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Olukayode Ademola Alabi

Browns Summit, NC 27214

Phone :( 336) 324-9253

Career Objective
To obtain an engineering position that allows the use and expansion of current skill and principles

20 years of experience in Industrial engineering practice and Human resources management policies in a
manner which instills public and employee trust maximizes employee potential and fosters high ethical
standard in meeting the Departments mission.
Demonstrated excellent and effective leadership administrative skills in other to create and sustain an
atmosphere in which timely, quality information flows between self and others, and express facts and
ideas in a convincing manner whether one-on-one or before the group.
Known for personal dedication as a team player with the ability to develop, motivate, and sustain
cooperative working relationships with others.
Proven ability to take a long-term view of the Departments direction and articulate a vision, which
integrates key program goals, priorities, and value.
Skilled in defining a problem, analyze relevant information and develop solutions and plans to solve the
Ability to keep focused on understanding, anticipating and responding to the needs of customers
(whether department employee or the general public).
Learn new systems and software readily: strong desire to expand computer knowledge and apply it to
improve business/departmental performance

Computer Skills
Windows 98 NT, Unix, Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, Arena and Micro-saint (Simulation software),
SAS, Visual Basic, C++, FrontPage, HTML, Java, Power Builder, Access, Oracle, Data Plot, Minitab,
GAMS, MATLAB, Networking, Project Management, AutoCAD

Education and Training Information Enterprise and Architecture
Colorado Technical University. Colorado Springs

July 2012- July 2016 Industrial Engineering

North Carolina A&T State University

Aug 2005- Dec 2008

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Villanova University Online, Tampa, Florida

Aug 2009 Nov 2009 Industrial Engineering

University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Oct 1997-Oct 1999

Post Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management

Wolverhampton University, Walsall, England

Jan 1992-July 1992

B. Eng (Food Processing and storage)

Olukayode Alabi
June 1984-June 1989

University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Academic and Work Experience

United State Postal Services
New Castle, DE

Oct 2014 To Date

Operation Industrial Engineer/Lean

Design or evaluate human work systems, using human factors engineering and
ergonomic principles to optimize usability, cost, quality, safety, or performance.
Prepare reports or presentations summarizing results or conclusions of human factors
engineering or ergonomics activities, such as testing, investigation, or validation.
Evaluate experimental, prototype, and retrofit equipment.
Ability to provide oral and written technical guidance, training, and policy
interpretation related to industrial engineering, standardization, and continuous
improvement processes.
Performs analysis of mail processing operations using industrial engineering and
continuous improvement principles to improve service, productivity, and cost
Implements national standardization programs and processes through direct
involvement in mail processing operations to improve service, productivity, and cost
Develops and implement costing and staffing models to promote the effective use of
employees and equipment; provides advice and guidance on how to best schedule
employees to meet mail volumes and time constraints.
Develops alternatives to improve operating performance and reduce costs; monitors the
implementation of new procedures and evaluates and reports results.
Provides input for the preparation and justification of new and altered facilities and
equipment; recommends changes to workroom floor layout of equipment and
Provides technical advice and guidance to managers throughout the facility on all
aspects of engineering; may coordinate the work of operations support specialists and
Oversees and monitors operations and equipment performance using national and local
reporting metrics to improve service, productivity, and cost performance.
Leads multi-functional teams working on service, cost, and productivity improvement
Provides training to mail processing managers and employees on standardization and
continuous improvement tools and processes using nationally developed training
Introduced flexible time schedule that reduced labor costs by 18percent.
Played key role on a team that successfully implement Lean Mail Processing (LMP) generation
1 4.
Saved company $260,000/month by motivating team to implement process improvement in LDC
12 operation.

Olukayode Alabi
United State Patient and Trademark Office
Alexandria, VA

April 2012 to Oct 2014

Industrial Engineer/Patent Examiner

Checking applications for technical accuracy and compliance with formal requirements
Treating disclosure statements and claims of priority
Analyzing disclosure and claims for compliance with 35 USC 112
Planning a field of search
Conducting search
Formulating rejections under 35 USC 102 and 103 with supporting rationale, or
determining how to claim(s) distinguish over the prior art
Determining whether amendment introduces new matter
Determining whether restriction is proper
Determining whether claimed invention is operable/useful as disclosed
After preliminary instruction, you will perform patent examining functions and formulate
or recommend appropriate action on Evaluating / applying case law as necessary
Evaluating sufficiency of affidavits/declarations
Determining whether appropriate line of patentable distinction is maintained between
application and patents
Evaluating sufficiency of reissue oath/declaration
Part of the team that reduces the filing of application processing from 48 months to 26 months.
PNSN and IMF, Navy Shipyard
Bremerton, WA

