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Vientiane Times

monDAY february 1, 2016

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Vat Phou ranked top tourist

destination by Chinese website

Times Reporters

Champassak provincial
authorities have announced
that the Vat Phou temple
complex has been ranked as a
top choice tourist destination
for two consecutive years by a
Chinese website.
Due to its popularity, the
second world heritage site in
Laos has been voted as Top
Choice 2015 and 2016 after
receiving positive reviews by
Chinese website judges and
Asian visitors.
Head of the Vat Phou World
Heritage Office, Mr Oudomsy
Keosaksith, told Vientiane
Times on Friday The website
has congratulated us on Vat
Phou temple having been
voted as the Top Choice
Communications Manager
for the website www.lianorg.
com Ms Rita Chen said The
top choice ranking system
includes four independent
evaluations: tourist attractions,
restaurants, hotels and stores.
A special medal is
designed for each category and
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The 10th Congress of Lao

Peoples Revolutionary Party

4500 kip

venture to
alabaster mine
Somsack Pongkhao

About 7 million tonnes of

alabaster has been identified
on Phoukanghong Mountain in
Attapeu province, according to
a senior government official.
Attapeu provincial
Governor Dr Nam Viyaket told
Lao media recently an initial
survey had been carried out to
identify the quantity of alabaster
in the mountain.
Mining this alabaster will
be of huge benefit to Laos.
Our province has just sold
over 20 tonnes which we
confiscated following illegal
mining of the stone. We sold it
to Chinese traders for US$16
a kilogramme. We got about
US$400,000, so just imagine if
we can sell all 7 million tonnes
how much we could get, he
Dr Nam said it was a
challenge for Laos to excavate
and sell the stone because of a
lack of the necessary technology
and capacity to market the

The majestic Vat Phou temple ruins attract more visitors each year.

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Ministry reviews outcomes of disaster risk management project

Times Reporters

The government will prioritise

risk management as a key
element of the 8th National
Socio-Economic Development
Plan (8th NSEDP) for 201620 in a bid to prepare for and
mitigate the effects of natural
The move follows the
successful implementation of
the Mainstreaming Disaster and
Climate Risk Management into
Investment Decisions Project,

financed by the government

of Japan and the World Bank,
which saw US$2.7 million
invested in the initiative.
The project was coimplemented by the Ministry
of Planning and Investment
in collaboration with other
ministries from March 2012 to
January 2016.
The project disseminated
information on various areas
of disaster risk management
and climate change adaptation.
As natural disasters are

a threat for many countries,

including Laos, there is a
significant incentive for those
countries to be well prepared.
Addressing a workshop
on the project on Friday,
Deputy Minister of Planning
and Investment Dr Khamlien
Pholsena said that several years
ago the project had achieved
impressive goals and those
could be used as model projects
for Laos.
A multi-million US dollar
project brought outstanding

achievements, including the

irrigation project in Kasy
district, Vientiane province,
and the construction of a road
in Bountai district, Phongsaly
province, he said.
These projects can be used
as models and case studies for
future projects because they
were carried out in at-risk
areas for flash flooding and
Every workshop
participant is expected to share
their ideas, lessons learnt and

experiences during this project

because it will be valuable
input for projects to be carried
out in the near future, Dr
Khamlien said.
At the meeting, Deputy
Director General of Planning
and Investment Department,
Mr Ounheuan Chittaphong,
who is in charge of the project,
also briefed participants on
past achievements and pointed
out that the project played a
significant role in capacity
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Dr Khamlien Pholsena chairs the

meeting in Vientiane on Friday.

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Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

KOICA conducts hydropower

pre-feasibility study

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Laos Mr Kim Soo-Gwon (fourth right) stands with Korean
experts in Vientiane province.

Times Reporters

The Korea International

Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
has sent a group of Korean
experts to Vientiane province
for a pre-feasibility study of a
small hydropower pilot project
from January 21-31.
The main objective of

this preliminary study is to

make a proper evaluation on
the feasibility of the project
through data collection,
hydrological survey, and site
There are three proposed
small hydropower sites on the
rivers of Huay Pamom, Nam

Khat and Nam Sana in Kasy

During their visit, the group
of Korean experts in the field
of electricity and hydropower
are holding meetings with
government officials from the
Ministry of Energy and Mines
and Electricite du Laos (EDL).
Experts from both countries

discussed their plans, budget

estimation, scope of work, and
the feasibility of the project in
order to produce successful
outcomes of the study.
Ambassador of the
Republic of Korea to Laos,
Mr Kim Soo-Gwon, said
Given that Laos has plenty
of water resources which can
be developed as hydropower,
there is a great potential for
small hydropower projects to
meet the rapidly increasing
demand for electricity as well
as to secure an energy supply
across the country.
One of the Korean
experts added Compared
to large hydropower, small
hydropower is likely to be
more environmentally friendly
for power supply to isolated
villages, farmers irrigation,
and water supply to local
communities. In this way, the
successful implementation
of the project will contribute
to sustainable development
throughout the country.
If the feasibility of
the project is successfully
examined through this
preliminary survey, it is
expected that KOICA would
support the project with
US$12.85 million from 2017
to 2020.

Waste transfer station opens in Vientiane

Phetphoxay Sengpaseuth

A new waste transfer station

to improve efficiency in solid
waste management has opened
in Xaysettha district, Vientiane.
Construction of the waste
transfer station was managed by
the Project for the Improvement
of Solid Waste Management in
Environmentally Sustainable
Cities, with projects in Luang
Prabang and Xayaboury
provinces as well as in the capital.
The project is worth 1.38
billion Japanese yen, equivalent
to over US$11.49 million (about
10 billion kip), and was supported
by the Japanese government.
Speaking at the handover
ceremony of the new waste
transfer station, the Deputy
Minister of Public Works and
Transport, Ms Vilaykham
Phosalath, said the project
aimed to improve the urban
environment by building the
station and providing waste
collection vehicles, other related
vehicles and some heavy
equipment, together with a
training programme.
She said that through this
project, more than 70 new
vehicles and heavy equipment
would be provided for Vientiane
and the provincial capitals of

Ms Vilaykham Phosalath (front, second right) and Mr Takeshi Kishino (front, second left).

Luang Prabang and Xayaboury.

In addition, training will be
provided for staff to acquire skills
for operation and maintenance of
the transfer station, starting from
this month.
The Ambassador of Japan
to Laos, Mr Takeshi Kishino,
stressed the importance of the
new garbage collection vehicles,
saying Citizens will enjoy great
benefits through a clean and
healthy environment.
Chief Representative of the
JICA Laos office, Mr Yusuke
Murakami, said As we all know,
Laos, especially Vientiane, has
been undergoing development
at a fascinating speed in recent

Securing good living
conditions and sanitation in
towns has become one of
the biggest concerns and
challenges for local authorities
as well as Laos development
partners, with the rapid
expansion of Vientiane making
the effective management of
solid waste urgently needed to
prevent the massive volume of
such waste from overwhelming
urban areas.
According to the Japanese
ambassador, Japan has been
engaged with the socio-economic
development of Laos for many

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A former Russian Ambassador

to Laos, Prof. Dr Yuri Raikov,
gave a lecture at the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs Institute
of Foreign Affairs (IFA) in
Vientiane last week on the
Russian viewpoint of the
situation in East Asia.
The lecture took place
during a two-day visit by the
ambassador from January 2829. It was attended by IFA
Head Mr Yong Chanthalangsi,
and officials and civil servants
from the ministry, Party
Central Committees Foreign
Relations Committee, and
other government agencies.
During the lecture, titled
East Asia and the new world
order, Prof. Dr Raikov said
the situation in the region and
worldwide was becoming more
complicated, making it hard
to predict outcomes. He also
talked about Russias foreign
policy and its international
role in protecting peace and
overcoming the Islamic State
in the Middle East.
D r R a i k o v, w h o i s a
professor at the Moscow
Institute of International
Relations, pointed out the multipolarisation and change in the
global economic structure,
saying the importance of
countries in East Asia for the
world economy was very high.
He said key countries in the
region such as China, Japan,
and the Republic of Korea have
a combined GDP amounting
to 20 percent of the worlds
total (in absolute terms over
the period 1995-2012 GDP

Prof. Dr Yuri Raikov delivers a

lecture in Vientiane.

at purchasing power parity

increased from US$17.03
trillion to US$47 trillion),
and were included in the 10
countries with the largest
external trade.
D r Yu r i R a i k o v w a s
head of Russian diplomatic
representatives to Laos from
June 2002 to January 2007.
His visit to Laos was made
possible through a Memorandum
of Understanding between the
IFA and the Diplomatic Academy
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of the Russian Federation.
During his visit the former
ambassador also delivered
a lecture on international
relations to students at the
International Relations
Department of the Law Faculty
at the National University of

Ministry reviews...from page 1

Lao Press in Foreign Languages

Savankhone Razmountry

Former ambassador
gives Russian viewpoint
on intl relations

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Last Friday, Prime Minister

Abe pledged a concessional
loan of about 10.3 billion
yen (about US$83 million)
for the Vientiane Water
Supply Expansion Project at
a meeting with Prime Minister
Thongsing Thammavong in
Kuala Lumpur on the sidelines
of Asean meetings.
Also present at the handover
ceremony was the Vice Mayor
of Vientiane, Mr Saithong
Keodouangdy, and Director
General of the Department of
Housing and Urban Planning
of the Ministry of Public Works
and Transport, Mr Khamthavy
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building for infrastructure development in Laos.

In recent years, we have carried out several important tasks
to minimise the risks of natural disasters as well as evaluating the
achievements of projects carried out in at-risk areas of various
provinces, he said.
Laos was heavily hit by tropical storm Haima and typhoon
Nock Ten in 2011, causing damage estimated at more than
US$175 million in 12 provinces.
More than 500,000 people were affected and 30 deaths were
In 2013, a landslide in Oudomxay province claimed 17 lives
and property losses were estimated at about US$38 million.
As a result, the government is prioritising its preparedness to
handle natural disasters so that they do not hinder the progress
of the 8th NSEDP.

Vientiane Times apologises profusely for using the wrong
photo caption under the article headlined US launches US$6
million nutrition programme on the front page of issue no.
24 published on Friday. The caption should have read: Mr
Jonathan Stivers visits village health and education facilities
during his three-day trip to Laos.

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Dongdok-Tanmixay road
upgrade on track

Times Reporters

Upgrade of the 2.5km road

running from Dongdok to
the Tanmixay traffic lights
in Vientiane is on schedule,
according to the project
The official told Vientiane
Times on Friday the project
was now about 20 percent
However, work is progressing
slowly at present because of last
weeks rain. Work is expected
to continue as normal this week
but there will be another delay
while the Vientiane Water
Supply Enterprise (Nampapa
Nakhoneluang) relocates water
pipes. Electricity workers are
also relocating cables, while
telephone cables must also be
The relocation of water
pipes and electrical cables will
be finished by February 10, the
project coordinator said.
In the meantime workers
are grading the surface, laying
drainage pipes and filling
in low areas with earth in
preparation for the first layer
of concrete.
Work on the project began
in October 2015 and should be
finished by the end of 2017.

This large pothole near the Tanmixay traffic lights will soon be
repaired and it cant happen soon enough for local motorists.

Resurfacing of the
Dongdok-Tanmixay road is
projected to cost US$10.8
million (81 billion kip) and
will be funded by a soft loan
from China. The road will
have a concrete surface and
street lights.
The road is 28 metres wide,
comprising six lanes, a median
strip, sidewalks and a drainage
system. Traffic signals will be
installed along the road and
streetlights will be erected on
the median strip.
This road is one of the

capitals main access routes

and carries a large volume of
traffic, especially in the rush
hour, as it is located close
to several schools and the
National University of Laos.
When the road is resurfaced
it should help to ease congestion
in the city centre as it will be
more widely used by vehicles
travelling between the northern
and southern provinces.
The project coordinator
called on motorists to avoid this
road if possible so that workers
can continue uninterrupted.

lower the price. Alabaster is

sold only occasionally through
Phoukanghong Mountain
has been the site of unregulated
alabaster prospecting in recent
years with many local people
digging in search of the highly
desired white mineral.
In 2014, hundreds of local
villagers went to the mountain
to steal the stone and sold it to
Vietnamese and Chinese traders
at prices ranging from 50,000
kip per kg to 150,000 kip per
kg or higher depending on the
quality and size of the stone.
This led local authorities
to grant permission to 48
companies to conduct feasibility
studies on the excavation of the
stone in an effort to put an end to
its unregulated removal.

But traders continued to buy

alabaster from villagers in times
of high demand which resulted
in the prime minister issuing an
order requiring the cessation of
the feasibility studies.
This year, the government
has decided to enter into a
joint venture with Chinese
companies to excavate and sell
the stone.
Phoukanghong Mountain
is located about 60km from
Attapeu provincial capital and
covers an area of 7,800 hectares.
Alabaster is a decorative
stone mainly used by sculptors
and artisans. It is known to
have existed in this location
for generations but in the past
villagers were reluctant to go to
the area due to the thick forests
and lack of road access.

