integrating
business, economics, legal, social science and technology
oriented programmes that meet the changing needs of
todays industrial world, Our university has redefined

10+2 from a recognized Board and as per HP State Govt. norms

3 Years

2 Years
Graduation from a recognized Univ.


Youll develope the fundamental skills
& knowledge required in professional
cooking & Kitchen management using
state of the art facilities
What better place to learn hospitality than a place that
is known for it the world over i.e. Himachal. At A P Goyal
Shimla University students learn what it takes to
effectively run a successful hospitality business through a
mix of class work, applied industry experience and a
mandatory internship in lodging and hospitality
operations. Being in Shimla the premier tourist
destination in India gives an added advantage to A P Goyal
Shimla University, Hospitality course as Students learn
diverse hospitality environs and hands on training
modules. The resort like Campus itself simulates a real life
environment for training.

Hospitality Courses
Bachelor of Hotel Management
4 Years
10+2 from a recognized Board and as per HP State Govt. norms



Faculty are dedicated to

providing students with
the best educational

B.Sc in Fashion Design
3 Years
10+2 from a recognized Board
and as per HP State Govt. norms

AGU Fashion School provides a platform

that allows students to go through
rig orou s t raining and l e arning
environment. AGU provides one of the
most comprehensive professional
education available in the field of Fashion
which is supported by a distinguished
faculty and exceptional technical and

studio labs like Design Studio,

Drawing Studio, pattern making
Studio, Sewing and Cutting Lab and
Weaving and Embroidery Lab. AGU
provides you with the Industry
knowledge required to become a
successful professional in the field
of Fashion and Textile.



Developing a deep sense

of social consciousness
to enable them to
become media leaders
of tomorrow.
3 Years
10+2 from a recognized Board
and as per HP State Govt. norms

2 Years
Graduation from a recognized Univ.

In the last 50 years media influence has

grown exponentially with the advance
of technology, first there was the
telegraph, then the radio, the
newspaper, magazines, television and
now the internet. We live in a society
that depends on information and
communication to keep moving in the
right direction and also to do our daily
activities like work, entertainment,
health care, education, personal
relationships, traveling and anything
else that we have to do. At AGU a

curriculum that emphasises both

rigour and individual expression,
modern infrastructure on a
verdant campus and a robust
faculty base consisting of industry
professionals, ensures that the
students stay abreast with
prevailing media trends while
developing a deep sense of social
consciousness to enable them to
become media leaders of


The courses promote
interaction with judges,
lawyers, diplomats,
business leaders and
policy makers. The
programmes have a
flexible curriculum of
offering several options in
each specialization.

The programmes incorporate a rich

array of law courses, seminars,
experiential learning opportunities
and special events, which promote
interaction with judges, lawyers,
diplomats, business leaders and policy
makers. The programmes have a
flexible curriculum by offering several
options in each specialization.
Students have the option of selecting

their specialization in their area of interest.

In addition, each student is encouraged to
speak and debate on current topics to gain
practical experience through internships
and other training programs like moot
courts, seminars and legal workshops.
Teaching is through group discussions,
case studies, presentations and seminars.

Law Courses
B.B.A., L.L.B (Integrated)
B.A., L.L.B. (Integrated)






5 Years

3 Years

2 Years

10+2 from a recognized Board
and as per HP state govt. norms

Graduation from a recognized Univ.

Ambassadors Visit @ AGU

Ambassadors from Different African Countries visited AGU in the year 2013-14

Faculty @ AGU

At A P Goyal Shimla University we have included some
of the most experienced batteries of learned
professionals and extraordinary individuals related to
their field of expertise. Our competent faculty has got
the ability to bond with the students coming from
different cultural and social backgrounds. Our faculties
are well aware of the fact that the only thing constant in
this world is change. Therefore, they are open to
change, new ways, new ideas, new systems and new
approaches. Our prominent faculty is categorized
under the following two sub-headings namely:

Diversity not just as a celebration, but also as an

experience in itself.
One whose knowledge is confined to books can never
use it when the need arises.
Inspired by the quote we endeavour to offer practical
knowledge to our students that help them in their
professional lives. Our teaching is not book centric.
Through our unique approach, we guide our students
towards a better future.


