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Cllr Stewart Golton - stewart.

Cllr Don Wilson - donald.wilson@
Rothwell, Woodlesford, Carlton and Oulton Cllr Steve Smith cllr@stevesmith

Your Lib Dem Councillors are

backing moves by residents to
Councillor Steve Smith said
“We asked for the reasons for
take on the bus company cancellation of the service months
Arriva after the company ago, and Arriva have only just got
reduced bus services in back in touch. Now they have got
Rothwell ward. back to us we want to resolve this
Withdrawal of the 443 Service has problem for local residents so a
left some residents feeling stranded. meeting with them will be held in
Cllr Stewart Golton explains,
“At the minute we have elderly Sign the Petition
people coming to us saying they feel
trapped and isolated. They are We are backing residents who have
forking out for taxis and it is just not set up a petition (you can add your
fair.” name in the space below). If you
Rothwell Lib Dem Councillors are have been affected by the service
calling for Arriva to reverse its cuts then please get in touch so that
decision which has left local elderly we can take your concerns to Councillor Stewart Golton is furious
people with a stark choice - either Arriva and tell them why the buses that this service is not in use
pay for taxis or stay at home. are valuable to you.

Back the campaign to reinstate the 443 Please Return to

I/we the undersigned demand that Arriva reinstates the 443 bus service, that has left many elderly residents l Democrats
feeling trapped in their neighbourhood. Rothwell Libera
Name(s) Address(es) E-mail(s) Phone RRJA-UZYE-AL
Leeds LS16 7SR
The Lib Dems and their elected representatives may use the
information you provide to contact you about issues you may find
of interest. Some of these contacts may be automated. You can
opt out of some or all contacts at any time by contacting us.

In Rothwell it’s Lib Dem or Labour The choice of who will be our area’s next Cllr is between Stewart Golton and Labour. At the last Local
Election Lib Dems won here by almost 600 votes . More and more Conservative voters are planning to
back Stewart at the next Election as they know the Conservatives can’t win around here.

The Choice is
Liberal Democrat
Stewart Golton
Gordon Brown’s
Labour Candidate
Many Conservative voters in Rothwell know that the Tories cannot win
here and are backing Stewart and the Lib Dems at the next Council election

Find us online at

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BIN STRIKE DISPUTE RESOLVED GOOD NEIGHBOURS Each year your Lib Dem councillors administer


council funds to help local groups who ask for
help to carry out community activity During the
festive period we are helping to fund Christmas
celebrations for:
£2.2m saved after unions back down Holmsley House, Midland House, Pasture
Following the recent bin reductions in basic pay). View Road and Temple Lawn sheltered
strike many residents are Stewart Golton said, “it’s housing schemes.
Rothwell rollers
asking what has been very sad that the unions lead
John O’Gaunts Tenants and Residents
gained? there workers out on strike Association
with 18 month to go before Haigh Road Community Centre.
The council have managed to the deadline for the deal. After Rothwell Tenants and Residents
get a new pay structure months of disruption that was Association.
accepted that will lead to an not necessary the main losers Rothwell Christmas Hospitality Fund.
annual saving of over two have been the refuse workers Rothwell North & South Ward OAP
million pounds a year. who have had to go months Group.
without pay” "The huge amount of good work carried out by
The new deal means the volunteers in Rothwell, Carlton, Oulton &
refuse workers will be able Collection services should be Woodlesford is really inspiring, and it is a
gain bonuses if they improve back to normal before the end privilege to be able to help them do their good
productivity (this will offset of the year. work." said Cllr Steve Smith.
"What is particularly impressive is the effort


that is made by neighbours to come together to
celebrate at Christmas, and to include those
who are elderly or feel isolated." added Cllr
development of the shops too. We could not accept
Stewart Golton.
without questioning so we called a meeting. Local
traders are crying out for new premises. We should be
supporting small businesses through the recession. GET INVOLVED
Morrisons could look at building smaller units for local The Oulton & Woodlesford Design
independents if the big brands aren't interested." said Statement Group have held workshops
Cllr Stewart Golton over several months, and are now due
Morrisons stated that they wanted to progress the to launch an exhibition in the New Year
health centre without the shops as the recession for six weeks from 4th January at the
meant that there was no demand from major High Oulton Institute.
Street brands and there wasn't likely to be any for "Design Statements are a proven way to limit
Councillors Don Wilson And Stewart Golton some time. However, they have agreed to look at development blight in communities. We
alternative proposals. were happy to seek funding to help the
volunteer group to carry out this valuable
Lib Dem Councillors recently held a meeting Commercial Street work, and to take part in the workshops."
over concerns about the progress in the
said Cllr Stewart Golton.
Morrisons development in Rothwell.
Cllr Don Wilson addressed the issue of the
Morrisons recently announced that instead of the reopening and relaying of Commercial Street. "We “The Design Statement will complement the
original plans for more shops as well as a health centre, managed to get confirmation on funding and time Conservation Area reviews carried out this
they intended to build the health centre as a single scales. It does mean that the road will be worked on year in Rothwell and Oulton. A survey
project and leave open ground where the shops had for several months from the New Year to August, but completed in Woodlesford for a potential
been planned. conservation area there should complete the
this is so that access for deliveries to traders can be
jigsaw locally.” commented Cllr Steve
“The meeting was called in response to the news that guaranteed throughout. It will also be carried out in Smith
the police had to pull out and with the threat to the stages to keep disruption to a minimum," he said.

Road Repairs Continue Any problems?

Lib Dem lead Leeds City Council has committed to maintain
its investment in improving the state of local roads.

Can you help Councillor Stewart Golton win for our area?
I will vote Lib Dem at the next election Please return to
I can stuff envelopes from time to time Rothwell & Elmet Lib
I will put up a poster at election time
I will deliver leaflets to my street Dems, FREEPOST
I can make a donation to the Lib Dems RLYB-YJJR-SCGZ,
(Please make cheques payable to Leeds Liberal Democrats) Leeds LS16 7SR
"From Carlton to Woodlesford, roads are in a far better state in our
area after five years of sustained investment," said Cllr Stewart Golton. Tel:..................................... Email:.....................................................