Vat Phou ranked top... from page 1

is awarded once a year. Every
year all qualified medalists
already selected in the previous
year are re-evaluated, and are
added to the new qualified
candidates of this year. is an
authentic and professional
tourist information website
that provides overall travel
information, published in
On the website, each tourist
attraction enjoys an individual
webpage, where tourists
can find useful practical
information including GPS
maps and photos.
The Vat Phou temple
complex is located in
Champassak province and was
listed as Laos second World
Heritage Site in 2001.
According to a UNESCO
report, the Vat Phou temple is
a remarkably well-preserved
planned landscape more than

1,000 years old. It was shaped

to express the Hindu vision
of the relationship between
nature and humanity, using an
axis from hilltop to riverbank
to lay out a geometric pattern
of temples.
Vat Phou bears exceptional
testimony to the cultures of
South-East Asia, in particular
the Khmer Empire.
Mr Oudomsy said over
60,000 tourists visited Vat
Phou in 2015, an increase
of 10 percent compared to
the previous year. However,
Chinese tourists represented
only 10 percent of the total
Im optimistic that more
Chinese will visit Vat Phou
in the near future because
this site is being promoted
through the Chinese website,
he said.
Tourists can enjoy a
number of facilities while

visiting Vat Phou including

coffee and souvenir shops, a
museum and tour buses.
Champassak provincial
authorities are preparing to
mark the 15th anniversary
of Vat Phou being declared
Laos second World Heritage
An official ceremony will
take place from February 2022. Other related activities such
as a trade fair will take place
from February 16.
The grand event will
feature a number of activities
including parades, sports
and cultural performances. A
cultural performance group
from India has confirmed its
Performance troupes
from neighbouring countries
i n c l u d i n g Vi e t n a m a n d
Thailand have been invited to
attend but have yet to confirm
their presence.

Home news

Party vows to
improve standards
Times Reporters

Laos-China venture... from page 1

stone. Alabaster needs to be
sold through auctions in Hong
Kong so the Lao government
has decided to enter into a
joint venture with Chinese
companies to excavate and sell
the stone.
An agreement on the project
was signed last year, with Laos
holding 40 a percent stake and
the rest belonging to Chinese
The Lao-Chinese joint
venture is now setting up
camps and is in the process of
excavating the stone but it is
unclear when the company will
begin exporting it.
Dr Nam said it may take
a hundred years to excavate
all 7 million tonnes of the
alabaster given that it cannot be
excavated quickly as this would

Monday February 1, 2016

The Party is aiming to improve

its organisation and leadership
by enhancing transparency,
strengthening grassroots
organisations, and adhering
more strictly to the principles
of democratic centralisation.
This was the message
concerning the future direction
of the Party, delivered at the
recent 10th Party Congress.
In explaining this direction,
the Deputy Secretary of the
Party Central Committees
Organisational Committee,
Mr Xaysi Santivong, told the
congress about the problems
that needed to be addressed in
relation to quality.
He said there had been
no positive change in the
leadership of some Party
organisations, especially at
the grassroots level, with some
bodies failing to achieve the
political requirements of the
new era.
He highlighted the
selection of Party members for
Party organisation executive

committees, which he said

had faced difficulties because
of poorly planned personnel
In addition, the quality
of Party units, which were
supposed to be recognised
as strong leadership units,
was inadequate because of
a lack of thorough political
evaluation among Party
This year, there are 54 Party
organisations in the provinces,
the capital, ministries and other
government agencies, and 869
Party members are members of
Party organisational executive
committees. This is an increase
of 22.9 percent compared to
Mr Xaysi said that even
though the number of Party
members has increased, their
quality has yet to match their
quantity. Degraded political
attributes and ethics have
resulting in undesirable
conduct, inadequate leadership
role models, autocracy, and the
abuse of power.
According to a report from

the Party Central Committees

Inspection Committee, 567
Party members were penalised
last year, and 306 members had
their membership revoked.
To u p h o l d s t a n d a r d s
within Party organisations,
Mr Xaysi said the Party Central
Committees Organisational
Committee will join with
bodies at all levels to actively
strengthen transparency,
bolster solidarity, and foster
role models within the Party.
The committee will also
focus on improving the Party
grassroots to encourage the
development of true leaders
in the political system,
strengthening the roles, duties
and rights of village Party units
and Party units in all sectors.
Improving the quality of
Party members, especially
young members, along with
the expansion of membership
to employees in public and
privately owned factories
and companies, farmers,
intelligentsia, and students,
is also part of the Partys
development plan.

have been switching to using

the road through Borikhamxay,
as it is much shorter than
travelling via the winding and
mountainous Road 13 North
through Phoukhoun.
The road is not yet paved
but many motorists appear to be
using it to get to Xieng Khuang
and Huaphan provinces.
People typically spend
about eight hours travelling to
Xieng Khuang from Vientiane
through the provinces of
Vientiane and Luang Prabang.
The journey can be made
in six or seven hours but to do
so drivers are risking their life
on the mountain roads.
Many people like to go
to Xieng Khuang through
Borikhamxay province as it
only takes around six hours
without driving fast, Mr
Souphit said.
A 29 kilometre section of
road in Borikhamxay province

that links to the two northern

provinces is currently being
It will take two years to
finish the work with a double
layer of asphalt yet to be laid.
The road will be paved with
asphalt over a width of 7.5
metres between Thasy village
and the Meuangkhao area of
Borikhan district.
At Thasy village, vehicles
can turn left onto Road No.
1D towards Xieng Khuang
and Huaphan provinces or
turn right to Lak Sao near the
Vietnamese border. Heavy
rains have taken a toll on this
road each year since it opened
to traffic in 2008.
Large vehicles carrying
equipment for major
construction projects
frequently use this road and
many potholes have developed
along the more heavily-used

Motorists struggle with mud on

Borikhamxay shortcut

Khonesavanh Latsaphao

Motorists are struggling to

get through a muddy section
of road being upgraded in
Borikhamxay province, which
links to Vientiane.
The popular route that cuts
down travel time turned muddy
following rain this week with
the worst affected section in
a mountainous area about
one kilometre from the Thasy
A resident of Xieng Khuang
provinces Paek district, Mr
Souphit Syhakhom, told
Vientiane Times on Friday that
vehicles could travel through
the mud but it was quite a
challenge for some motorists.
Dont worry - in the
next few days the mud will
disappear as there has been no
more rain, he said.
Many people in Vientiane
and the southern provinces

A section of the muddy road in Borikhamxay province on the way to Xieng Khuang province.

4 Home news

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

EU supports food security

for Bokeo farmers

Times Reporters

The European Union (EU) has

supported the Strengthening
Farmers Organisation on Food
Security Project in Paktha
and Huayxai districts, Bokeo
Welthungerhilfe (WHH)
in cooperation with the Bokeo
provincial Agriculture and
Forestry Office and a nonprofit association recently held
a closing workshop to present
the results of the development
of farmer groups in 26 villages
in the districts.
The project aims to nurture
the development of these groups
in the areas of natural resource
management, agriculture, the
planting of non-timber forest
products, and womens nutrition.
In his opening remarks,
Head of the Bokeo provincial
Agriculture and Forestry Office,
Mr Khamsone Keophaseuth,
expressed his hope that the
groups would be sustainable.
We hand over the project
activities to each group, so that
they will continue their activities
in line with their bylaws, and
also hand over the monitoring
support of these groups to the
concerned government agencies
at district and provincial level.
During their presentations
of project activities over the
past three years, the project
team explained that a total of 87
groups comprising 800 farmers
had been supported, of whom 44
percent were women. Fourteen
villages had also received
agricultural land titles.

News in Brief
33 motorbikes stolen in one week in Vientiane
In only one week more than 30 motorbikes were stolen in Vientiane, the
Khuamsangob Newspaper reported.
Thieves struck more than 40 times and stole 33 motorbikes. In addition, over 255
grams of gold was stolen, while total losses were estimated at more than 82 million
Police said they solved seven crimes and arrested 14 thieves, with most of the crimes
occurring because people did not safeguard their property. There are many thieves in
Vientiane, and motorbikes are targeted because they can be easily modified before
being sold on.

Vientiane province takes steps to eliminate polio

Welthungerhilfe (WHH) Asia hands over land registration certificates
to representatives of target villages in Paktha and Huayxai districts,
Bokeo province.

The lead project evaluator,

Ms Samhadi Marr, presented
some stories from farmers that
she and her team had gathered to
express significant changes that
had occurred to the livelihoods
of farmers as a result of the
project. A female farmer from
the district said WHH gave
me the chance to participate
in a study tour to Myanmar.
I returned home with new
knowledge, and it has changed
my family, as we eat and live
much better than before.
Another female farmer
also said Since 1993, we have
implemented 52 projects with a
total of 32 million euros, with all
of them focused on food security
in rural areas. Over the past 23
years, fruitful cooperation with
the government at all levels
has been essential to successful
outcomes. In his closing speech
to the workshop, Mr Khamsone
expressed his satisfaction that
so many activities had been

evaluated as successful.
He said the strengthening
of groups was in line with
government policies to eradicate
poverty, and strong groups
would be very important if Laos
was to compete successfully as a
member of the Asean Economic
Our family used to be poor,
but now the project has helped
me to build a water system for my
vegetables which means I dont
have to carry water any more.
Watering my vegetables gives
me happiness; now I can earn
2-300,000 kip a day and I have
been able to send my children
for further study, Mr Khamsone
added. In his comments after the
presentation from the evaluation
team, WHH Asia Representative
Mr Dirk Reber expressed mixed
feelings. While he was proud
of the projects successes, he
noted with sadness the end
of this project and the WHH
programme in Laos.

Vientiane province is working to prevent polio from resurfacing with officials

organising a training course on how polio can be prevented.
Civil servants from various departments in the province attended the training course,
the Pathetlao Daily Newspaper reported.
The training explained how the disease can be prevented including prevention
through vaccination. Participants were expected to pass on what they had learnt to
members of the public in targeted communities.

Luang Namtha explains equal-rights policy for disabled

Luang Namtha province has circulated its policy on equal rights for people with
disabilities, to ensure that disabled people exercise their rights.
The provinces Labour and Social Welfare Department on Tuesday held a meeting to
discuss the policy, according to the Pathetlao Daily Newspaper.
The government has implemented treaties that promote the rights of people with
disabilities including the right to expression, access to information, and the right to
receiving training.
Training in sign language has been given to enable mute people to communicate
and the online sign language learning system has been upgraded via Smartphone.
A voice programme has also been developed to enable blind people to learn and

Clothes, blankets donated to Huaphan families

Individuals and public and private groups on Monday donated clothes, blankets and
other relief items to poor villagers in districts of Huaphan province.
The relief items, worth 56 million kip, were handed over to households who suffered
from the freezing weather that affected northern and central Laos last week, the
Laosphatthana Newspaper reported.
In addition, Health Departments in the northern provinces warned members of the
public over the possibility of pneumonia, especially in children.

Vientiane Times

Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials, including some who are working overseas, last week donate
30 million kip from their own savings to buy winter clothing, dried food and other essentials for
the people of Huaphan province.

Children in Huaphan province make good use of a petanque pitch to hone their skills.

Monday February 1, 2016

Photo news

The Chinese Embassy to Laos donates money to provide relief items for people affected by the
recent cold weather in Laos. Minister to the Government Office Dr Sonexay Siphandone (right)
receives 100 million kip from the Chinese Ambassador to Laos, Mr Guan Huabing.

Recreational anglers enjoy a days fishing in a well-stocked pond in Dongkhamxang village,

Xaysettha district, Vientiane.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016


Korean PM urges officials to

tighten airport security

In brief from Asia

S News Network
Dog deployed to find
landslide victims
INDONESIA (The Jakarta
Post) -- Police on Friday
deployed a dog from the
K-9 unit of the Mobile
Brigade (Brimob) to
search for three victims
buried in a landslide at a
coal mining site owned by
PT Lembuswana Perkasa in
Bukit Merdeka subdistrict,
Kutai Kartanegara regency,
East Kalimantan. We
have been working since
yesterday. Smeagle [the
dog] has been sniffing
at several points, said
K-9 unit chief Brig. Budi

Thai gambling den

busts to be probed

Nation) -- A fact-finding
committee has been
set up to probe raids
on two gambling dens
in Songkhlas Hat Yai
district on Friday night, an
informed source reported
on Saturday. The move
was initiated under the
order of Provincial Police
Region 9 Commissioner
Lt-General Weerapong
Chuenpakdee, the source
said. The probe is being
led by Weerapongs
deputy, Maj-General
Ekkapop Prasitthiwattanachai.

The advanced land observation satellite Daichi-2 will monitor tropical rain forests across
the world from this autumn.

Satellite to monitor illegal

logging on 3 continents
JAPAN (The Yomiuri Shimbun,
ANN) -- The Japan Aerospace
Exploration Agency (JAXA)
and the Japan International
Cooperation Agency (JICA) are
set to begin monitoring rampant
illegal logging in tropical rain
forests near the equator, using
the advanced land observation
satellite Daichi-2.
The two agencies will start
the project from this autumn, and
release the data on their websites
for developing countries that
are struggling to deal with

illegal logging. The predecessor

satellite, Daichi, has achieved
remarkable results in monitoring
illegal logging in the Amazon.
Daichi-2 will play a role in
protecting tropical rain forests
all over the world, widening the
observation areas. Daichi-2 is
a satellite with onboard radar
that can also capture images of
the areas at night and without
regard to weather conditions.
The satellite, which was
launched in 2014, has so far
been used mainly for observing

land deformation and floods

caused by disasters. It is difficult
to monitor illegal logging in vast
rain forests from the ground.
But as the Daichi-2 radar can
track vegetation changes on the
ground, it has been adopted for
monitoring illegal logging.
Data can be captured at a
resolution of about 50 metres by
50 meters, and the monitoring
area extends across 16.6 million
square kilometres of tropical rain
forests in Africa, Southeast Asia,
South America and other areas.

