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Drafted and Approved by Chief Henderson

Members Rules and Agreements Article 1:

1) Must have a working microphone and a device capable of running KIK.
2) Must follow regulations of your department
3) Follow instructions from members of higher rank
4) Actually show for patrols
5) Be at least 14 years old or older* * - From time to time, LSSE may accept applications
from those under 14 years of age as long as they can prove they have the maturity and
ability to participate within our clan structure.
6) Must be respectful at all times.
1) Complete all parts of the application and become accepted.
2) Complete all parts of the Welcome to LSSE email/PSN letter.
3) Go through a review in-game and complete the training period.
1) Use the in-game cell phone for
witnesses/victims/suspects/ LSSE staff .etc.





Part 1; Scenarios
When making a scenario make sure the following are followed. -Relates to real time
events (Ex. Burglary, accident, 911 call.)
-Not involve in MASS killing (Max 2 deaths) -Scene must not be impossible for members
to resolve
could be difficult but not impossible
Should be realistic

(Civilian Level 1) All role-players are automatically of the civilian status.
Civilians cause minor crimes, such as traffic violations, and other calls such as fires,
medicals, and accidents. They are also the ones who report incidents. Civilians are not
allowed to do calls involving firearms, suicides, explosives, or pursuits unless otherwise
specified. ii.
(Civilian Level 2)
Crooks commit major and minor crimes.
In order to become the crook/criminal level, you must demonstrate good role-playing
and behavior then go under a review by someone of at least the rank of supervisor.
In addition to our conduct policy: Criminals and civilians are not allowed to steal
emergency or public service vehicles without permission from the game supervisor. No
explosives will be used under any circumstances unless approved by the game supervisor.
Here is a list of calls classified by member type:
--MVA with Injuries --MVA with no Injuries
--Fire Alarms
--Brush Fires
--Structure Fire
--Vehicle Fire
--Sick/Missing Person
--Difficulty Breathing
--Traffic Violations
--Foot Pursuits
--Boat Fire
--Building Rescue
--Hazmat Incident
--Water Rescue
--Carbon Monoxide
--Altered-Mental Status
--Unconscious Party
--Accidental 911 Call

(CIVILIANS 3) Crooks:
--911 Hang Up
--Shots Fired
--Noise Complaint
--Barricaded Suspect
--Home Invasion
--Domestic Disturbance
--Drug Transaction
t-Bomb Threat
--Suspicious Person
--Car Jacking

LSSE recognizes the need to implement disciplinary policy to ensure organized

participation in clan games. By becoming a LSSE member, you agree to and promise to
abide by clan rules and regulations, this applies to that agreement. LSSE. members are
strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with this policy as failure of knowledge of
this policy will not be an adequate reason to avoid disciplinary action. Any questions
regarding this policy should be immediately forwarded to the HR DEPT, As soon as
possible. For a description of each infraction, please consult Section 2 of this policy
document. Upon receipt of an infraction, a member may have the infraction removed
from them by continuing good behavior for one (1) month after the infraction date. After
the one month has elapsed, LSSE. administrators will remove the infraction from the
members file. It is important to note that a member must not commit any infractions in
order to receive this

Above Are LSSES Basic Rules and Acceptance Terms

Please State your Name and PSN below. By Clicking on I agree you agree too abide
by the aforementioned terms to the best of your abilities. Clicking will Bring you to the
Applications Page.