Permanent Faculty: Our list of permanent faculty is

nothing short of experience as some of the best
academicians from the best institutions across the
country are part of the university. The faculty is coordinated by leading former Vice-Chancellor, Scientists
and Scholars. Also, there is a lot of emphasis given upon
the importance of research papers of different scholars
in their field of expertise. In short, such distinguished
academicians have enough firepower in their arsenal to
make each and every student exercise their minds

The traditional mode of learning perpetrates

memorizing without the student ever grasping the soul
of the subject resulting into lessons taught becoming an
exercise in futility. We sensitize the students through
unique training process which ignites the quest for
learning. Value based learning has far greater relevance
in a dynamic and ever changing environment. The
University will attempt to expose student openness,
imbibe missionary zeal to demonstrate unconditional
commitment to learning.

Guest Faculty: For the proper insight of the real

corporate and working environment, we take charge
and invite many a guest faculties related to different
fields of expertise. Our guest faculty also boasts of
coming up with excellent presentation skills, be it
visual, auditory or kin aesthesis. In short, they believe
in lively and healthy discussion to fuel students minds
with inspiration. Even a little inspiration, as we all
know, is the first prerogative of each and every
individuals success story and our students are no


A P Goyal Shimla University focuses on conceptual
framework coupled with practical orientation and
consistent updating and transmission of ideas. It will
facilitate and promote studies, research and extension
in different disciplines of Engineering, Management,
Hospitality, etc. It is equipped with state of the art Labs
to encourage students go for research and empower
themselves to become a catalyst for creativity and

At AGU, we believe that learning does not stop when
you enter the workforce or get busy with lifes other
milestones. Whether you are 17 or 70, or whether you
join us as a student, member or work professional, we
are committed to help you turn your lifelong learning
aspirations into reality. Our vision is to mould wellrounded graduates of character and competence, equip
professionals for leadership in tomorrows business
arena and build a network for mutually beneficial
partnership in the global world. Thus, the university
seeks to foster a sense of community that will function
like a melting pot of ideas. All in all, APG Shimla
University hopes to implement the idea of Unity in


Keeping in mind the demand for multi-skilled and
professionally competent workforce, A P Goyal adopts
curricula that inspire and encourage enterprise
through regular creative interaction with Corporate
and Industries professionals. The syllabi have been
designed to meet the current day market trends and
class room trainings and teachings focus on developing
contemporary skill sets and know-how for basic
knowledge and understanding scientific and
technological concepts and their application through
live projects.

Why Choose AGU?

World Class Infrastructure
Regular interaction with various industrialists and individuals from the corporate world,
judges, prominent social workers, media barons, game changers from the fashion world.
Updating the students with latest market developments

Discussion over latest performances of the industries and their Qtly/Annual Reports.

Special focus on personality development sessions

Fashion & Talent Shows organized by students on a regular basis

Holistic Development of students by involving them in extra curricular activities like
theatre, singing, sports, dancing
Eco park and adventure sports activities for students

Fun based creative learning

Students of all schools are taken for hands on training- exposure to their course specific
Placement opportunities

presentations, case studies, group discussions, seminars
personality development programme, mock interviews,
workshops conducted by industry experts
industry visits, internships, apprenticeship.

Dr Ekta Goyal
Head - Placement Cell


The technological revolution and the forces of

globalization have changed functionality of
organizations in the recent years. The present business
scenario is going through turbulent times. Industry
today needs is of managers who are capable, adaptable,
competent, diligent and creative and committed. We at
AP Goyal Shimla endeavours to enable our students to
move forward confidently; to embrace change rather
than follow; to innovate rather than remain stagnant
and to initiate rather than respond and thereby to
b e c o m e c o m p e te n t m a n a ge r s a n d d y n a m i c
entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing economic and
industrial environment, also students are well grounded
and ready to take the challenges, head on. Their unique
cultural orientations and diverse regional affiliations
make them develop distinctive managerial solutions
with a thrust on ethics and values which is imperative in
the present times.

We solicit your cooperation in our attempt to create

knowledge society that fortifies the intellectual,
physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of individuals
for holistic development.
You are cordially invited to our campus to interact with
our new age Professional managers and assess their
skills to assist helping your organizations grow


A P Goyal Shimla University provides an outstanding range of facilities,

services and infrastructure to support overall development of our students. A P
Goyal Shimla University believes in maintaining a robust infrastructure to
engage and support an effective learning process.
The sprawling campus is spread over 220 bighas of land on shoghi mehli road
in shimla. The campus boasts of diverse natural features like rivulets,
waterfalls, thick jungles and natural hill top. The various features of our land
provide for a whole new range of facilities like mountaineering and adventure
sports to our students.