KOREA (Korea Herald, ANN)

-- Prime Minister Hwang
Kyo-ahn called on officials
Saturday to strengthen security
at South Koreas main airport,
describing a recent series of
security breaches as a crisis.
Everything will be lost
if security is compromised,
Hwang said in a rare visit to
Incheon International Airport,
west of Seoul.
He told airport officials to
boost security, saying illegal
entries by passengers and
other accidents could threaten
to undermine the standing and
competitiveness of the airport.
The visit came hours
after police said they found
a warning message written in
Arabic inside a box discovered
at Incheon International
The message, written on
a sheet of paper half the size
of A4, read: This is the last
warning to you. God will
It was not a handwritten but
a printed sentence with some
grammatical errors, according
to the police, who suspected it
could have been translated by
a computer programme or by
a person whose Arabics was
not that good.
Hwang called on officials
to thoroughly investigate the
case and said South Korea
should beef up anti-terrorism

A day earlier the police
found a box suspected to
contain explosive devices in a
mens bathroom in the airport.
No explosives or detonators
were found, just two butane
canisters and one bottled water
taped to it, according to the
Seouls main gateway was
named the worlds best airport
for the 10th consecutive year
in 2015 by Global Traveler,
a US magazine for business
Still, the airport has been
under public fire for security
On Friday, a Vietnamese
man illegally entered South
Korea at the airport.
Police have yet to find the
25-year-old transfer passenger,
who forced his way out of a
gate of an unmanned automatic
immigration checkpoint in the
Last week, a Chinese
couple illegally sneaked
into South Korea without
being noticed by immigration
officials and checked by the
airports security control
They were apprehended
earlier this week by the
immigration authorities in
Cheonan, about 90 kilometres
south of Seoul, before being
taken into custody.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016 Region

Cyclone weakens, spares western

Australia major damage
SYDNEY (AP) -- A tropical
cyclone weakened after hitting
land in western Australia on
Sunday and has caused no
major damage in the sparselypopulated areas so far, officials
Tropical Cyclone Stan
failed to reach the predicted

Category 3 strength after

crossing east Pilbara coast in
Western Australia state.
It packed maximum
sustained winds of 100
kilometres per hour and
gusts of up to 130 kph (80
mph), but the potential for
heavy rain still remains as the

cyclone was moving inland

with widespread rainfall of
between 50 mm (1.9 inches)
and 100 mm (3.9 inches), said
meteorologist Joe Courtney.
Stan is the first cyclone
of the Australian season,
which officially began on
November 1.

China watchful to avert risk of Zika virus

CHINA (China Daily, ANN)
-- China may be at risk of being
affected by the mosquito-borne
Zika virus, which is spreading in
the Americas, but the possibility
of it spreading here is low as
there are fewer mosquitoes in
winter and spring, the countrys
top health authority said on
Since 2014, cases of Zika
virus, which is thought to be
linked with severe birth defects,
have been reported in various
American countries, and the

cases quickly increased in recent

No Zika virus cases have
been seen on the Chinese
mainland, but the country does
face a risk that the virus could be
imported from other countries
and regions, the Chinese
Center for Disease Control and
Prevention said on Friday.
The center advised that
people should remain alert.
China is closely cooperating
with other countries and the
World Health Organization,

exchanging medical information

and staying briefed on the virus
situation to be prepared for any
risks, it said.
Experts have been
summoned to determine the
risk of the virus and how it might
spread in China, and their reports
have gone to various agencies
to coordinate their eventual
response efforts.
Moreover, the center has
already developed the detection
reagent using nucleic acid,
which allows the researchers
to test and confirm whether the
suspected patients are indeed
infected, He Xiong, deputy
director of the Beijing Center for
Disease Control and Prevention,
said on Friday.
The national health authority
planned to train the researchers
and doctors at provincial disease
control centers to be fully
China has made huge
progress in technologies and
acts more swiftly in response
to any outbreak of infectious
disease 12 years after the SARS
outbreak, He said.

Smoke rises after Saudi-led airstrikes hit a site in Sanaa, Yemen.

--Photo AP

Coalition airstrikes kill

over 32 in Yemeni capital
SANAA, Yemen (AP) -Airstrikes by a Saudi-led
coalition targeting Yemens
Shiite rebels killed over 32
people overnight including
at least eight civilians in the
capital, Sanaa, officials said
on Saturday.
The airstrikes appeared
to target a rebel camp and
factories producing food
and plastic in northern and
western Sanaa, the security
and medical officials said.
Yemen has been torn
by conflict since 2014,
when Shiite rebels, known
as Houthis, allied with a

former president captured

large swaths of the country,
including Sanaa, which they
took in September that year.
The Saudi-led coalition
launched its air campaign
against the rebels in March
2015. Since then, more than
5,800 people have been
killed and over 80 percent of
Yemens population is in dire
need of food, water and other
aid, according to the United
Also Saturday, the Houthis
detained several activists
and critics including a local
journalist in Sanaa, security

officials said. The detentions

are part of a Houthi crackdown
on activists and journalists,
they added.
Saturdays round-up came
shortly after the rebels released
three Al-Jazeera journalists
they had kidnapped in the
war-devastated western city
of Taiz.
All officials spoke on
condition of anonymity
because they are not authorised
to speak to reporters.
They remain neutral
in the conflict that has
splintered the Arab worlds
poorest country.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016


Turkeys Erdogan
warns Russia
-- Turkish President Recep Tayyip
Erdogan on Saturday warned Russia
of consequences if it continues to
violate Turkish airspace.
If Russia continues to violate
Turkeys sovereignty, it will have
to face the consequences, Erdogan
told reporters in Istanbul before
leaving for a visit to Chile.
He blamed Russia for acting
irresponsibly and escalating
the tension in the region, while
emphasizing that the issue was
closely followed by NATO.
These kinds of irresponsible
acts not only damage NATORussian relations but also the
regional and global peace, the
president stressed, as his country
is a NATO member.
Erdogan said that he hoped to
meet Russian President Vladimir
Putin but to no avail.
E a r l i e r, Tu r k i s h f o r e i g n
ministry said it summoned Russian
ambassador to Ankara late Friday
after it claimed that Russias SU-34
violated Turkeys airspace.
In a written statement, the
ministry said Turkish air force
warned the Russian aircraft several
times on Friday in Russian and
English, adding that the violation
is also a new and concrete indicator
of Moscows actions which aims
at accelerating problems despite

open warnings by our country and

by NATO.
The ministry has urged Russia
not to violate Turkish airspace,
which is NATO airspace. We
underline that such actions could
lead to serious consequence, said
the statement.
We once more underline that
unwanted serious developments as
outcome of this kind of irresponsible
acts will be on Russian Federations
liability, added the statement.
The ministry said all these
arguments were conveyed to the
Russian ambassador.
In Moscow on Saturday, Russian
defence ministry spokesman
Igor Konashenkov dismissed
Turkeys accusations as baseless
propaganda, saying that there
has not been a single violation of
Turkish airspace by Russia air force
planes in Syria.
The Turkish air force shot down
the Russian jet on November 24
claiming it has violated Turkish
airspace, whereas Moscow insisted
the Su-24 stayed over Syria during
its flight.
Russian President Vladimir
Putin has demanded an apology
from the Turkish leadership and
a compensation for the damage.
Russias Prime Minister Dmitry
Medvedev has ordered economic
sanctions against Turkey.

A view of the 26th AU summit is seen in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.

--Photo Xinhua

AU summit opens with call for unity

to tackle Africas challenges
ADDIS ABABA (Xinhua) -- The 26th
AU Heads of State Summit opened on
Saturday in Addis Ababa, with a rallying
call for unity, tolerance, respect for
human rights and improved governance
in order to tackle the continents myriad
challenges effectively. Dozens of
African leaders and a host of foreign
dignitaries including the UN Secretary
General, Ban Ki-Moon and Palestinian
President, Mahmoud Abbas, attended
the opening ceremony of the summit.
The outgoing AU Chairperson,
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe
in his opening remarks stressed that

unity is key to help overcome social,

political and economic challenges
blighting the African continent.
We must speak with one voice
as we chart a new chapter on our
journey to become self-reliant and free
from emerging threats like terrorism,
dangerous epidemics and conflicts,
Mugabe remarked.
The two-day summit will discuss a
range of topics including human rights,
women empowerment, financing of the
continental body, terrorism, conflicts
and reforms in the UN security council.
Likewise, African leaders and senior

policymakers will also discuss progress

achieved in the implementation of
development projects identified in the
Agenda 2063. Mugabe said despite the
threat of terrorism and a slump in the
commodities market, Africas socioeconomic transformation remained on
course thanks to domestic reforms and
an improved political climate.
Several AU member states in 2015
conducted fair, transparent and peaceful
elections while the outlook for this year
is bright. Africa has come of age despite
recurrent threats to our common future,
Mugabe told leaders.

Vientiane Times


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Monday February 1, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover launches new

showroom in Vientiane

Mr Hugh Evans (first right) and Mr Somchit Inthamith (second right) were among
those present at the official opening ceremony.

The official opening ceremony of the new showroom.

Advertorial Desk

aguar Land Rover (JLR) is

pleased to announce that Lao
Land Rover (LLR), its official
Jaguar and Land Rover dealer in
Laos, has launched a new showroom
in Vientiane.
The official launching ceremony
was held on Wednesday, attended
by Deputy Minister of Industry and
Commerce Mr Somchit Inthamith,
British Ambassador to Laos Mr
Hugh Evans, and LLR Shareholders
Ms Vilaykham Siphandone and Ms
Chanthachone Vongsay.
Also present were RMA Group
CEO Mr Kevin Whitcraft, Guava

The new showroom.

International CEO Mr Mark Tennant,

Network Director for Jaguar Land
Rover Mr Marcus Telkin, and General
Manager of Lao Land Rover Mr Dilip
Lao Land Rover has been the
official Jaguar Land Rover Dealer in
Laos since 2009 and has been working
on this new facility over the past 12
months. The investment of US$3
million is a statement of commitment
by Lao Land Rover to the high-end car
market in Laos as well as the future
product plans of JLR.
Mr Serge Touron, Regional
Business Manager for Asia Pacific,
Guava International Ltd (Jaguar Land
Rovers official distributor in Laos)

said We are very proud to bring this

fantastic new facility to Vientiane and
we are confident that the already very
strong market for our iconic Jaguar
and Land Rover brands in Laos will
continue to grow.
This new facility is the next
chapter in Jaguar Land Rovers
continued commitment to the Laos
market for premium vehicles. JRLs
confidence in the dealership also brings
a new dual brand 3S showroom.
JLR is delighted to have Lao
Land Rover as its official Jaguar Land
Rover dealer in Laos.
Lao Land Rovers new worldclass 3S facility showroom, service
centre and spare parts facility features
an eight car showroom and nine
bay workshop with factory certified
technicians. It adopts the JRL global
standards and is one of the first to be
opened in the Asia Pacific.
JLR Sales and Operations Manager
Miss Metkham Souvannasane said
Today, we are delighted to be opening
this new 3S facility for our customers
in Laos. This new 3S facility is not
only the new home of the Jaguar
and Land Rover brand nationwide
but it also represents our long-term
commitment to bring this prestige
brand to the country.
We are committed to the
continued growth of the Jaguar and
Land Rover brands. Our team is
excited about this new home, the

A Jaguar XJ car.

services it provides and the new level

of quality standard it will introduce
and establish in the Lao automotive
Our dedicated sales staff are
professionally trained to provide a
global level of customer service that
you expect from Jaguar Land Rover.
All of our customers enjoy the
benefit of a three year or 100,000
kilometre warranty for every Jaguar
and Land Rover vehicle purchased.
In addition to merchandising and
accessories, this new location brings
world-class quality on-site aftersales
facilities, services and technicians.
Inside, you will find our new
executive customer lounge and
barista coffee bar, where customers
can relax and enjoy complimentary
refreshments and wi-fi while watching
their vehicle being serviced, or take

advantage of our pristine executive

working area where they can keep up
the pace of their busy day.
This is another sign of our
commitment to bring a premium
service experience that goes along
with an exclusive brand.
Jaguar Land Rover is one of the
UKs largest exporters and generates
over 80 percent of its revenue from
exports. JLR has four manufacturing
facilities in the UK.
In 2014, Jaguar Land Rover sole
462,687 vehicles, up 9 percent. Of
that, Jaguar sold 81,570 vehicles and
Land Rover sold 381,108 vehicles.
Lao Land Rover is Jaguar Land
Rovers only distributor in Laos.
Sales and services are available
at the new flagship showroom on
Kamphengmeuang Road, Phonthan
village, Sisattanak district.

Exchange rates as of January 29, 2016

Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public

Foreign Currencies



US Dollar 50-100



Thai Baht



Euro 50-500



10 Business

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

Rice price dips in the provinces

Times Reporters

from 7,000 to 6,500 kip per

kg for Grade A polished sticky
polished rice.
In Huaphan, prices
decreased from 3,500 kip to
3,000 kip per kg for paddy
white rice and in Saravan
prices declined from 2,100 kip
to 2,000 kip per kg for paddy
sticky rice.
The prices in these
provinces dropped because
local markets had enough rice
to meet consumer demand.
However, the cost of rice
in Vientiane is still stable at
almost 3,400 kip per kg for
paddy sticky rice and 4,000
kip for paddy white rice, while
polished sticky rice Grade A
is selling for 8,500 kip and
Grade B for 7,500 kip. Polished
white rice Grade A is selling for
10,000 kip per kg and Grade B
for 8,750 kip.
Last year, the government
was able to encourage farmers
to grow rice in both seasons
reaching about 98 percent
of the target or 4.1 million
tones, but only a few hundred

thousand tonnes were exported

to neighbouring countries.
Laos required only 2.5
million tonnes of rice for food
security among local farmers,
while the rest was processed
for domestic sale and also for
However, large quantities
of rice cannot be exported as its
quality does not meet with the
demands of importing countries.
Some Lao rice varieties
are better quality than those in
neighbouring countries and
should be grown commercially,
according to the Ministry of
Agriculture and Forestry.
To promote rice for food
security and commercial sale,
the government is taking steps
to develop various agricultural
products in the face of regional
competition and international
In 2012, the paddy rice
price averaged 1,000-1,500 kip
per kg, which rose to 2,0002,500 kip per kg and 6,0006,500 kip per kg for polished
rice in 2013.

