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Here are the basic steps:

You will need 3 programs:

---1st the scanning application that came with your scanner. You said it is an E
pson so I guess the application it has is just fine. Set it to document type (no
t photo), grayscale 8bit (don't use monochrome), resolution 300dpi (or 200dpi if
it gets very slow). Scan the book selecting an image format as the resulting ou
tput e.g. jpeg or tiff.
---2nd Scantailor.
Start a new project selecting the folder you have the images stored. Scantailor
has a step by step logic.
First step is for rotating pages if needed.
Second run the split pages step setting it to "auto". After every step you have
to review manually what the program did and correct any mistakes. If the source
is good the mistakes will be minimal.
Third Deskew not needed
Fourth select content, this is crucial to the result. Run it with "auto" setting
and review each page so that the selection rectangle surrounds the page content
Fifth Margins, select some margins for the pages, you can leave the default valu
es on.
Sixth output, select 300dpi output for all pages (unless you have a very strong
cpu, in that case select 600dpi). Select a page with a chess diagram from the ri
ght preview bar and try on it the different output options. Most of the times I
find that an output of b/w darker +30 is best, but this depends heavily on the s
ource files. Select an output for all pages. You can make changes for some pages
containing photos independently. Run this step.
The output files are within the project folder in a new folder named out.
Process the covers independently using the same method and applying color/graysc
ale output.
---3rd you will need an application to make the final pdf or djvu file. I consid
er Adobe Acrobat X to be the best for the job. But you have to download and acti
vate it yourself. This has an option of combining files to make a new pdf. After
that only the OCR remains to be performed. The options you should use there are
"Clearscan" and "600dpi"...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Someone more experienced will give you better suggestions.
I did the following:
1) Scan of all pages in grayscale - 600 dpi (if the book is small two pages are
merged, making the job faster).
2) Scan of the covers 24bit color - 300 dpi.
3) Save all the pages in tif format (do not worry about the size of a page >= 30
Mb) (I used an Epson scanner).
4) Processing of all pages by Scantailor (orientation - separation - margins etc
..), saving in black and white 600 dpi.
5) Processing of the covers as above saving in color 300 dpi.
6) Conversion to djvu by Lizartech Editor Pro 6.

Finally I assemble the pdf with Adobe Acrobat X pro and perform an OCR with it.
The settings for this OCR are: English(US), clearscan, 600dpi. The last setting
leaves all the images unchanged.