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Public Health Bag
Indispensable tool that should be organized to save time and effort and to
prevent cross infection and contamination. (Maglaya)
1. The bag should contain all necessary articles, supplies and equipment which
may be used to answer emergency needs.

should be prepared by the one who will make home visit
Note: BP Apparatus is kept from PHN bag

2. The bag and its contents should be cleaned as often as possible, supplies
replaced and ready for use at any time.

The inner part of the bag should be clean and sterile
Should be done every after home visit
Never endorse the bag

3. The bag and its contents should be well protected from contact with any
articles in the home of patients clients.
The less one opens the bag, the lesser the chance of
In general, the bag is opened 3X:
Putting out materials for hand washing
Putting out materials used for nursing care
Returning all what have been used
4. The arrangement of the contents of the bag should be the one most
convenient to the user to facilitate efficiency and avoid confusion.
5. Hand washing is done as frequently as the situation calls for, helps in
minimizing or avoiding contamination of the bag and its contents.
6. The bag when used for a communicable case should be thoroughly cleansed
and disinfected before keeping and re-using.
Care of Communicable Case(s)
should be disinfected with the use of 70% isopropyl alcohol or Lysol
which should be done at the health centre and not at home


1. Upon arriving at the client's home, place the bag on the table or any flat surface
lined with paper lining, clean side out. Put the bag's handles or strap beneath the
2. Ask for a basin of water or a glass of water if faucet is not available. Place this
outside the working area.
3. Open the bag, take the linen/plastic lining and spread over the work field area.
The paper lining, clean side out (folded part out)
4. Take out hand towel, soap dish and apron and place them at one corner of the
work area.
5. Do hand washing. Wipe, dry with towel. Leave the plastic bag of the towel in soap
6. Put on apron right side out and wrong side with crease touching the body, sliding
the head into the head strap. Neatly tie the straps at the back.
7. Put out things most needed in rendering nursing care and place at one corner of
the work area.
8. Place paper receptacle outside the working area.
9. Close the bag.
10. Proceed to the nursing care and treatment.
11. After completing the nursing care or treatment, clean and alcoholize the things
12. Do hand washing again.
13. Open the bag and put back all articles in their proper places.
14. Remove apron folding away from the body, with soiled side folded inwards, and
the clean side out. Place it in the bag.
15. Clean and fold the linen/plastic lining, place it in the bag and close the bag.
16. Get the bag, fold the paper lining and place in between the flaps and cover of
the bag.