The price of rice around the

country has fallen in recent
weeks as the provinces have
sufficient rice to supply
demand while the price in
Vientiane markets remains
The cost of paddy sticky
rice in Vientiane province
dropped from 2,500 kip to
2,400 kip per kg, while paddy
white rice fell from 3,100 kip
to 2,900 kip per kg, Grade A
polished white rice declined
from 8,000 kip to 7,500 kip
per kg, and Grade B polished
white rice fell from 7,500 kip
Lao officials and lecturers from the Republic of Korea gather for a group photo during the Product to 7,000 kip per kg.
Development Seminar for SMEs on Thursday.
The recent figures were
compiled by the Domestic
Trade Department of the
Ministry of Industry and
Meanwhile the rice price
in Luang Namtha province has
fallen from 3,500 kip to 3,400
said, noting that most Korean Young-sun, said Were here kip per kg for paddy sticky
Times Reporters
designers are advanced in to explore consumer trends rice, 4,500 kip to 4,000 kip per
ao handicraft makers terms of modernisation and in Korea and to improve the kg for paddy white rice, and
capacity of Lao SMEs in the
need to improve their commercialisation.
Lao handicraft makers handicraft sector.
products in line with
He said the seminar was
the needs of overseas need to enhance their product
markets if they want to expand development capacity in terms designed to help Lao handicraft
further afield, an industry of design and marketing for makers to create attractive
global market penetration.
products and to modernise
official has said.
According to Mr Hansana, their products to suit consumer
The modernisation
of handicraft products is a small quantity of Lao demand.
in 2014 and 39.2 percent rise in
We hope this seminar will
essential for Lao artisans, handicraft products has been
Lao Handicraft Association sold to the Republic of Korea enhance the competitiveness
Land sale revenues, which
President Hansana Sisane in recent years, most of them of Lao handicraft products in
usually accounts for about threeglobal markets after sharing
t o l d Vi e n t i a n e Ti m e s o n made of cotton.
quarters of the governmental
By adapting the concepts the expertise and concepts
funds, tumbled 21.4 percent to
He made the comment of Korean designers, our of product designs, Mr Kim
3.25 trillion yuan. A year earlier,
following a recent workshop handicraft makers will be able added.
revenue grew 3.2 percent.
titled Product Development
GDP growth slowed to 6.9
in Korea, he said, adding designers from the Republic
Seminar for SMEs in Laos.
in 2015, the lowest
T h e e v e n t w a s c o - that the seminar would help of Korea were invited to share
reading since 1990.
organised by the Asean- participants to create more their expertise on product
The ministry attributed
Korea Centre, Laos Ministry interesting designs in the near design. Most of them have
weak revenue growth to
visited Laos several times and
of Industry and Commerce, future.
deep decline in producer price
M a n y h a n d i c r a f t found that Laos had a wealth
and the Korea Crafts Council.
index, setbacks in industrial
Mr Hansana went on to m a n u f a c t u r e r s w h o a r e of natural materials that could
output, investment and corporate
say that Lao handicrafts are
An employee counts renminbi (yuan) banknotes at a bank in profits, which weighed on major
of good quality but overseas acknowledge the changing generate good incomes.
taxitems such as value-added
Director General of the Lianyungang city, East Chinas Jiangsu province.
markets want items with more spectrum of designs but many
taxes, custom duties, and
companies need to pay more SME Promotion Department
modern designs.
corporate income tax.
K o r e a n b u y e r s a r e attention to current trends and under the Ministry of Industry CHINA (China Daily, ANN) percent in 2013.
In contrast to the
and Commerce, Mr Somdy
fashionable and are interested customers likes.
Secretary of the Asean- Inmixay, also attended the growth fell to a 28-year low of raked in 6.92 trillion, up seven revenue slowdown, 2015
in accessories and ornaments
that match their outfits, he Korea Centre, General Kim event along with other officials. 5.8 percent, the lowest since percent from a year earlier, while saw a government spending
regional and local governments splurge of 13.17growth. The
General fiscal revenue received 8.3 trillion yuan, up 4.8 government spent 17.58
trillion yuan to pay for civil
including taxes and fines rose percent.
5.8 percent to 15.22 trillion
S p e c i a l - p u r p o s e services, as well as the costs
yuan (US$2.42 trillion), the governmental funds, a separate of education, healthcare, and
Weak consumer spending bites into US economy in Q4 of 2015
Ministry of Finance said on income category, declined 15.9 other items. The upsurge in
WASHINGTON (Xinhua) -- The US economy sharply slowed in the fourth quarter of 2015
Friday. Same revenue in 2014 percent to 4.23 trillion yuan, government outlay is to counter
as consumers were tightening their wallets despite the ultra-low gas prices.
grew 8.6 percent and10.2 compared to a 3.5 percent growth the economic slowdown.
The gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 0.7 percent during
October-December, according to the advance estimate released by the Commerce
Department on Friday.
Consumer spending, which accounts for about 70 percent of the US economy, added 2.2
percent, a sharp brake from a growth of 3 percent in the third quarter.
JAPAN (The Yomiuri Shimbun, ANN) -- Market players and companies have welcomed the Bank
of Japans decision to adopt a negative interest rate policy, given the likely prospect for economic
Russian expert hails Chinese governments performance in 2015
recovery through a shift from savings to investment.
MOSCOW (Xinhua) -- Fighting corruption and promoting economic growth were the two
At the same time, concerns have been voiced, as it is hard to foresee the future effects of what
most notable achievements by the Chinese government in 2015, a Russian expert has said.
is a first attempt by the central bank.
The fight against corruption in China has been successful in an attempt to put officials
The 225-issue Nikkei Stock Average soared more than 470 points on Friday from the previous
back on the path of serving the interests of the country and society, said Andrei Ivanov, a
day following the Bank of Japans decision.
research fellow at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, in an interview
The decision to introduce the negative interest rate pushed down the long-term interest rate
with Xinhua.
to a record low level, widening the gap between stock dividend yields [and the long-term interest
It also prevented the development of a dangerous trend of privatisation of state by
rate], Akira Kiyota, chief executive officer of Japan Exchange Group Inc., said during a regular
bureaucratic clans, Ivanov added.
press conference on Friday.
This will likely be a very opportune time to shift investment behavior from savings to
investment, he said.
Italy eager to lessen inward FDI gap with key EU competitors
Weighed down by concerns over the low price of crude oil and a slowing Chinese economy,
ROME (Xinhua) -- Italy is eager to increase the flows of inward foreign direct investments
the Nikkei stock average has seen a sharp drop since the beginning of the year.
(FDI), and close the gap with key European competitors in 2016, a top trade official with
The introduction of the negative rate policy may mark a turning point in stock prices, observers
the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) told Xinhua.
One of our main tasks is to inject more liquidity into our countrys system (to stimulate
Its praiseworthy that the Bank of Japan tried to calm turmoil in the market by introducing the
growth), Andrea Napoletano, director of the foreign investment department with ITA, said
new monetary easing policy. The Nikkei stock average is expected to continue rising until early
in a recent interview.
spring toward the 18,500 level, said Hikaru Sato, senior technical analyst at Daiwa Securities Co.
According to an analysis over a 10-year period, Italy suffered a structural disparity in
Meanwhile, SadayukiSakakibara, chairman of the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren),
inward FDI flows with other major economies in Europe worth approximately US$20
said: [The policy] could have an influence on corporate owners mind-sets. As a consequence, I
billion (18.2 billion euros), the official said.
believe this will influence wages and capital investment.

Korean designers encourage

Lao handicraft makers

Chinas fiscal revenue hits lowest

yearly growth rate since 1987

In brief

Market, firms welcome BOJ rate policy

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

Lao stock market report

Trade Summary
LSX returned to normal on Friday, with a low trading volume of just 19,400 shares traded.
The index closed down 2 points to 1,176.36 points.
BCEL generated another round of worry after touching 4,800 kip again, the record low
since listing. The stock had 18,800 shares change hands today. In the meantime, EDLGen experienced thin volume of merely 600 shares at an undemanding price of 5,900 kip,
impacted by pressure from an attempt to sell off more than 500k shares.
No shares have been traded on this final trading day of the week for LWPC, PTL and
SVN. The three stocks closed unchanged from the previous day.
Daily Turnover by Investor Types (LAKm)

Last 7 days Trading Information

BCEL-KT Securities Company Limited Email:

Vietnam to import power from Laos

Workers check electrical equipment at transformer station 500kV

Pleiku in Central Highlands region to ensure safe operation.


-- Vietnam has invested in
upgrading its electricity
transmission lines in
preparation for importing
power from Laos, according
to the National Power
Transmission Corporation
Importing electricity
from neighbouring countries,
including Laos, is one of several
measures being adopted to help
Vietnam meet the electricity
demand for socio-economic
Chairman of the corporation
Dang Phan Tuong said the
Central Highlands region
would receive hydroelectricity
imported from the Xekaman 1
hydropower plant in the south
of Laos in 2016.

The southern region of

Laos will have four more
hydropower plants in 2017,
including Xekaman 4,
Xekaman Sanxay, Xekong 3
and Xekong 3 Ha. Electricity
from Xekaman 4 will be
t r a n s m i t t e d t o Vi e t n a m
through the 220kV Xekaman
3-Thach My transmission
line, while electricity from
the remaining plants will be
transmitted to the Central
Highlands region.
As a result, investment
in the power transmission
system between Vietnam and
Laos was essential, contributing
to ensuring sustainable energy
development, he said.
The EVN NPT has
developed some power
transmission projects to receive

and transmit electricity from

these hydropower plants in
Laos to the Central Highlands
These projects are expected
to help partially address
the urgent requirement for
electricity plants for the period
ending in 2020 and have all
been approved by the Prime
Minister. They include the
200kV Xekaman 1-Pleiku 2
transmission line starting at
the border between Vietnam
and Laos and reaching the
500kV Pleiku 2 power
station, crossing the Kon
Tum and Gia Lai provinces.
Construction of the project
kicked off last August and is
expected to be completed in
March, with total investment
capital of more than US$966
billion (USVND1,000,350
Meanwhile, construction
of the 500kV Pleiku 2 power
station started in December
2014 and is expected to be
completed in March, with
total investment capital
of nearly US$1.27 trillion
(US$1,244,880 million).
The station is designed to
receive electricity from Laos,
increase the efficiency of the
500kV Pleiku-My Phuoc-Cau
Bong power line and ensure
the reliable operation of the
North-Central-South 500kV
transmission system.

Business 11

Asean Economic Community

Vientiane shopping mall

confident about retailing
Times Reporters

he Vientiane Centre
has now sold 90
percent of its shop
rental space since the
modern mall opened its doors
last year.
The sale of shop space in the
centre was a vote of confidence
in shopping mall investment
in the capital, according to the
malls management.
Vientiane Centre General
Manager Mr Li Xiaodong said
the mall was experiencing
increasing numbers of both
Lao and foreign shoppers
with about 100,000 visitors a
month drawn to the selection of
international brands available
Floor space in the mall
has been mainly rented out
by Lao, Chinese, and Korean
businesses selling popular
international brands. Only 10
percent of the space is left,
Mr Li said.
A recent boom in shopping
mall construction has seen
ITECC Mall, View Mall, and
the Vientiane Centre open to
the public while the Lasavong
Plaza and Sky City projects are
under construction.
Mr Li Xiaodong said the
mall was negotiating with
a Thai investor to open an
entertainment venue on the
fourth floor with karaoke and
bowling, and expected it would
attract even more shoppers in
the years ahead.

Vientiane Centre has experienced strong growth in selling floor

space since opening.

The mall is trying to

improve customer service
in response to the growing
number of retail competitors
setting up shop in the capital.
The Vientiane Centre is
a jointly developed threephase project by the Yunnan
Construction Engineering
Group Company Limited and
Krittaphong Group Company
They have a concession
period of 50 years and the

option to extend for a further

20 years.
The mall is one part of
a three-phase project being
developed on a 5.3 hectare
site on Nongchan marsh in
Xaysettha district.
The shopping mall features
a supermarket, world famous
brands in cosmetics, watches,
fashion, jewellery, electronics,
home appliances and furniture
as well as restaurants and a
multi-screen cinema.

GMRA Indonesia sets standards

for repo transactions
JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post,
Jakarta) -- The Financial
Services Authority (OJK)
officially launched the longawaited Global Master
Repurchase Agreement
(GMRA) Indonesia on
Friday, aiming to standardise
repurchase or repo transaction
A repo transaction
agreement is a securities saleand-purchase contract with a
pledge to repurchase or resell
the securities at an agreed time
and price.
OJK commissioner for
capital market supervision
Nurhaida said on Friday
that the rapid development
of repo transactions,
including problems in their
implementation, had led the
regulators to draw up the
GMRA Indonesia, which set
a basic requirement for the
transaction agreements, back
in 2010.
The deliberation was
carried out by the government
with assistance from the Asian
Development Bank.
Various parties can accept
GMRA as the deliberation
takes into account local
prevailing laws through the
countrys annex insertion,
she said during the launch at
the Indonesia Stock Exchange

building in South Jakarta.