Ultra Modern Gym

A truly world class Auditorium which

hosts all lectures, cultural Programs,
seminars and other student's activities.

A Modern and fully equipped Gym with

best in class Gym Equipment. E)Sports
& Adventure Facilities: At A P Goyal
Shimla University we provide sports
and Adventure Facilities for: Boxing,
volleyball, Mountain and nature
Trekking, Cycling. Adventure sports like
Zip line, Rappel ling, Burma Bridge and
jumping. Yoga Hall With Nature
Therapies. Indoor Games like Billiards,
snooker, Table Tennis and various
Board Games facilities.

At A P Goyal we adopt special measures
to ensures that students are provided
with healthy and hygienic food. At A P
Goyal Shimla university we have
separate Mess Facilities for Boys and
Girls and currently the mess is being
professionally managed by leading

Ultra Modern Cafeteria

As such the food provided in the Mess is
wholesome but for the extra craving of
students the eating joint at A P Goyal
Shimla University offers excellent multi
choice menus for that special cravings of
students, Facilities are being added for
special food choices for students from
diverse backgrounds.

Medical Facilities
The greatest wealth is health. To
ensures the well being of students, A P
Goyal Shimla University is Partnering
with Renowed Tenzin hospital, Shimla
to take care of any emergency. The
Tenzin Hospital provides healthcare to
students, staff their dependents and the
community within the University
Campus - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


The best University in the hills 2013-14 awarded by Assocham, presented by

Dr. M.M Pallam Raju, honble Minister of HRD, Gol

Best Infrastructure Facilities awarded by Econs Education

The best upcoming University in the hills 2012-13

awarded by Assocham

Awarded for Quality Education under Private University

by Global Quality Awards

Awarded as the Fastest Growing Private Education Institute

2012-2013 in the University Category in Asia.
Process Advisors & Evaluators - KPMG in India


A P Goyal Shimla University is a non profit privately funded state University
established through an act no. 45 of 2012 by Himachal Pradesh State Government as
per UGC Guideline under section 2(f) of UGC Act.
University is recognised by:

Corporate Partners & Tie Ups:

UGC (University Grant Commission)

Sponge Sales India Pvt. Ltd

BCI (Bar Council of India )

TATA Sponge Iron Ltd.

CoA (Council of Architecture )

Welspun Steel Ltd.

AIU (Association of Indian Universities )

Invert Sugar India Pvt. Ltd.

Government of Himachal Pradesh

Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd .

H.P-PERC - (The H.P. Private Educational

Institutions Regulatory Commission)

Godfrey Philips India Ltd.

SAL Steel Ltd .

VISA Steel Ltd.

Bacardi Martini India Ltd.

Britannia Industries Ltd.


Pre Placement & Training:
Mock Interviews
The main objective of this endeavor is to help the students learn what is expected in a job interview ,
and improve their self-presentation.@AGU mock interviews are conducted by:
Industry experts
Guest faculty
International faculty
Personality Development Programme
AGU is oriented towards developing students into exceptional communicators, negotiators and
eventually leaders. Irrespective of the industry chosen for work, the basic skills required to do the job
in a professional environment stay the same, thats why it is important for students to excel and hone:
Industry Visits
In order to equip the students with the latest Industry Trends, regular industry visits are organized by
the department in various industries. During these visits the professionals working in these
corporates share their vast experiences with AGU students and the students also see the live working
environment of the industry.
Below is the list of recent industry Visits

Invert Sugar Ind. Pvt. Ltd.

TATA Sponge Iron Ltd.

Meenakshi Enterprises


Huawei Technologies Ind. Pvt. Ltd.

ACC Ltd.

Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Welspun Steels Ltd.

Khadi Gram Udyog

Corporate Placement:
Corporate being the ultimate destination of the young professionals of AGU, intensive facilitation is
provided to the students for starting their career with the top notch Corporate Houses. Each year, the
number of companies visiting AGU for the Campus Recruitment is increasing tremendously
Recruitment Highlights @ AGU :
Goal of achieving 100% placement for 2014 batch round the corner.
Dedicated support to the students for the Summer Placements.
Successful placement of 100% eligible students of 2013 batch.

The University is committed to sharing its knowledge and ideas across the
academic spectrum, and to forging connections with the world at the local,
national and global levels. AP Goyal Shimla University strongly believes in
exposing its students to as many ideas and learning environments as possible.
Travel is an education in itself and to help the Indian students to travel abroad
and collaborate with student and faculty of participating international
university. We at AGU, have entered into MOU's with the premier educational


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