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When we talking about consent, the fundamental concepts of consent is permission,

approval, or agreement. However, in my opinion, consent equal to equation. Consent always
happens between two person. The equation here means that when you want to make some
decisions, you must need to listen to anothers opinions. You cannot ignore or misinterpret
others consent. The consent must be clearly and make sense.
After reading the book yes means yes, I have deeper thinking of consent. The
consent is the most powerful weapon for woman to get the sexual equality and even the
society equality. In sex, the majority of woman do not have realization of the consent in sex.
Especially in my country China, people are not open enough with talking about sex. That is
the reason why the teenagers do not have too much knowledges of sex. And in Chinas old
culture, the woman have low status in the society, which will cause the girls in the sex are
always passive. For example, In my high school, my classmate made a sex and pregnant
with her boyfriend. She was so scared when she talked to me about this things. Because we
are too young to have a child so she must to have a abortion which bring her greater damage
with her body and mind. After she got better I visited her in the hospital. I asked her why
she would like to make a sex with her boyfriend and do not make safety precautions. She
answered me that her boyfriends do not asked her consent about all theses things. She
wanted to said something but she thought there are too much trouble to said no to her
boyfriend. This is the problem that she do not pay enough attention. And she said that no
one teach them how to deal with this problems and how to said and asked the consent in the
sex. This is the big problem in the teenager education in China, even now the schools do not
have normal classes for students to learnt about how to use consent to protect themselves.
There are more results of this problems is that this girl got expelled from school because of
the sexually promiscuous. However, there are no any influence on that boy. The teachers
and parents all think the girl who dare to have a sex with a boy deserve whatever she get.
The girl bears all the faults. That shows the social inequality when people treat the sex
things in China.
There are another problems of the teenagers because of the uneducated. There are so
many girls are not beautiful enough in the peer. They may be fat, ugly or defective. these
girls always received unfair treat in their life. For example, no friends, mock, and even
abuse. These treat may let them think they are not equal to others. They may think they have
lower status. However, there are no courses can teach them how to be confident and how to
know they are the same as others. This living conditions will let them do not know how to
have normal life and how to give the fair right of themselves
, such as the right of consent. For example, I have heard about a news that a girl who have a
defective on her face got raped. However, her parents found her pregnant, but she do not
want to told others she was raped. When the police found the criminal, the criminal said she
did not do any revolt. When I first time saw this, I could not understand why she do not do
any defiance. But now, I can understand her. She think she was so ugly so she do not have
right to say no to a man who want to have a sex with her. She thought she was so ugly that
she should just take sex every time it was offered, because who knew when it would be

offered again. That is the equality phenomenon between normal person and these defective
Also, because of the Chinas old culturethe low status of woman. Nowadays there
are some government policy make a commandment of this phenomenon. However in some
families(especially in some village where is uneducated) , there also have a phenomenon
that the woman must be absolutely obedient her husband. There are a proverb to describe
about this type of woman is that husband is more important than universe. That makes the
social inequality of the woman and the man. The woman be limited to be educated, they are
just a tool for man to make a baby. And in some families, they value the male child only. So
when the woman cannot stop born until she born a boy. In these place, woman do not have
right of consent, the woman may never been imaged that they can say no to their husband.
The inequality of the woman and the man is a very merciless social phenomenon. It is so
hard to change with this, because these people all have deep viewpoints of the woman's and
mans inequality status. It is so hard to teach woman to know about the meaning of the
consent; It is so hard to teach these woman to say no to their husband.
I showed some examples about the unfair things happens around me. I always think
that not everybody are good at using their powerful weaponconsent to address all the
unfair things in their life. Especially the woman who have a inequality status in some
country. The things we can do is that to teach them about the knowledge of consent in sex,
in life as early as possible. The knowledges of consent can help a lot woman reduce the
damage they get. Please remember, always hold your right of say no in any time.