The GMRA Indonesia
adopts standard GMRA
provisions, issued by the
International Capital Market
Association (ICMA). The
government, which included
Bapepam-LK as the capital
market regulator at the time,
Bank Indonesia (BI) and the
Finance Ministrys financing
and risk management office
(DJPPR), had adjusted
provisions in the GMRA
according to Indonesias laws
and repo parties needs.
Provisions in GMRA
Indonesia include an
obligation on the repo
parties to incorporate
compulsory articles about
underlying securities,
margin maintenance and
default procedures into their
transaction agreements.
The obligation to apply
GMRA Indonesia has been
stipulated in OJK Regulation
No. 9/2015, which states that
the implementation will take
effect on January 1.
Nurhaida said that currently
her office had discussions
about the possibility of issuing
an accounting standard for repo
transactions with the Financial
Accounting Standard Board.
The OJK also talked with

the Finance Ministry about

certain tax treatments for
repo transactions.
Tax incentives will boost
repo transactions, she said.
However, she declined to detail
the proposed incentives.
OJK chairman Muliaman
D. Hadad said on Friday that
the total annual volume of
repo transactions during the
period of 2011-2015 amounted
to 150.2 trillion at the highest
with a transaction value of
Rp 136.8 trillion (US$9.97
In the 2006-2011 period,
the highest repo transaction
volume was recorded at 42.6
trillion, worth Rp 35.78 trillion.
BI senior deputy governor
MirzaAdityaswara expressed
hope that the interbank repo
transaction value after GMRA
Indonesias implementation
could be higher than the current
approximately Rp 800 billion
per day.
The comparison is
interbank money market
transactions, whose value
amounts to Rp 10 trillion
daily, he said, adding that
lenders should have alternative
funding sources other than
deposits and could also place
their liquidity excess among
them instead of at the central


Monday February 1, 2016

Vientiane Times

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016



Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

Allianz General Lao (AGL), the leading insurance company in Laos, was established in 1990. AGL is a joint venture between the Ministry of Finance of
Lao PDR (MoF) and Allianz SE, the world leading insurance and financial services provider. With over 25 years experience in Laos, the AGL enjoys a very
good reputation among local and international customers. We provide friendly working environment, mixture of different culture and competitive salary.
Now, we are looking for dynamic employee to join with us in Headquarter office in Vientiane as below position:
Head of Legal and Compliance (1 position)
Job Description

Issue the internal policies aligned with Allianz Group and regulatory requirements; ;

Collaborate with relevant section to brainstorm on the policies requirement to ensure that the policies are consistent with the local practice;

Review the internal business processes regarding to the compliance and ethical standards;

Pro-actively identify compliance risks and develop and implement appropriate policies and; programs to support a reduction or management of the

Closely collaborate to internal audit and Risk officer to monitoring and policy issuance;

Monitor the compliance in the company according to the internal policies ;

Being the main contact to Group and Region Office regarding to compliance and legal and present to management for the requirements to local

Responsible for the creating employees awareness over the compliances internal policies by organizing training yearly and quarterly accordingly
the policies requirement;;

Conduct monthly, quarterly and yearly report to management, CEOs and Group via Gin;
Being the Investigation team leader in order to ensure that the allegation and suspicion are followed and settled accordingly ;
Jointly conduct the investigation to the suspicion and allegation with the investigation team leader;
Conduct the report to the management, CEOs and Group level on the legal issues;
Provide legal advice as required by employees;
Responsible to draft contract for both the standard and non-standard contract , review contract and input some legal advices in the contract ;
Collaborate to the regulation and authority to share the legal perspective and recent practice as required by the regulator;
Update the regulations to the management once there is relevant regulations to the internal practice;
Responsible to handle the litigations by preparing the suing documents, following up, collaborate to the authorities and report to the management on
the progress;

Be responsible for all internal legal issues in the Company;
Give general legal advices to the departments and Management,

Qualifications & Skills requirements:

Master or Bachelor Degree in Laws; Or have Lao Lawyer Qualification Certificate ;
At least 5 years professional experience in legal & compliance field;

At least 3 years people management experience;

Strong verbal and written communication skills in English;

Strong convincing skill, interpersonal skill and influencing skill;

Exceptional judgment- business acumen, insightful understanding the regulations and take actions.
Legal Manager (1 position)
Job Description
Legal Tasks:

Prepare legal contracts, letters of agreement, and other legal documents related to a variety of commercial, trade, operational matters to protect the
organizations legal and business interest including analyzing and interpreting case law, court reports;

Perform legal research; prepare accurate and timely reports, legal advice, cases files, and other legal documents;

Follow the established procedures and assist in a variety of assigned legal projects;

Provide legal advice and counsel within area of expertise to functional or operational areas managers to ensure that their current or proposed activities,
policies, business practices, and transactions comply with all relevant laws and regulations;

Represent the organization and/or assist customers in legal proceedings in before courts, government agencies, or other authorities. And, prepare
materials for external legal counsel and follow the case until the execution of judgment level;

Make and follow up recourse cases to protect business interest and recover the right of the company and/or the insured accordingly to the law.
Managerial Tasks:

Provide timely, quality, effective management and leadership to legal claim officer by ensuring that all staffs have clear vision/direction and appropriate
resource supporting their roles and responsibilities;

Maintaining claims statistic & sort out the claims problems; analyze and synthesize action plans to improve the work quality and the working system
as a whole;

Distribute claims relating to legal issues to legal officers continuing on police office, tribunal, court, etc; and follow-up all cases assigned to be
effectively managed;

Supervise junior legal officers & oversee Legal & Adjuster Division and set up KPIs to ensure efficiency on their roles and responsibility;

Assist HoD to interpret Target Letters into action plans for all staffs as well as implement process and guidelines according to the Companys strategies
and follow up on tasks completion;

Assist on the technical knowledge and capacity building scheme for legal work within the department and company.
Qualifications & Skills requirements:

Master Degree in Law or equivalent

At least 3 years experience in Law Firm or Company with similar responsibilities

Fluent in speaking, writing and reading Lao and English, French is a plus.

Basic knowledge in Insurance, Traffic Law.

Strong knowledge on Civil Procedure & Judgment Enforcement

Excellent communication skills

High responsibilities and maintain confidential and private the information.

Computer skills ( Word, Excel, Email)
Network Administrator (1 position)
Duty and Responsibility

Perform a wide range of network administration duties including installations, debugging, maintenance, upgrades, and general support for hardware,
software and network;

Evaluate, test, and deploy all software and hardware upgrades to the networking infrastructure;
Assist in the configuration and deployment of network devices, which will require continuous learning of new device on needs;

Proactive monitoring of all network devices, services, and servers using a combination of tools to ensure high availability and SLA;

Manage & troubleshoot network and Internet connectivity throughout the organization;

Work closely with help desk to provide end-user support and issue resolution;

Assist in developing, implementing, testing, and maintaining disaster recovery plans;

Setting up new user accounts, permissions and passwords;

Perform daily check and report for operational critical systems;

Be responsible for IP telephone system monitoring and maintenance;

Work closely with Infrastructure responsible for the implementation of infrastructure projects related;

Provide operation support to users and agents on requests approved;

Provide emergency 24 x 7 on-call supports on a rotating basis;

Perform other duties as assigned;

Continually updating technical knowledge and skills by online research, attending physical or online courses, reading manuals and accessing new

Undertake other duties and specific projects as directed, which may include researching new technology and developing innovative approaches to
new challenges;
Qualifications & Skills requirements:

Degree in networking, computer science, information technology, or related work experience;

Minimum 2-3 years of experience in hardware, software and network administration;
At least 2-3 years of experience working with networking equipment specifically, including maintenance and upgrades;

Significant experience working with Linux (preferable CentOs), Windows servers, Cisco equipment and network monitoring tools;

Strong knowledge of networking, including: TCP/IP, Vlans, Ethernet, SONET, switching, routing and routing protocols, etc;

Strong technical aptitude and ability to research & solve complex issues independently;

Knowledge of Elastix is a plus;
Good human relationship, willing to work hard and ability to learn new skills and apply them as needed;
Good command of English.
Vehicle Admin Assistant (1 position)
Duty and Responsibility
Arrange transportation for employees;

Oversee day-to-day vehicle utilization;

Check and maintenance all associated records of Admin Vehicles;
Arrange the maintenance both Administrative Vehicles and Claims Vehicles;

Package and send insurance documents to Agents;

Prepare parcel for Agents in Vientiane and Province;

Perform other Admin works as advice by Head of Department.
Qualifications & Skills requirements:

Related administrative qualifications or recently graduated Bachelors degree in Business Administration or equivalent

Some experience of administration and knowledge of vehicle is an advantage
Good oral and written English

Computer proficiency, with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, and accounting packages

Strong interpersonal skills and good attention to detail
AGL offers:
Competitive salary
Great career progress opportunities
Comprehensive on job training
A friendly and supportive work environment

Only Laos Nationality is eligible to apply. Interested applicants meeting the above requirements should submit their resume including a recent photo in
passport size with cover letter describing your suitability for the role, career aspiration and salary expectation, and copied certificates to AGL Human
Resources Department.
Address: 33 Lane Xang Avenue, ANZ Bank, Vientiane Commercial Building, 2F P.O. Box 4223 Vientiane, Lao PDR,
Tel: (21) 215903, Ext: 215, Fax : (21) 215904
E-mail: Closing date: 25/02/2016

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016



Struggling to protect workers rights

Somsack Pongkhao

Protecting the legitimate rights

and benefits of workers is
the ultimate goal of the Lao
Federation of Trade Unions.
Over the past 60 years, trade
unions have been growing in
both quality and quantity, helping
to protect the interests of all Lao
Trade unions monitor
the working environment at
business units and factories
across the country to ensure
that workers are not exposed to
harmful chemicals, among other
One of the key
accomplishments of trade
unions over the past five years
has been in the mediation of
disputes between workers and
their employers. They were also
able to recover over 1.2 billion
kip in unpaid wages for workers.
The Lao Federation of Trade
Unions (LFTU) was established
on February 1, 1956, shortly
after the establishment of the Lao
Peoples Revolutionary Party on
March 22, 1955.
The federation was founded
after some 50 workers at a
tin mine in Phontiew village,
Khammuan province, formed a
trade unit in 1946 to persuade
their French employers to
increase their wages and reduce
their working hours from 15 to
eight hours a day.
They also called for holidays,
and access to educational
opportunities, healthcare and
better living conditions.

Trade unions are expanding their network to business units and factories to protect the rights of Lao

During the years of French

domination, Lao workers were
oppressed in a numbers of ways.
Some were brutally beaten while
others were denied wages and
summarily dismissed by their
The LFTU is a mass
organisation which is directly
linked to the Party. The union
protects the legitimate rights and
benefits of workers as well as
training workers and contributing
to social development.
The main objectives of
the LFTU are to encourage
solidarity, promote various

professions, and work towards

social equality. Its functions
include persuading workers and
labourers to become members of
a trade union, and ensuring that
workers understand the Partys
policies and the countrys laws.
The LFTU says that despite
the accomplishments of the
past 60 years, the unions face a
number of challenges due to the
increasing number of business
units and labourers.
In 1975, Laos had only
15,000 workers who were mostly
employed in state-run enterprises
so there were no reports of

oppression at that time.

After Laos opened its doors
to the world in 1986, shifting
from a centrally-planned to
a market-oriented economy,
the private sector was allowed
to play a significant role in
developing the economy.
Since then the number of
factories and people working in
the private sector has increased
sharply, posing a greater
challenge for trade unions in
protecting workers interests.
LFTU Vice President Mr
Simoun Ounlasy says worker
oppression was inevitable

because trade unions had not

been established in all business
In 1983, when the first
Trade Union Congress was held
in Vientiane, there were only
50,000 members. By 1989 the
figure had risen to over 70,360
in 3,915 trade union units, and
to 86,962 members by 1993,
increasing to 98,899 members
in 2005.
Today, trade unions have
been established in all ministries,
organisations and departments as
well as at provincial, district and
grass-root levels with a current
membership of almost 210,420
people. At the grass-roots level
alone, there are over 7,200 trade
union units.
At present, Laos has over
551,200 workers, many of
whom are employed in the
business sector. Most have
few if any skills and about 70
percent work in industry.
There are more than
124,870 private businesses
and enterprises operated by
Lao citizens and foreigners,
but only 30 percent have
employees who are members
of trade unions.
The inflow of foreign
investment has forced the
LFTU to play a larger role in
protecting the interests of Lao
workers as some investors
often try to cut costs by not
paying their workers properly.
Mr Simoun says If our
organisation is not strong
in protecting the benefits of
workers, business operators

will continue to oppress our

The problem today is that
labourers are being forced to
work longer hours than the
time stipulated by law. Some
employees do not receive the pay
they anticipated in line with the
amount of work they do.
In addition, some
employers do not comply with
the regulations on the payment
of a minimum wage.
Many employers still do not
cooperate with trade unions.
They are reluctant for their
workers to become members of
a trade union as they fear this
could disrupt their operations
and reduce profits.
H o w e v e r, t h e L F T U
says business operators
and entrepreneurs should
understand that trade unions
do not exist solely to protect
the interests of workers - they
also protect the interests of
It is critical that all parties
understand the role of trade
unions and that more workers
become members. In addition,
workers need to be educated
about their rights and benefits
so that these are better protected
in the future.
We are proud of the growth
of the trade union federation
over the past 60 years. Despite
the challenges were committed
to working harder to protect the
legitimate interests of all workers
and improve their livelihoods in
line with the Partys policies, Mr
Simoun said.


Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016


Taxing times for expat earners

Feature Desk


Korea Herald, ANN) -- Along
with a new year, January
heralds a new nuisance endof-year tax settlements.
The Korean tax year is
the same as the calendar year,
and for most employees, tax
is deducted from monthly pay
based on estimates, and the
end-of-year settlement is used
to make corrections to that
However, some deductions
are not available to foreign
taxpayers, and what counts and
does not is not always obvious
to expats.
Exemptions are available
for recorded cash and card
spending, dependents without
an income and spending on
education, health care and
pensions, among other things.
Cash spending must have been
registered beforehand.
To access these, taxpayers
can get a digital certificate
(gongin injeungseo) from a
local district office or bank, and
log in to
Some foreign taxpayers
may face some complications,
however. Overseas income
is exempt for the first five
years of residence in Korea,
but taxable after that. This
figure includes any investment
income, and other extra income
must also be reported.
Christie Lee, a tax
consultant who runs www., said tax paid
overseas on this income could
be deducted.

