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VENTOPACK pre-formed

open mouth bags filling system

- Capacity up to 3000 bags/hour

- Configuartion with 5x2 bags per

layer or 6x2 bags per layer

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- High efficiency and reliability

Bagging machines

Main features

Ventomatic VENTOPACK filling system

is the perfect solution for filling powdery or
granular products into pre-formed open
mouth bags.
It is available in two models:
- VENTOPACK ABF with fully automatic
bag applicator
- VENTOPACK MBF with semi-automatic
bag applicator.
The machine is usually equipped with
Ventomatic BDB net weigher to provide
the most reliable product feeding, the
optimum weigh accuracy and the
maximum throughput.

The VENTOPACK ABF is equipped with

- a double weighing system to
consinstently achieve productions in the
range of up to 1200 bph;
- two empty bags magazines, for long
unmanned operation of the machine;
- an empty bags pick up, mouth opening
and spout application device, designed
for high performance;
- Vibrating saddle for compaction of
powdery materials.


VENTOPACK ABF is a completely

automatic solution. The operator
presence is needed only to refill the
empty bags magazines. Different
bags formats can be worked in the
machine without the need of
complicated and elaborated set-up.

The different bags and products

settings are stored in the operator
panel. The change over is done in a
matter of few minutes and does not
require any manual adjustment.
FLSmidth Ventomatic VENTOPACK
machines are designed to operate

with almost any kind of product, thanks

to the high range of materials of
constructions available for the contact
parts. The most common solutions are
with painted carbon steel, AISI 304 and
AISI 316, but more corrosion resistant
materials can be used.

Empty bags pick-up mechanism

Bag top conveyor

Swiveling spout

VENTOPACK ABF filling system

VENTOPACK ABF and MBF share the

same feeding and weighing system,
the filling spout and the full bags exit
Our customers can choose among
several different sealing solutions.
The VENTOPACK machines can be
equipped with sewing heads, hot
sealing systems, tape over sewing,
pinch top and others.

Operator panel
VENTOPACK MBF filling system



Up to 800 bph

up to 1200 bph


10-50 kg





360 - 800 mm

260 - 700 mm


500 - 1300 mm

500 - 1300 mm


up to 120 mm


Preformed open mouth with or without gusset


Paper, aluminum foil paper, polyethylene foil paper, polyethylene, polypropylene


Simple and double sewing, sewing with fold, sewing and hot glueing,
tape over sewing, hot sealing, Pinch-top

The operator interface has a wide 9

color touch-screen. It is simple and user
Its features are:
- Manual controls of each
- Execution of complete machine
- 3 access levels (password protected
for operators, maintenance and
manager level).