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In the following essay I will be addressing the issue of the problem that exists

towards people with physical disabilities, will address the issues of education,
culture and lack of support for the people of this nature.
Have you ever thought about how hard life can be for a person with disabilities? ...
Yeah, maybe a few times, and it is very hard to imagine any number of difficulties
these people have.

And talking of the disabled dont only think of

the children born with physical problems, but
also in people who at some point in their life
suffer an accident that led them with a
disability or people that have health problems
being physically disabled.

According to the statistics:

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) in Mexico presented on
March 4, 2011 the final results of several items to the Population and Housing
Census 2010 statistics state that in Mexico there are 5 million 739 thousand 270
people with Disabilities (PWD), meaning 5.1% of the Mexican population, of which
50.1 % are women and 49.9 % men.1

Which leads us to think of

how much culture, values
and resources there are
and how society and
government provide them.


In education
"In terms of access to education, only 45 percent of people with disabilities attend
school on average. "2
This statistic is very alarming and is largely believed that due to the limited
resources of people and the little investment by the government.
Unsuitable facilities, and inaccessible transport, and lack of values and culture
towards them.

In transportation
"Carmen Cisneros said that, is worthless to have a government that helps them
with education and jobs if they dont have the transportation that satisfy their
This is the main demand of people with disability, to be limited to their daily
activities in the living environment by not having the proper urban service for their
needs, as there are in developed countries.
The city of Veracruz in the state of Veracruz has this type of transport which
provides the service only to take their therapies to children attending CRIVER,
altruistic foundations donated vehicle.

Also you can feel the lack of awareness by the population of Veracruz, at the time
they park in front of ramps or special parking places; also worth mentioning that
they do not have the right number of ramps, and that is because there is not
enough investment by the government.

In conclusion we need to grow as a society, morally, because we tend to

discriminate against people with disabilities, culturally, to learn to follow the rules or
standards of roads and this can prevent clogging of the places that give road
fluency due to these people.
Noticing the above into the conclusion we can see that despite everything and
even with all these limitations, these people have managed to stand out both in
labor, athletic, cultural and artistic media, most often by their own resources, and
not the "great help as a society and government that give them".
I make an appeal to become aware of the great need of people with disabled



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