She added that overseasbased pension plans are not

There is no Korean tax
advantage for pensions held
overseas. It is not a deductible
expense when you calculate
your payable Korean taxes,
said Lee.
However, I saw many
cases in which expats come to
Korea to work and continue to
pay into it while they are here,
so they can get the full benefit
(if they maintain regular
payments) when they are back
in their home country.
The National Tax Service
(NTS) offers several services
to help expatriates file their
taxes, including The Easy
Guide for Foreigners Year-end
Tax Settlement a guide on
tax calculations, exemptions
and deductions available in
English and Korean.
There is also an Englishlanguage help line and online
consultation service, and an
online tax settlement calculator
to help foreign taxpayers
understand what to expect.
Korean income tax is
calculated by totaling up all
income, to which certain
allowances are applied, and
reducing the total taxable
amount. For example, there
is a personal allowance of 1.5
million won, and a certain
portion of salary income is
discounted, depending on
This taxable amount is then
taxed using a progressive rate
the more you earn, the higher
percentage you pay.

The tax calculations are

only applicable to income
tax, for which severance pay,
or toejikgeum, does not
apply. Severance pay is taxed
separately, and at a typically
lower rate, according to Lee.
There is tax on severance
pay called toejik sodeukse
which is usually much lighter
than normal salary income
tax, she said.
On an 8 million won
monthly salary, related salary
taxes are 1,111,010 won, which
is a 13.8 percent tax rate, she
explained. But on 8 million
won in severance pay after
working for around five years,
related severance income taxes
are 217,800 won, which is a
2.72 percent tax rate.
The NTS was keen to stress
that the rules on tax residency
had changed since last year.
While a full year of working
or residence in Korea was
required to be considered a tax
resident in 2014, the law had
changed to consider those who
had spent 183 days or more of
2015 living and working in
Korea as resident.
The organisation also
pointed out that there were
some tax benefits for foreign
taxpayers, such as a 17
percent flat tax rate and twoyear exemptions for teachers
and engineering-related
However, these benefit
relatively small numbers of
people. The flat tax rate only
benefits very high earners for
example, with salaries well
over 100 million won. Teachers

The book 40 Years of the Lao PDR in two languages - Lao
and English - is now available at the Vientiane Times office.
The book consists of 213 pages and is divided into three
parts: Laos in Brief; Achievements in National Protection
and Development; and Vision of the Lao PDR.
Information on all sectors of national socio-economic
development, national protection and foreign policy as
well as international cooperation of the Lao PDR are
included in the book.
The video DVD and CD of the 40 Years of the Lao PDR are
also available here.
In addition, the media directory book consisting of the
history, telephone numbers, emails and website addresses
of all Lao media organisations published in the Lao PDR is
also available here. These books would make interesting
gifts for your friends. For more information call: 021

who are from Canada or have

been in the country more than
two years are not eligible for
the exemption.
In addition, some tax
benefits not are available to
The biggest of these is
rent payments, 10 percent
of which is deducted from
many Koreans tax bills. This
is because the benefit is only
available to people with status
as sedaeju often translated
as head of the household.

Under Korean law, foreign

residents cannot be considered
the head of their household,
even if they are the only people
in it.
Consequently, many expat
taxpayers pay hundreds of
dollars more in tax than they
would if they were Korean.
Asked for clarification, the
NTS said it was the executor of
tax policy, and therefore not in
a position to explain why these
exemptions are not available to
foreign residents.

Meanwhile, the Finance

Ministry said foreign residents
are not given the rent deduction
because they are a lower
priority than Koreans.
The law (granting those
paying monthly rent tax
deduction) is designed to ease
ordinary peoples financial
burden and give aid to those
with low income. The law
puts Korean suffering financial
problem to top priority, said
Cha Hyun-jong, an official at
the Finance Ministry.

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016




Is the water supply system adequate?

The water supply network covers about 80 percent of urban Vientiane but in some areas of the
country the water does not flow regularly and there are many complaints about poor service.
Vientiane Times sampled public opinion about what might be done to improve matters.
Times Reporters

waiting for water to appear

for a long time but it never
came. In other cases, the
water does not run regularly
and makes life very difficult
for households. People not
only pay for the installation
of a water supply, they pay
for maintenance even when
theres no water. I think
its pretty appalling when
people have paid for both
installation and maintenance
but the water never runs
or the supply is unreliable.
Many people say it would
be better not to be connected
up in the first place because
they have to pay bills every
month and still dont get any
water. Some people have
complained about this on
Facebook and other forms
of social media. Water is
essential for daily life, and

Mr Pounyaphet Lathsavong,
a resident of Thadeua
village, Hadxaifong district:
I have heard people complain
after they were connected

up to the water mains,

saying they had to pay for
installation and had been

it should be available to
everyone in the capital.
Anyway, things are fine in
my village - we always have
water on tap and its clean.
Mr Lamphor Inthijak,
a resident of Koutxang
village, Atsaphon district,
Savannakhet province:
Water is very important
to us because we need to
use it every day. Many
villages in my district are
connected to the water
mains but some villages
including mine are not. We
would like the authorities
to link us into the system
because we sometimes lack
water, especially in the
dry season when all rivers
and wells have less water.
Water shortages make life
very difficult. The sectors

Vientiane Times Subscription 2015

1. DOMESTIC SUBSCRIPTION (6 issues/week) and online fee
78 issues (3 months)

Regular price

156 issues (6 months)

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2. DOMESTIC SUBSCRIPTION FOR PROVINCES (6 issues/week), inclusive of postage cost

Deliver to Provinces
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Total + Online fee

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156 issues (6 months)




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156 issues (6 months)







Thailand, Vietnam,

America and Canada

312 issues (1 year)

responsible should extend the

water network into rural areas
and provide a high quality

product and good service.

To make sure that wells can
supply water all year round,
the authorities should lay
linking pipes to every village
so that they have clean water.
Its important to have clean
water to prevent the spread
of disease. As we all know,
unclean water is bad for our
health and many people get ill
from drinking contaminated

to be inconsistent from month

to month. For example, the
bill can be 35,000 kip one
month and 70,000 kip the
next. The price doubles, even
though the family uses more
or less the same amount
of water. People think this
happens because the person
reading the meter does so
when no one is at home and

they suspect that mistakes

are made when calculating
the amount of water used. I
think workers should read
the meters when people are
at home so they can look at
Mr Bounxay Yang, a resident the figures together and avoid
of Xay district, Oudomxay
province: There is a water
supply system in my district
Mr Viengthouay Vananalath,
and we are very pleased
Deputy Director of the
with it and enjoy using it.
Vientiane Water Supply
However, I have heard some
Enterprise: Dont think that
people talking about some
our enterprise does nothing at
strange incidents concerning
all. We are working hard on
their water bills, which tend
planning and extending the

water network in Vientiane.

At present it covers 82
percent of the urban area.
Some places have pipes
installed but the system is still
experimental, so the water
might not flow regularly.
We are now preparing to
supply water to areas where
piping has been laid. But this
takes a long time because
there are many things to
do. We have to clean and
maintain old pipes and water
treatment plants, and build
new water stations and water
treatment plants. In those
areas where pipes havent
been laid yet we are looking
at the situation and making
plans to extend the system to
more households. However,
people need to understand
that its not easy to build a
station or water treatment
plant, so they must be patient
and wait a bit longer. We are
planning to have a full flow
of water through the newly
laid pipes in March. When
thats up and running, we
will continue to extend the
system to other areas that
arent yet connected. As far
as charges for installation and
maintenance are concerned,
people are required by law
to make these payments. Of
course, if they think there
is something wrong, they
should inform the water
supply enterprise.

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18 Opinion

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

Apparel exports under global scanner

Zillul Hye Razi

Dhaka (The Daily Star,

ANN) -- The working
conditions in the factories
of Bangladesh supplying
garments to the world are facing
global scrutiny, particularly
from the governments of the
major importing destinations.
Their concern in improving
occupational safety and
ensuring core labour standards
is also closely observed by
the international trade unions
and civil society organisations
defending the rights of the
workers. This intense focus on
improving working conditions
in the export-oriented sector
became visible following
factory disasters in Bangladesh,
where many workers lost
their lives and livelihood. The
world-wide media coverage of
these disasters shocked many
people, including politicians,
workers rights organisations
and consumers of Bangladeshi
products abroad.
The collapse of Rana Plaza
brought the European Union
and the US, together with
the Bangladesh government,
to jointly issue a statement
from Geneva, committing
to improving the working
conditions in the apparel
and knitwear factories of
Bangladesh (Staying Engaged:
A Sustainability Compact for
continuous improvements in
labour rights and factory safety
in the readymade garment
and knitwear industry in
Bangladesh, 8 July 2013).

Fair pricing, living wage for workers, and responsible trade unions can be addressed if there is a
sincere attitude. (File photo Star)

This statement created a forum

now known as Sustainability
The joint statement
mentioned International Labour
Organisation as the overseeing
body to monitor fulfilment of
the commitments made in the
Compact. Prior to the Compact
Declaration, the European and
the North American brands
sourcing clothing from
Bangladesh established the
Accord and Alliance in May
2013. The Compact statement, of
which Bangladesh is a signatory,
welcomed the initiative brands
took as their role in responsible
business conduct related to
improving working conditions

in the factories of their suppliers.

The Accord with 190 and
Alliance with 26 signatories
that include international
labour rights organisations are
contractually bound for five
years, ending mid 2018, to
work in Bangladesh with their
suppliers. Both groups of brands
have spent substantial resources
on inspection of factories and
other activities. The Compact
has no such deadline.
The second annual review
meeting of the Sustainability
Compact is scheduled for
today in Dhaka in the presence
of senior officials from the
European Union, ILO and the
Bangladesh government.

Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations networked together in 94 countries,

as part of a global movement for change, to build a future free from the injustice of poverty.
Since 2009, the Oxfam confederation has accelerated its harmonisation process working
towards one voice and one programme in a single management structure.
Oxfam has a presence in Laos since the late 1980s, and works to deliver the country strategy
that focuses on sustainable livelihoods, humanitarian assistance, governance and civil society,
and gender and diversity.
Oxfam is currently looking for a: Trans-boundary agribusiness and responsible land
governance Programme Coordinator
Overall Responsibilities
The Programme Officer provides leadership, strategic steer and ensures program development,
as well as operational management to a part of the Oxfam programme focusing on
Sustainable Development and Responsible Investment in the region. The P Officer supports
the operationalization of the Trans boundary Responsible Business in the region within its
specific area of responsibility and coordinate with other programme managers to ensure
Oxfam delivers its strategy.
Required qualifications
Master degree in development economics, Agriculture, business related or development
studies and/or at least 5 years experience in senior strategic level roles in development
sector, preferably working on sustainable livelihoods, food security, land rights and economic
and social rights of rural poor.
Competence in Programme Cycle Management, Result Based Management and MEL
systems, both for structural development programmes and humanitarian assistance.
Excellent understanding and proven experience of financial management, budgeting, and
budgetary control systems.
Good and broad analytical skills and ability to translate analysis into concrete and effective
programme strategies.
Competence in distance team coordination : demonstrable evidence of managing sizeable
resources people, budgets, material; including evidence of demanding high standards of
performance and accountability while being fair in dealing with people and demonstrating
through role modeling.
Competence in programme development, including for back donors.
Competence in capacity-building and organizational or institutional development of local
We offer
A competitive, fair and comprehensive pay and benefits package that is justifiable to our donors
More information and application procedure:
For further information, please refer to the website: and go to Directory
News/Job Openings.
Are you interested in this position? Send your application in writing, including a motivation
letter and curriculum vitae to no later than 14 February 2016.
We promote diversity and practice equity
Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for a personal interview

Significant progress has

been made since the Compact
Declaration. Bangladesh
Labour Act of 2006 has been
amended, making it more
compatible with relevant
ILO Conventions, the factory
inspection capacity has been
strengthened by recruiting a
large number of inspectors,
several new trade unions in
the apparel units have been
formed and the long-awaited
implementing rules for the
amended Labour Act have
been published.
However, amendment to
the labour-related provisions in
the Export Processing Zones,
and providing workers rights

similar to the rights enjoyed

through Bangladesh Labour
Act remained unfinished tasks.
On the issue of occupational
safety, remediation of the
factories with varied degree
of structural flaws detected
by the inspection have been
impeded by access to finance
and lukewarm response
of the factory owners in
implementing the Corrective
Action Plan (CAP) drawn by
the engineers following the
There are also complaints
that registration of new
trade unions faces difficult
procedures set by the Labour
Act. Despite the remarkable
progress made in improving
the working conditions in
the clothing sector, there are
reasons to call it a half way
house. In recent weeks, media
reports exposed the garment
leaders dissatisfaction with
the activities of the brands,
particularly on the issues of
formation of occupational,
health and safety committees
and trade unions by the
On the other hand,
global trade union body,
ITUC, cited several areas
of Bangladesh Labour Act
and its implementation rules
as not compatible with ILO
The upcoming Compact
Review is expected to raise
all the issues that are slowing
the pace of progress achieved
so far.
The Sustainability

Compact mentioned that it

will ensure workers rights
through two basic ILO
conventions -- freedom of
association and collective
bargaining -- in Bangladesh.
The Compact text clearly
mentions that improving the
working conditions will be
coordinated and monitored
by Bangladesh National
Tripartite Committee with the
support of ILO.
There is also a reference
to National Tripartite Plan
of Action on Fire Safety and
Structural Integrity in RMG.
The controversy over the role
of the brands and other issues
can, therefore, be resolved if
the Bangladesh government
takes a pro-active role and
prepares itself to take over the
tasks beyond 2018.
Apparel export to the EU,
US and other destinations
has on average maintained
double digit growth in
January- December 2015.
Data showed that Bangladesh
started gaining ground since
the first quarter of 2015 in both
the EU and US markets.
The success story is more
visible in the EU market.
In 2014, Bangladeshs total
export to EU was about 13
billion euros. By the third
quarter of 2015, it reached
about 12 billion euros.
There is mutual
dependence between importers
and exporters, as Bangladeshs
share of clothing imports, at
least in the EU, has reached
about 15 percent of the total.

