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Adolf Hitler

1889- Adolf Hitler is born at Branav,

Austria April 20th to Alois Hitler (51
years old) and Klara Pölz (28 years
old). Adolf’s father was a customs
officer and his mother was a peasant.

1892- Family relocated to

Kapuzinerstrasse, Germany.

1894- Relocated once again, to

Leonding Linz, Germany.

1895- Moved to Hafeld (near

Lambach), Germany. Hitler becomes
fixated on fathers war picture book of
the Franco-Prussian War.

1897- Family finally settles at

Lambach, Germany, where Adolf
attends a catholic elementary
school; acting like a normal child
(happy, talkative and friendly)
1900- Edmond (Adolf’s brother) dies
of measles February 2nd. The death
greatly affects Adolf, turning him into
a morose sullen child.

1903- Alois Hitler dies

1905- Adolf Hitler drops out of school

at sixteen years old.

1907- Adolf Hitler moves to Vienna,

Austria. Hitler lived a bohemian
lifestyle, applied twice to the Academy
of fine arts, and is also rejected twice.
In December Hitler’s mother (Klara
Pölz) dies. During which time Hitler
lived in a very racist part of Vienna
(having influenced his ideas about
Jews being unfit)

1913- Hitler moves to Munich,

Germany. Is called by Austrian army,
but is later decided unfit.
1914- World War one starts. Adolf
Hitler volunteers into German army
where he is accepted.
Receives iron cross from German army
for his bravery (second-class)

1917- Adolf Hitler receives wound

badge, while being temporarily

1918- Receives second iron cross


1919- Adolf Hitler was appointed a

police spy of an intelligence

1919- Anton Drexler (then chairman)

of German workers party, invites Hitler
to join party (was impressed by
Hitler’s oratory skills). That
September, Hitler joins the party.
Hitler was in favour of Anton’s anti-
Jewish ideas.
Dietrich Eckart became Hitler’s

1920- Hitler is discharged from army.

1921- Hitler became familiar making

speeches to large crowds.
- Later that year, Hitler gave the group
an ultimatum.
His ultimatum was either he left or
became chairman of the party. He
became the leader of the National
Socialists German Workers Party (with
only one vote against him).

1923- Led Beer hall putsch.

1924-While being imprisoned for five

years, Hitler began to write Mein

1934-Hitler became president of


1936- Sent troops in Rhineland.

1939- Invaded Poland and began
World War Two.

1941- The beginning of the Holocaust

1945- Hitler and his new bride, Eva

Braun, commit suicide during the
siege of Berlin by the Soviet Union.