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Campaign Proposal

The product is 3 advertisements to advertise my chosen charity shop. There will
be 2 portrait images and 1 landscape image.
Target Audience:
My target audience will be young parents at the age of about 19- 29 years old.
This is my chosen target audience because, they may not have enough money
for themselves because theyre spending it all on their child so any small amount
of money they have they could buy them self-something nice in a charity shop.
They may even find something that theyve always wanted in a charity shop,
that maybe they havent found or couldnt afford in a big designer shop.
Launch Date: My launch date will be February 10th 2016 everyone will have,
gained back some money from Christmas and will be able to go out and look
around for things they may need or want and they will be able to go out to shops
like charity shops to find things that they may like and maybe even turn some of
the old into new.
Schedule of Advertisements:
On the 10th March 2016 I will post out my landscape billboard to be seen all
across the UK
On the 10th April 2016 I will take the billboards down and post out the Newspaper
advertisement which will be portrait
On the 10th May 2016 I will take out the newspaper advertisements and I will put
up the bus stop billboards
On the 10th June 2016 I will put all of my advertisements back in again and leave
them until the 10th June 2016
Location of Advertisements:
Billboards will be in areas with shops like:


The newspaper advertisements will be in the likes of:

Manchester Evening News

Daily Mail
Daily Star
The Times
The Guardian
The Independent

Legal and Ethical Issues:

Copyright is a law that was created in 1988 and it stops you from being able to
copy work that isnt yours without crediting the creator of the piece and it only
comes into place on original pieces of work.
Copyright links to all of my advertisements as they will all be original pieces and
I will need to be credited for any use of the adverts, as original pieces are the
only thing that can be copyrighted and my advertisements will be all original and
I will not be wanting them copied by anyone I would prefer to have them to
myself unless asked and their being a valid reason for their use and to be
credited for their use.
Discrimination is treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favour
of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which
that person or thing is perceived to belong to rather than on individual merit.
Discrimination links to my advertisements as it wont allow my adverts to be
posted out to the public if discriminates against a person for their age, gender,
sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and/or disability.
Defamation (also calumny, vilification, and traducement) is the communication
of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, business,
product, group, government, religion, or nation
Obscenity Law:
Obscenity came in, in 1959 and it is having explicit content in your adverts like:
Nudity, Murder, swearing etc... This law was put in place to stop it from offending
young children and adults that would be offended or disgusted by the content.
Obscenity links to my advertisements, as it stop my adverts from going up if they
have explicit words or images within it as it needs to be suitable for all viewers
as well as all target audiences.
To be sure that you are not trespassing on someone elses property ask
permission from the owner if you can take photos of your model in the area so
that they cant revoke any images you take. Also so that you dont get into any
trouble with the law from not asking for permission first.
Representational Issues:
Stereotypes are part of representational issues, this is because people stereo
type others by their; Gender, Race, Religion and region/ area that theyre from.
This represents people in a different light and people in your target audience
may be in any of those categories and could be offended by the work if it is,
shown in a very stereotypical light.

Intellectual Property law:

Intellectual Copyright came into place in 1852.
Intellectual Copyright links to my work as it helps keep my own original work as
my own so it cannot be copied or stolen and I cannot use copied or stolen work
like: Names of Products or Brands, inventions, designs, the products you write.

Code of Practice:
The Code is enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority, who can take steps
to remove or have amended any ads that breach these rules.
The Code applies to:
advertisements in newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets, circulars,
mailings, e-mails, text transmissions (including SMS and MMS), fax
transmissions, catalogues, follow-up literature and other electronic or printed
posters and other promotional media in public places, including moving images
cinema, video, DVD and Blu-ray advertisements
advertisements in non-broadcast electronic media, including but not limited to:
online advertisements in paid-for space (including banner or pop-up
advertisements and online video advertisements); paid-for search listings;
preferential listings on price comparison sites; viral advertisements (see III l); ingame advertisements; commercial classified advertisements; advergames that
feature in display advertisements; advertisements transmitted by Bluetooth;
advertisements distributed through web widgets and online sales promotions and
prize promotions
marketing databases containing consumers personal information
sales promotions in non-broadcast media
Advertisements and other marketing communications by or from companies,
organisations or sole traders on their own websites, or in other non-paid-for
space online under their control, that are directly connected with the supply or
transfer of goods, services, opportunities and gifts, or which consist of direct
solicitations of donations as part of their own fund-raising activities.