Vacancy Announcement
For Locally Recruited Staff
The World Bank is one of the worlds largest sources of funding for the developing world. Its primary focus
is on helping the poorest people and the poorest countries. It uses its financial resources, its staff, and
extensive experience to help developing countries to reduce poverty, increase economic growth, enhance
environmental and social sustainability, and improve their quality of life. The World Bank continues to
strengthen its Vientiane Office as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting the development vision of
Lao PDR. The World Bank invites applications from qualified individuals for the following locally Recruited
Staff positions to join the Lao PDR Country Team in Vientiane.
Key Responsibilities
The Program Assistant will:
i. Provide quality administrative support to task teams in preparing World Bank documents; formatting
and editing reports, aide-memoires, letters and memos prepared by the Task Team Leaders according
to the Bank guidelines; log incoming mail, file in the Banks electronic filing system and distribute to
the task teams; and dispatch outgoing letters in a timely manner;
ii. Provide logistical support for missions, seminars and workshops; follow up on requests from
Washington team members and correspond with them appropriately;
iii. Maintain project and other records in accordance with system in the work unit; ensure smooth flow
of information among other program assistants in the office;
iv. Provide back-up support to other program assistants as required by the work program, especially
during peak periods; and
v. Other ad hoc duties as assigned from time to time arising from business needs of the office.
Selection Criteria:
i. Bachelor degree with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience or High School Certificate/Diploma
with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience;
ii. Dedicated team player with excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize assignments.
Willingness to learn about the teams work, to be able to take on additional responsibility and respond
to queries from external agencies. Able to handle multiple tasks with critical deadlines under minimum
iii. Ability to draft routine correspondence and edit materials using proper grammar, punctuation and
iv. Advanced skills and experience in Microsoft software packages (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint)
and Internet;
v. Effective organizational, communication, inter-personal, problem-solving skills, and ability to produce
high quality work under tight deadlines;
vi. Ability to foresee needs of the team and respond in a pro-active manner;
vii. Ability to pass relevant Bank Group tests in place at time of recruitment (e.g. English language,
computer applications, etc.) as required; and
viii. Prior work experience in an international environment is an advantage
ix. Fluent in written and spoken English and Lao language.
Details (vacancy #160159) are available in the World Bank Jobs website: All
applications must be submitted through this website. The World Bank Group is committed to achieving
diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture and educational background. Individuals with disabilities
are equally encouraged to apply. Closing date is February 11, 2016
(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified)

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016


Arts & Leisure

Lindsay Lohan hits out at mother

Actress Lindsay Lohan.

LONDON (The Statesman,

ANN) -- Actress Lindsay
Lohan is done with her
The Mean Girls star
blasted her mother Dina on
Instagram for not being there
for her and suggested she no
longer wants anything to do
with her, reports femalefirst.

In a now-deleted post on
the photo-sharing site, the
29-year-old actor uploaded
a Bitmoji (personal emoji)
cartoon of herself dropping her
phone on the floor next to the
words Were done.
She captioned the
photograph: @dinalohan...
Sometimes it sucks when your
mom isnt there for you.(sic)

Last year, Lindsay -- who

is estranged from her father,
Michael Lohan -- reportedly
threatened to call the police
on her 53-year-old mother for
selling her belongings.
Dina reportedly sold
possessions of her daughters,
including clothing, furniture,
and artwork, on the internet
and directly to friends without
her permission.
Lindsay moved the items
-- which she claims are worth
millions -- into her mothers
garage while filming her
docuseries for Oprah Winfrey
and Dina believes that, as they
are in her home, they are hers
to sell.
The Machete actress
was said to have desperately
contacted friends in Los
Angeles to pick up the rest
of her belongings before they
were sold, but threatened to
call law enforcement if that
didnt work.

Living with ghosts

THAILAND (The Nation,
ANN) -- The Recipient of the
John D Rockefeller 3rd Award,
Thai dancer and choreographer
Pichet Klunchun is now
bridging the Loei phi ta khons
open, improvisational, organic
and intuitive nature with his
contemporary choreographic
system based on classical Thai
dance in his companys new
work Dancing with Death.
He promises choreography
of continuous creativity and an
image of life after death as a
never-ending cycle.
Ive been working on this
project for a long time and
Esplanade - Theatres on the
Bay was the first producer to
confirm its support two years
ago. The starting point came
from a desire to work on a folk
tradition, which makes it very
different from all my previous
works, he tells XP.
I find the phi ta khon
festival in Loei province
fascinating. First, obviously,
theres dance performance
in this tradition. Also, as the
ghosts come out to play with
the living people, its like a
way of teaching us not to fear
death. In Thailand, we talk
about the concept of death
through religion; yet in Dan
Sai, they make it tangible and
fun. Our costume designer
Flynows Piyaporn Bhongsetong has also been inspired
by their costume and mask
design, which comprises
mostly everyday objects.
Supported by Ministry
o f C u l t u r e s O f f i c e o f
Contemporary Art and Culture,
Pichet and his dramaturg Orada
Lelanuja then conducted
research into epistemology.
I was curious as to
how these villagers attained
perceived wisdom for
their creative insight from
perseverance. And from this
knowledge, we started to

Inspired by a world-famous Loei tradition, Pichet Klunchun is ready

to premiere his new work.

create our choreography, which

is of course based on each
individual dancers perception
and creation at each moment of
the performance, he explains.
Last month at the Chang
Theatres outdoor space, the
company staged two open
rehearsals for dance and theatre
artists, scholars and media,
all of whom received this
new work with both warmth
and enthusiasm. On the
oval sloping pathway and to
music by Japanese composer
Hiroshi Iguchi, who also deftly
included the sound of the
khaen, Northeast Thailands
reed mouth organ, seven
dancers, Pichet included, first
moved only their legs, walking
after one another slowly as if
in a procession. Responding
to one anothers movements,
they later added the upper
limbs. Repetitive at times yet
never boring nor predictable,
their movements were like
contemplation of death itself the knowledge that its lurking
around us and we simply have
to understand it clearly in order
to continue our happy lives.
Pichet explains, The slow
walk is probably a signature of
my work, one that you often
find when I talk about the
concept of death. For example,
there are a few minutes of

this walk in [his most famous

and most frequently staged
collaboration work with
French choreographer Jerome
Bel] Pichet Klunchun and
Myself. Its not my creation
though. Its traditionally Thai:
you can see it not only in
stage performances but also
in traditional rites like, most
recently, the funeral of the
Supreme Patriarch.
The companys largest
production to date and
evidently the most highly
anticipated, Dancing with
Death has received strong
and firm financial support from
the Esplanade, the Performing
Arts Meeting in Yokohama
2016 Executive Committee,
and Arts Centre, Melbourne.
By contrast, no Thai producers
have yet come on board.
For Bangkok, Pichet is
looking at the possibility of
staging this work at the M
Theatre in early June, as its
more affordable than other
venues of the similar size.
However, the overall budget
is around Bt4 million so the
company has adopted the
crowdfunding strategy, inviting
us to pledge our support at by April
At press time, they were
still Bt3.5 million short.

Painters display works

awash in ink traditions
CHINA (China Daily, ANN)
-- Shitao, a famous landscape
painter during the Qing
Dynasty (1644-1911), had said:
Ink and brushwork should
keep pace with the times.
His words are relevant
even today as generations of
practitioners are seen pushing
the boundaries of Chinese art
to take it to a wider audience.
Where to Go, an ongoing
exhibition at the Equivalence
Fine Arts gallery in Beijing, has
gathered 15 ink painters who
communicate their thoughts
on Shitaos ideas against the
backdrop of a rapidly changing
The shows participants all
studied at the Central Academy
of Fine Arts in the 1990s.
Their practice on xuanzhi (rice
paper) presents a variety of inkwash experiments.
Liang Yi, 53, from North
Chinas Shanxi province,
expresses a cynical view of
social diseases.
He places nude women
and luxury cars in settings of
traditional Chinese landscapes
or gardens. Liang adds a gold
fish at the base of the paintings
to imply material abundance.
Underlying the combination
of these objects in his works,
Liang satirises distorted
social values, especially the
confusing standard of beauty,
which is endorsed by many
Liu Yumei stresses the
merging of East and West in
her works.
The Frankfurt-based
painter, who is in her 40s,
does still-life oil paintings
with a rich palette. But they
encapsulate a temperament of
ink painting.
She was trained in oil
painting at the Luxun Academy
of Fine Arts in Northeast
Chinas Shenyang city and
later Chinese painting at
Beijings CAFA.
Liu has been living in
Germany since 1999 as a
professional painter.
One of her works captures
busy vendors in a bazaar along

October, Clear River by Xu Guoliang is one of the ink paintings on

display at the Beijing show, Where to Go.

the Main River in Germany.

She produced the piece based
on her visits to the flea markets
on its banks. In her painting,
Liu makes thick, free lines
with brushstrokes and carves
out sharp ones with oil painting
scrapers, by which she is able
to present a poetic essence
of the East about a Western
Liu also teaches Chinese
painting at a Frankfurt
university. She recalls her
students at first telling her that
Chinese painting wasnt of as
much value as oil painting.
She found that their
misunderstanding may
have resulted from the fact
that Chinese paintings are
executed on thin rice paper
and often completed with
just a few brushes, which is
quite unlike the oil painting
that needs detailed depictions
on canvas.
I told them every
single brushstroke is an
accumulation of techniques
and cultural attainment
through dozens of years.
When they actually tried with
ink, they found it to be difficult.
So, they came to know what I

meant, Liu tells China Daily.

She learned painting at
age 6, and began competing in
contests and winning them two
years later.
But through all these
decades, I always saw myself
in a long journey of mastery
with ink art, digging a little
deeper each time, she says.
When Xu Guoliang, 55,
and his former classmates
from the CAFA established
the Equivalence Fine Arts in
2013, they hoped it would
be a reservation for original
ink creations that will link
our ancestors works with the
modern times.
For me, ink-wash has
always been at the root of
my art, he says, standing in
front of one of his abstract ink
landscapes displayed at the
Xu says he discourages
paintings that are created
to pander to foreigners by
defaming Chinese culture.
That is how I came up with
the exhibition title (Where to
Go). Its about how to stick
to our traditions. Its a fight
about preserving and carrying
forward the soul of our nation.

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Monday February 1, 2016


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Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

Classified 21

Lao Peoples Democratic Republic

Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Second Trade Development Facility
Project ID No: P130512

Senior Trade Analyst

The Second Trade Development Facility (TDF-2) is a multi-donor program financed by Australia, the European
Union, Germany, Ireland, USAID and the World Bank focusing on improving trade and private sector development
in Lao PDR. The development objective of the TDF-2, which is implemented by The National Implementation
Unit (NIU) within the Foreign Aid Division of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC), is to support the
implementation of governments trade and integration priorities outlined in the 2012 Diagnostic Trade Integration
Study (DTIS) Roadmap, and in particular to contribute to improved competitiveness and diversification, focusing
outside the natural resource sectors.
The objective of this assignment is to support NIU in performing its coordinating role as core technical and
fiduciary unit for TDF II project. Particularly, this assignment will assist NIU in coordinating relevant implementing
departments/agencies responsible for managing project activities at the technical level, managing the work planning
process, and coordinating progress and financial reporting at the project level, and performing its secretariat functions
for both PEC and SWG. Main responsibilities are:

Support to Lao Business Forum (LBF);

Overall Coordination of TDF II project;
Operations of the Project Review Committee (PRC)/ Project Executive Committee (PEC) and Sector Working
Group (SWG);
Perform backup role for technical support to other components of the TDF II project as deemed necessary;
Any other tasks required to support effective functioning of the NIU.
The estimated inputs for this assignment is full time 12 months with possible to extend based on satisfactory
performance and available of fund. It is expected that inputs will be delivered in Vientiane, Lao PDR, working
alongside government officials. The expected commencement date for Services in Lao PDR is as soon as possible.
The full detailed ToR is available at the NIUs website:
In order to be considered for the position, the candidates should meet the following qualifications and experience
At least Graduate degree in development economics, trade, commerce, international development or similar;
Minimum 8 years of working experience in policy issues, and 5 years of working experience in trade and
investment environment reform;
Previous work experience with international development institutions and donor funded projects, although not
mandatory, would be an advantage;
Previous experience on activity / project coordination, especially within the government structure, is an asset.
Familiarity with government structure, trade and private sector development issues;
Capable of strategic thinking and have the ability to advocate and engage in policy discussions with senior
representatives of the government and private sector
Fluency in English and the Lao language (written and spoken);
Strong skills in report writing and conceptualizing technical presentations
Good computer using skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, E-mail, Internet etc.)


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The Asia News Network (ANN) is a network of leading daily English

language newspapers in Asia, supported by the Konrad Adenauer
Foundation of Germany through its regional representative bureau in
It was established in March, 1999, to provide avenues for cooperation
and optimise coverage of major news events in the region.
It also aims to promote journalism, share news stories, feature articles,
editorials and personality profiles. ANN is the worlds most active
newspaper alliance with a membership base of 18 newspapers in 16
The German News Agency of Deutsche Presse-Agentur, as one of the
leading international agencies and ANNs exclusive partner, distributes
news and features, background stories and commentaries from ANN
to subscribers worldwide.
They consist of Rasmei Kampuchea (Cambodia), China Daily (China),
The Statesman (India), The Korea Herald (South Korea), The Star
(Malaysia), Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia), The Nation (Thailand), The
Straits Times (Singapore), The Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines),
The Jakarta Post (Indonesia), Vietnam News (Vietnam), The Daily
Star (Bangladesh), Vientiane Times (Laos), The Kathmandu Post
(Nepal), The Island (Sri Lanka), Brunei Times (Brunei), The Nation
(Pakistan), and China Post (Taiwan). The combined circulation of these
newspapers is more than 14 million copies per day.


Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

Whats On
Puppet exhibition

Vat Phou Champassak Festival

This exhibition showcases a range

of puppet making and visual
images created by the Director of
the Object Theatre Kabong Lao, Mr
Leuthmany Insisiengmay.
When: Open daily until March 3
Where: i:Cat gallery, Simeuang
village, Setthathirath Road,
Gallery open: 3.30pm-8pm Mon to
Fri; 12 noon-6pm Sat & Sun
Call 020 7783 9674

Champassak province will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Vat Phou

and its associated ancient settlements being listed as a UNESCO World
Heritage Site.
When: February 20, 21, 22
Where: Vat Phou, Champassak province

The Laobangfai Academy is calling on young people to enter the JPop

cover dance competition.
When and where: Auditions will be held on February 6, at the Lao Music
and Dance School
The final round will take place on February 20, at the National Culture Hall
The winner will be awarded a visit to Japan, paid for by the Japanese
Embassy to Laos.
For more information call: 020 5229 5456

First International Half

Marathon in Vientiane
Social enterprise Events for Good (EFG) will host the first
international half marathon in Laos to mark International Womens
Day. EFG invites participants to join either the 21km, 10km, or 5km
runs. The event will start and finish at the That Luang stupa. Every
participant who crosses the finish line within the allotted time will
receive a medal and certificate. Trophies and cash prizes will be
provided to the top 5 male and top 5 female runners of the half
marathon and quarter marathon. A Health and Fitness Expo will also
be held before and during the event. Check Facebook event page for
further details.
When: Sunday, March 6, 2016; 5am 8am.
Health and Fitness Expo Time: Friday, March 4, 10am7pm and
Saturday, March 5; 10am7pm.
Media event organisers should contact Vanpheng Southichak or
Thouni Seneyakone about sponsorship opportunities. Ask about
customised sponsorship packages, including on-site display
opportunities, guidebook advertisements, and in-kind donations.
Vanpheng Southichak Managing Director +856 (0) 20 5588 8688
Thouni Seneyakone Operations Manager +856 (0) 20 - 9144 8858

Actors and actresses wanted

Kheo Heng (KH) company is inviting good-looking young people to
apply for two male and two female lead roles in the romantic comedy
film Hong Ham Tao. Female applicants should be 18-26 years old
and males should be aged 20-28
When: Applications until February 28
Where: Contact through Facebook at Inbox only,
or Search in facebook: Jear Pacific

JPop Cover Dance Competition

Vientiane Trail

Sikhottabong Stupa Festival

Khammuan residents will celebrate the annual Sikhottabong Stupa
Festival in honour of the revered religious structure, when locally-made
products will be on sale.
When: February 20-22
Where: Khammuan province

Global citizenship programme

Japanese organisation GiFT, in collaboration with Green Discovery and
FM 90.0 Mhz, is inviting university students aged 18-24 to apply for the
Diversity Voyage in Laos programme, a 6 day event with Japanese
students. Expenses will be paid by the programme.
When: From February 20-25. Applications accepted until January 29
Where: Contact Bounheng (programme coordinator) on 020 55400099.
Or visit the following link:

Come along and enjoy the

Vientiane Trail 2016, when
the capitals old quarter
will be transformed into a
pedestrian zone with night
time illuminations, and art
and handicraft events.
Where: Chao Anou Street to
Francois Ngin Street.
When: February 26-28, open
from 5-9pm each night.

Elephant Festival
This years Elephant Festival will feature 67 elephants taking part in
activities including a beauty contest, bathing and baci ceremony. There
will also be a large and vibrant street fair.
When: February 19-21
Where: Xayaboury district, Xayaboury province

Free treatment
Interplast Australia and New Zealand plastic and reconstructive surgical
team will visit Mahosot Hospital for treatment of cleft lip and palate burns.
When: Consultation clinic February 8
Surgeries performed February 9-18
Where: Mahosot Hospital, Vientiane
Call for information 020 5560 9415 Dr Vanpheng Norasingh

Toyota Painting Contest

Trade Union Trade Fair

There will be a special trade fair to mark the 60th anniversary of the
Lao Federation of Trade Union.
When: January 23 February 3
Where: Lao-ITECC

The Vientiane Times welcomes notices from

members of the public for announcement on
this page. Any events or functions open to
the general public are suitable for publishing.

The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2016 is open to children, with the
theme Toyota in My Dream
The painting contest is divided into three age groups: Under 8; Ages
8-11; and Ages 12-15.
When: Submit your painting anytime from December 16 February
15, 2016
Where: For details, contact Toyota company offices nationwide
on: 021 453801-2, 041 260882-4, 071 214111, 031 251400 or any
Education and Sports Department.

Warm for Winter appeal

The Lao Red Cross asks everyone to help people living in northern
Laos keep warm this winter. Please donate clean blankets, warm
clothing, towels, shoes, gloves and socks to our Warm for Winter
Appeal 2015.
Where: Lao Red Cross
When: Normal working hours
For more information: 021 253 014, Facebook/LaoRedCrossSociety
Thank you so much for your generosity!

Vientiane Times

Monday February 1, 2016

Sports 23

Messi, Suarez lead Barca

back 2-1 over Atletico

Angelique Kerber (right) of Germany holds the trophy, along with runner-up Serena Williams of the
United States after the womens singles final at the Australian Open tennis championships in Melbourne,
Australia, on Saturday.
--Photo AP

Kerber beats Williams for

her 1st Grand Slam title
MELBOURNE, Australia (AP)
-- After all the advice that
Steffi Graf gave her, Angelique
Kerber was able to return a
favor to the retired champion on
Grafs record of 22 Grand
Slam singles titles in the Open
era is intact for now after
Kerber staged a stunning upset
of No. 1-ranked Serena Williams
to win her first major at the
Australian Open.
It means Williams tally of
majors stays at 21 and the list of
Grand Slam champions gets an
elated and exuberant newcomer.

This is the first big

tournament of the year, and I
won it, the first Grand Slam. It
sounds crazy, but I can say Im
a Grand Slam champion now,
said Kerber, who was in a final
for the first time in 33 major
tournaments. She was still wideeyed and in disbelief two hours
after beating Williams 6-4, 3-6,
6-4 in a tense and often riveting
2-hour, 8-minute match.
The win will elevate Kerber
to a career-high ranking of No.
2. She was seeded seventh in
this tournament.
It also makes her the first

German woman to win the

Australian Open since Graf in
1994 and the first German to
win a Grand Slam since Grafs
final win before retiring in
1999 at the French Open.
German Chancellor Angela
Merkel was quick to send
With this victory you have
not only fulfilled your own
biggest dream but also, once
again 17 years after Steffi Graf,
the hopes of millions of tennis
fans of a German winning
the Grand Slam tournament,
Merkel said in a statement.


-- Barcelona took a big step
toward successfully defending
its Spanish league title when
Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez
led its fightback to beat Atletico
Madrid 2-1 on Saturday.
Messi and Suarez scored
first-half goals to respond to
Atleticos great start, when
Jorge Koke Resurreccion
netted 10 minutes into the
match at the Camp Nou.
Atletico then selfdestructed when Filipe Luis
earned a direct red card for
sticking his studs into Messis
knee seconds before halftime.
The Ballon dOr holder writhed
on the turf for a few moments
but was soon on his feet.
Diego Godin left Atletico
down two men from the 65th
with a second booking for a
second hard foul on Suarez.
Barcelona, which has a
game in hand at Sporting Gijon
on February 17, opened a
three-point lead over secondplace Atletico.
Atletico coach Diego
Simeone said, They have
players who decide games, a
three-point lead, and a game
to play. The league is long, but
they dont stumble very much.
Third-place Real Madrid
is seven points adrift before
hosting Espanyol on Sunday.
The highly charged match
between the past two league

FC Barcelonas Luis Suarez (front) kicks the ball to score against

Atletico Madrid during a Spanish La Liga soccer match at the Camp
Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain on Saturday.
--Photo AP

champions, who started level

on points atop the table,
promised to be a fight between
Barcelonas spectacular attack
led by Messi and an Atletico
defence anchored by goalkeeper
Jan Oblak, who had conceded
a league-low eight goals and
only three away from home.
Once again, it was Messi
who snuffed out Atleticos
promising initial push before
Barcelona won the day and
extended its undefeated streak
to 26 consecutive matches.
We had the same mentality
we always do, attack, said
Barcelona coach Luis Enrique,
who improved to six wins in as
many matches against Atletico.
Mistakes by us led to their

goal, but it helped us wake

up, and we played a very good
15-minute stretch. We pushed
a very good team like Atletico
into their area and turned it
Despite missing two months
with injury, Messi recorded his
21st goal in all competitions this
season, while Suarezs 31st goal
overall took his league-leading
tally to 19.
To make things worse for
Atletico, which was eliminated
from the Copa del Rey this
week, winter signing Augusto
Fernandez was carried off on
a stretcher in the 76th with
an apparent left leg injury.
Simeone said Fernandez will
undergo tests on Sunday.

February 1, 2016

Vientiane Times


Man City, Arsenal and Tottenham

reach 5th round of FA Cup

Manchester Citys Raheem Sterling (right) is

tackled by Aston Villas Micah Richards during
the English FA Cup fourth round soccer match
between Aston Villa and Manchester City at Villa
Park in Birmingham, England on Saturday.
--Photo AP

LONDON (AP) -- Manchester City remained

in the hunt for a record trophy quadruple after
a hat trick from teenager Kelechi Iheanacho
helped them demolish Aston Villa 4-0 in the
FA Cup on Saturday.
Fringe players such as Iheanacho got their
chance in fourth-round games throughout

the day, which also saw wins for cup holder

Arsenal and Tottenham, while Liverpool was
held by West Ham to 0-0 in the late kickoff.
But Citys convincing victory showed the
real strength in depth of Manuel Pellegrinis
squad, with 19-year-old Iheanacho taking over
the goalscoring duties from Sergio Aguero,
who watched from the bench.
The bookmakers already make City the
favourite to win the English Premier League,
where it lies second behind surprise leader
Leicester City, and also to beat Liverpool in
the League Cup final at Wembley Stadium on
February 28.
That leaves the Champions League, where
City has a place in the last 16, and the FA Cup.
Iheanacho opened the scoring, and the
19-year-old striker converted a penalty 20
minutes later after Raheem Sterling was
brought down in the area. Iheanacho struck
again in the second half after a 30-yard (meter)
run, and Sterling added Citys fourth just two
minutes after that.
Asked about Iheanachos performance,
Pellegrini said: Thats why we didnt replace
(Stevan) Jovetic and Edin Dzeko because
I see him working every day and I know how
important he can be.
The City coach also revealed he sent orders
from the touchline for Iheanacho to take Citys
spot kick.
Its unbelievable the way he takes penalties
and Ive seen him do it every day, Pellegrini
said. Thats why he was the right option.
Down in north London, Arsenals Alexis
Sanchez scored one goal and made the other
in a 2-1 home victory over second-tier side
Sanchez set up defender Calum Chambers
to give Arsenal the lead, only for Sam Vokes
to head an equaliser for Burnley on the halfhour mark.

Vientiane Buffaloes rugby players (right) in action at the 2015 Vientiane International Rugby
Championships at the Lao National Sports Training Centre in Sikeuth village, Naxaithong district.
--Photo Lao Rugby Federation

Lao rugby players ready

for home championships

he Lao national
mens and womens
rugby teams
will be ready
to compete at the 2016
Vientiane International Rugby
Championships at Chao
Anouvong stadium from
February 20-21.
The mens rugby team will
compete in the 10s event,
while the women team will
compete in the 7s event at
the 2016 championships,
which will be hosted by the
Lao Rugby Federation.
Currently, the mens and
womens rugby teams are
in training at a Sisattanak
district stadium in Vientiane
every day.
Lao national mens team
trainer Mr Damlongsak
Chanthasouk said the mens
rugby team has recruited
some new playing talent
whilst it also has some
experienced national and
international level players
on its current roster.
E a c h y e a r, t h e L a o

Rugby Federation tries to

recruit new players to join
the national team for the
Mr Damlongsak said
their goal is to hopefully take
home a trophy from either
the mens or womens events.
Ideally both teams would be
victorious, he added.
This year, there will be
16 mens rugby teams and
eight womens rugby teams
taking part, from Laos, China,
Thailand, Vietnam, Hong
Kong and Indonesia.
In 2015, the Lao mens
and womens rugby teams
competed at the 28th SEA
Games in Singapore in June.
At the 24th SEA Games
in Thailand in 2007 the Lao
womens rugby team managed
to win the bronze medal.
The Lao Rugby
Federation was proud to
host the Asian Five Nations
Division 3 East Competition
at Chao Anouvong stadium
in Vientiane in May 2014.
The Five Nations Division
3 East Competition was
attended by rugby teams
from Laos, China, Guam and

Three years ago, the Lao
team was in Division 5 and has
worked hard to develop their
strength and skills resulting
in an improvement to their
overall ranking. They are now
ranked fifth within Asean.
The Vientiane Wild Hogs
and Vientiane Buffaloes
competed against their
rivals from throughout the
region at the 2015 Vientiane
International Rugby
Championships in January
last year.
The 2015 championships
were attended by eight mens
teams from Laos, Vietnam,
Thailand and Hong Kong.
The championship was
hosted by the Lao Rugby
Federation (LRF), which was
proud to be hosting its 8th
annual domestic competition,
with the Wild Hogs and the
Buffaloes set to shoulder the
hopes of local fans.
In 2014, the Vientiane
Wild Hogs and the Vientiane
Buffaloes battled it out
against other teams in the
region to finish fifth and eighth