May 2011 April 2012

Industrial Engineer/Lean
Develop an implementation strategy for lean transformation
Identify and remove barriers to implementing Lean Processing
Participate in corporate policy development regarding the lean transformation
Serve as the direct representative of the shipyard commander on all matters concerning
the lean transformation at the Naval Shipyards and other activities
Represent the command on the shipyard lean transformation team and the national value
stream management board
Ensures that the command has a full understanding of the requirements and implications
of a lean transformation; specifically that it is a complete business strategy focused on
identifying and eliminating waste and improving efficiency
Knowledge of industrial engineering theory, principles, techniques, and practices related
to layout planning, work simplification, process analysis, work measurement, quality
control, ergonomics, and material handling of Navy Assets.
Implement industrial engineering principles as related to work methods improvement,
operational performance improvement, work measurement, and employee scheduling and
Lead multi-functional performance improvement teams.
Develop layouts for operations, processes, systems, and equipment
Led team to increase recycling rates of up to 49 percent monthly of all the Navy Assets
during the turnaround maintenance
Conduct and established benchmark for work study for the mechanics

Olukayode Alabi
Significantly reduced waste and end- to- end production time by leveraging expertise with
Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodology
Collaborated with senior management on Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) efforts,
gaining 5% increase in productivity and quality
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Sept 2005 Dec 2008
Greensboro, North Carolina
Research Assistant
Design a Department and Research Laboratory web page
Assist the Professor in teaching, assessing and evaluating classes when needed
Researching Sense-Making using Micro-saint Simulation
Simulation of Adversary Social Network
Journal Paper Presentation

North Carolina National Guard HQ

Raleigh, North Carolina
Emergency Operation Technician

Aug 2006 April 2011

Develop process to improve the capability of the emergency management program to interact with other
jurisdictional departments
Conduct annual review of emergency management ordinance Oversees National Guard early warning
function, by developing appropriate systems and ensuring systems are functioning effectively;
Maintain process to ensure the jurisdiction has met all state certification requirements
Develop long-term plan to improve the jurisdiction's capability to prepare for, respond to and recover
from a large-scale disaster Update/Revise the jurisdiction's emergency operations plan
Develop long-range program to improve the jurisdiction's perception of emergency management
Establish/maintain good working relationships, with private industry and volunteer organizations
Develop multi-year training and disaster exercise schedules
Support the development, monitoring, and evaluation of emergency assessment and response quality
assurance, standards and accountability measures to improve National Guard operations practices and
Guides and supports regional emergency coordinators (RECs) in strengthening country office and
regional emergency capacities
Contributes to the development of logistics supply chain and pre-supply arrangements

Ugomola Engineering Services

Greensboro, North Carolina
Engineering Consultant

May 2003 Aug 2006

Created a database, which monitored the validation and calibration of all production equipment.

Olukayode Alabi
Responsible for increasing productivity through combined work steps, removing non-value added tasks,
adding automation and the development of effective work practices.
Performed time studies on production equipment to successfully establish production bottlenecks.
Monitored equipment downtime and implemented corrective action procedures.
Developed a set of guidelines to reduce costs in the division through value improvement programs
Enoma Group Services Inc. Canada
May 2000- March 2003
Quality Assurance/Industrial Engineer
Reports to Industrial Engineering Manager Plans and oversees layout of equipment and production
Conducts time studies in operations to maximize work flow and spatial utilization.
Ensures facility efficiency and workplace safety.
Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within the industrial engineering
and safety fields.
Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Assists with
maintenance of company safety policies adhering to local, state, and federal health and safety
Involved in the design and development of facilities, work areas and work procedures and makes
environmental, health and safety recommendations accordingly.
Responsible for preparing, maintaining, and updating safety tracking databases & 5S/KAIZEN Program.
Ensures compliance with all environmental, health and safety regulations, and keeps abreast of any
changes to laws and regulations that impact the organization.
Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures with lean six sigma application
Re-design work environment to improve efficiency and cut costs
Cadbury Schweppes Overseas, U.K
Jan 1995-April 2000
(Nigeria Office)
Project/ Industrial Engineer
Develops and implements activities concerned with creation, application, and maintenance of quality
standards for assembly lines, materials, and product development.
Leads Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) initiatives.
Devises sampling procedures and designs and develops forms and instructions for recording, evaluating,
and reporting quality and reliability data and metrics.
Compiles and writes training material and conducts training sessions on quality control activities.
Investigating operational problems affecting production. Troubleshooting and identifying the cause of
factory line failures and RMA material. Interfacing with HW/SW/TEST teams to quickly and effectively
contain any production issues.
Meeting with senior manager to review office and project performance
Collaborated with engineers and project managers regarding design parameters for organization projects.
Tracked yield loss per machine deviation, coordinating yield improvement groups to gain a 6% yield
Effectively supervised 30 employees and designed work schedules that optimized production level
Meeting with senior manager to review office and project performance
Implemented Just-in-Time (JIT) strategy to optimize throughput and lower warehouse costs by as much as

Olukayode Alabi

Professional Development
Train the Trainer
Performance Management
Time Management

Effective Management Techniques

Stress Management
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification in progress

Area of Expertise: Industrial production, Quality control, Lean Manufacturing, Process Redesign, Just-inTime, 5S and Kaizen, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Cost Reduction and Avoidance, DetailOriented, Simulation & Computer programming familiarity, Strong presentation skills, Operations Research

Community Services
Meals on Wheels for the elderly
Substitute Teacher

Scott Mission, Canada

National Youth Services Corp, Nigeria

References are Available upon request